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26, Report #460671
Jun 11 2009
09:48 AM
On The Edge Landscaping Unethical, unprofessional and rude! Hillsborough New Jersey
This is one of the most unprofessional business owners I have ever dealt with hands down! The owner is rude and should not be someone anyone should have to deal with when it comes to business! Nj guy 007 Hillsborough, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Hillsborough, New Jersey
27, Report #630312
Aug 10 2010
03:07 PM
Leapfrog Landscaping Affordable Landscape Design Clueless, unprofessional, disorganized - owners too busy to be involved katy, Texas
This company is clueless.  The previous owner new what he was doing, but he is gone.  The new owners nave not a clue!  The owners are too busy running their other companies to be involved at all!  I was an employee for over a year and this was the worst experience in my 25 years of being in this business.  The owners hire unskilled people off the street.  Also, they claim to be licensed irrigators! They have an irrigation license from their purchase of the business, but they actually do not have a licensed irrigator on staff. They still owe me about $3,000 as an employee.  They claim to be Christian people, but their behavior is far from it!
Entity: katy, Texas
28, Report #621940
Jul 10 2010
09:35 AM
Ricky Arce / Arce Landscaping Fraudulent Company, Internet
Arce Landscaping is not a legitimate company. We hired them to landscape our yard, and they have yet to complete the job. He was provided money for all the materials up front. As an experienced landscaper he should have known how much everything was going to cost. He said hes been doing this for 10 years (we later found out he has never done a yard of our size). When he measured our yard he did this with his feet; I asked him if he wanted to measure it using the measuring wheel. He declined this offer; he said he knew what he was doing. Every time he requested money, we gave it to him. We werent the ones calling requesting to do the job for a lower price, he was. We werent the ones who said the job would be completed in two days, he was. It was our fault for trusting him, an unlicensed landscaper. He should have never agreed to do the job, if he didnt have the experience or dependable workers. He started the job on July 1, and showed up late everyday. Most days he did not show up before 12:00 noon; we suggested arriving between 4:00 am 6:00 am to avoid the heat. Most people who work outdoors arrive early. I doubt they worked more than 4 hours a day. He should have never agreed to work on July 4th if he had no intentions of coming; I waited all day since 6:51 am when he called to say he was on his way. Our holiday was also ruined. My husband bought them pizza on the first day of work, and we also bought them bottles of water. I also offered to help to complete the job; I didnt mind digging in the heat. I also asked Ricky if I should rent the equipment to make the digging easier, and he said it would create a mess. I asked his workers regularly if they need anything. Everyday there was an issue. Yes, we did request for them to not return on Monday, July 5th, but Ricky asked if they could stay and work for the $250. We were tired of the endless excuses. We had the cash on hand to pay him the remaining balance that he initially requested on Saturday evening to be provided on Sunday, but they never showed up on the 4th after 5 texts and 6 phone calls of him promising to come. He promised everyday the job would be completed the following day. Please let me know if I am being presumptuous, but most people cant work 4 hour days, show up late everyday, not show up at all one day, have workers speak rudely to a client (this was a drunken worker who quit the first day), and different staff day-to-day. Ive been around licensed contractors all my life, and I know this is no way to treat a customer. My husband helped them do as much work as they did on Monday, July 5th. Ricky promised to be back on Tuesday to finish everything else, but this did not happen. I dont mind paying more, which we would have done if we went with our preferred landscaper. We went with Ricky because he seemed like an honest person, he did mention his daughter, and how he loves to build positive relationships with clientele. He also mentioned he was a man of God. Our final request was to provide us the receipts to show us the increased material costs. He said costs were increasing, but we noticed a red flag when he said 101 bricks at $1.86 each cost him nearly $400 (this isnt mathematically possible, unless tax was greatly inflated over the weekend). We still need the receipt to take the pile or bricks back to Home Depot. He wont return our calls. We went to our backyard to access the damage. Not only does Arce Landscaping have a horrible work ethic, it's unprofessional, and he is incompetent. All of the pipes are exposed, most were not connected correctly within each cycle, one cycle is not connected to a water source, electricity cables are exposed to water, every cycle has too many sprinklers, pressure was not accounted for, cheapest equipment was used despite his claims for more money, and the entire sprinkler system will need to be redone. Once Ricky takes your money, he will not return any calls. This is NOT a legitimate business. I urge you not to use his services. He comes across as an honest, humble, God loving person; as soon as he has all of your money you wont hear back from him. He cant be trusted. I have already reported him to the Federal Trade Commission. I am considering posting an ad in the Arizona Republic, as no one deserves the treatment he has bestowed upon us. I will continue to post regularly, as I hope he does not have the opportunity to manipulate more families.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona, Internet
29, Report #604434
May 18 2010
10:01 AM
Hard Rock Landscaping Poor installation, terrible service Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
This contractor was hired in 2006 to install an EP Henry patio with sitting walls and a walkway. Since the day they completed the job Hard Rock Landscaping has ignored every single attempt to communicate about and resolve the issues. While they did come back FINALLY in 2009 to review our concerns, they made a poor attempt at fixing the items. In fact, they made things worse by using different colored pavers!!!The patio is crooked and wasnt installed properly to allow drainage. The pavers were cut poorly along all edges and are jagged and crooked. There are two sitting walls that werent ever installed correctly and have been leaning since day one!The contractor offered a 3 year warranty on materials and workmanship but has dragged their feet and ignored us allowing this warranty to be void.Stay away from Hard Rock Landscaping. They do a poor job with installation and an even worse job with customer service and follow-up.
Entity: Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
30, Report #609218
Jun 01 2010
03:42 PM
Galaxie Landscaping Lance Trowbridge, Owner A Total Thief! Farmington Hills, Michigan
We paid Galaxie Landscaping (Lance Towbridge, Owner) for lawn service a month in advance because of the discount that was offered for advance payments.  They performed one cut and then dissapeared.  Never called or returned calls.  They simply took the money and ran.  Attempts to contact Mr. Towbridge via the mail went completely ignored.  Galaxie Landscaping & Mr. Towbridge are NOT TO BE TRUSTED!  Since our troubles with this company we have seen ads for them in the Monthly Shopper for West Bloomfield (most currently June 2010) with the slogan We Do Care.  They care only to rip you off.  BEWARE!  They are thieves!!
Entity: Farmington Hills, Michigan
31, Report #540982
Dec 17 2009
06:43 AM
Denny Wiggers Landscaping - Denny Wiggers FRAUD WARNING, Collapsed Retaining Wall - Paramus, New Jersey
I hired Denny Wiggers and his company Denny Wiggers Landscape Design in Bergen County to put up a retaining wall in 2 years ago for my home in New Jersey. Not surprisingly the retaining wall collapsed almost immediately and I have been fighting with Denny Wiggers ever since to get the retaining wall fixed. Without a doubt court action is the next step. Never hire or buy from Denny Wiggers and his New Jersey Bergen County Garden Center, Denny Wiggers Garden Center otherwise you will deeply regret ever meeting and hiring Denny Wiggers. Wasted Time, Money and Energy.
Entity: Paramus, New Jersey
32, Report #764947
Aug 13 2011
11:57 PM
Global Green landscaping Beware of Owner homewood, Illinois
Here is a general warning to all Homewood, Matteson, Olympia fields and other residents.  This man who claims to be the owner of a landscaping service call Global Green is a shady, irresponsible, negligent person.  On August 13,  he began work on my yard which included cutting the back, weed wacking the front and trimming some bushes.  While I was at work I received a call from my girlfriend at home stating that the right side of passenger side window was broken.  The owner stated that while weed wacking a rock flew through the window, and unforseeable accident.  He made no offer to pay for this accident and said that the car should not have been in the driveway in the first place.  Then proceeds to not claim responsiblity for it and that he will do the job for free. However the windows replacement will cost over 150.00 dollars and the fee for the yard was only 55.00.  I then came up with a solution which involved getting the yard work done for free and then taking that price off the cost of the window.  He would then decline sticking to the story of this not being his fault and that he could get it replaced for cheaper.  This is due to his 'Expert opinion in car window replacement.  Needless to say a report was filed, I will take this to small claims court and I will warn all neighbors about this unscrupulous charactor.  As for now the window will be replaced and an invoice will be noted and file with so called business. Moreover, I will contact the village of Homewood to verify if he even has a business licence to practice.  In Sum,  Be warned about this individual, his first name is Anthony, or tony.
Entity: homewood, Illinois
33, Report #857091
Mar 20 2012
11:54 PM
TimberRock Landscaping LLC Convicted Sex Offender Denny ODell TimberRock Landscaping LLC Easton, Pennsylvania
This company hire's convicted felon's such as Denny ODell a multiple convicted felon in Allegheny County, PA to fix up my home. After some basic online research I quickly discovered that the following break in was likely committed by TimberRock Landscaping's own Dennis Lee O'Dell. Are you thinking of hiring this company? Think again...
Entity: Easton, Pennsylvania
34, Report #929389
Aug 19 2012
09:08 AM
Near North Landscaping Near North Pavers Another disappointed customer Vaughan, Ontario
Chalk another one up for Dave and Kim...the dynamic duo! Regrettably, they did such a great sales job that I didn't even check their references. Now I'm seeing all of this. Sadly, I missed the June 17 meeting at the Holiday Inn. Can someone please tell me what the outcome is? Is there a class action suit against them or anything I can participate in. Please contact me at (((ROR redacted))) What a disaster!! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Vaughan, Ontario
35, Report #947191
Sep 26 2012
07:17 PM
I had filled out the online contact form to get an estimate on my lawn being landscaped and it took 2 weeks for someone to even call me. It took another week to get someone out to give me an estimate. I thought the price was a little high, but figured at this point, I couldn't wait any longer to go through the hassle of trying to find someone else. When I was finally able to get an appointment, I was suprised when the workers showed up and didn't speak any English which made it extremely difficult for them to understand what exactly I wanted done in my yard. When they were finally done, I went out to evaluate their work and to my horror, it was the shock of a lifetime. My yard was totally destroyed!! When I contacted the owner, he had the most cockiest, grandios attitude of anyone I had the displeasure of speaking with. I will NEVER recommend that company to anyone.
Entity: HOCKESSIN, Delaware
36, Report #197410
Jun 21 2006
05:35 AM
Jacono's Landscaping Commercial& Residential ripoff Dagsboro Delaware
The property was graded incorrectly and the water collects by the house were it killed some sod and buses. The drainage system pipes are crushed in several places and water can not flow through it. The sod was left on pallets for 3 days in 100 degree heat, and when installed it was brown and looked dead. Mr. Jacono stated that it was normal and it would turn green in a week or two , if not he would come back and replace it.THE SOD NEVER TURNED GREEN AND IT WAS NEVER REPLACED.The seed in the back yard never germinated Wanda Millsboro, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Dagsboro, Delaware
37, Report #200348
Jul 10 2006
08:56 PM
Nature Landscaping Ripoff, poor planting, bad communication, poor service Peyton, Colorado Springs, Fountain Colorado
We highered this company to landscape our back yard in late march. WE paid them almost 2800.00 and they layed Sod, Rock,sprinkler system, and put in a pear tree, a crab apple tree, and 5 5 gallon shrubs. Two days after they layed sod and after we had been watering it, it started to die. They killed our grass in our front yard when they pulled it up and drove their equipment over it, and have not replaced it. The sod in the front yard was done when we bought our house by a different landscaper. They planted a dead pear tree, and out of 5 of the shurbs, they planted 3 dead ones as well. David came out to the house and measured for the spots in the grass that were dead, and has tried to tell us repeatedly that we are over watering the plants, and not watering the grass enough. I finally got my back yard grass to come back up with out their help, but they are saying they planted live trees. The crab apple, and two of the other shrubs are doing just fine and we are tired of being accused of it being our fault. I took all the branches to Harding where they bought the plants from and they were dead when they planted them. We have repeatedly called them, and we have been blown off and given excuses that they are too busy to come and replace the sod in the front yard, which David has admitted to us is their fault and they need to replace it. They do not want to replace the dead plants they originally planted and we think they should since they were dead before they planted them in the ground. We are tired of being blown off about this. We just want our grass in the front replaced and the pear tree and three shrubs as well. They don't want to. Jennifer Fountain, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Peyton, Colorado
38, Report #208019
Aug 26 2006
09:21 AM
SLS Landscaping - Michael Stephenson - Chad Place ripoff Elkhart Indiana
On July 25, 2006 Michael Stephenson and Chad Place(who is my husand's cousin) came to my house and gave me an estimate on some retaining walls and a patio by my basement. Since Chad was a cousin, and I guess a scam artist, I trusted them and gave them a down payment. I was trying to help them. They took off and never came and did the work. They won't return my calls. They promised the work would be done in 2 to 3 weeks. I'm a widow and I'm going to have to live off of social security so that money means a lot to me. Chad's phone number is 574-849-2859 and Michael's cell number is 574-358-1100. Eunice Buchanan, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Elkhart, Indiana
39, Report #224396
Dec 08 2006
02:27 PM
Rockmart Landscaping Materials ripoff Charged my credit card and will not refund cancelled order Chandler Arizona
I ordered 45 tons of Apache Brown rock on November 3, 2006 and cancelled the order on November 6, 2006. My credit card was charged anyway and it still has not been refunded. I have called over 12 times and am always told, The owner is handling it he has all your information. Brent Mesa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Chandler, Arizona
40, Report #286343
Nov 23 2007
06:55 PM
Lou Tonellotto Landside Landscaping Dug a hole for $2173.00 Stoney Creek Ontario
My family contracted with Lou Tonellotto to contruct a pond in our backyard. Tonellotto quoted $4200.00 plus taxes and we agreed. We paid $2173.00 down. Tonellotto showed up within a few days and dug a 12x12 foot hole in the back yard. He then deposited 13 armour stones around the interior of the hole, and left. He left his backhoe, wheelbarrow and a cheap piece of plastic liner. He then called about two weeks later and said that his workman named Scott had died and he wanted out of the job. I stated that I wanted the job completed as it would be hard to find someone to finish a partially completed job. He agreed. Weeks pass and no Mr. Tonellotto. I called and he said that Scott was going to have a meeting with his team and try to finish the job. (I thought Scott had died?) Didn't hear from Mr. Tonellotto for weeks so I called again. Tonellotto stated that Scott had lost interest and didn't want to do the job(I thought Scott had died??) I insisted that the job be done. Tonellotto stated that he would finish the job before the snow flies. I didn't think it was funny and told him so. He apologized. He asked if he could come to the house and get his backkhoe. My wife said don't let it go, get the work done first. Me, foolishly believing that Tonellotto was a man of his word (bang head against wall at this time) let him retrieve his backhoe. The backhoe had sat in my backyard for 6 weeks and successfully killed the grass under it. I called Tonellotto and he said I will be there on the September long weekend and finish the job. Tonellotto never showed. I called Tonellottos son and asked if they were coming. He responded you'll have to talk to my Dad I asked if there were any other customers who were as frustrated as we were or were we the only ones. He hung up on me. I am left with a hole, dug on an angle and thirteen stones in the hole with no liner. Two contractors have told me that the work and stones are worth $700.00 max. I have written to Tonellotto wanting $1000.00 plus $60.00 tax back. No response from Mr. Tonellotto. The snow has flown and no pond and no Lou Tonellotto. Needless to say, do not use this mans services. He is located at 390 Dewitt Rd. in Stoney Creek. Keith Burlington, OntarioCanada
Entity: Stoney Creek, Ontario
41, Report #342192
Jun 19 2008
08:27 PM
Overcharged my credit card, will not return a call. If you notice, he calls everyone else a lier, claims no responsibility for stuff gone bad. This guy is a flake and I am pursuing the same as others through the attorney general of Texas and also had my credit card company deny the charge. I went to the physical address he gives and this place has been abandoned for over 3 years. The web site is a spoof. He owes countless people including the city of Converse for electrical charges at his old business he claims is still open, etc. Sent me numerous emails claiming everything was my fault, but would not call me so we could talk. Even screwed up the delivery to the wrong house to begin with, along with the wrong time promised. Of course he claimed that was my fault as well. Stay away from anything from this wanna-be business. I have all the paperwork to back my claims...he has hiding behind his computer in some little hole in the wall. He contracts out all his work, so do not believe this is a BIG company, etc., etc. George SAN ANTONIO, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: CONVERSE, Texas
42, Report #1173850
Sep 02 2014
10:51 AM
Aerate-1 Landscaping & Ponds We paid $550 for nothing Bolingbrook Illinois
Don't get duped like we did!Aerate-1 has been doing my spring pond clean-up for the past 2 years. We've been happy with their service, so this summer I contracted them to replace 4 lights in my pond. I don't know much about lights, so trusted that they would guide me with the right product.   On 7/18/2014, Hector Martinez and his crew came out to do the work. I paid him $550.00 for the 4 lights and installation. Since it was daylight, I wasn't able to see the result at the completion of the job. When it got dark, I immediately saw that both the product and the installation were not satisfactory. The lights are LED; they're harsh and glaring and don't match the rest of the landscape lights in our yard.  Moreover, they are not positioned correctly - there's just a big ball of light in the middle of the pond and the waterfall is completely dark. I emailed Hector to let him know that I was not satisfied with either the product or the installation.  He told me that I should try moving the lights around at night to get them positioned correctly.  Hello?  What am I paying him for if I have to wade into my pond myself to position them?As for the lights themselves, he told us that he only carries LED and that we should go out and buy our own lights and he would have them installed.  When we asked how the refund would work for the lights he installed, he told us that they were non-returnable and that we were out the money.Don't believe Aerate-1's claims on their website about 'highest level of customer service or commitment to quality.  After spending $550 for nothing, we're now back to square one with our lighting project.
Entity: Bolingbrook, Illinois
43, Report #1146654
May 14 2014
01:09 PM
Green Vista Landscaping Over Charged and arrogant!! littleton Colorado
Green Vista Landscaping was called to come out to fix out sprinkler system.  Daniel Hausbeck arrived and 45 minutes later, having fixed nothing, charged my elderly husband $210.00.  Then sent a bid to repair the system for another $2600.00.  Meanwhile we called another company, they fixed the system and charged us $147.00.  Daniel sent this quote if you complain about the price, then we will charge double on top of the previous total prinipal. So be aware of that.  Our company policy with the cstomer is: if they're going to complain, give them something to complain about.  Ok Daniel, I'm complaining!!
Entity: littleton, Colorado
44, Report #1089539
Oct 04 2013
01:59 PM
green life landscaping & lighting questionable business practices Apopka Florida
although we never received a propsal for the work done to or property, the agreed amount was 7350.00, upon completing the work company employee Jerry Franco approaced me for an additional check for 470.00 made out to him for additional work. I wrote mr. franco a check not thinking he was a thief but upon contating his employer for the original propsal I questioned hom about the extra work and he knew nothing about it and was not given the additional 470.00. I received several calls from Mr. Franco asking us to lie to his boss so he would not be fired and the extra money was for his guys as the owner does not pay well. I have reported him to the BBB and he has not responded
Entity: Apopka, Florida
45, Report #1006582
Jan 31 2013
07:57 AM
Abrams Landscaping Tom Abrams Assaulted Brother, Did not pay for website design, untrustworthy shady person Batavia, Ohio
He signed a contract with our company to build a website, he signed a contract to have us design and build a new website. Once the website was build and he was satisfied with it. We attempted to collect payment, he delayed us. We were patient. waited weeks, finally called him. He swore at us and then hung up. We sent a rep. to his pace of business, he then walked over and pushed our rep over a metal machine, hurting his back and hand. We called the police, they showed up. But he had 3 of his friends there that all lied for him saying our rep tripped and fell. Now he has a person calling our business threatening our family, we could not trace the number to his location but what we did was set a trap for the person to visit a website that only he and I knew about. and the IP address traced back to Abrams Landscaping. So we are now using this information to file Telecommunications Harassment Charges against the caller. Which we now know was one of buddies that lied to the police. Do not trust or work with guy, he is a liar, and very shady character. And he does not pay fpr work that you do for him. So since we have a signed contract and fufilled our end by building a working website. (which he changed the password to the FTP site so now we can't take down the site since he did not pay) I would NOT recommend Abrams Landscaping to anybody. period. 
Entity: Batavia, Ohio
46, Report #1034925
Mar 14 2013
07:46 PM
Complete Landscaping System Complete Landscaping Owing Several Co. Witchita, Kansas
Complete Landscaping Systems-Please beware to all lawn maintenance companies! Many small lawn care companies like myself hired to maintain properties such as Verizon, through CLS have yet to been paid. Over 20 companies worked on the properties while Complete took in all of the money without paying sub-contractors. This company owes me close to 3k, in this recession it is hard to recover from the loses. I hate seeing a company take in the money when other people work very hard, and in the end not see a dime. It is sad to hear that one company owner lost his house because of the loss with the scam that this company put on many.
Entity: Witchita, Kansas
47, Report #985922
Dec 22 2012
12:28 PM
Enrique @ landscaping Do not pay any deposit! This guy will run with your money! Aurora, Colorado
Enrique is a low ball landscape contractor in Aurora, CO. Tel: # 720-495-8630. An agreement with written proposal detailing cost, materials and time was drawn up.Enrique didn't show up to do the work when he was supposed to. He complained about a family crisis in Texas being the reason but never called me. He tried to set another date but I was upfront and very specific about when I wanted to get the work done. Enrique repaid some of my deposit but I had to call him everyday and leave messages. The reminder calls continued over the course of 2 months. I have yet to get a full refund and he will not answer my calls.  DO NOT PAY him any money untill the work is complete!! 
Entity: Aurora, Colorado
48, Report #1016239
Feb 18 2013
12:40 PM
Acord Landscaping Took money and did not return San Antonio, Texas
George Acord of Acord Landscaping agreed to hang and remove our Christmas lights for $100.  He installed several lights in the neighborhood and said he would return the second week in January to remove them all.  He never returned and has not returned any phone calls - others in the neighborhood had the same problem.  Do not use George Acord or Acord Landscaping, total scam artist!
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
49, Report #1062227
Jun 26 2013
09:58 AM
50, Report #1067437
Jul 16 2013
10:59 AM
Evans Landscaping Mulch - Worst Mulch Ever! shards of glass weeds black plastic bags Cincinnati Ohio
Evans Landscaping Mulch is the worst mulch ever! Not only did I find shards of glass and ripped up black plastic bags throughout, but a couple of weeks after putting it down, all of my beds were absolutely covered in weeds! I agree with the other review as well - when you complain they pretty much ignore you. The estimate was way off, too - they jack up the delivery fee. Do not buy from this company! Buyer beware...
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio

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