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1, Report #430484
Mar 03 2009
06:05 PM
K & K Computers - K K Computers Defective computers Chicago Illinois
Company: K & K Computer Inc. 2727 West Devon Ave Chicago, IL 60659 Cell phone: (773) 934-2953 Salesman Fadid Other company name: KK computers 4070 W Morse Ave Lincolnwood, IL 60712 Land line (847) 676-2852? Location: Skokie, IL Beware these people go from State to State selling computers in the open market fairs. This company sold me a computer at the Rock Financial Showplace and the computer that they sold me is defective . I called repeated times for them to resolve this issue for me, but they never returned my phone calls. When I finally did get a hold of someone they refused to fix the computer or give me my money in full back. Do not buy anything from them. Sam clinton twp, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
2, Report #432214
Mar 09 2009
09:05 AM
K & K Computer Inc Defective computers Chicago Illinois
Company: K & K Computer Inc. 2727 West Devon Ave Chicago, IL 60659 Cell phone: (773) 934-2953 Salesman: Fadid Other company name: KK computers 4070 W Morse Ave Lincolnwood, IL 60712 Land line (847) 676-2852 Location: Skokie, IL Beware these people go from State to State selling computers in the open market fairs. This company sold me a computer at the Rock Financial Showplace and the computer that they sold me is defective . I called repeated times for them to resolve this issue for me, but they never returned my phone calls. When I finally did get a hold of someone they refused to fix the computer or give me my money in full back. Do not buy anything from them. Joe Detroit, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
3, Report #175903
Feb 12 2006
09:32 AM
K Hovnanian, K Hov, K Hovnanian Mortgage Deceptive Loan Irresponsible Loan Officers Ripoff West Palm Florida
I hate K Hovnanian Mortgage in West Palm. The loan officer lost my info several times and didn't lock my rates thus giving me a higher one. My particular Loan Account Manager was an idiot. I don't think the broad was playing with a full deck. When she had to give me my papers back for me to make a correction they actually had glass rings on them, like she'd set a drink on them! How professional that looked. By all means if you do business with this company, don't call the person's cell numbers. They list this on e-mail messages in case you have questions about your loan. I called this woman on a Friday nite big mistake. Must be partytime for the Mortgage industry because she was out of it. I was almost embarassed for her and promptly hung up. I regret buying a home from these people, the homes are cheap, work is shoddy, warranties are a nightmare. My first clue was the dipshit account manager. I should've canceled the second I saw drink rings on my paperwork. That's how much KHov cares. Don't waste your time or money with this company. Andrew Dallas / FW, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: West Palm, Florida
4, Report #323220
Apr 02 2008
05:54 PM
K&K International Consulting is RYSO Consulting among other names Houston Texas
I received a call from this company to set up an interview. They said they would email me the address. I waited forever and never received one. I ended up calling them and they were like what company are you calling for? We have 3? Finally they just gave me the address over the phone which they should've done in the first place. Oh, the company they told me was K&K International Consulting Inc.. They said it was for a management trainee position. Starting out at 40k-60k base plus commission, then 125k+ in 6-8 months. The thing was is that they were very vague on what the job was for. I've been in a situation before where I was contacted by an employer and everything sounded too vague and I found out it was a telemarketing job when I researched their website. I tried to find the website for K&K International and had no luck. I google searched and only found job listings. Don't you think that a company that says all of this stuff would have a website? So I called again to ask if they had one and they said that Our website is under construction, you should go to RYSOConsulting.com, it's basically our website. That's when I found everything out. I went to the Interview anyways and purposely gave a sub-par interview. (They still never told me what the actual position is even after I asked her to walk me through a typical work day and duties). She also started to shoo me out when I started to ask too many questions. They called me back 2 hours later to do a second interview and start my employment. Why would anybody want to pay me that much money when I gave a crappy interview? THEY DON'T CARE! THE JUST WANT ANYONE WHO IS STUPID ENOUGH TO FALL FOR THEIR BS!!!! Long story short...RYSO Consulting is K&K International Consulting Inc. as well as another company called Coastal something. Big scam. If someone is looking for inexperienced people to make a butt load of cash and be a manager....DUH!!!!! Especially when they have to hide under multiple company names! THE JOB IS STRICTLY COMMISSION!!!! Check out this link: (((ROR REDACTED))) By the way RYSO stands for Rock Your Socks Off Don't be dumb!!! houston, TexasU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Houston, Texas
5, Report #1370092
Apr 27 2017
07:44 PM
K&K Billiards Miami, FL racist Miami Florida
I have read a lot of positive reviews about this place, but my experience was the exact opposite. They are racist there or at least the staff was. It may be pleasant for caucasions and maybe even latinos, but If you are a minority (black), do not bother. The waitress/cashier was extremely rude the second we walked in, so we walked in, and right back out. They don't even deserve 1 star. The a/c wasn't working, so they had fans on. I never write reviews, but I had to for this place because of how my wife and I were treated. I think the & in the name should be another K, so the name could represent their true nature. KKK Billiard!
Entity: Miami, Florida
6, Report #967851
Nov 11 2012
08:05 PM
K Hovnanian Homes K Hov Buyers Beware!! Internet
My husband and I purchased our first home this past February through Khov. The experience working with the sales team was smooth and pleasant, however shortly after moving in we began to find nothing put problems. While we love our house we are very disappointed in the quality. It is obviously that corners were cut during construction and that subpar materials were used. Since the house it brand new it came with a year warranty, which has been the biggest joke of all. We have called numerous times to have service work done and to this day many of the things that were problems back in March or April are still issues, simply because this company has incompetent staff that completely blow off customers. The company recently hired a new guy who is now in charge of new home warranties. This 21 year old kid is completely under qualified. He admitted it to us that this was his first job and that he got it because his dad is someone high up in the company. He has blown off at least two appointments with us (mind you these are days we have to take off work) and on one of the days he did show up he proceed to ask my husband for legal advice because he had just been arrested!! When we called to complain at the corporate level we were told someone would return our call in 24-48 hours...10 days later we have yet to hear anything.  The most frustrating thing is that we have things in our HOME that need to be fixed, things that were not properly done right in the first place. We will be in the market for a single family home in the next few years and we will never consider Khov again. Such a shame. 
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #3427
Sep 26 2000
12:00 AM
Julio K. Colon
Watch out ladies, this one's a BAD boy. He likes to fool around behind his wife's back. And if anybody know's her...she should probly know about her hunk.
Entity: unknown, Nationwide
8, Report #791069
Oct 20 2011
10:40 PM
Bud K Knife Giveaway Internet
I responded to a free item offer (3 throwing knives) from budk.com.  I filled in all of the information requested, including credit card.  I applied my coupon number and all was accepted.  I received an acceptance confirmation email from budk.com.  A couple days later, I received another email telling me that my item would be shipped within 24 hours.Then....nothing.  I finally checked their site and it said my order was cancelled, with no explanation.  I emailed them and I was told my order was cancelled due to an invalid code.  I asked them why they would secretly cancel a customers order, why would they accept a coupon code and then reject it as invalid.  I asked if this is how they treat all their customers.  The reply I got was that their system was hacked, that the coupon was supposed to be for those who bought something.  What a pile of crap--from the nebulous hacking excuse to the after-the-fact order cancellation without notifying the customer.  But, in the final analysis, this looks more like a data mining scheme to get customer information, both personal and financial.  BEWARE of BUDK!
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #1309938
Jun 06 2016
11:15 PM
K Rip off; theft; disgusting human; liar; thief; hideous NYC Brooklyn
He took money from me and my small business six months ago and has refused to return it. He has never called me back only texted please do not trust him. Horrible person and disgusting business practice. Do not trust anything about him
10, Report #1348416
Jan 08 2017
11:42 AM
K company Fraud Pompano Florida
 My name is Verline Christopher I got in contact with an agent that works for the k company that has been helping me for the past two months to secure a place to live I have a son that is disable that is in Georgia I am in the state of Florida trying to look for a place for us to live on this agent what she is done to me is criminal after six weeks of trying to locate a place for me She said she found a place for us and that I have to give her a deposit in total $ 1900 200 of which was supposed to be given to the association for my application fee come to find out the first place she said she put an application in for me she never submitted the application so that took about three weeks and then she said that fell through then we found another place and it just so happens that I was due to move in on 6 January 2017 the agent her name is Addy Martinez I shored me that our paperwork was in I have text messages and emails to prove that and on Monday Jan second 2017 potential landlord called me and asked me if I was still interested in renting her property with the due date of move in on january six she said she's been trying to reach out to my agent I have already signed lease from December 16 and she said that the agent has not put in my application to the association and has not given her a deposit on her property she has been trying to make an appointment with my agent for the past two weeks and she has given them nothing but excuses and that's when everything started to unfold and now found out that she has stolen the monies I gave to her she sent me a receipt in November with the company Head letter stating that my money was in escrow so now this man the supervisor Jonathan is his name says that he has fired her she no longer works for the company he also had the nerve to tell me that she has some commissions coming in from other jobs But they holds no responsibility for her taken my money because she is an independent contractor but yet she's using their logo to represent the company so I want to make this company totally responsible for the actions of the agents whether the independent or not and I need to find a lawyer that'll help them totally responsible for the actions of their agents so if there's anyone out there that has been victimized as I have by this company that shows that they really don't care about the consumers I would like to join in a class action lawsuit against this company please feel free to send me a message I am already a victim That about me I have a disabled child that is still stuck in Georgia that is supposed to have been here on January six I now I had to tell him I have to find another place to live they should be held responsible at all costs because they hired Mrs. Addie Martinez to represent them left your situation now where I have to re-boot I have to come up with extra money's now to find another place hopefully that would work out for me on Jan 11th of 2017 in the meantime I'm out of the money that I gave to Miss Addie Martinez because her company there is no responsibilities so they say So anyone out there that wants to bring down these big companies for ripping off consumers like on this one for not taking responsibilities for the actions of the agents less pull together and show them that enough is enough and we're not going to take it anymore thank you
Entity: Pompano, Florida
11, Report #1376007
May 30 2017
06:03 AM
K Styles Internet
 I ordered 7 MONTHS ago and never received any product from K Styles. After 3 emails they said they would reimburse my money. I'm still waiting. Absolutely ridiculous!!!!
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1372404
May 10 2017
10:29 AM
K styles Watch out Internet
If you buy something from them they will never send it or answer your emails. Do not buy anything from them.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #649460
Oct 10 2010
03:39 PM
K&K LOGISTICS, LOGISTIC'S sent me a letter saying that I was a beneficiary of $80,000 and check in the letter for $1978. QUEBEC, Canada
 They directed in the letter to deposit and call them. I diposited called and they said to se
Entity: , Quebec
14, Report #528107
Nov 24 2009
01:59 PM
K&K ACCOUNTING SYSTEMS COMPUTERS George Kassai Craziness New Jersey, New Jersey
The way I was treated was unacceptable. K&K Accounting New Jersey is incompetent but blames everyone except itself. Completely unreliable.
Entity: New Jersey, New Jersey
15, Report #1143514
May 02 2014
08:51 AM
k&K Accounting KK Accounting (Sage Dealer) George Kassai they sell you Sage Software Trenton NJ New jersey
Went back and forth back and forth when we asked that they put everything they (he) is promising into writing he wouldn't do it. THEN and only then he started talking about how some things might be extra. And he doesn't sell vacuums he sells $100,000 systems be careful. Kasai's lack of references speaks volumes
Entity: Select State/Province
16, Report #1323520
Aug 19 2016
08:42 PM
K & K Automotive Sold Me a Poorly Remanufactured Engine/Cheap Parts Passaic New Jersey
In February 2015 my brother and I purchased a remanufactured engine on eBay from K & K Automotive for his Ford F-150.  When it was purchased, we used PayPal to pay a total over $3,000 ($2,500 for the engine plus shipping costs.)  This engine also came with a 1 year wrranty.  Once the engine was received, I put it in the truck.I then purchased the truck from my brother around March 2016.  Not long after I purchased the truck it began making a loud ticking noise.  I took it to the local Ford Dealer, Buss Ford, and the mechanic found the right bank Cam, the Cylinder 4 Rocker wore a groove in the Cam Shaft Lobe.  This was on April 18, 2016 and the total cost of this repair was $1,172.15.  The mechanic also said that this is not something that happens overnight, it can take 6 months to wear down the way it did.The truck ran good for a bit then about 2 months later it began ticking again.  I took it back to the same Ford dealer and paid $294.00 to have the mechanic remove the valve cover and found no damage but did say the noise was coming from the lower engine.I then took it to Cam Performance on 07/28/2016, via tow truck (cost $75 there and $75 back.)  The mechanic stated that the engine had a consistent ticking noise while running from the passenger side bank.  He replaced all right bank valve lash adjusters as one was collapsed; as he thought this was the problem  This cost $518.20.Once the truck was towed back to my house I put everything back together and started it but again the ticking noise was still there.  I took it back apart, pulling the oil pan and found a chunk of piston surrounding the wrist pin on the connecting rod; along with the c-clip; and shards of metal in the oil pan.  At this point, I pulled the engine and took it to Coil Racing Engine to have the engine throughly cleaned, bearings replaced, pistons replaced, cylinders sleeved, and all the rings replaced.  The problem this time is from the chunk of piston scoring the cylinder which happend to be right below the cam that was worn down.During this entire time, I had my girlfriend try to find the seller of this engine as he was no longer on eBay.  Upon contacting eBay, we were told that they did not have any contact information and to contact PayPal.  When we contacted PayPal they gave us his e-mail. My girlfriend sent him an e-mail and first her immediately responded.  He asked why we had not contacted him first.  She explained that we could not find him as he was no longer on eBay.  He then gave us his phone number and upon trying to call him, there was no answer nor could a voicemail be left.  After a couple e-mails back and forth, including Noah not responding to my girlfriend's request to contact me directly, he stopped responding.  After a couple of weeks, my girlfriend googled his name on Facebook and knowing the engine was shipped from New Jersey found his business K & K Automotive.  She then called Noah at the business phone number and they spoke.  She explained the issue and asked why he stopped responding, however he never gave her a reason.  He asked that he speak to his business partner as I was asking for the $2,500 back that was paid for the engine.The following day, my girlfriend called Noah back and he said that because we did not contact him sooner to send the engine back that he was not able to give any money back.  She sent him a picture of the piston and offered to send him pictures of the wrist pin and cam but he declined.  During this conversation he was condensing.  She questioned why he would think that we would trust his work when the remanufactured engine that was bought from him was not good quality.  He stated that he was kicked off eBay because someone reported him for copyright infringement for supposedly using other seller's pics and descriptions.The mechanic at Coil Racing Engines, told me today, 08/19/2016, that the engine was rebuilt with cheap parts.  To date I have more into the rebuilt engine than what was paid for it.K & K Automotive cannot be trusted to have quality remanufactured engines.  Be aware that you may be better off buying brand new or going somewhere else.  This place give a 1 year warranty when others give a 3 year warranty.  Do your homework before going to K & K Automotive, which is something I wish was done last year.
Entity: Passaic, New Jersey
17, Report #1326596
Sep 06 2016
11:55 AM
K&K Automotive Abe & Noah Hazin completely ripped off Passaic New Jersey
Used this company to rebuild my ford 5.4l engine. Found them on ebay, and contacted them directly to make arrangements. All was well, dropped engine off at the facility, and picked up rebuilt engine 2 weeks later.Had engine re installed by my repair facility, which has a great reputation, and has been in business for 51 years.From the day I picked engine up, at 54 miles on engine, started to have issues. Returned to repair shop, and they did some tweeking. Replaced a whole bunch of different sensors that might be issue. Still no improvement. Brought to another shop, diagnosed that engine was bad, and needed to be replaced. Contacted Noah from K&K, asked me to have shop contact him with engine codes, he never called the shop back. Was told soon after by shop owner, that he did not want to get involved. Brought to another shop, who refused to even do anything because of the situation, and didnt want to get involved. At this point tried to contact Noah again several times, and he told me to get an estimate to replace timing chain. So, returned to original shop, asked if they could provide estimate,as they did. I emailed estimate to Noah, and he replied that it was too expensive. At this point I asked my shop to contact K&K directly, which they were happy to do. Later that afternoon, my shop got back to me and let me know how they had called and spoke to the owner of K&K, Abe. They let me know that when they tried to explain the situation to him, he became belligerent, and told them they didnt know what they were doing, and hung up on them. They immediately let me know what hd happened. I then called, and tried to speak to Abe, and received the exact same treatment. So, I contacted the BBB about K&K, who were members at that time for help. After three months of empty promises and being igored by this company, I was asked to go to arbitration with K&K through the BBB. I agreed, signed the required paperwork and waited. After about 2 weeks of waiting, I was informed by the BBB that K&K refused to co operate with the arbitration, and there was nothing further they could do. The BBB removed K&K automotive from their membership, and gave them an F rating. Which you can see for yourself if you go to the BBB New Jersaey website, along with the other 9 complaints against them.I would not recommend to anyone to use these guys, they are unprofessional, incompetant and shady. There are much better choices out there for your auto repair needs. Now, I am just waiting to hear back from the Passaic County court about when my court dsate is for the lawsuit.....SCUMBAGS 
Entity: Passaic, New Jersey
18, Report #1266295
Nov 06 2015
07:09 PM
K&K Inc AKA Kevin Sharp EBay motors seller and crook!!! Buyers beware. Vinita Oklahoma
I purchased a 2004 Mercedes E55 AMG on August 29th, 2015  from (K&K Inc Aka Kevin Sharp) on Ebay motors. After confirming the condition and all the important details of this vehiclee with Mr. Sharp, I payed a deposit of $500 with Paypal. I then asked Kevin to confirm the following critical details of the vehicle. 1. Does the car have a clean title and is the title in your name? Answer: Yes 2. Are there any undisclosed accidents or frame damage? Answer: No 3. Is there any reconditioning that needs to be done of any kind? Answer: No 4. Are the tires in good condition? Answer: Yes   None of these statements were true after we flew 1700 miles to buy the car!   I saw Kevin had 96 positive reviews on EBay and after speaking to him on the phone was comfortable with doing the deal. I had no choice to pay for the transaction with a credit card but also new there was some protection this way. My son Jami flew to meet Kevin in Oklahoma City approxmately 200 miles from where he lives in Tulsa to deliver the car. As soon as he drove up my son Jami noticed the car was smoking badly. Apparently Kevin got the oil changed in Tulsa and they put 1.5 quarts too much oil in this 469 H.P. car. Again, we have already paid this man. My son drove the car and noticed that it shook in the front end and the window tint was shot. Kevin described this car as Outstanding Inside and out Such a deceptive liar. We decided that the best course of action now that he has our money is to hold on to the car until we can resolve our issues with the bank and Kevin. After my son drove the car home and it was parked for 2 days the hydraulic air suspension system failed and we had to take the car to a local Mercedes Repair shop. After a complete instpecion noticed the car had run into something hard and cracked the two front rims. The combination of all these issues is a $3,000- $4,000 repair bill!  The message here is to avoid Kevin Sharp like the Plague. He will lie, cheat and steal your money and then vanish.
Entity: Vinita , Oklahoma
19, Report #1267334
Nov 11 2015
02:23 PM
k and k automotive they cut corners and use crappy parts. passaic New Jersey
 i paid for a rebuild of my engine. Instead they simply replaced damaged parts. Claims the engine has a defective design. Of coarse, their work was ok. While they had the engine apart, they should have done the oil pump. Forwrd thinking is not in their capabilities. The so called rebuild lasted 18 months. Its a freaking rebuild, it should go for another 100k at least. The guy running the company is a smooth talker and a bs artist.
Entity: passaic, New Jersey
20, Report #1409255
Oct 29 2017
11:37 AM
K & K Holdings Novoandina Mysterious Bolivian Reyes Avila, LLC Does not send product Pittsfield Massachusetts
Ordered tea from their online store. it was  pre-order. Waited for the month, recieved email stating they had a problem with their last shipment, I could take a inferior product or wait till next moth for another shipment. I chose to wait.Another month passed, then a couple weeks, stoped replying to my emails. Still no product. Filed a complaint with credit company, they issues refund. The end. Scam, Rippoff. Stay awaySome people may get their order, some may not, do you want to be the one who does not?
Entity: Pittsfield, Massachusetts
21, Report #103098
Aug 11 2004
06:45 AM
On January 15,2004.I Stopped At The Store To Make A Purchase When I Was Verbally Accosted By the Manager Lynn Abbot.Specifically,Ms Abbot,in Front of a Store Full of Customers,Accused me of stealing.This Created Significant emotional distress to myself and resulted in public ridicule.Even after I proved that I had not stolen any merchandise,the manager continue to ridicule me.Racial Profiling is the only possible basis for the manager's actions.as there was not other basis for her to raise these allegations. I am an hispanic male,the only probable conclusions is that the manager's actions actions were a result of my ethnic background.Not only has the manager's action brougt scorn to myself,but I also in fear that there may be economic ramifications at work.I am a security guard at the target in bonita springs,Florida and also at the naples beach hotel.As you can imagine,as a security personnel,unsubstantiaded allegations such as these can have direct ramifications of my profession. Luis NAPLES, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: NAPLES, Florida
22, Report #93372
Jun 02 2004
02:14 PM
K-Bytes ripoff Phoenix Arizona
I bought 2 k-bytes memory chips at best buy and sent in for my rebates, I got a card back saying I had to send my phsical address to them or they could not process my rebates, so i did. Then i waited and waited and then finally called them, i was informed that they could not find me anywhere in thier system, so i had to re-submit my rebates. I recently recieved a rebate check for 20.00 but the offer they were running was for a 40.00 rebate. They should not be able to rip people off. I think that they should be made to honor the rebate offers that they advertise. Verlane Hickory, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
23, Report #54837
Apr 28 2003
05:08 PM
K-Mart ripoff abused & mistreated Anaheim California
Mr. Edward Segura K-Mart 10870 Katella West Anaheim, CA 92804 On April 11, 2003, My wife and I visited your store to purchase a 12X20 Wide-Profile Canopy on sale for $179.99. I wrote a check for my purchases totaling $237.55. The sales person left with my check for approval, came back a few minutes later to tell me that I did not sufficient funds. I called my bank and verified that I did have more then enough money to cover this check. I also have Draft Protection and a Line Of Credit. I ask to speak with a manager. A person named Keith came forward, I explain that I did have enough funds for this check. He claimed that the fund was not the reason for denying my check. According to Keith, my check was denied because my drivers license address did not match my checks address. Being a long time customer who has written countless checks at K-Mart without any problems, I ask to see a written policy on this, he said is Word of Mouth. He called another person named Doug, whom Keith said is the actual manager. I explain the situation to Doug. Doug tells me that the Driver License is not the problem. He says that I do not sufficient funds. I asked if he would call my bank to verify my funds, since maybe the first time they called they could have reach a wrong account. He said he called already. I ask if he would be so kind to call again. Doug said he doesnt have the number. This is after he told me he called my bank. I offer to give him the number. Doug exclaimed, You could be giving me any number. I pointed out to him that this is the branch number for my bank. Now Doug said that he doesnt have the time to call. Furthermore, Doug said I was wasting his time. I called my bank. My bank, Partners Federal Union (Disneyland) have no record of any inquiries on my account. I called K-Marts customer service number. The customer service representative put me in contact with Mike from Check Retrieval. Mike, using my phone, tried to reason with Doug. I heard Doug tell Mike that he is Under no obligation to call again. Mike suggested I call Customer Service again. I called customer service and spoke to Gerry. Gerry, also, tried to reason with Doug. Doug told her that he has no idea who she was talking to, and hang up the phone on Gerry. -Case # 160584 I left K-Mart without able to make my purchase. I would like to purchase the 12X20 Wide-Profile Canopy for the sale price of $179.99, and receive an apology from Doug and Keith. A customer should not be judged by his or hers appearance. Or lied to. Thank you. Sincerely, Diego CC: Kmart - Anaheim Badbusinessbureau.com Ripoff.com Diego Clown Grove, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Anaheim, California
24, Report #58876
May 29 2003
04:41 PM
K-Byte rebate ripoff Pelham New Hampshire
Two rebates were submitted as per the terms of the rebate offer and K-Byte claims that they have no record of either rebate submission. I have called and left voice messages and my calls go unanswered. Deborah Casey appears to be the contact at K-Byte memory and her cell phone number is (603)765-2433 in case anybody would like to call her and chat with her personally about her company's lack of ethics. Mark Fort Collins, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Pelham, New Hampshire
25, Report #17956
Apr 01 2002
12:00 AM
K-MART ripoff consumer fraud ripoff VICTORIA Maryland
This company has lousy service, a rotton worthless warranty, when you have a software problem, they will try to sell you more hardware, and if you have a hardware problem, they will try to sell you software. The snotty kid owner is a Bill Gates wannabe, and when you go in for service or with a complaint he sends his rotten toothed minion to ask if you have an appointment. My computer is about a year old and its f*cked up already. They want to chatge me some outrageous hourly fee to track down the problem. Yea, right, like I'm gonna pay some doofus to sit and play with my computer. Don't buy anything from these jerks. They sell junk and they don't know what they are doing. The big lifetime warrantysign on the wall is false advertising. All they are offering is manufacture's warranties against faulty hardware. jONES SPRINGFEILD, Maryland
Entity: VICTORIA, Maryland

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