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1, Report #1395814
Aug 26 2017
06:05 PM
Lenders e-AMC Appraisal Management Company/ EAMC Appraisal Management ILLEGAL CREDIT CARD CHARGE Austin TEXAS
This company ILLEGALLY CHARGED $635.00 to my personal credit card without my knowledge or permission for an appraisal they never performed for me - nor have I requested any kind of service from this company.  (I am currently disputing their illegal charges.)  This particular case involves the appraisal portion of this company, which claims to be: Appraisers, Business Services, All Other Business Support Services, Appraisal Auditing Analyisis and Liquidation Services.  Area Served:  Round Rock (TX)  I do not live anywhere in or near Texas.  I have no reason to request an appraisal from this company.  I first heard of them when I noticed the illegal credit card charge on my statement issued 07-03-2017.  They appear to be the typical Jacks of All Trades - Masters of NONE.
Entity: Austin, Texas
2, Report #664620
Jan 15 2011
10:27 AM
Maverick AMC (AKA Nationwide AMC) Matt Moore Appraisal Management Company won't pay their Appraisers Newtown, Pennsylvania
I was hired to complete two appraisals for Nationwide AMC back in August 2010.  They have yet to pay me.  I am owed $850.  My calls go unanswered, and when I was finally able to track down their accountant, Dep, he confirmed that they indeed did receive payment for the appraisals from the borrowers, but that the funds were used to pay other unpaid bills.  WHAT???  I am in business to make a living and be able to pay my bills too.  I am mad at myself for letting this happen, but I will continue to try and get my money.  Nothing makes me angrier than not getting paid.  And nothing motivates me more than unresponsive dead beats.  Shame on Matt Moore.  How would he feel if someone didn't pay him for his services?  I'm sure his family and neighbors would be shocked to learn of his behavior.  Then again, maybe not.
Entity: Newtown, Pennsylvania
3, Report #418839
Feb 01 2009
12:25 PM
The Appraisal Solution - theappraisalsolution.net - Brandon Waters - Amber Waters, Appraisal Management Ripped off banks/lenders for AMC work, Ripped Off homeowners who paid for appraisals, Ripped off appraisers for work completed. Largo Florida
Caution Lenders, Banks, Homeowners and Residential Appraisers, This company (The Appraisal Solution Inc, www.theappraisalsolution.net) is a sham, they take money from banks, lenders, an even homeowners for appraisal services, hire appraisers then refuse to pay them for appraisal services rendered. This company has deceived so many, it is staggering, and it's an absolute amazement that they are still up and running. Do not hire this company as an AMC, do not work for this company as an appraiser!! Please post your experience for others to see. If you have been a victim please file complaints with: Your State's Department of Finance The original funder of the transation,this may be difficult many companies have DBAs. FBI Tampa Division: http://tampa.fbi.gov/ The IRS Fraudulent Activity Hotline: http://www.irs.gov/individuals/article/0,,id=106778,00.html Pinellas County FLA State Attorney: http://statty.co.pinellas.fl.us/ Pinellas County Dept. of Taxation: (((link redacted))) FLA Office of Financial Regulation: (((link redacted))) FLA Real Estate Board: (((link redacted))) A search on google will reveal many others complaints. Anonymous Anonymous, FloridaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Largo, Florida
4, Report #980303
Dec 10 2012
03:44 PM
ES Appraisal Services LLC AMC FRAUD Appraisal Man Company, Internet
This Company will not pay Appraisers! They will hound you for service and fees, contact you day and night. They Need quick turn arounds for higher fee's. But, when its time to pay 45 days after. They are gone! AMC are supposed to be their to protect everyone from these issues. I have never been burned by a bank in 16 years, only AMC's. I'm owed $5500.
Entity: Jacksonville, FL 32207, Internet
5, Report #676478
Dec 29 2010
01:50 PM
Maverick AMC Maveric/Newtown Our company performed appraisal services and were not paid for these services Internet, Pennsylvania
Our company was contacted by Maverick AMC to perform an appraisal on a property in Clearwater, Florida and after several months and numerous attempts we have never received the payment. I called after 12/15/2010 and the office number is no longer a working number.
Entity: Internet, Pennsylvania
6, Report #884270
May 17 2012
03:42 PM
ES Appraisal Services, LLC Evaluation Solutions Non-paying Real Estate Appraisal Managment Company ,AMC, jacksonville, Florida
Non paying Appraisal Managment Company.  Same excuses and lies everytime.  We will take down the information and someone will contact you soon.  It is over 90 days and $1,500.  I don't want to be contacted; I want to be paid. 
Entity: jacksonville, Florida
7, Report #769400
Aug 25 2011
09:10 PM
Streetlinks Appraisal Management Company unfair real estate valuation practices Indianapolis, Indiana
With the significant problems reported by the National Association of Realtors is amazing there is not more outrage regarding the handling of appraisal reports by Streetlinks National Appraisla Company, PCV Murcore and Servicelink. Homeowners and investors don't fully understand the issues involved with these appraisla management companies under the Frank/Dodd Financial Refore Act. Nothing can or will be done under this act, one might prepare to capitalize on the opportunity to purchase distress property in 2012. Values will continue to correct for several more years as evidenced by the National Association of Realtors. One could do will by creating an exchange traded fund (ETF) based on the damage which will be reflected in the real estate market. Perhaps the 30% drop in home prices in Rancho Santa Fe is not significant, the colapse in Chula Vista, California is close to 50% since the height of the market. Need I say more?Certified Mortgage Planning SpecialistEncinitas, California
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
8, Report #1257549
Sep 30 2015
12:51 PM
Sam Fannin Appraisal Choose another appraiser De Kalb Texas
First of all I did not choose this appraiser, my lender did. If you have a choice do I would not recommend this guy. The first report that he sent back to the lender, had to send back because it had numerous errors (according to the QC department with the lender). A week later we get the corrected report and it is $20k lower than asking price. Now I understand that not all properties appraise for asking price, but this appraiser did not do a fair market value because he did not appraise for the properties location. The appraiser did not compare this property with the others in the area (like you are suppose to do when doing an appraisal). So again, if you have a choice I would steer clear of this appraiser and go with someone that would do a better job that is not riddled with errors. 
Entity: De Kalb , Texas
9, Report #1130209
Mar 12 2014
12:48 PM
KARIS MANAGEMENT GROUP LLC MCDONOUGH, BRETTON This company was paid in full for a service with a dead line, but the company extended the deadline with no update or care. This company does not care about customer service. Very unprofessional to except an assignment with no intention to make the deadline. CHARLOTTE North Carolina
The Karis Management Group cares nothing about customer service. Beacuse of the new Real estate laws when buying a new home, an Appraisal Management Company is used to order an appraisal. Our Broker ordered the appraisal with a deadline, and Karis management group changed the deadline with no regrade to the outcome. They accepted the assignment and did not care if the deadline was meet. When asked about the delay all that was  said was the deadline was extended. They would not refund any money. These people are not professionals and I am filing a formal complant with the State. 
Entity: CHARLOTTE, North Carolina
10, Report #686537
Jan 29 2011
04:12 PM
Nationwide AMC Maverick AMC Atlantic West AMC took customers appraisal fee and never paid the appraiser. Appraisers might have to do background check on all new AMC Companies!! Internet
Appraisal Companies Alert ! Seems that Atlantic-West AMC company is taking money from customers and then not paying the appraiser. Looks as if they have closed their doors and left more than one appraiser empty handed.Our company lost on four jobs !
Entity: Internet, Internet
11, Report #849125
Jan 02 2013
03:45 PM
ETec Appraisal Managment Solutions Real Estate Appraiser never paid for appraisal ordered through this AMC!!! Phoenix, Arizona
In March of 2011 we were recruited by ETec Appraisal Management Solutions to complete an appraisal in Mammoth Lakes, CA.  We signed up on their website and promptly completed the appraisal.  The report was delivered it on time and invoiced however we have yet to receive payment.   Just last month (February of 2012) I received a return invoice in the mail with a yellow label stating forward time exp rtn to send.   The lender name on this is Bank of Internet USA, and it was for a purchase with an out of the Country buyer.  We have emailed the Rene Carrick who initiated the order several times, in addition to leaving messages on her direct/cell.  The main number for the company has been disconnected and the website no longer exists.  If anyone tracks these guys down we want in! 
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
12, Report #832868
Mar 30 2012
02:02 PM
Quicken Loans Quicken Loans, Inc. Consumer Beware of Quicken Loans, You Will Lose $500 Internet, Internet
First let me say that I have worked in banking/lending for many years and consider myself fairly knowledgable about mortgage lending. Now, with rates as low as they are, I decided it was time to refinance the home we had built just two years ago in a growing area. I checked out Quicken Loans and like the speed in which they responded to my initial inquiry.  (Especially considering I sent a message to my current mortgage holder and they never responded back) After talking with the very nice Sr. Mortgage Banker Michael, he sent me some preliminary numbers which were inline with what I had been looking at rate and fee wise.  The next part is where I should have paid closer attention, he asked for $500 up-front to show I was serious about doing business with them.  This is not that uncommon considering many places were asking for an application fee. I supplied CC number and signed the initial documents. Next thing I know they order an appraisal which comes in $45,000 less than what my house appraised for just two years earlier and $33,000 less than tax assessed value.  Working for a bank I had our group review the appraisal, who said there should have been some adjustments made due to age of comps.  Unfortunately, Quicken would not review the appraisal which meant I would know have to come to the table with an additional $21,000 to close.  After informing Michael that I did not have $21,000 in my cash to bring to closing, he said underwriting would decline my loan and I would lose my $500 deposit.  Just some advice, first stay away from Quicken Loans, once they get your $500 it is gone UNLESS, you can close the loan. Even if you do not want the loan, CLOSE.  According to Reg Z, Truth in Lending, once you close on a refi (there are a couple of exceptions) you have 3 days to cancel the loan and get everything back.  This is something they will not tell you!  Unfortunately, I couldn't even close my loan because I didn't have the $21,000 to bring to the table even if I wanted to.
Entity: Internet, Internet
13, Report #706911
Apr 02 2011
10:33 AM
Greenlight Financial Greenlight Loans, Greenlight Home Loans Appraisal Chargers???? Why am I paying for an extra cost for an appraisal when the person doing the appraisal is not paid what I am charged? Internet
My mother recently got a loan from Greenlight and paid for an appraisal but the appraiser said the fee he got was much less. Why is Greenlight not paying the appraiser what I pay? Is 30 years of interest not enough? My mother asked the appraiser about her grandson doing appraisal work, but the appraiser said it was not a good time to be an appraiser. When my mom asked why he said the lender splits the fee so the pay was not good and very unfair. He was only being paid $200.  She asked about where the rest of the fee she paid went and he said he it goes to a management company...who keeps 35% of the fee. What is wrong with this picture??  I am filing a complaint with the BBB also.
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #146478
Jun 16 2005
06:09 PM
AMC ripoff still, Charge 700 Dollars for an appraisal. Perris Riverside California
Poor credit just lets them work you over more. DO NOT get a mortgage from these people. I am working on a list of names of the owners/PIGS who just do business this way and will have what I can for those interested. All the fees were raised above normal rates, and they used an appraiser who had no idea what their job was. I have another appraisal for 60 thousand more, but it means nothing, just another opinion. This company should be put down as a dog, after all assets are used to re-pay the abused clients. The owner should be in jail for these actions, maybe not against the law, but they will soon be as many are fed up. Or do you want to try this again, I know who to call the next time. Vandar Perris, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Riverside, California
15, Report #671096
Dec 13 2010
03:38 PM
A residential appraisal was ordered through us from Nationwide-AMC, LLC on 06/21/2010 at 7:28 PM. The appraisal was completed and sent on 07/06/2010, we have beeen trying to get paid ever since. Their phone number is no longer valid, website is dead  and email fails... Do not do business with this company unless you like to work for free. We are in the hole for this appraisal for $350. The lender on this is Affiliated Financial Group and I suspect that they used NATIONWIDE-AMC, LLC as an AMC. It is a shame that something like this is allowed to continue in the mortgage industry. We are honest appraisers that give an honest appraisal, we should be able to woork with honest AMC's that stand by their contracts. It is obvious that this company is a fly-by-night or they would still have active phone numbers and web addresses. The appraiser always gets the blame but it was the government that made us work this the shady characters that sometimes run the AMS's. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY...IT WOULD BE CHEAPER TO HANG UP ON THEM.  
Entity: Internet, Internet
16, Report #231814
Jan 21 2007
02:53 PM
AMC Morgage Services Dishonest Appraisal Carol Stream Illinois
We have been with AMC morgage services for about 4 years, they used to be called AMeriquest morgage whrn we first got our loan. We had our house appraised by this company in 2004 the apprasial came in at 146,000 we got a loan with a 3 year arm at 5.5% interest, we were happy with that b/c our payment was low it was 747.00 a month, this company told us after the 3 years we could refinance and recieve a good rate still, we decided to do the 3 year ARM but we were told if we did not refinance after 3 years our interest rate would keep adj, we weren't worried about that at that time b/c we thought we could just get a fixed rate in 3 years. I wish we would of never agreed to do this because now after the three years we tried to refinance and come to find out our home only appraised at 125,ooo hmmmm WE WERE IN SHOCK!! now we can't get any one to refinance us B/C the home will not appraise for enough money, and now we owe more than what the house is worth, all B/C we trusted this company and apprasial!!! we now have a house payment of 990.00 and was just told that in March of 07 the interest will go up to 10% now were at 8.5% AMC called me 01/19 2007 and wanted us to refinance before march he said the interest will be going up and he wanted to save us from that happening, I said I'm a little concerned about the Value and he said we have an apprasal of 146,000 from 2004 I told him we had apprased and it only appr at 125,000 he was like well I don't think we can help you now, and he says they just settled a Law suit with several others with the same prob, BUT all he could say to us is SORRY maybe you should try selling your home,we can't help you!!!! and now in March the rate will go up Jodi IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Carol Stream, Illinois
17, Report #244860
Apr 19 2007
05:31 PM
Ameriquest, amc over inflated appraisal Ripoff Grand Rapids Michigan
Went to refinace for a beter payment and rate. When we had the apprasiar come out and found out the house was the price had been over inflated by 30,000.00 dollars. As you can guess we can not refinance due to the current morgage does not match the appraised value from 3years ago????? When we contacted AMC they said we will look into it. We are going on 6 months now. People due you homework please. Any help would be great. Jon warren, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Grand Rapids, Michigan
18, Report #201204
Aug 03 2006
07:28 AM
Ameriquest Mortgage / AMC Appraisal & Resolution Phone Numbers /TV News Investigative Report Orange California
After reading most of the AMC / Ameriquest posts, it is so obvious that most customer's appraisals were falsified to increase the value of the property and thus, loan more money ... even if the consumer couldn't make the payments. Don't forget to report the appraiser to your state's Attorney General and the Department of Professional Regulation in your state ... that's how I got to speak personally with the AG's office at their request. So, if you're interested, I am providing the names and numbers of AMC's appraisal manager and resolution specialist. If you want to discuss your appraisal and request a re-write of your loan (there are loans that are re-written every day), contact these 2 people at AMC. Appraisal Manager - Jim Murtagh 866-854-0502 x80388 and the Resolution Specialist - Carolina Elias 800-523-3064 x22111 and her fax 800-784-3034. If you want to e-mail anyone at AMC, their e-mail address is usually the first initial of their first name followed by their last name@ameriquest.com. (Ex. Jane Doe is jdoe@ameriquest.com). Also, the major news channels are very interested in the AMC saga and have discussed it on their Investigative Reports. I contacted one of the major stations and they requested my information in a follow up from a previous story last year. Face it, AMC doesn't appear to have changed. Joe Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Orange, California
19, Report #811840
Dec 20 2011
11:59 AM
Streetlinks National Appraisal Services Streetlinks Suspect Business Practice, Miscommuncation unauthorized charge Indianapolis, Indiana
Streetlinks was contracted on 8/16/2011 to do a home appraisal. This company then sub contracted out the work to a local apparais by the name of Collie Eckles ( License #450029455 )with Skyline Appraisals (http://www.skylineappraisalcorp.com/) I do understand that AMC's contract out the work, however they as the contractor need  to have good commutation with their subs. That being said:The skyline website states: Turn Around Time 24-48 hours from inspection. Come Aug 20th, my agent, lender and I were getting quite worried as nothing had been received.Fast forward, the report was received with missing bedrooms, wrong comps, spelling mistakes and other errors. After a battle, the report was redone, then Mr Eckles didnt sign the report, so back it went.  Fast forward again to Sept 2011, a final report had still not been accepeted by the lender, and as anyone who has done this knows, you are under a strict timeline for dates. I was forced to lose the house due to these errors.During the process I had tried to contact both the AMC and the appraisal company and was given no assistance. I understand the laws, but ignoring a customer is not part of it.Both my lender and Agent have stated this was the worst appraisal they have dealt with and vowed to never allow a bank to use Streetlinks or Skyline ever again.Though I have finally made contact with a representative at StreetLinks, they still have not provided me the information requested. If you are buying a home and see StreetlLinks contact your lender immediately  and tell them about this experience so you dont lose your dream house also.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
20, Report #340080
Jul 15 2008
12:21 PM
Countrywide Lending - Full Spectrum Lending - Landsafe Appraisal - Delma Lackner Admitted to unacceptable appraisal and won't refund the fee or order new appraisal I have the admission in an email! Seattle Washington
They actually contacted us. Promised that they could do the loan and took $485 up front (highest price I have heard of for an appraisal). Landsafe sent George Sauer to appraise the house and his appraisal came in $77,000 lower than the previous appraisal. In his appraisal he states that home prices have held steady in the area. How did it lose $77,000 in value in six months? Several other atypical things went on with this appraisal. The loan officer, Delma, reviewed his appraisal and determined that it was not professional. She said she was forwarding the info to her supervisor so that he could be removed from the landsafe list of appraisers and they would order a new one. Now, she claims that she can't help us out with the loan, there won't be a new appraisal, we won't see a refund and the appraiser is still working for landsafe. Wow! I don't have any words to describe this kind of treatment. I know that countrywide stock has lost more than 90% of its value over the past year and the CEO is under investigation by the SEC, but maybe they should try to salvage what is left of their business by doing things right from now on. Stealing fees for admittedly fraudulent appraisals and lying to potential customers seems like a sure way to take their $5 stock all the way to $0. Don't use full spectrum lending and don't pay any money up front until you have it in writing that landsafe appraisers won't be on the job. I have copies of the emails I have referenced here if anyone is interested. If the money is refunded, I will update this report to reflect that. Until then..... Todd Pocatello, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
21, Report #704273
Mar 08 2011
06:39 PM
Entity: CARMEL, Indiana
22, Report #1356877
Feb 18 2017
11:39 AM
First and foremost, I am a real person. My name is Roger F. My address is (((REDACTED))) Vero Beach. 32962. My phone number is 772-xxx-xxxx. My email address is (((REDACTED))). I am  an honorably discharged US army Vietnam era veteran.I recently applied for a VA refinance on my home here in the highlands subdivision of Vero Beach, Fl. I qualified based on credit and income requirements. Next step, the VA sent a 'so called' appraiser out to value my property. He arrived late in the day, andsaid he had several more to do before he returned to his office approx 40 miles to the north. He took a series of pictures, inspected the home and left( PS, the home is immaculate as we take pride in having a clean beautiful residence)About a week later, the appraisal arrived with a LOWBALL figure which was beyond comprehension. When I applied for the refinance, I had done EXTENSIVE research as to the market value of different recently comparable properties in the subdivision.  His so called appraisal was almost $30000 under recently sold homes compared to my property in exces of $30000!!At first I blamed total incompetence, of which I learned later that either these VA appraisers are DELIBERTALLY told to lowball appraisals as they are basically 100% LTV or he took it upon himself to engraciate himself with the VA that he works for. Irregardless, this is FRAUD, pure and simple. He is ILLEGALLY depriving me of something I am ENTITLED to as part of my entitlement for serving, just as I am legally entitled to receive care at the VA hospital, which I do.BTW, he used BOGUS comparions as his comparables in the so called appraisal, including a gutted out forclosure stripped out to bare walls with no cabinets, plumbing, flooring, etc, and a home NOT even in the subdivision on a dirt road with no streetlights or storm sewers in a marginal neighborhood north of here.On a final note, I have contacted several realtors in my immediate area that have lost LEGITIMATE sales due to these unscrupulous appraisers. SO, I am asking any other victims to contact me, anytime. Let's stop it before any more damage is done!
Entity: Melborne, Florida
23, Report #186291
Oct 26 2007
10:45 AM
AmeriQuest Mortgage ripoff Auburn Hills Michigan
In May of 2005, I hooked up with Ameriquest to refinance my home and pay down some of my bills. I was under a lot of pressure at the time (due to inheriting most of the outstanding bills from my divorce) and I know the agent picked up on this. I didn't have any immediate issues with Ameriquest at the time. All I knew was that they were expediting my loan and I wanted to desperately get out of the situation I was in and keep my credit intact. However, I found out later (through media and web information)that Ameriquest uses underhanded measures to close loans without giving the customer the benefit of knowing everything they are responsible on the loan. For example: A notary closed my loan and could not answewr any of my questions, he had to keep running in to the agent and coming back to give me an answer. I was also under the impression that an escrow would be set up to pay for Home insurance and property taxes. This never happened. I was also told that any dispersed funds would be received by check in a week or so (I had planned on paying down some of my debt)but a check never arrived and basically was told that the $10,250.00 was given directly to AMC for closing costs!!! My interest rate jumped (from my old loan at 6%) to 8.5% on the AMC loan. My payments were more than my previous mortgage without the escrow for taxes and insurance. The loan was an ARM for two years in which my interest rate will jump up to 11%!!! I feel I was taken for the longest ride of my life, duped by AMC for huge profits at my expense. Suffice it to say.. the bills were never paid down and I still have to pay these monthly payments on top of a huge monthly mortgage payment. I am embarrassed to know that I was taken this way. Now I have to find out if there are any repercussions that AMC should be responsible for. This has caused me great grief and heartache for the past year. I will never deal with this company again and learned that no matter what, is to plan ahead and investigate any deal prior to hooking up with thieves. I also never received a copy of my appraisal (which I paid for) or the signed loan papers. What can I (the public) expect for all of this grief? What would have happened if I lost my house to fire or weather etc? I'd lose everything, thanks to AMC!!! Steven Capac, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Auburn Hills, Michigan
24, Report #650942
Jun 01 2011
07:13 AM
Streetlinks National Appraisal Services For $500 delayed appraisal til last minute, then screwed up and lost it. Indianapolis, Nationwide
their company was doing an appraisal for a house i am trying to buy in salem, or.  it's takne over 10 days.  the appraiser never contacted anyone on my side of things to inform us what he was doing. he went straight to the seller. i am the buyer. ask yourself would i pay $500 to have someone ignore me? it got worse. the day he finally did the inspection of the home, nothing was given to us or said to us. the next day we called their company only to find out that their appraiser is such a bad employee/rep that his computer went down so he couldn't get anything to us.  i am a techie and know full well it only takes a couple of hours to restore a backup copy. no back-up you say? WORST EVER! i paid less money for a home inspector to come and he did way more for me.  so the next day (present) we still have nothing. they should fire their appraiser. I will never deal their company and am posting so ... we'll see if they even care. even my broker called their company arrogant
Entity: Indianapolis, Nationwide
25, Report #977982
Dec 06 2012
01:46 PM
Franklin Mortgage Solutions LLC Buyers Beware Jackup the Fees, keeps you hanging, intimidating then refuses to cooperate Internet
Sought this company out to refinance my mortgage after they sent me a postcard stating I was preapproved, could lower my interest rate to 3.5%.  Immediately then sent me paperwork showing my refi was going to increase my loan amount, drop my interest and payment around $100 and provide me with cash flow, no payments for two months.  I proceeded to engage in business with them, paying $450 for an appraisal, which I didn't need had they went with the Streamline Loan like I requested, he stated that would cost me more money (which it woulnd't have) I requested a refund on the appraisale which they refused and I just received that this week, nearly three months after.  When I asked about my closing dates, couldn't make it by the end of the month, then mid-September 2012 still no closing, so I contacted other companies and was provided a GFE (good faith estimate) of their fees and found FMS was overcharging me by nearly $8,000 more just in fees than the other companies I contacted.  I chose to work with the new mortgage company and cancelled with FMS two days before they called to close the end of September.  They then withheld my FHA case information, so the new company had to have me sign and request from FHA directly the case which then caused me to not be able to close by end of October, but beginning of November.  This resulted in another month of PMI fees $2400, plus another mortgage payment and a month of interest.  Do not work with Steve Ellis and team unless you want to pay $7-8K more increasing your mortgage payments.  I filed a complaint with BBB and got nothing, I filed with ConsumerFinance... so HUD is investigating them now.  Received an email from the President of the company advising me they are only a Broker, not a lender.  Request for a refund from the Appraiser Vendor company they used since it took so long since they did nothing wrong. 
Entity: Internet, Internet

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