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1, Report #1093308
Oct 20 2013
07:49 PM
MA Landscaping Con artists! Furlong Pennsylvania
Stay away from this company!  They are total con artists.  They tell you they will give you the world and then give you nothing!  They did our hardscraping wrong and refused to make it right.  They charged us to move plants, and they moved them to the wrong place, then refused to put them in the correct place.  All while keeping the money we had paid them, of course.  They mowed our lawn even though it was all brown and dead and hadn't grown an inch just to get their $25!!!  For your own sake, just stay away!!!
Entity: Furlong, Pennsylvania
2, Report #355712
Jul 25 2008
03:51 PM
Landscaping Creative Ways Poor landscaping service Towson Maryland
Work performed by this company appeared to be good; however, once a problem developed they were very unresponsive. Within a few weeks, one of the trees developed a fungus, and my mulched garden is overrun by bermuda grass and is an eyesore. The owner assured me that he planted healthy trees, but after finally coming and getting a sample of the fungus he advised if was in the tree all along. He has advised that he will replace this tree if it dies, but that is only after many calls and compaints. The grass excuse is that this grass is hard to kill. (and it is) As a landscaper, they should have treated the ground prior to planting, and I can only assume that they were in too much of a hurry to get in and get the job done to do this. The owner finally came and treated half of the garden with spray, but the other half he simply turned over so the grass is right back. His reesponse to me was that he gave me some 'free' labor! I would NEVER recommend this company for any work. Cheryl Timonium, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Towson, Maryland
3, Report #703366
Mar 06 2011
12:47 PM
rockman landscaping sls landscaping and stephenson landscaping hes a thief elkhart, Indiana
mike stephenson is a thief. he rips people off, he doesnt finish the jobs. he changes the name of his business after people start coming after him. he has been sued many times and then has to be arrested to pay. he rips off his people that help him so he cant keep help. its said that he has had a couple of his employees sued by sending them to get a rental equipment for him then doesnt return properly. he has been turned into the attorney generals office and the elkhart prosecuting office.
Entity: elkhart, Indiana
5, Report #602125
May 11 2010
01:52 PM
Pineda's Landscaping Won't Honor Contract/Agreement Lemont Illinois
I had a Brick Patio done 9/8/05... The Patio had to be repaired within 1 week of installtion which they did come a repaired a huge dip in the center. The problem NEVER went away the entire pation has really shifted/seperated REALLY BAD including 2 steps. I have called Olegario Pineda at 773-418-2146 since 2005 with no prevail. He stopped answering his phone after the 3rd call and told me to DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO!!. Olegario Pineda (nephew of Ruben) told me to call this number 1st when patio was being installed. Olegario (Ruben) Pineda gave me a 20 year warrenty agaist defects and I do have this in writing. I reported company to the Better Business Bureau 4/26/2010 and company NEVER responded to Myself or the BBB ...I will take every action I can !!!!!! Since this is the action Olegario Pineda advised me to take... Patio just needs to be fixed!!!!! 
Entity: Lemont, Illinois
6, Report #597288
Apr 27 2010
10:14 AM
Schill Landscaping Poor Quality Maintenance Sheffield Village, Ohio
I live in a maintenance free community in Lorain county that is being maintained by Schill landscaping. For the past few seasons we have had problems with their inexperienced crew running the mowers into our home, tearing up our grass when turning the mowers, and simply leaving our home and the property a mess when they are done. They blow grass out of the mowers all over the siding and our deck, they blow the debris and mulch out of our mulch beds and into our lawn, and usually leave grass/mud tracks running across our driveway. Which leads to me having to spend about an hour or more each week washing down our house, driveway, and deck, as well as raking the mulch out of our lawn.
Entity: Sheffield Village, Ohio
7, Report #667210
Jul 08 2012
01:25 AM
Mapleleaf Landscaping Inc. Verbal Abuse appleton, Wisconsin
This fall we were verbally abused by owner, Cal Staple, of Mapleleaf Landscaping. We had concerns of cracked soil and dead grass after he landscaped our yard the previous spring. The grass started to fill in nicely the first part of the summer, but as summer continued the soil started to create deep cracks, and the new growth started to turn brown or not grow at all. After a huge mistake on our part, we over-fertilized an area and started to take out some of grass and noticed the soil fill he supposedly put in our landscaping was mostly composed of clay fill. A ball of clay was formed and held it's shape for days. With this in mind, and of our concern about the deep cracking of the soil, dead grass, and pooling of water in our backyard we decided to call him. He refused my husband's call, but after I called and complained he came over unexpectedly. He walked up to my car and said are you the wife, and I said yes. And then he started right away...he said that he wasn't going to fix our f***ing mistake (EVEN THOUGH REPEATEDLY WE SAID THIS WASN'T HIS FAULT - the part we over-fertilized), but kept on redirecting him to the clay ball I made from the clay we took out of the ground, and the deep cracking, dead grass, regrading issues...he said YOU ARE A BUNCH OF F***ING IDIOTS AND ARE DUMB AND DUMBERER . He said, I could tell that from the very first time I met you that you were A BUNCH OF LIBERAL DEMOCRATS AND THAT YOU ARE RUINING IT FOR THE REST OF US. At one point, he leaned into my husband, and threatened him by saying, SO WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?. He obviously hated us for no reason, and under no circumstance would I recommend this vile and abusive person to anyone. We reported this to the Better Business Bureau and he denied all allegations, of course. 
Entity: appleton, Wisconsin
8, Report #307337
Feb 08 2008
12:12 PM
I had contracted Dunn Rite Landscaping to re grade my yard after having to get a septic tnak put in. They came out on a Friday to grade and seed my yard. That night it rained, the next morning I noticed a big hole in my yard where they graded. I called that day (Saturday) but got a maching. On Monday I spoke with the owner and he said that he would take a look at it. He never came out, the next time I spoke with him he said that he could fill it in but it would cost me more money. I said should'nt the job have been done correctly the first time? He responded that they tried to pack the dirt in as best they could, but obviously it was not done well enough considering I have a 2 foot hole in my yard. They do not return any calls. Dunn RIte landscaping should be called Dunn Wrong. Customer Experience Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record BBB Definition: unsatisfactory record - A company has an unsatisfactory business performance record with the BBB is based on the experiences reflected in BBB files. This file condition results when the company has failed to resolve or respond to complaints, repeatedly failed to respond or resolve issues in a timely manner, failed to resolve the underlying issues for a pattern BBB Definition: pattern - More than 2 complaints involving the same allegations usually within 12 months that are significant in relation to the company's size and volume of business. of complaints, failed to honor their commitment to mediate or arbitrate disputes or honor mediated agreements or arbitrated decisions, failed to substantiate, modify or discontinue false advertising claims that are challenged by the BBB, or failed to discontinue unauthorized use of the BBB name and logo, a Federally protected trademark. with the BBB due to failure to respond to two or more complaints. I learned the hard way. Dkcri Rockford, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: BELVIDERE, Illinois
9, Report #1092605
Oct 17 2013
10:49 AM
Landscaping Solutions Joshua Gonzalez Landscape nightmares Grass Lake Michigan
The owner rarely will talk with you - only scarey looks.  Charges extra for every tiny thing.  Refuses to put anything in writing.  Leaves grass clippings on sides of houses and porches and will not clean them off.  Weed wacks flowers and grass down to the dirt.  Weed wacks siding of houses.  Blows mulch all over the place,  Does not know the difference between weeds and flowers or what poison ivy looks like.  Ends up being way more expensive than original estimate and grounds look horrid.  Do not walk - run from this company!!  You will be totally ripped off from this company.
Entity: Grass Lake, Michigan
10, Report #1246875
Aug 06 2015
04:18 PM
Unlimited Landscaping Dishonest Billing, Cancellation, and Collections Procedures Buford Georgia
I was referred to this company as a cheaper alternative to Top Turf. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for in our society. My house went under contract sometime in May of 2015, I contacted the... company to cancel my future treatments and service shortly thereafter. I informed them I would use them as soon as I was able to find a new home. However, they treated my yard one more time in June. When I called the company to make my payment for May, they showed two payments of $38.00, but agreed to remove the payment for the June treatment. What a shocker!!! They didn't do what they said they were going to do. Furthermore, they have no record of my conversations. Now they are threatening me with a $38.00+$10.00 late-fee collection notice. Wow, I'm terrified. DO NOT EVER USE THIS COMPANY. GO WITH A TRUSTED NAME LIKE TRUGREEN OR TOP TURF. USE YOUR 10 YEAR OLD COUSIN'S LANDSCAPE OPERATION OVER THESE LOSERS!!!
Entity: Buford, Georgia
11, Report #1308282
May 28 2016
01:19 PM
Clutch Landscaping Buyer Beware Cleveland Ohio
If you want to throw away your money-hire this comapany. If you have already made the mistake of hiring this company ***Check your contract-see if they are doing all the work you are paying them for.*** Chances are they are only cutting/trimming part of your lawn. Look for damage done to your property. If you have experienced any of these negative habits or others- of theirs I encourage you to write a review warning others not to hire them. You will only be wasting your money and your lawn will be the worst looking one on the street. Buyer Beware!  
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
12, Report #1385237
Jul 13 2017
10:46 AM
Eastern Michigan Landscaping Empty Promises Hartland Michigan
Jamie and I seemed to connect so I selected Jamie over a competitor. Janie was $1,000 more. Then it sailed down hill. 1. Numerous calls to get his landscape designer out to get the job going. 2. Then numerous calls to get the design to approve the project. 3. Numerous calls to get it scheduled, and re-scheduled, and re-scheduled, until a threat of canellation. 4. 4- guys on site for 2 days to accomplish what I could have done myself in one day. 5. Another call to Jamie who says They aren't done? I'm loosing money on this job 6. I leave town for 5 days and return on Sunday afternoon, When I get home wrong size plants planted, wrong plants planted and they are DEAD! Flagstone pathway is a joke, with 4 gaps between stones. Other plants are badly damaged and or dying. I call Jamie to express my huge disapointment with the entire project. Jamie say can you put water on the plants I say i am strongly considering firing you. He sends an Ops Mgr (Matt) who worked for 2 hours to clean-up the initial disaster Sunday night. Collected tools from all over the yard, moved power dump so we could use OUR garage, collected un-planted plants from the lawn. Matt saved Jamie from getting fired!   7. Matt resets the flagstone, gets control of the project, and finishes. 8. What I told Jamie, his designer, and Ops Mgr. never finished as explained and expected. Jamie says you got extra plants that weren't in the plan. I said you shipped plants to my job that weren't scheduled for it and you want that to wash everything clean. Now your insulting me! 9. He offered to plant additional ground cover plants with no labor. I bought them myself for 1/2 the cost of what he charged me just for the plants. I should have gone with my gut feeling of firing him the 3 times I wanted to. Save yourself the trouble - Don't use this company. It's nothing but heart ache.
Entity: Hartland, Michigan
13, Report #567919
Feb 11 2010
09:50 AM
Apex Landscaping snowplowing scam Internet
Apex Landscaping charges an upfront fee of $550 for an entire season of snowplowing.  There is a clause that states that for over 6 inches of snow there is a surcharge of $55. THe problem with this company is that they will wait until the storm is over 6 inches to be able to charge the extra.  We got two plows over the winter and they charged a surcharge both times.  BOth times they waited and both times the snow was below 6 inches.  When we called to complain they refused to call back on 9 calls.  Finally we got an email when it snowed 12 inches that they would not be coming unless we paid 3 surcharges.  THey have refused to refund any of our pre paid contract amount and now refuses to do any services for us.  We cannot get them to respond to us for the disputed surcharges.   This is a bad company and the owner Bob seems to be a person to beware of.  Apex landscaping is a company that one should not do business with.  THey are Scam Artists
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #765788
Aug 16 2011
10:33 AM
Anderson's Landscaping Anderson Landscaping Please avoid this unethical company !!! Williamstown, New Jersey
This company is blatantly unethical and rude! Once they leave your property, don't expect ANY customer service !!! They installed our sprinkler system in 2010 and did a very poor job while at it. They did not stick to the terms of the contract and failed to make good once there were problems with the install. (As per the contract they had to put in a soaker hose around the front beds which they blatantly failed to do.)   They came in to blow out the system last fall and did a failing job at that as well. As a result, this spring, our pipes shattered underground.  We left several messages which were duly ignored. Our final email to them let them know that we would be employing a different landscaper to make the repair, and that they would be responsible for the bill ! Finally, we got a is the opening sentence from their email to us Just as an FYI, you will be charged a service call, at our std rate of $60.00, whether a part is covered under warranty or not. They made the repair and billed us for a service call which does not fall under the category of labor or's in a category all by itself called LETS RIP PEOPLE OFF and make some extra cash, cause we need it ! They also billed us for the PARTS used to replace the damaged pipe. Wow ! Talk about giving the warranty some credence !!! THEY DO NOT ANSWER THEIR CALLS ! BEWARE of companies that have a perpetual machine and calls and emails are not answered unless it is to collect money. Having said that, their billing department is excellent. I do wish they could employ the same individual to perform their customer service !!!
Entity: Williamstown, New Jersey
15, Report #263058
Jul 25 2007
09:24 AM
Northern Landscaping - Esteban Salgado ripoff Complete Landscaping Fraud -wants cash doesn't do the job North Chicago Illinois
Esteban Salgado wants cash to perform the job and doesn't complete it. He overbills and doesn't track what you've paid. Not a good business man, and unless you want to get taken for a ride - Don't use Northern Landscaping Po'd homeowner Grayslake, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: North Chicago, Illinois
16, Report #1173171
Aug 29 2014
10:45 AM
All Type Landscaping Thomas Siglet All Typ Landscaping Botches Landscaping Job Then Walks Away Maybee Michigan
We hired Tom Siglet from All Type landscaping in May of 2014 to construct a patio. Of the three bids we got, they were the most expensive but based on his experience and presentation we felt he was the right contractor. Well as it turned out we where WRONG, Severed Cables  After pointing out where several communications cables were buried they proceeded to cut through FIVE cables. Sprinkler Line Cut They also cut a sprinkler line and LEFT it cut and just covered over it. Well the water from the sprinkler line washed out part of the patio. We have since repaired the sprinkler and cables on our own. All Type's Repsonse? When I told Tom about the damage to the patio (with pictures of water bubbling up) and asked that he come back and re-level part to patio he ignored me. He hasn't stood behind his work (which was marginal to begin with ) I can't recommend him, his prices are high, the quality of his work is poor and he doesn't stand behind his work. PM&DM
Entity: Maybee, Michigan
17, Report #1320128
Aug 01 2016
05:42 PM
McGowan Landscaping and Management McGowan's Landscaping Undependable and Threatening Clermont Florida
Steer clear!  I was communicating with this company for about 3 weeks to have sod installed.  There was never any question about the fact the sod had to be installed the week of 8/1/16.  The original quote included sight prep, but I told them I could do that, so he sent me a new quote with that removed.  I asked several times about the schedule and they rarely responded.  Finally, on Sunday 7/31, Mike texted me to say, I will call you Monday.  I have to call the sod farm to set next weeks [sic] schedule. As of 8/1, the yard was prepared and ready to go.  On the evening of 8/1, they called to say they could NOT fit me into the schedule this week.  Unbelievable.  They claimed the reason was due to my failure to sign the proposal and send a deposit.  Nobody told me anything about that and on the phone I told them I would sign and deliver a check or cash, but they said they could not get it done.  Now I am scrambling to find sod, because this is a rental property and our great tenants are having a baby shower at the house this weekend.  FINALLY, I told him I was going to file a negative review about his company.  He went crazy.  He called me, texted me, e-mailed me MANY times.  He threatened to lien the property and take the house.  Interesting, since that is what I do for a living and the never performed any service, so a lien would have a very short life at that property.
Entity: Clermont, Florida
18, Report #1381763
Jun 27 2017
08:24 PM
MGM Landscaping Caused underground Water leak. Caused Underground Gas Leak. Killed existing landscaping. Peoria Arizona
Mike Mahoney, owner of MGM Landscaping, was hired as a landscaping contracter to renovate our back yard . This included extending our patio, adding a ramada and grill, add plants and redo our watering system. Mike left the self watering line to our pool damaged from driving a concrete stake through it. MGM did minimal digging to repair the PVC which ment they couldnt get more than 1/8 engagement in the fittings and they repaired it wet. This resulted in the joint pulling apart within a couple months. The water damaged the gas line Mike installed for our new grill according to the technician from Southwest Gas. Both resulted in extremely high gas and water bills and meant having to hire capable contracters. Mike refused to return calls after being paid. Our existing landscaping died from his watering system being improperly installed. These were beautiful large plants and shrubs we had for years. When doing the concrete work we paid for so many square feet x 4 deep. I took a photo with a cigarette pack in the form before they poured it showing no more that 1 deep in spots. Being an engineer I measured and calculated the square footage only to find Mike is quite the RIP-OFF. Mike also shorted us a couple feet on the grill he put in. He was supposed to put a gas shutoff valve at the grill and overlooked it as well. After paying Mike roughly $30,000 we owed him another $400 for some extras we added later. He treated us with mistrust thinking we would not pay the remainder that was tacked on. Mike did get all of his money and we are still paying for all the damage he caused. He is dishonest and knows all the tricks. The level of incompetence is unmatched in my years of experience dealing with service providers. Not sure how this guy stays in business.
Entity: Peoria, Arizona
19, Report #1098420
Jun 18 2014
08:53 AM
Extreme Landscaping Creations / Ebershoff Landscaping Extreme Landscaping Creations Owner, John Moreno, Does Not Pay Employees - You Will Work For Free Fort Collins CO
John Moreno, the owner of Extreme Landscaping Creations, spent 22 years in prison where he obviously learned to lie, cheat and steal.  When he hires someone, he requires a $100-250 Uniform Deposit that will be refunded back to the employee within 8 weeks of employment (well, this is what he tells them).  He never actually orders the uniforms, this is how he gets his cash flow for beer, cocaine and who knows what else.  In the few weeks I worked there, he took over $6000 from new hires for their uniforms.  He went so far as to have Cintas come in and measure all employees for their uniforms to make them think they would actually be receiving them, but had no intention to follow through. Employees are told they will be paid every Friday.  If an employee questions John about their check or the refund for their uniform deposit, they get fired so John doesn't have to pay them.  On payday, John will tell you the checks didn't come, but they should be here tomorrow.  Then everday after that you will be told the same thing. After several weeks of being told I would receive my check tomorrow I finally had to quit.   There are over 30 past employees that are still waiting to get paid.  The police have been called countless times regarding the money he is taking from employees and the money owed to them for working.  The authorities cannot do anything and lawyers have been contacted and law suits filed.   John has also hired sub contractors to do work that doesn't exist.  Cleaning apartments, concrete and landscaping.  He makes them pay him $600 for their liability insurance - which he cannot provide.  Again, another scam to get cash flow.   Not only does he rip off his employees, he rips of his customers.  He hires inexperienced young men that have very little experience.  He has been sued several times for the horrible landscaping and concrete work done for customers.  BBB reports have been filed and he has a F rating for his company.   Stay away from this company and this poor excuse of a human being if you are looking for a job or if you are looking to have any work done on your property.
Entity: Select State/Province
20, Report #66832
Sep 11 2003
12:23 PM
Marina Landscaping Refuse to pay for Services Anaheim California
This company is a joke. They contracted with my company to do all there service vehicle towing. We did 3 tows for them and they have refused to pay. It is impossible to get a hold of anyone in accounts payable, they are either out of the office, at lunch, away from their desk or on another line. They refuse to let you hold they say they have no holding system but offer the alternative to leave voice mail. this is fine if they would return the call but they haven't in 4 months. We are only talking about 306.00 but how many people or companies are they not paying that 306.00 to? Don Anaheim, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Anaheim, California
21, Report #9216
Dec 13 2001
12:00 AM
Foley Landscaping you don't get what you pay for
Paid $10,000 for landscaping & sprinkler system on a 1/4 acre lot. They broke my new fence with a ditch digger and I had to hound them to reiumburse me $250 to repair it. Six months later, all plants showing severe dehydration despite the sprinkler system, and the basement started to have moisture problems. Turned out the plants were literally stuffed in holes barely wide enough for their root balls, without surrounding soil being aerated just clumps of red clay being replaced. How is a plant supposd to put roots in that? At the very least they should've told me it would cost more than $10,000 to get them planted right, not just planted. I was having to manually water fifty azaleas, etc. to keep them from dying. Several died anyway and I replanted those I could. They installed sprinkler heads six inches from the house so the basement got watered every time the sprinkler system came on, even though I repositioned sprinkler heads best I could so water wouldn't get to the house. The side of the house got moss and constantly has moisture on it from the spinkler heads. The force of the water blew the screen off my window causing water to stream directly in the house. Sprinkler heads were installed in the lowest most damp area of the yard, but none in the higher side where soil was cracked from lack of moisture. When I inquired if they could come out and try to reposition some of the sprinkler heads, they refused. I have since had a couple of sprinkler heads moved but it will take moving of a lot more to mitigate the problems they created. Now whenever I need landscaping I just order plants from a nursery and pick up some day labor and make sure they dig holes correctly.
Entity: Conyers, Georgia
22, Report #394987
Nov 25 2008
01:19 PM
Alfonzo Boughknight Landscaping Aggressive Tactics Huntsville Alabama
This man came to my elderly mother's door and proposed tree-trimming, yard work, and pressure washing her roof. She told him she has a service that does this. He said he would come back with an estimate. She told him again she already has a service that does this. He returned later with an estimate. Again, she reiterated she did not want his service. He gave her a phone number and told her to call to schedule. She phoned the number, spoke to a woman, and reinforced she was not interested. Another man driving Boughknight's truck came by during a hard rain and asked when he could get started. She reiterated her refusal and called me. I am her son and I reside out of state. I had to do a search to locate his address. I sent a Cease and Desist Notice. This morning, Boughknight phoned my mother at 6 am wanting a start time. I phoned his number and left a verbal cease and desist on his answering machine. This seems to be a home answering maching. It does identify as Boughknight residence but has no business identifier. Boughknight has a Huntsville AL City Business License #27918. There is no process for filing a complaint through the City Clerk Office. These are acts of harrassment. As of yet, Boughknight has not crossed any legal lines. I am concerned for my mother's safety. I have alerted HPD so there is a notice on file. Penn Huntsville, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Huntsville, Alabama
23, Report #1331699
Oct 05 2016
07:49 AM
24, Report #400236
Dec 11 2008
09:22 AM
Martin Landscaping Shoddy work, rude workers, owners don't care Austin Texas
These people did unacceptably shoddy work, did not do it to my company's specifications, tried to charges us almost twice as much as their original estimate, and when we tried to contact their office, we were repeatedly told that we had the wrong number, even though I clearly recognized the office manager's voice. Do not waste your time or money on this company. John c Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
25, Report #460671
Jun 11 2009
09:48 AM
On The Edge Landscaping Unethical, unprofessional and rude! Hillsborough New Jersey
This is one of the most unprofessional business owners I have ever dealt with hands down! The owner is rude and should not be someone anyone should have to deal with when it comes to business! Nj guy 007 Hillsborough, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Hillsborough, New Jersey

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