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1, Report #1404391
Oct 05 2017
10:54 AM
Laissez Faire Books LLC Jason Hanson Spy & Survival Breifing Scam BAIT & SWITCH Unauthorized Credit Card Charges and bad customer service. Laytonsville Maryland
 My husband received an email for a $9.99 flashlight from Jason Hanson's Spy & Survival Breifing. He went to check out and it was supposed to be only $9.99. When he received his email confirmation it said our credit card was charged $48.95 because they threw in some BS survival kit that we did not order. Calling the company got us nowhere except a sarcastic woman who basically said too bad. We did not order anything except the 9.99 flashlight so we are irate and disgusted and feel violated that our card was charged. This company stole our money and I am livid. We went to the bank and cancelled the credit card and we are disputing the charges. I am also planning on speaking with my cousin who is an excellent civil attorney to see what else I can do. I want my money back Jason crook!
Entity: Laytonsville, Maryland
2, Report #1157840
Jun 26 2014
08:56 PM
Laissez Faire Books Subscription service uses false advertising to take your money and deliver free products. Baltimore MD
Jeffrey Tucker’s book publishing venture, Laissez Faire Book’s is a scam. Honestly, the sales page alone should be the biggest tip off. It’s reminiscent of a ClickBank “squeeze page. (Exhibit A – Exhibit B) The Laissez Faire Letter, which is the cheapest plan for LFB, is a very short, two-page item that looks like a newspaper, but just has a few blogs that are freely available on the LFB website. The blogs themselves are often rewritten from the past, just like Liberty Guides and the books in the Library. Different authors will literally rewrite what another said in the past and republish it. In addition to the Laissez Faire letter, you get an occasional e-mail with aggregated news links freely available on the web. From looking at Jeffrey Tucker’s other ventures I gather that full LFB membership includes eBooks that are freely available elsewhere, and the “12-minute executive summaries” are a rehashing of what’s already been said on blogs and YouTube. I've written a full report on Tucker's and Laissez Faire Books here. The fact is though that this service is only providing resources that are already freely available on the web and it's authors are constantly rewriting old articles that have already appeared in the letter.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1372623
May 11 2017
09:16 AM
Laissez Faire Books Jason Hanson Uses false advertising to take your money when delivering free products Baltimore Maryland
I ordered a Flashlight that the cost was waived and I paid shipping only.  All of a sudden I see a $40 charge on my same bank card following the payment for shipping on the flashlight.  The charge was for something called Spy Survival Briefing, a subscription.  Because it isn't something I even ordered, I was simply ordering a flashlight, I find their marketing practices deceptive. I called customer care and the agent refused to refund and cancel the subscription, saying it was a seven day free trial and if not cancelled in that seven days, the charge was valid.  The way they timed the charge, we had no opportunity to do anything.  The notification about the subscription came in the package they shipped the flashlight in, which conveniently didn't arrive for 10 days, so what they're claiming as the seven day free trial period had already passed when we received the package.  I called them when I received the package.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
4, Report #1394396
Aug 21 2017
02:40 PM
Laissez-Faire Books Agora Financial (parent org) Shadai Clouden Customer Service $140 fraudulent charges on my debit card Baltimore Maryland
I am 76 years old, a veteran of U.S.A.F., and have a disability - poor vision.  My sole income is a $900. monthly social security check, and I will not stand for such a scam as you perpetrated against me.  As a result of your phoney baloney I had to cancel my bank debit card, so you will probably not be able to transmit the $120. refund to my account.  You should mail the $120. refund check to me at:   The above text is from an email message I sent to Laissez Faire Books about their theft.  They offered to refund $40 of the $120. they took, and they do not know who they are jacking with yet, but they will come to regret this.    
Entity: New York
5, Report #1409037
Oct 27 2017
02:15 PM
Laissez Faire Spy & Survival Briefing Baltimore Maryland
 I responded to an email from Spy & Survival and Jason Hansen, CIA Security Expert. They offered a torch flashlights for free and would charge $4.95 for shipping. I never received the flashlight. Instead, my debit card was charged $40.00 for a monthly subscription to Laissez Faire and Spy & Survival Briefing. I blocked any further charges and they attempted to charge me again the next month. I never subscribed. I just ordered the flashlight. When I contacted them, I was told that I had ordered a trial subscription and failed to cancel before the end of the trial period. $40.00 a month for a newsletter. Outrageous! They refused to provide a refund. I have read other complaints on this website about this same issue. This is clearly internet fraud and I am going to report it to the Baltimore DA. If anyone else has had this experience, I would certainly like to hear about it.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
6, Report #1195480
Dec 15 2014
09:42 AM
Laissez Faire Newsletter aka Agora Financial Scam Artists Rob Elderly and Disabled unknown Florida
Laissez Faire Newsletter is a supposed financial newsletter that scams people out of money and produces nothing in return. I unfortunately signed up for their program after being solicited and was supposedly allowed to sign up a reduced rate of $49 per year and could cancel if not satisfied. After I recevied a confirmation email, the links in the email and password would not work. I called the company and was told that I had no account even though the email had the information in it. I have fought with their so-called supervisor ANWAR, John Borarnan, and Brad Anderson as well as some very stupid woman Andre Michinsky who is supposedly the Director of Customer Relations to get my money back. I have been laughed at, called filthy names, and even so much as told that they did not charge my credit card when I told them I would send the information to them and they refused to have me do so.  They are financial terrorists and no one should be ripped off as I and many others (particulary elderly and disabled) have been.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #60747
Jun 15 2003
02:37 PM
Laissez Faire City And James Ray Houston ripoff offshore libertarian Ayn Rand security encryption privacy DMT scam Internet
Laissez Faire City International Trust was run by a man named James Ray Houston. I did not know that was his name or I never would have gotten involved, because he is a big time scam artist from Las Vegas who ripped off many people there. He asked Sovereign individuals to send 6 thousand dollars per Founder position to someone code named Nemesis in Amsterdam. I did not do this, as I thought it had to be a joke, no one would be that stupid. I was wrong. Many people did send the money to this Nemesis, who turned out to Mr. James Ray Houston's BROTHER! But I could be a beta tester and I signed up to do that. There was a book by Ayn Rand called Atlas Shrugged that you had to read. I found a copy in a trash dumpster at my apartment house, pinky swear! there are witnesses, so I read the book and it almost caused brain damage it was so bad. Not just all the more retarded parts of libertarian cult crap but really bad writing too. That book got kinda ragged from me throwing it against the wall but I was determined to get through it and I did. I thought it was a GAME, I was new to the internet and signed up for a lot of stuff then, I have the spam to prove it. It was play money with this online ATM and Stock Market and all sorts of things I did not understand. There was a lot of talk in a forum they had but my GOD it was all so boring.They would cut and paste long rants against the Federal Government and about something called Fractional reserve Banking-I paid very little attention due to extreme boredom. You have to understand that I thought it was a GAME, I never in my wildest dreams believed it was real. So one night, I sent an email to this head honcho asking some really dumb question about the pretend stock market and BOOM , there was 5 thousand dollars in my account!! I thought it was play money and I played with it. I made over 4 thousand dollars that night (don't ask me how, he said I beat the system by using his own rules against him) and paid the guy back his play money and asked for my play money, I thought I would get some nifty printed thing with my high score on it. HE SENT ME REAL MONEY! I was curled in a fetal position for two days and my heart is not right yet!! It was ALL REAL, this whole time, people(stupid people, obviously) were actually sending money to this guy in Amsterdam and even more to this James Ray Houston in his fake Consulate and then he ran off with all the money he took from them. Turns out that he and all these special computer programmers he hired were partying at whorehouses and casinos and doing cocaine and he claimed the SEC was after him and made this run for the border with all the loot. I did not think that the SEC gives a darn how badly tourists behave in Costa Rica, and I never believed that. But all the libertarians who got ripped off, some of them for like the 3rd or 4th time in this type of deal, I feel bad for them and do not want it to happen again. These are the names I know, James Ray Houston. J.Orlin Grabbe, he has a website and got half of the founders money. Some kind of digital money thing called DMT. He is supposed to be some kind of money genius but I doubt it if he hangs with scammers. Ian Fraser, he got paid to bring suckers in. He is inolved with a lot of these type things. Oh and the ex KBG General,Mikhail Larguine, he was the Trustee for this scam. Turns out he was always in the employ of this James Ray Houston and embezzling too! I hope a good reporter or the SEC, if they care, or someone can find these awful people and stop them from ever doing this again. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Simon Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1404829
Oct 07 2017
12:27 PM
laissez Faire LSB.ORG, Black Bag Confidential Tried to order a tactical pen through website. Now I get a monthly subscription charge. Maryland Internet
I tried to order an item from the website.  Not only did I not recieve the item,  I now recieve a monthly subscription charge.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1410488
Nov 05 2017
06:01 PM
Laissez Faire Spy + Survival Briefing Club president, Addison Wiggin Jason R. Hanson billing me 40 dollars a month for a newsletter Baltimore Maryland
I bought two flashlights from them, cost, 4.95 shipping only.  Then they started billing me 40 dollars a month for a 6 page news letter with some advertisements in it for various things like cannibus stocks, ect...I have tried to call them, emailt them to cancil the subscription.  Phone calls not ansured, emails blocked.  I cannot reach anyone to cancel this sub scrition.Ripoff!
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
10, Report #1382730
Jul 02 2017
07:29 PM
LFB / Spy and Survival Brief PSV*Spy and Survival Briefing, Laissez Faire Books Flashlight Ripoff Scam Internet
Beware of the Flashlight Offer. I received an unsolicited email offer talking up a defense flashlight and how bright, durable and (blah, blah, blah)... free but you pay the shipping of $4.95What do you have to loose?  After all I have gotten some nice little knives for a few buck or the purchase of a t-shirt etc.  What you DO GET is a cheap LED flashlight that won't turn on at all!  I have plenty of new AAA batteries and tried two sets (of 3) with no success.  In the trash can it went.Now a month later I get a bill for 40.00 from LFB (PSV Spy Survival Briefing Org).  Going through the process of correcting now.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1216162
Mar 16 2015
08:23 PM
Agora Financial Laissez-Faire Newsletter Waste of Money Baltimore Maryland
I initially invested in Laissez-Faire Newsletter, a publication of Agora Financial, which allegedly combined both personal health issues, medical issues, and financial issues, into one newsletter. After trying out the Newsletter, decided not to subscribe further and requested my money back (credit card) After several attempts to get through to them,then they  responded by sending me another offer for financial only  newsletter, which allegedly saves the reader more than $25,000, all calculated by adding up the so call cost of their newsletters individually which are part of the deal, offer cost of only $7000.Not only did I decline the offer but I also reemphasized my this request to have a money back On the Laissez-Faire Newsletter. I have yet to hear from them.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
12, Report #1362029
Apr 26 2017
11:38 AM
Cade Courtley’s SEAL Torch Absolutely Free Seal Torch Laissez Faire website SCAM, Rip-off Internet
Cade Courtley’s SEAL Torch Absolutely Free  is not intended to be Free or only cost $4.95 shipping Untrue Statement: It's all free with your 7-day trial of Spy & Survival Briefing I made the purchase by paying th $4.95 shipping for a free Seal Torch 2000 I accepted the Free 7 day trial :     It's all free with your 7-day trial of Spy & Survival Briefing I called Laissez Faire phone #1-877-453-1177 to cancel the Free subscriptionof Spy & Survival Briefing and was told that they could not cancel the subscription without canceling the whole order including the Free Flashlights (Seal Torch 2000s). I advised the phone agent that the subscription and Seal Torch 2000s were totally different items and the website for the Seal Torch 2000 advised that if you cancel your subscription within 7 days of making the order you would not be charged the $40 montly fee for Spy & Survival Briefing. The phone agent advised that since the Flashlights (Seal Torch 2000s) were on backorder that he would have to cancel the whole order to cancel just the subscription to Spy & Survival Briefing. When I objected the phone agent advised that he could extend the 7 day trial period to prevent the $40 dollar charge from being applied to my credit card. I asked how long he could extend the trial period he stated he did not know. I told the phone agent to go ahead and cancel the complete order of Seal Torch 2000s and the Free Trial of Spy & Survival Briefing. It was totally obvious that the whole plan is to get interested buyers to let the 7 day free trial elapse and automatically charge their credit cards $40 for the subscription and I believe $40 each month after.. Onerous terms: Cade Courtley’s Torch Absolutely Free Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee First, if you are unhappy with your SEAL Torch for any reason, simply ship it back to us and we'll rush you a replacement.   Second, you're completely covered by our cancel anytime guarantee. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with the life saving advice and guidance by our elite team, simply call us and we'll cancel your subscription to Spy and Survival Briefing no questions asked. Obfuscation: A clock with 14 minutes is ticking off time as you fill out the order form  
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1405953
Oct 12 2017
06:46 PM
Spy & Survival Briefing Laissez Faire Taking $40 every month even after I requested a cancellation Internet
  I recieve a free survival/defense style flash light simply by paying $4.95 for the cost to ship it to me. When my monthly credit card statement was available, it had the $4.95 charge 'plus' two more unauthorized charges of $19.95 and $40.00. All three charges were same biller as they all had the same phone # which is (844) 242-3216 I emailed my request to cancel my subscription and they are still taking $40 each This to me is criminal deception, fraud and monitary theft from me and my credit card provider.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1177802
Sep 18 2014
11:47 PM
tony brown faire Apostle Tony Faire - Word of Hope InternationalTony Faire MinistriesTony Faire Enterprises Inc.Credit Coach inc.Credit Power inc.National Credit AssociationTony Faire ApostleMetro ContractingEasy Auto Leasing LLC fraud texas Nationwide
These guys agreed to make payments on my car under the company name of Credit Coach inc, but they never made a payment, giving me bogus bank accounts. They wont return it after constant phone calls and text to return the car after non-payment . Because the car is still in my name, I now have a ticket for running a red light in Denton, Texas. I have made a report to the police, FBI (because he crossed state lines) and am talking with the district attorney. These guys are frauds and need to be put away. Until then, lets get the word out about them. Tony Brown Faire and his wife Elaine Taylor Faire.Here are a few of the fake company names they use to run their scams out of and around Dallas, Texas. Their address is 300 Alexander lane Royse city, Texas 75189 Apostle Tony Faire - Word of Hope InternationalTony Faire MinistriesTony Faire Enterprises Inc.Credit Coach inc.Credit Power inc.National Credit AssociationTony Faire ApostleMetro ContractingEasy Auto Leasing LLC
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1392877
Aug 15 2017
08:50 AM
Seal Torch 2000 Flashlight,, Laissez Faire,, Doug Hill, Director, LFB Distribution This company is a fraud. they overbilled me. Should have been $54.95, they Billed me $84.00 and it posted like X4 times. so it tied up my funds for $edk they have no customer service personnell when you call, only a website to look at is what the voicemail recommends. Baltimore Maryland
This Company appears to be a complet ripoff.   I ordered 5 flashlight family surival Pack for $45 free shipping, and paid  $9.95 for the shipping on the free flashlifht.   should be 6 total flashlights.    Well, they billed me $84 vs. $54.95 (what it should have been $54.95, a $29.05 increase via ripoff.   then I tried  calling their # associated with the web page.  it has a voice on there redirecting me back to the web page. i trid calling but all their message says is to go trhe website.............frustrating.......
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
16, Report #352257
Jul 17 2008
07:15 AM
Valore Books, LLC Don't Sell Textbooks Back to Valore Books Buffalo New York
I sent a book to valore books to get some money to pay for my books for next semester. However, I never got paid for the book I sent them. They keep telling me that my book has been lost in the mail. It's been two and a half months and usually they show up by then. Well now they've cancelled my sell back order. So, if the book shows up to them, they'll have no record of the me selling the book to them, so they basically get it for free. I'll tell everyone I know not to use Valore Books, they are evil and like to scam people out of money. On the BBB sight alone they have 19 complaints in the past year, so who knows how many other poor college kids have been effected. Robin Frankfort, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Buffalo, New York
17, Report #156770
Sep 12 2005
09:55 AM
Faire Finance - Tony Carlaw Ripoff, I want to find him! Pittsburg PENNSYLVANIA
I seen a number in the paper for this company and I called, and a guy named Tony Carlaw answered my call, and I said I need 10,000 dollars, and he told me that I need to pay 10% down of the 10,000 which was a thousand dollars, and I agreed. I then faxed all the information he needed including my bank account information. I then sent a 1,079 dollars to Atlanta, Ga and I called to give him the information off of the western union receipt and he said the funds would be transferred to my account within 24-48 hours, and when it wasn't I called the number for which he said was his direct line and nobody picked up, and I tried a couple of days later and the number was disconnected. If anyone has any ideas how I can get my money back from this guy called Tony Carlaw I would appreciate it. D.T. Virginia Steve woodbridge, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Pittsburg, Nationwide
18, Report #153497
Aug 12 2005
06:04 PM
Faire Finance Fraudulent Company - Pennsylvania Department of Banking is looking for them Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
This company seemed very legitimate and offered very fair loans regardless of credit. They asked all the right information, and in the right sequence. But when they sent me the contract I noticed it was only 1 page long. I immediately did some more investigation before going any further. This company gives the address I listed, but that address is an empty office. The BBB has been there, and the Pennsylvania Department of Banking has had many calls regarding this company. When the Department of Banking called them they just hung up on them. The same day that I was heading down this dark road the Department of Banking posted a consumer alert on their website. Check for yourself at and Here is what is on Pennsylvania's website. CONSUMER ALERT! Faire Finance A company called Faire Finance, an unlicensed entity in Pennsylvania, represents itself as being based in Pittsburgh. The company advertises that it will make loans to consumers for a price. Consumers are asked to provide a bank account number and bank routing number for Faire Finance to receive $500 from the consumer, supposedly the cost of obtaining the loan. Faire Finance is not licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking to solicit or make loans to consumers. The Department is aware of consumers who have complained that they have sent money to Faire Finance, but received nothing back. Chad Louisville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
19, Report #1193517
Dec 06 2014
09:58 AM
Tony Faire stole my car Royce city Texas
This guy did the same thing to new as another guy that filed a report on here. He was going to take over payments on my car but then not make them been trying to get my car back for 6 months now with no luck. The police dept won't help. This guy needs to be locked up for the scams he is running.
Entity: Royce city, Texas
20, Report #558506
Jan 22 2010
09:13 PM
General Books LLC Unedited, nearly illegible printout of OCR scan Internet
This book, Virginia Woolf's 'The voyage out' was ordered through and was actually intended to be read. However, this can not be done, due to the numerous OCR errors that are prevalent throughout the book. There was no way of knowing that this book was an OCR scan before it was purchased. Disclaimers notwithstanding, this book was illegible, and can not be read in it's current format. I do understand that this is a 'book on demand', although it was not advertised as such when purchased. The Harvard Bookstore ( has a device that will print out anything I desire at 4 cents per page. For all I know, the book that I have was printed there. The binding is good, the cover art, meh, but the content is insulting if it is actually intended to be read. The book is in the public domain and freely available for download as an unedited OCR scan. If this business is intended to be a book printing service, then they should be working with a proofread copy. As it is, any bum on the street in Cambridge Mass. with access to a computer could sell me this book.
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #1025990
Mar 09 2013
08:11 AM
Ancestral Books, LLC Rodriguez Maindron Merchandise/refund never received Waxhaw, North Carolina
On September 4, 2011, I ordered the following book from Ancestral Books, LLC (Proprietor: Rodriguez Maindron, 2025 Dunsmore Lane, Waxhaw, NC, 28173-8097) via his website, A Genealogy of the Quick Family in America.  According to the website, orders sometimes take a while to process.  Understandable, as many of the advertised books are out of print.  I paid via PayPal and received the corresponding receipt from PayPal confirming the purchase. However, when the book still hadnt arrived by February 7, 2013, I decided to send a mail to find out what had happened.  Here is the email exchange that followed: From: Consumer [mailto:] Sent: Thursday, February 07, 2013 11:21 AM To: Subject: FormToEmail Comments Name: Email: Consumer(at)*****.com Comments: To Whom It May Concern: On September 4, 2011, I ordered A Genealogy of the Quick Family in America and paid with PayPal.  Unfortunately I never received the book, and would like to ask if perhaps something went awry in the accounting system or somewhere else.  Looking forward to hearing from you and best wishes from Derrick Ballard From: Sent: Thursday, February 7, 2013 10:10 PM To: consumer(at)*****.com Subject: Re:FormToEmail Comments   Hi,   I am sorry to hear that you have not received your book yet, may I please have the order number and your mailing address so that I can check on it. I am dearly sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you.   I sent him the requested order number immediately, and attempted to follow up both by email and telephone over the following three weeks.  The two telephone numbers I managed to find for the company were not in use, and my emails went unanswered.   On February 28, 2013, I decided I had waited long enough for a response, and here is the email exchange since then: From: Consumer [mailto:consumer(at)*****.com] Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2013 12:09 PM To: Ancestral Books, LLC Subject: Re: FormToEmail Comments Dear Mr. Maindron, This is the fourth email I have sent you since your response below from February 7th.  Since I have never heard back from you, I have ordered the material through  I would like an IMMEDIATE refund.  I have sent you the PayPal information more than once.  I expect to see the money in my PayPal account at the latest on March 8th, 2013, or my next email will be addressed to,, the Better Business Bureau, and the Attorney General of North Carolina, where you do business. It's quite a shame that you conduct your business in this fashion.  You offer what could be a unique service, but it's absolutely unconscionable to run a company this way.  Regards, Consumer From: Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2013  10:17 PM To: consumer(at)*****.com Subject: Re: FormToMail Comments   Hi, I tried pulling up your order with your email address and your last name but I am not able to find it, could you give me the receipt number. I am terribly sorry for all the troubles, as soon as I have received the information, I will refund your money immediately. I am giving you a free membership to a partner website where you can read or download the book that you have ordered from us or any other book you would like, please use the following username and password to access the website:  Website address: Username: ************** Password: *******             Once again, I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.             Thank you. From: consumer(at) Sent: Saturday, March 2, 2013  2:10 PM To: Subject: Re: FormToEmail Comments   For the third time, the information from the original order is as follows:   September 4, 2011 A Genealogy of the Quick Family in America - Binding preference: Softbound with steelcase Order Total: $72.21 paid via PayPal Receipt Number: 6XH367153R848603Y   Again, I expect a full refund on March 8, 2013 at the latest.   Regards, Consumer   Today is Saturday, March 9, 2013, and there has been no further communication from Ancestral Books, LLC about this issue, and no refund present in my PayPal account.   From my Internet research, I see that I am not the only consumer to have problems with this company.  I urge you to make a thorough investigation into Mr. Maindrons business practices.   Best regards, Consumer
Entity: Waxhaw, North Carolina
22, Report #1422437
Jan 11 2018
02:56 PM
Jason Hanson Spy & Survival Laizzez Faire books Without my knowledge or approval, upon paying a small shipping fee for a flashlight, I was sent unsolicited and unwanted literature regarding a spy and survivalist organization for which I later found out I was being billed $40.00 a month for each mailing. Baltimore Maryland
Each time I received this literature in the mail I marked it REFUSED--RETURN TO SENDER and took it back to the post office because I thought it was just something I was being constantly dunned for and did not knowingly subscribe to. When I realized what was happening I immediately called Discover and filed Disputes against 12 of these mailings amounting to $480.00. Four of these disputes were eventually reversed in my favor, totaling $160.00 However the other 8 disputes totaling $320.00 were not reversed by the merchant. I called the merchant multiple times during their business hours regarding this. I was put on hold indefinitely and couldn't speak to an agent. After weeks of trying, I was finally able to speak to an agent, from whom I did not receive satsifaction regarding reversal of the remaining charges to my Discover card. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told I would be called back by the end of the day. I was not called. After a day passed I called back and explained that I had been told I would be called by a supervisor. I was never put in contact with a supervisor and no one made any further attempts to contact me by phone or email.  I called Discover on January 8th and was told that the remaining disputes were still open an they were waiting to hear from the merchant. I asked if they knew when they would hear from the merchant and was told they did not know. However, I checked my Discover statement online a day later and saw that the remaining 8 disputes had been closed and that the merchant had not agreed to reverse the $320.00 in charges in my favor. I called the merchant and was told that nothing more could be done and the matter had been resolved. I am a senior on a fixed income. Because of the hard-heartedness of this merchant I was put in a financial bind. I had no Christmas. I wasn't able to buy any gifts for my family. My remaining insufficient funds had to go strictly to pay for food, doctor bills and utilities. The flashlight that I thought was the only thing I had paid for ($4.95 shipping fee) doesn't even work. In refusing to refund the remaining disputed charges I feel I have been taken advantage of by this merchant solely for financial gain. In good conscience, I couldn't do this to someone and feel good about myself. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.         
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
23, Report #1099407
Nov 14 2013
06:17 PM
Ancestral Books LLC - Owner - Rodriguez Maindron I Purchased a Book and piad in Advance - Ancestral Books failed to deliver despite repeated e-mails Waxhaw North Carolina
 On 4th June 2013 I ordered a Book on Family History on the Ancestral Books Website.   I was told I had to Pay in advance which I did.   After several months the book did not arrive so I sent numerous e-mails to the company.  Finally in September they informed me that the book had been sent.  Now after another 2 months the book still has not arrived and the Company does not respont to my messages.
Entity: Waxhaw, North Carolina
24, Report #946810
Sep 26 2012
07:16 AM
Entertainment Books Entertainment Publications LLC RIPOFF - watch the fine print regarding annual membership Troy, Michigan
This supposedly reputable company which allegedly helps non-profits and other worthy organizations raise money now has a RIPOFF annual renewal membership.  BE CAREFUL BE CAREFUL BE CAREFUL.  instead of purchasing from your local charity etc., you get the option to purchase online directly from them -- NO MONEY goes to charity and the price is HIGHER than in local stores and local charities PLUS $7.95 for shipping.  And if you realize your mistake and return the book unopened they STILL charge you $7.95 for shipping.  After 37 years of purchasing this book, I will NEVER NEVER NEVER purchase again.  Their tactics are tainting their previous good intentions.
Entity: Troy, Michigan
25, Report #155599
Aug 31 2005
10:31 AM
Faire Finance - Tony Carlaw - Danny Young ripoff, fruad loan company Pittsburg Pennsylvania
i responded to a ad in the newpaper,it said need a loan your job is your credit. so i call the application line talk to a operater. he said you been preapproved for the loan. he then said im going to give you your loan officer that will be working on your loan. his name is tony carlaw. his direct number is 1-866-844-6037. i call. we talk. he said you is approved. i say okay. what i do is first to get your loan you have to put down 10% of you loan to secure it. so he fax me loan document. i filled the out and fax him back to him. i call him the next and ask him whats next his said you need to wire 500 dollars to danny young in alanta ga my loan was for 5,000 dollars. so i ask him why its going to alanta ga and to danny young. he expalin that they got a central processing building in ga and danny young works for dunbar or brinks that he in charge of the money. so i ask him was it legit. he say yea we are legit company. so put my hole paycheck at risk no money in my pocket to get this loan so could do school shopping for my daughter and pay some extra bills. i wire the money. i call him back with the moneygram info. he say thats good mr.*** we will diburse funds in 24-48 hours. two days went by no money in my savings account. i try to call him for three days. all got was his answering machine. he wouldnt return my calls. so i call that monday after the weekend was over thinking maybe i would get to him and his direct was disconnected, and the application line was disconnected. i was so mad! thanks to this company im losing my car and im behind in my bills because i put my whole check up and got nothing. if any body know a way that i could get back my 533.00 dollars i lost in this fruad i will appreciate the help, thanks. Joe hurlock, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

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