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1, Report #1401180
Sep 19 2017
08:45 PM
Jullen Skin Care Unauthorized charge after cancelling within trial period Missouri Internet
 Sept 5, 2017 I clicked on an ad for trial size skin care. Sept 6 $4.95 was taken by Velainn*purepizzazz MO MCI 4317 888-380-1895. I called on 9/14 spoke with Makala to cancel my account. She offered an employee 50% discount which made the cost $44.87. Makala informed me that my 14 day trial was up to 9/19 and that if I still wanted to cancel I had to call on that day. I informed Makala that the cream might cause a rash so I didn't want it. I called on 9/19 spoke with Jackie to cancel my account. She tried to offer me a 75% discount which made the cost down in the mid twenties. I informed Jackie that I just want to cancel and I figured that was it with Jullen Skin Care. I checked my online checking account and $44.87 was taken from my debit card. Jackie even gave me a cancellation #. It's too late in to the night to call my local bank to block that charge so I will call them first thing in the morning. I will have to cancel my debit card since they have access to it.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1387295
Jul 21 2017
07:02 PM
Jullen skin care  VERY BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE. Internet
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1403074
Sep 29 2017
06:12 AM
Jullen Ripped Off & Insulted Costa Mesa California
I signed up for a trial bottle (1) for $6.99, but then another came in the mail that I did not order and an $89.00 charge appeared on my credit card.  I called the phone number and got a gentleman who informed me that I didn't read the fine print. When I became audibly upset over the rip off, the service rep kept yelling at me in the phone, You better change the way you talk to me, I am not your slave.   He repeated to say it over and over again, I am not your slave, I am not your slave.  He wouldn't let me get a word in, I'll bet he said it 20 times.  So I hung up and called back hoping to get a different service rep.  Jullen is a rip-off and the people representing are real jerks.  I am going to complain to the State Attorney, google, Chamber of Commerce and anybody else who keeps track of fraudulent business practices like this one. 
Entity: Costa Mesa, California
4, Report #1409126
Oct 28 2017
09:59 AM
Jullen Skin Care such a deal I have for you! Santa Ana California
So I got the 14 day trial, paid $4.95 shipping. Stuff didn't work, of course. 6 weeks later I got my subscrtiption bottle at $89.75!! Called to ask how do do a return. There is NO return. But she was willing to give me a 35% discount on my order - whish I never ordered!!I wished her well and to enjoy the %50 she made off of me and hjope she enjoyed her life, being a ripp-off artist!!
Entity: Santa Ana, California
5, Report #1391168
Aug 08 2017
07:26 AM
Jullen Skin Care Illujen Eye Creme 888-687-7431 Jullen Skin Care 888-687-7397 Charged full price for so-called trial products tustin California
On 16 June, clicked on an internet add for the trial for $4.95 of the Jullen Skin Care Cream. Was taken to another page for the Illujen Eye Cream (which I really did not want). Anyway, what's another $4.99 for shipping. So be it. Well, when my credit card statement arrived, there was a charge, on 30 June, for anadditional $89.75 for Facial Serum from Maine. Called the number. Was told that since I did not cancel within the two weeks I was charged the full price. Told that they do not have any trial products. Told them to cancel and not to charge my account for anything else. Well, my next months bill arrived yesterday, the lo and behold, another charge for $84.75 from Utah for Eye Cream, with a different phone number. Just got off the phone with Utah. was told the same thing. Only good thing to come from this is that they do aknowledge that I cancelled both autoships on 15 July. Really teaches you to read the fine print.
Entity: tustin, California
6, Report #1428775
Feb 12 2018
12:58 PM
Jullen Skin Caare Jullen Skin Care charged my credit card $89.95 three times without permission. Tustin California
I ordered a free trial of product with processing fee of $4.95.  In less than a month another came with no receipt showing a charge.  After 3rd month I realized my credit card was being charged without notification to me.  I was trying to locate information to check with company and could find nothing.  The shipments stopped in December or January.  The fact is I liked the product, but I will not purchase it because the company has been illegal with their service.  When I checked the internet I was amazed that so many people have had the same experience.
Entity: Tustin, California
7, Report #1399357
Sep 11 2017
05:34 PM
Illujen Eye Cream Jullen Skin Care Dishonest Business Model Santa Ana Internet
Jullen Skin Care - Illujen Eye Cream has a dishonest business model.  They send you skin care products with a 14 day trial period.  Then if you do not cancel, they continue to send you $80 tubes of eye and skin cream.  Then when you call to send it back, they will not accept it back, and say too bad, that is what a trial period means.  You did not call us, so we assumed you wanted a subscription.   Even if the product works, which I am unsure of because I have been busy and have not used it, I would not support a company with unethical business practices.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1387597
Jul 23 2017
07:17 PM
Jullen Skin Care Unused free trial product became subscription. No response to email to customer service. Amount billed unknown. Internet
 Purchased as a gift, recipient not interested. Free trial product is unopened, and now I have a second one. Amount billed unknown. After two emails to customer service without response, contacted bank and credit card. No charges found with Jullen name. Does anyone know their billing name?
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1398524
Sep 07 2017
03:17 PM
Jullen Skin Care LVL*DreamyAura Tel 888-963-7568 rips off senior citizens Costa Mesa California
Business does not inform customer of the policy of being automatically enrolled to receive monthly shipments of face cream costing $89.99 per month after the special trial offer.  No paperwork or packing slips that tell customer to expect future shipments or of the opportunity to cancel.  My low income senior citizen cient got ripped off.  I Googled looking for contact information.  Phone numbers were disconnected.  Return address on packages read Costa Mesa Ca.  The bank statement where money was withdrew readw UT. USA with a number I called that number and a man answered.  When I asked him to stop sending product to my client and inquired where to return unused / unopened product for refund, the man laughed.  90 bucks was taken out of my client's bank account for two months.  This old lady didn't know what was happening or how to stop it and they will not accept the return. They do not refund I've never heard of a legitimate business not having some remidy for returns and credits.   I've never heard of a legitimate business that has revolving addresses. But then again, if this were a legitimate business they wouldn't have to scam people.  Shame on them
Entity: Costa Mesa, California
10, Report #1393832
Aug 18 2017
05:36 PM
Jullen Skin Care KVA EternalFeelJullen SerumMy Flirty SkinJoanna Gaines miracle creamIvanka Trump creametc. Charges account monthly Costa Mesa or Tuscon California, or AZ, or Utah
Saw ad for Joanna Gaines skin care.  On my site it was called Jullen Skin Care and My Flirty Skin.  Ordered free trial and paid 4.95 for shipping.  They have charged my account $89.75 each month under the company name of KVL Eternal Feel (what the charge is under on bank account). I have since discovered it is a scam.  I've discovered that there are multiple skin care product under different names and packaging that is selling itself as a free trial then charging accounts.  They are also putting them under different celebrity names for attention like Ivanka Trump and Shark Tank. KVL Eternal Feel leads to nowhere.  Jullen Skin Care has multiple fake review sites.  Calling the company took me to a representative that wanted my bank number.  I told her I shut down my bank card so they could no longer charge me.  She told me false and misleading suggestions to stop the continuation on their part.  She finally told me I was the only call the company had ever received in it's history wanting to put a stop to the account.  She was obviously trained on how to misdirect and mislead any consumer calls.
Entity: Costa Mesa , California
11, Report #1380798
Jun 23 2017
08:55 AM
After reading an article about one of my favorite tv personalities (Joanna Gaines) setting up her own skin care line, I clicked on the link.  Ad suggested that I could purchase Illumira eye cream for a 14 day trial and only pay s/h of $4.99.  I clicked on it and it put me to another screen selling Jullen skin care, I didn't want it and clicked next but it billed me another $4.99 + $1.99 on my credit card...this was on 5-25.  Apparently there was a spot that I missed that said I was signing up for a recurring monthly fee if I didn't respond in 14 days.  I didn't get the products until 6-1.  Never even opened them as I was working 70+ hours and very busy.  When I did open the small brown box, all that was in it was the two boxes of skin care:  one from Illumira and one from Jullen.  No brochures, no pamphlets about the product, no notice about the trial period and possible recurring fees.  No notice about if you have an allergic reaction to the product, to stop using and a contact number.  Nothing.  Even over the counter skin care products in a Walmart or a Macy's has this information! Both companies started charging my credit card on 6-7 through two third party collection companies called Happy Craze and Pleasure Charm.  Fees were $89.75 and $84.75.  Thankfully M&T flagged both charges.  I filed a complaint with my bank, cancelled my card, and proceeded to contact the phone numbers that were listed next to the charges.  I had no problem with cancelling the monthly charges from Jullen skin care/Pleasure Charm as technically the 14 days would have been 6-7...they start counting from day of shipment.  The gentleman that I spoke with went through his whole script trying to get me to stay on with different % off's but I stayed firm.  They only tried to charge my card one more time at a rate of $72.04 and then stopped. However when I made a call to Happy Craze the woman I spoke with said that I signed up for the 14 day trial and it was now over and I had to pay the full price of the cream.  I went back and forth with her saying that I was at the 14 day mark and wanted to cancel everything she said I had to call the phone number on the box.  On 6-8 I called 866-973-9608.  They took 15 minutes to even find my name in their data base...they kept putting me on hold.  Now I am ONE day after the 14 day trial.  Right away this woman threatened me with a collection suit. I said that I had called Happy Craze the day before to cancel and they wouldn't.  She said not my problem.  I said that I wanted to return the unopened boxex, she said we do not accept returns.  And she would not give me a manager's name nor an address of any kind. Now I have a collection agency calling my house 3-4 a day.  This charge is still being investigated by M&T.  I would love to report it to the FTC and BBB but I cannot get an address for this company from any where!  And I would love to send this stuff back...it is still in it's original box upopened!!  Thing that makes me the maddest is the note on my credit report which I have been working so hard to keep at a high level.   
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1381488
Jun 26 2017
06:35 PM
Boldbeautee Jullen skin care... illujen Boldbeautee Tustin CA Nationwide
 This company advertised as Joanne Gaines skin cream. It also advertised as free sample only pay for shipping and handling. Several charges where made to my credit card account that I did not authorize. I called my credit card company and they gave me the phone number before I had to cancel my card and have a new one sent. When I called they refused to refund me anything stating that I ordered it and shipped it to myself. I basically became irate and he first offered me 35 percent on only one charge, I refused, then he tried to offer me 50 percent and stated he would send me all sort of free skin care, I refused. I didn't know what the real skin care containers looked like and was none the wiser. After more research I see that I am not the only one that has been had by this company. I will be contacting my credit card to dispute all charges o my card, even after I had been threatened by this company!!!
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #1402300
Sep 25 2017
04:34 PM
Jullen & Illujen Creams MezzzmeriseEVL Glow Appeal Charged large sums of money for two samples that were advertised as free. Seattle Internet
I ordered my samples of Illujen and Jullen skin care creams that were supposed to be free, but with a shipping charge. I was charged $4.95 for shipping for one and $4.99 for another, both of which are small samples.  However, 2 weeks after ordering these two free samples, my credit card was charged $89.75 for the eye cream and $84.75 for the skin care cream.  The $89.75 charge was from Mezzmerise at phone number 877-207-9628 and the $84.75 charge was from EVLGlowAppeal at phone number 888-387-1755.  Of course, when one calls these phone numbers, one ends up sitting on hold forever, listening to classical music (the best part of the experience).  However, I did speak to a representative at the EVLGlowAppeal number.  She told me that the product was not a free sample, but that the customer has two weeks to try it for free before being charged.  Of course, it does not say that in their website, nor was there any information provided with the product in its shipping container saying such.  Furthermore, after speaking to the representative, I found that I would have been charged on a monthly basis for the creams and that of course would result in charges ($89.75 + $84.75 + shipping). Of course, I have cancelled the order.  However, this company claims that it is still entitled to payment for these products which they had claimed were free samples.  In other words, this company has not only used misleading advertising, but knows fullly that, even if customers cancel their orders, they will still take in substantial revenue from their fraudulent scheme before eventually going out of business. 
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1401795
Sep 22 2017
02:38 PM
Jullen skin care advanced facial serum Hvl*pearly feel A 4.95 trial turned out to them charging my credit card 89.75 3 times and 49.36 without my knowledge and i kept sending the product back not knowing i had been subscribed Costa Mesa California
 Jullen skin care aka hvl pearly feel has been charging my credit card 89.75 3 times and 49.36 once. I originally ordered a free trial for 4.95 not knowing I would be subscribed every month and I had been sending them back... But they refuse to give a refund even after I told them I broke out in a rash.
Entity: Costa Mesa, California
15, Report #1386938
Jul 20 2017
12:54 PM
Jullen Skin Care/ Illujen eye cream Flairfortune and or OGD-Nudazzle took a total of 350.99 form bank account for transactions not authorized by me Tustin Internet and CA
In May 2017 I was looking for an eye cream that would help puffiness and dark circles so I did a google search. I found a few and researched each one and came across Consumer Health Digest which had a review of Illjuen eye cream which they gave  a healthy 4.5 star, at that time. I figured Ill give it a try because I saw they were offering a trial for 4.95 and 4.99 for eye cream and skin cream. I thought what a great way to try it out and IF it works then Ill be a customer, especially if it does what it says it should! Well I go through the ordering process and like most things you order on line they had a terms and conditions/agreementI ticked it off and hit send...within a few days I get my trial creams and start using them. A few weeks later(July 2nd 2017) I went on my online banking and noticed 3 charges one for 84.75 and one for 1.99 the last was 89.75 from companies Ive never heard of (OGD-NuDazzle/Flairfortune). I freaked out, ran to my bank and cancelled my debit card thinking I was all set. Not so lucky, a few weeks went by and again Im on my banking (July19th 2017) and see 2 charges 84.75 and 89.75 from the same companies.  I realized these are the trail creams. So I called 888-687-7431(IllujenEye Cream) spoke to a rep. I said Ive never authorized these purchases and Ive never recieved any products, she begins to tell me that under terms and agreement, it says you'll be charged regular price if you dont cancel with in 14 days she said the first charge was for the product you bought! I said it was 4.99 and 4.95 trail she said no because you didnt cancel you paid full price! Im so upset because Im out 350.99 with no products. So be aware of this scam! You'll see they have MANY WEB PAGES....I should've known! Ive since been back to Consumer Health Digest web page and it has been updated and noticed this product is only 3 stars.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1408946
Oct 27 2017
09:19 AM
Jullen Skin Care- Illujen Eye Cream They said to try the product with only paying the shipping, and nothing will happen if you don’t like the product. Santa Ana, CA 92799-5380 Internet
 In the add they said you can try the illujen eye cream & Jullen Facial Serum just paying the shipping, and if you don’t like it, nothing was going to happen. I did that, I received it, try it, I decided not to buy it again because it didn’t work as I expected it. I forgot about it. A month later, I received by mail a new order of the skin products without my consent, I called the company and the person of customer service said I should have returned the first shipment in the 14 Days try, that I never read it or saw it with the product I received. I decided to return the new one and I couldn’t do it either. I have to keep the new shipment and cancel a subscription that I never agreed to get rid of it. I felt rip-off
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1387951
Jul 25 2017
06:23 AM
Jullen Skin Care Illujen Gave a free trial, then sent 2 products unsolicited by me. Cannot find these people! An Ivanka Trump product and should have know ity was a rip off. santa ana California
I ordered a free trial of Ivanka's Jullen skin cremes.  Free trial.  Nothing more.  I received these 2 cremes again 2 days ago.  Cannot locate anyone at Jullen or Illujen to complain and end this tactic.  Happened decades ago and I thought this rip off tactic was ended by federal law.  Go et 'em Ripoff.  Completely unscrupulous. 
Entity: santa ana, California
18, Report #1402760
Sep 27 2017
03:40 PM
Jullen skin care I order a free trail products from Jullen sin care for the post fee. The company deductible 89.45 from my bank account on the 9/20/2017 without my authorization. I called the company for a refund of my money then I told them I was going to return the pr This company took 89.45 out of my account without me authorize it. Tallassee Flt Internet
I order for a free sample of Jullen skin care for trail size for the prize of postage of $4.95.  The company took out 89.45 from my account on 9/20/2017 without my authorization.  When I call the company today to confront them about the money taken out of my account.  The man said, it was a trail product for 14 days, and after 14 days if you didn't return it you would be charge.  I told him that the web-site didn't say that and that I never open the serum, and I wanted my money refunded.  he said, this company don't give refund, and he offer to send me another bottle free, or send two bottle for half prize.    i refused to have any more products sent to me after that I called my bank.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1401748
Sep 22 2017
12:03 PM
Illujen Eye Creme & Jullen Skin Care Ripped off; misleading add Tustin CA
I found an ad for ILLUJEN Eye Creme.  I was interested in the $4.95 trial.  To try it out and see if it helped my circles under my eyes. I ordered it and during the ordering phase a pop up came up offering a trial for JULLEN Skin Care. It was a $4.99 trial.  I decided to try that also. I clicked the paragraph advising was a 14 day trial.  Obviously NOT understanding the wording to mean if I didn't like or care to continue the product I had to cancel the TRIAL.  Not further shipments! I called to cancel further shipments as the product IS NOT worth more than the trial price. I was advised that since I had not cancelled within the 14 days I was charged $84.75 for the ILLUJEN and $89.75 for the JULLEN. I was told the 14 days started when I ORDERED the products, not when I RECIEVED them.Billing my account under: VISTAHL*EXTRAGL TEL8885562466 MO USA  for ILLUJEN.Billing my account under: HVL*PEARLYFEEL TEL8883870206 UT USA for JULLEN.This company/companies are a RIP-OFF.  I was offered 35%, 50% and even 75% off if I would continue to subscribe to the products. Expensive lesson to learn.  NEVER buy TRIAL anything. 
Entity: CA
20, Report #1398774
Sep 08 2017
02:42 PM
Jullen Skin Care / Illujen Skin Care I did order this free trial product on August 17, 2017. I waited about a week to see if i liked the product which i did not. I called on August 25, 2017 this number (888) 687-7397 to cancel further products, because i was unsatisfied. Internet
 On August 18, 2017 i purchased free trial of Jullen Skin Care for $4.95 Order Number: 1800985 On August 17, 2017 i purchased free trial of Illujen Eye Creme for $4.99 Order Number: 1800987 On August 25 ,2017 i emailed customer service support@tryillujen.com and asked if i was going to get charged for any more products. They told me to call (888) 687-7431 to place a cancellatiion.. So i called the same day that i emailed their customer service for a cancellation. Then i noticed my bank statement for Sept. 5, 2017 $89.75 was deducted from my account by smoothskyn.com Again on Sept. 5,2017 $84.75 was deducted from my account by boldbeautee. I didnt use any credit card but i did use my debit card.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1393930
Aug 20 2017
10:33 AM
Jullen Eye Cream Illujen, UltraGlitter, Sheermajik I thought I was getting a trial size bottle... I didn't think that a .05 oz bottle and jar was for m$160.00 Internet
I was surfing on Facebook, and came across this ad for Jullen skin care. I seen the pay shipping only, and thought that's not bad. I have bad circles under my eyes, so I'd give it a try. What a mistake! This stuff is so wet,, it feels like it's all water. Then I wake up yesterday morning and had $160 withdrawn from my account. I didn't recieve the product for over a week and they already deducted the money out of my account. I was going to cancel.  So I call and get the runaround. Threaten to leave a bad review, and they threaten not to give me any of my money back. It was taken out in two different transactions and so I call the number on the one transaction and it's for the other dollar amount.  The first girl said she'd give me a small refund if I didnt leave a bad review. My chargeback won't go through according to her as I agreed to the terms and agreements. I assumed I'd have the product to use for 2 weeks. Furious, I agree to the money, I'll do the rest after I get that money back. I'm going full tilt on this company and hoping a class action lawsuit will happen. I then call the other number. This woman is a total douchebag. Didn't get anywhere. Told her to F off.... Now I'm on a mission. This place is a bunch of crap! I'm praying I get my money back!
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1402435
Sep 26 2017
10:03 AM
Jullen Skin Care I ordered a trial product for $4.95 9/7/17 then they later charged me for a subscription of the product for $89.95 which I did not order nor did I approve the charge to my credit card accout. The charge was unauthorized and illegal. Tustin California
On September 7th 2017, I order a one time trial product: Jullen Skin Care from the company and was charged $4.95 for this order. Then a few days later I noticed a charge to my Credit Card for $89.75, when I called i was told that it was for a subscription of the Product. I protested and they subsequently told me they will cancel the so called subscription but I will not be refunded the $89.75 charge to my account that I did not authorize. I am a retired 66 year old woman with minimal income and would like to be refunded for the illegal charge to my account. 
Entity: Tustin, California
23, Report #1381520
Jun 26 2017
10:20 PM
Letoile Jullen They are both the same company & will not respond to my emails. Internet
 Ive contactef letoile to cancel my order via email & havent gotten a response. I will ne calling them directly Tommorow to see if that rectify the situation.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1398824
Sep 09 2017
10:01 AM
Jullen skincare ILLUJEN Eye Cream Free Sample, Skin Serum/Free sample, Eye Cream Tustin California
  Some time in August, 2017, I received an offer for a free sample of this skin cream.  At no place in the ad/ offer did I see the word trial.  At no place in this ad/announcement did I read anything about a trial period.  I received the products in the mail within 10 days, read the ingredients on both bottles, saw it was the same useless junk listed in the ingredients (nothing to benefit aging skin), then put them away without opening them. Then I forgot about them.  Had I been aware there was a trial period with a deadline, I would have contacted the company and cancelled this so-called order. Had I been asked to agree to any terms and/or conditions made by this company, I would have never placed this order.  The only amount I willingly paid to this company was the total Shipping and Handling charges that amounted to approximately $10.00. I repeat:  Had I known these products were being offered on a trial basis, I would have never agreed to receive the items that were presented as free samples. My banking institution and the aforementioned companie(s) insist that I signed their terms and agreements.  I did no such thing.   This company(ies) is/are a fraud and I want my money back.   Thank you,   Lynda Obershaw
Entity: Tustin, California
25, Report #1403411
Oct 01 2017
08:20 AM
Illujen eye cream Jullen skin cream A complete rip off Santa Ana California
 Jullujen eye cream and Jullen skin care is a rip off. They sell you their product for paying only shipping charges. 14 days later they charge your account $90 for each product . I called and they tell me I was suppose to cancel within 14 days if I did not want the product. There was nothing in the terms stating this. Tried to give me a discount of 35% off product. The product does not have a return address or anything in the shipping or on the box. Only a phone number 1-888-687-7431. Tustin, CA. A complete rip off. Who wouldnt cancel in 14 days if this was in the ordering process.
Entity: Santa Ana, California

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