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26, Report #161490
Oct 20 2005
03:25 PM
Advantage America LIARS, LIARS, LIARS, LOSERS Ripoff Winter Park Florida
My story is VERY similiar to EVERYONE who got SCAM. I have been getting these unknown calls on my cell phone for the past week starting around 0ct. 10 or so. I didn't pick up because these calls are always at night or when I have classes. Finally on Oct. 16th I picked up the phone and a lady who said her name was Cindy told me all these goodies that I just received from the government. Coincendentally, I was at school on Friday and asked if I could get out some loans or more grants. So STUPID ME thought that the school had told them about my finanical needs so that's why they are giving me $12,500 of free money. This lady spoke so bad English that I had a hard time figuring out what she said and kept asking her to repeat what she said and she sound a little steamy after telling her to repeat everything she said so I was like whatever so I just hung up. Then on the 20th a guy went by Joe Moreno (again very bad accent)told me all the crap that Cindy told me. This time we went a little further because his English I could understand to the point he asked me about my personal information (bank name, routing number, and checking accout). I was like what's your name, what company are you from, why am I getting this free money?? He gave me all the explanation saying that because I filed my taxes and the government knew that I needed money. He asked me what am I going to use the money for and I told him my rent and utility bills. He further explain that when the $12,500 sent to my account, I need to have $49.95 for a processing fee. I was like why are you charing my a processing fee he said something like because of the shipping and handling fee and all these other reason that I can not understand. He went on FOREVER and EVER about the fee of $299.95 and he say that I could cancel anytime I want. I just said ok to everything. Gave him all my information then he transferred me to the automated voice thingy. When they asked for me to verify my routing number and checking account again my voice just got lowered and lowered and the woman interrupted and say can I repeat what I say. DANG IT, wish I wouldn't done ANY of THAT. After everything was done she then said that I will be getting $500 of grocery coupons in a week and my check would be coming in 4-8 business days. Throughout this whole process I am still feeling a little uncomfortable but what could I do the government told them to call me and the GOVERNMENT knew that I need money. So when I got off the phone with them I was like what the heck did I just do. NOW, I know when people say that if you could feel something that is not right THEN it is NOT RIGHT period. So, I immediately got online and look up ADVANTAGE AMERICA. I stumble on to this site and was SHOCKED, TERRIFIED, etc. I could not believe what I was reading about this government company. I was so stunned that I went blank for a minute. NEVER in my life I have felt so deceived from a person or should I say a company. I should of hung up on them again. Luckily, I began I regain so knowledge and IMMEDIATELY call me bank and exlpain to them what happen. The banker told me that this was a FRAUD and unfortunately, ALOT of people get scammed. I just felt so horrbile after he told me this. The banker was more than helpful telling me what I should do. He transferred all of my money from my checking to my savings. This process took a while because he had to verify to see if those LOSERS AND LIARS have took any money from account yet. LUCKILY, they haven't and I was fortunate that they haven't. I immeidately went to the bank and made sure my checking account has been close and that all of my money is in my savings account. Opening a new account was such a relieve because I know that these LOWLIFE can't take money from me. However, I was still very stupid to believe in this in the first place. I have learn a very important lesson and I WILL NEVER give my account over the phone to anyone. I hope that all of these people will get caught and HOPEFULLY all of those people that was not as fortuante as I was will get some justice back. AND.. We need to stop them before they scam other innocent people who work hard for their money like most of us in here are. Lanh Portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
27, Report #117779
Nov 14 2004
11:05 AM
Universal Advertising Liars Poor sales ethics Sales Nationwide
I spoke with Barry Stern 1-800-808-8948, and it sounded great, just perfect. But since that time, I have been looking around looking for additional information, on this business. I made it clear the them, my wife wants to do this from home we have a 12 month old baby. I did not want have to go out of the house, at all, as I don't do well face to face with others. And, I don't want to have to sell. Barry assured all this was possible, and so it sounded great. Since we sent our money, $7,500.00, on our credit card, we have experienced additional charges from these guys. Not only is the business not working, but these extra charges are killing us. We have disputed the charges with the cc company and plan on prosecuting these guys for illegally charging us, along with the cc company. Shirley New Town, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
28, Report #522568
Nov 11 2009
12:59 PM
Overlook Manor Frederick MD Liars liars rude customer service thiefs Frederick, Maryland
Let me start by saying i applied for an apt at Overlook Manor in Frederick Maryland location on route 40. I had to put down a 150.00 holding fee for the apt and 25.00 application fee ok So I did and was told that the holding fee would be released after my application has been approved. So I get a email stating the application was denied now mind you I keep track on my online account and I get a text alert after any money is placed or removed from my account.. So they took the 25.00 application fee ok I am kool with that then went on and took my 150.00 holding fee So i am thinking well I must got approved if they took that I called them they was like Siera Smith was like oh no u was denied but I was told If I was denied they wouldn't take me 150.00 well she said she didn't know and I would have to wait till Jen came back to work I waited for 2 days so the 3rd day I called there home office in Texas and was told by them they only process the payment that the offices send to them and they sent it the same day that I applied... So tell me how in the heck can you denie me then turn around and run a credit check first  then decided to take my money  it took them 2weeks and 4 days for them to send me a check in the mail.... I am so glad I didn't rent from them if they are dishonest with the application process then who to say what would happened if I had rented from them......
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
29, Report #538099
Dec 11 2009
10:27 PM
American Housing and Remodeling Liars, Liars, Liars. pinellas park, Florida
In need of A remodeling or building contractor ? Whatever you do don't  fall for the dishonest promises and lies of American Housing and remodeling like we did!!!!  We needed remodeling done prior to moving into a home. We called for several estimates from many company's, they were unable to accommodate the time frame we were looking for. We decided although they were much higher in price, we would go with American Housing And Remodeling because they promised that, they would be able to finish within the time neccessary , and were able to start immediately! First we met with Gary the salesman and we went over everything we wanted to have done. Gary assured us that they would not only be able to complete the tasks , they would match the high quality of our home! Not only did they not finish in time (several weeks late), but their sub contractors are rude and extremely disrespectful, they treat you , their customer like you are stupid! They will stand right in front of their shoddy worksmanship and act like there is nothing wrong with it!!!! Everything they were to remodel was done wrong ,base boards and wood trim cut uneven,half the baseboards weren't stained  at all, gaps everywhere ,areas  not caulked,mirrors in the wrong places, not put up right, tile sounds hollow in many places  ect.... To get American Housing And Remodeling to keep their promises  and to complete what was paid for or overpriced I should say ,was like pulling all your teeth out of your mouth ,and if that wasn't bad enough  we are stuck with the terrible quality of their work until we decide we can't stand it any longer and have to pay someone else to do it correctly! These company's  shouldn't continue to get away with ripping off their customers something needs to change!!!!!
Entity: pinellas park, Florida
30, Report #373381
Sep 16 2008
10:04 AM
First American Home Warranty Liars, liars and more liars VanVan Nuys, California
First American Home Warranty will put on a big show (over the phone) about how wonderful they are. Don't be taken in by them! They lie! I haven't even gotten my information for the home warranty and they have already charged me $40.00. I've waited 3 weeks to be able to read what they offer. I was contacted after I responded to, for a special offer. They can't except a check, so they must take out monthly payments from your credit card. Well, I wanted to be able to read over the information first before purchasing a policy, but I couldn't without giving up my credit card number. I told the representative on the phone that I was going on vacation and would speak to him later. Well, of course the offer was good only for that day. So I gave him my credit card number as he promised the material would be waiting upon my return. 15 days later no information still. I was lied to!!! I then told him that my escrow company has the money from the seller of the home and would pay a lump sum and then I would pay with my credit card the difference. He said that was fine. Well, I was lied to!!! They can't do that. This is a very good way for them to make money, because you only have 30 days to cancel. Some folks that don't receive any information as promised, could forget and then their card will be charged again next month, but it is already too long after your 30 days, to receive a refund. I called to find out where my information was and the guy that spoke to me, kept lying that I was never charged! I have the credit card statement, buddy! I called back to speak with another rep when this guy just frustrated me. The next guy was able to find where I was charged. Give him a medal!!! I have an unique situation, where my escrow company has the money and will pay a lump sum and then I will pay the remainder by my card. This was all soooo acceptable according to the original rep I spoke to. Now, I find out that they can not do business like that! So.... I was lied to!!!! I want nothing to do with any of the home warranty companies. They all seem to lie and or deny claims according to the web sites that expose them. I will never be able to get the money from the escrow company directly to me, so another scam.... I loose that amount as well. I will just deposit, the equivalent payment amount each month in a bank account to be saved for future repairs. I don't want a company like this to have a dime of my money and then cost more money from the contractor and a lot of headaches. I'll buy my own services and at least this way I have someone in front of me should I need to Ring His Neck!!!! Christy lewisville, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Van Nuys, California
31, Report #346680
Jul 02 2008
08:58 AM
Cambridge Merchant Card LIARS LIARS THEIFS THEIFS LIARS Internet
OK so this company calls me and tells me the have card for 5,000 dollers to help my credit score. im like ok cool. i ask them IS THIS A REAL....CREDIT CARD(i had never heard of this company before and i dont like merchant cards.). they tell me yes you can pay your bills and put gas ion your car if you want. us it anywhere on the street. ok so im hooked right. i asked them 3 more times IS THIS A REAL CREDIT CARD?????? yes yes yes they tell me. ok so i sign up right. i make a date two weeks in adavnce for them to deduct 250 dollers from my account. they tell me its a security deposit. ok im cool. about 2 days after this call i get a gut feeling somthings wrong so i start serching.I find out that this is flippen merchant card that i cannot use everywhere. so i call back and tell them hey i want to cancel (now remember my security deposit has not been deducted yet) they give me all this crap about ok well we need to listen to the original recording. so im like ok cool. the weekend passes monday and tuesday too and no word so i call back. they tell me well they are not finished going through file b/c alot of people are canceling (no really????) but i need to pay a 59 doller cancellation fee for a card i dont have in my pocket. for money i have not spent. I tell them i was lied to in the beggining so i shoudnt have to pay this i yell i scream they dont listen they just ask what date i want the mony deducted from my account. what can i do to stop them from taking my money?? Lala roanoke, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
32, Report #376348
Sep 26 2008
04:47 PM
Entirely Pets Big scam on free postage >$100: liars, liars, liars Norfolk Nebraska
I too was taken on the free postage scam plastered over their www. When you get to the end of the ordering process, quite confident that all the items you have selected get you up over the $100 minimum, there is a postage amount dumped in there but like in other sites, you presume when you click to pay, that it will drop out to zero since you went over the $100. Well, it did not and right after I pressed to confirm to pay, I saw I was indeed charged postage so I popped them an immediate email asking for a credit for the mistaken charge on the postage. Therein started a LONG series of emails trying to get my money back. I asked to cancel the order, but they said it was shipped. 36 hours later, I got the email saying the order had just shipped. That was lie number two. So they took my money AND lied about when they shipped it so I could not get my money back. Email after email tells you that it is clear the free shipping is not for pet food (lie number 3) and that it is clearly marked on the www (lie number 4; maybe it is if you look WAY deep into the www and read the fine print). I am an expert shopper and it takes a lot to rip me off. Plastered all over is free shipping for orders over $100. Seeing what has been posted here about other folks having problems with these people returning a product and trying to get the refund, I think I will NOT refuse the package and hope for a refund ... which will never come from what you other folks are saying. They got me for the postage and I'm glad that's all they have stolen from me. I am not kidding here. It take a lot to get me steamed. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE. There are plenty of other stores out there that list their shipping policies VERY CLEARLY for a shopper to read with ease and not be lied to / misled. Stay away. Their free postage offer IS A SCAM. Telling it like it is Dontwanttosay, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Norfolk, Nebraska
33, Report #493939
Sep 12 2009
02:52 PM
Sweet Intention scam rip off liars con artists misleading, liars Las Vegas, Nevada
Coming home from gentlemen's club, told by cab driver he was stopping by a massage establishment which he highly recommended, I told him no thanks but he insisted and truthfully it sounded like it would be nice.  Once inside lied/deceived to by front counter lady, then bullied into paying more money to get a better experience which ended up consisting of a hand massage and ear rub.  Total time spent getting hand rubbed was about 5 minutes, originally was told the minimum relaxation package, which was paid, would constitute 20-25 minutes.  Cab driver told me he would wait until massage was over and take me back to hotel at no charge.  Instead after 5 minute hand rub was asked for more money, which I paid and then was asked for more money which I didn't pay and was then escorted out the back door by a large, intimidating african american man.  Cab driver was no where to be found, massage never happened, totally an F job.  This was a con, which was played on me after a long day when all I wanted to originally do was go back to my hotel room.  There was no relaxation to be had at all, very uncomfortable environment once I realized what was happening, which was about the time they were walking me out the back.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
34, Report #472161
Jul 22 2009
09:06 AM
Great Lakes Warranty Corporation Dont Trust them !!! Liars, Liars, LIars Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
This company does'nt honor anything part or labor so when you see it offered to you for a vehicle you better run and run fast ! I bought a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee an they were offered as my powertrane warranty company,what a joke ! My truck broke down an the radiator cracked open from overheating,they claimed from just our conversation that they couldnt cover it because the radiator caused the engine to blow,yeah right ! I knew right then and there that they were bogus because before even having the details they already didnt want to pay! The best advice I could give you is this if anyone offers you this company realize that they are trying to screw you over because it's not a real warranty company. It's just a frame of one to hustle peoples trust so you can make a grave mistake and buy ! So the key thing here is if it's offer run run run as fast as you can to another dealership with a real warranty ! Olorolo36 Monroeville, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
35, Report #563917
Feb 03 2010
09:22 AM
Dealer Cost Audio Liars, Desceptive, Fraud, Liars, Shady, An ONLINE nightmare, Liars Santa Ana, California
This company should be investigated by the gov for fraud and evey manufacturer they shown on their site, should file a lawsuit for slandering of their good name.  These guys seem to setup a new company every so often when things get bad enough.  After researching the name, I found that this is at least the 3rd company they have opened in this exact location.   If I was in CA, I would be personaly visiting these guys so they could look me in the eye and try to lie.  If anyone knows of a local News station that like to do informative reporting, send them this company.  Its giving CA, online retailers and great manufacturers a VERY BAD NAME. And for those of you looking for reviews before buying something... just remember for every person who takes the time to file a complaint there are 20 who do not, so don't take the excuse they gave me... Well we sell so may things that we are bound to have some unhappy customers.   If you are having issues, please take the time and report these guys so noone else has to deal with the issues.
Entity: Santa Ana, California
36, Report #638016
Sep 06 2010
05:56 AM
Milan Auto Sales5800 S Western Ave Chicago IL 60636-1527On april 19, 2010 I purchased a car from Milan Auto the first car was a Bravada truck we took it to have a diagnostics run on the car, and was told that the car had engine issues and electrial issues. we took that carabak and brought a 1999 ford explorer with 127465 miles,i paid 4898.00 but gave them 2000.00 They hd the car repoed on 9/6/2010 for a balance of 800.00, i have called them every week for over a month asking them to hold up their part of the bargin to have the things fixed on the car and to give me plates for the car and i would pay the baance. they advised me someone will get back with me i also advisd them of my number change on several occassins, everytime was let me add that to your file or i can't find your file right now.the car ran okay just until we got off the lot it stopped running they advised us it was because the car had no gas we took the car to a mechanic and had a diagnostic test ran they advised that the car had previously had some type of fire damage it needed new tire rods and pendions, it also had bd electrical issues ants came out of the gas tank. the hood they rigged just for it to stay down long enough to get off the lot. the windshield motor was gone in the car the back windshield never worked the front driver side of the car had been in an accident but they just got a paint job but never fixed the issues. on several occassion s i asked them about the plates for my car and they advised me that they would give me my plates once the car was payed off but the tmp pltes had expired.I want them to either fix the issues that are wrong with the car since they have repoed the car within the 21day repo period or i want them to issue me a car in good working condition that is in comparison in price and I pay the balance owed to them on the car. or they give me the price of the work that I have had done already on the car plus half of my down payment because he wrote on one of the two buyers guides that state as is no warranty that they would honor the first 3days to have the car fixed and the additional 14days when I submitted to them within the first 3days what was wrong and they kept pushin me off.
Entity: CHICAGO, Illinois
37, Report #649435
Oct 10 2010
12:54 PM
Bob Dance Hyundai Liars! Liars! Liars! Worst Dealership in Florida! Sanford, Florida
These people will tell you anything to get you in the door, they are nothing but a bunch of clowns and liars. Do not waste your time and money with these people, they suck.If you are ever contacted by the salesman Walter Do Not Walk, Run the other Way!Worst Dealership in Florida, May be the Worst in the USA!
Entity: Sanford, Florida
38, Report #792898
Jun 29 2012
03:22 PM
DCI (also known as DYRO) DYRO LIARS, LIARS, LIARS Houston, Texas
Do NOT waste your time and gas.  This company has the inability to tell the truth.First off, I was hired for Customer Care as their ad states:Westside Houston Manufacturing Company has entry-level full time openings that must be filled this week. These are permanent positions with potential for advancement. The positions involve the following:- filling/refilling vendor supply orders.- greeting clients.- follow up quality control calls on all deliveries.- creating relationships with new vendors.- schedule deliveries.- troubleshooting.We manufacture industrial cleaning chemicals, supplies, and equipment for wholesale purposes. Our company has been in business for over 14 years and is growing despite economic times. We are a member of the BBB and have been recognized in KQ magazine and RTS Reports for our solid track record and outstanding customer service. This position starts at $2200.00/mo and offers paid training for those who qualify. We are looking for young adults ages 18 and up to start right away.We are looking for individuals with a train me attitude. No experience is required. Must meet the following criteria to schedule an interview.- 18 yrs of age or older (young adults are encouraged to apply)- reliable transportation.- dependable.- neat in appearance.- enjoy working with people.- have the ability to work under stress.- trainable.- flexible schedule.- pass a criminal background check; no exceptions.Call now to schedule an interview. Ask for the Front Desk.281-600-0010Complete bullshit...Steven who interviewed me said this was a Customer Care job, assisting existing clients...LIE #1Orientation was this past Saturday where again Daniel told us that we were guaranteed a salary and that NO selling would be involved...LIE #2So, Monday was the first day of training from 12PM-10PM...NO LUNCH BREAK, only 6 minute breaks...they treat you like slaves...They also stated that we would be paid every week, well by Tuesday Justin the trainer was saying that we were never told that and that we would be getting paid the Saturday after next...LIE #3Day 3 was enough for me...the morning consisted of the other employees playing loud music and dancing on the stage like the douchebags that they are...Needless to say when I found out that we were going to be going door to door I had the team leader (she really wasn't a team leader, she hadn't even been promoted yet) drop me back off at the office before the day began.  No way was I going to be fooled for a third day in a row with their (((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE)))I also know of at least one other person in my training class who did the same.I'm really super pissed that I wasted my time and gas money on these idiots. If they want people to sell their product then they should advertise that they want 'salespeople instead of being deceptive and posting for customer care reps.My main regret is that I didn't think to look these douchebags up before wasting two days with their circus.DANIEL + JUSTIN + STEVEN + ED = DOUCHEBAGSIf anyone is filing a suit, please let me know.
Entity: Houston, Texas
39, Report #715575
Apr 08 2011
03:07 PM
NewPronet: Liberty Toner Defective Products, Rude Customer Service.. liars liars liars Irving, Texas
I made a mistake and ordered a set of cartridges for my color printer. I received that and when I needed them i installed them. The print quality was terrible. I emailed them three times and never got a response. I called them and finally they wanted me to do what they should have done, test each one seperately so they could figure which ones were bad. I had no time for that. I requested a refund. They would not pay for the return shipping. I oackaged them in the boxes I got from buying new branded cartridges. Two weeks go by and I didnt receive the refund. I emailed them and they claimed they never got them back. I sent them a coipy of the delivery report from UPS.. They finally found them I waited over a week for the credit, it never showed up. I called to follow up and I was promsed it will be issued that day. A weeek goes by and no credit. I called again and I got a very rude person on the phone. I yelled at him and requested my credit. He hung up pn me and sent me an email saying that my packaging was poor and my attitude was poor and so theyu decided not to issue a credit. BEWARE.. bad product, a bunch of liars and crooks.. DO NOY BUY FROM THEM!
Entity: Irving, Texas
40, Report #876443
May 01 2012
06:38 AM
The Closeout Club LIARS, LIARS, LIARS miami, Florida
Do not Buy anything from this company, they are huge liars.  My sister bought a truckload of brand name toys and she got garbage that can't even be sold in the market for $1,000. They show you pallets and merchandise that you are going to receive and when they ship it to you, you realize that they sent you garbage!!! I don't even understand how is this company in business still!!  Do not let this liars take your money.  I don't recomend this company not even to my worst enemy.
Entity: miami, Florida
41, Report #283277
Nov 06 2007
12:07 PM
Biotab LIARS LIARS LIARS... BIOTAB IS A RIPPOFF California Zipcode 91016m California
I ordered the free trial from this company and apon ordering it I specifically asked the lady on the phone before getting her my card number if the free trial started after you recieved the product or when you ordered. She told me I wouldn't be charged untill 7 days after i recieved the product. This is untrue I was charged today 11/06/07 and recieved it yesterday 11/05/07. not to mention that after i recieved it on the package it says for the product to actually work you have to be taking it for atleast 30 days. why would you give someone a free 7 day Trial if you know that it won't even work that quick. This company is very misleading and Dishonest AND i hope that they pay for their ways that they treat potential customers. Crausa07 panama city, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: M, California
42, Report #328251
Apr 23 2008
06:12 AM
Rent A Center, rent A Center liars liars liars WOODHAVEN New York
I got a computer from rent a center back in jan. 08. The computer was damaged from day 1. I called the store 5 mins after the they dropped it off, and part of the rental agreement they are supposed to put the computer together but they told me they donyt have the time to do so. The computer came in a plastic crate. It told that i was getting a BRAND NEW computer. Lie #1. I paid for the extra service protection and it took them 3 months to fix the to fix the problem. The only reason they fixed it, is because i stopped paying for damaged goods. Lie #2 the re-wrote my contract and told me that it was like i just got the computer so i had to pay 1 week and was supposed to get one week free, when i mentioned that to them the said thats not true and closed my account and want the computer back. They did this ONLY after i called rent a center's corp. office in plano texas. I guess that is how they deal with upset customers. i think that everyone how has been treated poorly from this company should start a class action siut against them to shut them down for good. Every call ur local congressman/woman an file complaints beacuse they sure dont listen to us. Irate in new york forest hills, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: WOODHAVEN, New York
43, Report #326732
Apr 17 2008
09:22 AM
MVP Auto Liars, Liars, Liars, Kansas City Missouri
I purchased a car from MVP Auto Sales on 3/17/2008. Missouri State Law states that you must provide a title at the time of purchase. Here it is 30days later and I still dont have a title. The guy told me to take the car to a mechanic and they would tell me that it was just like brand new. That was a lie, the injectors are bad, it has a massive oil leak, The oil had not been changed since 2001, they spray painted the bumper and other parts of the car to cover up the chip and scratches, (who does that besides a 5 year old kid) spark plugs were bad. I called the guy twice a week for the last 30 days and got a different story everytime. He told me that my title was returned to him and that he must have wrote the address down wrong (funny I wrote the address down) then he told me that it was overnighted and then I still didn't get it and I called again and his employee forgot to mail it. Here it is 04/17/2008 and my tags are up today, I have no title cant license my car and keep getting lied to. Don't buy a car from these guys. Shera Cameron, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Missouri
44, Report #256316
Jun 22 2007
09:11 PM
Charter Communications Liars Incompetent Billing LIARS ripoff liars deal breakers non bonus giving bundle schmundle Louisville Kentucky
I have been a customer of Charter for two and a half years and always thought them to be great. That is, until last week. Now I know they are ridiculously unprofessional! I had to spend hours on the phone with a bunch of lying sales agents to get an upgrade, they gave me different prices on everything. When I finally did get what I thought to be a good deal, the install guy was nine and a half hours late and I had to lay the cable myself..he didn't want to be held liable if my kid tripped up on it. I was asked to pay $80 more than was initially agreed, and when I called Charter to verify it, surprise, surprise..I was disconnected twice. The installer said it would be applied to my bill. So I paid him, against my better judgement. A couple of days later, a $30 charge was on my bill for the 'free' install, and only $50 had been credited to my account. There were numerous other charges on there too that were bogus, and it wasn't listed as a promotion deal at all. The additional bonus that I was supposed to receive for signing up for their bonus..was no-where to be seen. The Sales Agent had completely lied about everything, there was not a single figure on the bill that was the same as we had originally agreed on. When I called Charter to get it corrected they were anything but helpful about it, I spoke to four different agents and they really had little interest in helping me, and I was disconnected when I asked to speak to a Manager. I did get through to a Manager eventually and he wasn't interested in the errors either. It was their stance that I was too incompetent to be able to figure out their billing system. According to them, they were right, and I was wrong. I called Charter Corporate Complaints and the Corporate Liason offered to credit $18 to my account over a six month period of time (the billing error added up to approximately $167 over six months, plus a $3 fee for a modem each month). By now I had spent hours trying to arrange an install, nine and a half hours waiting for it, and hours more trying to get issues resolved. I had been lied to, ignored, disconnected, overbilled, put on hold, and thoroughly insulted. Needless to say I am more than a little annoyed. I hate the fact that they have taken me for a ride financially, but what bothers me more is the time it has taken me to resolve the issues, and the feeling that they don't actually give a darn about how they treat their customers. There's NO way they can adequately compensate me for that. Krystal Slidell, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
45, Report #269035
Aug 21 2007
04:48 AM
American Standard Financial liars, liars, just liars Barados calling from overseas
American Standard Financial They called me too in July 07 saying the sae thing about I would recieve a grant for the amount if I paid 350 something dollars. It would take them 72 hours to the money to me. What would I use it for, and that they could only charge your account on certain days (it was suppose to be the 11th of July for me). I later was charged around 23 instead. So I called my credit union, they only had a 1-800 number to call. That company lead you to them, and said they were just the third party. So I called them, and ask them where was my information or money. The lied and said they sent it. I called the local post office to see how items sent from overseas must be sent. The guy said all items must have a tracking number. But lady from the company could not give me a tracking number, or anything, and when I refuse service she told me I had to wait until I received the so-called information then return it back in mint-condition, and my money would be refunded in about 20 days or so. They are out of Barados, at least that what she said. They do record the conversation, because she played it back to me just to let me know I did authorize payment. I cannot think of the number but I do have it somewhere. So call your bank/credit union and trace back the charge, and there should be a number that will lead you to them. I will keep you all posted on my outcome. Because I have moved, and all my mail has been forwarded, and I have yet to get anything. I am a student I cannot afford to just lose money like that. Grant are FREE remeber everyone ok. If we do not receive anything from this...just know next time that if it sounds to go to be true then it is. God bless Felecia Flint, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
46, Report #1146102
May 12 2014
08:49 PM
Automotive Scientific Inc Liars Liars Liars And Bad Work Rogersville Tennessee
This company will tell you what you want to hear on the phone when their are selling you and then not deliver. These people promise to send me one of their rebuilt PCM for my car program and ready to go . Three days after I paid them they called me to tell me they could not deliver to send my old one from my car and they would rebuild it saving me over $200.00 and I would get it back in about four days .  I never got my refund on the difference and after about a month the PCM was sent to National Garage in worse condition then when it was sent to them. National said they had a PCM from this company for a car that has been sitting on their lot for over a month and it was bad and this company would not return their phone calls to National. If this company doesn't credit my credit card I will look into getting them for credit card fraud . They tell you , you can go to their website and they give you updates on your part . LIARS ! When I went to the website and put my name in the site said NO ACCOUNT? I took a picture of this . My credit card company called while I was on the phone to resove this and they told my credit card company they would not talk to them? Folks this company should be invedtgsted by law enforcement or even the state of TN. 
Entity: Rogersville, Tennessee
47, Report #939991
Sep 12 2012
08:28 AM
Royal Administration is not only a ripoff company for extended warranty, I purchased an extended policy and it never went into effect for 5 months and with a surprise I had a company withdraw 94.02 from my account I called to cancel and was told I would recieved 77.28% refund for what I put down as down payment, mind you I never used the warranty now I am told I will not recieve a refund at all and in the contract it states that a refund will be given based on a percentage you see it has not happen DO NOT PURCHASE AN AGREEMENT FROM THIS RIP OFF OF A COMPANY!!!!!!  
Entity: HANOVER, Massachusetts
48, Report #1201289
Jan 13 2015
06:16 AM
ATLANTAQUALITYSINGLES.COM/Smyrna,Georgia. Strong ARM Tactics, Liars, Liars, Liars Atlanta Georgia
This dating service should have been closed down by the police or the City of Atlanta. They stole 500USD from me. They show you pretty women on their monitors & keep you in their office for hours until you sign their contract. They use strong arm tactics saying if you walk out the door you'll never be able to join again or at this great price. The price got lower as we talked but the bottom line was give me your money to show your interest NOW. After today they stated on my 1st visit this offer will no longer be available. If they openly lied to me I can't imagine what they do to immigrants or people on a special work visa. You can't trust these people since they openly lie. I don't believe they're still operating. It shows you how lame the police & city hall are about protecting citizens from these unsavory organizations. They told me they would return my check for 500USD BUT of course they lied & never did!.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
49, Report #1189433
Nov 17 2014
10:08 AM
Dell Computers Liars Liars Liars Round Rock Texas India or wherever Nationwide
I purchased what I thought was a nice lap top from Dell through their online program.  In addition, I purchased a  4 year warranty.  Needless to say I am very upset with Dell.  The computer went on the fritz a week ago.  I spent an hour on the phone with Dell technical support.  No resolution.  He said they would send me a box and I could ship the computer in for repair. No Box.  One week later spent an hour on the phone with Dell technical support.  Passed through 5 different agents. Last agent hung up on me.  Called this morning, passed through the agents.  Was hung up on.  Long story short don't buy a Dell and if you do, don't buy a warranty, not worth the paper its printed on.
Entity: Nationwide
50, Report #1075802
Aug 14 2013
12:05 PM
AppleOne Act1 in San Bernardino Liars, Liars, Liars San Bernardino California
They lie and say that if you work 1500 hours you will receive one weeks pay or paid week off. They BS about getting your total hours from the corporate office. Then they tell you that you dont qualify because you were laid off for a week or two. Your anniversary date is the date you registered with AppleOne so if you work 1 full year even with a break in between and still accumulate 1500 hours you are still entitled to the bonus. They are full of crap. Ive been registered for 6yrs and still havent seen a bonus check. Once you pass the anniversary date then its too late to receive it. they should be the one's notifying there clients to let them know when they have reached there hours to atleasr show some appreciation for the hard work we do in the field. SMH they get paid $18.00 an hour to send a temp out to work for $12.00 an hour. AppleOne needs to get it together before they get a big law suit.
Entity: San Bernardino, California

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