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1, Report #1269424
Nov 21 2015
07:17 AM
Krystal Madison, A Festival of Witches in Sleepy Hollow, The Witch of Sleepy Hollow Pawling New York
I don't know how she is spiritually but her Halloween costume ball in Sleepy Hollow NY 2015 sucked, no door prizes, no pyschic reading, no raffles, d.j. played music from the internet, party was supposed to be from 8pm-12am management said it was from 7pm-11pm, got there early first 20 people suppose to receive gift bags, nobody there except horrible d.j. who looked like Weird Al Yankovic, bartenders at the F.O.E. Lodge where event was held had no idea about this Halloween party, only 2 of them they don't know how to make mixed drinks and were not prepared, regular customers at the bar were unhappy with the party they are there to watch sports on tv and drink beer. I was told she gives parties wherever she can find a cheap place, this is their 2nd halloween ball. They are not connected to the Salem Witches Ball in Massachusetts, they are trying to thrive off their notoriety. Avoid this venue if you see it posted during Halloween it is not authentic and a total waste of time and money, also people came and left right away.
Entity: Pawling, New York
2, Report #1290296
Feb 26 2016
11:22 PM
Festival of Witches, Krystal Madison, House of Psychics, Hudson Valley Beltane, The Official Sleepy Hollow Witches Halloween Ball, Krystal Madison Walks away from business contract Pawling NEW York
I Ronald  have a grievance I wish to share publically against Crystal Garcia (AKA Krystal Madison – The witch of Sleepy Hollow).On Sept 25, 2015 Crystal Garcia (KM) has signed a contract with my company Axis Sanctuary and Chapels Corp. for an $800.00 investment for 20% share in “House of Psychics” owned by “Festival of Witches” (I,e. KM) .   Upon my attempt in selling my shares I was notified by phone I had violated my contract with (KM) by identifying (KM) as the owner of “House of Psychics” which upon inspection was not clarified what is and what is not “Personal Information”.  However, there was no arbitration, mediation, nor judgement.  In short Krystal Madison walked away without paying dividends nor purchase the stock back from (A.S.C. corp). (See Doc # 1, 2, 3,& 4)I pursued in my attempts to sell the stock only to get a call from Brewster NY State Troopers on Nov 15 2015. Once I explained I was selling the stock options to anyone with an ear and eye in New York. The Trooper told me he already informed Crystal Garcia the matter was civil not and was not Criminal harassment as she had initially complained.  In Short (KM) is trying to use the legal system as a gag order by proxy. (See Doc #5 release is pending) Dec 12, 2015 I was notified by my town police (Bradenton) That Crystal Garcia that a complaint was placed against me for threats against (KM’s) children and harassment.  As with the New York State Troopers and Bradenton PD I told “my side” and like the NYSP, Bradenton PD told Crystal Garcia it was a civil matter and that no criminal actions have been done by me nor charges will be pressed against me.  I was also notified by the investigation officer that she filed a civil action against me for “protection against stalking” (Crystal Garcia’ name is public information by the way see doc #6, 7, 8 & 9)Dec 14 2015 I was served papers by the Manatee Sheriff’s office with Crystal Garcia’s claim (See Doc # 10, 11, 12,13, 14, 15, & 16))Dec 29 2015 Crystal Garcia was a no call no show yet hired an attorney to preserve the case for a continuance I motioned for dismissal but was denied.  Court ordered continuance Jan 20 2015.  (See Doc # 17, 18, 19,)  Jan 20, 2015 Hearing date and finally all the parties arrived I have sifted over 5200 Personal Messages via Facebook (our main source of communication) and copied screen pics for my counter measures.  The irony with Crystal Garcia’s complaints are lack of consistency. Every new complaint was a new story (New York SP, Bradenton PD & Manatee Court). As you will have seen in the Documents.  In a nutshell Crystal Garcia was asked to speak in court as to why she needed protection from the Florida Court. Once she finished with her testimony the judge told me to put away my exhibits Crystal Garcia has no case.  Case Dismissed.  (Doc# 20)At what measure will Crystal Garcia (aka Krystal Madison) think she does not owe a debt or worse use the legal system as a proxy gag order?  See for yourself how Crystal Garcia conducts business with people and I caution you contract or no contract consumer beware!
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1425320
Jan 25 2018
07:20 PM
Krystal Madison Sleepy Hollow Witches, New England Psychic Fair took money from dozens if not hundreds of people for an event that was never going to happen New York
In October, an event began scouting for vendors. The event was in late January. Many signed up by sending $95 via paypal to the email address given, based on good faith and shared accounts of a previous event that had been lucrative. Then nothing. No response. It was late December. Rumors trickled out that perhaps the event was going to be rescheduled for March, because there was fear that the weather during the January date might be too January-ish. Emails were sent, but no responses returned.A small private facebook group for vendors to find events, organize events and carpools, and communicate problem vendors and more importantly PROBLEM EVENTS began communicating with one another about this (expensive) event. While we were mostly concerned to be sure, we also obviously couldn't help joking that a 'psychic fair' couldn't predict that weather in January might be wintry (note, as of this posting, the date of this event is 2 days hence and is projected to be a sunny lovely 52 degrees), etc. A few of us decided to give up on holding out for the event, and filed claims via paypal for refunds. ESPECIALLY ONCE WE CALLED THE HOTEL VENUE AND WERE TOLD THE EVENT HAD NEVER BEEN SCHEDULED. One might imagine the high tempers that might result from this update. Those that filed for refunds received environmentally irresponsible multi-envelope printouts in the mail (sent priority for $7 or so for some reason) of the 'rules' of the event with 'no refunds' highlighted. Things being non refundable is one thing, but refusing refunds on an event that was never going to happen is another.Finally less than 2 weeks before the event, we finally get word via our various lawyers etc that the event is cancelled, full stop, not going to be rescheduled at all, and they are blaming 'problem vendors who ruined it for everyone'. Somebody in the private facebook group had shown Krystal screenshots of our hilarious complaints about not getting any info about this event whatsoever, much less refunds, and she didn't like getting caught or that she had been mentioned in a group that alerts each other to scams, and decided that blaming her victims was a good look, or was somehow logical.The event itself was only cancelled on facebook 2 days prior to the announced date, inconveniencing attendees who had prepaid for entrance, other vendors NOT in the facebook group who hadnt received any correspondence, and any vendors or attendees planning to drive or fly to the event. She posted in response to the cancellation that it was the fault of 'problem vendors' again. I'm personally having problems seeing how folks talking amongst themselves in a private group to warn each other about predatory behavior justifies not rescheduling a market for March, but what do I know!
Entity: New York
4, Report #1403478
Oct 01 2017
11:38 AM
Krystal Madison, A Festival of Witches in Sleepy Hollow The Witch of Sleepy Hollow. I remember this poorly organized party in Sleepy Hollow, NY In October 2015. This party was really, really bad – no door prizes, no raffles, not enough seating, lousy drinks, horrible DJ and music, etc.. The only good thing was the hot food towards the end. If you see this event advertised during Halloween, save your money and go elsewhere. You will thank yourself and your wallet for doing so. Sleepy Hollow, New York
I remember this poorly organized party in Sleepy Hollow, NY In October 2015.  This party was really, really bad – no door prizes, no raffles, not enough seating, lousy drinks, horrible DJ and music, etc.. The only good thing was the hot food towards the end.  Many people arrived after 9pm and could not find a seat so they left and went elsewhere (without a refund).  This party was held at the F.O.E. Lodge at 322 North Broadway, Sleepy Hollow, NY because the event planners wanted the use of the Lodge’s bartenders.  Needless to say, the Lodge was not too happy serving so many additional people as their regular customers complained of the increased party noise at their clubhouse.   We were there early, so we were already seated and committed with our theme makeup and costume but many people peeked in and took off.  The final costume prize went to a young girl wearing a ballerina outfit instead of the theme costume for the event (ridiculous nepotism).   If you see this event advertised during Halloween, save your money and go elsewhere.  You will thank yourself and your wallet for doing so.  
Entity: Internet
5, Report #468273
Jul 10 2009
11:17 AM
NH Krystal Cancun, Krystal Chicome Cancun, Krystal Vacation Club International timeshare crooks and scammers Cancun Quintana Roo
Upon hearing the presentation at NH Krystal in Cancun, I was immediately leary of all the grandiose promises made to us, particularly the return on our investment through rental income. We were even provided with a fax from a real estate agent in the US stating there is a high demand for weeks at Krystal. With not having access to the internet to do any research, I decided to peruse the contract for a cancellation clause, which sure enough was no. 17 which stated we could cancel within 5 business days of the signing of the contract. Having this guarantee, gave me enough peace of mind to sign the contract and put a 50% downpayment on my American Express card. I also noticed a clause stating that you're not entering the contract as an investment opportunity. 5 minutes of research was enough for me to realize we should cancel the contract. On Jan 29th, we hand delivered the cancellation notice and followed it up with faxes and e-mail. Our notification was ignored, so when my bill from American Express came I disputed the charge and provided them with all the details. American Express sided with me and contacted Krystal requesting supporting documentation, which was never provided so after 30 days my card was credited the full amount of the downpayment. In April we began receiving notices requesting monthly payments. After receiving the first notice I replied in writing to GBS International Inc, 5600 S.W. 135th Avenue, Suite 210, Miami FL, stating we had cancelled the contract and included a copy of the cancellation notice. Two days ago we received a letter demanding 3 payments or it will be sent to a collections agency. I have replied with an e-mail to asking that they stop sending notices and threatening legal action if they persist. Greg Toronto, OntarioCanada
Entity: Cancun, Other
6, Report #338284
Jun 08 2008
05:14 PM
i am also a victim of the timeshare scam, i purchased a timeshare in 2007 which i was also promised to receive rental checks once i paid $595.00 to Enimen company. to this date i have never heard or received a check for timeshare rental. i icalled the rental company and was told that once business picks up due to the hurricane i will start receiving checks. well i still have not received anything. i paid for the timeshare in full when i signed up and i never thought in a million years that i would get caught up in a scam such as this. hopefully a class action suit will be filed and i definately would like to be a part of it. American girl baltimore, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: CANCUN, Nationwide
7, Report #1270535
Nov 27 2015
10:35 AM
Hudson Valley Beltane The Official Witch of Sleepy Hollow / A Festival of Witches / Krystal Madison /The New Patterson Flea Market The New Patterson Flea Market Patterson New York
The Hudson Valley Beltane was held at The New Patterson Flea Market Route 22, Patterson, New York 12563 +1 203-546-7072.  It was billed as “1st Annual Hudson Valley Beltane Festival” on May 2 2015 and the only one it seems. It was sparcely advertised: Beltane, like Samhain, is a time of no time when the veils between the two worlds are at their thinnest. No time is when the two worlds intermingle and unite and magick abounds! Dance with the Fae, Create with nature crafts, learn from those who practice the ways of old, relax and renew with healing arts exercises and dance the maypole! They had no Maypole the hostess Krystal Madison stood there like the statue of Liberty while kids used her as the maypole.  Ceremony? More like she can’t deliver on her promises to vendors and the public…  The hosting company owned by Krystal is As a disgruntled vendor the day was nice and so where the people but as the day went on and the statistical information from Krystal Madison to sell me my spot  was so far off it was imaginary. In short, a few thousand people were expected for the day and we were lucky see  a few hundred. I made about twice the vendors fee (enough for lunch and gas) and missed out on another event my friend went to across the state (and made a nice bundle) if you were to check out the website for this event it is no longer active.  As if it was planned to set up and disappear like a county carnival. I included pics of the festival aside from the blocked faces accept the Hostess Krystal Madison you can see for yourself how many vendors are there and virtually no people and most of the day was like this.  Although this is not my first rodeo I would not recommend doing any form of business with Krystal Madison / Festival of Witches / The Witch of Sleepy Hollow since they are all the same person.
Entity: Patterson, New York
8, Report #735932
Jun 02 2011
08:51 AM
NH Krystal Cancun Krystal Cancun, Club Krystal, Krystal Club Rude, No Customer Service, Liars, Deceitful Cancun, Nationwide
Im not sure where to start with this one, because this was really unbelievable.  I have never experienced such bad customer service.  I have been to Mexico before, to San Lucas, Cabo actually and had a wonderful experience so naturally, I was expecting the same outstanding customer service, and stay.  We arrived to the hotel and checked in.  It was supposed to be two guests staying in a DOUBLE CLUB room, not a couple. I booked DIRECTLY with the hotel.  We arrived and they told us that we only have 1 bed in our room.  We were furious about that. IRATE!! We didnt get what we paid for! On top of that, we were expecting a private check in, which is suppose to come with the club rooms.  There were other guests complaining about the situation too.  Four guys with one king bed, Three Women with one king bed.  It was just one big ghetto mess.  Nobody got what they had booked!!  I suggested to them that if you cant give us what we booked, how can you accommodate us?  They said nothing!  They did not care about the hotels reputation!  The guy Victor was extremely rude.   He said go to another hotel! How rude of these people.  What they do is illegal.  You book something and you get something else.  I can understand if we booked thru a third party and the reservation got messed up but we booked DIRECTLY WITH THEM! After disputing for 4 hours we had no choice but to take the so called club room with ONE bed.  We were finally sent to the private club room check in and Patricia could not even assist us.  She was another bold face liar.  She told us that we could use the minibar in the room.  Next thing you know when we check out, we have a BILL!! We finally get to our room.  I must say the view was amazing though.  The elevators are super slow.  Room Service, we probably called in 20 times and let it ring forever.  They just dont pick up!  The pool was nice and clean at first but by night time, theres cups and everything floating around.  The food was blah, nothing spectacular.  The drinks were watered down.  This place is really like a Motel 6, I could not believe anything was luxurious about this place.  The shower head had no pressure.  They do not give you any wash cloths.  The pool lobby by the elevator had garbage all around.  There was no wifi, which was supposed to be included with the all inclusive.  They claim it was down.  Really? for 5 days straight!  On top of that we all got sick!  Coughing, Sore Throat, Bloody Mucus, we went to the doctor and they said that it could be that the hotel AC vents were not clean.  Thats how we got our viral infection.  I relied on tripadvisior to book this hotel.  At first, all the reviews were positive and we were looking forward to this trip.  This hotel really makes me never want to go to Cancun if this is what Im supposed to expect the wrong room, germs everywhere and a viral infection.  DO NOT STAY HERE! I repeat DO NOT STAY HERE! Even if its $1 a night.   This is coming from a person who prides themselves at staying at luxurious places!  The staff is rude and unfriendly, ungrateful.  When we finally received our food from room service, of course we were going to tip the man; he already has his hands out! Like dude WAIT!  Also, be careful at night, there are a bunch of trannies parading in front of the hotel. YES TRANNIES!  On top of that, little kids harassing you to buy bracelets.  Why would you want to go through that EVERY NIGHT.
Entity: Cancun, Nationwide
9, Report #1230972
May 22 2015
02:36 PM
Krystal Vision Eye Care/Dr. Krystal Nguyen Fleecing patients with Insurance? Philadelphia Pennsylvania
My experience with Dr. Krystal Nguyen at Krystal Vision Eye Care was utterly disgraceful. I paid the copay under my insurance for my daughter and I to have a contact lense examination, My daughter was examined first. Following her examination, I was brought in to see the doctor. During the initial exam, Dr. Nguyen misquoted my benefits information. I corrected her. She claimed to have verified my benefits and told me that my interpretation of those benefits was incorrect. I argued the issue with her and she reprimanded me. I allowed her to complete my eye exam but made no purchases. I did agree that she could order contacts for my daughter because the facility did not have her prescription in stock.I went home and contacted the insurance company which verified my interpretation. The insurance company called Krystal Vision Eye Care and notified me that I should return. When I arrived, the gentleman who makes the glasses was gone for the day and the office attempted to claim that I owed an additional $25 in copays. I asked to see the doctor and was refused. I became quite angry but left with nothing other than a raised voice.I calculated the difference between what I should have paid and what Krystal Vision Eye Care attempted to make me pay and Krystal Vision Eye Care would have overcharged me by $200.I then called the insurance company again and verified that I could use the remainder of my benefits at another provider. I made the contact with the other provider immediately.I then received a phone call from Krystal Vision Eye Care informing me that Krystal Vision Eye Care had refunded my money and would not release the prescription for my daughter. She will need to undergo another exam.How many other patients has Krystal Vision Eye Care fleeced or attempted to fleece by misstating benefits information? I would love to hear from anyone with a similar experience.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
10, Report #361387
Aug 10 2008
05:52 PM
Krystal I didnt ask for extra Salt Gadsden Alabama
Krystal in Gadsden does not treat their employees right. It has been about 9 months and the air-conditioning in the kitchen is still not fixed. It gets to be about 100 degrees in the kitchen and the employees faces are running with sweat. I told them that they should call OSCHA that this has to be a violation somewhere. I called the health department. It is not only disgusting to get food from someone dripping with sweat it has to be dangerous for the company to have their employees endure something like that. I won't eat there- I do not want sweat in my burgers! Gadsdenscam Gadsden, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Gadsden, Alabama
11, Report #304942
Jan 31 2008
02:54 PM
Krystal Hamburger food poisoning Birmingham Alabama
WARNING OF FOOD POISONING by eating Krystal Hamburgers Offending store: Krystal Hamburger at 1810 Crestwood Blvd, Birmingham (Irondale), Alabama 35210 The home office: Krystal Corporate Headquarters 1 Union Square Chattanooga, TN 37402 Three of us in a family at hamburgers from Krystal Hamburgers. I was in Birmingham visiting to celebrate 2 life events. Could not do so for we got sick. We were throwing up, having diarrhea, feeling like going to die! ALL 3 of us got FOOD POISONING! I ended up in the hospital for FOOD POISONING. I have copies of medical records from the hospital stating this. The Health Department was notified. I have copy of their investigation. The found Krystal policy to be in conflict with the County code and Alabama law. They found that Krystal employees handled hamburger onions WITHOUT WASHING HANDS OR PUTTING ON GLOVES. Krystal was cited for this/given a notice for bare hand contact & cross contamination. I have documentation. My concern is that alot of other people who may have gotten sick after eating at Krystal and not realized what it was from. They may have thought that is was the flu or a stomach virus. However, Krystal Hamburger is the culprit. I was able to recognize the symptoms because (1) I am a nurse (2) We all got sick and the only food we ate in common was the Krystal Hamburgers. PLEASE WARN PARENTS WITH CHILDREN. PLEASE WARN THE SICK & ELDERLY. I am concerned that something like this could given KILL a small child as well as those that are elderly, sick, or have compromise immune system. If you know of someone this has happened to or would like to contact me regarding this matter, please email me at: Thanks Help Jacksonville, North CarolinaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Birmingham, Alabama
12, Report #1068993
Jul 22 2013
08:05 AM
Krystal Lake Campground Bad Management, Vassor Michigan
  Let me start by saying that Krystal Lake Campground is a fun place to stay they have many activities for the kids. I enjoyed most of my stay. But on the other hand the management kind of sucks. To understand the whole picture let me apologize for the length of this first and foremost. We book a group trip to arrive on Saturday (7/13/2013) till Friday (7/19/2013) but realized that we wanted to stay till Sunday (7/21/2013) and asked if anything was available for the extended time we were told “not as this time, but if we get a cancelation we can put the people on your site to the canceled site so you could stay”. We checked every so often to see if there was a cancelation so that we could stay. On Thursday we were told that they did have a cancelation but we would have to move to the new site far from the group that we were staying with that were already staying till Sunday. I brought up what I was told that we would be able to stay where we were and was told “we don’t do that you would have to move to stay” I told them that I would have to check to see if we wanted to do that. We decided to stay and went to the office to reserve the site. When I was told the cost of $60 I asked what about the discount that if you stay 7 day you get one free night. Was told that only for if you booked the whole stay at the same time. I did book the site. And asked if they would be able to move my trailer with their tractor to the new site Friday and was told that would be an extra $20 for then to do that. I decided to move it myself. Then on Thursday night one of the members of our group had to leave early and they were only staying till Saturday so I went up to the office first thing Friday morning to ask about moving to this site as it was with the group I was with. They checked and said that I would be able to move to that site but it would be an extra $12 due to the fact that it was full hook up. Keep in mind that the site was already paid for by the person that left for Saturday and they changed me for Saturday as well. The site was paid for twice. Friday came time to move so I hooked up and moved to the new site hooked up at 1:00PM. They at 4:00PM we had a little storm roll in the power went out. Not a real big deal until I noticed that we had no water either. I do understand thing happen and some things just can’t be avoided. But instead of then management using he generators to power the water system the used them to power the freezers for the ice well there was no water in the campground. This is not sanitary as there were no facilities to use that were not full. We were told that the power should be up soon when we went to the office to check because they were not tell anybody that there was no power or water not ever the new arrivals that day. We went the whole night without power and went to bed with the thought that the power would be restored by morning. I was not restore by morning and still had no water so being that we had a 5 hour drive home we decided that if the power was not up by 10:00AM that we were leaving. We went to leave and asked if they were going to refund any of the cost for the weekend due to the fact that we paid for a full service site and did not have any of the services we were told “No refunds are given”. I guess not even when the services were not provided and the site was paid for twice. It is too bad that the management is the way it is the park was fun.
Entity: Vassor, Michigan
13, Report #1059849
Jun 17 2013
06:57 PM
Krystal Renee GINGER Philpott GRIFTER ! HUSTLER !! SCAMMER !!! THIEF !!!!! Grove Oklahoma
ALERT !!!   SCAMMER !!!   THEIF!!!   GRIFTER !!!!   PEOPLE  IN  TULSA, AND  GROVE,  OK  AND  LAS  VEGAS!!!!!    BE  AWARE  OF  A  GRIFTER  AND  HUSTLER  NAMED  KRYSTAL  RENEE'   GINGER  PHILPOTT !!!!!!GINGER  PHILPOTT  IS A  PHONY  MIX  ARTIST.   Ginger  uses  her beauty and  her  psychopathic  cunning  to  rip-off  people,  ususally men,  who aspire  to  be  of  assistance  to  her.   She  makes  up stories  that  she  is  ill,  has  a  bad  back  problem,  that  she  is  a worthwhile,  smart, genuine   worker !!!  But, in reality,  Ginger  Philpott is  a  con-artist  and  grifter  who  flashes  her  beautiful  body  and  face at  unsuspecting  victims,  and  then  grifts  her  way  into  their hard-earned  DOLLAR$ !!GINGER  PHILPOTT  IS  A   CON  ARTIST !!!   She  is  a  pretender,  and a  swindler.   When  she  is  not  actively  engaged  in  grifting  and conning  money  out  of  older  men,  using  the  oldest  con  of  all,  the long-con  called  the  dry  hustle,   she  is  a  scumbag  stripper/exotic dancer  in  Tulsa, OK   and  Las  Vegas. Philpott  has  children  who  are  too  young  to know  that  Mommy is  a   FAKE,  A PHONY,  A CON,  and  a  SLEEZE !!!!!! BE  AWARE  OF  KRYSTAL  RENEE' GINGER  PHILPOTT !!!!!!!   CON ARTIST  AND  GRIFTER !!!!   SCUMBAG !!!!
Entity: Grove , Oklahoma
14, Report #1214478
Mar 09 2015
05:25 PM
Krystal Cancun Scammed once but not twice Cancun
After being scammed exactly as described by others in the Ripoff Report under Krystal Cancun, we were approached by a company wanting to purchase our resort.  It was a realty company from Washington state.  They wanted money upfront in order to buy the property at our cost of purchase.  All we had to do was send several hundred dollars for paperwork to begin.  They would then send a check for purchase price.  We were so excited that we took the information requested to a lawyer.  He stated that although it appeared to be legitimate, he would be hesitant to send money.  We cancelled the sale, later to hear they no longer were doing business.  Please be careful, if a deal sounds too good to be true, it usually it.  We've been scammed once, but hope we're much more hesitant.
15, Report #381714
Oct 15 2008
11:10 PM
Krystal Hamburgers Got food poisoning from eating Krystal Hamburgers Birmingham Alabama
WARNING OF FOOD POISONING by eating Krystal Hamburgers Offending store: Krystal Hamburger at 1810 Crestwood Blvd, Birmingham (Irondale), Alabama 35210 The home office: Krystal Corporate Headquarters 1 Union Square Chattanooga, TN 37402 Three of us in a family at hamburgers from Krystal Hamburgers. I was in Birmingham visiting to celebrate 2 life events. Could not do so for we got sick. We were throwing up, having diarrhea, feeling like going to die! ALL 3 of us got FOOD POISONING! I ended up in the hospital for FOOD POISONING. I have copies of medical records from the hospital stating this. The Health Department was notified. I have copy of their investigation. The found Krystal policy to be in conflict with the County code and Alabama law. They found that Krystal employees handled hamburger onions WITHOUT WASHING HANDS OR PUTTING ON GLOVES. Krystal was cited for this/given a notice for bare hand contact & cross contamination. I have documentation. My concern is that a lot of other people who may have gotten sick after eating at Krystal and not realized what it was from. They may have thought that is was the flu or a stomach virus. However, Krystal Hamburger is the culprit. I was able to recognize the symptoms because (1) I am a nurse (2) We all got sick and the only food we ate in common was the Krystal Hamburgers. PLEASE WARN PARENTS WITH CHILDREN. PLEASE WARN THE SICK & ELDERLY. I am concerned that something like this could given KILL a small child as well as those that are elderly, sick, or have compromise immune system. If you know of someone this has happened to or would like to contact me regarding this matter, please email me at: Thanks Help Jacksonville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Birmingham, Alabama
16, Report #577400
Mar 03 2010
01:46 PM
Krystal Vacation Club, NH Krystal Vacation Club, fraud liars scammers thiefs Cancun, Mexico Internet
STAY AWAY FROM KRYSTAL VACATION CLUB CANCUN MX Problem:Other Date of Problem:2010-02-19 01:54:01.0 Company Name:Krystal International Vacation Club Has this problem been resolved yet?No Submitted by:Faye Krystal Hotel Vacation Club, Cancun, MEXICO.      Be aware of vacation club scams while on vacation! Of course, you are there to have fun, relax, tour and so Krystal has vacation specialists right at the airport to get you signed up for a Krystal Vacation Club presentation.   They count on getting you to their presentation the first day of your vacation so that you don't have time to read the fine print. You are given discounted tickets to major tourist attractions and a free breakfast. Krystal will tell you the Vacation Club is a GREAT INVESTMENT and that you will receive your money back by having your unit rented out by the broker they recommend. The fact is, that the broker that Krystal recommends wants $665.00 from you before they do anything at all for you. You, of course, do not find this out until after you sign the sales agreement with Krystal. We found out 14 days after we signed up and it's not mentioned at all during the presentation. When I called the broker recommended by Krystal Vacation Club pretending to be a potential renter, the broker didn't even mention renting from a Krystal Vacation Club owner.   And if by some miracle, Regal does talk to someone that might rent your unit out, you will be responsible to do most of the work.  There is a delay for the potential rental and they dont find out if they are capable of renting your unit until YOU call Krystal to ask if there is an opening, then YOU have to call the potential renter, to let them know, and then you need to call Krystal and Regal  back to say that you have a guest that will be renting your unit out.  And Regal Rental and Sales only books from a Friday to a Friday.   Of course, this procedure and only booking from a Friday to a Friday is never mentioned at all and you find out way too late.  What reasonable person would want to wait around while these phone calls are going back and forth, when they could just call up the hotel they want and book directly?.    LOOK AT ALL the websites and all the upset people that have signed up with Krystal Vacation Club. We wish that we had. There is a clause in the Krystal Sales Vacation Club Agreement that even says ANY STATEMENTS WHETHER VERBAL OR WRITTEN WHICH ARE NOT CONTAINED IN THE OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION PROVIDED TO THE MEMBER AND SIGNED BY THE CLUB REPRESENTATIVE WILL BE HELD INVALID IN CASE OF DISPUTE.     And why do they have this clause???? It's because they will say and write down anything to convince you to sign. It just won't be included in the agreement and they can get away with it because of this clause. They switched paperwork on us. The representative guaranteed that we would make money and the money owed to Krystal would be paid off in 6 months because of this. The ex-football player, representative wrote guaranteed and his signature on one document with the dollar amounts we would receive from our rental at Krystal. But when we looked through the paperwork, this had been switched to one with-OUT his guarantee or signature by the dollar amounts. They are clever and experienced at making it sound like you're a fool if you pass up this opportunity but they leave out very sufficient information. They will tell you that they never have problems renting units out because the Convention Center is just across from them and they're always booked up by businessmen. Maybe Krystal has their units booked up, but IT'S NOT YOUR UNIT that is booked up. We went back the very next morning after we signed the contract and a different representative said we could not cancel or we would loose all our money because we had bought an existing contract from someone who had upgraded. We went back again on the 4th day and talked to our first representative that we signed with, who is an ex-football player. He gave us back the original signed agreement and said it was cancelled then. We BELIEVED HIM AND WE SHOULD NOT HAVE. As I said before, Krystal's broker, Regal Rental and Sales called us 14 days afterwards and told us we were still in the vacation club and they needed $665.00 from us so they could rent out our unit. Krystal lied about the Bank of America, too. If you read the many stories from victims of Krystal, they tell you that Bank of America will only charge a 3% interest rate because they do so much business with Krystal, and because the bank knows they will get the money paid off FAST. Krystal has told others, that there would be no interest rate at all. BUT THE INTEREST RATE(s) KRYSTAL TELLS YOU ABOUT BANK OF AMERICA IS A LIE, TOO. There is NO SPECIAL INTEREST RATE FROM BANK OF AMERICA BECAUSE OF THEIR BUSINESS WITH KRSYTAL!!!   PLEASE INVESTIGATE MORE BEFORE SIGNING UP WITH KRYSTAL VACATION CLUB IN CANCUN, MEXICO. READ THE MANY, MANY, MANY WEBSTIES ON THE INTERNET. Just go to Google or Yahoo and type in KRYSTAL FRAUD OR KRYSTAL SCAM. There are many more sites on Krystal besides these and there are literally PAGES of them! BE AWARE!!!!! If Krystal Vacation Club is such a great deal, why are there so many unhappy people?   It's not like I'm the only person that is making negative comments about them.   I DID NOT even see one positive story from an owner of the Krystal Vacation Club.  LOOK AT THEIR HISTORY!! READ WHAT OTHERS HAVE EXPERIENCED and what they are going through now. You only have 5 days to cancel and then you're out of luck.   Krystal, of course, does not mention this at the presentation either, although it is in the fine print. We went back the day after we signed the agreement, but the representative that signed us was off.  So a 2nd sales representative lied when he said we couldn't cancel. The ex-football player representative (the one we signed with) lied when he said we were cancelled when he gave us back the original sales agreement. He was probably just wanted to get rid of us to work on another potential sucker he had waiting. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is!!!!!
Entity: Cancun, Internet
17, Report #649487
Oct 10 2010
05:25 PM
Krystal Cancun Krystal International Vacation Club FRAUDULENT MISREPRESENTATION CANCUN, Mexico
In May 2010, my husband and I went to Cancun for vacation.  We were greeted at the airport by someone wanting us to look at their resort.  We told them if it has to do with a timeshare we are not interested.  He said that it was not, so we decided to check it out.  We were told someone will pick us up at our Resort and take us to breakfast the next day. Maria Levy met us at Krystal Cancun and we went to breakfast next door.  After breakfast, we went back to Krystal and she showed us around and then we met her husband Steve Levy, whom was the actual salesman.  When we sat down and he started presenting Krystal to us, we explained to him we would not be interested because we already have timeshares and do not want any more. After not getting anywhere with us, he presented it as an investment.  It was a 25 year membership for $16, 900.  Although with it as an investment, he said we would make $53,200 in 3 years, $10,600 in August 2010, $21,280 in 2011 in 2 payments and another $21,280 in 2012.  He wrote all this down as he was explaining it.  With us being there half the day because we still were not 100% sure this was a good move, but with us having a son just starting college, we were dumb enough to get sucked in.  We asked him if it was a guarantee on the income, and he said yes.  He gave a business card of the company that was going to handle this for us and hand wrote two peoples name to contact.  He also gave us a paper that was faxed that same day from that company stating pretty much the same thing.  He also said at the end of the 25 years, we would get back everything we paid for the membership into Krystal thru an annuity.  Later to find out when we got back home that we would have needed to pay $900 to this Lloydshare Annuity, which we did not do, of course. They were very quick at getting us approved thru Bank of America Credit Card. After we asked questioned about several of the statements and of course got answers that continued to convince us that we would not have anything to worry about, they gave us a guy that taxied us around Cancun the rest of the day.   Then Maria Levy scheduled a day off to hang out with us on Tuesday and she toured us around Cancun and actually took us to her home.  They gave us no reason to think that this would not be what they presented to us as an investment.   Now I understand why we were treated like a king and queen.  We had no reason to think anything different until we left Cancun. After hearing nothing in August, in Sept, I contacted the company again to find out about the first check and of course, they didnt have anything for us yet.  NOTHING! After contacting Ray Rubio- Quality Assurance Manager about the misrepresentation we received from Steve Levy, and we were not interested in continuing this transaction,  he emailed back saying we misunderstood and everything is in the papers we signed. Stay far away from Krystal Cancun.  These people are good actors.  After doing some research, it looks like this is typical practice for them.  Please do not get mixed up in anything Krystal International Vacation Club has to offer. They are very good at what they say with the false guarantees and promises.   Hopefully our unfortunate situation will help prevent anyone else from getting into a situation like this.  Our memory of Cancun is very depressing.  5 months later and I still lose sleep thinking about our situation.  I will continue to post my complaint every place I can, if it will keep others away from Krystal.  
Entity: CANCUN, Select State/Province
18, Report #732215
May 23 2011
11:59 AM
Krystal International Vacation Club Krystal Hotel is a SCAM Cancun, Nationwide
The Krystal Vacation Club is a huge scam that has been ripping people off for several years now.  I am a victim of their lies. They will promise you the sale of weeks of the timeshare that will cover the cost of the initial price of the time share.  This sale is done by an outside company.  This sale NEVER happens.  The sale of weeks to cover the price is to happen within three months.  We were told that would be all we would have to pay.  This is a lie. We were also told the price to sell the weeks by this outside company was included in our price of the time share and that our daughter's time share would be sold for the same price.  This was also a lie and another $1,000. Do not believe the people in the airport that say they work for the travel bureau and offer you discounts on attractions.  They also work for the hotel. They give you 3 days to cancel your contract; however, they do not provide a working fax or email address in your contract and keep stringing you along with their lies until the cancellation time has expired.  Then they say they will let you get out of the contract but they keep all the money. BE AWARE....KRYSTAL VACATION CLUB IN CANCUN MEXICO IS A BIG SCAM.....
Entity: Cancun, Nationwide
19, Report #321808
Mar 27 2008
11:16 PM
Krystal Hamburgers several people got FOOD POISONING from eating Krystal hamburgers Birmingham Alabama
WARNING OF FOOD POISONING by eating Krystal Hamburgers Offending store: Krystal Hamburger at 1810 Crestwood Blvd, Birmingham (Irondale), Alabama 35210 The home office: Krystal Corporate Headquarters 1 Union Square Chattanooga, TN 37402 Three of us in a family at hamburgers from Krystal Hamburgers. I was in Birmingham visiting to celebrate 2 life events. Could not do so for we got sick. We were throwing up, having diarrhea, feeling like going to die! ALL 3 of us got FOOD POISONING! I ended up in the hospital for FOOD POISONING. I have copies of my medical records from the hospital stating this. The Health Department was notified. I have copy of their investigation. The found Krystal policy to be in conflict with the County code and Alabama law. They found that Krystal employees handled hamburger onions WITHOUT WASHING HANDS OR PUTTING ON GLOVES. Krystal was cited for this/given a notice for bare hand contact & cross contamination. I have documentation. My concern is that a lot of other people who may have gotten sick after eating at Krystal and not realized what it was from. They may have thought that is was the flu or a stomach virus. However, Krystal Hamburger is the culprit. I was able to recognize the symptoms because (1) I am a nurse (2) We all got sick and the only food we ate in common was the Krystal Hamburgers. PLEASE WARN PARENTS WITH CHILDREN. PLEASE WARN THE SICK & ELDERLY. I am concerned that something like this could given KILL a small child as well as those that are elderly, sick, or have compromise immune system. Help Jacksonville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Birmingham, Alabama
20, Report #423791
Apr 24 2009
09:35 AM
NH Krystal Resorts - Tiempo Compart Krystal - Bank Of America Fraudulent time share scam - falsifying and withholding of information Nationwide
Synopsis: NH Krystal Resorts is an organization of individuals deliberating working to defraud consumers. Use any search engine and type in NH Krystal Resorts fraud and you will find numerous links. The employees for this company deliberately and maliciously seek to entice their customers into an array of false promises and fraudulent timeshare scams. Bank of America is a party to this scam. They know NH Krystal Resorts is committing fraud yet they continue to allow them to set up new customers with their credit cards in order to finance the purchase of the timeshares. The customers then discover they were defrauded and attempt to seek assistance through Bank of America. Bank of America then denies them any assistance, collects the interest and late fees, and demands payment. The consumers are caught owning timeshares they cannot sell and they have huge credit card debt. The consumers then discover they could actually stay at the hotel for less using any travel website than if they had purchased the timeshares. I ask anyone who has been defrauded by NH Krystal Resorts to step forward and let your voice be heard. Detail: One April 19, 2008, I and my friend met with a salesperson Hans Snyman after receiving a tour of the hotel to discuss the nature of Krystal's products. From the very beginning the presentation, the Mr. Snyman presented the timeshare products as an investment product. This is attested by both me and by my friend. I retained Hans' handwritten notes which were used in order to explain the product as an investment product and how I could resell this product for my person gain. Mr. Snyman explicitly set forth the amounts I would earn with the sale of their product. He wrote that should I purchase their two 13 week programs (the first titled Krystal Power and the second title Krystal Plus), each of these weeks would sell at a price of $700 thus earning $9,100. False: Once these timeshares were turned over to a third party broker in order to sell the timeshares, Krystal set a selling price of $2,100. This is well above the price set forth by the salesperson. Mr. Snyman explicitly set forth again the amounts I would earn with the sale of their product. He demonstrated on his handwritten notes that I have the choice of either using the timeshares for my personal use over the course of 25 years or I could sell them for $9,100 (a total of $18,200). Mr. Snyman wrote that the total amount I would have to pay including fees would be $13,900. Taking into consideration the total amount the shares would sell at $18,200, it would result in a net profit of $5,100. Please note that his math was wrong and the amount I would earn is inaccurate. False: The price of these timeshares was set by Krystal at $2,100, not $700. Furthermore, this equation does not take into consideration the maintenance fees. Maintenance fees were never discussed by Mr. Snyman during the selling process. Mr. Snyman set forth in writing that I could finance the entire purchase through a Bank of America credit card program. He stated that this would provide me the opportunity to finance the entire purchase and within a 6 month period I would make $5,100 net profit. False: The amount I would earn as a net profit does not take into consideration maintenance fees and the amount of profit is inaccurate. Mr. Snyman set forth both verbally and in writing that once I purchased the timeshares, the timeshares would easily sell. This is attested by both me and my friend. Mr. Snyman attested to this numerous times during the course of our conversation. Furthermore, you can see evidence of his assertions on his handwritten notes. False: As of the date of this report 10 months after the purchase, not one timeshare has sold. The sales team at Krystal is making these same assertions to all its customers. During the course of my meeting with the representative of Krystal resorts, the program of timeshares was presented to me as an investment option. During the course of our discussion, I asked Mr. Snyman if he knew of anyone that was unable to sell their shares within the six month time period (i.e. referring to the six month no interest credit card). He stated that, in his experience, he knew of only two times when the all the weeks did not sell right away; once was after a hurricane a couple of years ago, and the other instance was after the terrorist attacks 9/11. I asked him what level of risk was involved in this transaction. He stated that there is very little risk and that most it not all of the shares would sell within 6 months. This was a complete fabrication and a lie. No one who purchases these time share products are able to sell them that rapidly if at all. One of the biggest reasons these timeshares do not sell is because the break even selling price (the price I as a consumer would need to sell the timeshares in order to merely recoup my costs) is greater than the amount an individual could rent a hotel room for a week through any travel website. Therefore, a consumer would be crazy to purchase a timeshare through a timeshare broker rather than purchase a week's stay at the resort through Expedia or Travelocity. My Snyman wrote the sequential numbers of 100, 75, 50, and 26. These represent the number of weeks an individual could purchase for resale. On the right side of the paper, he wrote the purchase price amounts and right below he wrote the net profit I would receive by selling all of the shares. Also, please note that, if Krystal was not attempting to sell the timeshares as investments and merely for personal use, it would be difficult if not impossible for the average consumer to use 75 or 100 timeshare weeks especially when the individual may only use 2 per year. This is further evidence that the products were presented to me as an investment. During the presentation, I was told that I would have to pay a onetime fee of $661 to Regal, the 3rd party brokerage company that would sell my timeshares. When I obtained the Membership Purchase Agreement, I asked them about the Maintenance Fee for the 1st Year. A Krystal representative named Ray Rubio stated that this was only a one time fee to the Regal. Refer to exhibit E. Exhibit E is the copy of the acknowledgement from Regal to sell my shares. Note that the Regal's fee amount is the same ($661) as the purchase agreement amount ($661) per the Terms & Conditions. Krystal Resorts lied to me about the yearly maintenance fee. They stated it was merely the one time service fee from Regal. Krystal deliberately set the maintenance fee on the contract to be the exact same amount as the service fee from Regal. Per my contract with Krystal Resorts, I had 5 days from the contract signing date to cancel the contract. I did not receive Service Profile from Regal in the mail until AFTER the 5 days. This constitutes a material omission of pertinent information which would have influenced my decision to purchase Krystal's product. Regal is stating the maintenance fee is $642 for each week. As noted above, this amount is different than the amount quoted on the membership purchase agreement. This is additional evidence that Krystal originally set the maintenance fee to be the exact same price as the service fee charged by Regal in order to deceive me. Furthermore, Regal's service profile contradicts the Membership Purchase Agreement. The purchase agreement states a yearly fee, while the Service Profile states a Maintenance Fee. A yearly fee and a maintenance fee are different. The Weekly Rental rate of $2,100 was set by Krystal to the third party broker. When I entered into this transaction, I was informed by Mr. Snyman that the timeshares would sell at $700 per week (this is also set forth on his handwritten notes). I signed the agreement with Regal in good faith trusting Krystal's statements that the units would sell. My impression at the time was that I would make even more money than the salesperson had originally quoted me. Krystal and Regal did NOT inform me that I have the ability to set the selling price for myself. This constitutes gross omission of material information which would have influenced my decision to enter into a contract with Krystal. When I contacted Regal 4 months after the contract date to ask them why the units have not yet sold, they told me that I should lower the selling price. It was only at this time that I was made aware that I have the liberty to change the selling price. Krystal Resorts instructed Regal to sell the timeshares at $2,100. I did not set that price. On the Buyers Acknowledgement and Understanding, the Buyers Acknowledgement is NOT listed as one of the sole agreement documents. Therefore, this document does not constitute my agreement with Krystal. Furthermore this document is incomplete and does not fully oblige me to the entire product which I purchased. It states I purchased 13 Krystal Plus weeks. I purchased 26 weeks under two different programs of which this Buyers Acknowledgement technically only obliges me to half of what I purchased. Therefore, they cannot state I agreed to the terms of the contracts on the Buyer's Acknowledgement for all 26 weeks. I have not signed a Buyers Acknowledgement and Understanding for all 26 weeks. The documentation is incomplete. The Buyers Acknowledgement states that I acknowledge that any statements whether verbal or written which are not contained in the official documentation provided to the member will be held invalid in case of dispute. Krystal deliberately includes this in the contract because they are knowingly making false representations regarding their products. I initialed this acknowledgement in good faith believing that Krystal was making accurate and factual statements regarding their product, and that they were including all material and pertinent information. As is clearly evidenced above, Krystal made inaccurate statements and omitted material information. Furthermore, no one waives their legal rights to receive factual and truthful information in a contractual agreement. August 6th, 2008, I contacted NH Krystal Resorts inquiring as to why none of the timeshares had yet sold. The stated that they had no responsibility as to how or if the timeshares would sell and that the timeshares were completely in my responsibility. There response entirely contradicts the assertions they made during the selling process when they stated that the units would easily sell and that most if not all of the units would sell them within the first six months. By stating they have no responsibility, they are also stating they have no idea if and how the units will sell. Therefore, they made a completely false and inaccurate statement during the selling process and misrepresented the product to me. Furthermore, they stated via email that Regal is acknowledged by not endorsed by them. Then why did they encourage me to use them? On August 11th, 2008, I requested that they cancel my contract and refund the money to which they denied. When I asked them about the fact that the units were not selling, they referred to #14 of the Buyers Acknowledgement stating that selling of these units would be under my responsibility. While this is understandable, it further substantiates that they are lying in order to entice an individual to purchase their product only to cleverly design the documentation in order to avoid any responsibility for their claims. I have made repeated attempts to seek assitance from Bank of America because I financed the entire purchase through a new credit card set up by Krystal resorts in conjunction with Bank of America. After many attempts, Bank of America has refused to assist me. I have sent them detailed information regarding the nature of Krystal's fraudulent activities, I sent them copies of Mr. Snyman's handwritten notes, and I sent them numerous testimonies by other consumers who were also defrauded by NH Krystal. Bank of America continues to wash their hands of any responsibility despite the fact that hundreds of individuals have come forward claiming they were deceived. In fact, Bank of America continues to approve new credit card applications coming from from NH Krystal Resorts knowing full well that with each application they receive, a customer is being deceived. They approve those applications and allow the customer to purchase timeshares all-the-while the customer is misinformed. Then, after the customer realizes he/she has been defrauded, Bank of America does nothing but reap the rewards of interest charges and late fees. Bank of America is knowingly facilitating this fraudulent scam. They continue to finance NH Krystal Resorts requests for credit card authorizations knowing full well the customers are being deceived. And they are doing nothing to stop it. Therefore, they too are committing fraud. In summary, NH Krystal resorts is a loathsome deceitful company using any and all means necessary to deceive their customers into purchasing timeshares as investment options. I'm not the first nor will I be the last one to come forward about these fraudulent dirt bags. What makes this even worse is Bank of America doesn't have the balls to go after NH Krystal Resorts, so they focus their attention on the little guy and force him/her to pay for the scam. Jack man ute Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #1360282
Mar 07 2017
10:11 AM
krystal cancun krystal international vacation club krystal cancun vacation club RIP OFF BIG SCAM cancun mexico cancun quintana roo
they catch you at the airport take you to sales office hammer on you dont take no for an answer hammer hammer hammer for hours promise you everything promise return on investment and they are lieing to yopur face bold face lies invested lots of monies on their promises and they do promise big returns and lots of rentals very busy motel its been 1 year with NO RENTALS even spring break what a big rip they keep calling for more money and now its got to stop after thousands of dollars invested just cant do no more its throwing money away cant do it no more SOMEONE PLEASE HELP          
Entity: Mexico
22, Report #763961
Aug 27 2011
09:01 AM
KRYSTAL BARBIE PRODUCTIONS LLC KRYSTAL BARBIE PRODUCTIONS, MADISON FINANCIAL GROUP LLC Krystal Barbie Productions is a RIPOFF!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM her and this company!! person who claims her name is TK WALKER(S) is in REALITY Takaye Winters GOOGLE HER!! and see her police reports your MIAMI BEACH, Florida
 Krystal Barbie Productions LLC, registered by the Madison Financial Group LLC, is a luxury event planing company that clames to be a company all around Miami, NY and LA but DO NOT fall for this SCAM!!! ESPECIALLY the woman named TK WALKERS whose REAL name is TAKAYE WINTERS!! They are RIPOFFS!!! In particular this woman who claims to be a director of the company her name that she gives to everyone locally is TK WALKER(S) but her REAL NAME is actually TAKAYE WINTERS!! She fakes her identity everywhere and to everyone she meets, but please do GOOGLE HER!! you will see all the police reports coming up from Miami-Dade and NY and mug shots with all the arrest information!! PLEASE DO NOT do ANY business with this psychopathic woman!  SHE IS A RIP OFF! SHE IS A LIAR,OFFENSIVE,UNPROFESSIONAL RUDE RUDE NASTY WOMAN WHO HAS NO IDEA HOW TO RUN A BUSINESS and CLAIMS TO HAVE A LUXURY EVENTS COMPANY IN MIAMI, NY AND LA area.. which I DOUBT... by looking at her police reports that ANY normal business would want to work with someone like that... She claims to provide upscale cocktail parties and events like exclusive bliss to a tastemaker society made up of Corporate, Entertainment Execs, Socialites, Athletes, Film, Fashion, and Music Industry influences (you can see it at the Facebook page I provided below)  BUT in reality IT'S  A SCAM!!!  BY ALL MEANS STAY AWAY FROM HER AND THIS COMPANY!!!  I was hired by her to work for the event and NEVER got paid!!! not only that I never got paid but she also INSULTED ME and threatened me to not call again or she would have her security come after me and serve me and said I should be careful not to see her in the streets or run away!  probably she thought I would get scared and not ask for payment again but at this point all I care about is to REPORT her and this company's immoral work ethic and RIPOFF and hoping that who ever will read my report will NEVER do ANY business with her!!!   Here is the link to the Facebook page: Here is the link to Twitter:!/KrystalLuxLife SPREAD THE WORD and always do research before you do business with anyone so that you don't get RIPPED OFF AS I DID! 
Entity: MIAMI BEACH, Florida
23, Report #36194
Nov 25 2002
10:41 AM
Krystal Coach Limousine dishonest ripoffs-CUSTOMERS BEWARE! Orlando Florida
WARNING!!! here's a great little scam I got conned into. Call around to find a limo company to take kids out for a fun nite on the town. Get a rate a few dollars an hour cheaper than others -limo shows up looking like a football game had been played in it- missing ashtray cover- door handle missing on 1 side- radio wasn't working right, dirty stained carpets, but since there was no turning back (and I didn't know about the radio/cd player problems til later) we had no choice. walk or go in the old limo. end of night I'm presented the bill for x number of hours times the hourly rate PLUS some mysterious 10% Driver's fee. I asked if this was a tip and the driver said no, this is a separate driver's fee. he could not leave til I signed it but I told him that wasn't what I was told and he said to call the office the next morning, which I did, where I was greeted by rude, inconsiderate jerks who claimed they always tell all customers about their hidden fees. After I tried to file a chargeback they basically said hey, you shouldn't have signed the form if you didn't agree to it. Hey, if you hadn't lied and committed fraud by lying, I guess I wouldn't have had to worry you ripoff artists. LOOK OUT AND BE WARNED, IF YOU NEED A LIMO IN ORLANDO OR FT. LAUDERDALE, DO NOT USE KRYSTAL COACH- 407-788-7714 OR 888-414-0075. They are rip off artists from hell. Dee Orlando, Florida
Entity: orlando, Florida
24, Report #383741
Oct 22 2008
11:03 AM
Krystal Kwik Kar Messed Up Tune Up Houston Texas
Messed up a truck tune up performed on October 22, 2008. Incompetent mechanic crossed over plug wires during tune up. I had to spend $45 at a different auto shop to repair. My truck ran rough, backfired and missed fired immediatley after the tune up was performed. When I asked the mechanics about it they said all we did was change the spark plugs. When I went to a different repair shop they immediately knew what the problem was unlike the fools at Krystal Kwik Kar. Do not go to this facility. I would not trust these guys to even do a simple oil change. Oretech Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
25, Report #451853
May 14 2009
11:58 AM
Krystal Hamburgers Food Poisioning Hamburgers Fern Park Florida
i ate krystal hamburgers with cheese on monday may 11 2009 and i have been sick since then with diaherrea vomiting stomach cramps chills and i have not been able to eat hardly anything since then except for crackers and ginger ale and water to keep dehydrated. i called the store but they told me the manager was not in. so i am reporting this to all consumers that eat here or similar stores. Alisa n Sanford, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Fern Park, Florida

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