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1, Report #1401418
Sep 20 2017
07:05 PM
KVO Skin Complete DVO Complete Eye Indicated I was under no future contract - then charged me bigtime!! What a SCAM! Henderson Nevada
Received an offer to try cosmetic cream for a small amount. I read all information, but never saw anywhere it said I would continue to be charged an outrageous amount for another package of their product (I haven't received it yet, although charged!)
Entity: Henderson, Nevada
2, Report #1360974
Mar 10 2017
11:33 AM
KVO Marketing - Skin pomp KVO Marketing Inc.Skin pomp DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICE, SCAMMING REFUND POLICY las vegas Nevada
KVO Marketing Inc advertises skin pomp products on a shady website with very little company info and no place for customer reviews. They offer a 14 day free trial on skin pomp cream, and the customer only has to pay for 4.95 shipping. In the fine print it says there will be a recurring monthly charge of 89.95 for auto shipments if you do not cancel. That in itself is sneaky enough but i read through everything so that wasnt my problem. I receieved my product, and 7 days after delivery (exactly two weeks days after ordering), i called to let them know the product was not living up to its claim and it was making my skin break out, i wanted to return it and cancel any future memebership or charges. I ONLY HAD THE PRODUCT FOR 7 DAYS, I ORDERED IT 14 DAYS AGO, BUT MY CARD WAS ALREADY CHARGED AND THEY WOULD NOT GIVE ME A FULL REFUND. I ordered february 24th, and i called in to return the product on March 10th. After threatening to file a BBB complaint, which i did, they offered me a 50% refund on the 89.95. I told them i would take the refund but i am not accepting that as a payment in full for the refund, and i would still file the complaint with BBB. Now i am waiting to see what will come with the help of the BBB because clearly this company doesnt give a crap about being an honest business.  SAVE YOUR MONEY, DONT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY.
Entity: las vegas, Nevada
3, Report #1390797
Aug 06 2017
08:12 PM
KVO eye pomp Young skin line Eye care Las Vegas Nevada
I saw on the internet where the wife of Facebook founder a new skin care line. I ordered the 2 sample of $3.95 and $4.95 . Then these charges showed up today on my checking 2 charges of $85.95 and $89.95.i called them and she told me I could not get my money reversed as I only got samples. Said that all I wanted was to try it. No where did it say I would get more charges. it makes me at 83 never to use my credit card
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
4, Report #1380355
Jun 21 2017
11:09 AM
KVO SkinPomp Charged on item returned unopened, charged and sent additional products and charged. Santa Ana California
I returned the free trial of face cream without even opening it. Then I see that I was charged $.99, $3.96, and $89.95 so I googled the company that charged to my account. I was informed by Tracy Thomas that this company does not take returns, even when unopened and that the free trail was over so she couldn't help me. She finally offered a 50% refund for a product that I did not try, keep, or even open. She stated that the account had been cancelled. Two days later I return home to find another box from this terrible place on my doorstep. I contacted the company and the person on the other end was a rude, horrible, condescening jerk that said too bad for me. If I didn't want their products then I sould have cancelled sooner. He claimed to transfer me to a supervisor, but it was clearly the same poorly spoken individual with a giant chip on his shoulder. So I am out $189.80 and still have not seen a credit for the $47.48 that she claimed she was applying before they charged the additional $94.90. This is ridiculous that a company is allowed to operate this way!!!
Entity: Santa Ana, California
5, Report #1391037
Aug 07 2017
03:11 PM
Encante skin Eye cream via kvo*eyepompPro skin msx Ordered an online eye cream. small print to discontinue in 2weeks .original order 4.99, got charged additional for additional skin products and eye creamevery 2 weeks. ($600.) Before I realized, disbuted wwith. My credit card company, left me paying x 1 order, rest were dropped.but yr later, a collection company claims I owe 98.71 for skin care, I never agreed to!! Besides thinking this was settled a yr ago, furious. A collection agengy!! Needing to respond in 30 days, got notice 2weeks after it was dated. California darwaterfront
 Angie Sarasota, Florida A yr ago , ordered an eye cream product, trial basis 4.99, Before I knew what was happening more orders arrived, when I received my credit card statement a month later over $500, charges from this company. I called to dispute, some charges were dropped, then called my cc company, which informed me of , I would be responsible for one of the charges $99. A year later now, I get a notice from a collection agency telling me I have 30 days to respond, pay up, or they intend to press charges !!! (Letter received had a date from 2 weeks earlier)
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1207703
Feb 09 2015
07:41 AM
Lavish Skin Complete Scam!! Internet
This company is a complete scam!  The terms aren't listed clearly on the website.  The email they send you does not have the terms at all.  I just spoke with them to cancel after they sent me the worthless product for $89.99 and the customer service tech hung up on me!  
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1383257
Jul 05 2017
10:25 AM
Skin Endear Complete SCAM/account hackers Internet
 I ordered a free trail of skin endear as well as eye endear where in the website ga this product would work. So when the product didn't work I called to cancel got an automated system tell me to press 1 to cancel then proceed to say my card will be charged $38 and then cancelled. I was not only shocked but disgusted. So then I spoke to a representative and tells me I can only speak to a live person for my trial to be cancelled automated system will charge me. Then proceed to tell me they only give 10 days for me to try the product and 4 days for me to receive the product equals my 14 day trail. They will continue to charge my card until they get paid and also refused for me to send the product back. They refused to help and continue to repeat themselves this is a scam. Something needs to be done.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1380798
Jun 23 2017
08:55 AM
After reading an article about one of my favorite tv personalities (Joanna Gaines) setting up her own skin care line, I clicked on the link.  Ad suggested that I could purchase Illumira eye cream for a 14 day trial and only pay s/h of $4.99.  I clicked on it and it put me to another screen selling Jullen skin care, I didn't want it and clicked next but it billed me another $4.99 + $1.99 on my credit card...this was on 5-25.  Apparently there was a spot that I missed that said I was signing up for a recurring monthly fee if I didn't respond in 14 days.  I didn't get the products until 6-1.  Never even opened them as I was working 70+ hours and very busy.  When I did open the small brown box, all that was in it was the two boxes of skin care:  one from Illumira and one from Jullen.  No brochures, no pamphlets about the product, no notice about the trial period and possible recurring fees.  No notice about if you have an allergic reaction to the product, to stop using and a contact number.  Nothing.  Even over the counter skin care products in a Walmart or a Macy's has this information! Both companies started charging my credit card on 6-7 through two third party collection companies called Happy Craze and Pleasure Charm.  Fees were $89.75 and $84.75.  Thankfully M&T flagged both charges.  I filed a complaint with my bank, cancelled my card, and proceeded to contact the phone numbers that were listed next to the charges.  I had no problem with cancelling the monthly charges from Jullen skin care/Pleasure Charm as technically the 14 days would have been 6-7...they start counting from day of shipment.  The gentleman that I spoke with went through his whole script trying to get me to stay on with different % off's but I stayed firm.  They only tried to charge my card one more time at a rate of $72.04 and then stopped. However when I made a call to Happy Craze the woman I spoke with said that I signed up for the 14 day trial and it was now over and I had to pay the full price of the cream.  I went back and forth with her saying that I was at the 14 day mark and wanted to cancel everything she said I had to call the phone number on the box.  On 6-8 I called 866-973-9608.  They took 15 minutes to even find my name in their data base...they kept putting me on hold.  Now I am ONE day after the 14 day trial.  Right away this woman threatened me with a collection suit. I said that I had called Happy Craze the day before to cancel and they wouldn't.  She said not my problem.  I said that I wanted to return the unopened boxex, she said we do not accept returns.  And she would not give me a manager's name nor an address of any kind. Now I have a collection agency calling my house 3-4 a day.  This charge is still being investigated by M&T.  I would love to report it to the FTC and BBB but I cannot get an address for this company from any where!  And I would love to send this stuff back...it is still in it's original box upopened!!  Thing that makes me the maddest is the note on my credit report which I have been working so hard to keep at a high level.   
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1365052
Apr 18 2017
08:21 PM
SkinVitalize Cream Mira Vi, KVO EyePomp, Miracle Cream Offer a sample with no small print, costs shipping only... a few days later they will charge you $89, + another $85 for something else you did not order. The sample arrives, but nothing else... and it is a crappy product, I immediately alerted my bank. My bank just sent a letter today stating that the charges were valid!! I am in shock. I would NEVER order skin cream that costs $200 on the internet!!! This company is scamming left and right. Internet
 There was an ad on Facebook for a Free Sample of a self proclaimed amazing skin cream. It only costs $4.95 for shipping/handling. I placed my order... I checked all the fine print- this was not a trial, in no place did they say you will be billed later, I know how these things work and know for certain that it was a sample. They also offered an eye cream just before check out for 5.95 shipping/handling. I declined. A few days later I received 2 samples and did not notice anything special about them. I thought it was strange that I got the eye cream , so I checked my bank account to see if they charged me for it... sure enough they did and also charged me $89 and $85!!!! I immediately called my bank who temporarily credited my account back while they investigated the matter. Today I received a letter from my bank stating the charges were going to go through because they decided the transactions were correct!! The skin cream company must be making up fake web agreements and altering the content. THIS IS A SCAM. It needs to be investigated immediately. I would never pay nearly $200 for a cream off the internet!!
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1361042
Mar 10 2017
05:09 PM
Clair Skin Complete rip off and stole money from my account. Internet
In the beginning of Feb 2017 I like the first lady ordered a free sample of a skin cream to help with aging.  No where did it say on the web page that it was on a trial basis.  It did not state that at the end of 14 days( ordered a free 30 day supply only pay for 4.95 shipping).  At the end of 14 days could cancel.  No where was that mentioned.  So in 14 days a got a notice from my bank that a suspecious charge was on my account.  Clair skin charged my account for 90.00 for the next months supply.  I immediately called the company and cancelled the account and demanded my refund as the charge was not authorized.  I am on Social Security and cannot afford 90/month.  Had I known I would not have ordered the sample.  My bank filed a dispute.  Clair Skin said they tried to contact me and left voicemail.  Its a lie I do not have voicemail on my phone.  I called several times-  I was hung up on.  I chose call back option- never called me back.  I called again after emailing requesting my refund they said to take it up with my bank.  So I am out of 90.00.  Had to cancel debit card, and just about eliminated my grocery budget.  Please help and stop this from happening to orthers like me who live month to month.  I even got a confirmation email confirming my account closure.  Did not make a difference.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1389782
Aug 01 2017
04:27 PM
Nova skin Sciences- Niuvelle Maddie*Miskincreme. AEH*Aeharteyeserum, Parisian Secret Complete ripoff ,tryparisian Nationwide
 Total ripoff, advertise a sample of product, then once they have your credit card automatically charge you credit card for future orders you did not order? Sample arrived beyond the 14 days so there is no way you can cancel even if you knew their cancellation policy. I called credit card company and they knew which charges I was disputing even before I told my story. Seems many have had bad dealings with this company. I called them they offed a 30% discount for product I have not received. Told them I was disputing charges and was told tough luck. I printed theirs website information and could find no reference to automatic billing.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1261309
Oct 14 2015
02:36 PM
Balanced Skin Care Center Susan Tanner, Balanced Skin Care Susan Tanner ruined my skin, complete hack, needed a Dermatologist to repair damage Taylorsville Utah
 I went to Susan Tanner to have a microabrasion done. Big mistake on my part. First sign that it was a mistake is she is located in a basement of her home. Second mistake was her husband hit on me after my appointment in the drive of her (home) office. Third sign it was a mistake is she is one of the rudest, most unprofessional peole I have ever met. Fourth sign it was going to be a mistake is, why would anyone have an office in their home if they are serious about their business? After my treatment about a day later, my face started to breakout so badly I had to go see a Dermatologist. He asked my where I had gone for treatment and I told him Susan Tanner, he chuckled and said he made a lot of money from her mistakes. Don't make the same mistake I did. Go to a real Dermatalogist for treatments.  If you do go to a day spa, amke sure it is located in a real office.
Entity: Taylorsville, Utah
13, Report #1341683
Dec 06 2016
10:41 AM
Luminis Advanced Skin Care Complete Skam/Ripoff Grove City Internet
     I would like something done about Luminis Advanced Skincare as I feel they have found an easy way to rip off consumers.  I ordered the Luminis Skin Care (free trial size) except for 4.64 shipping and handling - no where did I see on the main page that if you did not cancel within 14 days your account will be charged 98.71.  Well, I got charged 98.71, plus 1.99 for God only knows what.  When I discovered what happened I had to run to my credit union to add more money so I would not get overdrawn and charged more money.  I called to cancel my account and begged....yes, begged that the money be put  back into my account as I did not intentionally miss the 14 day trial statement - I just did not know about it.  They only refunded me 49.35; then the very next day, they took out 99.01 for another skin soft product I ordered under the same pretense.  But instead of asking me the 1st time I called in an outrage about the 98.71 if I wanted to cancel the other account, they took out the 99.01 (now I have to run to the credit union AGAIN to add more money so I don't get any overdrafts on my account.  This is outragious in my view and if there is a class action suit against these crooks please add my name and email address and let me know what I have to do.  I'm so upset - I'm a widow and on a fixed income and would never order anything that costs a hundred bucks a month. Several times I asked to talk with a supervisor but to no avail.  They did say they would refund me another 49.35 on the 99.01 that was taken, but I believe it should all be refunded.  Please help in any way you can. 
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1420065
Dec 30 2017
01:16 PM
Allumiere Skin Serum Tried to charge me complete price for trial. Denver Colorado
I ordered trial of this product o November 26, 2017. Received product 12/12/17. Used 2 times. Called to cancel and was told to keep product, use, and call by December 20, 2017 if I didn't wish to keep. Before 12/20/17, I called back again to cancel. Lady said just keep longer, sure I would like it. New date to canncel was given, 1/3/18. Spoke with Addica. I called back today, 12/30/17 to cancel and was told I had to pay full price for the sample because it was a trial. I argued and had quite a time. Finally spoke with supervisor, Monica Hampton. She agreed for me to return bottle and no charge would acrue. I will return it 1/2/18 when usps is open. This is a terrible scam. Please let others know.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
15, Report #1357083
Feb 19 2017
07:37 PM
Murphy's Natural Skin Solution Oxilarine Wrinkle Creme, Oxilarine Moisture Creme Beware This Company Is A Complete Ripoff Raleigh North Carolina
I was checking my bank account and found three charges from this company.  I have no idea who they are or why the would be charging my account. I can only conclude that I signed up for something else and the information was use to charge my account for these bogus items.  People need to be wary of these unscruplus companies and report them.  If enough of us report them the credit card companies will revoke their right to accept credit cards.  I for one am going to let everyone I can know about this companies practices.  Watch yourself and check you accounts often for unauthorized activity.
Entity: Raleigh, North Carolina
16, Report #1386354
Jul 18 2017
07:41 AM
Valamourus/ Aquavo Complete scam Internet
 First of all was unaware in was an enrollment program. As soon as my card was charged. I contacted them after 30 plus minutes on the phone to cancel. I could not get a real person. I emailed both companies Aquavo and Vlamorous asking instruction on how to gain a refund or return products. This was on March 15 2017. I have yet to receive any communication back from them. I have sent several emails and tried numerous times on the phone. Do not fall for this scam I am out almost 200 dollars, all I want is my refund they can have their product back !! I'm mad I fell for this.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1391208
Aug 08 2017
09:02 AM
Derma Genetix Complete scam! Internet
 I ordered a Free 14 day trial of the Eye Serum and the Face Cream. It was delivered 7 days later and I was billed the full amount of a 30-day supply on day 7 of usage. I was then told by a very rude Customer Service Rep named Nadine that IF I had read my Terms and Conditions then I would know that by not calling to cancel by Day 14 (which would be Day 7 of usage), then I agreed to pay the full 30-day supply cost. 7 days is no where close of enough time to evaluate a skin care routine. I get that it's all in the fine print, but this is SCAM at its finest. And I might not even be so upset, or consider writing this review, if the Customer Service training were more considerate. Clearly they get these calls all day long if dissatisfied customers, or else she would have jumped into her you should have known condescending attitude so quickly. Never buy from Derma Genetix!
18, Report #1406676
Oct 16 2017
05:26 PM
Complete Beauty Support Free Trail ripoff St Petersburg Florida
The company Comlete Beauty Support is a total ripoff.  They have you sign up for a free trail for 14 days and then when you pay for shipping for the product you do not get an invoice or anything but the product.  In my instance, I got the product and then it was 2 months later that I even received the another shipment and then they charged my account for the month of the free trail and two months there after.  I called to cancel the so called subscription and was advised that I cannot return the 2nd shipment because it was past the 30 days, but I had not had the product for 30 days.  But their shipping date says otherwise.  They cancelled the subscription, but then tried to charge me a restocking fee and I have to pay to ship it back.   I did however get them to waive the restocking fee, but they will not take back the second bottle even though I did not actually have it 30 days in my possesion.   I am supposed to still get this last bottle and then put a RA number on it and ship it back and pay to ship it back.  The first agent that I spoke with advised me that since I was NATURAL that it would take about 90 days to see any results.  My question to her was, how am I suppose to see how a product works in 14 or 15 days when you are telling me that I should give it at least 90 days to see any results and how would that agent actually know if I was natural or not.   I then asked for a supervisor and she politely said her closing and bidded me a good day and hung up.  I waited a few days and called back and spoke to a second agent and she went over everything that was discussed with the first agent and did not offer any other solutions and when I told her what the other agent said, she proceeded to tell me that she was refering to the product being all natural.   That had nothing to do with what the first agent said to me and why would that come up in a conversation any way, if the product did not work for me.   The second agent also kept saying about the terms and conditions.  The terms and conditions are not laid out plainly on the so called website.  I then asked the second agent for the corporate email address and she advised that she did not have that information and that it was on the bottle and said her closing and then hung up. I called right back and spoke to a third agent and immediately asked for a supervisor, he asked for my information and put me on hold to locate my account and then got me to a supervisor.  The supervisor listened to what I had to say and proceeded to tell me that the subscription was canceled and he apologized for the agent's hanging up on me and advised that since their calls are recorded that it will be looked into.  I inquired about getting my money back from the second bottle and was denied the refund since it was passed the so called 30 days and then said his closing and then hung up.  How are you to apologize for the previous agents hanging up and then you do the same thing.  Just because you say a polite closing does not give you the right to end the call when the call is not complete and the customer is not happy.   I also used the website on the bottle and nothing with that web address comes up.  So how am I supposed to look over an account or even read the terms and conditions when nothing is attached to this so called website.  This company is a total scam, they do not treat their customers with respect or courtesy and should have their terms and conditions laid out better and should send an invoice with the shipment just in case you have any questions or concerns.  You don't even get an email to let you know that a shipment is coming or your account will be charged.  The place that you sign up for the free trial product, also does not advise how much the product is if you do not cancel this in the timeframe that you are supposed to.  This is not ethical behavior. 
Entity: St Petersburg, Florida
19, Report #1385677
Jul 15 2017
09:27 AM
Parisan Secret Paris an Secret Skin Care Complete SCAM San Diego California
 The exact same thing happened to me as previous customer ex ept they charged my account $89.26 & $86. plus change for the Advanced Lifting Serum that I never ordered or authorize. I did order the skin cream for the one time shipping of $4.95 only and they automatically charged for the Lifting serum that I never authorized or requested. The phone number is a recording that isn't any good and doesn't connect to to anyone or give information. This is a complete scam and needs the Attorney General to investigate them as well as everyone report them to the BBB.
Entity: San Diego, California
20, Report #1389375
Jul 31 2017
08:24 AM
Lunaluxe-Complete Ripoff Offer Free Trial, but nothing is actually free Danville, Internet
I fell for Lunaluxe because they claimed that all 4 or 5 investors on Shark Tank bought into the company.  I thought there was a true Free Trial.  I tried the products (Eye Serum and Skin Creme), and the eye serum burned my eyes, and the skin creme feels like spreading lard on your face.  I, like some people, I imagine, didn't read all of the Terms and Conditions.  I did look for a statement saying that if I didn't cancel within a certain amount of time, I would be billed monthly for more product, but didn't find it.  Come to find out, it's hidden in the Terms and Conditions.  I was billed $85.97 for the skin creme and $89.97 for the eye serum.  When I called the number on the boxes, I was connected to a very rude, condescending woman who evidently had heard the story before, because she was most impatient and mean in explaining the Terms and Conditions contained the line about if you don't cancel in XX days you will be billed for the free product.  I, too received the sales pitches from this woman who said that she could continue my account for 1/2 of the price, to which I responded, I don't like the product, it adversely effected my eyes, to which she responded, well I'm sorry you have had issues.  For some people it takes a month or two for the product to actually start working.  I had to tell her No I don't want more of this product at least 3 different times before she actually accepted my response.  I didn't think about contacting them to inform them of the allergic reaction I had to the eye serum, because I figured that was all the contact I would have with this company.  For a grand total of $11.93 ($0.99 for the free trial addition of the Eye serum) plus $4.97 shipping for the skin creme and $5.97 for shipping of the eye serum), it didn't seem to be worth my time and energy to call them and tell them of my situation.  I thought, live and learn about internet cremes and their claims of younger, more vibrant looking skin, and not to try them again.  Now I've totally learned to never trust any company that doesn't have a national name brand for anything, especially if it says free trial.Stay as far away from this company as is possible, unless you want to lose close to $100 for every individual product you sign up for a free trial of.  This product is not at all what it claims to be, or do.  I hope someone else who might be thinking about trying this product will read this and the other rip-off reports I read before trying.  If I can save at least 1 person from being hurt by this company, my experience might be worth the almost $200 I had to spend.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #241659
Mar 31 2007
03:11 AM
BodyWorks Skin & Nail Clinic Poor Service, Didn't complete all of treatment, Unprofessional Burleigh Waters Qld Queensland Australia
After being a valuable client for over 4 years I am unhappy with the service I have received from Body Works. On the first occasion a new employee didn't complete the whole service of a luxury pedicure. The next occasion I turned up for my appointment and was told that I wasn't written down in the book for an appointment. I had to wait half an hour till I was able to go in. Then a month later they rang me and asked why I didn't turn up for that appointment, they had written it in the wrong month and didn't apologise. The third and final thing was I had an hour and a half luxury pedicure booked and was only given an hour, without the whole service being given to me, short cuts were again taken. I was rushed out as they had to use the room for another client. Going to any beauty centre you should feel relaxed and pampered not rushed in or out and the full service should be given and every client should be treated professionally. Amy United States, CaliforniaAustralia
Entity: Burleigh Waters Qld, Australia
22, Report #1184331
Oct 22 2014
11:29 AM
Avoir Skin care billed under plexskinc complete sham. trial offer a hoax to obtain access to credit card Internet
I had a similar experience to the gal from Santa Ana.  I responded to a two week free trial offer, agreed to pay the $4.95 shipping, and also imagined I would receive product enough for two weeks.  I happened to view my credit card account and noticed I had also been charged an additional $3.95.   I twice requested an explanation for this via email, with no response.   Next, I heard from my credit card company wanting to know if I had authorized a $98 charge, which I had not.  This was exactly 14 days after the product had been shipped, and 5 days from my receipt.  I did call Avoir about this, and the person I spoke with said I obviously had not read the terms and conditions.  I am next to positive there was not an option to review terms and conditions on the order page.  In any event, automatic use of someone's credit card needs to be agreed to upfront, not stashed amongst the terms and conditiions.   This is a farcical way to sell product, and one must imagine the product to be as much of a scam as the company. I have personally seen no change at all after two weeks. 
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1339767
Nov 25 2016
07:30 AM
Allegro Skin Care Sheridan Labs, Novacare, Dermalor, Brio Scam, a complete scam with unauthorized charges Bluffdale Utah
 Warning. This company will scam you out of hundreds of dollars in unauthorized charges. Do Not Give Them Your Credit Card Number. On the Internet, they offered an introductory product trial of a product called Allegro anti aging wrinkle cream. For $4.96, you get a tiny little sample jar of cream to try. Before ordering, they convince you to also try a new product for $2.96 called Brio for cleansing, etc. that supposedly enhances the effect of the Allegro. It is cheap to try so it seems worth it. I did it and immediately noticed that they charged my credit not twice, but 3 times with an extra $.99 charge which seemed odd, but not worth fighting over. Several weeks later I received the product. Nothing special, unfortunately, but for $9.00 it was worth the try. I received no receipts or any documentation. However, 5 days after receiving the product I got charged another $103.00, then the next day I got charg another $109.00. I called and they said I had signed up for a monthly subscription and these charges would apply every month. I screamed bloody murder and they quickly offered to refund me 60% of those charges. I got upset and they offered to let me return the product for a $20.00 per item restocking fee. So basically, I could return it and they would get to keep $47.00. What a scam. $47.00 for nothing. I am now disputing the credit card charges but will see what happens. Stay away from these guys.
Entity: Bluffdale, Utah
24, Report #1207893
Feb 09 2015
06:55 PM
Lavish skin care This Company is a complete rip off and makes it practically impossible to get a hold of customer service Santa Ana California
In November I purchashed Lavish skin care cream from an internet pop-up. I used the cream wasnt impressesd didnt think any more about it but I did notce there was no shipping/billing document with the product.  In late December I recieved another bottle and in Februaury one more.  All without shipping/billing or products return instructions or restrictions.  I had to go to the BBB web site where I found their phone number.  Today I called their customer service number and spoke to a delightful (not) floor supervisor named Corrine who asked me when I ordered the product on-line did I read information regaring their return policy?  First of all that was three months ago and second no. I explained to her they make it virually impossible to reach them by not providing a shipping list with their product including cost and return/refund information.I told her I wanted to return both bottls and get a full refund, she told me I was only entitled to the February shippment because that would be within fourteen days.  Again I told her I wanted a full refund on both shipments at this point shes talking over and getting loud and argumentitive. I told her that was unacceptable what kind of ethical company doesnt inclutde a shipping/billing document to inform you as the consumer? An unethical one who's goal is to screw their customers with their auto ship making it so difficult to do business with them because they dont provide any contact info that people just give up.This company has 32 complaints againt them within the last year to the Better Business Bureau most of them surrounded the auto-ship unable to return or once they say they'll credit you they dont or its the wrong amount.This company is a sham probably ran out of someones garage.  All I can say is do not buy their product, save yourself the frustration go to target buy a bottle of Oil of Olay you'll get the same results. Jane Ventura CA
Entity: Santa Ana, California
25, Report #1381001
Jun 24 2017
10:04 AM
Luxia Skin Care No 7 Complete Rip-Off using Joanna Gaines name to scam customers for sales Internet
Exactlly as seen with others in the Ripoff Reports, I signed up for free trials of two of the Luxia 7 products because of the publicity surrounding the Joanna Gaines departure from her show, thinking the product must be very special for it to men that much to her.  Of course, like most, I agreed to the Terms and conditions without reading them, and discovered charges on my credit card for $98.41 and $97.41. Upon calling the number which appeared with my charges, I was advised that I had 14 days to cancel or would be billed. I hadn't even tried the product yet!  Then they offered a dramatic discount for me to keep the service.  (I'm guessing it was an auto ship scheme.  Never got that far in the conversation.)  When I said I wasn't interested, they provided a confirmation number for the cancellation of my account, refused to discuss the almost $200 they had charged to my card and hung up on me! This is a shameful scam.  My credit card comany tells me they encounter it every day.  Doesn't look like they can offer any relief either. I still don't know if the products are any good, but people need to know that they're being hustled if not by Joanna Gaines herself, then by others in her name, which I believe she would want to protect.
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