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1, Report #348290
Jul 07 2008
12:35 PM
J C Financial, Welch Financial, Sara Dose, Laura Clawson Consumer's Reward Program, Lottery, Check for $3950.00 Nationwide
I am very glad I researched this company before depositing the check. I received a letter IDENTICAL to all the others listed for this company on Rip Off Report. The letter stated that I had won in the second category of a lottery, the amount of $39,000.00 and there was, in fact, a check enclosed with the letter for $3950.00 to enable me to pay applicable taxes. I was to contact (via phone) Sunny Clement or Diana Levy to finalize my claim. Just like the other letters I've seen listed, it was a final notice saying that previous attempts to contact me failed. I did call the number to see what they would tell me, however, I got a recording saying that there was no more room to leave messages. Needless to say, I am NOT going to deposit this check and will surely try to find some help through my local authorities in regards to this scam. I've seen reports from California, Florida, New York and New Hampshire. This company has been operating as JC Financial Group but have also operated as Welsh Financial Group in the past. The checks have been drawn on various banks, mine in particular was drawn on Wells Fargo Bank... it look VERY REAL but it is not. I have also seen reports the the FBI are aware of this scam and that individuals who receive these letters and checks should just rip them up and throw them away. I can't imagine WHY they can't put a stop to this scam... what with our Homeland Security and all the funding they get. It's a shame. DO NOT CASH THE CHECK IF YOU RECEIVE ONE!! YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE TO PAY BACK ANY MONEY TO YOUR BANK WHEN THIS CHECK IS FOUND TO BE FRAUDULENT!!! Jenn Camp Hill, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #790920
Jan 07 2012
12:21 PM
Sals was recommended to me by my dealership ---so I bought my 2008 S550 Mercedes to them to have it repaired.  I took the car over there 5 weeks ago where I was introduced to Laura, the manager.  RIght off the cuff she started with her sales pitch about getting my insurance company to pay for everything, chasing them down for every little scratch on the car etc and making my car mint.  She told me to leave it to the professionals and the car would be complete in 3 weeks.  I had owned a small dealership for some time and had dealt with many body shops, so I knew what to look out for.  I dropped my car off on a Friday.  The following Wednesday I had received an email from my insurance company that they were sending me a check for the initial estimate.  I asked the insurance person if they had spoken to Sals body shop and he told me they had not heard a word, so i proceeded to call the shop because Laura informed me right away that the estimate I was given was way off base, and I did agree with her on this.  She required assistance from the insurance company to get additional work authorized and supplemental check(s) cut.  So I called the shop to ask why they had not spoken with my insurance company, and told them I did not want the work on the car held up because of the insurance company --that if they gave the shop any unnecessary delays to let me know and I would contact my insurer directly and light a fire under their you know what.  The girl who initially answered the phone gave me some really odd story that confused me and made no sense, until i realized that she had no idea who she was speaking to, and they got Laura for me.  Laura once again told me to basically chill out, the professionals had it under control and my car would be taken care of.  I told her I found it odd that 3-4 business days had passed and they were unable to give me an estimate on the total amount of work required to make my car whole again, and that not giving this to my insurance company would clearly cause further delays.  I was made to feel like I was harassing them by even trying to get involved and keep my insurance company on top of things.  I gave up speaking and told Laura no problem call me if they give you any kind of issues or delays and I would call them myself.   For the next 3 weeks, a total of 4 weeks since I dropped the car off, I left Laura and the shop alone.  I did not want to feel like I was harassing them and felt the tension from my call the Wed after I dropped it off --so I figured back off and let the professionals deal with it.  When I spoke to Laura on Wed, 2 days short of the 4 week mark, she told me the car would be ready Friday.  The next day Thursday afternoon she called to tell me some story about detailing cars in the shop when its raining outside and haze forming on the car etc.  I owned a detailing company in college and detailed cars and boats for 4 years. Its nonsense, i knew it then, but decided not to argue and told her fine, Monday it is.  Monday she totally ignored all of my correspondence.  Tuesday I get a call from my MB dealership telling me the car was there and they were going over it, as I had asked to be done.  Shortly after my call from MB, Laura called me and left me a voicemail claiming my car had been at Mercedes since Friday afternoon!!  Yet, my MB rep I have known for years clearly told me the car was dropped off on Tuesday.  They brought the car back over to Sals Tuesday afternoon where i was told the car STILL had to be detailed, and would not be ready until Wednesday!!  I left it alone, I was busy seeing clients Tuesday anyway.  Wednesday comes and no word from Laura.  3:40pm I call her to find out what is going on with my car, and AGAIN I get the song and dance about detailing a car when its raining outside!!!  I had it at this point, I told Laura enough of the BS, I told her my experience detailing cars, my experience owning a dealership where we had cars detailed all the time and I was done with the song and dance, where is my car and that I wanted it ready by today, Thursday.  Laura told me i should not be frustrated with her, she told me she put her license on the line for me and got tons of repairs added to the insurance bill to make the car mint --so she basically admitted to a form of insurance fraud, and then proceeded to tell me that it was CLEAR that i would never be happy no matter what they did for me and I would only be satisfied if I got my car back that day.  I had it with this woman at this point and flat out told her GET MY CAR READY FOR TOMORROW I AM COMING TO PICK IT UP and I hung up.  I was so frustrated and disappointed that I felt compelled to send an email to the shop and to my rep at MB to express how angry and frustrated I was.  And I did.  FIrst thing this morning 845am I get a call from Laura ---and she is basically laughing / mocking me on the phone saying MR M I GOT YOUR EMAIL.  I said yes ---and she proceeded to tell me well we have a problem, im not giving you your car back now until i get the check from your insurance company in my hands!!!  I said wait a minute, your going to hold my car for a check you already know is made out to you and on its way to you now because I sent you an email you did not like?  She replied to that I run this shop, I make the rules ---so your waiting for your car.  I lost it.  I told her I would be reporting her insurance scam to my ins company and we would deal with this at this level if she wanted to threaten me and pull this nonsense.  I made attempts to get Sal on the phone, but for the last week I am constantly told (when laura is busy and I ask for Sal) that he is not there.  The guy does not even seem to exist.  I made calls to my MB dealer to help me, they felt bad and called them, I contacted my insurance company to tell them what this woman is doing, they were shocked and showed me an email they sent her showing the check payable to them and  guaranteed them it was on its way, the insurance rep even called to ask them to release the car and no matter who calls, Laura states I am not getting the car back now until she gets the check!!!  The even BETTER and more INTERESTING part of all of this, is that I found on their website where they claimed to be owned by the family / group that owns my MB dealership and a flock of other high end dealerships ---when I confronted them and MB about this, MB was upset and almost did not believe me they had this on their website, and literally an hour later they logged in and changed the text on their website!!!  Extremely shady woman, shady operation.  They can hold my car until kingdom come.  Every day it sits there I will file another report against them, with another agency, I will contact my Attorney and file a lawsuit against them, I will contact the DMV to find out who regulates repair shops and I will exhaust an enormous amount of effort to make sure they are inconvenienced more than they have done to me.  I offered them numerous attempts to give me my car and let me be on my way and Laura thinks shes going to prove a point.  Its not like I am stuck driving some crappy rental car ---that is not the case i have other cars at my disposal.  This is about customer service, professionalism, and principle.  I would not recommend this shop to my worst enemy SIMPLY because of Laura ---it has nothing to do so far with the quality of work, I have not seen it yet.  If the car comes out bad, i will follow up everywhere and let folks know if the quality of work is bad.  If you do work with this shop, avoid this person. 
Entity: St James, New York
3, Report #1398684
Sep 08 2017
09:16 AM
Laura C. loveandmayhem Inaccurate, Fraudalent, Fake and Not an Actual Psychic Reader Internet
Laura C (also known as loveandmayham) is a fraudalent and fake psychic. She lied to me about a job opportunity in Washington State which never happened as stated. I paid her $220 dollars for reading. When, she I told her about this, she laughed in my face and told me it was my fault. Then, she said that if I wanted the job in Washington State that I must pay her $750 dollars for her cast a spell in getting the job back. I gave her my money and she ran off with it and gave a venomous snake instead as a gift. The advice she is giving to people are all psychological and general advice. This woman is not really 100% psychic nor 100% clarvoyant at all. She doesn't understand what is occuring in people's lives and just make this up. She is not tested, accurate, and certified. She was wrong on everything she said about me and other people.   Avoid Laura C. and other fake psychics at all cost as they lie about everything and the information provided doesn't come true.    
Entity: Internet
4, Report #576509
Mar 02 2010
06:55 AM Laura Fahr Laura Fahr scam fraud ripoff Internet
RUN AWAY from Laura FahrI've been more than patient with, 4 months into the contract, KentCampbell have my $2800 dollars. What do I have?They refuse to answer my questions in writing and continue to use vague promises and pushy phone calls to avoid any responsibility. We did not get what we payed for and now we got ripedoff by this company.RUN AWAY from this company
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #212237
Sep 22 2006
10:11 AM
Laura Johnson ripoff Portsmouth New Hampshire
I ordered the business opportunity she is offering about a month ago now and still didnt get the package i wrote her and included the copy of check she has cashed, and still today as of 9/22/2006 no response i didnt think of checking her out on this site would have help me make the right decision not to pay. I guess i have been had. I cant elieve that the magazine where she advertise doesnt check her status before placing her ad but i guess they make good money from her with one full page ad. Daniel Cape Coral, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
6, Report #466590
Jun 30 2009
07:14 PM
Laura Langemeier Deceptive Wording and phrasing. Draper Utah
Deceptive Wording and phrasing. A representative called and Offered a one month free period for answering questions; than it would go on at 29.99 a month. I thought that at the end of the month, I would call them and if I had questions or needed continued help, I would start the service that he had suggested. Or other services that they offered. I had no Idea that I had signed up for anything that moment. I thought I would sign up at the end of the month of free service if I requested or needed further advice. I realized while reading the book that I had to win the lottery to start their service or to even become a millionaire. Because I did not finish the book I never needed their assistance. I once called and asked if I could work with their financial experts; they told me that required another more expensive outlay. So I never called back again. Why would I be paying for a service that I never used? If they have a customer that is not using their service why do they not have a representative that calls the client to determine if they are having any problems and ask why I was not calling, especially if they are being paid. The reason they do not call is because it is a deceptive business practice. They do not want to alert the person that they are being billed for a service that they are not using. I was caught off guard in the morning hours. All I did was buy a book I never expected anyone to call me. The 9.99 book has cost somewhere between $180.00. For these reasons and the fact that I never used their service I feel I am entitled to a full refund. Goldstar Topanga, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Draper, Utah
7, Report #398476
Dec 06 2008
02:07 AM
Laura Smith Trying to scam me to send money. Internet
Hello Engineer, How you doing? My name is Laura Smith ,I from from Las Vegas and right now i work in Dominican Republic I read your description and am interested in your services,I will be importing some computer into the states. The PC are laptops Pentium III dell computer ..i want you to Install software such as Microsoft Office and Anti Virus, clean inner & outer computer components, update software to current status... Get back to me with your total cost for the services of eight computer.i will like You to know that my mode of payment is by check or Money order. I await your urgent response so that i can put the arrangement in order. Thanks Laura I believe this is the same person. (Cindy ****) Keith bessemer, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #579543
Mar 10 2010
04:55 AM Laura Farr scam fraud ripoff, Internet and Laura Farr are a total is a total ripoff. We hired them to remove some negative links from Google and instead of removing them, they posted more untrue things about us. We even paid $4000 to have the link removed and they did not do it. They just ripped me off and made the matters worst. DO NOT TRUST Kent Campbell, they are SCAMMERS. Now they won't even answer my calls or return my money. Turning to KentCampbell and Laura Farr  was the worst mistake I ever made. Don't get fooled by this company, they will only steal your money.
Entity: Internet, Internet
9, Report #698437
Feb 22 2011
09:33 AM Craigslist Scammer, California
This person Laura Barnet has had a Truck listed for sale on Craigslist Inland Empire, Ca. for a late model Ford F-150 for sale for $3400....This EXACT Same add is running in Fayetteville, NC...When you send them an email requesting more info here is what you get back : Hello, Thank you for your interest in purchasing my car. The car is in perfect condition - like new! If you decide to buy it, you'll receive all the papers, owner manual, keys, a buy-sell contract already signed by me and the clear title. For this transaction I want to use ebay because I want to provide you a fast and very secure way. They will handle the transaction for me. You will make the payment to ebay and they will hold the money until you receive and inspect the car. ONLY AFTER you receive the car and you inspect it (you have 5 days for inspection) ebay will release the payment to me. The inspection time period will begin as soon as you receive the car at your address. Meanwhile eBay will hold the money into a trust account. So, this is not a blind transaction, you can see the car before you decide to buy it. This way we are both protected : i will know that i have a serious buyer who has the money to pay me and you will be able to see and inspect the car before buying it . The car is priced to sell quickly and the final price that I'm asking for it is $3,400 including shipping and handling costs. My husband died in Iraq 3 months ago and I along with my daughter decided to sell the house and move to my sister. I can't afford to take days off my work for this sale so i'm trying to sell it online. If you are really interested in purchasing the car please send me your full name, shipping address and your phone number. Ebay will give you all the details regarding the shipping and payment. I will appreciate an answer as soon as possible.   Regards! Laura Barnet Ebay does Not have this persons E-mail address listed anywhere for members.....And I'm not sure where this vehicle is actually located ....since it is being seen in Inland Empire California and Fayetteville ,NC  and The response is about a Car....Not a Truck so Please beware
Entity: , California
10, Report #327857
Apr 21 2008
07:55 PM
Laura Ghazi dishonest selling of pups Westmoreland Tennessee
I purchased a sweet little bischon frise puppy from Ms Ghazi in October of 2007. She assured me I would get AKC papers even showed me papers the AKC had supposely sent to her with the wrong birthday and she promised to send the corrected ones to me as soon as she received them Which now I know would be 10 YEARS from now. Because the AKC had suspended her rights to breed and sell for the next 10 years along with a 2000.00 fine. I love this little puppy and he is beautiful. I took him to a vet and thank god he is very healthy and seems to be fairly good quality. Lucky for me I had no intention of showing him. I just wanted a low shed smaller breed dog ( I also have Shelties) We all love him very much. But it would be nice to have AKC papers on him and now I worry about the pups still with this woman. I got mine at 7 weeks and he appears to be socially fine. I hope something is done. I spent a lot of money and expected to get what I was promised. Her van caught on fire and all her papers were destroyed. Well guess what,so was my faith in believing she was an honest person trying to find good loving homes for her puppies. Camille lavergne, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Westmoreland, Tennessee
11, Report #1082785
Sep 08 2013
08:49 PM
Laura Ronzo con artist pomona California
 A couple of weeks ago. I was at the L.A. County fair and I went to see Laura Ronzo for a reading. I paid the fair special of $25 for a palm, tarot and psychic reading. I like doing this for entertainment. Like with any psychic, they tell you what you want to hear, you'll win alot of money, your true love will come and so on. Miss Ronzo told me this (no surprise) and said that I will need to pay $287 dollars for a deeper reading to find out how to release the energy to get everything that i'm supposed to receive. You have to understand that I have been down this road before and there is no way that I would pay this money. Usually when psychics ask for a higher fee on top of the fee that has been paid, this is a red flag that it is a scam. As you can tell I did not pay this nor would I ever pay this. You have to ask yourself this question. Would you listen to a psychic at a county fair tell you what's wrong with your life? I know I wouldn't. Besides, if Miss Ronzo was as good as she claims she would have told me everything I needed to change about my life for a reasonable fee and not rushed me out the door.
Entity: pomona, California
12, Report #1028936
Apr 27 2002
03:04 PM
Laura Grigg. Ripoff con-artist. Vinton, California
I was ripped off by a person that I thought was my e-mail friend! Had only know her about 4-6 weeks. Approximately March 3rd,2002,I was talking to Laura on my instant messenger and she sent me to ebay,where I had not been before,to see 5 sweaters and her picture,I do not remember what name, she went under as was not used to going there! On my Im we made a verbal contract so I could purchase these five pretty sweaters,that she had for auction on ebay. She also threw in 2 teddy bears, one big one and a small one, all for $25.00 and that included shipping and handling! On March 4,2002 I wrote out a check for the money and sent it out to her at the address she gave me. Laura told me she got my check and thanked me on approx. the 8th of March and told me she would cash it and get the package out the first of the week(11th of March). The last time I heard from Laura was on my grand daughters birthday, 19th Of March,2002 and she wished my baby happy birhtday and I asked where the bears and sweaters were. She claimed she sent it out a week ago,at that time! I e-mailed her and tried to IM her with no response! Until Easter Sunday March 31,2002. I saw the lite come on in her instant messenger and I talked to a person,that identified themself as her son Matt, 22 yrs old. He told me it was him and his mom had gone away for a week! I asked Matt to have his mom e mail me or call me as I had not gotten the package and he said she mailed it out and he would tell her. Never have I received any package or any communication from Laura. April 19,2002 at approx. 6:32 EDT,my son Joe Knapp called and spoke with Laura and she said that she had sent the package out by UPS and she would check on it the next day! He also told her it was not good the way she just stopped communication even! April 26,2002 I called Plumas Co. Sheriff Dept. and made a complaint,but was told they could do nothing about it as it was a civil case and I had to get a lawyer or Para Legal to bring a civil case against her! Because they did not have any other complaint on her like this it was not considered a Criminal. Plumas Co. Sheriff phone number is 530-283-6375. I also filed fraud charges online on Sunday April 21,2002 and have heard nothing from them! Laura uses the name now as Angellady 51 and sells cassette tapes now. I do not know the name she used when I purchased the sweaters and teddy bears. I also have an ebay name now of countryangelo1. I believe I signed up the day of or next day after the agreement! Emma Dundee, New York
Entity: Vinton, California
13, Report #1296467
Mar 29 2016
12:26 AM
Laura Lewis Internet Scam guam Nationwide
I got the same rip off letter: Hello. My name is Laura Lewis. I really want the room.  I was born in France i speak both French & English.  I'm coming to stay for a year, and am coming for my master's degree    I am currently in Agat, Guam on research. I will be back in less than 2 weeks. I will be paying  for the room by Check from my dad before my arrival. I am single, fun, loving, clean, loyal and respectful of others, don't have any pet. My father is from US and my mother is from France. I'm 25yrs old. I attended American University of Paris, graduated 2 year ago.   I would love to call you but here is a remote area. calls are very hard to go through. please send me some picture of the room if you can because i will not be able to come over and check on it before renting. Please tell me little about yourself… Let me know the total amount for the first month rent, i will be paying upfront so that you can be rest assured that am really interested in renting the room from you...   Please get back to me with the following details so that i can ensure you are ready to rent the room to me. I will sign all necessary papers/Lease at the point of my arrival because there is no printer and scanner close to me.   Full Name: Full address with apt#: Cell & Home #: Total amount for move in:   I'll be waiting to read back from you with the information requested so that i can forward it to my father to issue out the check for the deposit and month rent upfront as soon as possible, with that you can hold on the place prior my arrival.Thanks for your co-operation.       Laura ========================================= Then, she sent the following additional letter:   Hello       How are you doing over there? Am here to talk regarding my car, i am planning on having it delivered to the house before my arrival so that i can settle in comfortably,you can understand that transiting cross Atlantic is not easy so i am making arrangement with the car dealer to deliver the car before my arrival after the rent and security deposit has been paid to you by my Dad. I will ask you for a favor here,can i rely on you to take delivery of the car for me when its delivered.I will instruct the car dealer to contact you to schedule a delivery time that will be convenient for you to receive the car for me .As you will be handling the delivery of the car with the rent and deposit to be sent to you so that you can help me handle the delivery payment for the car...the delivery payment has been included with the Check coming to you.I will really appreciate if you can do this for me and promise to compensate you adequately for your time and efforts on my arrival in your place.  I have not yet received anything from them but certainly will submit evidence to whatever relevant authority AGAIN THIS IS CONSISTENT WITH THE REPORT SUBMITTED BY OTHERS
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #1159868
Jul 06 2014
10:16 AM
Laura Stuart RESG Home Inspection California
                         DONT GET INVOLVED WITH THESE SHYSTERS    I did about 65 jobs for them in April of '13  and never got a cent.   They insisted on some follow ups and my sending the keys back to them on my own dime and never paid a thing.   I didn't get stuck for nearly as much money as the other person who reported so far; didn't like the treatment.  Ms. Stuart hides behind her staff and never returns e-mails or phone calls.  She is a giant steaming pile and God will judge her soon enough when it really matters.  
Entity: California
15, Report #157402
Sep 17 2005
08:33 AM
Laura Anne Edwards, Laura A. Tully, Laura A. Benoit ripoff, WORTHLESS, GOOD-FOR-NOTHING, DEAD-BEAT MOM OF 3 Jacksonville Florida
Laura Edwards lost custody of her 3 children in 2001 to their dads (2). Diagnosed Borderline & Histrionic Personality Disorder. Doesn't care about anyone but herself. Has not visited, telephoned, or sent children cards at Christmas or Birthdays in 4 years. Hiding out in the Jacksonville, Orange Park area. Has active warrant for child support. Too sorry and lazy to keep a job. Lives with anything that will support her. Her mother, Linda Edwards, teaches school in Clay County. Last known to be at Orange Park H.S. Consider Laura Edwards DANGEROUS. Pled guilty to filing a false report in the commission of a crime. Is one of the best when it comes to lying and getting sympathy. Mothers out there BEWARE. Pray your son never brings her home. 5'4, bleached blond, Marilyn Monroe wannabe (not anymore). Sores on legs from diabetes. Was STD positive in 1999. Any info please call Clay Co. Sheriff's Warrant Division. Mimi boynton beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
16, Report #156685
Sep 11 2005
08:15 AM
Laura Ragno Laura Ragno Designer's Touch Lies lies and more lies Oakville Ontario
Laura Ragno holds herself out as a professional designer. Her store is quite impressive. She is reassuring, accessible and charming UNTIL she obtains a hefty deposit. Then phone calls go unanswered. Workers, if they do show up do substandard work. She has defrauded many many people in the Toronto and Oakville area. I was one of them. I asked her to renovate and redesign a room in my home and gave her a strict budget which I could not exceed. She indicated that the budget I gave her was entirely workable and took me through pages and books of custom design merchandise. When I picked out what I wanted she asked for 1/2 upfront deposit which I provided. I was to have my goods in 30 days. 30 days turned into almost a year until I finally gave up. The product she did deliver was not what we had discussed and was of a cheap and shoddy nature. When I complained she blamed the suppliers for screwing up. She told me that she had been ripped off by them and needed the other money to get everything by the next week. Because I was already out thousands of dollars I stupidly provided her with more money - though not the entire contract. After she cashed my cheque, she disappeared from canada for months. Her phone voicemailbox was always full (of other disgruntled customers) and when I could reach her directly she would inevitably tell me she would get back to me shortly. She was living it up and apprarently starting a business in Florida as well. When she returned here I demanded my money back or my goods delivered immediately. She told me lies about having cancer and going for chemo etc... Then she had the nerve to ask me for more money to complete my order. I refused. She stated that because of her illness she couldn't give me my money back. She almost had me believing her and feeling sorry for her until I met up with other customers out many more thousands than me. She told them she had other types of illnesses or cancer (eg was hospitalized for a spider bite; had melanoma, had breast cancer). In fact she was in Florida. When I confronted her husband, who ownes the building out of which she operates, he told me that he has heard it all before and that there is nothing he can do as his wife is mentally ill. I understand she is now planning on changing her business name and going into kitchen renovation full time. BEWARE!!!!! Marilyn oakville, OntarioCanada
Entity: Oakville, Ontario
17, Report #356026
Jul 26 2008
06:05 PM
Laura Gorman Photography Beware!! Laura Gorman Photography will take your money & Breach your Contract 1111
Laura Gorman is a con artist. She will give you the impression that she is good at what she does but Beware it will be a long painful process!!!!! The only thing she is good at is taking your money and jerking you around. Unlike Daryl from Sanford, Florida at least she had the common courtesy to show up at our wedding. She violated so many terms of the contract. It took me over 6 months to get any photos from our special day. I can not tell you how many hours I devouted sending her attorney letters, phone calls etc... I spent more money in legal fees then we spent on the pictures. I am still pissed off several years later. Do not roll the dice on this loser. The only memories you will have are the ones in your head, because I doubt you will ever see your pictures of that very special occasion. Just barely avoiding court after lots of pressure I did get our photos, but it was a long costly process for me. Hotcha Falls Church, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Arlington, Virginia
18, Report #767574
Aug 20 2011
11:58 AM
Laura Catalano, Charles Schwab Catalano Laura Fraud, Dangerous & Deceptive Practices Chicago, Illinois
A.k.a., Laura Catalano, alias, Lori Catalano, Charles Schwab, Chicago, IllinoisSources confirm, Laura Catalano routinely seizes assets from the elderly, fraudulently.Sources confirm, Laura Catalano fraudulently abuses the law.  Ms. Catalano, routinely files false allegations in order to seize assets from clients.Sources confirm, Laura Catalano maliciously abuses the law.  Ms. Catalano, routinely perjures herself to State authorities in order to fraudulently manufacture a case against her victims.Sources confirm Ms. Catalano, has a history of substance abuse & physical violence.Apparently, Ms. Catalano, has serious problems coping with her addiction to illicit substances.Apparently, Ms. Catalano, has serious problems coping with her violent temper.According to sources, a.k.a., Laura Catalano, has a lengthy history of abusive behavior.Apparently, Ms. Catalano, routinely violates Charles Schwab clients civil rights and the criminal justice system by intentionally, committing perjury, fraud, malicious prosecution and abuse of process to achieve her schemes.Apparently, she has a history of persecuting the elderly, especially elderly men.Ms. Catalano, preys on the most vulnerable in society the elderly, the disabled and the infirm.If you or anyone in your family has been subjected to Laura Catalano & her psychologically disturbed practices or has had any difficulty financially or legally due to this Charles Schwab executives malfeasance, please contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation, ('FBI'), & the Securities and Exchange Commission, ('SEC'), - immediately.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
19, Report #1405065
Oct 09 2017
06:22 AM
Laura Fairbank - Laura Fairbank - scam London Internet
Laura Fairbank at offered money to my online videos, agreed terms, but they NEVER paid my copyright, they used all my videos on tv shows. Scam organization. Never trust Laura Fairbank and !!!
Entity: Internet
20, Report #36529
Nov 28 2002
02:24 PM
National Credit ripoff Tulsa Oklahoma
Laura richye ripoff. they took my 200$, never heard anything from them since rip off scam con artists ..... I received an invitation from first national credit to get 5,000$ in credit but i had to pay an initial fee of $200. I received my card in the mail, but there were no numbers i could call nor was there a website i could visit. i have not heard a think from them since. laura tulsa, Oklahoma
Entity: tulsa, Oklahoma
21, Report #1056396
Jun 04 2013
03:52 PM
Laura hammad AKA Laura j blundy Laura hammad is a scam lawyer who has now changed her name to LAURA J BLUNDY so that she can keep on stealing from her clients Orlando Florida
 Laura hammad is a scam artist lawyer who has changed her name to Laura j blundy in order to keep on stealing from her clients ....Do not hire this lawyer she will steal your money and then gang on you with cops in order to get more money from you then she will withdraw and playn the victim. Laura j blundy
Entity: Orlando, Select State/Province
22, Report #77099
Jan 15 2004
02:56 AM
Laura Johnson ripoff con-artist thief deceptive bait and switch Portsmouth New Hampshire
An absolute criminal who disappears without a trace when requesting a refund and takes over a MONTH to send the product initially which,it turns out, is an illegal copy of the David Gates program. Stay far away from this crook. I had good luck with David Gates program so I'd recommend you give it a try if you're looking for something like this. Willie yonkers, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
23, Report #422083
Feb 09 2009
03:09 PM
It all started when I decided to get married. I searched forever to find a photographer although my husband was a photographer along with all his friends. Ms. Laura Gorman came up in a search. And like the other I agreed to meet her at a Starbucks near her house. She seemed reliable. Well she did show up to my wedding. Although she left early she did an alright job. I got lucky and got a disk from her. But I paid her around $400 dollars for that disk because I could not ever get ahold of her to get the prints. So I never got pictures of my wedding day. I see now she has relocated in Flordia that is probably because she made too many people mad in Virginia and Maryland. I am a soldier and I cannot believe she would come and do this to a soldier. After many many attempts to get ahold of her because her phone had been shut off and woulnd't respond to emails I gave up. DO NOT USE HER SERVICES SHE IS A SCAM ARTIST WHO IS WORTHLESS AND A LIAR AND STEALER!!!!!!!!!!!! Winktara El paso, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Arlington, Virginia
24, Report #424068
Feb 14 2009
07:18 AM
Thomas & Laura Twine SCAM Two 2007 Yamaha Jet Ski Waverunners FX Series whit Trailer Internet
The following persons Thomas and Laura are selling 2007 Jet Skis on Craigslist and Ebay and scamming people out of their money. From my investigation they are also selling motorcycles and trucks. Dont fall victim to this scam. I have included personal commmunications i have had with them and they continue to post ads all over the US. ============================================================= Two 2007 Yamaha Jet Ski Waverunners FX Series whit Trailer Vehicle Description I aell TWO (2) garage kept 2007 Yamaha Jet ski Waverunners with trailer included. Items included: Deluxe Blue Yamaha FX Cruiser High Output with only 22.2 hours -Make:YAMAHA -Model:4-STROKE,4-CYLINDER -Power: 160 HP -Fuel: Gasoline -Fuel Capacity: 19 -Length: 11' -Hull: Fiberglass -Color: BLUE -Standard features include: electronic fuel injection (EFI), Yamaha engine management system (Y.E.M.S.), off-throttle steering (OTS), Yamaha sound suppression system, low RPM mode, glove box, Hydro-Turf mats, foot chocks, chrome accents, ultra-lightweight hull and deck, automatic and electronic bilge, hull sponsons, Cruiser deluxe seat, adjustable tilt steering, Quick Shift trim system, boarding step, multi-function instrumentation panel, analog meter, digital meter, air and water temp display, compass, security mode, remote transmitter, pop-up mooring cleats, fuel consumption display, reverse, dual mirrors, water-tight storage, raised handlebars, tow hook, cup holder, finger throttle, 26 gallons of total storage, 18.5-gallon fuel tank, 3 person capacity, and fire extinguisher. Black Yamaha FX High Output with only 21.9 hours -Length Overall 10' 11.5'' -Beam 48.4'' -Dry Weight 772 lbs. -Fuel Cap 18.5 gal. -Tested Power 1 x 160-hp Yamaha In-line 4-stroke -Five-step adjustable tilt steering system -Multi-function electronic information center -26 gallons of storage -Glove box with self-draining beverage holders -Dual mirrors 2007 Com-Fab Double Ski Trailer Mechanically, items are in excellent condition. Cosmetically, Items are in great, not showroom floor, condition. There are a few minor scuffs caused from loading and unloading from the trailer. That's typical of any used jet ski no matter how careful you are. key words- jetski, jet ski, jetskis, jet skis, waverunner, waverunners, fishing, pwc. =========================================================== E-mail Responses From Thomas: Hi, The jet ski's are already at a shipping company in Las Vegas, NV. I took the jet ski's and the trailer to them to be able to ship it to a potential buyer whilst I'm out of town.My brother in law works there,and he promised me that it will cost me nothing to ship it in the Continental US. I also have the jet ski's listed on eBay and that lets me use their secured system. I'm very busy with my job and I'm sorry I can't meet you in person. According to eBay you have 5 days from the time you receive the jet ski's to inspect it and decide if you want to keep it or not. So please let me know if you are interested so i can give you the directions to the ebay site so you can check the auction. Thomas =========================================================== This is the ebay link : =========================================================== Hi I'm Thomas, The jet ski's and the trailer are still for sale. They are in perfect shape. Here are some more pics: . (Deluxe Blue Yamaha FX Cruiser High Output with only 22.2 hours,Black Yamaha FX High Output with only 21.9 hours and 2007 Com-Fab Double Ski Trailer).I have a clear title to the 2 (two) jet skis and the trailer.It has been garaged and never drove on saltwater. I am forced to sell quickly because I need money to pay the mortgage on my house. My final price is $ 5.100( price includes the 2 jetskis and the trailer).I already has tons of emails so I hope you understand that I need to sort them out. I will take in consideration only those buyers who are really interested in buying the jet ski's, to be sure that I don't waste my time with endless discussions. This way, I shall be assured of the serious intentions. Thank you. P.S. If you are decided to buy it now, I will make a private auction just for you on eBay so you can purchase it there. That way you will receive assistance for the purchase, paperwork, title transfer and an extended warranty. They also are guaranteeing purchases up to $ 10.000 so we will both be protected. =========================================================== Pi2009 LEBANON, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #348213
Jul 07 2008
10:08 AM
Laura Halley Craigslist Dell XPS M1710 Core Duo Laptop - $430/ Ripoff! Wolverhampton Internet
I responded to an ad on Craigslist for a Dell XPS M1710 Core Duo Laptop - $430. Laura Halley emailed back with a story about being in Wolverhampton England and wanting to sell the computer here due to warranty and registration. The payment would need to be done thru a third party called It sounded a little unusual, so I googled for any problems with this company. Fortunately I came across Ripoff Report and found out about them before I sent them any money. I do not know if there is anything that the police can do, but I am going to report them to craigslist right now. Thank you to the people who cared enough to post a report! It saved me from being taken. Reagan San Marcos, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Wolverhampton, Internet

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