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1, Report #1404250
Oct 04 2017
05:42 PM
Jose Javier Carballedo WoodSmart Usa Carpernter Fort Myers Florida
 Esta compañía es un real franco y por eso tenemos corte pendiente próximamente, su dueño José Javier Carballedo te envuelve con sus palabras para que aceptes pagar el 50% de un trabajo que nunca hace y también se niega a devolver el dinero, ya tiene muchas demandas en corte en el condado lee y varios arrestos policiacos que usted puede buscar en la web de récords públicos de esta compañía, denúncienlo para que no siga haciendo de las suyas, son unos completos mentirosos y estafadores !!This company is a real franc and that's why we have a pending court soon, its owner Jose Javier Carballedo envelops you with your words to accept to pay 50% of a job that never does and also refuses to return the money, already has many demands in court in the county reads and several police arrests that you can search on the web of public records of this company, denounce it so that it does not continue doing theirs, they are complete liars and scammers !!
Entity: Fort Myers, Florida
2, Report #1399617
Sep 12 2017
05:00 PM
Wood Smart USA / Jose Javier Carballedo Wood Smart at its owner are a complete FRAUD.. This company will collect money as a deposit. After this say goodbye to your cash. You will not see any job done neither a refund. Make no mistakes check the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU and the internet. This criminal has all type of court records including evictions and home foreclosure, bad checks you name it he has it. Internet
 This company is fraud. All the internet and webpage isn't authentic. The owner Jose Javier Carballedo is using remodeled kitchen from other websites. He is a professional scammer. I am 6 months into a contract and I have no kitchen cabinets or a refund. I will take him to court, I have all documents in place to proof he's a thief and that he has done this many times in Lee County. Don't be a fool to contract his services before running a background check under both names company name and owner. Actually at this moment he's going under an eviction and foreclosure process meaning his money hungry. This is aside from all other law suits filed against him for taking money and not completing the job as contracted however he does take a 50% down payment on the first visit with a written contract to make believe he's real. Beware don't fall for his sweet talk and charm: hes a disgrace to the Cuban community ! You have been warned!
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1404037
Oct 04 2017
06:59 AM
 Stay away as far as possible from Wood Smart USA and it's owner Jose Javier Carballedo It's been 4 months trying to resolve the issue. Highly incompetent staff, not customer friendly at all, lack customer service attitude. Missing the come through as per the contract. Hes a total failure. My jon eas even started and he refused to return to upfront deposit of akmost $3,000. He's a gamer with hard workin people money. Company doesn't have the attitude to resolve problems. They should just close their doors forever so that innocent customers like us are not tortured investing a lot with them. Complete rip off Please see reviews from other customers who are experiencing similar issues as me Who currently have file Law Suite against This a Professional liar scamming people Out of good faith. None of the missing items have been provided to date. I have called The office several times asking for an update on when the missing items will be sent but there has been no response. In fact the only information you have on file is my contractor's and you have called him and spoken to him and have received the same response. The parts are missing. Your office called me to get my home address which I provided but still haven't seen the face of the missing parts. You have kept an extensive record of misinformation from the neginning you never had the i intention To complete This job after taking my deposit. What we were promised and signed for is still not delivered and your office is permenently closed. You refuse to respond to my inquiries. As mentioned you are more than welcome to stop by and see the incomplete cabinets any time but your office doesn't seem to want to resolve this issue. The dispute is not failed, very much valid and is still on going. We have done upgrades worth $150k but this such a small portion of our upgrade has given us the utmost grief, with countless hours wasted explaining to you by emails and over the phone on what is missing, but to no available response Our refund. At This time you leave me no opción to file a complaint in court and sue for a full refund and court fees.
4, Report #1403389
Sep 30 2017
08:42 PM
 This scam artists name is Jose Javier Carballedo operating a fraud business in Ft. Myers by the name of Wood Smart USA. He will write a contract to remodel your kitchen cabinets, ask for a 50% down payment and say good bye to your money. Please beware check all internet online reports, his court records which by the way he has criminal records. Also check the Better Businness Bureau. This business just open his doors Dec. 2016. His goal is to get the victims to give up the deposit and disappear. After completing the scam, he will make all kind of threats with a ghost attorney if you demand for a refund be ready to suffer harrasment with nasty text mesages. Also he's using fake names to promote his business in OFFER UP (Javier Gold) and Facebook. Don't pay one penny before checking this information or you will regret it..As others I'm taking him to court to demand a full refund plus court fees. Also he' home is in FORECLOSURE, but at minimum he will get a judgments until he pays back his debts. Don't be afraid to suit and report this unethical person, note that all this information is public knowledge by the Court so there is no defamation to tell and report the truth!
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1370531
Apr 30 2017
07:56 PM
woodsmartusa Jose j carballedoJavier carballedo BEWARE HE WILL TAKE 50%DEPOSIT AND THAT'S THE LAST YOU'LL SEE HIM ft myers Florida
 This company was hired to remodel a kitchen and bath was given a 50%DEPOSIT in Nov 2016 guaranteed work would be complete by x-mas as of Mar 2017 work still not completed and filed a small claims court on Mar 21. Going to trial July 5th could not reach an agreement with mediation Owner Jose aka Javier Carballedo very good talker had every excuse for not coming 3 Car accidents , kids broke bones , kids needed surgery unbelieveable excuses . DON'T FALL FOR HIS CHARM very good con man. Checked with bbb (after the fact) he's done this before
Entity: ft myers , Florida
6, Report #337363
Jun 05 2008
09:45 AM
Javier Cordajo Urbina, Manager, Great Wall MotorsJavier Cordajo Urbina, Manager, Great Wall Motors & Steven Allen Bucelato Assisted a psychopathic stalker in the THEFT OF MY CAR by withholding it when I dropped it off for maintenence. La Uruca, San Jose California
On July 27, 2007 I was a victim of a violent attack against me by a man that had been stalking, harassing and menacing me. On this day, he forcibly pulled me into his home, beat me, strangled me and placed a knife to my throat stating he would kill me and my children if I refused to have a relationship with him. His name, Steven Allen Bucelato, March 14, 1949. Resident of Esterillos Oeste, a small beach town between Jaco & Parrita, Costa Rica. The result of the attack was head trauma, skull fracture, fractured and broken ribs, torn breast tissue, spinal injury and a psychological trauma which continues to this day. This man was an ex business partner who had advised me of attorneys, and the ways things work in Costa Rica before the attack, therefore he had access to all of my information and subsequently used it to steal from me and defraud me. I believe I was a mark to this man who subsequently also stole my lot and my house, cleaned out my bank account and had me deported. His plan is if he cannot kill me physically, he will (and has) killed off anything and everything which I held which resembled my life. On August 7, I believe my new vehicle had been tampered with, as the power steering was not functioning properly. Coincidentally, this man worked works on cars and has mechanical skills. On August 8, I took the vehicle to GREAT WALL MOTORS in LA URUCA to see what was wrong. I was told that I should return to collect the car the following day. On AUgust 9, I returned to collect the car and was told they needed a part to fix it and it would be a couple of days. On AUgust 13, I call Great Wall Motors and hear the familiar it is not ready, we need a few more days... The week of August 13 to August 17, I pass by Great Wall motors and they will not allow me to access my vehicle, to speak to anyone in charge, always stating he is not here, he is unavailable etc. On AUgust 22, I go with two witnesses to Great Wall Motors and refuse to leave. I threaten to call the police if I cannot speak to Javier, the Manager. He arrives and proceeds to go upstairs to his office. I am asked to wait approx. 15 minutes before he calls me into his office. In his office are he and his attorney. I tell him he knows it is my car, it is absurd that a new car under warranty would have such a problem, that parts are readily available, and that I believe - that I KNOW that his friendship with my attacker is the reason my vehicle is not being released to me. He calls my attacker and I can hear yelling through the phone do not give her the car, no matter what you do, do not give her the car. I say outloud that I can hear that and that I am calling the police. At this point in time, Javier says into the telephone Look man, she knows the car has been ready for over 12 days, I cannot help you this way, I do not want any trouble... this is between you and her. When he hangs up the telephone he tells me that even though he knows the car is mine, he will not release it without the proper documentation. I explain that 1. I do not have a car to travel to my house, a 3 hour drive away to get the documents and 2. I have a restraining order against the attacker, and am terrified to drive the isolated 30 mile stretch of highwy to get home even if I did have a car. I ask for the head mechanic, who has always seem me drop off and pick up the car, and who knows it is MY vehicle. He states that YES, this car belongs to this woman. He asks his boss to not be involved and release my car to me. Javier says no - but he can do this... I promise you that I will not release the car to the attacker. But I MUST have something that shows you are the owner of the vehicle to release it back to you. His attorney agrees that is the best way. I spend the next few days trying to get copies of my paperwork to San Jose so I can collect my vehicle. On August 29, I finally have my documentation and I call that I am coming in for my car. I am told that my car was released several days ago to the owner. I ask to speak to the head mechanic. I am told he no longer works here. I ask where he works, how I can reach him. I am told We do not have that information, sorry and they hang up. When I attempt to call back, I am repeatedly disconnected. My attorney looks into this and discovers that my vehicle was aquired on September 09, 2007 by the man that attacked me, and placed into HIS name. The cause of acquisition is listed as onerous. Two days later I am picked up by immigration and held for 59 days because I refuse to sign a deportation order. I contact the Embassy and tell them that this stalker has done all of these actions against me. During the time I am held, he steals approx. $1,750,000 in my cash and assets. He writes letters to defame and slander me, to ruin and kill my character and my reputation. He continues to stalk my husband, and later my mother who struggle to maintain physical possession of our home. I discover in April 2008, that the vehicle is now being driven and in the possession of the Chief of the Immigration Police, who accepted it as a bribe to detain me, and subsequently deport me, preventing me to take any actions against these people. I would VERY MUCH like to be contacted by any legal team, or similar case victims of Costa Rica to shine a light on the situation, how with a little chorizo (bribe, payoff) and saavy criminal minded Gringo, can use the system and the people there to assist in what they know are crimes. It has been almost one year since my ordeal, and because I am prohibited from being in the country, I cannot take any strong action.... yet I, my three children, my husband and extended family who has been helping us since we lost everything continue to suffer the burden wach and every day. I know that Steven Allen Bucealto has spent 20+ years in Costa Rica, dealing in old vehicles and in real estate. I am aware of several people he attempted to defraud and rip-off. I believe he fled to Costa Rica because of crimes committed in the USA, and found it easier to get away with his illegal activities there, because in basic language - he just buys anything he wants. This man is a dangerous criminal who used, manipulated and corrupted many people along the way in his sick and obsessive pursuit of me and my family. I am posting here because I am looking for assistance in how I may put a stop to all he has done against us, and continues to do. Victim of Costa Rican Chorizo Payoff San JoseCosta Rica
Entity: La Uruca, San Jose, Other
7, Report #682654
Jan 14 2011
01:25 PM
Albert Cottrell Javier Melendez RIPOFF'S!!!!! BEWARE!!!! THEY PREY ON THE ELDERLY!!!!! San Ramon, California
This company 'Choice Finacial U.S.A. and On Line Business Group', only care about taking your money, then you will never see them again!! Because of their actions the banks won't even talk to us any more!! Do NOT listen to their excuses, they will NOT execute what they promise!!! According to a former employee, any of the good blogs are written by, Albert or Javier, if you read them you can obviously tell!! They Do NOT even have a business license in the city of San Ramon under these business names!!! WARNING STAY AWAY FROM THEM !!!!!
Entity: San Ramon, California
8, Report #595623
Apr 22 2010
04:27 PM
Acqua Flamingos - Nuevo Vallarta - Eduardo Valencia Castellanos - Javier Valencia Camacho Luis Valencia Castellanos, Eduardo Valencia Gallardo, Jorge Del Moral Watanabe, Enrique Del Moral Watanabe, Del Moral Realtors, Jose Luis Abunader, Miguel Granada, Benjamn De Quevedo Valencia, Javier Extortion, Fraud, Threat, Steal, Thiefs, Criminals go away from this peoples Internet
My partner and I bought a condo 2 years ago with the promise to have it ready in one year and after we pay everything and making thousands of phone calls 8 months ago we finally receive a square nothing An empty box after being threatened that we will never get our money back we had to sign and receive what they want without having some copies and then started the second nightmare with the workers who also know very well how to extortion people (Chebo, Pablo etc.) thats what they learn from their boss.     This gang of crooks or criminal organization doesnt have education, customers, friends, family, suppliers or vendors, workers and even a business; they found a way to steal good money from their victims or anybody who deals with them on any way. All they have is victims and stolen money they dont even have a life.   They dont know what the most elemental respect for business or others means.   Criminal Eduardo Valencia Castellanos has a very severe bi-polar disease, he thinks he knows how to do business or manage a company but what he really knows is to steal money.  All he is an addicted gay and thief Living in Miami Fl. Away from Mexican authorities.   Dont do any business with these crooks once you sign something or give them any amount of money forget it, you are another victim!   We know some people are writing formal claims or letters to our embassy with complains that this thief is living in our beautiful country and for sure how hes stealing our money from this acqua fraud.   I am very sure that one day the feds will take away his visa to enter our country and put him where he belong JAIL   And off course I agree with another comment here, if you ever meet this people or hear these names, run as fast as you can the opposite direction otherwise youll remember this warning!   Dont be afraid of writing about this criminals, thats one way we can stop them, if I ever read something like this I wouldnt do business with them and now I regret. Dont be afraid of argue or fight with these thiefs!
Entity: Internet, Internet
9, Report #367456
Aug 27 2008
12:06 PM
Javier,Gabrial PLEASE READ Miramar Florida
Hello i went into payless car sales on lune 17,2008 in hopes of buying an 2005 honda .i spoke on the phone with Javier he advised me that i can get into the 2005 honda black with 500.00down so i was happy more than happy. so i kepy calling to ensure that i can get the car and every time he say yes, when are you coming. Well i came in the office July 17,2008 and when he ran my credit he told me i couldnt get the car so he said he could get me a honda a 1998 honda i agreed because i was going through something with my family and a working car was going to be some good. i agreed and while i was on the phone with my mother i told her i was going to get the car and work 12 hours a day to help her out with the financial problems .while on the phone with my mom Javier gave me papers i signed. and when i first saw thew car i told Javier he need to get the dent out of the car so he agreed and to make sure the car would get the expected treatment sinbce this was an old car. i was happy i spent 750.00dollars on the car and for the insurance i put 150.00 for the insurance and 600.00down for the car. After i went to work this man called named gerorge and said he was the inspector and wanted to expect the car. Ilove george because he told and shwed me a lot the car didnt shift the engine need work and the oil never been changed in the car and the transmission need work. george told me i had to take the car back Javier contacted me and i brought the car in. i waited and waited and waited and finally got my car there wasnt much didfference . George came back to my house and the same thing was going on with my car and i took it back this time the gave me a loaner car. i thing they gave me that car to some what appreciate the honda. the loaner car smelled of urine the car didint have a radio and i had to have the car for 3days .I asked Javier can i hvae this car if the fixed the smell nad the radio..... he told me my car was better. So When iu got my car George said the same thing was wrong and they isnt fixing anything with the car. all in all the bank refused to do the refinance and Diamondbenjamin MIAMI, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miramar, Florida
10, Report #1320023
Aug 01 2016
11:11 AM
Javier Munguia Landscape Scam Artist Mesa Arizona
There is new construrction on both sides of our home. Javier knocked on our door and asked if we were in need of some paver work for our side walk to our back gate. He informed me that he was contracted to do all the concrete work for Mattamy homes in my neighborhood and had pavers that would match mine exactly since he did all the work in the neighborhood. He originally wanted $1000 to do the work. I asked him for a business card so I could think about it. He seemed very professional and knowledgeable about the process and explained everything he would do. He then lowered his price to $600. He told me he would be back shortly with an estimate and contract. He came back with an itemized statement and asked for $350 deposit. This was on July 5, 2016. He said he would be back Thursday to complete the work. He then text me Thursday and said he would be back Saturday. I repeatidly text him and attempted to call him. He made a few more excuses. I finally called him on July 29, 2016 from a different phone than I usually use. He answered and tried to tell me that my work was done. I told him it certainly was not. He said he would call his guy and call me back to trust him. He text me back and said he would be there himself on Sunday to complete the work and because of the mistake he was not charging me any additional money. He has since blocked all phone numbers that I have called him from. I called him from yet another phone and he denied even being Javier and hung up on me. If you google search him, he has a long history of scams and even mug shots. I will report this to my builder so they know he is going to their building sites misrepresenting himself and file a police report. I willl also report this to my HOA so they can make a post on their website to warn others of his actions.
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
11, Report #1320119
Aug 01 2016
04:53 PM
Javier Muniega Ripped off for landscape work Gilbert Arizona
 I was ripped off by Javier Muniega. He drives a green hummer. He was employed by Campo Construction. Javier was presented to me as the Foreman. Javier offered to seal some travertine the company had installed while still here on the job, and being the trusting person I am I gave him a check for $700.00 for material and labor. He never showed, there were always excuses, and he did not do the work. His employer when contacted informed me that they have been unable to contact him, and that they were also victims of embezzlement.
Entity: Gilbert, Arizona
12, Report #1290743
Feb 29 2016
03:52 PM
Javier Mungia Javier Mungia takes $1100 deposit, never comes back to do the job! Chandler Arizona
Javier Mungia presented a quote to complete some concrete work at my home. He asked for a $1100 deposit. He cashed the check immediatedly and then became very hard to contact.  He continued to extend promises about rescheduling the work, but no-showed four times. After he promised to refund my deposit, he became even harder to contact, making more unfulfilled promises. This guy is a con-man through and through. There are multiple reports on him.  Please avoid at all costs. This man can not be trusted.
Entity: Chandler, Arizona
13, Report #647527
Jan 17 2011
07:56 AM
Alejandro Pieiro Faria Director of GOURMET LA TOJA DEFRAUDATION; Fraud; Swindle; Violation of Privacy O GROVE, Nationwide
Hello Attention andI own an event company for catering events. The company was founded in January 2010 and started as a star by, within three months, she was known throughout the country and famous for the exceptional service and creativity.On 07.09.2010 the manager stole from his own company, which is officially an embezzlement, a few days later the same again.The company was also sensitive to the harm the manager stopped all payment obligations, although the company had no problem. In addition, he has without consulting the owner simply dismiss all employees, and deceives also the only creditor.Of course, everything was displayed and is now in court. Yet hear the insanity of perhaps wrong to not become CEO, but went into a violent act on it as a detective to life as he tried removed the wheel of the vehicle. Unfortunately, there is no witness for it, but the vehicle has been a deadly weapon which was prevented only by the road noise was changed so that the detective saw this.Here are more detailsThe owner
Entity: O GROVE, Nationwide
14, Report #30446
Sep 18 2002
07:31 PM
JAVIER E MENDEZ CAEDO ripoff from my credit card Carlsbad, Monterrey Mexico
AMR LD Service Plan Stole one time from my credit card account 48.79 USD. Enrique Monterrey Mexico, Other CLICK HERE: Rip-off Report uncovers who's who and who you need to contact to get a refund
Entity: Monterrey, Other
15, Report #408719
Jan 06 2009
01:32 PM
i paid Javier for a myspace layout to coincide with my new single release and he took the money and never sent methe myspace layout. And its crazy because he started the layout (i had even seen the start of it) then when it was getting time for me to need the layout he was avoiding me, then totally disappeared. Crazy thing is i had him do some major stuff for me and paid him EVERY SINGLE time (countless major dvds, cds, layouts and so on) I dont understand why he would scam me knowing all the money he 1)has made with me and 2) could make with me So word to the wise dont hire GFXKID hes bad business Rich PA, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
16, Report #602081
May 11 2010
12:29 PM
Domingo Dias - Javier Mateindoca - Ferreteria Importadora Fraudulent letters of credit. Internet
Bank Guarantees from ABN Amro Bank, fake bonds and MTN's, these are the tools of Domingos trade. He preys on people looking for money for commercial projects. He offers them financing on the basis of these fake Bank Guarantees. He has societes in Toronto Canada the US, Argentina and the Netherlands. He passed me a Bank guarantee he was trying to use. When it turned out to be a fraud he claimed ignorance. I since discovered that he is still sending clients to those that are creating those fake guarantees. He is also looking for financing for projects he doesn't own or control.
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #858104
Mar 22 2012
08:53 PM
Imperial One Construction Javier Gonzales Scammer! Liar! Thief! Chicago, Illinois
Found online, Javier Gonzales from Imperial One construction, Hired my partner and I to work on a construction project in Blue Island. He started us off at minimum and promised us more money with upcoming projects.We would work long ten hour shifts and do extra work after hours such as picking up material or dumping out debris. We would commute to get there for two hours and two hours back. We had finished up the project and said he had more work for us the next week after that project and that he would pay us then. When it came time for the next project he had said that supposedly the customer backed out so he couldnt pay us. I tried calling him, left voicemais, and texts and never got a reply back. He is a thief and a scammer. He owes my partner and I well over a thousand dollars worth of labor.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
18, Report #846473
Feb 29 2012
09:52 AM
Dr. Javier Andrade killed Cleveland Mark Mitchell Boerne, Texas
Tort Reform is a legal weapon used in Texas to kill Texans ever since Governor Rick Perry signed the 2003 Tort Reform Act.  Tort Reform strangled the 7th Amendment and allowed it to die a slow unceremonious death. If you want to view collateral damage left behind Tort Reform inflicted by negligent and reckless doctors, Google:  Cleveland Mark Mitchell Dec 12 1950 - April 26 2008 - youtube. If you want to see the face of the doctor who dropped the ball by failing to provide the basic standard of care to my husband in a Galveston, Texas emergency room and who died shortly thereafter, Google: Why did you drop the ball Dr Andrade?  He is free to practice medicine at a New York Bariatric  Clinic because the Texas Medical Board failed to police after their own and allowed countless of doctors to injure or kill Texans without accountability. Are we sacrificing fundamental constitutional liberties secured in the Bill of Rights to protect a few bad doctors like Dr. Javier Andrade with Tort Reform. 
Entity: Boerne, Texas
19, Report #983547
Dec 17 2012
08:38 PM
JAVIER SOLIS SOLIS art mover handler packer shipper West Palm Beach, Florida
I can confirm the sentiments of the author of the corresponding report regarding this operator. I assure any potential art shipper that there many other trustworthy and economical shipping alternatives. When selecting any shipper, make sure that you have requested and received a certificate of insurance and are given proper paperwork such as a straight bill of lading. Make sure that your shipper complies with Federal inter-state carrier regulations as well as state regulations if the shipment stays within state lines. Always make sure that your insurance covers the shipment and always purchase insurance on the individual shipment if required. Be advised to ask for and know the limitations of liability imposed by your carrier. You may be liable for damage even due to negligence of behalf of your carrier resulting from concealed damage. This is normal and accepted practice. If your shipper has not apprised you of any of the above, this should be cause for concern. There are many reasonably priced shipping alternatives and professionalism does not denote a cost premium. If you are shipping to a trade show, always inform show management of your shipper of choice before a show.
Entity: West Palm Beach, Florida
20, Report #1316571
Jul 12 2016
08:36 PM, Javier Capilla Harrassment, Account Suspended For No Good Reason Madrid Spain Internet
My twitter handle is: benjaminbyersMy account was permanently suspended because of a DMCA -Pawn Sacrifice (2015) Watch Online Free Full Movie HD post was made on February 6, 2016Why is my account being suspended for this in July on the 12th, 2016?This harrassment has happened before from the same person.I emailed the person and asked him why he was doing it, no reply.More info suggestions?
Entity: Madrid, Internet
21, Report #1217869
Mar 24 2015
01:01 PM
javier mendoza Coastal web llc John Sanders Wont refund my 200.00 as Promised! Internet
, WORK FROM HOME RIP OFF! This company Coastal Web LLC works under the acceptable and safe work at home companies That is a very big lie!  They are also under several names, Which I'm sure one is Capitol Loans. They promise you will make thousands per month, then proceed to relentlessly talk you into doing it. Promising if you decide you don't like it and dont want to continue within 90 days, you will get a full refund. More Bull After they take your money, which mine was 499.00 and that was just a deposit, they tell you that you have to pay them monthly to buy the emails that are possibly people interest in their products, whatever that is, I know one is a travel offer.  I discovered they are fraud s within a few hours and immediatly asked for my refund to which I was constanly harrassed by several different men being very rude, I still did not get my money back! I wrote 7 requests thus far, and still have copies of them, they wrote me back several times saying it will be there in a few days. I even threaten d with an attorney, which would be useless as it would cost more to fight them. I finally got 299.00 back after all my threats, but not the remaining 200.00 which was from a cash card. I was so taken advantage of,  and feel so stupid, when all I was trying to do was make a little extra money at home to get by on, as my SS. just isn't enough, and no one wants to hire a 64 year old out there in the real world!  So people, beware out there in cyber space! Janet of Redmon OR.    
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1329358
Sep 21 2016
09:30 AM
Javier Munguia Maria Ramirez Landscape Scam Missing after deposit was paid Chander Arizona
We met Javier through a landscaping company. He offered to do some work for what seemed to be a incredible price. However after paying him a deposit, he became hard to contact. He bailed on his appointments numerous times, but would always come up with an excuse. After about 2-3 weeks, we looked him up online, and found other Ripoff reports, and an arrest report. He and his wife are both involved on this scam. We will take whatever action necessary to ensure that Javier and his wife Maria do not scam another family. 
Entity: Chander, Arizona
23, Report #812794
Dec 22 2011
08:05 AM
FRANCISCO JAVIER SOLDADO CHAPIN <> Francisco gives worst service. worst banker. problems. clients lose money because of wrong information. Francisco Javier Soldado Chapin does not help clients, mislead clients. charges client account!
Entity: Internet, Select State/Province
24, Report #1282696
Jan 27 2016
03:48 PM
Javier Munguia Javier Estaarestado Ripped me off for $800,00. Took deposit for synthetic grass to be installed and other landscaping work. Mesa Arizona
Javier was recomended by his employer Armando. He gave me a estimate for landscaping that included synthetic grass. He asked for a $800.00 deposit. I gave him a check for $800.00. He never came back. He gave excuses every time I called. He finaly stoped answering my calls.
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
25, Report #1275234
Dec 19 2015
11:52 AM
Javier Munguia Landscape Company Owner Stole $1700 Phoenix Arizona Javier Munguia asked for $1700 deposit for backyard and landscaping work and never showed up. Phoenix Arizona
Javier Munguia showed up based on an AD we posted on Phoenix Craigslist for remodelling our fire-pit area and some landscaping work. He seemed smart and knew what he was talking about. Ofcourse, we got lured into his ideas and he kept texting my husband every 5mins that night till my husband actually agreed to work with him.He was right on time the next morning to get the deposit money. We made a few changes to the initial proposal and he gave us what looked like a fake contract. He asked me for $1700 advance and I said I did not have any more than $1000 and I gave him a check. He left promising to return in 2days with the material.The next day he called my husband asking for another $700. I resisted but he told my husband he would not be able to get all the material needed. We gave him a check of another $700.It has been 5days since and he has not returned. He remains unavailable for the most part and whenever, he texts, it is full of lies. We found other rip-off reports on the internet yesterday and it has freaked the hell out of us. How I wish, we could have looked him up before giving him the money.I have tried reaching out to the police and they claim they cannot file a complaint against him. I am going to pursue this matter till I get my money back - no matter what police says.People beware...This man is of no conscience...May he pay for the all the wrong he has done to others. How difficult he has made for people like us to trust anyone else.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona

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