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1, Report #161312
Oct 19 2005
11:50 AM
Kristopher Hunt And Jeanne Paramo ripoff, stolen checks, fraud Bloomington California
Kristopher hunt stole a check out of my check book and forged my signature for $5000. Then he tried to have for false information so I wouldnt find out about the check. Mitch Pomona, CaliforniaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Bloomington, California
2, Report #247206
May 06 2007
10:11 PM
KRISTOPHER HUNT - JEANNE PARAMO He is BUSTED! ripoff Corona California
Kristopher Hunt is currently in the custody of The Los Angeles County Court System and the San Bernardino County Court System. He is being charged with forgery, internet fraud and various other crimes. If you have been a victim of his deceitful and illegal ways, you can find him through the Los Angeles County Courts and the San Bernardino/Rancho Cucamonga Court systems. Kristopher Hunt has been ripping people off and it is time that he gets his just deserves. What goes around comes around! Mitch Pomona, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Corona, California
3, Report #98528
Jul 12 2004
09:07 AM
Deproducts Aka Kristopher Hunt (on digital camera ripoff Internet Internet
I first noticed this company by searching for cameras on I trusted that if someone was selling products here they must really have product to sell. I made my purchase on May 31st. On June 2nd I received an e-mail saying the product was sold out and so I figured my check wouldn't be cashed but I kept checking the bank for several days. The check wasn't cashed until 10 days later and I didn't notice for a few days. By the time I did it was too late to receive money back from my bank because you have to dispute within 24 hours with a check transaction. It was very clever to wait so long to cash the check. I have reported this to the FTC and also to ITIbank, the check service used. Hopefully this person will be caught. Be cautious of someone that only allows purchases using online check services. I found out the hard way that if I had even used my debit card at least I would have been covered for 60 days. Jessica Madison, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #100650
Jul 26 2004
05:08 PM
Kristopher Hunt - Deproducts - ITI Internet Services Ripoff s400 digital camera linked from Chino California
I went to Kristopher Hunt's link from's page where he was advertising s400 digital cameras for $185. I paid for the camera thru ITI Internet Services, and received a confirmation email from them on June first. However, I still have not received a camera. Anonymous Cincinnati, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Chino, California
5, Report #99300
Jul 17 2004
06:20 AM
De Products , Inc,. Kristopher Hunt Never sent camera, and cashed my check Chino California
I had ordered a digital camera from Kristopher Hunt on 5/10. He had emailed me once and said they were having problems with pay by check and he would mail the camera overnight at no extra charge. The check was cashed on 6/7/04. I still have never received the camera. I have emailed him several times. He has never responded. Do not trust these people. Deanna Reynoldsville, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Chino, California
6, Report #101154
Jul 29 2004
09:01 AM Aka Kristopher Hunt Or Jeanne Aka Kristopher Hunt Or Jeanne Paramo Ripoff; website and persons selling camera on it, I believe, are bogus I never received my paid for ewquipment parties are involved in what appears to be Internet Crime Chino California
I purchased a Canon Camera from a person claiming to be Kristopher Hunt on a website that appears to be Payed for merchandise using Pay by Check. Received some sort of receipt but NEVER received the camera. All info linking to this site was unattainable. There is 2 email address's for this party in which one was Voice mail for this party also claiming it was full. Filed internet fraud report with FBI. Also alerted pay by check and AOL about recent bad transactions. I received a paper draft (in place of an actual check)in ADDITION to the one I authorized for the canon camera. It was made out to a different party that I NEVER authorized. This check was stated fraudulent. I see that there are quite a few other people who have written posts about this same subject/transaction. Hopefully something will soon be done to partys involved in this wrong doing. Anonomous, Pompano Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Chino, California
7, Report #674022
Dec 21 2010
01:56 PM
kristopher thibault scammer, thief, liar pompano, Florida
This guy is a rip-off scammer and liar who claims to come from Virginia and has an auto window repair business. In reality he has a fake business card with an address that is not his and does NOT have any type of business at all. I rented a room to him and he claimed to work from home.In Florida you are entitled to a free windshield a year if completely insured. He cashes in by claiming to take care of it for you andyour insurance company pays him when he gets all your information. His bank account is always overdrawn in different banks and is using my address as his home base. I literally threw him out when I found out about the cable porno. He never paid me for any of it and left here claiming this was a party house and could not work. I found out later he told that story to another person he tried to rent from and whenI spoke to the landlord he threw him out also for lying. Needless to say I amnot running a party house here, i am a disabled grandmother who tried to help him.He played on my sympathy with a story about having cystic fibrosis and the whole woe is me story. He was very unclean, ate whatever i had in the house and did not contribute anything. Finally when I got my cable bill I found he had ordered $300.00 worth of expensive pornographic movies on my account at all hours of the day and night. All this while claiming to be working in his room. I would be very careful not to rent to this guy and watch out if he is going to do your windshield. He is capable of ripping you off and then running. His family wants nothing to do with him and now I know why. He is about 25 years old and comes on like a nice guy, boy did he ever fool me!
Entity: pompano, Florida
8, Report #102769
May 10 2007
04:26 PM
Kristopher Hunt Deproducts rip-off! Took money, never sent camera, no refund, no response to emails. Chino Internet
Found Canon S400 camera on Tried to purchase through amazon, but payment did not go through. So, I followed the link in the product description and ordered direct through the website. Received a confirmation email, money was debited. BUT the camera was never received. Have sent numerous emails and made phone calls to Kristopher Hunt and have received no response. Susanna Duncanville, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1236873
Jun 20 2015
11:19 AM
Kristopher Thibault & Luciano Junior, 'IWC Car Wash' Thief, scammer and liar Boca Raton / Pompano Beach Florida
These guys claim to have opened up a Car Wash called IWC recently, Using all or most Chevron Gas Stations in the area. Advertised their 'Business' online. Kristopher Thibault keeps an employee at each of the locations he has opened. I was one of these people. I worked in car wash's before and I know how they work. Now the image from an outsider this IWC may seem clean, somewhat. But from the workers, its everything but that. Barely, if any supervision for a new place, Kris is never there, literally. 1 Person is kept at each New Location to make it look atleast a little like a business. Cheapest products you can find on the market are used, and these guys just don't come across as a business owners, even a new one at that. The whole business scam It's just.. ridiculous, for lack of a better word.Regardless, of the above I decided to stay and continue working. Until the rip off, you work and they don't pay. When it's time to recieve your check, He will delay it for as long as he can. With nonsense, like for example The check is with the gas station you should be able to recieve it when the manager shows up. Come on really? Multiple times he claims he will be at the Car Wash at certain times in order to pay, hes never there. Something always comes up. Claims he will go to your home to pay you and this just goes on and on. Tried to contact any associates of his from chevron about the matter. Thats when the whole IWC Car Wash facade just dropped. Kristopher is calling my phone repeatedly, harrassing nonstop, claiming to pay 75% less than minimal wage. Changing his stories, claiming theft. and several other absurd claims. Not to mention the fact that he delayed the employer / employee paperwork. Not knowing the severity of that for him, tries to use it against the person he has working for him. Sound like a business owner to you? Until I decided, you know what, lets just report this guy, save anyone the trouble of being in the same or similar situation in the future.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
10, Report #95471
May 11 2007
03:34 PM Owned By Kristopher Hunt ripoff: Took Money but No shippment. No response to calls and emails. Chino California
As reported by Kristen from Alpharetta, Georgia, same thing happened to us. We placed the order on June 1 and the check was cashed on June 9. I emailed him several times and no reponse. I called the number listed on the receipt of the order, there was only voice mail, saying 'the mail box is full'. I looked up that number and it is located as Ontario, CA, and is no longer in service. I think we should report this guy to the police together. Jianna San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Chino, California
11, Report #98057
May 11 2007
03:35 PM
Deproducts, Inc., Kristopher Hunt Ripoff - Took money and did not send camera. Doesn't answer calls or correspondence. Chino California
Ordered camera on 5/31. Cancelled order first of June. Kristopher Hunt took my money on June 10th and did not send the camera. His site promised 3 day USPS delivery. This man and his company are nothing but thieves. Dixie Verona, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Chino, California
12, Report #97522
May 11 2007
03:34 PM
Deproductsinc Aka Kristopher Hunt At Ripoff - Took money but did not deliver goods / camera. Chino California
I have seen three other reports on this person on this website. I have other information on this individual and have filed a report with the Internet Fraud Agency. I am thinking about filing a police report. He took my money and didn't send me the camera, either. Linda West Hollywood, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Chino, California
13, Report #112419
Dec 06 2004
04:57 PM
Kristopher Hunt - Cheeptronics - Rainhobbes Canon S410 auctions on eBay - takes money including PayPal and disappears Chino California
Kristopher Hunt is on a roll still. I suppose the previous entries on here would have helped me, but when I shearched his name last week nothing came up. I don't know why the police isn't doing something about this in Chino, but they should be... I purchased a Canon S410 at auction. Price was decent, but not something to attract attention: $255, when most of these cameras are going for closer to $275-280. He had 7 total feedback comments, and all of them positive and in the last month, so I thought it was safe so I sent money by Paypal after close of auction. Paypal supposedly has some kind of buyer protection, although their site has been down all day. Today I notice he is no longer a registered user on eBay, meaning either they kicked him off, or he disappeared. He has not answered any of my e-mails, nor confirmed sending out my camera. There were 4 auctions at the same time mine was on, so I wrote the other users to maybe warn them - but I think they all sent money already. Beware of this guy... and if you live in California, why not complain with the local police. Surely this is a crime there. I would be happy to supply any information that whould help prosecute him. Any lawyers in your friends & family? Why not sue him, maybe make it a class action. Or else someone should go visit him in person. Allen Lawrenceville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Chino, California
14, Report #943476
Sep 19 2012
10:43 AM
Kristopher T. Cox Studio 7E, Awesometron Hack, Unprofessional, Pretending to be a non-profit--IRS take note Richmond, Virginia
This company is accepting money for services pretending to be a non-profit. They aren't even registered with the SCC. Was considering using this company for a job, but the owner Kristopher Cox was incredibly unprofessional--obviously has zero experience. Not to mention he showed up on various rip off reports. The actual contact on his website, showing material he created--looks like a child produced them. 
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
15, Report #1151040
May 31 2014
06:49 AM
Entity: Select State/Province
16, Report #1162415
Jul 16 2014
06:59 AM
Kristopher K Dorn of Access Wireless Tucson Lifeline Government Program Kristopher K Dorn (Christopher Dorn) Kristopher K Dorn Made me Falsify My Address on my Government Lifeline application and use his home address to bypass the system. Tucson Arizona
I went to sign up for the Govenment Lifeline program. I met Kristopher Dorn and he told me to provide him with my ID and subsidy proof. So I gave him my ID and food stamp card. He was smoking at the table and appeared to be listening to music with his headphones from his phone. He was about 5'9 tall and had a hat on with shorts. He had blue eyes and short light hair. So after about a few minutes Kristopher told me that I could not use my P.O. box that was on my ID and told me not to worry that he will put down his personal residential address for me. I told him that I do not live there though. I asked him if I could get into trouble, and he responded, Don't worry, I put my address down all of the time for people. They will never know.I felt very uncomfortable about this knowing that this is a Government program. I figure that is breaking some kind of law or another and committing Fraud. Kristopher Dorn kept reassuring me that it would be alright and nobody would know. So I get my phone and then a few days later my service got disconnected because of the address. They called me to let me know. I feel really angry about this. I was lied to and Kristopher put down his personal address for me and wasted my time. I am also contacting the FCC about this Fraud that I experienced with Kristopher Dorn and Access Wireless. I would steer very clear of Kristopher Dorn and Access Wireless if I were you. Thank you.
Entity: Tucson, Arizona
17, Report #1389853
Aug 02 2017
06:28 AM
txbernedoodles Kristopher Coutee Puppy scam Odessa Texas Internet
At first glance website seemes professional including live chat feature. Personable individual asking all right questions draws you in. In retrospect website was missing critical information. I would have thought myself smarter than to fall for this. I had spoken with other breeders who had requested payment the way this website did, I got sucked in. Reputable breeeders are interested in supporting their buyers and and protecting their puppies. They provide secure methods of payment, like Paypal. Reputable breeders ship dogs the way website claimed they would do, they are involved from the very beginning in conversation and support. 
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1313859
Jun 27 2016
05:50 PM
Jb hunt Rip off Iowa
 Jb hunt hired my husband to work out of the Home Depot distribution center in Ohio He has drove truck for over 40 yrs. no accidents They have Bendix in their trucks cause they are so safety orientated. But the stupid thing goes off in contraction zones cause lanes are narrow. Goes off when a car cuts in front of the truck which happens all the time. So my husband had been in the office every week for the three weeks he has worked there because of this annoying Bendix. So today he was told he would have to ride with a trainer for several days but would not get paid. Really who in their right mind works for no pay. And how can he control construction lanes and bein cut off by cats DO Not WORK For Jb hunt. And there was several truck drivers in the break room and a dispatcher came in and pulled his shirt over his noise saying the truck drivers stink. Yes that's professional.
Entity: Iowa
19, Report #935766
Sep 01 2012
12:01 PM
RT Register Talent LLC Kristopher Howard Streamate f you are considering working for Register Talent LLC RT in Williamsville New York or any other studio or agency with your Streamate account, please read my review. I predict that RT will post many, Internet
If you are considering working for Register Talent LLC RT in Williamsville New York or any other studio or agency with your Streamate account, please read my review. I predict that RT will post many phony positive reviews after I spread my negative experience to as many people who I can get to read it. Please note that I will show my face to show you that I am a REAL person. I want to tell you about my experience with RT Cams and the nightmare Kristopher Howard and his company (one person) has put me through. I beg you to learn from my mistake, and AVOID this company like the plague. I am an amateur porn girl with a growing business. I contacted RT to help with my own website, and Kristopher was quick to direct me to his studio to webcam with Streamates. I have worked with Streamates before and with disappointing results (before my porn videos). Kris told me that some of his models are making 20-100% more from than what they made on their own, and also he would help me with my settings and make sure I was streaming in HD quality. He would also raise my private and exclusive rates and label my stream account as pornstar, all of this I could have done on my own, but the allure of his extra help with promotions, and confident voice made me quick to agree to sign on with him verbally, not written. Everything seemed perfect while he got me set up, a new webcam (I bought), new settings for my encoder, etc., until I got on and started working with him. I found that I was making the same on streamate that I was before, but was selling more of my videos, and custom videos. This is business that I would have made without him, because obviously I didnt have the porn business before. I was making the same as I did with him on the webcam alone, well almost minus his 5% cut. RT studios takes 5% of your pay and they advertise you on three of their sites that dont even show up in the top 10 pages of google search for cam girls, cam sex, or cam nude modeling; basically this means their sites are garbage. They also charge you $3 simply to write out a check for you, but he justifies it by telling you they do work by showing what you have made annually with their company. Which means nothing to me, I could do that by my own by logging in my earnings on an excel file, or just look it up because streamates saves your earnings information. I knew I wanted out right away, but I wanted to give them a fair shot. I gave them four weeks. I thought this was kind of me because this was repaying Kris for his time with me in setting up my account; he did help with my encoder and telling me my supposed HD webcam was garbage. The settings, by the way, is something you can also look up with streamates on your own. When I called to have Kris release me, he said that his manager, Evan might not allow me to be released. I was livid! I did what anyone would do when they are dissatisfied with a service. I asked to speak to a manager, which I will discuss later, I let him know that I will write honest reviews online of my experiences with RT, and I told him I will meet with a lawyer to help right their wrong. Kris saw this as threats, but I see it is a kindness to let him know that I am not one to be used and treated like a whore in his stable. Two days later I get a call from Kris, good news, they will release me. I sent an email to Streamate to release you from our studio. Phew! I was relieved but still suspicious. I popped onto my MissMissa account and did a private session with a customer. I looked at my earnings and saw that I was still working for Kris at RT. I emailed Stream Mates:  Chris from RT studios told me that he emailed you to release me. I signed on today, and found that they are still taking his 5 percent cut, so I quickly signed off. Please let me know when I am 100% with Streamates and NOT RT studios. Thanks, Melissa -- MissMissa on Streamate Stream mate emailed me back with a confusing response. They did not answer my question but left more questions to be answered: 'I'm sorry, but currently its not possible to just switch accounts. Accounts within studios are protected and cannot just close and open up elsewhere. Please contact your studio manager for any further questions. Hope this helps' Thanks Kris said that he would CC me on the email when he would release me previously, but he never did. I suspect that he never emailed Streamates at all! Why would he? If I get on, I work for him and his 5%, if I dont get on, there is no money to be made for him. There is no benefit in his mind to release me from his studio. I have texted him, and asked him to email again and CC me on the release email. No response. I am not able to speak to manager Evan, nor will Kris tell me the managers last name. If you do a search for RT company, it shows the company as 1 employee. This makes sense because the only person I have spoken with is Kris and he answers my streaming questions at different times of the day and night. The fact that this is a one man operation, doesnt bother me, but it does bother me when I am lied to. The fact that Streamate allows studios like RT to hijack your account, and sort of force you to work in a slavery type environment is outrageous, shocking, and just wrong. I sell independently on other website, and have other sources of income. If Streamate was my only income, I would be even more upset than I am. I shudder to think of all the women who are working in slavery type situations where they can not be released from their studios. It is my hope that as many women as possible read my story, and stay as far away from RT and other studios as possible. My prediction is that RT will post many fake positive reviews of his company. But to show you that I am a real person, I will post my face here. (MissMissa on
Entity: Williamsville NY 14221, Internet
20, Report #603353
May 14 2010
11:30 AM
Capital Guardian, LLC Kristopher Cardenti SCAMMERS, FRAUDS, DUE DILIGENCE SCAM Internet
Capital Guardian, LLC (NOT scammed us of $12,000 for Due Diligence which they said they would provide a deal dashboard and then take that to his lending bank for the LOC to be issued.  The dashboard was supposed to be a very detailed 80 - 100 page evaluation of our Line of Credit request and was to be delivered to us within 2 weeks.  1/2 our money ($6,000) was to be paid upon executing the contract and the other half after the summary and then the official copy would be released to us.  We paid the 1st $6,000 and waited.  Finally after almost 2 months with little to no contact from Kris, the Summary was issued.  The summary was very vague but had our numbers and some transactional detail and he assured us the 90 page final report would address everything.  We paid the additional $6,000 to have the final report issued, but Kristopher disappeared.  2 months later after threatening to press charges, he released a worthless report which basically took all the info we had provided, and compiled into a template report and had zero value as a tool for achieving financing.Once this was issued to us - he disappeared and countless efforts to contact him have failed.  These guys are FRAUDS, stay away!
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #1412059
Nov 15 2017
02:57 PM Kristopher Vincent Trevor total scam, BEWARE Washington
I ordered medical cannabis and send $1400 to them by Walmart2Walmart pay.  When my time came for arrivel I got an email from a fake shipping company, Intercontenental Discreet Transport, that said I needed to pay them $1950 for insurance and then they would deliver it and give me back all of the $1950 minus $98.  When I called the they said it was because they shipped it to this state for the first time and it will be ok.  I told them that i would not pay the insurance cost and they treatened to turn the package over to the police and then i would be in trouble. Do NOT send them any !
Entity: Washington
22, Report #649975
Oct 12 2010
11:24 AM
Hunt Management Milwaukee - Jeff Hunt - They simply ignore residents complaints! Mequon, Wisconsin
Hunt Management is our full service management company. It has been an absolute nightmare to get them to come out and address even the simple of maintanance issues. During board meetings they are very receptive but they never follow through. I pay around $400 each month in management fees and they do not attend to our problems at all.  Our representative at Hunt Management ignores my calls and does not answer emails like he did in the past. This complaint is not filed individualy, multiple residents have the same issues and it apparent that in order for them to respond they need to see that we are serious and refuse to roll over. We are currently discussing the option of replacing Hunt as management company but that takes time. Thanks You, Concerned Resident
Entity: Mequon, Wisconsin
23, Report #450806
May 11 2009
04:47 PM
Jb Hunt taken by but not took Lowell Arkansas
it all started 10yrs ago jb hunt has been tring to get me to come and work for them so after being laid off i answered ad for a lease purchase program for bgt turns out a rep from jb answers the ph i was doubtful but i let him make his pitch to make long story short as a fromer ower operator it sounded to good to be true but i needed to go to work so i bit after finishing orintation i spent an extra three days waiting on hair drug test results to come back along with 5 others the tests came back positve i have proof for the persciption but it was not allowed now guess what yes its on my dac need advice kevin stmarys, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Lowell, Arkansas
24, Report #460782
Jun 11 2009
02:03 PM
JB HUNT lease purchase program HUGE RIP OFF Lowell Arkansas
first thing first jb hunt lp is a huge rip off .. second that karen is right about alot of things there recruiters and staff are liers . i was told that my average load would pay 1.10 to 1.25 per mile well lie , i have only had 2 loads come even close they rape the freight price then give u the left overs and take 99 percent of that back. ive been driving truck for 10 plus years safely . ive done lp before and made alot of money . ive tracked whats i was offered and watched my fuel and watched what i spent and ate a lot of pp&j and i still didnt make any money in fact i went the wrong way . i dont know how the new boss can live with self knowing that he is rapeing so many drivers , and putting his drivers in bankruptcy court and die of starvation. ive been called by an jb hunt recuiter a dum fking truck driver reported to the right person and it went under rug the reason i know that is i asked what was the out come and she didnt know anything about it.. lies all lies , Liteningexpress03 urbana, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Lowell, Arkansas
25, Report #438250
Mar 27 2009
10:49 AM
Jb Hunt negitive lie on dac report Lowell Arkansas
as a driver for more than 20 years i thought i finallly found a good company to work for when i went to work for jb in 03 however that was not the case but i believed all the bull they fed me and kept trying to finish my driving career with them. mid nov i was told by fm there would be no hometime at either thanks giving or chistmas for anyone on her bad as this seems i had grown to expect this from the company and i tried to plan family time at different dates this did not work either as they go me home 3 days later.when it came time to leave back out i had been up for more then 9 hrs when my home phone rang. they had me a load i could pickup anytime b4 midnight this was not aproblem as i was only 2 hrs from pickup i asked when the load deliverd and was ask when i thought i could be there. by the time i got hometime issue set,it was early evening went to pickup load there was paperwork problems so by the time i left the customers i had now been up for 12 hrs plus so i drove back to a truck stop close to my house and took my dot 10 hr break.while doing pretrip insp the next morning i received a number of msgs from my fleet manager. In one of the m she told me i was fired and would never work for them again.this really upset me because as i said the day before by the time i took my DOT 10 break ihad been up more then 14 hrs,and i thought they were #1 in safety.long story short i was no longer employed by jbhunt so [ I could not drive there eqipment back to there terminal...} this was put on my DAC and now no one will hire me. I filed a dispute but USIS would not take it off.Any legal help would be great William jackson, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Lowell, Arkansas

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