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1, Report #286272
Nov 23 2007
11:52 AM
Premier Legal Family Services Legal Services Scam Goleta California
I was told by a representative of this comapny that the services I needed from them could not be provided. I then wanted to have my account cancelled which I thought it was and they kept charging me anyway and now I can't get them to refumd my money. I did research on this company and the California BBB has graded this company with an F due to them charging customers' accounts after they have cancelled their services. Please do not use this company for any legal services o0f any type. K.t. Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Goleta, California
2, Report #1059901
Jun 18 2013
05:59 AM
ABC Legal Services ABC Legal Services agents comitting perjury? Internet Washington
Today I received a letter from a debtor's rights attorney notifying me of litigation that may be pending against me. I contacted the Riversde superior Court and found out Stephanie Beman from ABC Legal Services claims to have served me on behalf of Hunt & Henriques several week ago and now here appears to be a default judgment against me.Several week ago a lady trespassed on onto my private property (fenced yard sign posted) and said she was with Capital One I refused to identify myself and told her to leave or I would contact the police and press charges for trespassing onto private property. She left without mentioning any litigation or attorneys etc and left NO paperwork for me whatsoever, nor dd I receive anyhting in the mail from ABC Legal Services, Hunt & Henriques (plaintiff's attorney) not the Court about any civil complaints or summons to appear (I guess civil procedure and due process of law are no longer relevant). This must be some kind of new stealth lawsuit n which the courts allow the plaintiff to get to garnishing wages, putting liens on houses and attaching bank accounts without the defendant even knowing they have been sued much less afforded an opportunity to appear to contest the case... due process? I guess the bank own the local goverment and judicial branch in addition to the Federal goverment now and we are ALL now their servants.By signing I declare under penalty of perjury...  Stephanie Beman and ABC Legal Services appears to be guilty of perjury and fraud. It is my belief this is not the only case of this and I would like to put together a class action lawsuit against ABC Legal Services with Hunt & Henriques, Capital One, Stephanie Beman and other process servers and agents of ABC Legal Services which have committed fraud or perjury and need to others to join in suit to show a clear pattern of behavior potential to pierce the corporate veil and include the directors of ABC Legal Services personally if their is informed consent on their part of these unlawful activities by their agents.Any similiarly situated clients should also file a complaint here with an accuate email or other means of contact confidentially on file wth RipOffReport and those records can be subpoenaed if necessary or contact... Hyde & SwigartAttn: Crosby Connolly2221 Camino Del Rio South Suite 101San Diego CA 92108Tel 619-233-7770Fax 619-297-1022Email: 
Entity: Internet, Washington
3, Report #656749
Oct 29 2010
11:01 PM
Legal Zoom To incorporate a company Internet, Internet
CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. I just used Legal Zoom to incorporate my business.  Most States you can do it yourself write online especially in Massachusetts.  Then they charged us a $150.00 extra to file it quicker and have it sent to us.  My complaint is this.  The business name that my wife and I decided to file was fine, for no one has that name filed.  Plus they filed our names incorrectly and gave false information as well stating that we needed a third person on the corporation.  Which we didnt.  I will even post my order number thru Legal Zoom: Order #25881***.  When I called Friday 29,2010 twice the customer service person even wanted me to pay to change the name of the .  No thank you I will do it myself at the State Secretaries office.  Now I'm out $150 more plus time and aggravation.  They could have email us and state that day that is was filed TAL LIMOUSINE SERVICE OF BOSTON, INC..  we didnt even get an email or call. And it was file look at the article yourself.  They waited until October 25,2010 and stated that it was filed when it was done that day we (my wife and I) on October 15,2010.  here is the email dates From: LegalZoom <> Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 23:32:52 -0400 (EDT) To: (((REDACTED)))ReplyTo: Subject: LegalZoom: Your Incorporation (Order #25881***) I will never use this service again and will tell everyone that this service is a rip off.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #946438
Sep 25 2012
01:14 PM
ACS Legal Group ACS lawsuit Internet
I received this email today. Not sure who it is or what it is for. This is in reference to your Account number ACS-0587563 with ACS in order to notify you that after making several calls to you on your phone number, we were not able to get hold of you. So the IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center) has decided to mark this case as a flat refusal and press charges against you. Your account with ACS is in Final Collections. According to our records, your outstanding balance is $500.00 Do revert back if you want to get rid of these legal consequences and make a payment arrangement within the next 48 hours or else the case will be downloaded against you. The opportunity to take care of this voluntary is quickly coming to an end. We would hate for you to lose the option of resolving this before it goes to the next step which is a Lawsuit against you, but to do so you must take immediate action. As we have shared with you in previous letters, read your loan agreement; the next step is clearly defined. It could cost us both a great deal of time and money; you can avoid this by taking care of this now.  It is quick and easy: Call us or e-mail us right now in order to make a payment and freeze down this case.Contact us on 209-729-3807  If you do not take immediate action: We will be forced to download this case against you and once it is downloaded the creditor has entire rights to inform your employer regarding this and if you are found guilty under the bench of jury then you have to bear a law suit which will be amounting to $4515.85 and will be totally levied upon you and that would be excluding your bail charges, your attorney charges and the due amount pending on your name $545.67 Thanks for being our customer,  ACS Legal Group 
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #1321766
Aug 10 2016
12:24 PM
Legal cpn, Jason Scam, ripoff, fraudulent, thieves Internet
 I used this company called legal cpn. I thought they were ligit but come to find out scammers. I spoke with Jason a couple of times before I made payment. Made payment on april 8 it is August 10. I have called since April no call back just playing on the phone saying someone will call me back., DO not USE this company this is a scam no matter how much you may want to think good people are still out here this Company is fraudulent and I Repeat do not send any money to this company at all. Jason has a vm that says don't leave a message on his cellphone if it's not personal for him call legal cpn about the tradelines. Jason call me and texted me up until I sent MY 1500.00 now no answer or call back. They have a guarantee on their website don't fall for that bulls***!! LEGAL CPN IS A FRAUD COMPANY RAN BY SCAMMERS, that can't make their own money, they take others!! Beware a scam legal don't buy anything from them or send any money. Be blessed people I am even after this company scammed me!!! BEWARE!!!
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1079281
Aug 26 2013
07:26 PM
Dominion Process Servers they compromised my legal case!!! Toronto Ontario
In January 3, 2013, I paid $339 for a skip trace service. I filled out their forms and instructed them to give me the result in 30 days. After 30 days of paying them, I did not get any reports regarding the requested information or any calls from them at all. I called them to follow up and talked to their secretary Trish. Asked them what's going on? She gave me the number of the person in charged of my request. I called the number provided but no answer so I left a message to call me back. Three days had passed yet I still have not received a call from the person. After three days of leaving a message to the number provided, I called them again and talked to the secretary Trish. Asked her to call the person for me. One week later, still no response from the person so I called them again and talked to the secretary Trish. Asked her what the hell is going on and could not give me an answer so she had asked me to call back at 3pm to talk to her boss Andrew. I called back at 3pm as instructed but nobody answered the phone after 3 attempts so I left a message for Andrew to call me back. One week later, I still have not received any phone calls from Andrew. I sent an email to and to regarding my request. One week later, still no reply so I sent another one and gave them a call. I called and talked to the secretary Trish. Asked her about my request and for Andrew. She asked me to call again in the afternoon to talk to her boss Andrew. I called in the afternoon yet nobody answered the phone again after 3 attempts so I left a message for Andrew to call me back. One month later, I still have not received any calls from Andrew. I sent another email to and to regarding my request 3 times asking for a refund as I missed my scheduled court date because Dominion Process Servers did not provide me any information for me to proceed to the scheduled court date. Over the following 5 months, I have been calling and sending them emails periodically asking for my refund yet either nobody will answer or they will get me to talk to Andrew who will never talk to me. These guys are professional scammers. They have compromised my case. It's been 8 months now and I still have no idea what they did regarding my request and my $339. Their website should be taken down as they have been comprimising people's legal case and ripping off people for years after reading the other reviews! If you dont want headaches, stay away from these scammers!
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
7, Report #306249
Feb 05 2008
07:37 AM
Solo Legal Services No payment for services rendered Vaughan Ontario
On or about 12/2/07, Frank Giorgio contacted me requesting that I service legal process to Sunbeam Products in Hattiesburg, MS. On 12/7 I served the process and gave the details of service to Mr. Giorgio. Since this time, I have sent multiple requests for payment via fax, email and phone. Each time that I speak with Mr. Giorgio, he has promised to send me an affidavit to sign and payment. I have not received the affidavit to sign nor the payment. All I want is my payment of $65. Davy Ellisville, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Vaughan, Ontario
8, Report #808973
Dec 13 2011
05:34 PM
Legal Shield Pre Paid Legal Legal Shield does not covers personal injury cases ada, Oklahoma
MY EXPERIENCE WAS NEGATIVE, IS A WASTE OF MONEY. After paying  $39.95/month for close to 2 years, they did not want to write a demand letter on my behalf. Instead they referred  me to an Associate Attorney who works on a contingency basis. I could have done that myself. Members can not retain one of their local office attorneys for a personal injury case; contrary to their online statements on 101 reasons to join. They claim to write a letter on your behalf per incident, but beware it is up to the Attorney to decide if he/she wants to write it.  
Entity: ada, Oklahoma
9, Report #613041
Jun 11 2010
10:52 AM
Stead/Fast Legal Support Steadfast legal services service of process, process servers Minneapolis, Minnesota
I used Stead/Fast Legal Support to serve a former employer for wages due.  Courts will give the plantiff 120 days (on average) to serve the defendant in this type of case.  While Stead/Fast worked within this time frame for me, their lack of communication caused me to miss deadlines.  Moreover, trying to get them to mail documents to you is like pulling teeth!!  They say that it was sent but they don't track any docs they send to you. In my opinion, this company is very unprofessional.  I didn't ask them to go over and above any service; I just wanted timely, professional, and courteous help...all the got was a pain in the butt. I would not reccommend Steadfast Legal Support to anyone.  
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
10, Report #626454
Jul 24 2010
11:42 PM
legalities Process Servers Never use these Process Servers brampton, Ontario
I called this process serving company and gave them my documents to be served on Monday, never heard back until I finally called them myself on Friday to be told that they will get around to it next week. When they did get around to it I was told that three attempts were made within the same hour (wow) and I would not have to pay another $59.99 plus $39.99 rush charges for another three attempts, even if they get it done in the next attempt. Firstly, I would say that making three attempts in the same hours is some bull crap. Then, I had to send them their Affidavit of Service back twice to get the Applicant's name corrected. In the end I gave up and got it done from another process serving company in Brampton for half the price!. I was actually referred by a friend to legalities, who surprisingly had a not so bad experience, but I was quoted a price which was different than what my friend was quoted although both our service were in the same city. Since they do not advertise their prices on their website I was quoted a higher price...Go figure. Most of the time when I did call to inquire about my file the cell phone number given by this company was turned off. Very reassuring isn't it......Upon research I found out that this company has only been in business for six months.....explains everything doesn't it!! I regret that I ever called this company as they are the total opposite of what they claim in their advertisement! I ended up paying them over $180 but still had to get another company to do it. I tried to raise these issues with the company owner but to no avail. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!! There are many other process serving companies in Brampton that are much more efficient, professional, reliable and more importantly cost less!!! This company gave me additional stress and run rounds which I definitely did not need at the time........... 
Entity: brampton, Ontario
11, Report #621665
Jul 08 2010
05:26 PM
Triple Crown Process triple crown process Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Still trying to collect for a serve he authorized us to do for him back in February 2010. Will no longer reply to emails and won't pay what he owes us! IMO, DEADBEAT! Don't do business with!
Entity: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
12, Report #617020
Jun 24 2010
08:27 AM
Dominion Process Servers : Failed to complete filing and simple local process serving Internet
In an attempt to save a client process serving costs, I called Dominion Process Servers. I should have checked this site first. Andrew was unable to return a document to out offices so that it could be faxed to the other parties. He insisted it had been sent by mail, but 2 weeks later we had never received it. He would not fax the documents. Other documents to be served were attempted in ways that were highly unprofessional and incompetent. Instead of calling the parties' offices to confirm their schedule, he insisted on just driving around, checking an office, leaving his information and assuming a party would return his call. Updates from their side were rare and unhelpful, mostly excuses for not executing a simple service or returning documents to us.
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #492134
Sep 09 2009
08:55 AM
Fidelity National Legal Services REFINANCE AT 4 % FOR 30 YEARS California
We recived a phone number that when we called it we were told that this was a GOVERMENT approved loan.  We were told that for the price of 2,988.00 we would get a reduced rate of 4 % fixed for 30 years.  Long story short when we asked for the papers to be sent fedex to us to have out Lawyer to look over them, the next day the number was changer for the person I was dealing with.  I did a revirse look up on the numbers I had for them and both were not traceable. Also both were cell phone numbers. If you get this call or number PLEASE ask for the papers up frount thay almost got us for 996.00
Entity: , California
14, Report #589275
Apr 03 2010
04:46 PM
Unigard Legal Services Two unauthorized charges Bellevue, Washington
Unigard Legal Services automatically debited my checking account, two charges, one on 3/10/2010 and then another time on 3/19/2010. These two charges were unauthorized as I do not even know who this company is and never have contacted them at all. I reported to my bank and their fraud division and I am waiting on their response. I have also called Unigard Legal Services and left a message for them to call me back. I can not believe a company would just take from someone without consent or authorization and for what? There was no service offered and received and I never engaged with this company. I want my money back.      
Entity: Bellevue, Washington
15, Report #597200
Apr 27 2010
06:58 AM
Unigard Legal Services stole my money, and overdrafted my account Internet
I never authorized unigard legal services to take my money. Is there anything I can do?
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #716427
Apr 11 2011
03:29 PM legal extortion? Internet
legal extortion?<br><br> is basically a legal form of the same all too familiar  craigslist/paypal overseas scam. <br><br>unfortunately, i can't give these guys anything less than 1 star though i'd rate them in the negative if i could.<br><br>BEWARE!these guys are as big of a joke as their money back guarantee.all they do is provide you with the handling of your paperwork in filing what is needed to fight a case with representation with the hopes of the officer not showing up, which in the case of a red light ticket there's a designated chp officer that works all these cases for the for the court. and you can best believe he WILL be there. will provide you with an email containing various examples of red light tickets that people with real lawyers beat in the past, but they will do you absolutely nothing. a girl was called to the stand just prior to my case i listened to her read these examples and using step by step instructions ticketbust instructions, and 40 minutes later the judge found her guilty.the fine on my ticket was $440.ticketbust fee: $250registered letters ticketbust uses your credit card to file: close to $35afternoon off work to go sit in court & waste my time: can't put a price on iti was found guilty after a good fight, but the video evidence was what ultimately got me. i contacted ticketbust once i left the courthouse and the secretary informed me i was eligible for refund.a few days later i received a notice from ticketbust stating i wasn't eligible for refund due to some time loophole or rather just some lame excuse they found to get out of our now, nearly $900 later and way to much time wasted along with my hopes, i'm going to traffic school which i shoulda just done once i received the ticket.
Entity: Internet, Internet
17, Report #360856
Aug 08 2008
02:18 PM
Legal Affidavit Services is a Scary Scam! Irvine California
I got a phone call at my employers phone number at 7:00pm from a Warren Smats who said his client was US National Bank and that I had taken out a payday loan December 4, 2007. He told me he was downloading my case within the hour and would be sending someone to arrest me the next day to take me to court. He said that I owed $1385.00 and would accrue over 5k in legal fees. He was demanding the name of my lawyer and fax number. He told me I was being charged with two counts of check fraud. I then tried to explain to him that I had not taken out a loan and asked why he had not notified me prior to this date for payment. He told me that he tried to contact me on my cell phone # that I had supplied back in Dec. However I did not have the cell phone he listed back in Dec, I had only had it for a few months. He then told me he would speak to his boss and see if he was willing to give me an out of court resitution. At that time I was transferred to Mike Rogers who said he would accept a payment of $1385 within the hour and he would not execute my case. He then wanted me to fax a letter of apology to his attorney Sam Brown explaining why I had not paid this loan and my intentions of paying the amount of $1385 without taking any legal actions. He wanted the letter signed and to include the last four of my ssn. At this point I was very scared and tried to fax the letter to him (very stupid of me). Fortunatly the fax # he gave me would not work. Mr Rogers then became very angry telling me that he did not have all night to deal with this and that I should not be dialing #1 with the fax number for his country. When he stated this I questioned him and he became more angry. I then told him I would figure this out and contact him the next day. Luckily I went home and investigated his so called client and found these other reports. I contacted my bank and verified that there were no transaction put into my account on the days Mr. Rogers was telling me. I also notified the Attorney General for New York and put in a written complaint. Mr. Rogers called my home # the next day from a california # wanting to know why he had not received the transaction and demanding that I fax the letter. I told him that I had notified the authorities and I new he was running a scam and that any further discussions would be with my lawyer and I hung up. He then called back within seconds from an unknown # and demanded my lawyers fax # at which point I told him he would not receive any more information from him. I have not heard back from him. Everyone that I talked to had middle eastern accents and sounded like the same person pretending to be different people. I could also hear other men in the background talking and laughing and the connection was not always good. Anonymous Oneonta, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California
18, Report #1404733
Oct 06 2017
05:57 PM
Legal Support Services / J and R litigation / Cafritz Company Threatening collection tactics Internet
 Reply Threatening Debt Collection. This is Jacob Rothchild. I'm calling in regards to a legal notice scheduled to be serviced out to an individual at this address on file. We will be stopping out anytime over the next 48 business hours accompanied with a uniformed officer. Just to ensure everyone's safety. We are requesting that any large animals or fire arms on your premises. If you do have those put away and secured for the safety of everyone involved. You may press one to speak with a representative or you may have yourself or your attorney contact the claimants office at 877-785-1535....
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #1159702
Jul 05 2014
08:56 AM
Fast Process Service Service Of Legal Documents Louisville Kentucky
Fast Process has steadfast refused to pay the $38,400.00 in services that our company rendered.  When we began working with them they would pay but as time went on payments would stop.  Upon contacting them you will hear all kinds of excuses from the President and Vice President and then they will just quit talking to you.  Finally we were told by the President, in writing,  we do not have money to pay anyone but our office staff.  Filed Grievance with our state association TPSA and the national association NAPPS.  After the process was completed both the Presdient and Vice President and the Company was removed from these associations.   Never once during both processes which were conducted independantly of each other did they deny owing the money.  It came to our attention that around the state of Texas this is a common theme from this company.     
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
20, Report #839793
Feb 15 2012
04:13 PM
Thurston County Process Tim Gibb Trash Service Lacey, Washington
Tim Gibb, aka:Thurston County Process engaged/engages in trash service of process. He filed a defective (on its face) RTS in Thurston Co. District Ct. case #AH11-0202. He also perjured himself in the same when he claimed to have seen 2 people fleeing his attempt to contact the party (respondent). A Washington State notary public (officer of the State), having witnessed the event, filed a counter-affidavit in court outlining the details of the perjury in the RTS Mr. Gibb submitted. Others have also had complaints about the quality of service provided by Mr. Gibb--not! The guy is cheap, as process servers go, but this looks like an instance of getting what you pay for. Hire someone who is competent and willing to do the job without lying. This guy could put your entire case at risk if you use him.
Entity: Lacey, Washington
21, Report #916955
Jul 24 2012
08:52 PM
Please Consumers do not use this process service company! I sent them a package in late May of 2012 after speaking to Richard over the phone(Although I believe that these people use alias names!) My package was sent to them and I called to make sure that they had served the company that I had a complaint/lawsuit against. It allegedly took them two weeks to deliver my package. They charged me more than the 34.99 that they promised and then they never filed my proof of service by mail with the courts. I have called them and emailed them over 100 times between the months of June through today July 24th, and each time I am either lied to, hung up on or made a false promise of delivering the proof of service to me via fax or e-mail. I dont believe that they ever served the company and they illegally charged my card! I have put a lawyer on to them. If you are looking to start a class action or even a simple small claims against this company please do put your email address into a ripoff report and I will have my California attorney make contact with you! They are a rip off big time, and because of them my law suit may be forfeited! RIPOFF!!!
Entity: Internet, Internet
22, Report #1141112
Apr 23 2014
12:49 PM
Dominion Process Servers failed to serve papers and to provide refund as promised toronto Nationwide
Hired Dominion Process Servers to serve divorce papers to my ex-husband. They promised to serve within 30 days. Very pleasant and helpful. However, following 30 days, I learned from my ex that they did not serve the papers. After multiple attempts to contact them over 10+ days, I received no response- I thought they went bankrupt! Once I finally reached someone in their office, Andrew was his name, he confirmed that they did indeed fail to serve the papers and promised an immediate refund ...'will be done by the end of the week'. It has been over a month and still no refund. I continue to contact them but once again, they are not answering the phone nor e-mail. I have reported them to Visa. Next up, small claims court I guess. My impression is that this is a rip-off company that is unprofessional and disrespectful. Their motto should be - take the customer's money and hide!! 
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #1310765
Jun 14 2016
03:04 PM
Dominion Process Servers Fraudsters, Scammers, Ripp-Off Artists Toronto Ontario
The following details are a summary of what has happened, if you want more details you can inquire. My name is Mike Cadotte and I live in Ottawa, ON, Canada.  I have an ongoing legal matter in Family Court in Toronto, ON, Canada which is 4.5 hrs drive for those who don’t know. I searched online for a process server in Toronto to serve a 14B Motion, file it at the court and send me an Affidavit of Service.  I found a few places and requested quotes for their services.  I decided to use Andrew @ Dominion Process Servers as they were competitively priced with the other companies, but they were the quickest and most responsive initially. May 12, 2016 -> They sent me an invoice for $118.09 for their services which had to be paid in advance as they told me that this was industry standard.  So on good faith I paid them via an Internet transfer. May 14, 2016 -> I followed up with Andrew as I haven’t heard anything either way from him May 16, 2016 -> I followed up with Andrew as I haven’t heard anything either way from him May 17, 2016 -> Finally I received a txt message from Andrew that the other party had been served.  So then I asked when will the docs be filed at the court, which Andrew replied “probably Thursday”. May 19, 2016 -> WELL, it is now Thursday, and no update from Andrew May 23, 2016 -> Still no update and Andrew has suddenly stopped responding to any email, txt and/or phone calls from me. June 14, 2016 -> I still have not received any further contact or correspondence from Andrew or Dominion Process Servers.  They still have not filed my Affidavit of Service and the 14 Motion with the Court and they continue to ignore my calls, emails, txts.  I even had a family friend who is a process server in a diff’t city contact them via email requesting them to contact me to no avail. In conclusion, they have NOT completed their services for which they were contract/hired, yet they have already received payment.  The owe me $35+tax, but the worst part of the problem is that I hired them to deliver time sensitive materials to the court which have now screwed up my chances and my legal position in Family Court.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
24, Report #1326591
Sep 20 2016
03:31 PM
Dominion Process Servers Ripped Off for more than $$$ Toronto Ontario
Wish that I had read reviews prior to engaging the services of Dominion Process Servers. Unfortunately, after being told that they served the Defendants and had filed an affidavit of service with the court, I drove from London, Ontario for the appointed time. Sure enough the Defendants were not in court and the judge adjourned the matter for lack of Service. Cost is not only what I paid Dominion but also a day off work and time spent in traffic. I wonder how these people live with themselves and what it will take to STOP these CRIMINALS?   G.J. London, Ontario, Canada
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
25, Report #1366666
Apr 08 2017
07:13 PM
John Wilks Process Serving John Wilks Scammer, Thief Las Vegas Nevada
I have a case in Los Angeles County, California, which requires me to have a mailbox served in Las Vegas, Nevada. I found John Wilks (Lic. #1092) on this website and paid him $58 to serve the opposing party pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure Section 415.20. John informed me that the mailbox address, which has been used multiple times by the opposing party with the courts previously, was not under that name and he refused to serve my claim on the opposing party pursuant to California Code as required. His single excuse was that CCP 415.20 only applies to Superior Court cases and not Small Claims cases. This is completely false. I was granted a continuance by the judge in this matter because I requested more time to serve the opposing party pursuant to CCP 415.20, which would be the only way to serve the opposing party properly. Instead of doing his job he told me he would send me an Affidavit of Process Server, which does me no good and he refuses to refund me, so that I can pay a competent process server in Las Vegas to follow procedure properly. John is a scammer and a thief. He is a waste of energy, resources, and time. I recommend staying far away from him!!!
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada

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