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51, Report #1054462
May 28 2013
02:57 PM
LA Fitness credit card theft and forgery Puyallup Washington
An employee took my personal and credit card information that he got when I signed up for my membership.  I applied my information to a personal training contract and forged my signature.  LA Fitness now says I am obligated to pay $240 per month for 12 months even thought it is obvious my signature was forged.  I had to close by bank account and hire an attorney.
Entity: Puyallup, Washington
52, Report #1141331
Apr 24 2014
09:14 AM
LA Fitness Cancellation for training West Covina, California
I signed up for an LA Fitness membership and started working out the next day. My first day in the gym a trainer had approached me and asked my friend and I if she could train us for the day. My friend and I agreed and figured its out first day in the gym and we are kind of lost anyways so why not. The trainer was amazing she had us doing all kinds of workouts and she was very knowledgeable. After the workout she starting talking to us and said she was new at the gym and trying to get clients. I used to do crossfit and was looking for something more hands on and different and figured a personal trainer would be beneficial. I thought about it the next couple days and was approached by one of the managers and was asked if i was interested in signing up for the training and to hurry because i wouldnt get the deal for being a new member.  I signed up that day and was really excited to start my training. I started my training with another trainer not the one i signed up with because she was still new. I didnt get my measurements until 2 months later and kept being swtiched from trainer to trainer. About 3 months into my training i got hurt at work and was advised by my doctor that i would not be able to do any training because it could affect my case. I am in the industry of workers comp and know the process and how everything works and decided i needed to cancel my training. I called member services and was advised to send in a letter or supporting documentation so it could be cancelled. My doctor wrote up a letter and i called member services back a couple weeks letter to confirm that if i do cancel that i can still use my accrued sessions at any time. The lady i spoke with said yes and to send in the letter. She asked if in the letter it states im 100% permanently disabled. I told her no because my case is fairly new and i havent been rated by my PTP or QME doctor. She explained to me the only way a membership could be cancelled for medical reasons is if the person is 100% permanently diasbled. I told her 100% disability is pretty much being handicapped. She said the sessions never expire so why cancel. I explained that being on disability doesnt pay a full salary and $170 for training is just not a necessity right now and i cant utilize any of my sessions for while. After arguing with this lady i told her i would put a stop payment on my card so i would no longer be charged since it is nearly impossible to cancel their training. She said she wouldnt recommend that because i would loose my 14 sessions that had accrued. I said WHAT?!?! your going to take away training sessions i already paid for and not reimburse me for them. She said thats how it works and if i do a stop payment i am still liable for the montly payment. I told her no i did not give my SSN therefore collections wouldnt do a whole lot. I can not believe that a company this large is screwing over their customers left and right by making it impossible to cancel training. She said it is California law that to cancel training you have to be 100% disabled. I highly doubt that is true and now have to go through the contract and see where it states all this giberish she was explaining. This needs to be brought to light that this is how LA Fitness works and all they want is your money and could care less about their customers. 
Entity: West Covina, California
53, Report #1095132
Oct 28 2013
12:01 PM
LA Fitness Master Trainer Program Scam Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
 Do not trust LA Fitness Personal Training Packages. I had been a loyal client of Urban Active. When LA Fitness took over they raised the rates on our annual training packages. I really like my trainer, so I purchased another year at the new contracted rate - plus I still had over 100 pre-paid training sessions. LA Fitness came up with a new way to get more money from the early gym members who got in at good deals. They are now calling trainers who have been there longer Master Trainers. All my prepaid training sessions are no longer good if I want to keep using the same trainer. I have to use a regular trainer OR Pay an additional $500 to up my 100 sessions to the master level and increase my monthly session fee by $100. The contract period isn't even up. There is no option to apply the existing cash value toward higher trainer rates. I support the trainer I have. I agree he should make more money and would be willing to pay more per session, but LA Fitness will take in $10 more an hour but only pay him $3 more an hour. They are not paying for special certification or equipment or any benefit to the member for this Master Trainer designation and they pocket the cash from the contracted trainers. Now I'm stuck with 100 prepaid sessions...I can't use them with the trainer I want without spending more money and I will be taking my business else ware as soon as these are used up. Total scam and blackmail to get more money out of long term contracts and loyal clients who god forbid actually use the services instead of signing up and forgetting about them.
Entity: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
54, Report #1147734
May 18 2014
03:39 PM
LA Fitness Almost impossible to cancel membership Miami Florida
I went today to this gym to cancel my membership and the front desk guy told me that I have to go there again fron Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, which is almost impossible for a guy with a regular job. I just wondering if they are open to use the same tactic to enroll with them. Then that same guy told me that the second option is to print out tge cancellation form, which I tried several tines online (impossible) and he told me they didn't have paper to print... Then he called a guy at the other gym located at 56th Street and 137th Avenue in Miami, a guy named Andre to go there and this ither guy is going to help me out with the cancellation process. I wennt there and a very rude, disrespectful Andre told me that he can't do anything without his supervisor and I have to cone back from Monday to Friday...same old. I decided to go back to the previous gym with my own paper and ket them print out the form. The guy at furst told me that because they were out of paper the printer printed out other forms first. Trying to be cool I told him to please print it on an used paper, which he did, after more than one hour if struggling. 
Entity: Miami, Florida
55, Report #1144668
May 07 2014
08:26 AM
LA Fitness Bad First Impression Alsip Illinois
 On Saturday May 3rd, 2014, I came into the Alsip, Illinois, LA Fitness to sign up as a new member. After working with a rep. I decided to enroll. As I was sitting with the rep, I started to get alerts from my bank stating that I was being charged duplicate charges (3) by LA Fitness while I was still sitting there completing the enrollment. Mike apologized, spoke on the telephone to the “Operations Manager” whom he said instructed him to back out of the transactions and that my money ($279.00) would be returned to my bank account within 1 business day- by Monday. At that time I could come in to complete the enrollment process. I agreed to come in Monday after my funds were returned. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday have come and gone, no funds have been returned. I called Monday afternoon the Alsip Il club and asked a young lady to speak to the Manager. She informed me that the Manager was not available and after putting me on hold to speak to Mike, she returned to inform me that it would be Tuesday when I would receive my refund and teh manager would call me back and never did until the following day when I called the corporate ofice. I have also spoken to a representative at LA Fitness headquarters at 949-255-8100, the agent (Yasmine) informed me that it will take 3-5 business days for the transaction to “Fall off” which is UNACCEPTABLE. I was then put on hold to speak to a manager and then hung up on TWICE. Three days no refund and I still can't workout! Not Happy at all!
Entity: Alsip , Illinois
56, Report #1149675
May 26 2014
08:20 AM
LA Fitness Unethical management Keller Texas
This place has the most unethical management I've ever encountered. When I went to downgrade my membership in 2013, I was told I could only do so in person, during specific hours speaking directly to the general manager. It took me a month to do so and only when I threatened to cancel. Months later when I decided that the rude staff and the over-chlorinated pool were too much for me, I cancelled my account. I was given a date by when my cancellation would process (because you pre-pay your first and last month at the beginning). I was very surprised several months later to see that they had not cancelled me and had continued to bill my credit card. When confronted with this, the general manager insisted I provide proof and refused to refund me. When I insisted she threatened to have her staff bounce me out of the gym.  
Entity: Keller, Texas
57, Report #1136702
Jun 09 2014
01:30 PM
LA Fitness Pro Results Blind Contract Rosemead California
 I joined LA fitness in late March of 2014 and the day I became a member I was imediatley asked if I would like a free training assessment for personal training and I accepted the offer. After the assessment I was asked if I would like to receive the personal training at a cost that I thought was a bit too expensive for my budget but figured I would only need about four sessions and then work out on my own without the personal training. So I told the saleperson I needed time to think about it and that I would need to ask my wife if it;s  something we can afford to do. The salesperson said go ahead but that the deal she was offering was expiring soon. About a week went by and I got a phone call from the sales person who started telling me about how the original deal had expired but that a new better deal was now available. So I told the saleperson that my wife wanted to get some personal lessons as well and I asked the sales person if there were any deals for couples. The saleperson prodeeded to tell me that if my wife wanted the personal training she can train with me on the same deal and there would be no extra cost. Before I forget, the original deal was going to include 17 free sessions and the new deal includes 41 free sessions. After I spoke with my wife about what the salesperson told me she said it sounded like a good deal. So I arranged to meet with the sales person. I asked the sales person if I decided after a month or so this isn't working for me would I be able to cancel. The sales person said yes at any time you decide to cancel you can let them know before the next billing cycle and that they would cancel and I would not have to pay. So we sat down and I electronicly signed a soft copy of the contract of which was on the screen display of the salespersons desktop. Then the contract was printed out and that's when I realized that I had just signed for 52 weeks at a very high month to month rate. Needles to say I was beside myself and felt like I had just been taken for a ride. So I went home and read the contract and found where it states in bold print You the buyer, may cancel this agreement at anytime prior to midnight of the fifth business day of the club after the date of this agreement I decided right then I need to cancel and get my money back. So I called the sales person and told her to cancel the agreement and that I had come to realize that this month to month charge would be to expensive and she said she would go ahead and cancel. Then I asked if I would be refunded the same day and she said No it takes a couple weeks for you to get your money back.  
Entity: Rosemead, California
58, Report #1251382
Aug 27 2015
08:12 PM
LA Fitness scam lying stealing many more to list Irvine Nationwide
I joined LA Fitness in November. A day later I joined their Personnel Trainer (very huge mistake) program. Both memberships were on a month to month basis to my knowledge. In June I had to cancel both memberships because of health issues. I canceled one with ease but the other magically became a year contract without me knowing. So I canceled my credit card and got a new one with different numbers so they would not charge me. Somehow they got my new credit card number without my permission. That is illegal in my book. I am trying to find out for sure. I would like to join anyone who is considering a lawsuit. So, never join LA Fitness. They are liars and scam artist. 
Entity: Nationwide
59, Report #1297944
Apr 05 2016
01:18 PM
LA Fitness Condescension with poor customer service! Plainfield Illinois
 I joined when the club was fairly new. I paid an initiation fee and pay more per month now then anyone I talk to. When addressing this with management, they of course can do nothing to adjust the price. Of course I can PAY to have the price adjusted. Of the 3 people at the club I was talking to, only one of them was even nice. The other two talked to me as if I was insignificant & they could care less. They said only corporate could do any price adjusting, so I asked for corporates phone number. JACOB made a point to put a note under my account so corporate was ready for my call. So not only did the man at corporate talk to me like I was a moron, like most of the men working there do, but he was rude and condescending as well. I don't mind paying for something if I'm getting my money's worth. But over the last year or so, the place has deteriorated. The shower heads are covered with green lime scale (I have the same water & I clean mine & they don't look like that), the spa (when it works) has a greasy film on the tiles and on top the water, and every time I'm there, there's at least a few cardiac machines out of order. Worst of all, I don't work out near closing time anymore, I don't feel safe. When I told the condescending man from corporate, he said they provide lighting in the parking lot, the rest is my responsibility, and if something were to happen, it's not their fault. In addition to not feeling safe, I've told staff who were working at the time, that there is a member who's family doesn't watch her properly, and she's walked in on me showering. This is not the club I signed up with seven years ago, and I no longer feel I'm getting what I pay for. I WAS ALSO TOLD MONTHLY PRICES WILL RISE TO $39.99/month.
Entity: Plainfield, Illinois
60, Report #1245641
Aug 01 2015
06:06 AM
LA Fitness Nate Manager Largo Florida
 LA Fitness in Largo is the biggest ripoff ever . I have spoken with many managers at this new location in Largo . On 6-29-15 they charged my card the membership fee my membership fee was due on the 6-28-2015 . They charged it on the 29th instead and hit me with a late fee of 5.00 . Then on 7/29/2015 they did the same thing when I had the money in my account at La Fitness . Then just yesterday they charged my account 55.93 cents . I contacted my bank on this issue and filed a fraud complaint on LA Fitness in Largo .When I spoke to manager Nate he insured me this would never happen again with my card and my membership was in good standing and I said OK . And surprise they ripped me off my money once again . Needless to say I want to warn other consumers about LA Fitness in Largo so it doesn't happen to them like it happened to me . On top of that I have it in writing on the paper work membership should only cost 44.95 cents they stated tax it comes out to 48.95 however in writing it is 44.95 centsHello Mike, Welcome to LA Fitness! We are delighted that you have chosen LA Fitness as your club to help you achieve your fitness goals. Below is your purchase confirmation for your files.   Membership Summary   Join Date: 5/28/2015   Membership Type: Fitness Initiation Fee: $149.00 Dues Amount: $44.95 Prepaid Dues: $89.90 First billing date: 6/28/2015 Total Paid: $255.62 Balance Owed On Down Payment: $0.00 Copy Of Your Agreement: Attached Because we value our members and want to be a part of your success, look for your new member packet email.
Entity: Largo, Florida
61, Report #1290741
Feb 29 2016
03:51 PM
LA FITINESS – I RECOMMEND TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY In March of 2011 my wife and I signed up with Vision Quest. Then in November of 2011 my wife canceled and I renewed for a year plus 6 months free and paid the entire amount due. Due to extra work and no time I finally decided to canceled my contract with Vision Quest in September of 2012. Unfortunately I have the managers name and the date but not written proof of cancelation as I had asked but they said no. That did not make me happy but what could I do about it but keep the mangers name and the date. So the last time I was at Vision Quest was in late 2012 before it was bought by LA Fitness. Now the current activities: In 2013 LA Fitness bought Vision Quest and without my permission LA Fitness started to withdraw from my bank account on a monthly basis with no notification verbal or written. This was unknown to me because as far as I knew they did not have my bank account number or credit card number as neither is listed on the Vision Quest Membership Agreement to whom I had paid a full year in advance and I never had a agreement with LA Fitness. The account in question was one that I used about twice a year so seldom checked so unfortunately I never noticed the small payments of $20.81 a month they were withdrawing. Also being that neither Vision Quest or LA Fitness ever sent an email or paper mail indicating that they were starting the monthly withdrawals and I was not aware that my Vision Quest account had NOT been canceled I never realized that I was paying monthly. This continued until February of 2016 when the bank account ran out of money and I got a call from LA Fitness that they could not take their payment out . WHAT PAYMENT??????? So off I went to LA Fitness to ask what the____ was going on. Where I was informed that I was a member. Even though I had not been there ever and I had CANCELED my membership with Vision Quest and they had no “check in” ever listed for me, Of course I had never been to their gym. I spoke with the manager and he connected me with the customer service person. This person indicated that the best he could do was to refund 2 months of payments. Later he said 6 months. But after their withdrawal of $772.56 including maintance fees $124.86 doesn’t quite make it. I have since canceled the membership AGAIN and have since AGAIN received 2 additional calls about non payment of dues and an additional $15.00 charge for non payment. So I am not sure how many times you have to cancel but you might want to ask if you are signing up with them. So I would NEVER EVER EVER recommend using LA Fitness. But if you do read my story first, as I am writing this to let everyone know that if you decide to work with LA Fitness make sure that you get everything in writing, signed and dated and don’t take a no for an answer when you ask for copies as this company does not keep you informed and is not trustworthy.  
Entity: Seattle , Washington
62, Report #1357220
Feb 20 2017
02:11 PM
LA Fitness Filthy clifton New Jersey
Filthy. Filthy.Filthy.Email to customer service regarding the FILTHY CONDITIONS shortly after I joined. I was assured that customer satisfaction is their priority, and the issue would be addressed. Emailed again a week later and explained that the condition had not changed at all. No response.Asked for the operations manager at the front desk two weeks after that as the filth persisted. I was told that I would not be given the information because the managers contact information is not given to members!!! Customer satisfaction is a priority for sure. A low, low one. The A-1 priority is clear as the sales staff goes to town on new prospects as I wait to speak to a manager I'm not important enough to access.I hope I can post the photographs. I was shocked when I observed the same crud spots on the main work-out floor from one week to the next. Unsanitary, disappointing, and even dismissive at a basic human level, let alone at the level of business ethics and customer satisfaction.    
Entity: clifton, New Jersey
63, Report #1404646
Oct 06 2017
11:47 AM
LA FITNESS Scamming, Lying & Cheating Los Angeles Nationwide
LA Fitness told me twice that they would cancel my membership but continued to charge me. They charged the main holder of the account for an entire year after I tried canceling. When I called them to confront them about this they kept passing the phone over to someone else. Nobody I talked to cared about the situation. They kept telling me that I had to go in person to a gym and cancel my membership. If you don't pay your membership the billing department will harass you on the phone at least 3 times a day, EVERYDAY. They'll call your emergency contacts. They'll even google where you live and contact your landlord. However, when you try to settle a dispute with them, they are nowhere to be found. 
Entity: Nationwide
64, Report #455288
May 26 2009
08:56 AM
LA Fitness Duh! Witless=LA Fitness Palm Beach Gardens Florida
Why would a health club allow most of its staff to wear a corporate shirt when they a) urinate with the seat lid down; b) not flush afterwards and; c) not wash their hands when finished and d) do all this while using their cel phones (which also is not allowed in the locker rooms)? The same club where staff walks over debris without picking it up (let alone re- rack weights), clean air vents above people who are working out, allow old, disgusting people to walk around naked, not maintain its equipment, and not refill hand sanitizer dispensers. Cleaning staff are constantly walking around with one hand on their cel phone while pretending to address the dirt and sweat. The hole left by a towel hook (ripped off the wall) next to the sauna is there for over 2 1/2 months. Paper towel dispensers are not replaced when broken. Shower heads need replacing. The thing that gets the most work out is their out of order sign. This doesn't include the clients who have loud, stupid conversations on their cel phones; put their dirty shoes on the benches where people sit and; not wipe off their sweat after finishing with a machine. Eeeooow! M nyc, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Palm Beach Gardens, Nationwide
65, Report #414507
Jan 21 2009
02:40 PM
LA Fitness LA Fitness International Warning Notice Regarding their Personal Training Program Irvine California
I submitted a certified letters dated 20 November 2008 stating that due to unforeseen financial reasons, we had to cancel our monthly personal fitness training program. LA Fitness replied via e-mail dated 25 November 2008 which stated Receipt For End Of Term Cancel Membership. On December 18th, LA Fitness charged our credit card again for the cancelled training program. I submitted another certified letter on 20 December 2008, again stating that we had to cancel our monthly training program, and asked them to debit my credit card; I also filed a complaint with Capital One. Once again, LA Fitness charged my credit card on January 20th; I filed another complaint with Capital One, and mailed a third letter, this one via Registered mail to LA Fitness requesting that they cancel my monthly personal training program and to debit my account for the December and January charges. Per the LA Fitness contract, Client may request LA Fitness to terminate this agreement at any time by giving LA Fitness 30-days written notice of cancellation to be sent by registered mail, return receipt requested. I talked to a LA Fitness representative today, January 21, 2009, regarding cancellation of our personal training contract, and she stated that we have a one-year contract for personal training, and they will not cancel it. The LA Fitness rep stated that all my cancellation letters were good for was to ensure that LA Fitness did not renew the training contract after the one-year; per LA Fitness, we have a contract for one year and we cannot cancel it. I was told that if we want to cancel the monthly training program, we would have to buy out the remaining contract to cancel the program. Gary Potomac Falls, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California
66, Report #825066
Jan 19 2012
08:17 AM
LA Fitness LA Fitness in Leesburg VA terrible personal trainers, poor management Leesburg, Virginia
HORRIFIC...stay away at all costs. They lie, cheat and literally STEAL. My wife and I signed up for membership and for my wife to work with a personal trainer. The trainer signed us up with two sessions a week for the price of one and would waive the sign up fee of $99. We went with it cause it seemed like a great deal so we paid for the first month and two days later, they charged my card again for the first month and the sign up fee that was supposed to be waived. I called the rep who signed us up and he gave me a lame excuse that the computer system went in later that night and automatically rejected the great deal he gave me and that it charged it again with the set up fee. They were supposedly returning the funds the next day...however, a week later after 10 calls from me, all they returned was the one month and never returned the $99 set up fee. Since then, my wife, who is supposed to get two sessions a week, has literally worked with a trainer 3 times in the past 60 days. Either the trainer is training two other people at the same time and he just gives her instructions on something and then comes back 45 minutes later to see how she did...IS THAT PERSONAL TRAINING???? Or more often then not the trainers are sick. I'm sorry, unless this place shares a building with the infectious disease center then there is no way that many people can be sick that often...more likely, they are poorly managed, inconsiderate and not responsible and just blow off their scheduled appts. This morning is the 3 or 4th time in a row that she showed up and the trainer was sick...btw, its not like its the same trainer each time. No one ever calls to let her know and they don't get her an alternate trainer. This has been the biggest waste of money and time and it couldn't be more discouraging for my wife. The facilities are pretty decent and they have a lot of options for things to do...but its all jammed into too small a place. You may save some money up front...but in the long run...the lack of value makes this the most expensive gym in Leesburg.
Entity: Leesburg, Virginia
67, Report #775421
Sep 11 2011
10:14 AM
LA Fitness LA Fitness - Easton assault, violence, illegal, dangerous, threatened Easton, Pennsylvania
I checked in to the club at approximately 9:45 pm on September 7, 2011.  As I was proceeding past the front desk, I heard Tom (one of the employees) say Hello, how are you?  At first, I didn't realize he was speaking to me.  Once I did, I turned around to nod hello to him and it was at this point that I saw him making obscene gestures behind my back and sarcastically commenting I'm fine thanks.  How are you?  Great.  Have a good night then!  Quite offended by his behavior, I responded Go f*** yourself.  In hindsight, I certainly could have chosen a more appropriate way to express myself, but I reacted without thinking about what I was saying.  I proceeded towards the free weight area and put my headphones in.  As soon as I was in the free weight area, I noticed Tom proceeding towards me with Jay (the manager on duty) alongside him.  Tom was very red, waving his arms, and I could tell by the movement of his mouth that he was screaming.  I removed my headphones and heard Tom screaming that I needed to leave.  I stood there for a moment and at this point, Tom was within inches of my face, screaming, pushing out his chest, and menacingly waving his arms.  This occurred in front of several members who were working out.  Rather than argue with him, I told Tom that I would leave if that's what he wanted, but that I would speak to his manager in the morning.  I then started to walk towards the front door with Tom and Jay following behind.As I got to the front desk, Tom once again stepped in front of me, preventing me from exiting the building.  Once again, he began screaming, waving his arms, and puffing out his chest.  I tried to step around him several times, but each time he stepped in front of me.  At this point, Jay began telling him that it had gone far enough and he needed to stop.  Jay had to physically move Tom away from me so I could proceed to the door.  At this point, Tom started screaming louder and removed his LA Fitness shirt,.  He was waving his fists and commented that he didn't care and that he would quit his job right now ... and kick (my) f***ing ass.  This is, by legal definition, a assault.  Fearing for my safety more than ever, I quickly exited the building while Jay was physically restraining Tom.Once I was safely in the car and driving away from the building, I called the front desk and asked to speak to Jay.  I asked Jay for the individuals name (Tom) and told him that having words was one thing, but Tom threatening physical violence was another matter.  I told him that I should call the police, but instead, I would give the club manager a chance to handle the situation the next day.  Jay apologized and said that he agreed that Tom went too far.After speaking with someone at corporate member services, I proceeded to the Easton club to speak with Chris, the club manager.  I recounted what happened and told Chris that at the very least, I would like to see Tom transferred to another club as I feared for my safety.  Chris didn't express any concern whatsoever over his Tom's violent behavior.  He proceeded to tell me that it was my word against his employees' word.  He said that his employees would tell a different story if I continued to push the issue.  In the version that he was going to coerce them to tell (coercion, which is a violation of the law), I was labeled as the aggressor.  I asked him to call his employees over so I could hear for myself if they were willing to lie for him, but he refused.  Then he said that Tom would not be transferred or terminated and that if I pushed for it through the corporate office, he would see to it that my membership was revoked (blackmail, which is a violation of the law).  He assured me that Tom would stay away from me and that it wouldn't happen again.  He then asked me if this was acceptable.  Since he threatened to revoke my membership if I pushed further, I told him: I suppose so, but if Tom comes near me again, I will have him arrested.  I later realized, however, that Chris was also going to input his bogus story into the computer system (libel, a civil offense) in order to protect his employee and his own job.  In sum, I was assaulted by an LA Fitness employee within the club and blackmailed by a club manager who clearly expressed his intent to engage in coercion should it become necessary.  The employee who assaulted me received nothing more than a verbal reprimand and I received a black mark on my LA Fitness member record (via the bogus story that Chris entered in the computer).  The latter constitutes libel and is a civil offense.  At this point, my hands seem to be tied as I don't wish to lose my membership.  However, I wanted to share my story with others so that you can be aware of how LA Fitness operates.  Apparently, both criminal and civil offenses are fully acceptable within the confines of the LA Fitness corporate structure.
Entity: Easton, Pennsylvania
68, Report #846125
Feb 28 2012
04:52 PM
LA fitness Arcadia Club Rude sales! No Business for LA fitness! Arcadia, California
I was a LA fitness club member for over 4 years.I have to cancel it last year because of my puppy. Now I want to re-join the club again so yesterday(2/27/12) me and my friend went to the Arcadia club try to talk to somebody. The staff's name is Jonny Blanco. For some reason he was not able to pull out the right record of my previous information. I told him I used to have $29.99/month and can bring a friend with me, he said that was not in the system, so you didn't have this offer. My friend went to this club with me more than 20 times before I cancelled it! So I asked if I can get this deal again, he didn't give me direct answers, just saying that was not what I had. Then my friend said well then, we'll get for 24-hr fitness. Then he said: IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD LA FITNESS THEN GO FOR 24-HRS FITNESS We couldn't believe that was coming from the friendly Professional trained staff! I replied: It's not about I can afford it or not, I just want to know if I can get the same deal that I used to have. Jonny wasn't apologizing for what he just have said, he said: I CAN'T GIVE YOU THE DEAL THAT YOU IMAGINE YOU HAVE So we left the club feel very insulted. I can't believe that how can LA fitness has someone like Jonny, treat the previous member and possibly new members in such a way! What kind of staff LA fitness hired? I feel like me and my friend will NEVER go with LA fitness again, and we'll tell all my friends how we were being treated at the Arcadia club.
Entity: Arcadia, California
69, Report #330624
May 05 2008
11:12 AM
LA Fitness, LA Fitness Allows Members into Unhealthy Pool Federal Way Washington
I am a member of LA Fitness located at 35009 Enchanted Parkway South, Federal Way 98003 - telephone number: 253-838-5900. This business closed their pool on 5/1/08 due to unsafe water levels. They reopened the pool on 5/5/08, even though the pool water problem still existed. They allowed lap swimming and over 25 people were in the water for the water aerobics class. The manager, Tom, was aware of the water's condition prior to opening the pool on 5/5/08. I spoke with Lindsey Argo at the LA Corporation Office. I told her of the health issues surrounding the people who were exposed to their pool. She offered to refund the days the pool was closed under the condition that she froze my account to only pool access. This is unacceptable. One person having a medical reaction to their pool could result in a huge lawsuit. The unclean water of LA Fitness' pool exposed all swimmers to disease. I called LA Fitness the morning of 5/5/08 and was told by their representative that the pool's water problem had been solved and that the pool was safe to use. It was not and LA Fitness knowingly allowed its members to swim in an unhealthy pool. Additionally, I have a contract with LA Fitness where they take my money and I am suppose to have access to their pool. This is a contract violation. Wash consumer Tacoma, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Federal Way, Washington
70, Report #1108434
Dec 19 2013
05:52 PM
LA Fitness Total Lies to get a contract signed-STAY AWAY FROM LA FITNESS Madison Tennessee
Total lies from the manager to sign up for personal trainers.  Told me I could cancel at any time, told me the first initial payment was my first of 12 monthly payments.  Then LA Fitness continues to take 14 payments out for a 12 payment contract !!  Total lies and rip off.  No wonder there is a class action lawsuit out for them.
Entity: Madison, Tennessee
71, Report #1107742
Dec 17 2013
02:34 PM
LA Fitness Bennie smooth talking snake Don't sign any contracts with LA Fitness Arlington Texas
Never ever sign a contract at LA Fitness - especially for Personal Training.  With the exception of a few good ones, most stand around looking at their phone and you have to keep them on task which is really their job.  You can get better training just following around some muscle head.  In Particular, Bennie at LA Fitness in Arlington Southwest location will smooth talk you and unless you have an hour and a magnifying glass - YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF.  I stopped at Bennies desk after working out to inquire about personal training and he said give me 10 minutes of your time and I'll show you how fun it can be.  He was amazingly sweet and showed me some really awesome new excercises. Then we went back to his desk and this is when the BS started.  He began to talk so fast and was so vague I really should have known better.  What I heard was 26 sessions for $500 dollars which I thought was a sweet deal.  I told him I didn't have my glasses and couldn't see a thing and he said no problem.  What a mistake.  Within two months they had taken out 1200 dollars!!!  I had 10 training sessions!  When I called to talked to Bennie he wasn't so nice as before - imagine that.  Rather than hassle with it I just cancelled the debit card I put it on so they couldn't charge me any more.  I'm still haggling with Corporate to try and get some money back.  I can't even work out any more cause if I give them my new debit card number they'll charge it until they've gotten 5,000 dollars.  Turns out the 26 sessions was actually 200 dollars for 26 months. Again NEVER EVER SIGN A CONTRACT WITH LA FITNESS FOR PERSONAL TRAINING!!!!!!!
Entity: Arlington, Texas
72, Report #1017964
Feb 21 2013
10:37 AM
LA Fitness LA Fitness is a SCAM!! STAY AWAY from Aylin Medina Irvine, California
This the the second time that I have been a member of LA Fitness.  I had a direct withdrawal from my CC which I had to cancel due to fraudulent activity.  I was on a month to month with them and it was a prepayment.  When LA Fitness didn't get paid, their staff called my wife and I 48 times in 24 hours.  Apparently, they give commission to any meat head trainer in any of thier clubs to get you payment.  This free for all, let me to having to turn off my phone to avoid these low life sales people.  I called corporate twice and spoke to Aylin Medina.  She assured me that they would not be calling any more both times.  Not only did they keep calling, but now they say they have no record of me canceling and they want payment.  Stay way, they are a scam. 
Entity: Irvine, California
73, Report #1091603
Oct 13 2013
08:02 AM
LA Fitness LA Fitness delays cancellation of training contract Columbus Ohio
LA Fitness fired my trainer earlier this year. Since then it has been difficult to find a trainer. there are too few trainers to schedule conveniently. Some of the current trainers do not wear LA Fitness uniforms, they do not ask about fitness goals, and they do not listen to clients. Equipment is scattered all over the gym and the place is sloppy. I sent in a canellation of my training contract to corporate headquarters in Irvine California, as per instructions on the LA Fitness web site. This certified letter was mailed Sept 21 and was delivered Sept. 24. It is not October 13 and my training account remains untouched and I have not heard from LA Fitness. I am requesting all my money back. I know some friends who have gotten full refunds and I want the same consideration. Very unsatisfied.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
74, Report #1199762
Jan 06 2015
03:30 PM
LA Fitness LA Fitness Long Beach False Membership, Fraud Long Beach California
My wife signed me up for membership at LA Fitness.  The salesman on the phone tried to get her to sign up as well, she refused, and I confirmed the order, that only I was the one with a pass.  We began noticing duplicate charges, and recieved an email stating that she had an account too.  i went in person to complain of the error, and they apologized and said they'd get to the bottom of it.  A month later we still saw charges so we called the customer service line for LA Fitness, and they too did not help us cancel her membership, but claimed it was.  Finally months later my wife noticed again the charges for the account, and saw that they signed her contract with an E*signature.  I called the corporate office, and they tried to offer a partial refund, but then 2 days later refused.  The use of an E*signature without someones permission is fraud, they did not at all take seriously the criminal offense that it is.  Very Dishonest Company, you could not pay me to remain a member here.
75, Report #1176711
Sep 14 2014
03:03 PM
 Earlier this year I was looking to lose the baby weight I had gained from having my first child.  I discussed with a co-worker different Gyms that we could take a look at.  We immediately liked LA Fitness Because it claims to not have a long term contract strictly, month to month, which is something I was instantly drawn to. We made an appointment to come in and take a look at the facility; not only its features, but the environment as a whole.  The first thing that was odd to me was that the price on their website was not the price he told me for a membership.  In fact it was a great deal higher, but continued to listen. We ended up not buying that day.  Each day for the next two weeks he called lowering the price til we took the bate.  When I came in and signed, he stated one price that was not the same as what I saw on the contract... I mentioned it and he corrected himself.  (I should have left at this point, it would have saved my a**)  Eventually, I signed the $50 and some change membership per month, so that I could enjoy the facility with as many as 2 friends each visit.My First Visit.  I came in for a Zumba class, which was a blast.  Probably the best thing about this gym since it is free with a membership, and my guests could attend as well!  On my way out I was approached by a personal trainer who had told me of the free training session I have yet to use. I said to myself why not signed up with him for the following day and went on my training session.  I came in for my One Free Training Session, the guy I met with seemed great.  The session lasted about 20 minutes and I thought that was just a preview of what a real session would be.  Once we finished he sat me down with a man I didnt know was a salesman.  That salesman was new as I could tell.  He offered me many packages for getting a personal trainer.  I had wanted a trainer and had some money saved for something like this.  I let him know that I would like to do a couple of days a week for three months.  He brought his manager over who convinced me to buy and even gave me an extra day each week for free, I was sold.  We went through the contract and I reminded the 2 of them that I only wanted 2-3 months maximum.  He said that was no problem, and I assumed he was signing me up for that package since I had politely expressed to him my needs and wants.  Once again, as I read the contract this man stated something that was not the same as the contract I was signing.  I brought it up and he explained to me that he was newer and is still learning.  Once the contract was finished we went over the amount that was due and the amount I would pay per month.  It was around 260 per month for 3 days of personal training a week (1 day free).  I then asked, will it just stop at 3 months or will I have to cancel?  He said I set it up so that you will just cancel it since it will be cheaper that way.  He told me that once I cancelled that would be it, no more payments.2 sessions went by, and at the end of the 2nd one, I told him when I would be in next and he set me an appointment, as per normal.  I come in 2 days later for my slotted time and the 2 ladies at the front desk disclosed to me that I was scheduled for yesterday and that since I had missed it, it still counted as a session.  I explained why I was upset, and they told me that he was busy with a client and I could not see him today, I asked if I could wait since the session were only about 20 minutes, and they ignored me.  I scheduled a session with him for the following day. He apologized repeatedly, but kept saying that he knows he didnt make a mistake and to my disbelief told me the 2 ladies were talking smack about me to him, he even went into detail on what they had said.I was pretty fed up at this point.  I just felt completely uncomfortable going back to that gym.  I felt like I would be treated differently because I stood up for myself.  I got a call that day from an associate of the LA fitness.  Asking me how I liked everything so far and explaining to me the contract in full, just incase I missed anything  When she said I would have to pay for the full year if I decided to cancel the personal training membership I was appalled, since I only wanted 3 months and that was fully explained to the gym to begin with.I called the dealership to cancel immediately, and the explained the same to me in a cheery manner, that they would send me the bill..  I ended up paying for  4 months total and then cancelled my card all together.The payment was due several days ago, and I have gotten over 10 calls aday being harrassed for the money.  I called a customer membership office in California for LA Fitness and was told to call coorporate to get everything handled.If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.  I am dumbfounded and in total disbelief that I could have been fooled so intensely.  If I were to have to pay the rest of the payments that would sum to over $1500 which had to be made within an allotted time.
Entity: kennesaw, Georgia

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