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1, Report #1397082
Aug 31 2017
02:32 PM
Keen Your Personal Advisor Scam Psychics ? California **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
I think this site should be sued.  There are so many fake psychics on here charging a lot per minute and predictions do not come true.  I have used it for years and I don't want anyone else to fall for this site and lose their money.  So many of them, too many to name on here. I think a class action lawsuit should be filed.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #602059
Apr 07 2011
07:10 AM
keen your personal advisor 93 dollars was paid for email reading which was never done Internet
My name is Emilija , i paid 93 dollars for an email reading which was guaranteed to be recieved 24 hours or less..i recieved nothing. After one week of emailing their customer service, they refunded me only 25$ for no service ever provided to me....My emails are (((REDACTED))).. i will attach all proof i have kept..1)5/6/2010 9:17 AM Mail Payment Sent to PSYCHIC SILVANA FILLMORE Payment Mail Details   | Tell a Friend   | Pay a Bonus   $93.00 2) 5/11/2010 7:53 AM  Satisfaction Guarantee $25.00  refund of 25 with no emial reading at all... after numerous emails to sylvana with no luck. i requested my money back...her website is as follows3)* Detailed Photo Email Reading SALE * (Please Send a photo of you or the person you'd like to know about, or any other subject Along with 3 Questions)I would love to read for you !Just Click the BUY NOW buttonand send me an Emailed photo, And Ill email your detailed Reading, Describing the person in the photo down to a T !SUPER FAST *SUPER ACCURATETHIS IS ONE OF THE TESTS THE TV NETWORKS HAVE ME PASS BEFORE EACH PSYCHIC TV SHOW!  IM GREAT AT PICKING UP DETAILS AND ENERGY JUST FROM A CLEAR PHOTOGRAPH.(THIS IS A GREAT DEAL / VALUE 4 MONEY.)PSYCHIC SILVANA FILLMORE*YourReading will be emailed to you 24 Hours or Sooner from the time Purchased!!!*Thank You .this is false advertisement..i paid 93 dollars for a service i didnt recieve and they justify a 25 dollar refund...i want all my money back and onto my credit card...not on this siteDear emilijarudic, Thank you for contacting Keen, Your Personal Advisor. We are sorry to hear about your unsatisfactory Mail experience. Per our Satisfaction Guarantee, we have credited your account with the maximum $25. Your feedback is very important to us so please let us know if you have any further questions. Sincerely, Jesse Keen, Your Personal SYCHIC SILVANA FILLMORE* 2 Page Photo-Email Reading *May 2   Payment Request$93.00PaidCLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
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3, Report #343372
Jun 23 2008
06:30 PM
Advisor Sharon Rip off artist on Keen and Advisor Universe Aurora Colorado
I am writing because I think it should be known that this woman Advisor Sharon who works as a supposed psychic on Keen and Advisor Universe is horrible! She claims to be a psychic, but she is merely a card flipper. She has used scare tactics with me stating that if I did not call her and take her advice word for word that the situation I was calling about would fall apart. Guess what, I fell victim to her prey. She reeled me in with promises of a positive outcome if I continued to call her and spend my money by taking her advice. Well, I took her advice and the outcome never came to pass. In fact it went the exact opposite way of what she said it would. This is not the first time Advisor Sharon has screwed me over. I have called Sharon several times and asked very specific questions which she was wrong about. I always gave her the benefit of the doubt until she got a less than perfect rating from me. She then proceeded to contact an advisor who is also a friend of mine and told this person to watch out for me because I was a whack job. I reported her and will continue to do so. After I reported Sharon she began harassing my friend who is an advisor. Sharon got all of ther chronies to harass this person too. They started a blog about my friend and said the most horrible, slanderous things that these people will be having the hand of justice come down on them hard. Stay away from this woman..... she is truly a whack job! Sunshine Aurora, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #1191098
Nov 24 2014
01:18 PM
Keen abuse of personal information San Francisco California
I had the strangest interaction with and I'm wondering if anyone else has went through this before. Since I am an experienced Tarot Card Reader and prefer to work from home, so I thought Keen would be an excellent way to do so. After I researched this site, signed up (used a credit card to confirm identity), created my first listing, then waited three days for approval of that listing. On the third day, I went into my account to check the status of my listing, when I was confronted by personal verification page, confirmed by Equifax. I complied and provided my essential information on that secured page. The next day, I got this message from them:After further review of your Keen account we have decided to exercise our right under section 3B of our Member Agreement and cancel your account.Regards,Play Fair Basically, it's a standard fail-safe that allows Keen to terminate accounts without cause or explanation. That is fine by me, but I'm concerned that this happened AFTER I provided my driver's license, birth date, current/previous address, social security number to prove that I am who I say I am. Is Keen collecting information?This practice is unsettling to me and I am in the process of resolution. As I am doing so, I have been receiving more 'bot' replies, where I can not reply to the message sent. Keen offers rather limited support - no contact number, live chat option, or email address, much less a physical one. is powered by Ingenio, I will contact them next. If you're considering registering anything at, please be careful. Apparently, this doesn't happened to everyone, but it's something to be aware of.  
Entity: San Francisco, California
5, Report #1112851
Jan 04 2014
08:12 AM
I was waitlisted for a popular psychic on Keen for several months, one who seems to be sought after but not online often. After our first call we were disconnected and she sent a message to contact her directly via another channel. The first call to her landline lasted 2 ½ hours, she was very charming and a good psychic in terms of the current situation, reading health issues etc. At the end of the reading, she said that her angels had asked her not to charge me and I can repay by going to church and lighting a candle. I did and called to thank her the next day. She indicated to call her anytime as she follows what her angels tell her and this advise was to help me, let me talk as long as I wish and not to charge. I wrote and insisted that further calls will have to be charged to me. A few weeks later we spoke again as she made a correct prediction regarding a fundraising agreement, she was again very powerful in her delivery and was actually aware of what had transpired since the first call. She asked for my address to send candles made from special oils given by her angels which I provided. However the following day I felt very uncomfortable with some of the messages she had given me. I wrote again and asked for a paypal. She responded with a MOST terrifying message. I was in fear for two full days. Finally I reached another psychic on Keen who I had spoken to several times before, she calmed my anxiety and explained that her goal was to demand large sums of money, jewellery etc. from me in future. My questions were regarding a business project which would have shown large amounts of money in the near future and end of an dispute, again resulting in profits. This was my very first question when she called from Keen. She may have seen me as an opportunity to gain my confidence in hopes of charging more in future for removing curse, special angel candles, and when I feel uncomfortable, she used fear (with evil connotations).  She was most charming and with real psychic abilities but obviously became greedy when she saw financial opportunities.  If I report her name to Keen she can lose her account, hence her livelihood which I do not feel comfortable doing. I am not reporting this to take vengeance but to just to warn others.  I also realise from her blogs and feedback that her clients value her tremendously and depend on her guidance hence this would be injustice to her clients also if they can’t reach her. However, the reason for my writing this is to advise people not to take direct contact unless a psychic has been recommended by someone. And to be aware of such traps. If ou can identify her by this report, limit your contact to her on Keen.  She lost several hours of her time based on greed as I would have gladly paid her for her time and continued to in future, which she has now lost.several months. One wo is highl sought after.
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6, Report #279929
Oct 20 2007
05:07 AM
Grace Carrington Abusive Keen Advisor Internet
I'm sorry to say that during a period of personal struggle I also contacted Grace Carrington on Keen. During some research on another topic related to Keen, I came across this ripoff report and felt compelled to add my comments. Quite simply I am amazed and stunned that Keen allows this woman to operate on the service. I had two encounters with this advisor. During the first call, she answered the phone with some kind of hokey aristocratic accent. She gave me what would on the surface seem to be a fairly hopeful reading, but then told me there were negative energies interfering with the relationship. My preloaded funds ran out and the call ended after only a short time. I received a number of promotional emails from Grace with positive messages and an offer to call her back. A couple weeks later, I did. The second call was when it got really creepy. During this call I can corroborate what others here have said. After skillfully drawing me in with her psychic narrative, Carrington started to become verbally abusive and began suggesting there would be consequences if I did not comply with her advice and purchase additional services from her off-Keen to eliminate the dark forces. I filed negative feedback on her and successfully received a refund from Keen for part of the expense of the call. (They will refund a maximum of $25 during any given month.) However, this is nowhere near the sick, unsettled feeling the call left with me. Having read this page, I'm dismayed that Keen allows this person to continue operating on their site. (I do have to say that the vast majority of advisors I've found there are of the kind and well-meaning sort I was expecting to reach when I needed someone to talk to.) I cannot speak for criminal activity but suffice to say that I recommend anyone steer clear of this woman and her aliases. Not only will you waste your money but you may well find the emotional abuse to linger on well after your wallet has recovered. Bill Canton, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #600999
Oct 10 2011
08:59 PM
KEEN.COM INGENIO Ingenio - Keen INGENIO Fake psychics, I spent 1000 dollars only to find Scammers, liers, who bump you off if you write a complaint San Francisco, California San Francisco, California
I first signed up with Keen in April 2009 and from there till September 2009 I contacted three psychics who seemed to be all reading a script. I spent more than 1000 dollars before realizing there was something amiss as they all said: He is moving two step forwards and three backwards, he loves you and will show that in time. Right now he has issues he has to solve. I see him getting a divorce but eventually he will come around by September 2009. I waited until today May 2010 to file this report, hoping against hope. They also lied to me on work, that I would get a new job, become famous and all that crap. Well I finally found the courage to actually call him up as I thought why isn't all this happening, I mean three psychics telling me the same thing and you know what happened, well you guessed he sent me brutally to hell and told me to get lost as he would never leave his wife for me. Needless to say I had a psychological  crash which is lasting months and am still very very depressed and can hardly get on with my life as I had believed these keen psychics since their ratings were as high as their prices and I figured if their prices and ratings were high they had to be great. What I realized is that the same people wrote back saying just thank you, I will do as you say, I feel great for what you suggested will follow your advice as they were high after the call. Some reviewers said they had guessed right, but then it is a 50/50 chance that he or she may come back, so they just follow the script and the lucky one gets it right. The first I contacted Christopher P at 7 dollars a minute  even told me to write him a letter and that he would get back to me within a few months and that we would even go on a trip together, oh boy was I happy. Well, he never did tell me he loved me, and when he finally did reply to me after nearly a year he told me to go to hell, that he did not even want to see me and  that the relationshipe had ended and what was finished was finished. The second psychic I called Jagger or 9.99 dollars a minute she repeated the same thing as Christopher P, saying the marriage card had come up and seemed really convincing, as in you won't believe me now but I am telling you this not to make you happy, but because I really see it happening and this time when he comes to you he will come at a force. She predicted that for June 2009. The third psychic I called Mahayle at 4.99 a minute she also repeated the same story that he would be coming around by the end of the year and that he would be coming at a force and that he would be getting a divorce. Not only did he not get in touch with me but when I did finally master up the courage to call him  because I believed these fake psychics, he told me to go to hell and that he did not even want to see my face and that he was very happy with his wife. This was very very hurtful and I collapsed emotionally as I had been hoping for a whole year it would happen. She even told me that if all master psychics said the same thing then it was bound to happen. Imagine that! I think taking people's money to tell them lies is very unlawful and psychologically very damaging. Getting people's hopes up on love could also get them to committ or think of committing foolish acts like suicide if the love they hope for does not occur as these psychics assure it will. Not that I would ever think of it but I a bit downhearted and apathic at the moment, meaning not my usual energetic self. They all seemed so trustworthy, now I realize they only make money on poor hurting souls bleeding for love who after a year also find themselves totally bankrupt and back to square one as the object of their hope is not there. I feel like the whole world has crashed on my head as till I had hope I kept going now that I had to face reality I am devastated. All the feedback you read is just about hopeful people who keep calling and calling and calling will never read any negative because they block it just like they did mine. Right now the psychological damage they have caused me is devastating. I had read the feedback on Keen or Ingenio and had believed it. But this is how they catch you, when I wrote negative feedback for example all three psychics blocked me Jagger immediately blocked me from being able to contact her or write to her after me just writing back to say that the even had not occurred. At first she even insisted I had to write her feedback which I refused to. I said when and if it does occur I shall write good feedback. That is why she has 20000 more positive feedback because she forces people or insists people write her feedback so she can get more naive clients. Christopher P sent a load of crap follow up emails at 25 dollars each saying to hang in there that it was all a matter of time. That was in April 2009. Once I even called him for another person and said a name...he went off with the same script...till I stopped him and said...I don't want to know if he will come around but when he will get out of my hair...then he lost it and did not know what to say and that is when I realized that all these psychics use  repetitive scripts in their hands. I hope I have been of use to you and do use your inner intuition and not waste a year of your life hoping like I did. Then you will only find yourself alone and back to square one with your face in the dust.
Entity: San Francisco, California
8, Report #501112
Sep 27 2009
08:23 PM
Keen - Ingenio As an advisor on Keen I know keen is the fraud not advisors I know. Keen steals our money in many ways. I made 3000 to 4000 a month , keen would steal our paid advertisements or clicks. I quit. keen rips advisors off with their 24 hour clicks, we bid our clicks or advertisements. Many transactions are not qualified and our money is gone. 20.00 in a min. WE were not told that we should bid . Osprey, Florida
Imagine you spend energy advising all day you have made 300.00 dollars but 50.00 is in clicks, that are bids you make on yourself because otherwise you would be lost on the last page.  you check your transactions you have only 5 people who did not click on your paid advertisement, they were clients who have your extension. you write keen support and never get answer. So you call the center. They drone on about a 24 hour window of time that someone clicked on your advertisement one sec before you had your last call for the night. Most advisors that I know are honest I never claim to be 100 per cent correct. some do. I enjoyed my work and the money but I worked doubly hard to make 3000 a month. I believe keen steals the money when you cannot find any qualified clicks meaning no member, no advisor, look at my detailed advertisement. one morning I got on and 118.00 was missing . I called keen and got one of their moronic , miserable, mutuants who droned on about the 24 hour window. I had to shout to be heard this is not about a window of time. This is unqualified clicks. He hung up on me. I called and called  no answer. I changed phones and got a different person this time helpful infact he gave my money back. However, this is rare. I made it fast on keen meaning my five star rating grew and grew. It is my belief as many others who advise on keen that the old, jealous advisors click, click, click, until your bid is raised just to be seen. keen will not let us rebut a client who is lying. They will not allow us to speak out many people are frauds they know how to work keen for a free reading. When I see others on here calling the readers frauds I want to laugh. You have no idea what we go thru with keen, customer who think we are Gods, who spend all of 2 min. and want a full reading. I never charged above 1.99 a min.
Entity: Osprey, Florida
9, Report #318340
Mar 31 2008
12:48 PM
I joined Keen in 2006 to get a reading on my personal life. I have probably talked to almost every psychic on there. No one has been able to predict anything correctly. When something doesn't happen as they said, I would call back and the story would change, or give it more time. Further, a month ago, I called everyone and spent thousands of dollars to get a reading on a health scare. EVERY SINGLE PSYCHIC SAID I DIDN'T HAVE THIS DISEASE. Well, the tests came back positive, and I do have it (it's not life-threatening and will go away, thank goodness.). Then, when I called back, they said to get retested because there's something wrong with the test. Well, there isn't, because my symptoms are showing up and I am treating it, doc says I will be fine in about 2 months. Further, I registered as an expert on Keen to see how easy it was. I'm not a psychic and don't know how to read tarot cards. They approved my listings, I had callers, I'm a good talker, and got 5 star ratings. AGAIN, I'm not psychic, I was just feeding my callers what they wanted to hear. KEEN IS A RIP OFF, DON'T CALL THEM. I want to hear from others who have experienced what I have. Please post!! Thanks. Formerkeenjunkie Detroit, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #693624
Feb 11 2011
01:26 PM
keen/ingenio - att - yahoo search marketing seeking to enforce company of unpaid wages and investment for scams on search click marketing and advisor recruiting Internet
Thanks for reading this. I am a former reality tv sport competitor and also us army spouse to be, and a pro athlete and writer. I have been in legal pursuit to get back my investment and unpaid wages from these company since 2004. Back then many times during my studies after being on tv for two years I am usually paid in honor of projects per contracting to help give advice or promote and market products. IN return I am paid for the consulting on terms of agreement that I setup or ask for to help with work at home during the war. yahoo live advice offered me an investment to make a return and offer my advice for promotion. and sponsorship. I would also be having to setup and get paid through my bank of america account and in return pay expenses out of pocket for freelancing at home. In return also keep in touch with fans and consult all over the world in telehealth. I was put in and scammed invested over 25,000 and was given good standing and put in several catorgories and in control. Where I would also recruit others into the business and earn a commission for doing so to include I also created and designed websites and promoted them off the site. I was then enforced out of contract without knowing this into a company sold to ingenio..owned by another party then to sell it to att for 28.5 million. on top of that I was out over 11,000 in click fraud marketing on two accounts with yahoo in my work.   I was then being messed with by finding some hacking and clients that were not in my best interest. They were to assure me many clients a day as long as I was available since then they tried to hide info and I was supposed to be settled I sent invoices of 3 million to be paid for back wages and investment plus attorney fees, my at home expenses the credit card problems of identity theft etc.... in return the yahoo settlement was over 336 million I demanded 4 million for these expenses for my own legal action with my association of the service in part I have never been paid and the royalities are still due and the groups exist. and run online since then now I am seeking an attorney to enforce these already lawsuits in district courts of NY and california for my fees and unpaid wages. I know that they are different today but it does not account for the money that is still owed based ona bill that has passed and supporting independent contractor and I have these rights based on sports and liesure laws and labor laws I want someone to help asap and setup something for them to start paying there is a clause out that and restraining order for no harm and my reputation which lost me clients and my rep on the list at the time which is illegal and by policy I can demand the losses for it took over 3 years and still in hard times of employment because of companies I dealt with that run billion dollar business using means that are supposedly against the law. I am now seeking 336 million yahoo and them avoid me. they know they oh from judges telling them too. yet they still can pay some lady 40 million for a ceo but not pay back their settlements or investors? I ask that a media rep contact me personally.
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #349908
Aug 14 2008
06:06 PM
LadySusanne ,Susan Masi Adviser On LadySusanne aka Susan Masi scammer, liar, harmful Los.Angeles California
I have found many disturbing reports on the Internet regarding LadySusanne. I have also left my comments on another complaint board about her. Only to be slammed by a person that is like LadySusanne's body guard. It is really sickening. I was going to continue with my experiences with this adviser who operates on on the other board but I decided to go with a more reputable site such as rip off report. Many complaints about LadySusanne claim that there is always kids yelling in the back ground and she claims or her alias claims she has no small children. Yes she does have school aged children. I also know this person's real name for she gave it to me upon discussion. She was looking for me to contact her outside of Keen. There is another report on this site that states this adviser is unethical. I agree completley that she is. She does talk about other advisers on Keen and other advisers are very upset with her and she has burned alot of people. She also is very distant when you try to receive a reading from her and since I have only called her twice, once when I found her listing and then another when she sent free minutes I figured I would use the free minutes and see if she conducted herself better. No. She sounded tired and not in tune with the issue I was calling about. I am writing this because all the reports I have read on this adviser are true and this one heroic person that always comes to her rescue is crazy. On the other board she calls people names and threatens. I do not know over half of what she is talking about. I think it is an injustice that one cannot express your self about what has transpired with a person without getting literally attacked. I mean attacked verbally!! LadySusanne has used her position to prey on the weak. I talk to many advisers on Keen and they told me to post this here. And they stated they will come aboard to back me up if I get attacked on here and it won't be pretty. LadySusanne has upset many people including her own family. I know this first hand. She has no regard for another's feelings whatsoever, unless it is to benefit her. After I posted the one complaint on the other board I received many emails not only from the other people that posted on that board, but a family member of Ladysusanne. She hurts not only strangers but loved ones. This is very sad. How can a person be on a site advising others, giving direction and she has her own life so upside down? And this person that keeps defending LadySusanne should know her business is being aired. LadySusanne was warned about this person by an email, and she passed an email back stating thankyou for the warning about the person in question. That she did not have any problems with her so far but thank you for the warning. Now, does that sound like someone that is a friend to this person? No. A friend would tell the person emailing her that she has her facts wrong. Defend the person not thank the person that sent the email. Like I said, I know many advisers and am friends with them. I know alot of information about this M that she has only told ladysusanne. Recent information. How? LadySusanne has told others. I strongly advise for anyone to think twice before calling this adviser. She doesn't have many callers left anyway. But you can't talk bad about others, gossip and spread lies without it coming back into your face. I wanted to state all this in the other board but after reading the response I got it was like all this M' does is sit there and watch this board. That is how sick it is. Once M finds out who she really is dealing with, we will hear from her too. I am sure of it! Kristina Hartford, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Los .Angeles, California
12, Report #1406338
Oct 14 2017
07:41 PM
Warrior Neema Clairvoyant Neema warrior remote viewer I can give you blow by blow accounts Warrior Neema is an internet psychic on Keen . This advisor will string you along and take your money . This advisor told me three years ago I would marry this man, but he has moved away and is having a baby with another woman. One of the most fraudulent unethical person I have come across in my lifetime. Also when you present info to her that she was wrong, she will start swearing at you and threatening you, will send harassing emails. Internet
 This woman is one of the most fraudulent unethical people I have ever come across . Lied and strung me along with prediction of marriage with this man but he has moved away and expecting a baby with someone else. She also told me I would inherit money from insurance and actually told me to download and submit forms to the state!! I wish I could get reimbursed for the hundreds of thousands of dollars I spent calling this advisor . They need to be shut down , it's like a gambling addiction. Fraud , unethical . When I presented info to her that she was wrong she cursed at me and threatened me
Entity: Internet
13, Report #652734
Oct 19 2010
09:23 AM
KEEN Diamond Psychic Is a FRAUD! Her service does not work. She takes your money and DOES NOT do anything. Do not waist your time or money. Internet
Diamond Psychic, will waist your time and money. She keeps increasing her rates. She tells you what you need to hear. She is a FRAUD. Do not spend your time or money on her. She is full of LIES.
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #657784
Nov 03 2010
11:37 AM
keen your personel advisor keen by ingenio Blocke my service Internet, California
After being a loyal customer for nearly a year on this site and spending more then $25,000 I have been blocked. I went through the channels that they required but never heard back from them. Keen doesn't allow you to speak to anyone on this matter it all has to be done via email.    I have tried to contact since then and called customer service but have gotten no where. I have never had any dealing with the company where you can not speak to someone on this matter. People BEWARE of this company they will eat your money and then drop you. Most of the pychics are not good but there are a few who are too bad they are with this company. It is a big ripoff and scam and they pray on people.
Entity: Internet, California
15, Report #681842
Jan 21 2011
10:26 AM
Keen Cheated of $3000 by Keen Psychic LA, Internet
I have been passing through a horrible phase in life and as such took refuge into keen psychics almost to an addiction. In Aipril 2010 I was cheated by a Psychic named Kimberly of $3200 who claimed herself to be associated with the church at LA. She literally hypnotised me saying she would do spiritual work to remove all negativity. I believed her because I was emotionally vulnerable at that moment. She gave me her personal tel # showing her large heart and gradually extracted $3200 through western union in installments of $1000 and $500s. She said that she would return the money after the work because it was a must to keep that cash on the altar while she was doing the work. She blackmailed me and mentioned awful things stressing about my Fathers death, and kept insisting if I don't give her money then there will be death destruction and what not. She managed taking the $3200 and that's when my eyes opened that she is a Fraud. I complained to keen and they just refunded the $200 which was taken through their website. Her name is Psychic Soulmate specialist aka Kimberly. She has removed that profile from Keen but is now probably thriving under another name to cheat someone else. I tried taking legal help but again they were asking for a lot of money. I still have her Tel # 3109366737 which is no longer valid. I am just an international student and instead of getting any kind of help I have been totally drained of finances, emotional peace and everything. I feel so ashamed that I cannot share this with anyone. No one can do anything to help me but I want people to read this. Thanks S from Chicago
Entity: LA, Internet
16, Report #842924
Feb 22 2012
01:16 PM I am an advisor on keen, but not living in the united states they are not paying me for my work on keen and refuse to give me an explanation other than check is in the mail and postal system to blame. NOT GETTING PAID Internet, Internet
I am a non US resident and work on Keen as an advisor, they are not sending me my check any more for funds earned and have not been paid since December's earning in 2011 I am not the only advisor not being paid anyone outside the USA have not been paid either and when you call and ask they say the postal system is not working and check in the mail.   Of course all other mail except keen's comes it is horrid and a ripoff to work on that site they now refuse to pay and say check is in the mail..Come on who in this day and age says check is in the mail of course they are lying no check was made or issued since 2011!  They are committing FRAUD
Entity: Internet, Internet
17, Report #505062
Oct 06 2009
09:12 AM
Your Grant Advisor Unauthorized charge from my checking account Internet
A representative from Your Grant Advisor called me several months ago to solicit and I declined.  2 months later I was checking my online bank transactions and discovered they had charged me for 2 months service and the intro DVD, which I did not receive. When I called them, they denied they had charged me at all.  I faxed and emailed them the copies of my bank statements 3 times, starting 2 months ago.  They still have not refunded my money, amounting to approximately $100, which they stole from my checking account. When I call them, I either get a busy signal, or a message to call another number.  When I called the other number, I found out it was a phone porn number. Do not do business with these people.  They are crooked through and through.
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #307700
Apr 13 2008
10:44 AM
Keen/ Ingenio Keen Psychic FAKES got me too.... for over $3000 dollars London United Kingdom
Keen got me the tune of over $3000 in two months. Perhaps, like other emotionally vulnerable souls, I turned to this method of counseling to see if it could, in any way, possible provide answers to a frustrating relationship issue that was not resolving itself. Contrary to the public stereotype of people who call psychics portrayed as bohemian liberals waiting for the world to change, affluent trophy wives with nothing to do between pilates class and dinner with the Spielbergs, or crazy aunt Sally, I am a well educated professional, who was as skeptical as they come, and willing to test these professed guides in order to catch them spreading fictional tales of happiness. It started with a couple of short calls to different psychics...some preferred to be called seer or clairvoyant to narrow the skill or focus they studied. Some used Tarot cards (which I still really don't understand, as there are a bizillion interpretations of the queen with her hands out, and stuff like that) and some use, other tokens to get them on track. I will name 25 of the specific psychics that I spoke with. Most calls were at least 10 minutes, with some longer than 45 minutes, depending upon how into the conversation we got: Tobias the Seer; Love Guide Maria, MsCherryTwo; 4corners; Moera; DeeRe; CoralAnn Psychic Priestess; Gifts of Faith; Earnest Ernest;Aeson Knight, ElizabethFrancis;Mushana;Master Psychic Vivian (who tried to fool me with a reading based on my favorite color); Arthur Lawrence; Sister Bianca; Mistic Visions; Lisa Dianne; Augustine Master Psychic; AlphaFemale; RaineDance; Everyone's Advisor; Visions by Carmela; Stella by Starlight; Jim 1537 and Helga Morrow. Admittedly, I was dumbfounded when one of the good ones came out of nowhere with specific details of my parents individual illnesses, in a call last November. Truly amazing. He could NOT have deduced that from anything I gave him. I took detailed notes during each call, and I still go back to that psychic's call notes and shake my head in disbelief that his guesses could have been so right on. I asked so do you have any feelings about my parents?. That's all I said. He said well, your mom's recouperation from lower back surgery is taking longer than even she expected, and it's not really getting any better, she's still in alot of pain, and your father is very concerned about his mortality. Seems that since his heart surgery, he is trying to get the family records in order. Well, guess what? That is EXACTLY what was going on. I almost wet my pants it was so right on. Not sure how he did that, but of course, that was my proof that he was absolutely real, and off we went into an hour's conversation that cost me over $300. At the time, I thought it was worth every penny. Reading back the notes, I'm still amazed at that conversation. HOWEVER, the stuff he said about my love relationship (which is why I called) was so far off, it was painful to hear him keep talking...I said, a few times, really? are you sure you have HIM? It doesn't sound like you're talking about so-n-so...that's so NOT him?. They reinforce and reiterate what they say, as a technique to increase trust. If they change their answers mid-response, we would think they are wavering. At least if they are standing by their convictions, we tend to think...hmmm....maybe I'M WRONG about him and they really know what's going on. In my notes from the various sessions, I can find tidbits of insight that can be applied to my situation, but could probably be applied to yours also. I feel as though, armed with some of this education, I can be one of their advisors too! When someone asks about trouble with a guy, or which guy is right for me or does he really like me, or is he just flirting...I could say things like they say (and tell me if this is familiar) Well, with him it's like two steps forward, and one step back. He isn't ready for a committed relationship, but he likes you and doesn't want to lose your friendship. But when he is, you are the person he wants to be with. Yes, he is aware you like him, but you are sending mixed signals and are very independent. Back off for a bit, and just be his friend. In about 2 months you will see him come around. Yes there are other women in his life, but he keeps comparing them to you, as you represent the benchmark of what he's looking for, but that scares him. Sound at all familiar? There are many versions of this type of response, and believe me, I've heard them all. Enough to give me hope, and enough fuel to embarrass myself with this guy who supposedly likes me but is showing it by dating other women, ignoring me, and NOT spending time with me when I ask...hmmm. Sounds like they are providing a foundation for my obsessive infatuation to fester, rather than encouragement to seek healthy relationships elsewhere. I've also heard that baiting a psychic and trying to test them is bad, as you will be messing with their reading when it should be open and honest. I would think that, if they were psychic, they could sense that game, and would tell you that you are blocking their vibe or something. I think it's another way of rationalizing wrong answers. They also say that free will could change the outcome of any situation. Again, carte blanche for erroneous readings. This is their way of saying that divine intervention overrules anything they say, and thus, they are not responsible for relaying accurate information. I KNOW that there are real individuals out there who have innate gifts that allow them to find missing people and solve murders. This is nothing about or against those folks. This is only about those who hide under the for entertainment purposes only umbrella and turn psychic readings into a despised circus sideshow, which tarnishes those with the true gift of vision. I just took the first step toward sanity, before writing this----I closed my Keen account. Will someone let me know if there is a 12-step program to psychic hotline addition recovery? I think I'll need to attend a few meetings. Rivka Orange County, CaliforniaU.S.A.
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19, Report #777450
Apr 25 2014
11:21 AM
Keen Empress Dawn Keen psychics are aware when a caller is calling and how much money is on the account. Empress Dawn bl coked a call as there was only sufficient calls for a 4 minute conversation. I asked her reason f Internet, Internet
Empress Dawn only takes calls if she sees there is sufficient funds for a long conversation, otherwise she blocks the calls. Psychic Giada 22, uses the funds to spend 5 minutes shuffling cards and only answers the quetsionwhen the beep for last minute remaining is alerted. Both very unethical and more money-grabbing mentality than serving customers honestly and ethically.
Entity: Internet, Internet
20, Report #842996
Feb 22 2012
03:33 PM
My Bff is a pyschic on that keen site, they keep missing her direct deposit and x pay shes a single mommy of 2 boys and they stopped paying her just like when she used to be on Ms.Cleo as a pyschic. she told me they don't send money checks to other pyschics and dont tell them why. maybe Ms. Cleo owns keen also or they are con peopls likat ms Cleo not good to steal from pyschics. my friend needs her money to feed her kids. keen you must be  getting ready to close your doors and keep the moneys like Ms. Cleo
Entity: Internet, Internet
21, Report #1200725
Jan 10 2015
12:29 PM
Keen Keen does not honor their promotions Internet does not honor the promotions they send out via email.  Typically it says if you add a certain amount of money to your account, they will match it with free money, or give you a discounted rate.  When you click through the email and add money on the Keen website, the promotion doesn't work.  When you contact customer service for help, they will just tell you that it should work if you click through the email.  They ignore you when you say you already did that and it does not work.  They will say they can redeem the promotion for you over the phone, IF you are willing to add more money.   When you say that you have already added the money required for the promotion, they say there is nothing they can do about it.  They won't admit that something went wrong on their end when you tried to redeem the promotion.  They just want you to add more money. It is fraudulent to offer a promotion, and then refuse to honor it.  
Entity: Internet
22, Report #361213
Sep 07 2008
08:13 PM psychic advisor scam... buyer beware!! Internet
I am very upset and sadly very disappointed with an experience on the psychic site, After calling an advisor named Hot Spy Campbell for the first time I was charged $20 a minute for a reading that was confusing and way off like she was talking to someone else. I left the reading more upset and confused than when I first talked called. However, after the initial phone call, she continued to send me via email continued preditions that I didn't even ask for nor did I want. Almost every day I would get emails saying that she was spying on me and seeing my world or watching my back. Then I would be sent preditions with lead-in sentences that would catch my emotional attention with a cost of $29.99 to view and read the rest of the message. I admit, I would wonder what she had to say about that aspect of my life in which she was speaking of in her lead-in sentence. I admit that I was curious, and I paid $29.99 to view a several page PDF file of text that didn't make any sense to me. It was peppered with... text saying.... if this doesn't make sense and if you have any questions, call me and I can tell you who I am seeing and answer your questions or tell more details. I was more frustrated after reading these so called prections. I eventually blocked any more emails or contact. First of all, I value my personal space and I did not give my permission for her to continue to read my life. This is an outrage to me and an incredible invasion on my personal boundaries. I didn't ask for someone to constantly come and tell me what I should do or shouldn't do, nor play on my emotions thinking that this person knows more about my life than I did. It sounds like she has my best interest at heart, but for $30 and only getting so called accurate visions on my life, then to be told to call and get more specifics, I feel ripped off big time. I just want to warn others about this aspect of keen advisors that try to play on your emotions with a price tag attached. Nikita Seaside, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #474386
Jul 28 2009
08:26 PM
Askgrace Keen Thanks for costing me my marriage with your bulls**t Internet
Hi, While looking for hackers, I had a sniffer on my network and watched my wife talk to these psychics and get bad advice from them about our marriage. Real negative stuff. Its amazing how these 'psychics' just commiserate with vulnerable people and manipulate them. I admit, my wife was a noodle for even believing in this crap, but these people really took her and our marriage for a ride. We're getting divorced now. I guess its for the best, but I feel it didn't have to be that way. :( PS - Hey Grace, I was actually faithful to her until 2 weeks ago when we started planning the divorce. Thank you for feeding my wife's insecurities and paranoia and turning her against our marriage. You could have guided her positively and reinforced her commitments and our love instead of filling her mind with bullshit just to keep her talking to you. Nice going, I hope I see you at a convention somewhere. PS - my girlfriend doesn't believe in any of this garbage so maybe im safe now - just in case though I think I will throw $500 at a guru and have them cast a spell on you or something. Rrd suquamish, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #761006
Aug 04 2011
03:51 PM
McAfee site advisor Site Advisor Mcafee is a killer to your business and lacking of time to service anyones account Internet
Please notice it took over a month for them to even answer my email and then all they had to say was they was too busy to handle their job. McAfee is a Ripoff anymore and should be posted as a very bad company to do business with.I spent over a 6 months to get them to say, oh maybe we made a mistake...and your site was not really bad or computer program is not so great!Re: [Ticket ID #IFB-52849-912] your site advisisor is killing off your long term mcafee customers, like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!McAfee SiteAdvisor Support <>Thu 8/4/2011 10:13 PMHello, Thank you for contacting us.SiteAdvisor has tested millions of websites, and stillhas many millions more waiting to be tested. Meanwhile, our automated webtesting system is re-evaluating existing sites to see if their ratings need tochange. Please understand that this process can take a very long time, giventhe magnitude of the task. Please check your rating again after at least eightweeks. If it is still gray at that point, I'll see if there's anything I can doto accelerate the process for you. Sincerely,PandiarajanAvert ServicesMcAfee SiteAdvisor------------------------Please reply directly to this email for all futurecorrespondence pertaining to this issue.  On Sun, 03 Jul 2011 21:27:34 -0400, James Scott Bailey<> wrote:> Name: James Scott Bailey>                                           Email:>                                           Subject: your site advisisor is killing off your long term mcafeecustomers, like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>                                            What is the URL you are appealing?:>                                           Type of Inquiry: Bug report>                                           What facet would you like to appeal?: Choose>                                            Is site owner?: No>                                           SiteAdvisor ID: >                                           Comments: I have been with mcafee for over 20 years and your service useto be great, but now it is not looking so good, problem after problem afterproblems........> > www.hostgator.comsays the problems is on your side not their side, my web site is fine, mcafeeis wrong again...........> > please fix www.basigninc.comand www.abcled.comASAP>>>>>>>>>>>>>> So they do notshow up as bad.
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #1118012
Jan 23 2014
06:50 PM
Keen Rip me off Internet
I call Keen to speak to psychic and reach one that seem to know my problem and she could help me ; she gave her number so I call her; The same night she ask to paid with net-reloadcard; I did and she will give all the anwers and help clean all bad negative energy; We talk more once and she never deliver all the answers; me and partner startedd talking alittle better, but still not back the same and she ask me for more money. if keen is montoring there call they should be able to address this problem . I feel that they hire anyone that feel they have the powers, I refuse to give no- more money and she doesn't call like use to and always asking for money and she has all sickness in her family. That's nott right, I don't want to expose her because I feel keen already knows. I paid 150.00 and about couple later she ask for me.  I send her text  and she will not call back or response. What hurt me she ask me to help me; i should have know better, this business people will rip off.
Entity: usa, Utah

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