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1, Report #1336014
Nov 01 2016
09:57 AM
Jpay Payment to Prisioners Parent Miami Florida
Put $120 into Media Account via Jpay rep on phone. Find out days later money was put into wrong account requested. Contact Jpay and they tell me I had notify them in 24 hours and that they can't transfer or credit me!!! I escalate and they will NoT Escalate me to someone that will solve the problem they made.  They will call me!! I'm told I should hear from them in a day, 2 or 3 but they couldn't say. Do Not Do Business With This Company.............................. No Stars out of 5    Beware
Entity: Miami, Florida
2, Report #1299818
Apr 14 2016
07:29 PM
Jpay Selling faulty machines and taking advantage of consumers Miami Florida
I am trying to bring it to everyones attention that the Jpay company is selling non working machines, along with not having any customer service to resolve the issues that keep arising.  I received a mini tablet/JP4 machine that is used by inmates in the Ohio corrections department and I have had this machine for 2 weeks and it isn’t working.  This is the 4th machine that has been replaced for me within the past year because they all don't work properly.  We have repeatedly tried to call Jpay and they have told us that they don’t have any customer service to deal with these issues.  We can not figure out what to do  to get someone to take these issues serious.  I have further investigated Jpay and they have over 700 complaints filed against them for selling faulty machines and then telling the inmates basically, “to bad.”  I just feel that the Jpay company is taking advantage of us as consumers because they are under contract with these prison facilities and have no competition to hold them to a higher standard.  Yes I do understand that the consumers are prisoners and this is a luxury but it’s not fair to the families and loved ones that are spending their hard earned money on the machines, music and stamps that are bought by the prisoners.  I feel as the loved one of said such consumer that this would not be allowed to continue in the free world because there would be enough competition to hold a company to the standard of what a consumer should be receiving for the amount of money that is spent.  I know personally I have sent thousands for machines, music and stamps so that my loved one could have this luxury and then when an issue arises there is no one to take care of the problem.  Please help is all I’m asking.  I’m asking that someone look into the Jpay company, there way of handling issues and the faulty machines that most inmates are receiving and they can’t do anything about.  The Jpay company had the audacity to write in the response to the Better Business Bureau that no one should be able to file a complaint against them because they deal with inmates and inmates have no way to email the BBB, which was a slap in the face to myself along with other families that spend their hard earned money to buy the only product that is available through the prison system.Thank you for your time.
Entity: Miami, Florida
3, Report #1417788
Dec 18 2017
08:19 PM
Jpay Broken device after required Softwre Update Miami Florida
my husband IDOC 106243 ugraded his software as required now cannot sync of use the setting menu on his jp5 ive had to buy 3 because this happend in 2015 again after a software update. Century Link said put him on the list to have it completely wiped by a laptop and reset because kiosk doesn't complete the process. He also said there are atleast 40 others in ISCC in Idaho with the exact same issue. I called tonight to speak with someome and after explaining the issue the employee put my call into a que that said they cant answer the phone and call back tomorrow he never even warned me just dropped the call like a poor sad excuse for a customer service agent. Infact 8 out of 10 are rude and after me paying so much for your services since the first day you started here in Idaho i feel ripped off i havent gotten so much as 1 free anything and never ever gotten any emails for anything. I heard the other day about an atty in Waahington State has been talking of a class action lawsuit against Jpay and with all the poor quality issues everyone here alone has had if my husband Jose B. Perez 106243 doesnt get the assistance he needs to fix his player I personally will rally with the State to dismiss your services and company from evert prison in Idaho. Please contact me at(((REDACTED))) as he has been told to just buy another device and has been waiting for corospondance a month now.
Entity: Miami, Florida
4, Report #1338103
Nov 14 2016
02:31 PM
Warning to people trying to help prison inmates through the JPAY INC out of Miami Florida. Within 20 days of setting up a recurrent payment to a truly sad, old prisoner, my credit card information was used fraudulently 3 times in one day. They first used it at a local plant store for a small purchase under $10, next was a charge for $250 at Charming Charlies retail store and then again, the same day for $454 at Charming Charlies again.  This credit card is rarely used and I have a good relationship with the bank. i received the fraud alert immediately. The charges were all reversed. But I believe an employee or owner of JPAY used my credit card information by using one special piece of information: When you set up a recurrent payment, you are asked for your 3 digit security code on the back of your credit card. This is how they got all the information they needed. So just as the holidays are approaching, many prisoners will get nothing because of this dishonest employee and/or lax company. Very sad indeed.  California    
Entity: Miami, Florida
5, Report #1337722
Nov 11 2016
06:04 PM
Jpay inc. Tell you your payment over your app didn't go through. Florida Internet
  I tried making a payment over the application three times. They took $54.75 out of my bank account yet they told me no transaction had gone through. So the next day I put another $54.75 on the account and called again and again they said the first 3 transactions never went through and I needed to contact my financial institution to receive a refund. Now after a week one of the three transactions they said never went through has gone through and they suspend it my account for my loved one to receive money in her Correctional Facility so now I have to send a payment via check or money order which could take 7 business days for them to process which leaves her without any extra food or supplies for about 3 weeks because of their negligence. Their customer service Representatives are so unprofessional and untrained it is unbelievable. Why wouldn't I be able to pay that money with a credit card or debit card over the phone, why would I need to send a check or money order to them Kama so they can say they never got it and then keep her account restricted for even longer. JPay seems like a fraudulent business that only gets by because there are no other ways to send money to correctional facilities. Train your employees and then maybe you wouldn't have so many complaints against your company that is very very very poorly run. I hope sometime soon a competitor comes around and puts you out of business for good.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1244539
Jul 27 2015
07:36 AM
7, Report #1372837
May 12 2017
08:42 AM
JPay, Inc Actually block friends/ family from staying in contact with incarcerated loved ones Nationwide
First JPay charges astromical prices for the services that they do offer, like visiting with your inmate via video conference for 30 minutes of less is $30. During my visit I couldn't hear a word that my son was saying. There was no sound on his side. I reported to JPay, who said that they would have the humans get back to me regarding the incident and I never heard from them anymore. They have various forms of payments listed as options on their site. I just tried to buy some stamps, which are necessary to send an email to your loved one, and it has blocked two of my debit cards, both with adequate funds to cover the cost of my purchase. When I call customer service, they don't know what to do, but my bank was able to tell me that the merchant simply isn't accepting the payment method: Visa, Master, PayPal, Wells Fargo. I've sent them an email, but I'm not very hopeful about that considering how they handled (or didn't handle) the last incident! So how am I supposed to stay in contact with my child!!!! 
Entity: Miami, Florida
8, Report #1263797
Oct 26 2015
06:27 PM
JPay has inmate blocked JPay has him blocked from everything and refuses to correct the issue or even return any phone calls about the matter. Internet
In the state of Indiana, you are required to send money to an inmate via this service rendered by JPay, which is a total online service. Several months ago, when someone in our family went to send our inmate money, the online service stated that he was blocked and no money could be sent. So, a series of calls was placed in an attempt to get this resolved. After many calls and many varying answers, someone finally directed us to the Financial Care department. We all called this number many times over the course of many days and to no one ever answered the phone or returned our calls. We finally gave up and sent the money via money gram, which is a major inconvenience, but thankfully it did work. Now, when another relative attempted to just set up an account to send him messages, he is blocked from that, too! More phone calls have been placed and still the barrage of varying answers, some of which make absolutely no sense. There is no one else to talk to; no additional place to go. We have called the prision and they have no idea what the issue is for they have not placed any holds or blocks on the account. This is just rediculous! And it seems there is no way to rectify the situation either. I will be pursuing this as far as I can go and this is just the beginning.
Entity: Miami, Florida
9, Report #1358764
Feb 27 2017
09:47 PM
JPay inc Charged my credit card for a Video visit before confirmation and the facility doesn't even provide video visits and JPay won't refund! Internet
I have forwarded all my many many complains to JPay compliance. I was charged for a video visit that never happened! JPAY said I would get a confirmation that I never got yet my credit card was charged immediately. I have been fighting this company since 12/24/16 Everytime I call or email I have to start from the beginning and I'm treated with enormous disrespect. Everytime I speak with one of their representatives I'm given a different excuse.,I have been told that I've already received my refund. That My refund is on its way. I've been told that I'm a liar and I've received my visit! I' Ive been told all I can have is another video visit! Does that make sense since where My loved one is at they are no longer offered? So why what good would that do me? My god! Rip off report . I told them I would give them another try to do the right thing. But all I get is laughed at and lied to! I'd also like to mention the refund amount is $12.95 And previous to this I've spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars with this company very the past 2 years and they couldn't care less! I've been fighting this since 12/28/16 YOU charged my card on 12/24/16 without confirmation! I also get tired of going over and over this like you have never heard my story before! I will go public. I have also taken screen shots of non confirmation. Unavailable facility video and my video page showing Unavailable! I'm tired of playing this I know nothing game with you guys! Poor business and an awful way to treat a customer over 12 dollars.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1389672
Aug 01 2017
09:39 AM
Jpay I sent 150.00 to music media then found out the facility did not have theJP5 available jpay will not refund 150.00 to me Miami Fla Internet
 My name is Virginia Kay Heard I'm widowed marriage last name being Brower. I live in the state of Indiana my son Charles Vincent Brower is incarnated at Pendleton Correctional Facility here in Indiana on 6/28/2017 I sent 158.95 to the music media useing Jpay services so that Charlie would be able to purchase a JP5 player in which he could use to listen to music, play videos,read and write emails etc. What I did not know was that the Pendleton facility did not have the JP5 available. Upon calling Coustomers Service to ask what could be done I was told that I could not get a refund unless it was operator error! I emailed the corprate office and they never returned an email. Now my 158.95 is sitting in Jpay personal piggie back and according to them there is nothing they can do to help me.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1322275
Aug 13 2016
10:28 AM
Jpay The customer service will not help facilitate the issues with the prisoners. This is what customer service does! Miami Florida
 Jpay services takes the money from the prisoners and they tell them to open a trouble ticket. The prisoners open ticket after ticket with no resolve . I call customer service and they tell me they cannot contact the facility team and I need to have the prisoner open a help ticket! If customer serivce cant help who can? The main office should be able to help facilitate with the institution to resolve the issue. Isnt that what customer service center does?
Entity: Florida
12, Report #1212087
Feb 27 2015
06:43 AM
jpay In an attempt to send my husband much needed money, I was told the transaction failed and the money was returned to it's origin.  Hartford Hartford
When I got in touch with the card I had used I was informed the transaction had gone through on the day I attempted to send it which was 02/03/2015. Some people I guess you can not trust.I sent money on a prepaid credit card to my husband and was told the transaction did not go through.Upon contacting the card company I found the money had gone through but never made it to the account it was intended for thus putting my husband at risk because he had no money to pay his debts.
Entity: Hartford, Internet
13, Report #1347557
Jan 04 2017
10:34 AM
14, Report #1268946
Nov 18 2015
11:52 PM
 DO NOT USE JPAY TO SEND MONEY TO ANY INMATE IN ANY STATE THEY SERVICE. They claim to want to help families but the are looking out for themselves. They all of a sudden charge credit cards as cash advance fees and want to blame the credit card companies and/or bank. That's BS they process the credit card as a cash advance to collect the money quicker than to process the card as an electronic transaction, which takes a few days longer to have the credit card company verify the charge is not fraud. They get your money plus charge you a fee to use their service, and now your stuck with not only a cash advance fee also higher APR % on the transaction. I had been a faithful user since 2012 but this last gimmick is were I am DONE with this company. I called customer service to speak to them about the cash advance transaction, not only did they blame my credit card company they denied any responsibility. They not only blame someone else they dont even apologize or try to make the wrong a right. All they had to say was your your debit card next time we cant reverse the transaction. My DEBIT CARD, clearly they want your money as soon as the punch in YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. THIEVES!!!! JPAY users BEWARE OF HIDDEN FEES AND. LIES. THEY DON'T CARE TO HELP OUT INMATE FAMILIES THEY JUST WANT TO MAKE MONEY OFF THE FAMILIES. I don't mind paying a fee for a service, but be reasonable. They say criminals belong in prison well JPAY owners should be in prison for the robbery they do every time someone uses their services.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #938153
Sep 07 2012
03:54 PM Michigan DOC Jpay ripping 100's of people off 20 cents at a time. , Internet
I don't know how many times I have sent jpay emails to my husband and they are not delierd yet i am still charged for them. Jpay delivers emails to inmates for a 20 cent ( stamp) fee. I dont know how they get away with it, hundreds of people having the same problem, what can be done? this is some kind of fraudulent buisness practice? They claim the are The safe and sucure way to send money and emails yet they are stealing from hundreds of people,( most of them not intelligent enuff to make a complaint)..I wish a lawyer would look into this for a class action lawsuit! Im sure Jpay would be shut down!
Entity: Internet, Internet
16, Report #935048
Sep 04 2012
09:24 AM Took my money and said my card company is holding it. Internet
On 8/28 I put a charge through on to put money into an inmate's account. The charge seemed to go through fine and said it was successful. On 8/30 (today) I decided to check the status of it and found that is said successful and then status cancel. I called Jpay and they said it was cancelled by my card company because it could not be verified. She said she would fax a release to my card company to release the funds. She then hung up on me before I could even get her name. I called my card company and they said it was not true, the funds were already taken out of my account by Jpay. I called Jpay back and spoke with Sylvia. She said a supervisor called my card company and they would be faxing over the release form right then and I should see the credit within 30 mins. I wanted 30 mins and called my card company again - they said this was not true. Again they said the transaction was settled and it was not pending so faxing a release would do nothing. Once again I called Jpay and spoke w/ Karen x6021. At first she tried to tell me the same thing the others had - that MY card company was holding the money. I told her that I would be filing a BBB complaint, and dispute the charge if I have to. She put me on hold and came back with a new story, this time claiming she would issue a credit. She first said 5-7 business days, I threatened again with the BBB and the State of Florida. She said if I did not see the credit in a day or two to call her. I have very little confidence since I have been lied to every time I call.
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #726865
Jul 21 2014
07:26 PM
Jpay, Inc Inmate Services Don't USE this service to send money to your love ones in Pennsylvania Correction Facilities Miami, Florida
This company provides LOCK Box service for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections you are instructed to send money orders to Jpay 12864 Biscayne Blvd., Box 221 Miami FL 33181 the money then sits in FL for sometimes two months waiting to be credited to the inmates account. We have found through research the company is holding the money making interest on other peoples money. They force you to use there online service so they can charge you more then  $6.00 to send money its a great example of Pennsylvania Corruption you have to send money to FL for a PA state prison makes alot of
Entity: Miami, Florida
18, Report #1083851
Sep 12 2013
06:28 AM
JPAY.COM I think JPay charges exorbitant fees and is adverse for low income citizens. They charge $4.95 for placing $20.00 on an inmates account and that fee goes up to $6.95 for merely sending $25.00. Internet
 I think JPay charges exorbitant fees and is adverse for low income citizens. They charge $4.95 for placing $20.00 on an inmates account and that fee goes up to $6.95 for merely sending $25.00. They are charging 25% interest or more the more you send the higher their fees. There are over 2 million incarcerated prisoners in the U.S. and JPay has cornered the market. It was better when we could mail apostal money order for less than a dollar including a stamp. The only convenience is is that JPay is the single source for placing money on an inmates account. JPay is a rip off and needs to be investigated.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1272672
Dec 07 2015
06:32 PM
jpay I set up an account to send money to my husband as he just got there and has no clothes or food and jpay said they needed a copy of my drivers licence and a copy of my credit card for account verification. I'm not sending someone that much personal Information . I spoke with a supervisor and he tried to tell me that sometimes they need this information. I called my bank and I'm pretty much on hold waiting for my money to be released. meanwhile my husband needs things. then I tried calling back to find out why all of a sudden they blocked my account and I can't login however they keep ha gong up on me. they blocked my access and won't Take my calls meanwhile my husband has nothing and they won't take my calls internet nationwide
 I set up an account to send my husband money to order food and clothes and I ended up calling jpay because the money wasn't received to see what the hold up is. They said they need me to send them a copy of my drivers license and bank card for further verification I explained that that is too much information. I spoke to a supervisor name Steve I'd #25331. He said the bank can cncel the pending transaction. After contacting the bank they camt. I tried to call jpay back and they hung up on my several times lie 6 to be exact. I went to login online and my account is blocked. I can't speak to anyone and my account is blocked all the while my husband is going without.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #100286
Jul 23 2004
04:35 PM ripoff Ripp OFF Cheaters
I also been just ripped off by I ordered their 1000 MB hosting plan and they took my money through paypal and then they sent me a email of my hosting package. give me my ftp login and server addresses too. I loged in to that accout once and once only after that I could not log back in at all and thier web site was or has been down for along time now been at least two days and I got the server off them last weekend and could not access it at all after the first time I logged in. I bad mouth them by email and they laughed at me and I even got a email back from them stating that they will not refund my money back to me at all !! and they even said good luck on trying to report us in to the FBI or fruad department. cause I made a threat to them that I would do that and I did report them in to the FBI and to the BBB and fruad department too. But I did get one good info from them their ip address !! heres their ip now the FBI can have fun and trace them when ever their online unless they change thier ip!! Jamie Augusta, MaineU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #401913
Dec 16 2008
11:03 AM RIPOFF by Glendale California
I ordered a free sample and paid the shipping on it and they continued to send more and charge my credit card.. they charged me $88.97 for 1 month and they will continue until I find a way to stop those crooks....does anyone have the answer.... Jerry niles, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Glendale, California
22, Report #370681
Sep 07 2008
04:28 PM
FAMILYCONTACT911.COM deseptive charges Clearwater Florida
My AT&T bill was reflecting a late charge of $15.95 to my suprise because I paid my bill even before due date. By contacting AT&T I found out that the late charge was submitted by a third billing party. Looking closer, FAMILYCONTACT911.COM charged me $7.95 for a service that I never asked for. I personally dislike AT&T services enormously and I am willing to cancel their services altogether; I have to call them almost every month to dispute a charge or unfunded fee. If there are enough of us to take drastic actions mabe big guys listen to little ones. Kevin Fontana, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
23, Report #566399
Feb 08 2010
07:06 PM He lied to me Beijing, Internet
I went to visit the site looking for computers but because his products are so cheap it caught my eyes so I tried to contact the guy and the guy just insisted me on making the payment and refused to answer any of my question. I spent about 30 or more emails back and forth with him and realize that he's a scam since I found couple links on rip off report as well that they are not reliable. I already knew that it wasn't reliable I just wanted to try it myself. He kept insisting that his product is original and new and and that was it that he told me. I asked him a lot of questions on the product and he didn't seem like he knew what he was talking about. He wanted me to do the transfer money to his bank and of course that that is the worst thing you can do to a stranger so I didn't do it. I'm here just to warn you guys who look at his sites and want to buy his stuff I suggest you guys don't do it because this guy is a scam in my opinion. I just want to spread the word that's all.  Thanks, Parks
Entity: Beijing, Internet
24, Report #820981
Jan 10 2012
11:26 PM x10 Internet
BEWARE of The customer service is terrible. I had got an RMA from them for a camera package that was terrible in quality. Also another RMA for a vcr package that their website added to my order when I clicked on a remote package instead.  I keep contacting them about my returns, They have confirmed that they have recieved them. But they have differant excuses each time about why I haven't recieved the refund. I also ordered a security system for my daughetrs house for Christmas a couple of months before Christmas. It never came. When I contacted them to find out what happened they informed me they were out of the console and it would be 2 weeks after Christmas. i told them it was suopposed to be a gift what to do. They said tell my daugher to wait. What a joke. I still don't have the security system or my refund on the other RMA and it is 1-11-12. This company is a joke. BEWARE!
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #776686
Sep 14 2011
11:17 AM
I worked for this company in Chattanooga Tennessee(support seven), which is a call center for all of these companies, owned by the owner of the companies as well.  These are all scams! They do offer payday loans, but fail to give or allow employees to give the truth about charges to obtain these loans. The interest rate is well over 400% and they say they don't sell or give info to other companies, but they do. They also don't want the customer to know they have a call center in Costa Rica as well. Once you apply for a loan, they have all of your personal information in the system and numerous people have access to ALL of your personal information. Even when a customer asks for the info to be removed, they still keep it!  I can guarantee if you have had your bank account hacked after applying, it is because of these crooks!. I understand that noone makes you take these loans, but times are hard, and I know I work too hard to be ripped off while trying to make ends meet!...please think twice before doing any business with the above named companies, you can also find complaints on the FTC website
Entity: CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee

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