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1, Report #393814
Nov 21 2008
06:51 PM
JG Wentworth VERY HEARTLESS PEOPLE Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania
In may of 2008 I signed a contract with JG Wentworth. They told me my court date was comming up soon. When I got a call about my court date it was set for september 5th. Well when it was close to that date and JGW called me and said it was cancelled and post poned to a later date. Weeks went by and JGW did not call me and keep me updated on another court date. When I contacted them they kept me on hold for a long period of time and the phone would disconect. Late September I contacted another annuity company about doing a transaction. I recieved papers from the other company and sighned them. At the same time I sent JG Wentworth a cancelation letter telliing them I'm no longer intrested in their services. When I got all of my paperwork in to this other company they told me that I couldn't go forward because JGW won't let me cancel with them. I have contacted JGW numerous of times about canceling and they won't do it. I'm a disabled single mother of one girl on a fixed income. My daughter does not have any winter clothes,I'm on the verge of being evicted,my electric and phone will be shut off soon. I have had numerous anxiaty attacks because of this. JGW is causing me sooo much stress and hardships that I really don't know what to do cause they won't cancel me. This other company really wants to help me as much as they can but they can't because JGW won't let me go as a client. Myself and my daughter will be out in the cold because of JGW. Chimere Millington, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
2, Report #1290376
Feb 27 2016
12:57 PM
JG Wentworth Rip Me off 1million$$$!!!!!!!!! Florida
I did a deal with this company 2 years ago. My whole life has been a mess. I was in a financial crisis. I cashed out on a million dollars worth of my payments for 43,000.00. I was in a financial bind at that time.    I Lost my wife and I became a single father of my 3 children. I was going to loss my home, so I really needed the money. I am doing better now and I have learned a lesson and life, the corporate world has many snakes and they don't care about you or your future. They just want your money!!!   I have just sold my total annuity but this time I dealt with a broker. He help me with a total lump sum for remainder of my payments and he refered me to a very great financial advisor. I wish I had met him 2 years ago. he is a great genuine person and was a lot of help to me and my family. His name is Michael. His contact number is 323-446-1767. Please don't contact big companies like JG Wentworth, and become a victim like me. They don't care about your family or you!!! 
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1219107
Mar 30 2015
08:48 AM
Jg Wentworth Attempted to rip me off Nationwide
I called jg Wentworth off of TV ad I saw. I wanted to sell my annuity to purchase a home because my credit is not so good. They tried to offer me a measly $39,000 for my ENTIRE annuity! My annuity was purchased for over $300k two years ago! Do not deal with jg Wentworth as they try and rip you off! I found Kyle a structured settlement broker off of a blog after shopping around and doing my research. He was able to find an investor willing to pay 107,000 for my annuity compared to the $39k jg was trying to Rip me off! Kyle explained to me that jg Wentworth spends so much on advertising that they have to rip people off to make money. His number 213-408-9816 If you want to call him. Seriously how anyone can consider working with jg after how little they offer is crazy... 
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #362747
Aug 14 2008
05:41 AM
After reading other reports I can now see the entire scope of the problem. I also delt with JG Wentworth. I made one call to see what my money is woth. Big mistake, my phone never stoped and the junk mail piled up. I did need money but I regret it every day. JGW promised me all kinds of money on the phone. I fell for it hook line and sinker. I was dealing with many people over there not just one. One person blamed problems on the other or the insurance company. I went ahead with it anyway as the karrit was in front of my face and I needed the money. Everything was overnighted so I was told. I waited the entire day for the contract that I had to sign for. It never showed. I called and they will get right back to me. The next day my phone rang, it will be here today and a big Im sorry. It did show. I went ahead and did what I had to do and sent it back. Well they said they never got it with FedEx. Bull, I have the confermation that is was signed for by them. My info was lost. My oh so nice sales person re-sent it to me and here we went again, never showed etc.. etc... . After the promises of getting money to me in 6 weeks at the latest, my court date came. It was many months later. I have to throw in that I asked who the Lawyer was who was going to represent me and no one could tell me. Also my nice people that I have been talking to have fallen off the face of the earth. Im upset now but I had to go through with it. I told JGW that I may back out. Big mistake as they told me I cant. Then they said I can but it would mess up my regular payments with the Insurance company. They were nice again and I continued. When I continued with this it was out of fear of screwing things up. I am now thinking that JGW would screw up my payments on purpose. I have a house payment and kids, I needed my monthly regular payments. COURT: I went to court. As Im standing in the hall waiting I called JGW. I asked who the Lawyer was again. They told me the firm name from Rochester (Im in Buffalo) and that they would meet me outside of the court room. I waited Outside of the court room as long as I could. My name was called. I explained to the judge as Im standing there by my self that my Lawyer never came. He said the Lawyer was on the phone and was never suppose to show up. Great!!! I just sat outside, a bundle of nerves waiting and watching for this person that JG had orderd to be in court via phone. Thanks JG. The Judge approved the deal and off I went. It was over, I can breath WRONG!!! JG said I would have money in 48 hours so I went home and called all of the people I owed money to. My money didnt come in 48 hours. It was about 3-4 weeks later. Now my creadit is ruined. They said it was the courts fault and that they didnt forward the documents after court. They aske me to go down there and straighten this out. I did and the cleark didnt know what I was talking about the papers went out an hour after I was in court. I called the lawyer in Rochester (after JG refused give me the number) and they said they work for JGW at times and they couldnt help me. I got the big deposit. Everything is over and I can breath, things are back to normal, WRONG!!! I wasnt getting my monthly check. My payments are guarinteed by the 9th of every month with the original ins co. JG told me that wouldnt change, I was big on this because like most people my bills are due on the 1st and I was getting paid by the 9th. Well the 9th came and went and after many calls I got my monthly deposit 9 or so days late. When I was calling JGW every day they promised me it would be there later that day, nope. They said it was the ins co. NOPE, I called the Ins CO and they sent it to JG as they would sent it to me. JGW was lieing again. After going through this for 4 months I had MY Lawyer call them and arangments were made for me to call in every month on the 7th to remind them to deposit my check by the 9th. What a bunch of bull!!! There is much more to this like, I called the leagel department and asked them how I can get out of this and I told them I wasnt happy with JGW. The person on the phone said (and I quote) too bad your stuck with us, if you didnt like us then why did you call us, you needed money and we got it for you, too bad!!, I give up. I hung up on her and Im looking into other Companies that can get me away from JG Wentworth. If your thinking about dealing with JGW my advice is find a diffrent company. You will be kicking your self like many of us are. John Buffalo, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: BRYN MAWR, Pennsylvania
5, Report #1093208
Oct 20 2013
06:15 AM
JG wentworth I was ripped off by this company ,I was tricked .I had a structurd settlement from a car accident and was a mother of 3 at pennsylvania Pennsylvania
I was a mother of 3 at the time 25 years old and in a great deal of hardship I was granted a settelment froma car accident when i was 8 years old totaling  abvout 130000 spread out over several years  well to be exact this is the payment plan as follows my first payment of 4000 was when i turned 18 in '1997' then 4000 on my 19 bday again on my 20th bday 4000, and on my 21 bday a check for 4000. Then when i turned 25 a check for 12000 ,and when i turn 30 a check for 24,000 and when i turn 35 a check for 60,000 I was only 24 i think at this time..to my understanding i had made a deal with them to sell a portion of my checks of the 24000,and the 12,000 dollor checks for 17,900 i thought it wasnt a fair deal but i figured it was better than what i had at the time i was in hard spot then and said fuck it i had no choice at least i would be able to look foward to the last check for 60,000 my oldest son would be graduating that year and i knew he would have collage money for sure ,well transaction was made  and a few years go by and i am interted in collecting the last payment since i am so close to recieveing it anyway i am told i have no more checks that i sold them already ,what i said no i did not i swear to god i did not do sucj a thing .But they say they have paper work thats says i did .well someone lied to me then somewhere and i dont know what judge would have ok a deal like that to be done who would sell 94,ooo dollors for 17,900 come on whothat is so obsurde i cant believe it ,someone please tell me this is not possible that there is a way to investagate ,please that would have beeen a total deal with the devil who would let someone do that to a person please tell me if i can find out who the judge was and if this is for real i believe i was tricked and i never saw a jugde i think the contact was kinked bysomeone i did not agree to or was even aware of that kind of deal that was not the deal i thought i was making what can if anything be done. sincerly amanda 
Entity: Pennsylvania
6, Report #1411854
Nov 14 2017
12:22 PM
JG Wentworth I sold my insurance settlement for 21,981$ to JG Wentworth for 6,500$. I was 18-19 at the time. They have a 15,323$ difference in 6 years. Thats 70% interest. I feel like i was wrongfully done. If i would have been advised more i would have done things differently. Jamestown North Dakota
In 2011 i sold 21,981 to JGWentworth for a whole total of 6,500$. In 6 years they say the interest is the difference of 15,323$. I do not agree with this settlement and wish i would have looked into it more. That is 70% interest. This is not right for them to do.in march of 2017 they recieved the full amount of 21981$
Entity: Jamestown, North Dakota
7, Report #600464
Aug 27 2012
12:02 PM
JG WENTWORTH Liars, Thieves, Strong Arm Tactics!! Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania
When I was 19 I was involved in a motorcycle accident, at 20 years old I was given an annuity. During which time I received monthly payments and am guaranteed a lump sum payment every 5 years. Around the time I was 25 I fell on some financial difficulties. I was referred to JG Wentworth and rushed through a system I had no idea about. I was inexperienced and didn't know what to think. Long story short they lent me a total of $50,000.00 and took (stole) my annuity of $580.00 per month from 1995 till 2010 along with lump sums in the amounts of $35,000.00, $50,000.00 and possibly $75,000.00. If I can help anyone not do business with them, then please take my experience as the advice to stay away.
Entity: Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
8, Report #929479
Aug 19 2012
02:30 PM
JG Wentworth They made me give them $100,000 and they gave me back $10,000 Internet, Pennsylvania
I went through J.G Wentworth, trying to get my money and each time I got $10,000 from them, they took $100,000 out.
Entity: Radnor, PA, Internet
9, Report #1192877
Dec 03 2014
03:42 PM
Wentworth Referalls loans Nationwide
They called and said i was approved for $8 thousand, when i called they asked for $640, then they said i needed to get an insurance on the funds so they asked for $820, they said i would get it in 3-4 hours. Then they called and said they needed anothe $700 cause i needed to pay the full amount of the insurance. I told them to forget it, and they needed to reimburse the funds i had already given. I was told i would get it back in 14-30 days, as certified mail. This was in October, i havent seen anything as of yet. Tried calling and now the message is for a different company!!!!
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1370912
May 02 2017
01:57 PM
JG Contracting Rude and unprofessional Shawnee Kansas
 These a**holes taped a paper to my door about replacing my roof and the tape ripped the stain off my door. Then I saw them in the neighborhood knocking later and smoking cigarettes. I locked the door so they couldn't talk to me. If you want my business at least have the balls to not tape a paper to my door and come talk to me face to face. What a bunch of punks working for this company. I don't trust them.
Entity: Kansas
11, Report #1320924
Aug 05 2016
03:14 PM
JG Tax Group JG Tax Group is a ripoff Deerfield Beach Florida
I got way behind with my taxes and the IRS put a levy on me so I figured I needed a high-powered specialist.  I paid 3 to 4 times the normal rate for each years preparation and got services that were no better than if I had walked in off the streetinto an HR Block office. The salesperson that onboarded me was very good...attentive, reassuring and caring about my situation.  But then I was assigned to the person that was the go-between for myself and whomever was actuallty preparing my taxes...they dont let you speak to the actual preparers.  Without going into to much detail there was a fair amount of work to do around accounting for stock sales and they were not willing to do it.  I had to spend hours and hours putting everything into a spread sheet so that it was easy for them.  Not what I expected for the premium rate. Still, i figured I was paying for the juice they had with the IRS.  Well, after submitting the returns they prepared I just got notice from the IRS that, in spite of my 2009 returns being corrected and showing that I owed nothing (in fact, I was due about $11K which i could not collect since I was over the time limit), I just received a letter today that they are going to move forward with a levy if I dont pay them $10K within the next 2 weeks. And where is JG Group to correct the situation?  Nothing!   Dont make the same mistake i did.  You are better off going to any budget tax prep service rather than The Nation's Most Experienced Tax Preparers.  
Entity: Deerfield Beach, Florida
12, Report #273636
Jun 03 2011
01:52 PM
CAUTION!!! Please use caution if you MUST enter into a transaction with J.G. Wentworth! I would strongly recommend never doing business with this company, and please let me tell you why... After watching their countless commercials on T.V., I had decided to call JG Wentworth to see how much they could offer me if I sold a few of my future annuity payments. They called several times every day for three months promising to have the deal closed in 4-6 weeks. They said that no other company could get the deal approved as they could and as quickly as they could. I really needed the funds for a few things I had planned on doing, and now it was just a matter of signing with the company that gave the most competitive offer. I went back and forth a few times with a few different companies until JGW offered me an amount I could agree on. They told me that they were not making any money on the deal and were just about breaking even, maybe even losing money, but wanted the deal for market share purposes and wanted to knock off the smaller competitors. My sales rep at JGW said that their company had enough money that they could lose money on a few deals in order to gain market share. And after a few months of hearing their sales pitches and promises, they reeled me in like a fish on a hook. A soon as I signed with them and overnighted the contract, all the constant calls suddenly stopped. They never returned my phone calls or answered my questions. I had called a few times with questions and they never got back to me. My sales person was always unavailable or in a meeting. The 4-6 week timeframe was of course, another promise unkept. I waited over four months just for the first court date, and let me tell you why there were two court dates. On the first court date, I woke up at the crack of dawn and waited hours, but JGW's lawyer never showed up, or so I thought. What had actually happened? I never really knew. Something about the name of the insurance company needed to be written a different way or so JGW claimed. They never bothered to pick up the phone to tell me that the court date had been rescheduled and so I ended up wasting my time. My sales representative claimed he knew nothing about it and not so much as apologized for the inconvenience I was subjected to. What ever happened to common courtesy and decency? Nonetheless, I waited another month for the actual court date, which went smoothly. The judge approved the deal and we received a court order, which I faxed to JGW right after the hearing, as requested, so that they could start the process of funding my account, or so I thought. One of the managers at JGW confirmed that he had forwarded the copy of the court order to the legal department and they had faxed it to my insurance company. He told me to follow up on the funds on Tuesday. I then spoke to my sales rep who said that it could take up to 3 weeks or more until I receive my funds. What?! He had been telling me all this time that once we get a court order, I would have my funds within two business days. It's because of your insurance company; they need to review everything over again is what he says. Whatever. Lies and lies. Anyhow, I call on Tuesday and my sales rep transfers me to a manager, who tells me that they are no longer funding my deal and are cancelling, and did not so much as give me a solid reason as to why. They told me some more lies upon lies. After conducting some research on my own, I have come to the conclusion that they decided to cancel after having me waste my time for almost six months, because they decided that they could make more money on another deal or was not making enough money on my deal. So much for their claims of only caring about the market share and not caring about whether they were making money on my deal. They offered me an amount that they could not live up to, dragged me along for several months, and then just cancelled without so much as an explanation. There is more to the story, but it would be too long if I wrote about everything. I just wanted everyone to get a jist of the ordeal I was subjected to by J.G. Wentworth. Some may wonder why I didn't cancel with them sooner. I guess I didn't want to start the process all over again with a different company, since I had already been waiting for so long. I do not want someone else to make the same mistakes I did and I want to warn everyone out there who may be contemplating whether or not to conduct a transaction with JGW: If you like being enticed and then slapped around over and over again, then be my guest and go with them, but if not, go with a company that appreciates and values its customers. IRATE with JGW Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: BRYN MAWR, Pennsylvania
13, Report #791394
Oct 22 2011
08:20 AM
wentworth and wellesley some contact Internet
I have just spoken with the European office and have been informed that when silver fell the stops were not honored by the bank something called 'fast market conditions' and they have a major I.T. problem..they are working on it and will be advised shortly.I asked to speak to Mark but he is unavailable but the British guy spoke to me for a long time and was helpful...fingers crossed that this is just the glitch they say it is and we can continue as before
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #803015
Nov 29 2011
06:40 PM
Wentworth & Wellesley Forex and silver investment scam Internet
I too have investments with W&W and am quite confident that we've been part of an investment scam. I certainly hope that I'm wrong but my interactions with the company in question over the last couple of months has me concerned.As well as not having my phone calls and emails returned, the latest email from W&W dated Oct., 22 informing me of the fast market conditions and the back dated order for 4000 oz of silver @ $39.40 dating August 25 leads me to believe that we are being setup for a ripoff.What can we do now?Ted
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #790362
Oct 18 2011
05:51 PM
Wentworth and Wellesley Trading on Forex Internet, Florida
I first heard about the Wentworth and Wellesley on a radio program on 1260 am. So I called and talked to Mark Singer who was my broker.  He started off with $5000 dollar investment that of course made a lot of  money and he would slowly request more and more money from me.  I  even withdrawn some money from the account without resistance, once. But now the phone number is disconnected in North America and the telephone number for the European office usually goes to a generic voicemail  and none of my phone calls are returned.  The two times there was an answer,  by a guy who's the name is James Pearinton the informed me that they are having technical issues but that does not explain the lack of communication for the last 3 weeks and the none of the messages returned.  I have serious concern that my money is gone and advise anyone in the same situation to seek legal advice if possible and also be mindful of similar situations no matter what the median it is presented in.     
Entity: Internet, Florida
16, Report #1180024
Sep 29 2014
05:12 PM
Wentworth referrals loans New York City Internet
I applied through them a personal loan and i sent money through western union like a dummy and now i cant get ahold of anyone and then some lady called and said i have to send more money to receive the loan. They are ascam. Do not believe anything they say. The are on Manta.com and they are scamming them. They have have not heard the last of me. Wentworth referrals is a huge scam.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1254531
Sep 12 2015
03:42 PM
J G Wentworth Peachtree Settlement Funding; Wentworth; Peachtree Court Stops Wentworth's Anti-Competitive Practices Radnor nationwide
Wentworth Loses Key Federal Court Ruling.  Court Increases Competition in the Structured Settlement Space.    Another court – this one a federal court in Houston – handed down a ruling that stops Wentworth and Peachtree from its anti-consumer and anti-competitive practices. Wentworth/Peachtree has threatened its competitors for years with lawsuits if its customers were approached with a better deal (that is, more money) for the consumer. Wentworth has threatened its competitors across the U.S. Given that a filing for the sale of lotteries and structured settlements has to sit at the courthouse generally for at least three weeks, competitors now have the opportunity make higher offers to customers selling their structured settlements, leading to a better deal for the consumer and a worse deal for Wentworth. The federal court in Houston ruled – now about the 3rd or 4th court so holding – that a competitor is free to solicit so-called Wentworth customers at least right up until the court order is signed – maybe thereafter until it is final weeks later. The filing of a transfer agreement or a contract does not stop the customer from continuing to seek highter bids. Competitors now are free to review and solicit Wentworth customers at will. Wentworth has spent an estimated $1 million trying to shut down these practices; it has now lost.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #800902
Apr 03 2012
01:05 PM
J.G. Wentworth, Peachtree Settlement J.G. Wentworth, Peachtree Settlement DECEPTIVE SELLING PRACTICES Wayne, Pennsylvania
My sister decided to sell her structured settlement payments sometime in Aug/Sep 2011. She called J.G. Wentworth (http://www.jgwentworth.com) first because their commercials are on the local tv channels every 15 minutes but she also decided to speak with Peachtree Financial (www.peachtreefinancial.com) because she wanted to make sure that she got competitive quotes.My sister really went back and forth between both companies and she felt that the negotiations had gone very well. Finally after a week or two the Peachtree representative finally told her that they could not match the Wentworth offer and that she should take the deal with J.G. Wentworth. The Peachtree representative went as far as to say that she was getting an excellent offer and that J.G. Wentworth is an excellent company and that she is in good hands.The case and funding happened relatively promptly and she received her check from J.G. Wentworth several weeks ago.The other day she received a random telephone call from a different company who also buys structured settlement payments. The representative pointed out to my sister that J.G. Wentworth bought Peachtree Financial way back in July (http://philly.citybizlist.com/2/2011/7/13/J.G.-Wentworth-and-Peachtree-Financial-Solutions-Finalize-New-Company.aspx) and that J.G. Wentworth followed that up by firing most of the Peachtree Financial staff (http://articles.sun-sentinel.com/2011-08-24/business/fl-peachtree-layoffs-20110824_1_lump-sum-lottery-winnings-life-insurance-settlement) shortly afterwards.The representative then gave her what he considered to be a conservative quote for the payments that she had just sold and it was for $22,000.00 more than what J.G. Wentworth had paid her.My sister is now in complete shock and depressed to the point where I had to take time off work to be with her during this terrible period. She paid dearly for this settlement (the wrongful death of her child) and now she feels like she has been victimized all over again by J.G. Wentworth and Peachtree Financial. J.G. Wentworth is clearly using their recent purchase of Peachtree Financial as a means to deceive people just like my sister. I don't care what they want to call it but it is just plain disgusting and criminal to steal from people who have already suffered terribly already.J.G. Wentworth and Peachtree Financial you people make me absolutely sick! All that you have done for us is make us all realize how horrible a company can be to an individual. Your day will come! Our familys Thanksgiving 2011 will be something that we will want to forget thanks to J.G. Wentworth and Peachtree Financial.For everyone else out there please watch out for this trap!
Entity: Wayne, Pennsylvania
19, Report #1258092
Sep 30 2015
06:38 AM
 Went Worth AT&T atlanta Georgia
I worked at Wentworth in Atlanta, GA. I took this job because I want not getting another opportunity. My experience was horrible. I had to use my own car and gas to move around and listen to customers saying get the hell out of their property. I believe I am more educated than many of the people there.  All day long you use your own asset to move around and the company does not pay you for gas. This is horrible. Finally I got fedup and lieft the company. I rather be unemployed than work there.   I would warm other people who across this company run in the opposite direction and dont look back. They do not tell the customers when they are signing up for new services that this is a long term contract and if they try to get out of it, there will be heavy fines (Yes I have heard about that in their office). 
Entity: atlanta, Georgia
20, Report #409627
Jan 08 2009
12:11 PM
John Gunn - JG Services Home Repair Ripoff Raleigh North Carolina
In the fall of 2007, I hired John Gunn (JG Services) to do some minor repair work on my house. He performed a portion of the work and I paid him in full for the work that he performed. There was some additional work that I wanted him to do, namely replacing my front door and side windows. He reviewed the work and completed specifications on the door. He also tore up the door frame in preparation of the new installation. At that time, I paid him $825 to order the door. He never came back. He strung me along for months until finally in September, 2008, I went to small claims courts and was awarded a judgment against him. In court, he told the judge that he would pay me my money within the allotted 10 day period. Since September, the Wake County Sheriff's Office has repeatedly attempted to serve papers to John Gunn outlining his rights to exempt certain property before they seize his personal possessions in order to satisfy his obligation to me. They have made multiple attempts and he has, so far, eluded them completely. I have made many, many attempts to contact him and as of today, he has still not paid me back. What this guy has done is nothing short of criminal. He is a rip off artist stay away from him. Ripped off in raleigh Raleigh, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Raleigh, North Carolina
21, Report #1191809
Nov 28 2014
11:40 AM
JG Truckings Doesn't pay bills, on time and tries to be desceptive. Sheridan Michigan
Jason is buying equipment off us and said he would pay it off quickly.  He missed 5 months worth of payments and brought our truck in for repairs that he is still paying on and threw a fit about us not working on it right away. The repairs is now being done that he sent money for the parts but he won't be getting it back until he is caught up on payments.  He looks at the contract and says you have nothing here about keeping the truck if no payments are made, guess what before he leaves with it again he will have to sign a new note stating one missed payment and I can come and take the truck away from him. He really needs to learn some money management instead of paying his bills he is out racing or on a vacation.  On that truck alone he owes me over 3500 and his father in laws truck over 2600 and refuses to pay on the repairs we did on that truck till the other truck is paid for.  He broke that contract when he missed so many payments. If you talk to him and he wants to buy something have him finance through a bank so your paid.
Entity: Sheridan, Michigan
22, Report #1175288
Sep 08 2014
01:07 PM
JG Tax Group An Arrogant & Ineffective Company Deerfield Beach Florida
This company is a joke. Their salespeople are arrogant and frankly do not know what they are doing. I asked simple tax questions and was put on hold 3 times while my tax consultant asked someone else for the answers. When I called another company and told this company what JG Tax Group told me I was informed that their answers were wrong and misleading. Not only was I insulted by their sales consultant but at the end of the interview was told that I had to pay their $3,900 fee in full without any payment terms. Take my word for it and avoid this company like the plague. They are misinformed, lack any kind of tax knowledge and are condoscending.   
Entity: Deerfield Beach, Florida
23, Report #1233193
Jun 03 2015
10:06 AM
JG Tax Group aka Galante Group Paid for Work Not Done Deerfield Beach Florida
First of all, I signed an agreement that included no refund.  Buyer Beware... I hired this firm to represent me in two IRS audits.  I paid $5900 upfront.  I told them of existing cases already with the IRS Appeals office and in tax court.  After hiring JG Tax Group my tax attorney representing the other case advised me to consolidate these cases.  I canceled the case with JG Tax Group and asked for a refund. The only work performed by JG Tax Group was limited power of attorney forms and document request sent to IRS on form letters.  JG Tax Group had never received any of my files, nor did they do any work on submitting requested audit documents as none were ever sent.  It was less than a week between hiring and then canceling. I was happy to pay for any work performed, but JG Tax Group was not willing to refund a dime.   I would not recommend this firm.  I can understand the no refund policy for taking a client, performing hours of work, then only to cancel - but this was definitely not the case in my situation. I even offered to settle for $5000 of the $5900 paid, which seems more than fair for the work performed (sending template forms to the IRS). They refused, so far.
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #1260071
Oct 08 2015
04:22 PM
JG Tax Group Services not as described Florida Internet
I hired JG Tax to deal with the IRS for back taxes from 2009 through 2014. After paying a large sum for this service, -- I did all the preparation of tax information, they plugged it in electronically and provided me with returns to file. Had I gone to HR Block I would have saved myself 5K. -- No settlement, adjustment, etc. was made. -- Even though the IRS considered the tax Currently Non Taxable, penalties and interest continue to accrue. -- They said they filed an abatement, which turns out to be a single page electronic form. The wording they used for the reason for the abatement was We are requesting a first time abatement. FTA Nothing about my being seriously ill and disabled. -- It would cost additional funds for them to fill out (electronic form) the Offer in Compromise that actually allows you to pay less then the actual tax amount. -- The gentleman I worked with was unhelpful and condescending. For these reasons, I would not recommend going with JG Tax and would spend the necessary funds to go through an HR Block or other like tax preparation company before hiring someone to submit the abatement or Offer in Compromise. Else you are throwing away money needed to actually pay off the IRS.
Entity: Internet
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Dec 02 2015
10:42 AM
JG Truckings Have repeatedly delivered bad goods, do not use this company! Sheridan Michigan
Have used this company for multiple loads, and have found that not only do these people have no customer service, they also have no work experience. I have had multiple loads rejected due to their equipment. They still demanded money from me. I even did a rent to own truck to them which they refused to pay on resulting in court fees. Stay away from this company if you can help it!
Entity: Sheridan, Michigan

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