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51, Report #1368935
Apr 21 2017
12:24 PM
Kaplan University Urbandale Iowa
 I attended Kaplan in 2012-2014 I was almost through my associates in Human services when I was informed that my degree was not accepted in North Dakota. Also was not what I thought I was going to school for. When I enrolled I was led to believe that after telling the enrollment counselor everything I wanted to do that she for me with the right program which instead she didn't. I wanted to work with families , kids and ppl who can't help themselves. I wanted to work in social work as I know know the true meaning but she enrolled me in Human Services which is only an assistant to social workers. So I am 25+ thousand in debt for something I didn't even want to do. Now I can't pay the interest let alone the principal because I am no futher in a career then I was. Please help!!!!
Entity: Urbandale , Iowa
52, Report #1363621
May 17 2017
11:44 AM
Kaplan university RIPOFF! Davenport Internet
 I was registered for MS In Arts of teaching. When I registered I knew they weren't accredited so the person who registered enrolled me on the MAT-Classroom pathways bundle program which is the American board in which who partnered with them because they were not ncate accredited. 4 months of classes went well. Then after my course ended in December, my advisor, whom at which was suppose to register me for classes in advance never did. So I waited around while getting messages from a professor saying I was behind but I was not registered within this course. He forgot o pre register me. Had to do a leave of abscence in which the waived the re enrollment fee. Although they re enrolled me, they took my MAT-classroom pathways bundle program off. They said they contacted me for a month to see if I still wanted to be in the program but I never received an email. Why not send a letter if your not getting a response? Obviously I wasn't getting the email. Once my last course came I started inquiring about the American board and when I would be starting. This is when I found out they cancelled it. They told me I had to pay $2,850 out of pocket to the American board to be on track for certification. Fast forward to a whole year later. I am trying other direction to getting certified and I needed to do a college verification form for my application. My advisor tells me he can't fill it out because they aren't accredited. If he would have pre registered me for my courses like he was suppose to then I would be ok. But he didn't and they are telling me it's nothing they can do because they tried to contact me. If they did try I didn't get it. Either way, it is their fault because the advisor should have scheduled my courses in advance so that I wouldn't have had to re enroll and do a leave of absence and they would have never had to question whether I was still interested. P.S if I was interested and told the representative my expectations on becoming a certified teacher after my degree was awarded when I enrolled from the beginning, what made them think that I would have not been interested after they had to re enroll me?
Entity: Internet
53, Report #1349904
Jan 14 2017
07:24 PM
Kaplan University Completely ripped off Davenport Iowa
This school lied to me several times throughout the course of my enrollment. I ended up having to take several courses again after them not accepting transfer questions. They had me in the wrong program three times and after all was said in done, I have a huge student loan debt, with no degree. I would like to join in the class action lawsuit.
Entity: Davenport, Iowa
54, Report #1376767
Jun 02 2017
11:03 AM
Kaplan University Harassment for funds Internet
 I was a student at Kaplan from 2014 to Jan. Of 2015. I withdrew due to health issues and decided taking a break would be best. After withdrawing they began calling multiple times a day to collect funds for a class at $544 for one week. They told me I could not return until I paid the amount. Several days later I received an email saying I could pay off my loans using a portion of my financial aid if I filled out the papers and returned them within a week. I did it the very next day. Since then I have gotten no response to the papers I sent in. I am getting harassing calls multiple times a day even though I block the numbers they call from different numbers and locations to get through. I have now resorted to threatening them with a lawyer. I have sent multiple emails to financial aid asking about the papers I sent in and every email has been ignored. I even sent copies of the emails they sent along with mine. Nothing. I think I'd like to find a class action suit to get in on to get them to leave me alone.
Entity: Internet
55, Report #1384471
Jul 10 2017
02:38 PM
Kaplan University Reputation is Awful and they Misrepresent Internet
I was told when going through the application process that the school was accredited and had a great reputation in my industry. I'm still not sure how accredited they are but I have had several employers tell me that they are not reputable and they did not recognize their degrees as actual degrees. They were taking candidates from a local tech school that had an associates degree over Kaplan students with a bachelors degree.  Their financing department is a struggle, they misrepresent when telling you how much your degree will cost you and they seem to only be conserned about getting their money. I have had more interaction with the financing people than my professors, classmates, advisors, and future employers combined. The hard part about Kaplan is not the actual schooling, it's paying for it.  They are basically a degree mill. As long as you can pay the amount they're asking they will try to get you a degree. Rather than working hard to learn about your profession, you will be working hard to pay for a degree.  They were bought out midway through my second term and changed the entire interface of the website. After doing great my first two terms I am struggling in my third due to lack of interest after being told all the money I'm spending and hours I am putting into my classwork is basically for a sheet of paper.
Entity: Internet
56, Report #1380120
Jun 20 2017
09:40 AM
Kaplan University Predatory, Poor-Performing Colleges Davenport, IA Internet
I call for a class action suit to take place Predatory, Poor-Performing College (Kaplan University).  I started this University with the hopes to have the opportunity to become qualified to make an income that would make me a part of the productive part of society. What I have received is an education from a University that is not recognized by employers in my state of Maryland. A university that changed my degree plan with my knowledge. I have a loss of time, wasted commitment to a degree, A University that consumed my Pell grants, money out of pocket and still cost me over 60 thousand dollars in student loans for a Bachelor of Science. When I complained they threatened to kick me out of the University. They claim to have employment assistance however this was nothing more than public platforms and information, such as CareerBuilder’s and statistics showing that a bartender is the highest demand. I remained unemployed and still under employed and I am not able to pay back the student loans. If this is not resolved I will most likely not be able to purchase a home or have any social security. I have loss of income as if I had attended a credible University that employers accepted could be different. I have debt that is astronomical in cost for a Bachelor of Science. I have loss of time I will not get back that impacts a career and income. This University has taken advantage of the high loss of employment and those who found themselves jobless and were willing to do what it would take to remain competitive in looking for employment. My own state did not recognize that I was enrolled in college, this impacts scholarship applications. The advisors are of no assistance outside of making sure you are enrolled and that the loans and payments are made. The quality of the education ranks to the level of watching reality tv and reading books. This can be done on your own. My current employment opportunities are still at the level of one who has no continued education. As a matter of fact I know those who do not have even a GED who make a better income than I do. Consumer protection is in great need for those who look to better themselves and seek the assistance of education business. I do not even make enough to make payments on my loans when I am forced to repay I will not have enough to cover the cost to live. Odenton Maryland
Entity: Internet
57, Report #411345
Jan 12 2009
07:59 PM
Kaplan University Kaplan University in Florida is a Huge Ripoff!!!! Chicago, Illinois, Florida
Kaplan University is a huge rip off. It is not a good school once they are claiming you owe money that you really don't and they charge you money and higher rates that you don't even know about. I do not like these type of people. They charged me over 9k in 2007 for online classes. They changed the rate in the middle of the year that I didn't even know about, and when my term was almost over, they call me to tell me I still over them over 1,000 dollars that I didn't know anything about. I asked my financial aid advisor about, and he said it was a mistake. The financial aid advisor never answered the phone, they changed my counselor about 2 to 3 times, and they never called when they were suppose to. I never heard from the first one and the second one called only one time. That's why they've lost their contract to Citi Bank. They no longer deal with Kaplan because they can never contact them and they too probably got tired of the lies and the rip offs. They are holding my transcripts hostage and I really need them to continue my education somewhere else. I've reported them to the better business bureau, but I have another place over their heads where I'm going next! If anyone can give me some info, please let me know. And I hope whoever is fighting them, I pray you succeed, because people like them have to be stopped. That's why our great country that is no longer great is in ruins as we speak because of greedy incompetents like those people who call themselves a place for higher learning!!! Ann SugarLand, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
58, Report #553535
Jan 12 2010
11:57 PM
KAPLAN UNIVERSITY Kaplan University Online Programs Lost A Lot of Money Internet
I am a former Kaplan online student.  I had enough.  That's another story.  Let's just say that I will be paying off thousands of dollars for a long time and I attend a well respected and well rated university at present.  I talk to real people in person, not a computer. I have class discussions instead of sitting home alone in my chair being bored out of my mind with reading assignments and looking at stuff on a screen.  I belong to an honor organization on campus in my field.  I know my instructors, who will be future references for employment and they know me and know I interact well and contribute to the class.  My instructors have real life experiene in my specific discipline.  Cannot really get this online.  It has to be in person.  Nothing wrong with an occasional online course, but all online in a people-oriented profession.  No, that is not the way to do it.  Buck up and get to classes, no matter how inconvenient it is for you.  . What I do not understand about all these rip off reports here and elsewhere is how a university can push through paperwork for loans that the student does not apparently even know they are getting.  How is this possible???  I currently receive student loans through my university.  I fill out the FAFSA, and my eligibility is determined via that document.  FAFSA is not a loan factory either.  I receive a notice from the university asking me whether I want to accept or decline my student loans for the following year, and information on whether they are government subsidized or not and interest rates.  Finally, I receive a Promissory Note -- a legal document -- that I need to sign and return.  This can appear either online or as a paper document.  I have a record of my Promissory Note that clearly delineates the amount and interest rate of the loan. Additionally, I receive info in the mail from the lending instution telling me about the loan periodically and the option to pay off interest.  This is at least yearly, it may be more often. Now, just let me say that if these steps are not being taken at Kaplan then something is very, very wrong.  I am not saying it is, and I am just listing the procedure at my current university, but there is something very very wrong if students are finding out that they have these humungous loans they did not know about.  If this happens, and you are one of those, I suggest you contact the lender of the loan and validate that you signed the Promissory Note for the loan.  And, if you did not, then something else is very very wrong or illegal or unethical here.  But, if this is happened to a lot of you, then maybe someone needs to contact a lawyer and see what is going on here.   I really really feel sad for the students and the single moms and anyone else who were sold essentially a pack of lies for the benefit of someone's commission and are getting these jacked up fees.  I got out before this happened, but, of course, lost a lot of money.  So, if you want an eduation, do not go to Kaplan.  Go to a real school in person, especially if your field involved is about working closely with people.  Those class discussions and oral reports in front of the class will help you in the future.  Joining that group related to your major and attending those meetings will make a difference.  Hanging with your classmates and/or studying together makes a difference.   And, always check your Promissory Note.  It is a full fledged legal document that tells you everything you need about your loan, including the option to cancel it within a legal period of time.  And again, if you are not getting a copy of this and signing it, something is really, really wrong.  Get a lawyer.
Entity: , Internet
59, Report #613843
Jun 13 2010
05:16 PM
Kaplan University - Online Campus Kaplan University, KU Very few classes transfer, Internet
I attended Kaplan University very briefly. During the time that I could not send my father's taxes to Kaplan for verification. After explaining this to them to what seemed quite a few thousand times, they dropped me, even though my father had still not received his taxes back yet. So instead of going back to Kaplan after my father received his taxes, I decided to go back to the University of Phoenix. I successfully completed six classes at Kaplan University. At University of Phoenix, it is 3 credits/class. Out of 13.67 credit hours evaluated, I only received 3.33 credit hours!! Kaplan University costs quite a bit more money. I still owe them $4,600 in tuition. I paid them $1,000 when I left there to cover classes plus sent them my $1,600 scholarship. That was even after they canceled my loans and I only had to pay an extra $1,000 out of pocket, instead of the initial $7,000. So adding what I still owe them ($4,600) and what I have given them ($1,000 - out of pocket + $1,600 - scholarship), it ends up being $7,200 I will be paying for 3.33 credits. That counts as one class for University of Phoenix.So the moral of the story is: If you are willing to pay the expensive prices for Kaplan, you better continue to go there until you finish the schooling. The classes WILL NOT TRANSFER.
Entity: Internet, Internet
60, Report #698925
Feb 23 2011
11:19 AM
Kaplan University Online Owe your future income to Kaplan University Chicago, Illinois
I started attending Kaplan University in 2006. I thought this might be a good way to increase my education. Due to my age I thought the knowledge would help me for a future job. However, I know owe over $70,000 dollars and still do not have a degree. Every time I was concerned about the cost they would say it would be covered now I can not finish because I still need 8 classes for a BS degree at out of pocket cost of about 20,000 dollars. All they do is send you book and you must learn on your own. They do offer tutors but they are not much help. I could have went to the local college book store and bought all the books I needed for a whole lot less than $90,000. Please, if you want to attend an on-line class go to a brick and mortar school and see what they have to offer. Most offer on-line and it is a whole lot cheaper. I may have been a fool but maybe this report will save someone else the hardship.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
61, Report #867473
Apr 12 2012
07:35 AM
Kaplan University Kaplan University is a scam with useless classes Fort Lauderdale, Florida
I attended Kaplan around 2009. I left the school to come to a community college to get a 2 yr degree while working on my 4 yr. Kapln charged me almost 60k dollars for less than 2 years of being there, just to find out that 50 percent of the classes I took there are useless at any other college. I told them I was going there for a BS degree and was going to be attending a local law school here after I got my degree and I was told that they were fully accredited and I can get into any law school. WRONG!! Halfway through I received a call that I should go to their law school, when I refused thats when someone finally told me that their accreditation was questionable depending on what school I wanted to attend. Anyway, I recently was told by my college that the national allowance for having school loans out is 50k. I went over that before I got halfway through my degree! If they knew that I would go over in student loans and that I would not be able to finish my degree, then why would they even enroll me knowing I have no income. Not to mention I am missing all the money that was sent to them when I withdrew. They charged me for a class I didn't take and listed that class as an F on my transcripts so they can keep some of my money. I cant wait to get them in court!
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
62, Report #308801
Feb 13 2008
11:25 PM
Kaplan University Kaplan University Overcharging, Surcharges, Abuses FAFSA Internet
As a Single Mother with a BS in Chemistry, I enrolled a few years ago to complete a Forensics Criminal Justice program to fullfill prerequisites needed for my application acceptance to UCLA. My FAFSA awarded ALL fees and paid every semester as described in my Award letters. Upon my withdrawal to pursue a classroom environment, I received in lieu of my 3.8 transcript request/report, a BILL for est. 1600.00 +. Their billing department deleted all of my online access to my account at Kaplan and would never provide any description of their invoice, all the while, holding my transcripts hostage for my University need. I confirmed with FAFSA the THOUSANDS of dollars paid to Kaplan; which were more than I had ever known were sent; as was not the full cost described to me. FAFSA confirmed they had indeed paid in full. Kaplan never agreed nor disagreed, sending final bill to me nothing short of extortion and non-disclosure. And I realized, they paid more than was required by FAFSA in a FAFSA accountng history obtained ! I HAD to set up a payment plan with Kaplan to obtain my transcripts, with a minimum deposit of 500.00 to initiate the plan and a 100.00+ servicing fee and interest of course. In a year's time, I corresponded endlessly to correct their accounting. I paid the extorted funds once I left their program for University after maintaining a Dean's list status at all times and became their first Criminologist's Teacher's Assistant (unpaid performance). They threatened my credit and transcripts to a point where I caved in for my need to raise children, work and attend for my Masters. Kaplan further takes advantage of persons less aware of the higher educational process and I am aware of at least 3 persons who should not have been granted entrance into higher learning while signing financial commitments that they in fact, failed out of and paid and paid and paid, anyway; leaving with debt and their hopes for better living via education very, marred to say the least. Shame on Kaplan Financial Department and their entrance process which in essence, makes a sale and finds a way to collect further for monies not owed to them. Live and learn. Be VERY cautious of going to Kaplan and signing away large financial obligations as well. They are VERY skilled and manipulating students and sadly, the FAFSA and other financial aid programs. Kaplan OWES me for quite some time now. Anyone with the time to fight them, I urge them to do so in hope they will eventually be exposed and be made to refund countless unknown funds to the government and students they manipulated and manipulate currently. KaplanVictim Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
63, Report #1258486
Oct 01 2015
02:41 PM
Kaplan University Online Kaplan University Online made money and no degree for me Chicago Internet
 Back in 2009 I had heard a friend talk about getting her degree online via Kaplan University. I thought about doing the same thing wanting to get my degree in Paralegal Studies. I contacted Kaplan and explained what I wanted to do. After going over everything with me I chose to register. I explained to them that I am facing layoff within a few weeks so I cannot enroll and be expected to pay anything while being out of work. The enrollment advisor told me other than the registration fee, I will not have to pay for anything. So I enrolled. Sure enough within a week or two after enrolling I was laid off. I started online classes and was doing great until the following month or two i started getting calls from Kaplan stating that I had a billing problem. I called them and they told me I owed the 1000+ dollars in tuition. I told them how is that when student loans was supposed to cover everything and that I specifically told my enrollment advisor I would not enroll if I had to come out of pocket for any amount. The rep told me they would look into it and call me back. Sure enough a day or so later they called and told me that it was a problem with how my loan was submitted, they fixed and I owe nothing. A few months calls started coming in again and the same thing happened, same excuse they gave me, they fixed and we were down. In the almost 2 years I attended, I received numerous calls, emails about being behind in payments, and I again explained the situation and what I was told. Each time they magically fixed my student loan and were paid. Towards the end of 2010, I spoke to one person who while I was on the phone, supposedly fixed everything so that I would not have any problems. I was at least 3 months away from finishing my schooling. I had been on the Presidents and Deans list the entire time I attended Kaplan, so my dedication and heart was into my studies. A few weeks away from completing the classes I was in at the time, I was kicked out of Kaplan for non-payment. Mind you, I was unemployed for over a year. Had a mortgage I could not fully pay which eventually I lost to foreclosure, and they kicked me out for non-payment despite the fact that an enrollment advisor told me I would not have to pay out of pocket. Student loans would cover everything. I tried to get them to take me back to no avail. A month or two after being kicked out, I started recieving emails from Kaplan asking me to sign a promissory Note, which I never signed one to begin with for them. They tried, and after I researched, I came to the conclusion that I never signed one because the enrollment advisor did as I asked, which was I was not enrolling if I was possibly going to pay out of pocket. He suckered me and he suckered the school because technically I do not owe them anything nor should I owe the government. I checked my credit report and never saw anything nor did I receive any calls from Kaplan regarding the money they allege I owe them. Not a thing, whihc confirms for me they cheated me. My question for anyone here, if that is the case, can I ask the Federal Government or even Kaplan to refund the loans?? Either to me or directly back to the government?
Entity: Internet
64, Report #1300452
Apr 18 2016
08:01 PM
Kaplan University Kaplan University Scammed me out of my degree!! Internet
Wow, where to begin, I started Kaplan University online in 2010, and was finished in 2012. I never seemed to have too many problems with them, besides them not really answering my questions properly and giving me the run around for classes. For the most part my advisor always seemed to be helpful.    It all started when I was finishing up my last few weeks of school. I received a disturbing letter stating I owed something around $1500.00. I was so shocked and didnt know what to think, I wasnt sure if it was a mistake or I really did owe them money.   I called and found out I apparently did owe them this money that was for misc, and other stuff that wasnt covered byFA. I told them I did not have that kind of money considering I had to get a grant and the rest FA to pay for school. I was not working because my main focus was school and I wouldnt have the money for some time.   Then they told me that I would not receive my degee until I paid them the money I owe them. I didnt know what to do, but I never paid it. I started to read more stories like mine but never really saw anything being done. My mother also went to Kaplan University Online, and the same thing happened to her, but they did send her degree to her before she got her letter.   She also owed some amount around $1500.00. I have seen some ads online about Kaplan being a scam, and having your loans paid off, but wasnt sure that was a scam either. I am not really skeptical about anything along these lines and not sure what to believe.    I live in New Jersey and am looking for other people who had the same thing or similar happen to them. Please send me an email with the subject KAPLAN SCAM to Melissa_Prusienski@aol.com    
Entity: Internet
65, Report #1365949
Apr 05 2017
10:40 AM
Kaplan University Kaplan University Online Davenport Iowa Clinical Issues Nationwide
 I have had issues with financial aid and other things at Kaplan University but the clinical issues have been the worst. It took me two days to be able to reach my clinical site. When I went for interview was barely given the time of day. Something seemed off but just thought I was being paranoid. One the first day, I made sure I showered, had clean clothes, basically everything hygenic as if I was going to an interview or something. After being there for awhile, and only pulling patient files, I was sent home and told to play with my baby. I have an 11mth old and they made a big deal about working, school and externing and having a child under 1. The second day I went, I performed the same measures as the previous time. Shower, clean clothes, brushed teeth, deoderant, etc. The lady instructing me was over 45 minutes late. Then after 15 minutes sent me home again, at the same exact time as the day before, and told me that I smelled bad. I was so upset that I called my husband bawling and went to his job to make him smell me. He said I smelled good and then I asked his mother as well and she said same thing. I don't wear purfume etc bc of already being in medical field and we arent supposed to. I emailed the manager at the achool and told her the issues I had been having at the site. I explained numerous people rebutted the sites claim but it didn't seem to matter to her. The third day I went, I was sent home the exact same time as the previous two times and told the school would call me and to come back anytime. I received an email from the manager telling me that I smelled bad and that we needed to fix the issue. I told her that it wasn't an issue and I thought something else was going on. She wouldn't listen to me and I told her that I couldnt go back tot hat location. I then received an email the following Monday and was told the site terminated me and I would have to do a remediation plan if I wanted to continue at the school. I was depressed and didnt want to do anything. I almost lost my current job to accommodate for this externship and now it was all in jeporady. I had a conference call to remediate the issue and they said the site told me several times, which was a lie, and basically blaming me for everything and didnt care about any issues I had at the site bc they volunteer to take students and we need them. They also had issues with my husband bwing on the line and also told me false information that was not listed in my handbook but was supposedly in their handbook about not being able to have a second site during this term. Now I am out over 1200 for the class plus I am going to seek a lawyer to sue for possible damages, lost wages, etc. Please do not attend this school. I will have over 40k invested in an associates degree that I probably will not even get now.
Entity: Nationwide
66, Report #336468
Jun 02 2008
04:21 PM
Kaplan University Online kaplan diploma mill 6301 Kaplan University Avenue Florida
I am writing exclusively about Kaplan University. I have been with them since January 2008. I am fairly new to them. Well recently I noticed something was odd with the Professor. Professor Robison to be exact, he kept making smart remarks and expecting me to do outrageous things every seminar like, write a 200 word essay for every seminar if not, then we would not be fully graded for the seminar. Actually you don't get graded at all for attending. And if it wasn't the way he liked it, you would get a failing grade. well I showed him a picture of what I looked like on my myspace page strictly professional and he started this odd behavior towards me. i even started getting stalkers on my myspace page from Florida. And I do not know anyone from Florida. It was a daily view of 6 or 7 views. Well, towards the end he started not grading my paper work at all. It would disappear from the dropbox. and he claimed to not have received my final essay. when he did receive it. so then I get an email online from my financial aid provider requesting me to fill out a form for title IV benefits. I was not sure as to why the Kaplan school needs more money. I paid my tuition for the semester. I realized by me complaining of my treatment from my professor as far as the tone he gave me through text was rude, he decided to say things like, did YOU hear me? and it was very nasty and offensive. I received like 6 different emails from my classmates regarding him. and then all of a sudden I get an F from both classes I attended and not Kaplan wants more money for tuition. Something is not adding up. When I requested to speak to the Dean I was given reason NOT to contact him.I now have four classes signed up for without my knowledge. Libragirl27 rochester, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: 6301 Kaplan University Avenue, Florida
67, Report #1157995
Jun 27 2014
12:34 PM
Kaplan University Kaplan College Kaplan Career Center Kaplan Tech School Kaplan is a ripoff, and basically useless Fort Worth NationwideTexas
Fort Worth, Texas.  The Kaplan College here is a JOKE. Not only is every staff member pretty much incompetent, they hold childish grudges, and act like spoiled children. They have no intrest in your well being, or your grades, only your money, and sadly, they make it painfully obvious that you are nothing more that dollar signs to them.    If you make it past the lack of skill with thier teachers, and find yourself looking for a place to log your extern hours, GOOD LUCK! The career services administrator is the devil. She is a horrible person who doesnt really do much of anything, and can never actually answer any of your questions.  She calls me way to often while I am at my job site ,and wants to talk about stupid, useless, mundane things that she could easily email me about, but refuses, for some unknown reason. Even though I have asked her to stop calling me while I am at work about stupid things, she still does. and after I sent her an email telling her to stop because I find it unproffessional, she called my clinics CORPARATE OFFICE, and made up some BS lie about how an employee answered her phone call and told her to stop calling, and then hung up on her.  I know this to be a complete lie, because I had been the front of office for 3 days, and she didnt call when she claimed she did. I dont know what she has against me, but this grown lady is acting like a child, and it is embarrasing me.  The president of the school is just as useless. Noone in that places give a shit about anything. Noone cares about you. They will barely teach you the basics, and send you on your way. but go forbid you dont pay them at the exact time you are supossed to. They will hunt you down, and make sure you know that you owe them, or else.  Its horrible that they can continue to opperate this way, but this is my warning to you.  Dont go to Kaplan. Just dont do it. You will regret it. They will rip you off, and take you for all you have.  They are a horrible place. 
Entity: Nationwide
68, Report #390388
Nov 12 2008
06:56 AM
Kaplan University Kaplan is charging 15,000+ for a certificate program. How is this possible? Internet
I was researching online classes for Crime Scene Technician, i came across Kaplan. I was amazed that they were so legit sounding and offered internship after you certify. But i was confused i couldn't find info on the exact credits or cost. All i saw was its $353 per credit hour. So i contacted the live chat...they told me,that for the Crime Scene Tech; it was 44 credits. WHOA! 44 credits for a certificate program, at $353 dollars p/C.H? Thats roughly $16,000. The online chick said Yes, thats correct. You can start with a down payment of $500, and monthly payments of $600. I laughed thinking...well she must be wrong. So i downloaded the course catalog. and sure enough...44 credits. you also have to have an associates degree to even start. Which is fine by me..but $16,000 and 44 credits just for a certificate? Mydwest norfolk, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
69, Report #897369
Jun 14 2012
06:18 AM
kaplan university kaplan online college FAFSA, no student refund check, wrong amount , Internet
I began going to Kaplan university in the 5th month of 2012-this college messed up my FAFSA during my first term. They are confused, can not figure out how to get the right amount of student refund money sent to the student and covers up their mistakes with a million different lies. Now on 6/14/2012 once again this college has lied about my refund check, told me a millon stories and I am including a on going chat I have had with them about this.Welcome to Kaplan University. You are now chatting with 'Betrice ' Betrice : Thank you for contacting the Kaplan Online Financial Aid department. How may we help you today? jessica: Hi> I am still not seeing the pell grant being paid, and supposedly it was supposed to be expedited by the ombudsman last night as well as my stipend check Betrice : Hi Jessica, can I have your last name and last 4digits of your ss# please jessica: Bell.7395 Betrice : Thanks Betrice : Ok, please give me a moment to review your file regarding your questions. Betrice : Jessica, the request for the Ombudsman to review your account was submitted yesterday so please allow 72hrs for them to review your account jessica: No.I spoke to her yesterday, and she reviewed it and removed the extra fund I was supposed to get. She also said I would know something by today jessica: All she was waiting on was a answer from her supervisor Betrice : ok, the file is still in a pending status. She could possibly still be waiting for an answer from her supervisor. If you have her direct information you can contact her direct for a reply. Betrice : Unfortunately nothing has changed in your account as of this morning jessica: Yeah I see that. All I know is they better get this taken care of. I have sent in a complaint against this college to the BBB yesterday jessica: I have heard so many lame excuses, lies and confusement from here its not funny Betrice : Jessica, the Ombudsman is doing the best they can to resolve your issue. Please allow them to followup with you as soon as they can jessica: good cop out. yyet them know I am contacting the attorney general and providing them with the chat I had from yesterday with Garret. I am not going to keep pllaying games with this college jessica: Have the so called ombudsman email me today. If I do not here from her today before the end of the day, I am going to begin a law suit Betrice : ok,Do you have any other questions today? Betrice : jessica: Yeah I do. I want to talk with the highest supervisor on chat jessica: I am not going to waste my cell phone on them Betrice : Unfortunately we don't have a supervisor for chat but I will forward this transcript to my manager for review and forward to Cateria Powell the ombudsman handling your account jessica: Good. When they contact me, they need to do it by email. Not phone. kiuy*'''''''////2557-4675-my student i dNINA-316-771-5260- local disability-877-512-3855-cora/jenni Please wait for a Financial Aid operator to respond. Welcome to Kaplan University. You are now chatting with 'Garrick ' Garrick : Thank you for contacting the Kaplan Online Financial Aid department. How may we help you today? jessica: Ok Garrick, I just got off the phone with some one from your department, that has me confused and mad jessica: Supposedly I am not getting my entire amount of refund check, now it is back down to 657. Not the 2045 like I had been told Garrick : Ok, please give me a moment to review your file regarding your questions. jessica: There is ongoing talk about over lapping loans, and that is not even close to the truth. I left APU when I came here last term Garrick : I'll need your last name please, as well as you date of birh jessica: Bell 10/25/1962 Garrick : Thank you, give me a moment please Garrick : Ms. Bell I've reviewed your account. I see the issue it that your loan period at Kaplan overlaps with your loan period at your previous school jessica: no, it does not jessica: that was months ago jessica: it overlapped with the first term jessica: ok lets do this, : just tell me when my 657 will be sent, Garrick : One moment Garrick : That amount is shows as paid on our system. I see that you have been working with an Financial Aid Ombudsman about your account, she is currently working to resolve the account. Garrick : She is working to get that $657 for you. jessica: Wait, now your telling me that I received my 657? jessica: when did this happen? Garrick : It shows as sent on 4/26. You need to contact your Ombudsman again for further details. jessica: no, now I copy this , and I send it to my attorney. And the bbb Please wait for a Financial Aid operator to respond. Welcome to Kaplan University. You are now chatting with 'Garrick ' Garrick : Thank you for contacting the Kaplan Online Financial Aid department. How may we help you today? jessica: Ok Garrick, I just got off the phone with some one from your department, that has me confused and mad jessica: Supposedly I am not getting my entire amount of refund check, now it is back down to 657. Not the 2045 like I had been told Garrick : Ok, please give me a moment to review your file regarding your questions. jessica: There is ongoing talk about over lapping loans, and that is not even close to the truth. I left APU when I came here last term Garrick : I'll need your last name please, as well as you date of birh jessica: Bell 10/25/19** Garrick : Thank you, give me a moment please Garrick : Ms. Bell I've reviewed your account. I see the issue it that your loan period at Kaplan overlaps with your loan period at your previous school jessica: no, it does not jessica: that was months ago jessica: it overlapped with the first term jessica: ok lets do this, : just tell me when my 657 will be sent, Garrick : One moment Garrick : That amount is shows as paid on our system. I see that you have been working with an Financial Aid Ombudsman about your account, she is currently working to resolve the account. Garrick : She is working to get that $657 for you. jessica: Wait, now your telling me that I received my 657? jessica: when did this happen? Garrick : It shows as sent on 4/26. You need to contact your Ombudsman again for further details. jessica: no, now I copy this , and I send it to my attorney. And the bbb jessica: got it all. thank you jessica: this is the friggin 7th month, what is wrong with you people? Garrick : I recommend staying in contact with the Ombudsman she will work to get everything resolved for you. jessica: Its this loan I am talking about, not last term, jeeze jessica: you people are so idiotic Garrick : Correct, we understand that. We needed to adjust the amount of the loan due to how you were packaged at your previous school and the funds you received from that school. jessica: Look at this friggin term, holy cow!!!!!! jessica: \no jessica: WHERE IS MY LOAN FOR THIS MONTH111111 jessica: THIS MONTH, NOT LAST TERM, HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU BE CONFUSED? jessica: THIS MONTH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LAST TERM Garrick : Ms your loans for this period have paid, and your pell grant is in a ready to pay status jessica: NO IT HAS NOT Garrick : for this term jessica: NO IT HAS NOT jessica: i HAVE NOT RECEIVED ONE PENNY Garrick : are you referring to the loans paying to your account, or you receiving a educational expense check? jessica: OH MY LORD!!! i AM AND HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT THE FRIGGIN STIPEND CHECK FOR THIS MONTH NOT LAST TERM Garrick : then refer to it as a stipend check not a loan jessica: MY APOLOGISE FOR CONFUSING PEOPLE WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING Garrick : Okay, so your loans have been received from Direct Loans, we are waiting on your Pell Grant to be received, it's in a ready to pay status now. Once that pays to the account it will create the credit that is needed to issue the stipend check to you. jessica: AND THAT AMOUNT IS WHAT Garrick : Your account has a balanced owed of $730, the pell grant is for $1388. That will create the credit needed. jessica: WHAT CREDII jessica: OH, SO ALL I OWE IS 730? GOOD THEN WHEN I WITHDRAWL YOU WILL OWE ME MONEY AND I WILL OWE YOU NOTHING., jessica: PERFECT Garrick : Maybe owe was the wrong term. jessica: NO IT WAS NOT Garrick : It's remainder of the tuition that has not been covered yet jessica: AND IT WILL BE ALL THAT YOUR COLLEGE WILL EVER GET jessica: I WILL NOT BE STAYING HERE jessica: SO NOWLETS GO TO THE IMPORTANT PART, HOW MUCH IS THIS STIPEND CHECK FOR Garrick : 657 jessica: BULLSH*T Garrick : 657 jessica: BULLSH*T jessica: IT IS 2045 jessica: DO YOU SEE THAT? jessica: ALL OF THIS HAS BEEN CUT AND PASTED, IT IS NOW ON ITS WAY TO THE BBB As of today I still have not resolved this problem or received my money
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Feb 26 2008
06:29 AM
Kaplan University Kaplan trying to be something it's not. Chicago Illinois
Kaplan University is trying to be something it's not: a prestigious university that's reknown worldwide. From an internal source: Dr. Betty Vandenbosch, KUs new Dean of the Graduate School of Management, has a clear vision for where shed like the school to go. My goal is to make the MBA program at Kaplan competitive with top-tier MBA programs around the globe, both online and on the ground, she said. As it grows, students will gain a larger and larger network of Kaplan graduates they can work with and rely on. I think I hear Harvard, Yale, Northwestern, Columbia, and Drexel shaking in their boots. Kraplan university Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
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Jan 09 2015
03:23 PM
Kaplan University Kaplan Created Debt, and Have Seriously Impacted My Family's Future Cedar Rapids Iowa
    I was a student with Kaplan on campus for my first degree, and then online for my second and for the start of the third.  I had no problems, except for having trouble getting the same answer to one question from the financial aid office.  It seemed that every time I called to ask the same or similar question, a completely different response would be given.  However, it wasn't until the final degree that things became confused.  Apparently, the financial aid adviser took it upon himself to assume I was going to be taking classes that added up to the same amount of credits as the degree before.  The classes I registered for did not add up, and before it was caught they had already paid it out.  So, they paid back the loan company and then had to bill me for the rest, as I was responsible for not noticing the discrepency in credits versus financial aid.  That is not correct.  As a student, I am fully aware of how much financial aid I am given in an academic year.  I understand how much the courses cost and how much the package is as it is explained to me when we go over our financial aid award letter over the phone prior to the term starting.  There were no discrepencies during that conversation.  This was THEIR mistake, not mine.  I should not have been responsible.  But what choice did I have?  I am a single mother, and I had no job at the time.  So, I told them I would pay half with whatever reimbursement came the next term, and complete the bill the term after that.  I did pay the first half online, but could not pay the second.  I tried paying a small amount, but that wasn't good enough either.  They blocked me from classes, and in order to move on with my education and find work, I had to withdraw from classes in Sept 2014.  No one at the school told me I would be unable to obtain my official transcripts after withdrawing even with a balance owed.  In fact, they gave me instructions on how to obtain them and how much they cost.  A week ago, when I went to get them for the new school I started at, (which is incredible, by the way), I was told I could not get my transcripts because my account is on hold.  So, now I cannot continue my education with the new school.  I cannot get certified for any other position within my degree fields in my state because they request official transcripts for the certification process.  Therefore, I am now left with nothing but more than $75,000 in student loan debt.  Why? Because someone in the financial aid office made a mistake.  I am told by my new school to seek legal counsel.  I was shown this webpage, but see that these entries are from 2013, so I am not very hopeful.  I saw the web post on FB about Kaplan being investigated for bad business practices, preying on the poor, etc.  I have nothing now.  I have less than nothing.  I am going to have to take minimum wage jobs despite having two degrees and the ability to continue on and finish a masters degree, simply because Kaplan chose to make a mistake and not allow a student to obtain their own personal academic records.  I would like to sue them for this.  I would like to study education law now that I have all this time to, so I can figure out if it can be done.  This isn't fair what they've done, and it isn't fair what they've done to anyone else. If anyone has any idea of what I can do, please let me know.  Good luck to everyone.
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Jul 30 2013
04:46 AM
Kaplan online university great con artist kaplan internet 
Kaplan needs to change there name to rip off artist university!!! I was going to attend kaplan got all the paperwork done fasfa filled out, and I decided against it, i called and sent emails that i did not want to attend kaplan.  So,  i was talking to the advisor she was like you need to try, i was like no i can not afford to go right now I said i want to withdraw everything  we argued for weeks next thing i know they still had me enrolled!!!!  and  once again i called them and told them i didnt want to be apart of the college please remove me. Then i got a bill from them for $6,000.00 they never removed me, the  only way i found out is when a collector called wanting 33,000.00. I yelled at the top of my lungs WHAT!!!!! they said how would you like to pay. I said i do not make  that kind of money in five years time since i have a handicap child,  with low income, they still said well kaplan turned this over to us, and you have to pay cause we aint going away and we wont leave you alone until you pay , (pay what i never attended but they gave classes to me i never went too!!! so basically they rip the government off, the people, and caused mental abuse they need stopped. They only are in it for the $$$$$ this makes me sick thinking i might be the only victim. That these con artist  victimized. I heard about a few others having  a tough time but where  do we turn!! i cant afford this
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73, Report #1239184
Jul 01 2015
11:43 AM
kaplan u ripoff course fraud Internet
Kaplan university fail to provide necessary course material until the last week of class, forcing me to end up retaking the class. when I talked to the school about this they said there was nothing they could do.
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Oct 14 2006
12:21 PM
Kaplan University is a scam and has been stealing my money! Ft. Lauderdale Florida
I took 2 online semesters with Kaplan about 3 years ago and they say I owed them over $3000. Although I stopped taking the classes I am still paying. I have been enrolled in their automatic payment plan and at least 4-5 times a year they tell me that I owe them money and that I haven't paid my monthly bill. Each time I have called to find out why Kaplan has lost my money I am always redirected to a different person who has no clue what is going on with my account or anything else for that matter. The last straw was when they sent me another statement saying that I owe them for the last 7 months in the amount of $350. I am furious because my bank account is automatically debited each month in the amount of $50 and it clearly goes to Kaplan. They have misplaced $350 of my money and then they have the audacity to tell me that I owe them. This is the email that I recently sent to the finance department and I am still waiting to hear back from them. I won't be holding my breath as previous experience has taught me that these people at Kaplan don't want to do anything to fix these problems. To Whom It May Concern: I have received another letter from Kaplan once again stating that my account has been in arrears. It is so outrageous that I have been hassled by this establishment for payment when I am enrolled in the automatic payment plan at https://paymentcenter.khec.com/Payments. My personal checking account is debited every month on the 25th in the amount of $50.00. So where is my money going? To this day I have not received a monthly statement or any receipt of payment from Kaplan University. All of my other financial accounts are set up to be paid automatically and each month I get an email or paper statement allowing me to know the current status of my account. This statement includes my personal account information, the amount paid, the remaining balance, the interest rate (if applicable) and the date of creation. I have made several requests to receive my account statements with Kaplan, but apparently the staff is so incompetent that even the simplest of tasks are too difficult to complete. Now that Kaplan University has lost $350 of my hard earned money, I have had enough. I have been honoring my debt by making my payments; however Kaplan has failed to prove that it is a credible and honest establishment. The lack of professionalism and basic business sense is unacceptable and from now on there will only be a paper trail. We will now only correspond through email or written letters, I will not accept any phone calls. My payments will cease unless someone there has the capacity to find my $350 that you have apparently lost. Every single one of my checking account statements lists Kaplan as the recipient of $50 at the end of every month. So whatever scam Kaplan is trying to pull is documented in my bank statements. When you do find where my money is going, I want a full explanation of what the problem was on your end. Also, you will include a detailed statement of my account from the start date until now. I want to know exactly what the total bill was, how much I have paid and what the remaining balance is including any interest rate. Basically, I have the right to know everything about my account and Kaplan has the fiduciary responsibility of disclosing that information to me. I will be waiting for someone to contact me promptly. Any further communication to me should be handled by a person in your organization who has the capacity to review my statements and be the only person I should have to deal with. In the past I have been bounced around from person to person at Kaplan and no one seems to know what anyone else is doing. Have someone who has a full accounting of my payment history contact me by email. At this point I seem to be the only one actually doing what I said I would do and that was to pay you each month. I still have not heard from anyone at Kaplan and I don't imagine I will, other than to receive another bill. So, until I hear back from them and someone expalins to me where my money went I have cancelled my automatic payments. I can't afford to lose any more money with these guys. If anyone is seeking a class action lawsuit please contact me as I would be happy to stick it to them. In the meantime, I could use some advice as to what I can do to recover my lost payments. I obviously cannot get help from Kaplan. Chandra Broomfield, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
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Sep 19 2008
04:30 PM
Kaplan University Threatened Me To Collecton Agency! Fort Lauderdale Internet
I attended Kaplan University online for 2 semesters. I had to drop out due to income problems and health isssues. I paid them in full with the last bill they sent me. $786.00. 4 months latter they sendme a bill for $75.00. I wrote them and told them that I paid them off. I heard nothing. Now 2 months later they send me a bill for $95.00. This time I recieved an email stating that I owed this money. I wrote back and told the person that I paid in full. He sent me this: This is considered a refusal to pay and like I stated, your ledger balance clearly states that you did not pay the full balance owed and that is not a Kaplan error and nor did we add to your balance any charges. Please make sure to post the ledger balance that clearly shows you did not pay the balance owed to us and you refused to take the responsibility to pay us.From: Cinda Wilson [mailto:cinda.wilson@insightbb.com] Sent: Friday, September 19, 2008 5:21 PM To: Student Accounts Subject: Re: RE: RE: Past Due Account with Kaplan University Okay then why did it go from $75.00 to $95. if you are not adding charges? This is BS! Send it to collections! I don't care and believe me I will post this school on the internet and blogs to keep innocent people away from you thieves! ----- Original Message ----- From: Student Accounts Date: Friday, September 19, 2008 16:17 Subject: RE: RE: Past Due Account with Kaplan University To: Cinda > As clearly shown to you in the Balance Summary I sent to you, > you never paid the balance in FULL and there has been no > additional charges made on your account from the last payment > received. The account will be sent to an outside collections > agency in less than two weeks, please submit payment immediately > to avoid this showing as a bad debt 7-10 years on your credit bureau. > > [cid:image001.jpg@01C91A72.CFC57CF0] > Scott Thorne > Student Accounts Team Lead > 6301 Kaplan University Avenue > Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 > Tel: 1-800-817-8272 Ext 92004333 > Fax: 954-515-3500 > sthorne@kaplan.edu > www.kaplan.edu > ________________________________ > From: Cinda [mailto:cinda. > Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2008 3:59 PM > To: Student Accounts > Subject: Re: RE: Past Due Account with Kaplan University > > I had paid the balance given me in FULL! Why are you adding charges?! > > ----- Original Message ----- > From: Student Accounts > Date: Thursday, September 18, 2008 15:52 > Subject: RE: Past Due Account with Kaplan University > To: Cinda Wilson > > > CINDA , > > > > I've included your balance ledger summary, showing there > > is a balance unpaid of $95.22 and it's currently 104 days past > > due and goes to collections at 120 days past due. > > > > Tran # > > > > Date > > > > Check# > > > > Ref# > > > > Code > > > > Description > > > > Charges > > > > Payments > > > > Balance > > > > A/Y > > > > Term > > > > Campus > > > > User > > > > 1 > > > > 11/26/2007 > > > > > > > > DEPOSIT > > > > > > > > 1269895 > > > > > > > > $95.00 > > > > ($95.00) > > > > 0 > > > > 0705A > > > > 042 > > > > NMULLINGS > > > > 2 > > > > 12/13/2007 > > > > > > > > AUTO-121307 > > > > TUIT > > > > Tuition > > > > $1,600.00 > > > > > > > > $1,505.00 > > > > 0 > > > > 0705A > > > > 042 > > > > MSNYDER > > > > 3 > > > > 12/13/2007 > > > > > > > > AUTO-121307 > > > > TUIT > > > > Tuition > > > > $1,600.00 > > > > > > > > $3,105.00 > > > > 0 > > > > 0705A > > > > 042 > > > > MSNYDER > > > > 4 > > > > 12/19/2007 > > > > 360671 > > > > FA 360671 > > > > > > > > Federal Family Subsidized - Distance 200 > > > > > > > > $1,168.00 > > > > $1,937.00 > > > > 1 > > > > 0705A > > > > 042 > > > > GWHYTE > > > > 5 > > > > 12/19/2007 > > > > 360671 > > > > FA 360671 > > > > > > > > Federal Family Unsubsidized - Distance 2 > > > > > > > > $1,334.00 > > > > $603.00 > > > > 1 > > > > 0705A > > > > 042 > > > > GWHYTE > > > > 6 > > > > 12/28/2007 > > > > > > > > Batch:12/28/2007 > > > > TECHFEES > > > > Technology Fees > > > > $100.00 > > > > > > > > $703.00 > > > > 0 > > > > 0705A > > > > 042 > > > > MSNYDER > > > > 7 > > > > 1/2/2008 > > > > > > > > 1343844/12-31-07 > > > > > > > > Student Payment 2007-08 > > > > > > > > $100.00 > > > > $603.00 > > > > 1 > > > > 0705A > > > > 042 > > > > NMULLINGS > > > > 8 > > > > 1/31/2008 > > > > > > > > 1409554/1-31-08 > > > > > > > > Student Payment 2007-08 > > > > > > > > $100.00 > > > > $503.00 > > > > 1 > > > > 0705A > > > > 042 > > > > NMULLINGS > > > > 9 > > > > 2/11/2008 > > > > > > > > 1429018/2-8-08 > > > > > > > > Student Payment 2007-08 > > > > > > > > $195.00 > > > > $308.00 > > > > 1 > > > > 0705A > > > > 042 > > > > NMULLINGS > > > > 10 > > > > 2/28/2008 > > > > > > > > AUTO-022808 > > > > TUIT > > > > Course: Principles of Nutrition > > > > $1,600.00 > > > > > > > > $1,908.00 > > > > 0 > > > > 0801A > > > > 042 > > > > MSNYDER > > > > 11 > > > > 2/28/2008 > > > > > > > > AUTO-022808 > > > > TUIT > > > > Course: Developmental Psychology > > > > $1,920.00 > > > > > > > > $3,828.00 > > > > 0 > > > > 0801A > > > > 042 > > > > MSNYDER > > > > 12 > > > > 2/28/2008 > > > > > > > > Batch:2/28/2008 > > > > TECHFEES > > > > Technology Fees > > > > $100.00 > > > > > > > > $3,928.00 > > > > 0 > > > > 0801A > > > > 042 > > > > MSNYDER > > > > 13 > > > > 2/29/2008 > > > > 378211 > > > > FA 378211 > > > > > > > > Federal Family Subsidized - Distance 200 > > > > > > > > $1,166.00 > > > > $2,762.00 > > > > 1 > > > > 0801A > > > > 042 > > > > TLAWHORN > > > > 14 > > > > 2/29/2008 > > > > 378211 > > > > FA 378211 > > > > > > > > Federal Family Unsubsidized - Distance 2 > > > > > > > > $1,333.00 > > > > $1,429.00 > > > > 1 > > > > 0801A > > > > 042 > > > > TLAWHORN > > > > 15 > > > > 3/6/2008 > > > > > > > > Batch:3/6/2008 > > > > TECHFEES > > > > Technology Fees > > > > $100.00 > > > > > > > > $1,529.00 > > > > 0 > > > > 0801A > > > > 042 > > > > MSNYDER > > > > 16 > > > > 3/6/2008 > > > > > > > > Batch:3/6/2008 > > > > TECHFEES > > > > Technology Fees > > > > ($100.00) > > > > > > > > $1,429.00 > > > > 0 > > > > 0801A > > > > 042 > > > > MSNYDER > > > > 17 > > > > 4/7/2008 > > > > > > > > 1555012/04-07-08 > > > > > > > > Student Payment 2007-08 > > > > > > > > $757.52 > > > > $671.48 > > > > 1 > > > > 0705A > > > > 042 > > > > SQUANT > > > > 18 > > > > 6/9/2008 > > > > 1527 > > > > 6/4/08 > > > > > > > > Student Payment > > > > > > > > $576.26 > > > > $95.22 > > > > 1 > > > > 0801A > > > > 042 > > > > KTOWNSEND > > > > > > > > Thank you, > > > > > > > > [cid:image001.jpg@01C919A6.52E402F0] > > Scott Thorne > > Student Accounts Team Lead > > 6301 Kaplan University Avenue > > Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 > > Tel: 1-800-817-8272 Ext 92004333 > > Fax: 954-515-3500 > > sthorne@kaplan.edu > > www.kaplan.edu > > ________________________________ > > From: Cinda > > Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2008 7:11 AM > > To: Travis Bailey > > Subject: Re: Past Due Account with Kaplan University > > > > Dear Mr Bailey, > > I paid my account in full 2 months > ago. I > > sent Kaplan a check. > > Thank You, > > Cinda Wilson > > > > ----- Original Message ----- > > From: Travis Bailey > > Date: Tuesday, August 5, 2008 4:16 > > Subject: Past Due Account with Kaplan University > > To: cinda > > > > > Dear Cinda > > > > > > Our records indicate that your account is currently past > > > due. We believe you want to make timely payments and > > > understand how financial situations or unexpected circumstances > > > may be affecting your ability to make those payments. > > > > > > We welcome the opportunity to discuss your situation further. > > > Our Student Accounts department is open Monday thru Friday from > > > 8 AM until 9 PM EST. Please contact the Student Accounts > > > department at 800-817-8272 option 2, option 1 and an agent will > > > be available to assist you in making your payment. > > > If you wish to make a payment online you can do so from your > > > desktop by following the Make a Payment Tab which will link you > > > to our online payment center. > > > > > > Your prompt response to this e-mail is appreciated. > > > > > > Sincerely, > > > > > > Student Accounts Department > > > Kaplan University > > > > > > > > > > > > I think is a threat!Something needs to be done with this College! I have read many complaints about the same thing. I am at war now! Cinda henryville,In. Scott Thorne Student Accounts Team Lead 6301 Kaplan University Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 Tel: 1-800-817-8272 Ext 92004333 Fax: 954-515-3500 sthorne@kaplan.edu www.kaplan.edu ------------------------------- Lostpoet Henryville, IndianaU.S.A.
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