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51, Report #13275
Feb 04 2002
12:00 AM
Just Brakes or Brake Terrorists Memphis Tennessee ripoff
I guess I'm a slow learner. I had to get ripped off twice before I figured out this apparent scam. In away it is just another version of the bait and switch. $99.88 sounds good, but I wonder how many people leave without at least a $450.00 bill. The first time I used just brakes they worked on my 96 Jeep Cherokee Classic. I took them at their word when they sold me new master cylinder for $225 and rebuilt power booster for $320.00. The total cost was $584.46 including shop supplies and brake fluid. The next time I took in my company vehicle, a 96 Chevy G-20 van.$832.00 later(they replaced or worked on anything that they could)I started to wonder. They kept saying if I don't get this fixed, they will not be liable for what can happen and how serious these needed repairs are. The other day I took my Jeep back for some minor problems for which they tryed to sell me Front coil reconditioning,front pistons, wheel cylinders,and springs for a total of $487.99 plus tax. They had also told me that the rear brakes had crystalized and the front brakes were doing all the work. I was suspicious so I got a second opinion. To my relief, I was informed that everything was fine with my brakes and no service was required at this time. Just Brakes may do a good job on repairs, but unnessessary repairs gives a bad name to anyone in the service business.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
52, Report #14537
Feb 19 2002
12:00 AM
Just brakes is a rip off Tampa Florida
2 months ago I started to hear a metal grinding noise when I used my brakes so I decided it was time for some new brake pads. I went to the just brakes on South Dale Mabry in Tampa, FL. I figured $99 was not bad for a complete brake job. I got a call back saying the total repair would be over $350 because I needed new calipers and other misc. parts. I declined the repair since my car is 2000 Mitsubishi. 2 days latter I took it to the dealership. They advised me the car only needed front brake pads and the cost would be 149.95. Now I was curious to find out if there was such a thing as a $99 brake repair from Just Brakes, so I told the dealership I would wait on the repair. I then took my car to a different Just Brakes on North Dale Mabry. This time the repair estimate came back at $420. I told them I did not want any other repairs except for a brake pad replacement. The manager almost refused to do the repair saying they could not be liable for only do 1/2 the necessary repairs. But at my insistence he finally agreed. I got my car 2 days latter instead of the next day and when I showed up to pick the car up some idiot locked the keys in it, two hours latter I finally got my car. When I paid for the repair the manager hand wrote on my invoice how he was not liable for any future problems and my brakes would seem weak and would make excessive noise. After 2 months of driving my brakes squeak so bad it is not even funny. I am not a mechanic but I am sure the noise is due to the fact they used the cheapest pads they could find and has nothing to do with me not getting the un-necessary repairs they suggested. Brett Tampa, Florida
Entity: Tampa, Florida
53, Report #14127
Feb 14 2002
12:00 AM
Just Brakes in Marietta, Georgia Rip-off lies!
I went today to the heavily advertised Just Brakes. The pricing for their basic service beats everyone. Yet in the waiting room, I found out that each customer (including myself) had been told we needed at least $450 more service or our brakes would soon fail. They must be insane if they think everyone is so stupid. I didn't say anything for fear they would sabatoge my breaks (or just not perform the $100 worth of service I'd paid for) if I made them too angry. But I would rather go to my dealership and pay full dealership price then to ever go to Just Brakes again. I actually came to Just Brakes because my ABS light was on. I was told they could do a free analysis. Then I was told that this was a specific problem they could only identify with the $108 inspection. Then I was told that they found that another $450 would probably solve my problem. The up-selling is crazy, and they actually tag-teamed me while informing me that my brakes will completely fail or even explode (can you believe that??) if I don't get the complete service. Lana Marietta, Georgia
Entity: Marietta, Georgia
54, Report #9869
Dec 22 2001
12:00 AM
Just Brakes ,trying to pull a fast one and rip me off
I had vehicles serviced at just for brakes total cost $1700. I was informed by manager that they would adjust/clean my brakes every 5k miles for life of warranty (on 3 vehicles). All was going fine until last visit when they informed me it was a cost of $27. to do this ,when I asked to speak to the manager the employee telling of the additional charge stated he was the manager and had been for 3 years.I had not seen this person before that day ,to think that we would of missed each other on 3 sep brake jobs and on the many return trips to have brakes cleaned and adjusted is too funny .I asked where was other manager of which he still responded I have been here for 3 years as manager .I feel like I am being played for a chump.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
55, Report #9057
Dec 11 2001
12:00 AM
j Brakes ripped me off also. On Dec 8th 2001 I called the Tampa store 813-250-0416 at 1108 S dale Mabry 33629. I told them I have a 2000 Toyota Tundra that I want brakes fr will the specia of $99.98 cover my truck, he said yes bring it in. I said I would on Monday. Monday 12-10-2001 I brought my Truck to the Tampa store and was greeted by Jake he go a form out askd what I was driving. I told Him a 2000 Toyota Tundra he wrote that on the form or contract asked what the problem was with my brakes. I said I have a lot of peddle, he said for how long, I said maybe 2 weeks then he told me the price would be $99.98 unless they found something else wrong then he asked if I wanted my old parts and thn said the brake inspection was free I sign the contract and put my initials where he wanted them. that was at 12:30pm as I sat in the waiting room I became uneasy because almost eveyone had other problems and it cost them more. At 2:00pm te starte taking my tires off and tearing my brakes apart he looked my truck over called me over and said he thought a caliper was stickingand wearing my front pads uneven. they may have been an 1/8 of an inch difference and when I braked it didn't pull left or right s I told him not to worry about that Click here to see other Rip-off Reports on Just Brakes
Entity: Tampa, Florida
56, Report #6766
Sep 24 2001
12:00 AM
Just Brakes did a Job on Me
Aug 24th Just Brakes store #71 in Scottsdale, AZ did a $99.88 brake job on my 1999 Izusu Rodeo. After my car was in the air and taken apart I was informed that it would be an additional $50 because it was a 4 wheel drive. Funny, it was a 4 wheel drive when the manager looked at it and give me the quote. Anyway, I agreed to the additional $50. Within a few minutes I was told that my Rodeo needed several hundred more dollars in work. I declined the additional work. Within 30 miles of leaving the store my brakes failed. It turns out that they had not replaced the bolts that hold the caliper/brakes on to the car. This resulted in extensive damage to the rotor, caliper brackets, wheel and backing plate. I found a manager still at work at Just Brakes store #66 and he arranged to have my car towed to that location. The next day after 6 hours they were able to make sufficient repairs that I could continue home to Colorado. I agreed to have the remainder of the repairs done at a location there. Store #50 in Arvada, Colorado completed the repairs. At both stores #66 and #50 I asked that they inspect the work that was done by the original store and in both cases they told me that they had and everything was okay. Feeling something still not right I took the car to the dealer for a final inspection. The Izusu dealer service manager, head Izusu service tech and I were present for the inspection. It turns out that the left front wheel had excessive play. The wheel bearings had not been repacked and the wrong seal had been installed allowing grease to leak. The right front wheel bearing had never been repacked, the original Izusu seal had been badly damaged but had been put back in anyway. Neither seal on the front end had been properly placed. During all of this time I had left several messages at the Just Brakes 800 number. Nobody every responded. I sent an email to Just Brakes contact us without every receiving a response. When I finally reached a real voice at Just Brakes I was told that they would not consider a refund because I had not allowed them an opportunity to do the work. When I asked how many times they should be given the opportunity I was told as many times as it takes. Please, please, please don't ever make the mistake of allowing Just Brakes to touch you vehicle.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
57, Report #3015
Aug 22 2000
12:00 AM
Just Brakes, does it again!
I have had my car for two years and had not done any maintenance on the brakes since I had not had a problem, but it had been two years. I had the friction reline done at Just Brakes at the end of June 2000. Of course they didn't stock my front break pads and it would be extra to have the rotors machined because my car had a dificult housing to remove the rotors. I passed on the rotors and the rear pads since they still over 70% left. They also suggested (in writing, not verbally) that I also have my front calipers and brake hardware reconditioned. Sound familiar Just Brakes victims? Within a week the front breaks were grinding badly, but due to a couple of personal trips and business trips I was only able to take it in yesterday 8/21/00. The call came that afternoon that I needed all of the extra work quoted at $250, which included new brake pads, because the ones thay put on were hardened and crystalized after 2 months and 2000 miles. Knowing about this site and the Dateline report, I told them to put the car back together and I would come talk to them. I immediately called an Acura mechanic and he said that in 10 years he had only reconditioned 3 sets of calipers. I then called another Acura dealer's parts department and asked them what the part number was for my brakes. It wasn't even close to the part number they had originally put on...after market crap! I asked the parts department what they thought about the calipers. They said that the calipers should operate normally for 8-10 years, yet Just Brakes told me that the calipers were faulty on a 5 year old car! I called a Honda parts department and he said that they don't even stock caliper reconditioning kits at their shop it is so rare! I picked up my car and told the manager that I had talked to a mechanic and two parts departments. He said that of course they were going to say that, because they wanted me to buy a new car. I told him that didn't hold water, because if I had problems with one brand that I wouldn't buy it again. The manager was also trying to sell another customer the same extra services on a 2 year old Infiniti! He said that if I wanted to buy the Acura brake pads, he would put them on for free. I called my regular garage and talked to the service manager. He said that in some cases, Just Brakes knowingly and unknowingly damages parts to get the extra work and money on your bill. He said that he has fixed numerous cars after they were worked on by Just Brakes. I took my car in the next day to get the new pads put on. I was treated rather coldly probably because I ruined their sale from the previous day. When they were finished I asked for the pads they just took off and what part number, what brand, and what store they bought them from. In a rather irritated tone, he told me that he didn't know, that he buys them wholesale. I immediately took my car to my local garage and had them look at it. They said that everything seemed okay and I asked them to explain why the calipers would need replacing. So far I had talked to 6 people outside of Just Brakes, dealers and mechanics and all 6 said that the calipers didn't need reconditioning. When I got back to work I called the Just Brakes customer hotline to get my money back for the faulty brake pads that were put on my car that were basically useless after 2000 miles. He told me that he would look into it. I asked him if it was woth it to save his company $30 dollars for me to tell EVERYONE I knew that I had a horrible experience. He said that he was still giong to find out if the pads were bad even after I told him that they were useless. I wasn't asking for a full refund, just the money back for the bad brake pads. So, I realize that I was not financially out as much as the other victims, but still with plenty of evidence, they stuck to their BULL**** story. Towing the company line! I was born at night Just Brakes, not last night!
Entity: Dallas, Texas
58, Report #516128
Oct 28 2009
08:41 AM
Same song and dance about wanting to charge for unnecessary repairs. The mechanic tried to charge me $741.00 for brake repairs when all I needed was brake shoes. Their justification is that that they want to rebuild your brakes back to the condition as they were if they were new. Duh... If I wanted new brakes, then I would purchase a new car. I just wanted to maintain my brakes, not to get ripped off. Ironically, the mechanic tried to charge another poor customer the exact same price. The guy could barely speak english. He even told him that it would cost him $99.00 just to look under the hood. What a joke. Just another example of a gaggle of swindler mechanics. BUYER BEWARE!!
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
59, Report #532081
Dec 02 2009
10:38 AM
Just Brakes customer Roswell, Georgia
I went to get my brakes fixed at the Roswell, Georgia location under the $99.00 special advertised. Instead, I was charged $632.00 for a $70.00 master cylinder and two sets of brake pads. This was a rip off, considering that I could have gone to any other place and got the same job done at around $385.00 or less. Just Brakes is nothing more than a rip off company that advertises specials as a means to get you in the door.  
Entity: Roswell, Georgia
60, Report #336357
Jun 02 2008
10:28 AM
Just Brakes $99.00 Ripoff Bedford Texas
This place is a rip off. When I called regarding squeaky brakes they assured me they could fix the problem for $99.00. They later called me back and told me the bill was going to be $463.35+tax. When I told them I could not pay that much, they told me that they could get my car back on the road for $299.35, but that it would not fix the problem. They charged me $299.35 and made me sign a waiver that I knew they didn't fix my brakes properly. Sue Watauga, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Bedford, Texas
61, Report #378853
Oct 06 2008
07:16 PM
Just Brakes 99.88? Stockbridge Georgia
I went to just brakes because my truck has 50,000 miles on it. And i knew it was time. I do mechanic work my self but for 99.88 it was a good deal, the pads and shoes alone would cost 80.00 dollars.So i go in at 7 o'clock on 10/4/08 they take my truck back for 40 minutes or so and come back in and say well let me show you whats the problem. Now keep in mind my truck has only 50,000 miles on it and the only problem i've had is a little vibration at high speed stops and miner squeaking. I walk back there and the safety expert says my rotors are just in limits, pads & shoes are gone, front hardware is worn out, rear brake cylinders are shot and i need to have my fluid changed it is the reason all this has worn out. He then shows me this will all cost $400. I agreed that my rotors need to be turned and that my pads were worn some what but ever thing else seemed to be fine. So i told him to just do the 99.88 deal and thats it. He then gets rude and says i don't know what i'm talking about and they do this every day. I then got pissed and told them to do as i said and thats it. So I get my truck out start driving and notice that my brakes seem weak. I go home and check the adjustment on the rear brakes and they were all the way out. They were hardly grabbing at all. So i adjust them and the truck stops fine, good firm brakes. I guess they wanted my front brakes to wear out so i would come back. Not a chance in Hell.. Jason mcdonough, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Stockbridge, Georgia
62, Report #449708
May 07 2009
03:29 PM
Just Brakes Major Scam! Roswell Georgia
Last year Just Brakes did a major brake job on my car, costing about $500. Of course, they upsold me after I thought I could get the brakes fixed for their advertised price of $99. How foolish of me to fall for this scam! I took the car to them yesterday because of a scrubbing noise, and they said I need new cylinders for the rear brakes. They were going to charge me more than $200 to do the job. After they had charged me so much money in the past, I was suspicious of them. I told them I would get a price from another mechanic, and the guy said, Call him on our phone right now. Of course, he knew the other mechanic was not there to look at the car. He wanted me to get a price from the other guy over the phone, and then he would go ahead and try to do the work on my car. I told him I would see my other mechanic in person. After I saw my other mechanic today, he checked out the car and said there is nothing wrong with the brakes. He said the scrubbing noise is from the cheap quality pads that Just Brakes uses to save money! He said they use the cheap metallic pads, and these pads don't last long. He said the best type of pads to use are the ceramic ones. I'm certainly glad I went to see my regular mechanic. I had the brakes done at Just Brakes before I discovered my regular mechanic, so I have the lifetime warranty on the brakes from Just Brakes. However, the warranty is not much good when the company puts cheap parts on your car, and then they lie to your face and tell you that you need repairs, when you don't really need them! Regarding the $99 special, my regular mechanic said he can't even buy brakes for that low of a price! That just goes to show where Just Brakes is really making their money: By selling us brake parts we don't really need. I hope these scammers can be put out of business! They have been ripping people off for many years! Stay far away from this company! Tim Alpharetta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Roswell, Georgia
63, Report #429091
Feb 27 2009
11:54 AM
Just Brakes = Liars and Thieves! Casselberry Florida
Lately I've been noticing some slight shaking of my steering wheel in my 2005 Ford Taurus. So like all of you I went to a Just Brakes located in Casselberry, FL on Semoran Blvd. because the $99.88 special seemed too good to be true. Well guess what? It certainly was! After inspecting my brakes they told me that both rear brakes were failing which caused my two front rotors to become so warped that they needed to be replaced. They then told me that they needed to go ahead and replace all of my rear brakes which included the wheel cylinders, drums, hardware, return springs, shoes, front rotors, and front pads for a total of $547.00 plus tax. I immediately told them to put everything back together and that I wanted a second opinion. At that point they tried to force me into leave my car by saying, Well, we've already got it taken apart and my guys are ready to do the work. So you might as well just let us do it!. But after some deliberation, they finally let me have my car back. I then drove over to a (((competitor's name redacted)))(who also offers a free brake inspection), and the guy there told me that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my rear brakes and that they appeared to be working like brand new. The only thing he said I did need was to replace my two front rotors since they are no longer machineable, and to have my brake lines flushed and refiled because the copper content was really high. He even said that he'll adjust and calibrate my rear brakes for free if I wanted him to. Simply amazing. I'm shocked that Just Brakes is still allowed to business in Central Florida. Mike Altamonte Springs, FloridaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Just Brakes sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company, ..plus, if you post a competitors name more than likely they will show up on search engines as a Rip-off! - - your comments on this policy are welcome. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. In this case we removed an alleged competitor's name
Entity: Casselberry, Florida
64, Report #367837
Aug 28 2008
12:11 PM
Just Brakes Another Rip-Off!! Tampa Florida
Brought my car into JB because of course the phrase we really do care slogan was catchy and it was close to my job. I too of course thought the $99 brake job was a good deal considered I called other places that were more expensive. I told them NOT to work on anything and to call me to see how much it was going to be. They called back telling me I needed all these parts for my breaks... the bill came out to be over $700!!! I wasn't going to be rude about it, but I kindly told them I didn't have that kind of money and I might have it by next week and not to work on my car until then. This of course was just a ploy so they would think I was coming back. Then of course they tried asking me if they could just fix some of it for it be drivable, but I refused. Well this is the cathcer!! No only are they rip-offs but they rigged my breaks and made them worse to where I could hardley drive it home!!! The first red light I came to I thought I was going to crash into the car next to me because they were that bad!! My breaks might have been squeaky when I brought it there, but they were definately tight!! I went to a friends friend and they told me half of the thingd JB was trying to charge me for was practly new! I walked out of the other shop with a $250 bill instead! Nice try JB!!! Guess they thought a girl with a family van was pretty vulnerable... NOT!!! Michelle Land O Lakes, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
65, Report #367849
Aug 28 2008
12:33 PM
Just Brakes Another Rip-Off!! Tampa Florida
Brought my car into JB because of course the phrase we really do care slogan was catchy and it was close to my job. I too of course thought the $99 brake job was a good deal considered I called other places that were more expensive. I told them NOT to work on anything and to call me to see how much it was going to be. They called back telling me I needed all these parts for my breaks... the bill came out to be over $700!!! I wasn't going to be rude about it, but I kindly told them I didn't have that kind of money and I might have it by next week and not to work on my car until then. This of course was just a ploy so they would think I was coming back. Then of course they tried asking me if they could just fix some of it for it be drivable, but I refused. Well this is the cathcer!! No only are they rip-offs but they rigged my breaks and made them worse to where I could hardley drive it home!!! The first red light I came to I thought I was going to crash into the car next to me because they were that bad!! My breaks might have been squeaky when I brought it there, but they were definately tight!! I went to a friends friend and they told me half of the thingd JB was trying to charge me for was practly new! I walked out of the other shop with a $250 bill instead! Nice try JB!!! Guess they thought a girl with a family van was pretty vulnerable... NOT!!! Michelle Land O Lakes, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
66, Report #440404
Apr 02 2009
11:28 PM
Just Brakes Insider's Report Newnan Georgia
Reporting this in the hopes it will prevent other's from being a victim of Just Brakes. I am not a victim, but have been in the social situations of employees, namely the managers/qualified inspectors. The manager/qualified inspector's salery is based on a percentage of the daily/weekly/monthly tote. To make their paycheck they must convince you to add monetarily to your brake job. This is accomplished in the highest regard of salesmanship. 1. Owners of Volvos. You are THE #1 target. 2. Owners of Fords, most notably any Ford SUV, you are the #2 target. The Ford Focus, while not an SUV, is a target of disdain. 3. Women. While it may appear as if you are being treated equally, you are not, and you will be held in judgement by the vehicle you drive. 4. Just Brake's waiting room is purposely cramped and unpleasant. The store's locations are strategically placed within easy walking distance of restaurants and shopping centers. 5. Any consumer can enter the work area and watch the work being done on their vehicle, this is never noted or offered. 6. The technicians that perform the work DO NOT receive any monetary perks from upgrades. They are paid at an hourly rate. HOWEVER, if upgrades or parts as needed should cause overtime, this would be their monetary plus. NOTE #7 BELOW: 7. Added UPGRADED parts to a work order are always within reach. It is the job of the manager or qualified inspector to do a call around to neighboring stores and gain parts not in stock. It is quite possible, in the event and highly unlikely, that this part is not in stock at neighboring Just Brakes location The part needed may be purchased by management over the counter at any auto parts store. 8. The TEST DRIVE for safety at the end. I personally viewed the 'test drive'. Your vehicle is being driven with reckless abandon, zero respect. 9. This is the toughest of all. Please read as 'Race/Gender Bias'. I will leave this unsaid, as it speaks volumes. 10. Technicians. This too is tough. You are mocked and belittled by management, yet fulfilling the work order and executing the job. These 10 points of Just Brakes are simply to provide you, the consumer with a general point of overall reference. I have purposely kept this report short and neat as I am not a victim, simply an insider. I hope this speaks volumes larger than dollars and cents. Alarm Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Newnan, Georgia
67, Report #626088
Jul 23 2010
08:11 AM
Just Brakes - Snellville, GA Fraud - Snellvilee, Georgia
My mother took her four year old car to Just Brakes for the $99.00 special.  Once there she was told that she had severe problems including a leak in the back cylinder which had caused the calipers to go bad which had damaged the brake shoes and rotors.  The estimated cost of these repairs was $742.00 dollars.  She called me upset and asked my opinion.  Having recently driven her car, I did not believe that anything was wrong with her brakes and I instructed her to have them put her car back together and take it somewhere else.  When she did, the tech told her that they didn't have to do all of the repairs, but there were certain ones that needed to be done in order for the car to be road safe.  He reiterated this over and over again using scare tactics to get her money.  When she continued to insist she was told she would have to wait because their policy was to service paying customers first.  When they were finally done putting her car back together, she requested a copy of the quote and was told that she could not have it since she wasn't paying them any money. She immediately left and took it to NTB for a second opinion and without giving them any background from the ordeal with Just Brakes was told that there was nothing wrong with her brakes and she had another 3000 or so miles before she even needed the brake pads replaced.  She explained the circumstances to the tech and NTB who took her back and showed her exactly why none of what Just Brakes said could possibly be true. From my research on the matter, it seems that this is a standard practice with Just Brakes... lure people in with the $99.00 advertisement and then add on extra unneeded repairs.  I can't believe they are still in business with these tactics.  Everyone should stay away from this company.  Taking your car to a more reputable place will save you a lot of money in the future.
Entity: Snellvilee, Georgia
68, Report #606784
May 24 2010
03:39 PM
Just Brakes Caliper Scam Sanford, Florida
We went into Just Brakes for the $99 deal for our 2004 Chevrolet Silverado. And like so many other consumers including undercover investigators for the tv show Inside Edition, we were duped into the 'caliper scam'. My brakes were slightly squeaking, no real noise and they called us back and told us that 'it wasn't good'. They went into some long story about how we not only needed pads, shoes, and rotors, but that we also needed pistons and calipers on all 4 wheels and that our padding was thinner than a sheet of paper and all total the work we needed would be $645.83. Now I have found, this is the EXACT amount they tried to scam the Inside Edition reporters out of. Us, not being car saavy people were terrified our brakes were going to give out (thats what they lead us to believe) under us and so we told them to do only the necessary work for it to be safe, none of the caliper work. We only wanted pads and shoes done. They said that would work and to our surprise when we went and picked up the car our total came to $456. They replaced ALL the calipers and pistons when we told them not to. And they overcharged us for everything possible in the brake system. The next day we took our truck to an honest mechanic who told us that calipers almost never need to be replaced and they doubled and tripled charged us for the work that they did. According to the honest shop's estimate we shouldn't have been charged anymore than $125 for the amount of work we needed done. This has been extremely stressful as we do not make very much money and we feel extremely taken advantage of. A class action lawsuit needs to be brought against this group of crooks.
Entity: Sanford, Florida
69, Report #543866
Dec 22 2009
04:16 PM
 RIP OFF ARTIST, PERRY RD HOUSTON TX? - ? - 2009-12-22 This guy tells me its going to cost $600.00 to fix my brtakes because the calibers are sticking causing my brake pads to crystilize...I told him not to do anything to my car because I have a warranty and will take it to the dealership first. He tells me they have already began the work and just to put the brakes back on, he will charge me $91.00. I agree, and two days later, on Monday take it to the dealership.. they informed me it was a scam. That NOTHING was wrong with my car. NOTHING at all. However the Rotors were put back on with the wrong screws and so loose I could have had an accident. Mind you I am a single mother of a 5 year old little girl. It breaks my heart to think The OWNER gambled with our lives, and on top of it all tried to take advantage of me...THE WEEK OF CHRISTMAS!! DO NOT...I REPEAT DO NOT GET SCAMMED BY THIS BUSINESS. THEY ARE HONORABLE PEOPLE!!
Entity: katy, Texas
70, Report #727989
May 11 2011
09:00 AM
Just Brakes Caliper Scam Round 2 Humble, Texas
Back in 2007 I took my 2005 Chevy pickup to Just Brakes in Kingwood. That store is no longer there. I went in for the $99 pads/shoes deal. They told me then my calipers and pistons needed work. At the time they were still covered under factory warranty so I told them just do the pads and shoes and I'll have the dealer take care of the caliper issue. The receipt they gave me listed the work/parts I had refused and the cost of the parts. $205.00. The dealer inspected everything and said there was absolutely nothing wrong with my calipers or pistons. As an added note for all you that are saying the dealer just didn't want to do warranty work, the dealer did find something I was not aware of and fixed it at no cost to me. They discoved I had a bad tie rod end.Now jump forward 4 years. My front pads were down to nothing and the one rotor that Kingwood milled down to minimun thickness was in bad shape. The Humble shop said the pads and shoes were on the house but now I needed a rotor (agreed...it was shot), both rear drums (said they were too thin), springs and other hardware, calipers (2) again, and pistons (4) again and some other odds and ends. Bottom line was going to be $936.00. My refused parts list cost this time was $630.00There was a lady in the lobby when I showed up. Her car was on the lift and I asked if they had consulted her yet. They had not. I bet her they'd come back and say she needed caliper work. Sure enough they said all four calipers needed replacement along with the pistons and they'd do it for about $450.00.We both had them put everything back together and we left. I went straight to the auto parts store and bought 2 new rotors and new pads all with lifetime warranties . Total cost, $122.00. I asked for a price check on complete caliper sets with all the hardware, pistons, etc. $46.95 each with lifetime warranty.I have talked to no fewer than a dozen people that have gone to various Just Brakes shops and they all were told they needed caliper and piston work. Mind blowing.
Entity: Humble, Texas
71, Report #712883
Apr 01 2011
10:26 PM
Just Brakes Price Gouging Denver, Colorado
After hearing a grinding sound from my back brakes, I took my vehicle in to Just Brakes to get them repaired. I too, saw the sign at the front counter for all four brakes done for $99!approximately one hour later The Just Brakes Mechanic called me and told me it would cost me $534.00 to fix my back and front brakes. I told him that there was no way that I could afford that. I was told my rear rotors were beyond repair and my from rotors needed to be grinded and would then be ok. I told the mechanic to put it back together that I would pick up my vehicle. When I got to the shop my car was still disassembled. The mechanic told me the rotors were severely damaged. again I told him I couldnt afford the $534 price. He said he would not charge for the bleed and would only fix the rear brakes for $400. I was told that I would have to return to get the front brakes fixed soon, as they would start to grind in a few days.  About a week later I returned to the same shop. My front brakes were grinding and I fiugured what better place to take them than the place that already knows what the issue is. This time my quote was for $600! I know I should have just taken my vehicle somewhere else. I only have one vehicle. So I felt I had no choice. Now I can't tell you how angry I am. What can I do? I plan to notify the better business bureau. Do I have any legal standing to sue? Any feedback would help.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
72, Report #736028
Jun 02 2011
12:09 PM
JUST BRAKES SCAM, Tempe, Arizona
Took my daughters 2006 Kia (40,000 miles) in for pads and for the rotors to be ground on the 27th of may 2011 @10AM just before the Holiday. I was visiting her for my grand daughters graduation. I live in Florida. They tried to do the caliper replacement thing. Which were not needed and we did agree to let them put new hardware on which was probably not needed. The bill would have been 245.00. That was not a problem. About 1PM they called and said this car needs a new master cylinder. I said how can a car come in working perfectly fine all of the sudden have a bad master cyliner. They said since I didnt agree to replacing the calipers that it would effect the master cylinder. That is when I should have said put the car back together but I agreed for them to replace the master cylinder for 170.00$ . They said the car will be ready at 3PM we called at 3 and of course the car wasnt ready. They couldnt find a master cylinder. The soonest they could get one was in 4 days. Of course I lost it and wanted him to pay for a rental car and of course that didnt fly. He said I will call you back. He did in about 5 minutes and asked how long had it been since the oil had been changed (there was a sticker on the windshield that was about a month old.) I asked my daughter she said a month ago at the dealer. I repeated that and he said that is what the problem is. He said they topped off the master cylinder with something like power steering fluid. Of course I blew up. He said let me call you back which he did in 5 minutes and said we can fix the car and replace all the lines and hoses on the brake system since it was contaminated. That will cost over 1500.00$ .  During that phone call I was googling Just Brakes ( Why I didnt do that before I will never know.) I mentioned to Jesus the manager that there were hundreds and hundreds of complaints on just these issues and that is when he said we will put the car back together of course it has no pedal and you can come and get it. What a deal, the next morning we went to look at the car and they were rolling it out of the shop (It had no brake pedal and the master cylinder was dry). Now remember the car was working fine when we had taken it in. It just needed brake pads that is it. they were not even squealing from the safety tabs. We called the dealer and and they could not pick it up until Tuesday and I had to leave my rental car for my daughter which cost over 500.00$ . The dealer called me and said there was absolutely nothing wrong with the master cylinder and the system was not contaminated. They replaced the pads and ground the rotors for 230.00$ . Unbelievable please do not use this chain. In my 59 years of being on this earth I have never seen such a scam. I sent Just Brakes corporate a similar explanation and have not heard from them. I am calling a TV station in Phoenix which I have a friend and we will persue a story on this.
Entity: Tempe, Arizona
73, Report #864833
Apr 06 2012
12:01 PM
Just Brakes trained rip offs Tampa, Florida
My mistake was, not reading your reports before I went to just brakes. Went to Tires plus in June of 2011 for front pads and got the whole run around about not being liable if they did not replace a front shock but still cost $216.00 for a $149.00 brake job. In April 2012 thought I would try Just Brakes because I could hear a slight squeal in the rear brakes. $149.00 and would be ready in 30 minutes. I got a call from the manager saying there was major problems to the tune of $461.00. I went by and was told that I not only needed pads but had leaks and bad calipers that had to be changed before it could leave the shop. Checking the drums, there was no visible leaks, although he kept insisting they would not be held liable. Just to put the pads on, my bill is up to $261.00 and I've been waiting for the van for 5 1/2 hours while I write this report. Just their professional way to punish, I suppose. Bottom line, Stay away from the trained ripoffs at Just Brakes. I can only hope the vehicle is safe to drive when I do get it back, they were very upset with me for not just handing over my hard earned money.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
74, Report #924272
Aug 08 2012
12:00 PM
Just Brakes coupon was not honored - Duluth, Georgia
I went to Just Brakes with a coupon for an oil change for $18.88.  They said that my car does not qualify because it is a Honda.  My oil change would be $39.88 with a discount of $11.00.  Of course, that didn't include shop fees which I noticed after I left the place.  I've heard they add another $10 to the price.  Both men that worked that reeked of alcohol and cigarettes!  I think the one guy was missing most of his teeth.  When I first arrived, no one was in the office.  I had to walk all the way through the four stall garage and found this nasty guy sitting on his laptop.  He didn't notice me until I said, H-e-l-l-o...  After the other dude finally arrived from I'm sure his millionth cigarette/alcohol break, he gave me the pricing.  I told him to forget it... So glad I did after hearing all of these ripoff reports of that dirty, nasty so-called garage.  Thank god I didn't take it there for my brakes that need to be changed!!!  I almost did...  What a scam!!  How can these idiots keep ripping people off?
Entity: Duluth, Georgia
75, Report #188703
Apr 26 2006
11:49 AM
Just Brakes ripoff Dallas Texas
I saw all the Just Brakes complaints. Letting you know how long Just Brakes has been ripping off people with the state of Texas nor anyone else doing anything about it. They got me in the early 90's. They used the call me back every 30 minutes routine, and kept raising the cost saying they found new problems. After the third raise to $350 I said stop and I will pay only that amount. I had to take it somewhere else where I was told Just Brakes scrapped and ruined my rotors in what seemed to be an intentional manner. Just Brakes is organized crime and nobody is willing to stop them. Rob austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas

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