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1, Report #273716
Sep 10 2007
03:46 PM
The Kroger Company/Kroger Food Stores Get hurt at Kroger,Catch hell from Kroger Shanadoah Texas
I sustained an on the job injury at one of Kroger food stores a little more than two and one half years ago.I was hit across the forehead by a steel beam that came unbolted from the wall in the warehouse.I had to have thirteen sutures in my forehead.Less than a week later,I was sent back to work and put back on a cash register to check. In addition to this injury,I now have problems with my neck,left shoulder,arm,and hand.I am in constant pain,and,Kroger does not care.I have been to several of their doctors, and,of course,each one has said there is nothing wrong with me.I have been told everything from ''it's all in your head,to Kroger is not responsible for you getting hurt.'' I have seen a doctor of my own,who has confirmed that I have several other injuries stemming from the first one,and Kroger refuses to accept this.Kroger doctors have not given me anything but an x-ray and test stress test for my left shoulder,no MRI,Cat Scan,or anything else. The enviroment I work in is so hostile and I have recieved so much retaliation and backlash from the company for trying to get treatment until I am stretched to my limit mentally and emotionally.I hate going to work for fear of losing my job. K.r. Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Shanadoah, Texas
2, Report #245632
Apr 25 2007
02:25 PM
Kroger Kroger coupon Scandal Ripoff Belpre Ohio
I was never trained on register or told to watch what I was scanning. The first time I had a coupon not go through I was told hit clear override enter and don't worry about it. I will say I did It like 7 times knowingly that I shouldn't have. Then I was brought upstairs and there was a corporate person there, right when I walk through the door they are a complete XXX towards me. Saying I have been double scanning coupons and scanning my card for other people which I only did for people I lived with and employee's that forgot their's. No one ever told me not to do this, or was it ever brought to my attention by management. Also I was supposed to start at 5.75 and they started me at 5.15 I talked to people about it and they did nothing. If this happens to you do not let them intimidate you to sign papers, DO NOT RELY on the union get a lawyer asap. William Belpre, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Belpre, Ohio
3, Report #270753
Aug 28 2007
08:21 AM
Kroger The Kroger Krooks Bridgeport Rhode Island
Here's what these Krooks at Kroger Personal Finance do for you. If you are late on a payment, not only do they charge you a Late Fee, they then reduce your LIMIT, so you are now Over Limit, and charge you a fee on top of the other fees .... Of course, they have other tricks too, like sending your Bill late so it arrives with only two days to pay, so the Post Office can't possibily deliver it on time, and you get ANOTHER Late fee ..... Can you spell MAIL FRAUD-EMBEZZLEMENT? These bottom-feeders in Rhode Island need to do some jail time. The easy way to fight-back is don't shop at Kroger or Ralph's grocery stores! When they start losing $5,000 to $8,000 dollars a year from each family, they might see the light ..... sure, I'll pay the PHONY Late Fees and Over-limit fees, I'll be out $75, but Kroger will lose $5,000 dollars! - A FAIR TRADE FOR THESE KROOKS. Jim Milford, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Bridgeport, Rhode Island
4, Report #1361174
Mar 11 2017
07:08 PM
Kroger Unfair practise to lure you into getting a Kroger Credit Card
In July of last year while shopping at a Kroger Marketplace, I was approached by 2 individuals walking to floor to get people to sign up for a credit card.  I didn't really see the point until they told me if I got the card, for one year I would get $0.25 off per gallon when redeeming 100 points. I signed up, got my card and it worked the first time I used it.  From that point on for the next 6 months it would not work.  I tried to find someone in Customer Service at the store to find out if I was doing something wrong in trying to redeem for the discount.  This week I finally connected with someone at the store to help me.  They said they had heard of this problem but had no idea on how to fix it.  They suggested I call the number on the credit card.  I did so.  They told me they had no control over anything Kroger did, they just issue the cards but would connect me with a division of Kroger who could help. I called this number and waited to be connected.  A very pleasant woman answered and said she would be happy to help me.  I explained my situation and she responded, yes, that is a known issue.  Great i thought.  She looked at my usage and told me the benefits from the card expired in September of last year, 3 months after signing up.  I told her that just today I had seen posters in the store saying this offer was for 1 year.  She said yes, another known issue, some people that sign up for the card get one year some get 3 months.  She offered me 300 fuel points which she immediately put on my account.  This process took about 30 minutes as she had to check with her supervisor.  While on HOLD, i started thnking the extra fuel points are great but that is no compensation for the loss of money by not getting my discount on each gallon of gas i purchased over the last 6 months.  When she came back on the line I told her thanks for thte points but what about the $50 to $75 I did not get in discounts.  She said she would relay this message to the finance department and they would contact me by email.  I have not heard from them as of today.  I also went online and did pretty much as I'm doing here, wrote out my complaint so I would have a record of contacting them. I like Kroger.  I have shopped and purchased gas from them for almost 11 years now and different locations in the Little Rock area.  Just a heads up to any one who uses the Kroger card and do not get your 25 cent discount.  Contact them and they supposedly will make it right.  With all the KNOWN ISSUES it may or may not happen. Just want to pass it one so hopefully some will see and find this information usefull.
5, Report #366265
Aug 24 2008
01:01 AM
Kroger False advertisement Conroe Texas
This store has repeatidly charged more than the advertised price for a product. The store manager, Mr. Dickerson, only makes excuses for the ripoff. The price discrepency is always in the favor of Kroger. Kenneth Montgomery, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Conroe, Texas
6, Report #260736
Jul 13 2007
04:53 PM
KROGER Wrong Store, Wrong Price! Houston Texas
I do not shop at Kroger for two reasons. One is the stupid card they make you swipe, and even after you swipe it you don't save anything because they gouge you. They are alot higher than any store for miles. Is that why the store is never crowded? I'm lucky if I go in there once a year. But when I do I get STICKR SHOCK! WOW! EXTRA HIGH PRICES EVERYWERE YOU TURN! If you shop at Kroger don't forget to bend over. Thank ya'll for this educational moment! Roger Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
7, Report #1340876
Dec 01 2016
02:06 PM
Kroger Misleading Advertisement Forest Virginia
 Buyer Beware.....4x the fuel points at Kroger display. When purchasing gift cards at Kroger each fall holiday season they advertise that you will receive 4x the fuel points for each gift card purchased, however the advertisement is misleading and therefore deceiving customers. Not all gift cards are sold with this expectation even though they are clearly mixed in with the others. If you purchase a Non-merchant gift card, ie Mastercard, Visa, American Express you will not receive the 4x points. The banner advertising this promotion is at the top and sides of the display in large attention getting letters with a small business card size disclaimer posted randomly throughout mixed in with the cards. (Too small to catch your attention) also no one is looking at small print they are focused on the 4x benefit and the assumption is made all cards with the display are included. The Non-merchant or other cards not in the promotion should be displayed somewhere else so as to not mislead the public. You will not get your money back on those type of cards and you will not receive the points. As told to me ...Corporate won't allow it.
Entity: Forest, Virginia
8, Report #1404322
Oct 05 2017
06:41 AM
Kroger Cashier Scam Cookeville Tennessee
Never had I had a cashier at a major grocery chain try to jack me.  Mr. Brett, who appears to fancy himself as some sort of studly ladies man, tried to rip me off. He should stick to little old feeble ladies as I'm a disabled veteran who's been around the block more times than I'd like to remember. I paid him 60 in cash on my 72 dollar grocery bill & told him I was paying the rest w/ my card. He actually put the 3 twenties in his drawer and had the nerve to ask me for the full amount minus 6 dollars.  I guess he now wants his manager to beLIEve it was an honest mistake. An honest mistake where you forgot from one second to the next what I paid?I can tell when someone is sizing me up & trying to pull a fast one' and he was sizing me up when I was standing in line. When I got to check out he thought he was going to cash in I guess. The area around this store is full of degenerates who have not pot to piss in, but fancy themselves as laides me it seems. Here's an idea, quit wasting your money on tattoos and maybe you won't have to steal from old men.  I'm 58 and never wasted a dime disfiguring my body. Either that or the next one should be born to lose as you certainly are. I wasn't aware Kroger hired work release prisioners whose game was this lame.
Entity: Cookeville, Tennessee
9, Report #388390
Nov 05 2008
07:00 PM
Kroger False Adversting, Princeton West Virginia
First of all in July 08 I reported to customer service on the web site about the ad in the paper and the store the reciept didn't match. The ad plainly said that if you purchased the Herbal Essenses shampoo for one price you got additional store credit off your bill. I contacted customer service right after the transaction and was told that it wasn't included in sale even though it was in the ad. I was told that it had to have a big yellow sticker on it to quailify. I still have the sale paper I complained at their website they emailed me back a few days later and said they were forwarding it to someone else and never heard anything else. Now with the new problem, they incourage you to put coupons on your card on their site (pg esavers) but they don't come off your purchase. This happened to me 10-31-08 I called the store when I relized it but they said I should contact pg esavers, they don't answer emails either. The same thing happened today to my mother and my sister. Why do we spend the time doing this and wasting the ink to print a list of what is on the card when they clearly wont honor it. Kroger used to be my favorite grocery store but now I think I will find another one. C harris Montcalm, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Princeton, West Virginia
10, Report #712359
Mar 31 2011
11:34 AM
Kroger King Soopers back pay owed Greenwood Village, Colorado
biometic machine (finger scanner) to clock in with malfunctions often at our store...I signed the store accountants sign in sheet before the shift the night crew foreman is supposed to initial this for the mispunch, yet this slipped their minds (2 different foremen) over a period of six or so months.When addressed I was told to take the issue to the labor relations person in our company. I was told by her she had absolutely nothing to do with this issue; contacted Union rep and have heard nothing from him either.This amounts in total to about a weeks worth of 11.00 an hour it is not like it is a lot of money yet no one seems willing or able to address this? Why?
Entity: Greenwood Village, Colorado
11, Report #123893
Dec 21 2004
01:49 PM
Kroger rip-off! They're not paying employees. Stockbridge Georgia
My son went to work at Kroger's the first part of Oct. His application stated that he was a student taking 7 credited courses & could only work part time 20 hours a week unless it was holidays or summer. After his first day, 7 hours, he was given a schedule for 6 hours a day 5 to 6 days a week, after we had a lengthy discussion I wouldn't allow him to take the job as this is too much for a full time student to keep his grades up. They made copies of his SS card & License plus he had a letter from school giving permission for him to work. Thus far he's received nothing, they don't have him in their system, not even his time card, not at the major human resourses dept. even in Cinn. where the home office is now based. I spoke with the store manager there today after not getting anywhere over the past few weeks, whereas she blamed it all on my son & stated that she tole him over a month ago to bring in his ID & she would get him a check, which is a lie as my son has NOT spoken to anyone at Krogers since he left there the day he trained, I called in to tell them why he wouldn't be coming back & why & I've been the one that has handled all communications with them & I keep everything documented. 10 weeks & no check Shirley rex, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1067410
Jul 16 2013
10:16 AM
Kroger fuel station charged my debit card twice!! Louisville Kentucky
 07/10/13 (approx 7:35am EST)I swiped my debit card once to purchase gas at the Kroger Fuel station at 12501 Shelbyville Road, Louisville, KY 40243 and filled up my fuel tank.  (I purchase fuel at this location at least once per week, sometimes more.)  Later in the morning, i logged into my bank's online portal to review my purchases, something i do often to keep track of all purchases.  I noticed there were (2) charges for $61 for Kroger fuel.  I contacted my financial institution and they advised me to contact Kroger, which i proceeded to do.  When I called Kroger customer service at the 12501 location, i was told the charges were a 'pre-authorization' and that it would eventually clear out one of the charges.  I asked to speak to someone at the fuel center and they told me the store had no way to access the fuel transactions or refund money in any situation, that i would have to contact someone at kroger corporate.  I contacted kroger corporate transaction center and they told me my card had been declined 7 times in less than 2 minutes. There was no reason to deny my card since i had sufficient funds in my account.  kroger proceeded to say that I owed them $61 because my card was never charged, even though I have (2) $61 charges on my account.  I have confirmed with my bank that both $61 charges have cleared my account, meaning Kroger has my money X 2.  When i asked them how i could get $61 worth of fuel if my card was declined, they did not have an answer.  Kroger has been very difficult to deal with at this piont; short and rude over the phone like I'm trying rip them off.  My financial institution is now handling this for me and hopefully can settle this situation.  Needless to say, I will never shop at kroger again (food or fuel).  I will also spread via word of mouth and any other means necessary, the unscrupulous way in which kroger treats their 'customers'.  This is the first time i have had an issue at any fuel pump from any company.  I did Google this situation and found that i am not the first nor will i be the last to encounter kroger's shady tactics.  From what Kroger told me, they do not have any control over the fuel pump transactions.  The next time you swipe your card at kroger (inside or out), cross your fingers that you don't get ripped off!  
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
13, Report #1319898
Jul 31 2016
08:32 PM
Kroger Cheats Customers on Fuel Points Dallas Nationwide
As of July 28th I had 31 fuel points that I had to use before July 31st according to the Kroger app.  I also had 296 I had to use before Aug 31.  Today (July 31st) I went to use 300 of those points but it would only allow me to use 200.  I called the 800# to find out why.  According to Kroger, July’s points cannot be combined Augusts.  So I will loose those 31 points today and unless I go inside today and earn 4 more points I will loose the 96 as well. The lady at the 800# made it clear to me how unfair it was of me to expect  Kroger to combine points.  So as of today I am done with Kroger.  Not only will they not get my money but it will go to support their competition.  My question to Kroger is…was it worth it over 31 points?  Who ever, is making business decisions for Kroger is thinking about themselves instead of their customers!
Entity: Dallas, Nationwide
14, Report #1390364
Aug 04 2017
08:29 AM
Kroger USBank Caveat emptor! St.Louis, MO, Missouri Nationwide
If you have a Kroger 123 Rewards card throw it away ASAP. I had racked up over one thousand plus points for rewards (per Kroger site). I went to use card and it was declined. I was confused and knew I was no where near my limit. I called US Bank who handles for Kroger. Kathy, (no last name) laughingly said we froze your account because you are four days late on your monthly payment. I asked Kathy will this interfere with my rewards check due to me in August, and Kathy giggled and said “what do you think”. She enjoys her job way too much. I paid and chopped up my card. I also checked on line and found that I now only have 66 reward points.  Then charged me a $27.00 late fee.  Caveat emptor!
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #749105
Jul 05 2011
05:44 AM
Kroger Kroger phone cards keep disconnecting my call and overcharging me for unconnected international phone calls Cincinnati, Ohio
Each time I used the kroger international phone card for the first 6 times the call does not get connected and then today the call goes thru and then the call is disconnected and charges me $2the first time with no connection made nor voicemail.  I phoned the customer service to reimburse me for that $2 and he just said sorry about that the best he could do was credit me .40 cents.THATS A RIP OFF.  Plus for the second call placed on a land line that company charged me $1 and my call was not even connected.  THATS  rip off.  Plus for the last 4 phonecards the same thing happened and once the company ripped me of $5 when placing a call from a land line.It would be expected that a company as large as kroger would give better service.  Makes me never want to buy a Kroger product and I for sure will not refer their products to my friends or family.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
16, Report #306225
Feb 05 2008
01:00 AM
Kroger Cakes Don't buy pre-made decorated cakes from Kroger, ANYWHERE Greensburg Indiana
I work in Kroger manufacturing, where they make the 1/4 and 1/8 sheet decorated cakes (the ones that all look alike, not the special orders you can place at the store bakery). You don't want to buy these cakes. They sit around and are handled harshly. They treat their employees in this department so badly the workers don't care about the cakes or what happens to them in the manufacturing process. Over 30 people are involved in making one cake, and many of them are always sick due to mold, temperature extremes and other factors in the plant. Many cakes should be thrown out, but will be reprocessed several times due to obsession over production, rather than quality. The floor in this department is usually covered in garbage, and many people drop things and then pick them up without washing their tools or hands, despite being told to do so. I have seen some workers pick icing up from the floor from a spill because they are running short and need it rather than go to the trouble to get new. Much of the metal pipes and hoppers that the icing flows through is barely rinsed on a regular basis. It is acceptable to wash machinery and other things in water no hotter than 130 degrees without soap or sanitizer of any kind. If you must buy a cake from Kroger, special order it from the Bakery. It will cost no more than a pre-packaged cake. We are constantly being threatened that the stores are going to drop orders for pre-made, as it is of such low quality. Please help phase out this stale and suspect product. SeenTooMuch Greensburg, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Greensburg, Indiana
17, Report #1308060
May 27 2016
04:34 PM
Kroger The Krogers Company, Krogers Kroger allows aggressive solicitation of all customers Nationwide
 Kroger supports aggressive solicitation of all their customers. Upon entering an existing a Kroger store, one is subjected to aggressive solicitation by charities Kroger supports. Furthermore, Kroger also supports in store aggressive solicitation of all their customers as well for charities they support. Being solicited is something most people hate. If you are like me and hate being solicited, do not shop at Kroger. The corporate offices support the local stores in their practices of allowing aggressive and annoying solicitation. Customers who come willingly to Kroger to buy groceries are barraged with relentless soliciation in the store as well as exiting and entering the store. I will not be shopping their any more. I have a no soliciation sign on my home and wish to have a grocery shopping experience free of unwelcomed aggressive, in your face solicitation. Kroger's management team does not respond to customer complaints. They have zero appreciation for their customers who come willingly to shop who also do not with to have to endure constant aggressive solicitation. I was told to shop at Albertsons if I didnt like it. I will! Saving a lot of money now too!
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #1305854
Jun 14 2016
09:46 AM
Kroger Grocery Store Kroger, Krogers, The Kroger Company Store Mgr Adam Jenuwine and District Mgr Jon Young Unresponsive to Complaints Fort Worth TX
On April 8, 2016 I was willingly going into to shop at my local Kroger store as I have for years.  This time my experience was extremely unpleasant.   As I approached the store entrance I was met with Extremely Aggressive Solicitation.  I normally have NO problem with the Boy Scouts selling their products at Kroger which they do every year.  This time, it was very different.  A little boy, at his mother's approval, ran up to me, put his $5 Kroger Coupons in my face and asked me if I wanted to buy one.  I do NOT blame the child.  I blame the parent and the store for allowing such aggressive solicitation to go on.  I have a sign on my front door that says No Soliciting for a reason.  ALL soliciting from ANY organization is something I personally cannot stand.   Usually, the Boy Scouts sit at their table and ask people in general going in and out if they wish to purchase what they are offering.  This behavior is NOT a problem OF COURSE!  But running up to me and putting things in my face is 100% obnoxious behavior. I am willingly coming to the store to SPEND my money and I should not have to deal with aggressive solicitation in my face when I do so. I should be able to acknowledge solicitation or ignore it and not have it forced into my face. I brought this situation to the attention of the store manager Adam Jenuwine the day this happened.  I made a suggestion that he have the Scouts sit at their tables rather than running up to customers going in and going out of the store doors.  I told him this would be an acceptable solution.   Adam Jenuwine however decided to lecture me on the store's policy to support the Boy Scouts and proceeded to tell me what a great organization they were.  This has NOTHING to do with my complaint about being aggressively solicited.  I told him, It doesn't matter what organization it is, I do not like to be aggressively solicited by anyone, especially when I am already coming her willingly to spend my money.  Adam Jenuwine then made an assumption that I didn't like the Boy Scouts personally!  He accused me of GAY BASHING!  He turned my valid complaint into a personal attack of ALL GAY PEOPLE!   This is absolutely disgusting behavior on the part of Adam Jenuwine to accuse me of any such horrendous thing.  My complaint is about being forced to endure AGGRESSIVE SOLICITATION going in and going out of his stores. Furthermore, it is NOT only the Boy Scouts that I have experience aggressive solicitation from at this store that Adam Jenuwine manages.  When the food drive is going on and paper bags filled with food for the needy are available for customers to purchase and donate, Adam has directed staff members to fill grocery carts and wheel around the store soliciting shoppers as they shop interrupting their shopping asking them directly if they wish to donate by buying a diner bag!  I have bought a paper bag many times but I do NOT wish to be Solicited directly when I am shopping!  This is ALL being done under the management of Adam Jenuwine and it is obnoxious practices that I, as a customer for years, am asking Corporate to address. I am NOT guilty of GAY BASHING and this is NOT about the Boy Scouts no matter how much Adam Jenuwine wishes to assume that is what this is about. He is supportive of aggressive solicitation and I am not and I think he should listen to his customers.   Adam Jenuwine needs to be educated on proper etiquette and customer service. As a customer, I should be able to walk into a store without being harrassed aggressively with someone running up to me and putting something into my face. Boy Scouts.....You are cute kids and doing great things.....but sitting at your table will win a lot more business and support, allowing people to CHOOSE to support you, rather than being aggressive and forcing your merchendise in people's faces!
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #367169
Aug 26 2008
02:37 PM
Dillions (Kroger Corporation) False advertising, fake sales, price bloating Lawrence Kansas
Over a 1 week period, I have spotted 2 major issues with the Dillon's Grocery store chain in my town. The first one has to do with a little back to college advertising stunt. Among items listed as being in sale, there was a brand of frozen pizza prominently advertised for $1 lower than it's normal price at the same stores. These advertisements were listed in a special free paper that is placed on doorknobs (by our local newspaper) each week. I went to the store the next day, and was informed by the staff there that the sale was over. I went home and found the advertisement to examine it. It did not say it was over, but that the prices were only available on certain days of the week at certain times. In this case, it had to be Monday,Tuesday or Wednesday after 5pm. The second has to do with this same brand of pizza. I eat them all the time, and know how much they cost normally ($2.75 a piece, before taxes). Yet I found that Dillon's had removed all of the normal price tags, and replaced them with sale tags that advertised them for $2.99 a piece. They had a sign up claiming that normally the pizzas ran $3.35 a piece, which they do not. To make matters worse, I discovered that somebody had missed one of the original tags on the shelf that depicted the normal price of said pizzas. It clearly stated that before the sale, the price of the pizzas was $2.75. I thought it was illegal to claim something was on sale and charge more than it's non-sale price. This is not the first time I have had an issue like this with them, as such practices are very prevalent in the College town I live in. But it appears that they are not even trying to hide these actions now. Ragingbear Lawrence, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Lawrence, Kansas
20, Report #434568
Mar 15 2009
11:22 PM
Ralphs, Kroger Under Publicized Termination of Rewards Program Hollywood California
Ralphs/Krogers had in place a rewards program whereby customers got discounts for shelf merchandised goods and accumulated rewards points for purchases including alcohol all for redemption toward other purchases by the customer at the customer's request. Ralphs replaced this program on or around January 2009 without ample notice to existing old program members and all accumulated points were terminated. The extent of Ralphs notification to the public, at least at the Hollywood store where I shop, was apparently a table on the right side of the store with new applications for one month. There are 3 total entrances to the store: one where the table was and one on the other side and an elevator that came from the upper parking lot. None of the cashiers ever mentioned the program expiration, there were no flyers or written documentation at the check out or on the receipts or any mailers to our home addresses or emails that Ralphs had from our signing up to the program. I found out about the termination in February when I attempted to cash in some of my wine points to buy some wine and learned I couldn't and that my points were gone. A very disconcerting point here is that back in October or November 2008 before the cut off, I asked a cashier if I could update my file because I had a new phone #. She told me that if I did I would lose my accumulated points and that I was better off just remembering and using my old number so I did. While I can't prove it, I wonder how much money Krogers and Ralphs saved from those that didn't or couldn't redeem their points prior to the expiration. I could have easily redeemed had either the cashier told me the truth and/or there was ample notification in the store, or verbally by the cashiers. Ralphsripoff Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood, California
21, Report #589453
Apr 04 2010
11:10 AM
Kroger Grocery Bad Fruit, Bad Meat, Too Many Times To Count Denton, Texas
We shop at this store because of fair prices but you have to be careful what you buy there. The thing that made me write this report is that I had to take back some mangoes I got. They smelled great, had all the signs of ripeness, but when I took them home and cut them open, were green on the inside. This is only the beginning. Things like this have been happening for awhile. We got bad meat so many times that we don't even buy it there anymore. We go to Brookshires or Albertson's. This meat would look fine in the store, then smell rank a day after we got it home. I don't know what they do to it. We have also taken back berries countless times. Blueberries that have no flavor and are sour. Blackberries that are too sour to eat. They give you your money back if you take it up there but I am sick and tired of making so many trips to the grocery store. Anyway, that is my story. I don't feel like I am getting ripped off the money, just the gas money to get back up there every time.
Entity: Denton, Texas
22, Report #694669
Feb 12 2011
04:20 PM
Kroger does not honor Scan Right Guarantee. Huber Heights, Ohio
I go to Kroger and buy something that rang up the wrong price.  I tell the cashier that is not the right price.  It is corrected, but they refuse to honor their Scan Right Guarantee that should have given me a $5 credit.
Entity: Huber Heights, Ohio
23, Report #688129
Jan 28 2011
03:34 PM
Kroger Fuel Held 250.00 from my checking account for 20.03 worth of gas louisville, Kentucky
On 1/27 I purchased $ 20.03 worth of gas from Kroger. On 1/28 I check my account to see a charge of 250.00 for Kroger fuel and I flipped out. Icalled PNC to put a dispute on the charge and she alsotold me to call Kroger. Kroger gave me this number 866-611-1979 to call and they have to fill out a form to faxtoPNC to get the charges corrected.This is a policy of Kroger according to the Kroger Customer service and she couldn't tell me why they took 250.00. She also said that the amount they took was excessive. That will be the last time I use they gas station.
Entity: louisville, Kentucky
24, Report #98466
Jul 11 2004
05:50 PM
Kroger Food Store ripoff inadequate safety for closing employee Colleyville Texas
Krogers fails to provide adequate security measures for their 10pm to 1am (closing) employee. The stores action is against written Kroger policy of 2 employees until closing. By allowing only 1 employee to stay after 10pm the closing front end employee becomes a target for shoplifting, theft and possibly bodily harm. Glenda Euless, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Colleyville, Texas
25, Report #250080
May 24 2007
09:23 AM
Kroger Supermarkets Systematic Mis-Pricing of Produce and Bait and Switch Marketing = BIG PROFITS! Dickinson Texas
I have been shopping at this store for many years and since I know of their fraudulent marketing strategies, I rarely get burned anymore. Its just frustrating to have to hold up the checkout line every time I shop and call them on their mistakes. Since it happens EVERY time I shop that store, I have come to the conclusion that the mis-pricing is not just an isolated thing, but a systemic practice designed to increase their bottom-line and keep them afloat in the highly competitive Houston, Tx marketplace. Most of their mis-pricing involves the produce section. Prices listed for fruit and vegetables on the shelf are listed in the computer at checkout for anywhere from 30 cents per pound to over a dollar a pound higher. When I buy apples or peaches it is usually 3+ pounds or more, so just imagine the overcharging that goes on! The tomato section is really a joke! They price fruit/veggies by a 4-digit code which is put on each individual piece. However, the code for the tomatoes on sale is never a code that can be found on any of the tomatoes (and there may be 7-8 different varieties of tomatoes on the shelf)...thats how they get their bait-and-switch profits. Imagine all the people that are too embarrassed to complain or in too much of a hurry. Kroger is making HUGE profits this way and never correcting the price at the checkout counter!! Funny, I don't have this problem at any other supermarket chain! James Dickinson, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dickinson, Texas

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