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1, Report #1403875
Oct 03 2017
10:45 AM
Letoile product charged me $98 and add cents with out my approval, even I cancelled order. Hoover Alabama
Letoile product charged me $98 and add cents with out my approval, even I cancelled order.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1372668
May 11 2017
12:13 PM
Letoile Did not send product and once cancelled will not refund money taken from my account. Los Angeles Internet
 Saw this product on Facebook and ordered 14-day trial. Product is thick and not effective. I called to cancel the product, I was advised I would receive a refund of money taken out of my account. After several calls, company states no record of previous calls (although I have a cancellation number) and therefore cannot refund money. I did not receive product so not sure what I'm paying for $98. Staff is scripted and repeats the same defense. Does not let you speak to management. Complaints will be filed with consumer bureau and FTC.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1347114
Jan 02 2017
12:37 PM
getluxuriousbeauty.com Letoile Beauty Product Scam for Letoile unknown Internet
This company is advertising that they will send a sample of a product for approximately $5.  When you get it you have to send it back in 14 days or they charge you $90 and continue doing the same thing each month using your credit card.  Their advertising is very misleading in that all thay you think you are doing is ordering one free sample and then you end up out hundreds of dollars.  They are very difficult to get in touch with to cancel the continued shipments and charges.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1382927
Jul 03 2017
03:38 PM
Letoile skin cream Premium Skin, Skin Youth misrepresentation of product information and added charges without consent Internet
I found the site I am reporting via toptenproducts.com.  This site promoted the Letoile product with a huge ad and statement that it was the best Shark Tank product to date and all investors invested in it.  That is why my interest was  piqued.It was through that site that there was the italicized words click here to read story, which then gets you to the Letoile skin care site.  The site boasts Oprah, Ellen, etc., as using and loving their product.  All of this, together with the very respected Shark Tank investor info, leads one to believe this is an excellent product. The offer is to get a trial sample for just the cost of postage, which is a reasonable $1.98.  Well, here is where things go totally awry and the deception, and what I consider further fradulent activity, commence. After -- yes, after -- providing the credit card info for the $1.98, one receives a screen asking if you want the eye serum.  There is no visible place to click no, but you can click continue.  This takes one to yet another screen inquiring whether you would like the skin youth e-book, with the same options provided.  Once the continue is clicked this time, a screen pops up saying your order is placed and the amount that appears is for all items!  You are completely unaware, and to your knowledge have not authorized any purchase except for the eye cream!!!One is never given an option NOT to order those items, nor does it give any indication that you are ordering the additiional items.  The appearnce is that it is necessary to click through these to get to the confirm order location.  The company obviously knows they are getting these extra orders through defrauding the purchaser and therefore give no indication that you just ordered extra products.     Your first awarneess of this is when a screen pops up and says your order is placed for x dollars.I was furious and immediately emailed the company, as well as attempted to call the company.  I was on hold for over 10 minutes, gave up and sent them another email.  I told them I wanted the entire order canceled.  My assumption is their product is worhtless, since their business practices are deceptive, and I just wanted the order canceled in its entirety.  If the business has to resort to fraud when one places their order, the product being sold certainly cannot be as it is claimed to be!  I knew I wanted no further interaction with them.I was informed they could NOT refund anything and I would have to dispute the amount with my bank/cc company; that that was the only avenue available for me.  I tried to get the order canceled and charges reversed in a very short time frame.  Certainly no longer than 5-15 min.  They could have easily credited my account back, but refused.  After seeing other complaints on this Ripoff site, I am afraid I am in for more problems from them in the future, by way of them placing more unauthorized charges on my account.(Below you asked if I used a credit card, and I ck'd yes.  That is correct and incorrect.  I used my bank debit card, which does not afford the same protection, as I undestand it.)
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1377423
Jun 06 2017
11:44 AM
Letoile invites consumers to a free trial. However, if you open the product at all they charge you. Even if the product doesn't work. Which it doesn't not even close to a good product.  Internet
Be aware of this company. When I called them the guy on the phone told me twice he wouldn't cancel and I would have to call back. I told him he would cancel it because I was not calling back. What is this world coming to when ads like this lie and take your money. This company states a free trial. However, if you open the container and try it. They charge you an additional 5.95 to exit their program. Their product is baking soda mixed with lotion of some sort I'm sure. It's such a rip off. When I asked to refund my money the guy on the phone refused to cancel my order twice. He said wait two weeks. And I threatened to call better business bureau and he then canceled my order. However he still charged my card another 10.00. Even after I said no. Rediculous scam.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1368055
Apr 17 2017
09:54 AM
Letoile Skin care product Ordere trial Mar 27 paying shipping. Did not like product. Called 4/17 to get address to return product but rep would not consider. He offered to reduce price on future orders but would not consider even 50% refund for product being returned. Had to pay $103 for a product being thrown out. Very poor customer service! Internet
I found the Letoile Co to have very poor customer service. I ordered a trial of their skin product on line Mar.27. I did not like the product and called 4/17 to obtain an address to return the remaining product. The rep would not consider a full or partlal refund because 'the product had been  tampered with'. Explain to me how else could you try their product without opening it? He did offer reduced pricing on future orders but, since I did not like it to start with, future orders were not in my best interest. I had to pay $103  total for a product I have to throw out. I want to alert others to their poor service pleas.  
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1347183
Jan 02 2017
05:32 PM
Letoile, Aviqua, Scam, ripoff Internet
They are claiming a wrinkle cream that doesn't work but that is not the real problem. The real problem is that they sign you up for a monthly payment of $98 that you never agree to. DO NOT fall for this scam. 
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1391791
Aug 29 2017
11:02 AM
LETOILE  Spark Nevada Internet
 This company is a great big ripoff. They say you have a 14 day trial but you because they start the trial on the day of your order.They give you a 14 day free trial but then tell you that one of the products are not in the 14 day trial when you get both of them in the same box on the same day This is their way of getting you.Then they charge your card 98.03
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1382825
Jul 03 2017
08:44 AM
Letoile skin cream A Facebook ad states Letoile is a skin cream by Johanna GainesPhone 18889300942 Claims ski. Cream is by Johanna Gaines. You can receive a free trial for 3.95 shipping and handling. My card was charged 1.98 for a safe handling fee and 4.95 for shipping. When I contacted customer service to cancel I was told that if I wanted to keep the cream I would need to pay 9.99. also the second call the lady quoted my 98 dollars for the product! Internet
 A Facebook ad stating a free trial for a skin cream from Johanna Gaines that you can get for only 3.95 shipping. After my online order my card was charged 1.98 and a second charge for 4.95. I promptly emailed Letoile and requested cancellation the same day. 2 days later I receive an email stating it was cancelled but if I wanted to keep the product I would be charged 9.99. I called customer service immediately to state my problem. The service agent on the line told me the 1.98 was the safe handling fee and the 4.95 was the shipping. When I explained the web site said only 3.95 shipping and there was no verbage for additional charges she went on to say what's your problem you already cancelled and you cancelled so you won't be charged 98.00 for the product. When I mentioned not reading anything about 98.00 she talked over me telling me it's cancelled. I requested a refund and she told me it shipped which I never received a tracking number. She gave me a confirmation code.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1370807
May 02 2017
06:33 AM
Letoile Illustra Thus comoanyis a complete scam. The claim to be sending you one product and you receive another. Pkease watch for their littke 25 day warning or you will be charged $150 for not even a rhirty day supply. They gave me cancellation numbers but tefused s refund. I am reporting thus scan to the Bettet Business Bureau. If you have experienced this, I believe a class action suit is in order. Los Angeles, California Letoile.com
 This company is a complete scam. They send you another product instead of what they advertise. They refused to refund my money for less than a 30 day of junk cream because of their supposed 14 day return in small print. The product they send is misrepresented as a trial but is in fact a less than 30 day product. I have two cancellation numbers from them and immediately advised my credit card company. They refuse to refund $130, plus their $4.95 shipping. They have no e-mail address to communicate with them. I am also turning this in to the Better Business Bureau as a scam nationwide and on the internet. Many people have been on line regarding this scam.
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1397046
Aug 31 2017
01:22 PM
LeToile 888-552-9750 DECEPTIVE Sparks Nevada **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
This product appeared with an article about Joanna Gaines. Indicating it was her product. Sample for $4.95. Try it. NO OTHER REQUIREMENTS. Now I get a second box and charged almost $100. Called the # on card included in box and they did cancel. But no refund.
Entity: Sparks, Nevada
13, Report #1351784
Jan 24 2017
06:13 PM
Letoile beauty creme L'etoile Ultra Premiem anti-aging formula Los Angeles California
L'etoile ultra premiem anti-aging formula is practicing fraud by using a beauty face creme developed by Angelina Jolie. The ad mentioned a free jar just for the shipping and handling. No where did it mention a 14 day trial. My credit card was charged $98.09 2 weeks later and a second $98.09 the very next month. I called and cancelled and returned all products and was told there would be a $9.95 restocking fee. How can they restock if I used it??
Entity: Los Angeles, California
14, Report #1381520
Jun 26 2017
10:20 PM
Letoile Jullen They are both the same company & will not respond to my emails. Internet
 Ive contactef letoile to cancel my order via email & havent gotten a response. I will ne calling them directly Tommorow to see if that rectify the situation.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1399138
Sep 10 2017
08:34 PM
LeToile Beauty Avanti Unable to find a place to cancel after receiving my free samples and they keep sending it to me and billing me. Internet
I ordered the sample for free and paid for shipping. I have now been billed twice, only received one shipment, and I can't find anyway to cancel this.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1394921
Aug 23 2017
10:43 AM
letoile skin cream letoile illustra skin care/cream the company told me the money i paid for the products was not for them but for the post office. in my email, the money was for the products sparks Nevada
i ordered the products on line stating the cost i'd have to pay. $4.94 and $5.96 with a secure insurance fee of $1.98 i received the products (2) letoile and illustra in the same box. i opened the box to see what was in it but never opened the product. my credit card statment came and it had a $98.09 fee for a monthly RECURRING payment. i called the company and they said that i agreeded to their terms . i would have never ordered the product if that's what i understood it to be. i told them i wanted the charge taken off my card and the woman (tina) said i'd have to pay it because it was a trial and i had 14 days to try it.     i had preciously spoke to another person saying they would give me until septemper 11th to try it and there would be no charge just to call back and say how i liked it. when i got the bill i decided i didn't want to be charged $98.09 every month for their products so thats when i called. at first they said i deffinitely had to be locked into the original so-called contract because it was over 15 days. i told her i had until september 11th to try the product but now that i saw the scam they were pulling, i told her i wanted to cancel the intire order.      she said she couldn't because i was bound by the so called contract and offered 30% off my order then 50% off. i told her i wanted my full amount replaced to my credit card. i told her i was returning the products unopened and i want the money i paid for them returned to my card.    she told me the the money i paid was postal fees and i couldn't get a refund. i said i'm returning products unopened and youre telling me i didn't pay for them that it was postal fees i was charged? besides that she said i would have to pay a RESTOCKING FEE of over $9.00if i sent them back.     we argured for quite some time.and it ended by her telling me i would get the $98.09 back but said i couldn't get the  $10.90 back because that wasn't for the product.   i checked my email and saw that it was a charge for the product.. both products and it came in one box!!! i asked her how could the post office charge me two different fees for one box?that's company policy i was told.     this is deffinitely a big scam and God knows how many people have been ripped off.    please, please get somebody to get these people off the internet with their lying and deceitful scams. it is now costing me money to ship back the articles and i'm losing money on the products i paid for and i'm returning.    i'm waiting to see if they charge me a restocking fee. this is horrible and i don't want them to get away with their devious ways. something has to be done FAST. thank you for your concern and i hope you'll be able to get back my $10.90.                                                                                                                        yours truly, 
Entity: sparks, Nevada
17, Report #1371182
May 03 2017
08:04 PM
LeToile Skin Cream and Illustra Eye Care Serum LeToile Anti Wrinkle Cream and Illustra Eye Care Serum RIPOFF SCAM FREE TRIAL SAMPLES PAY FOR $4.99 SHIPPING TURNS INTO AUTO SHIPMENT - WON'T REFUND $98.09 CHARGES THAT POST IN 15 DAYS Los Angeles California
On Facebook this ad was posted and I should have ignored it.  Offered free samples of two products for the cost of shipping $4.99 for each which seemed fair for a trial size product.   Ordered and then exactly 15 days after receipt an auto order of 98.09  was charged on my credit card.   I called to complain that I didn't authorize I was told it was in the fine print, which it wasn't as I read all on the posting in facebook.  The representative tried to offer a 50% discount to continue the shipments which I declined and asked for a full refund and cancellation.  She then said she wouldn't refund unless the product was returned unopened.  Obviously I had open the free sample and said this is unethical practive of doing business.  She said she would cancel future orderes but this wouldnt be refunded.   I filed a dispute on my credit card and expect they will see this is a scam.  This company is crooked and needs to be investigated and shut down.  Don't get trapped.  The small samples are not worth $98!
Entity: Los Angeles, California
18, Report #1392050
Aug 11 2017
11:20 AM
Lunaluxe, Avalure, Luxure, Letoile Shark Tank endorsed company is a SCAM Huntington Beach California
I was drawn to this product mainly because it was supposedly endorsed by the television show, Shark Tank, stating that it was the ONLY product ever backed by ALL FIVE sharks. Glowing reviews followed, with an offer of a free trial of the 2 products for only the price of shipping. Wary of this type of offer, I scanned the ad/offer until I was satisfied that I was only giving my credit card information for the shipping & handling costs. The offer further stated that they were very low on stock, and that this would be the last day of this offering. I might add that there were also testimonials and photographs of Oprah Winfrey, Sandra Bullock, and Ellen DeGeneres as well as other celebrities. I was gobsmacked when yesterday (8/09/2017) I received an email from LunaLuxe stating that my order for $94.94  was ready to be shipped. I immediately telephoned and stated I didn't intend to order any more and to please cancel. In a short time, I received a second email stating that my order was cancelled.Today (8/10/2017) an email came to inform me that an order had shipped to me shortly after midnight. I returned an email, with the times and dates of yesterdays correspondence, which clearly shows I cancelled before shipping time. They replied,Our records indicates at the time of your cancellation products have already reached the fulfillment center, and you received a USPS shipping notification once USPS had a tracking number available to you. Your account with us is closed. In a telephone call to my bank today, I learned that there is not one, but TWO separate charges from this company. One for $94.94 and a second charge of $91.94, totaling $196.88.Telephoning  this company is futile. Every question is answered with , I do apologize for that but...yadda, yadda, yadda, obviously scripted. Same for when I asked for a supervisor, I am in charge.... . I INSISTED on speaking with a supervisor, and got pretty much the same runaround from her, who said her name was Keisa. She eventually informed me that they do not accept returned merchandise and have no intention of refunding my money. I’ve been back to the website where I placed my order and still see no place to check that I’m over 18 and agree to the terms, unless this shows up AFTER giving my credit card information, which of course I don’t intend to to again. This is underhanded at best, but it’s surely illegal. I hope that I’m not taking the time to write all of it out here if you can’t help. From the numerous complaints I see ahead of me, it seems to be grounds for a class action suit, in which I will gladly participate. 
Entity: Huntington Beach, California
19, Report #1336463
Nov 03 2016
04:51 PM
Piero Skincare Adara Skin care, Letoile , And Illustra Skin Care Free Samples that cost me $98.09 Los Angeles California
I usually don't buy anythig off line, and now here is one more good reason not to.   This pop-up appeared on my computer one day(Oct. 18, 2016) from L'Etoile and Illustra, advertising FREE samples of their skin care products.  All I was to do was to pay shipping and handling, which I did.  The products arrived in the mail about a week later.  They lasted about a week to 10 days and were gone. No where in any of the paperwork or packaging did it say that if I didn't like the product, I had to send it back, nor did it say anything about charging me $98.09 for the products after two weeks. I just called them today to ask them why they took almost $100.00 out of my account.  The representitive then told me Well, when you got the product in the mail, you had two weeks to try it out and if you didn't send it back, then we charge you the full price of the product.  I was outraged that they would charge me that kind of money for free products!  They are slime bags and need to be put out of business!  $98.09 for FREE products...and they will not refund my money! 
Entity: Los Angeles, California
20, Report #1384147
Jul 09 2017
09:31 AM
Letoile skin care I'm a single mom of four and I usually don't don't spend money on facial creams but they way the put this out there I thought I could afford it ,no where did I see that 89 and 98 dollars would be taken from my account . Because of these deductions from my account I am now overdrawn on my checking account and the insufficient faccount charges keep piling up . Letoile has ripped myself and my children off and I'm in financial trouble over something I thought would cost around 10$ is costing me my rent money and groceries. Internet
 Letoile skin care , I bought their product on the internet . They worded their sales as a one time low price of $4.99 and for the eye serum $4.89 give or take a few cents . No where did I read that they would charge my account $98.00 and $89.00 give or take a few cents for their product at a later date . If I would have seen this in print I would have never agreed . I would never in my life pay over $80.00 dollars for something I have never used or even heard of . It has put me in a financial bind .
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1348892
Jan 10 2017
11:36 AM
get luxurious beauty Letoile Cream, illustra cream Face cream scam Internet
Avoid this scam. They convince you to give them your credit card information for a trial product and then charge you next month for a subscription. They got me good because I agreed to try 2 products. One charged 89.29 and the other 98.59 for .5oz of cream. I called and after trying to con me into buying more they finally cancelled and I have lost 200 dollars. I went back and checked my order details and no where does it say you will be charged. 
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1354539
Feb 07 2017
08:56 AM
Letoile AviquaLe Jeune Skin Care Scam ALERT Los Angeles California
Ordered the 14 day trial - paid shipping and handling - and that was all that was wanted.  Product was not impressive and I didn't think about it anymore until this morning when I received an email stating my shipment was on the way and my bank account shows they withdrew $98.09.  The issue I immediately notice on the email is they have the wrong billing address.  I did not request this product, authorize this transaction or ask for any contact from these people ever again. I want my money back NOW!
Entity: Los Angeles, California
23, Report #358292
Aug 01 2008
05:57 PM
MY PRODUCT CENTER - PRODUCT SUPPLY CENTER Get your own webite scam Akron Ohio
This is a very enticing offer especially if you are looking to start your own internet business. The videos and testimonials are very convincing. They made promises of giving me a website to run and have various tools to make the use of the website fool-proof and they even offered other software products as a free bonus. I selected the web product for the website but found my website was down for 2 days after I created it. I complained and was told the network was being serviced. I got very discouraged after jumping through all their suggested hoops only to find that my pocket is around $60.00 lighter since I got involved. I did a web search and found that only 2 websites came up with www.productsupplycenter.com as the beginning address and NONE where mine. The website I have has no traffic and I have followed all their directions. The sign up process starts at $49.99 and goes down. I paid $39.99 for the website and $17.00 for the additional Web traffic secret. Then they send you to another site where more money is requested in order to make your business a success. Every click on these websites brings you to another bonus that will cost you. It has been 10 day since I signed up and I have yet to get the extras promised. NO bonus software. NO Traffic. NO extras that I paid for in anyway. Bottom line is that I got ripped off royally. Laura Fair Oaks, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Akron, Ohio
24, Report #103553
Aug 13 2004
05:35 PM
Product Test Panel ripoff Internet
First they said it was free, a Dell laptop, then they added that you had to select 2 companies to get more free stuff which wasn't free. Had to pay the shipping then cancel before they can bill for something you don't want. It never took me to any screen that verified I had completed the required process but took me back everytime to the original screen to do this all over again. When I finally got an email from them they said I had to get so many points to qualify and that I could check my status by going to www.producttestpanel.com/status.php which took me right back to the original screen that started me over again. Now my debit card info is out there and I am out the shipping cost of these 2 useless items and can only pray they will take them back and not bill me the rest. I was stupid for falling for this when I don't normally fall for offers like this. Shame on me and shame on them! The only reason I got involved is because they made it look like it was connected to yahoo whom I do trust and am reporting this to as well. Karen Kamiah, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #107200
Sep 06 2004
09:51 PM
Product Test Panel What a RIP OFF Internet
I applied for a product test panel because they said I would recieve a big flat screen tv if I joined there panel. So I joined. They said in 90 days I would recieve 1 of 3 products that, I would get to test and keep. I haven't recieved a thing. I was asked to sign up for 3 companies before they would ship my tv. I did apply for Columpia house for 2 years, and two other companies that has costed me a few 100 bucks. I am very upset because my phone bill arrived and It was $190 bill. My bill should have been $20. I called the phone company and they said it was because I applied for a tv and product test panel took my information and gave it to 2 other companies that subscribed me for internet service and email service. Luckly, my phone company gave me a number to call to complain. I called both companies and they took all charges off my bill. I really was looking forward to the TV for my son, that has cancer. That is what he wanted for his birthday and I was bound to get him one. Our family can't afford a big screen TV and I thought what a great opportunity to get him a gift that he has wanted for a long time. It never happened. I am very upset and so is my family. Jessica Warsaw, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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