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1, Report #1102464
Nov 26 2013
06:44 PM
KlearGear.com KlearGear.com sold me products made of lead, asbestos, and spent uranium. KlearGear.com KlearGear.com
This company is complete crap. NEVER buy from them. They are evil. They will give you cancer. They are a cancer.
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2, Report #1110606
Dec 26 2013
12:22 PM
KlearGear.Com Legal@KlearGear.Com Terms of Use RipOff Grandville Michigan
KlearGear.Com includes language that is beleived to be unfair to customers and may be illegal that creates a cause for KlearGear.Com to sue ex parte web users and fine them $3500.   Ultimately KlearGear.Com turns the cause over to a collections agency to create an uncomfortable circumstance that effectively is used to hararass if not black mail (if it is in fact illegal) unsatisifed customers.   Since I am not a KlearGear.Com customer, I am not subject to their Terms and I therefore can post this message that only contains facts about them without fear that they may take me to court.   Please go to CNN.COM and see the report on KlearGear.Com before you buy anything from them...   If you believe what the CNN.Com report says, well, you make you own call...   Bad Company..... Bad... Bad... Bad... Bad... Bad...
Entity: Grandville, Michigan
3, Report #1099845
Nov 16 2013
09:45 AM
KlearGear.com Klear Gear, Klear-Gear KlearGear.com Klear Gear, Klear-Gear Internet
KlearGear.comDon't do business with.Will take your money, never ship any items, report you to the credit companies, then charge you for things you never ordered, close shop, never respond in person... and I think they fund terrorist organizations as well... I read it somewhere on an FBI website or something. 
Entity: internet, Internet
4, Report #1110576
Dec 26 2013
11:51 AM
Entity: Grandville, Michigan
5, Report #1099954
Nov 16 2013
04:32 PM
Kleargear.com un-American, unconstitutional Grandville Michigan
This company will threaten to ruin your credit or fine you thousands of dollars if you exercise your constitutional right to free speech- i.e., if you complain about them online, even if it is a valid criticism. No one should patronize this company period.
Entity: Grandville, Michigan
6, Report #1106273
Dec 11 2013
08:04 PM
kleargear.com NO THANKS nationwide
I have read all these comments about the compeny and I am just thankful that I did as I was going to order something from Kleargear.com...  I will NEVER order anything from them at all....  I was also shocked to see that the company wanbted to fine a customer $3500.00 just for theur opinion of the company...  It just makes them look like idiots and money greedy type of company and who falsly claim to be accrediated with BBB and have a rating of A+ which I found not to be true after reviewing it on BBB website....   They will lie and deciet to get your money...  I aint shopping with them. PERIOD!  
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7, Report #1102577
Nov 27 2013
09:53 AM
Entity: Select State/Province
8, Report #1099675
Nov 15 2013
07:16 PM
kleargear.com Fraud, 1st Amendment infringement, theft Internet
This report is being submitted on behalf of a former customer of kleargear.com who shall remain nameless for reasons I will explain. When you order from kleargear, they will charge your credit card, keep your money, and do not send you the products you've ordered.  This is fraud. When you initiate a chargeback from your credit card issuer, they charge you again.  This is theft. There is a clause in the legal section to which you must click I agree before allowing you to continue with the transaction.  The clause states that you agree to refrain from making defamatory statements to anyone concerning your transaction or face a $3500 fine.  Defamatory remarks include any and ALL negative reviews of the company, to include social media, reports to the Better Business Bureau, or reviews on RipoffReport.  Not only is this illegal, it is a blatant suppression of a citizen's first amendment right to free speech, and it is also blackmail.  If you refuse to pay the fine, they report a $3500 delinquency to the three credit reporting bureaus, causing your future credit applications to be denied and/or your interest rates to go up. Do not attempt to buy anything from this unethical, blackmailing, piece of garbage con-artist haven masquerading as a legitimate internet company.  I hope every customer they have files a lawsuit for the lost credit value and increased interest rates from the effects of an unpaid $3500 charge being reported to the credit bureaus.   Bring this farce to the ground and bury it.
Entity: Evans, Georgia
9, Report #1100389
Nov 18 2013
04:00 PM
Kleargear.com Terrible customer service Nationwide
 Orders are almost never sent in a reasonable time. They won't answer phone calls. Terrible customer service. Don't shop here.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1099926
Nov 16 2013
02:22 PM
KlearGear.com Fraudulent Credit report Grandville Michigan
I just read an article about this company and how this company punishes you if you file a negative review, by submitting and falsifying an adendum to your credit report. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with this company, as they apparently have a practice of violating State and Federal credit and consumers Laws !
Entity: Grandville, Michigan
11, Report #1099727
Nov 15 2013
09:01 PM
Kleargear.com Rip off artists extraordinaire! nationwide
In 2009, Jen Palmer’s husband bought some Christmas gifts from KlearGear.com. When the merchandise still hadn’t arrived a month later, PayPal closed the transaction and refunded her money. (PAYPAL *knows* what they are doing!) Palmer tried to contact the company to inquire about the order, but couldn't get in touch with anyone. Frustrated, she wrote a critical review of the company on RipoffReport.com and moved on. But as KUTV reports, KlearGear.com resurfaced three years later and has turned Palmer’s life upside down, slapping her with a $3,500 fine and reporting her to the nation’s three major credit agencies. (Which is *ILLEGAL*!) This is fraud, Palmer told the station. They're blackmailing us for telling the truth. Here’s what happened. Tucked away in the agreement language almost no one ever reads, was a clause stating that anyone who buys something from the website agrees to never publicly criticize the website. The exact language reads: In an effort to ensure fair and honest public feedback, and to prevent the publishing of libelous content in any form, your acceptance of this sales contract prohibits you from taking any action that negatively impacts kleargear.com, its reputation, products, services, management or employees. However, on some review sites individuals claim that the clause only went into effect in 2013, meaning that Palmer should be exempt from the fine policy. Interestingly, review sites also contain a number of mixed to negative customer reviews but only this one mention of the company actually issuing a fine to a customer. And the actual language from the clause has since been removed from Kleargear's website. In fact, the company may be facing some heat for bragging about it's own reviews. The Better Business Bureau has issued an alert against KlearGear saying the company has falsely claimed to have received an A+ rating from the BBB. As of November 28, 2012, the BBB became aware that the company's website is displaying a BBB Accredited Business logo and BBB Rating A+, reads a statement on the BBB website. However, the company is not an accredited BBB business and the BBB rating is not A+. As of November 28, 2012, the BBB became aware that the company's website is displaying a BBB Accredited Business logo and BBB Rating A+; however, the comapny is not a BBB accredited business and the BBB rating is not A+. - See more at: http://www.bbb.org/western-michigan/business-reviews/novelties-retail/kleargear-in-grandville-mi-38143064#sthash.w85vkPeA.dpuf As of November 28, 2012, the BBB became aware that the company's website is displaying a BBB Accredited Business logo and BBB Rating A+; however, the comapny is not a BBB accredited business and the BBB rating is not A+. Still, someone from the company contacted Palmer’s husband via email and told him he had 72 hours to remove her critical review from the site Ripoff Report, or face the $3,500 fine. Her review read in part, There is absolutely no way to get in touch with a physical human being at the site, adding that they have, horrible customer service practices. Nonetheless, Jen Palmer actually contacted Ripoff Report but that site demands $2,000 to remove a post. Naturally, Palmer refused to pay the fee. Then, she found out that not only had Klear Gear imposed its arbitrary fine, but they had reported the “failure to pay” status to the major credit bureaus. And the credit bureaus haven’t been helpful either, refusing to remove the mark from her husband's credit score. Jen Palmer says that she and her husband are now receiving rejection letters from lenders as a result of the negative mark on their credit score. So, the Palmers now find themselves at the mercy of three unresponsive entities: the website that fined them for exercising their First Amendment rights, the review site that refuses to remove her post and the credit bureaus, which are taking the side of the website over a customer who may be the victim of corporate fraud. In the meantime, KUTV has put the Palmers in contact with a media relations representative at Experian, in an attempt to resolve the situation. I have the right to tell somebody else these guys ripped me off, Palmer said.
Entity: Select State/Province
12, Report #1099735
Nov 15 2013
09:20 PM
KlearGear.com Corporate fraudsters internet
Kleargear is guilty of corporate fraud.  They have enforced a fraudulent fine on a customer, that was written into their contract agreements after the original purchase.  Since, the verbage has been removed from contracts. I ask you though, how is it this company can charge a customer $3500 for something, particularly when the verbage for said fine was only added after the original purchase?  And then, when you tell them they have no right to charge you, they report you for default to the credit bureaus? This is fraud in its purest form. This company's owners should be arrested and incarcerated.
Entity: Select State/Province
13, Report #1099813
Nov 16 2013
07:48 AM
kleargear.com Klear Gear Jerks internet
Doesn't deliver merchandise then tries to extort thousands of $. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/oddnews/company-fining-woman--3-500-for-negative-review-she-posted-online-233919450.html
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1103483
Dec 01 2013
08:53 PM
KlearGear.com CNN Report Internet
Hey just saw the KlearGear.com report on CNN about them charging a couple $3500 for a negative online review. Nice job KlearGear. You just lost every customer you were ever going to have. Fire your PR person and/or lawyers.
Entity: Internet, Select State/Province
15, Report #523693
Nov 14 2009
02:41 PM
KlearGear.com charged my credit card and did not ship merchandise, Internet
I ordered merchandise from Klear Gear, the order was confirmed and I received an email stating the order was being shipped via usps on 10/23/09.   As of today, 11/14/09, the order has not been received.   I twice attempted to check the tracking number they gave me with no results.  I finally tried calling the company and got an automated message that that service was not available, that I should email their help line.  I did that and that wasn't working either.  I contacted my credit card company and am disputing the charge.  I wish I had known about these other fraudulent charges before I ordered from them.
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #1102615
Nov 27 2013
11:49 AM
Kleargear.com Kleargear Ripoff, fraudulant Grandville Michigan
This company has the lowest ethics ever. The company try and fine people for leaving negative reviews after the customer receives bad service. I would never use them and will let others know how bad they are!
Entity: Select State/Province
17, Report #1100101
Nov 17 2013
01:37 PM
KlearGear.com Beware their Terms and Conditions Internet
Beware their terms and conditions.  When you purchase from them, you waive your first Amendment rights to free speech and cannot post any negative feedback on any site or receive a $3500. fine.  This is also reported on your credit reports.  People are fighting it, but until then, stay away! kutv.com/news/top-stories/stories/vid_8079.shtml 
Entity: Select State/Province
18, Report #1111153
Dec 27 2013
07:14 PM
Kleargear.com Unprofessional late unsatisfactory worthless unhelpful greedy pigs Grandville Michigan
Anyone who decides to buy from this company should beware! They will take your money and not give you anything in return! Stay away! I called there customer service number and got no response. I would not reccomend this company to anybody. Thanks for the headache and stress Kleargear.
Entity: Select State/Province
19, Report #1099691
Nov 15 2013
07:56 PM
Kleargear.com Klear Gear SCAM AND A RIP OFF CA
This place is a scam. They will threaten you and blackmail you if you post a bad review. Just check the news and you will see. 
Entity: Select State/Province
20, Report #1099699
Nov 15 2013
08:04 PM
KlearGear.com BE AFRAID.....BE VERY AFRAID! Grandville, MI
Who the h*** do these freaks think they are?  They provide crap service, and then go after you for calling them out!  Amazing!!I wouldn't buy NADDA from these jerks. 
Entity: Select State/Province
21, Report #1099706
Nov 15 2013
08:36 PM
KlearGear.com Dishonest, Thieves, Crooks, Liars, Ripoffs. Grandville Michigan
They are thievs, and ripoffs. They commit fraud of the utmost proportions. They will steal your money. They are a part of organized crime.
Entity: Grandville, Michigan
22, Report #1099709
Nov 15 2013
08:38 PM
KlearGear.com Extortion, Criminal activity, Horrible business practices! Grandville Michigan
Making false claims about their Better Business Bureau rating. BS language in their Terms and Conditions which should be illegal as it prevents free speech. Breach of contract by not fulfilling transaction. The people that work there are horrible at customer service and they do not care about resolving problems that THEY have caused. Horrible, horrible business. 
Entity: Grandville, Michigan
23, Report #1099632
Nov 15 2013
03:31 PM
kleargear.com Blackmails customers to remove negative reviews Grandville Michigan
According to this news report, disatisfied customers of kleargear.com who leave negative reviews can, and, evidently, will be fined $3500 for leaving a negative review on sites like this one. I am making this report in order to ensure that others can avoid purchasing from kleargear.com if they value their right to speak freely about interactions with merchants what they experience in that interaction.
Entity: Grandville, Michigan
24, Report #1103991
Dec 03 2013
12:21 PM
KlearGear.com Worst Customer Service Ever!!!! Is this a real company???? Internet
 This place must be a scam out of someones bedroom.  I tried to order, kept getting error messages, tried to call 10 times, never an answer.  Even resorted to the spanish option.   RIP OFF----RIP OFF-----
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1103993
Dec 03 2013
12:22 PM
Kleargear.com Rooting for Public Citizen in their lawsuit against this company Internet
It is hard to believe that in today's web based world an internet retailer would take this tact to penalize an unhappy customer by seeking $$ retribuition for a disbaraging (but true) online review.  Rooting for the good guys in this battle.
Entity: Internet

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