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1, Report #1383524
Jul 06 2017
10:52 AM
Liberty Data Center Fraudulent company with a fake website Glendale Arizona
On May 27, 2017, a salesperson from Liberty Data Center came.  He convinced my daughter, who was home alone, that she could make a charitable donation by buying a book and sending it to a charity.  No information was provided for the charity and the receipt clearly indicates they do not accept donations of any kind. My daughter paid $84 in cash and got a receipt saying that refund will be issued if cancellation request is submitted within 3 business days.  The sale was made on a Saturday.  I sent a certified mail with the original receipt requesting the refund by the following Tuesday - this met the 3-business day requirement for cancellation.  However no response was ever received from this company.  No e-mail address or phone  was provided on their website.  I tried to contact them via their website at the contact us section on June 29, 2017.  After I submitted my inquiry, I noticed that next to the submit bottom, it says that By clicking 'submit' I agree to some ridiculously invasive terms that I didn't actually read. There was NOTHING to read at the contact page and there's no real way to contact this entity.  They do not respond to anything from their website or via mail.  They sent out so called salesperson making fake sales and issue fake receipts with fake cancellation policy on it.    
Entity: Arizona
2, Report #1412374
Nov 17 2017
10:10 AM
Liberty Data Center The salesman took my check, deposited it and I never got product. Glendale Arizona
I tried to call company but they have no phone number, only computer address. I e-mailed them twice before check was deposited, they never replied. I also never got the books I ordered. the salesman said someone from the company would contact me in 8 days from the time I wrote the check, NO call!!! I felt that I could of told them then to cancel the order. I feel I was scamed. So I am out the $180.00 and no prodeuct to show for it. Michele
Entity: Glendale, Arizona
3, Report #1387181
Jul 21 2017
10:44 AM
Liberty Data Center I have a POA for my elderly neighbor who lives alone. I went out to run an errand and while gone and totally the NO SOLICIATION sign posted, they entered the house and stole $68.00 from my neighbors purse. The sold a subscription to a legally blind woman suffering from dementia Glendale Arizona
My neighbor is legally blind and suffers from dementia.  LibertyDATA sold her a magazine subscription.   There is a sign clearly posted on the front of her home NO SOLICITATION.  I was out running and errand.  Not only did they rip her off they went into her wallet and took $68.00 out.   Tried calling, wrong a letter asking that the money be returned.   Reported it to the elder abuse office of Westchester County, New York.  
Entity: Glendale, Arizona
4, Report #839226
Feb 14 2012
06:55 PM
Liberty Fulfillment Center Automatic shipments of cometics at $200 plus per shipment. Scottsdale, Arizona
My wife was signed up for periodic shipments of cometics with automatic charges to her credit card at $216 per pop.  The chemicals were supposed to reduce wrinkles and make you look younger.  Product did not work for her, and the cost per ounce was almost $500!  I called the 800 number and talked to customer service.  They authorized a return of the last shipment with a full refund and gave me a confirmation number for cancellation of the automatic refill plan.  We will know very shortly if the refund was processed and automatic ordering cancelled.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
5, Report #721018
Apr 22 2011
07:44 PM
Liberty Fulfillment Center Perfection perfect skin at any age beauty products Beware - Liberty Fulfillment Center Targets Elderly & is a complete scam Scottsdale, Arizona
Liberty Fulfillment Center sent a letter to my elderly mother, acting like it was a friend of hers. It was using her first name and recommended she try this really wonderful anti aging cream Perfection which she bought, hook, line & sinker. She was so impressed with the letter, she called and order both she & I free samples. The told her you only pay for shipping. When she told me about this the alarms in my head went off. I told her I thought it was a scam and I went on the internet. The only things I could find were the reports here. I asked her if she'd given her credit card number and she said no although I think she must have. I received my samples in the mail & so did she. I did not open mine as I knew better. She called me today and said there was a charge on her credit card for almost $500 for these free samples. I told her to contact her credit card and tell them they are charges she never authorized and to send the product back with a delivery confirmation, which I will also do. I hope this is enough. I may also contact my lawyer for further advice. Please, everyone beware and advise your elderly parents & friends NOT to purchase anything unsolicited!
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
6, Report #164965
Nov 17 2005
12:19 PM
Business Data Center Premium Data Marketing, Business Directory Scam Ripoff Plattsburgh New York
Business Data Center aka Premium Marketing Services, Inc. (and possibly aka Infomatika Publications)attempting to collect payment on an invoice for a telephone directory listing and CD-ROM Directory that our company had not ordered or purchased. On 11/16/05 our accounts payable department was contacted by a Michael Klien (MK) with Business Data Center, regarding payment of an invoice sent to our company from Business Data Center for a listing in, and a CD-ROM Directory. MK questioned why it hadn't been paid, or the directory wasn't returned if it was not ordered to begin with. Our AP person asked him to fax a copy of the invoice, and gave it to me, her supervisor as it had my name on it as authorizer for the purchase. I immediately called this individual and was told he was busy and would call me back. I then checked with the Better Business Bureau of New York and discovered that a business with a different name (Premium Data Marketing, Inc.) was listed with the exact same address, and it indicated that complaints had been filed against the company for attempting to collect payment on invalid invoices. I called PDM again and asked to speak with the Principal listed in the BBB listing (Mike Conolly), and was asked the invoice number and told my file had been transferred, and they would have to have someone call me back. I indicated I needed to speak to someone immediately or be called back immediately or I was filing a report with the BBB. The person on the phone said I don't have a rocket on my back so I don't think I'll be able to have anyone call you back that quickly. She told me she would pass on my message and I hung up. After hanging up, I didn't receive a call back immediately so I filed a report with the BBB of Buffalo, the Attorney General's Office of New York, and the Federal Trade Commission. After filing these reports I did recieve a call back from Mr. Klien who I informed that we did not order or authorize this directory listing and/or the CD-ROM and he was to immediately void this invoice (from July 2005) and take no further action to collect. He did not acknoweldge or respond directly and redirected the conversation. When I reiterated my point to him that we had not ordered this directory listing and/or CD-ROM again he failed to acknowledge this and attempted to redirect. He then hung-up. We had a similar experience (in 2004) with an Informatika Publications located at 100 Walnut Street #106, Champlain (near Plattsburgh) NY 12919 with an affiliate called Infomatika, Inc at 3300 S. Gessner, Suite 250 Houston, TX 77063, whose (bogus) invoice was also dated in the month of July. This experience fit the Federal Trade Commission's description of Directory Scams which can be found at They must have called our business initially to obtain my name, and may have sent unsolicited materials and an invoice, however this invoice did not state this is not an invoice. Also, the website on which the alleged listing appears states that it is undergoing hardware updates and will be back online in 48 hours. The invoice also asks for credit card information. Tim Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Plattsburgh, New York
7, Report #7797
Nov 14 2001
12:00 AM
liberty benefits package, llc......where is my card?
i called liberty and was approved for a $4,000.00 credit limit on 7-24-01. they took $221.00 out of my account on 7-24 01. they told me it would be 4 to 6 weeks until i receive my card. i called them back on 9-24-01 and they told me that it would be another 4 weeks because of the attack on america. i called them back on 10-15-01 and they told me that i would get my card on 11-01-01. it is now 11-14-01 and still do not have my card. evry time i call them it is either busy or i have to wait 45 minutes to an hour to get through. i am going to keep calling them until i get my card or find out how to get my money back. i could use the $221.00 they took. i counted on the card to consolidate my other credit cards and now i am months behind on all my credit payments. if anybody has found out anything about how to get their money back or if you had received your card, please let me know. as i will do for all of you. i know there are at least 4 or 5 more of you that is getting screwed by the same credit company that i am. !!!!!!!! i can update this before i even get it posted....i just got through to liberty benefits package, llc!!!!!!! it took me 45 minutes to get through but i did it.... they told me that the reason why i did not get my card (which would be the titanium blue card...not the credit card.) is because of the anthrax scare. they told me that i have to fill out the pre approved application and send it a processing fee of $16.95 and call three banks to get a visa or master card through them. which means i will end up waiting many more weeks to find out whether i am approved or not. they did not tell me this when i called the first time to get the card over the phone. i will keep you all updated. mlf..........indiana
Entity: gloucester city, new jersey
8, Report #98441
Jul 11 2004
02:13 PM
Home Loan Center ripoff Dishonest business practices Internet
I was ready to buy a house in fall 2003. After doing research, I contacted for my mortgage. I was pre-approved right away for a no-money down loan with an 80/20 loan. I locked in the rate of 5.5% on the first loan with a $600 lock deposit (charged to my bank's checkcard). I was told that it would be put against closing. Michael Park gave me a 5.5% on the first loan and a 7.5% on the second loan. Our P&I payment was approx. $700 (plus $141 in ins and tax for a total monthly payment of $841). I asked him to send me the paperwork and began looking for a house (we were pre-approved up to $125,000). On September 20, 2003 we made an offer on a house ($114,900). We signed the purchase contract and I contacted Michael Park the following business day. He asked me to fax him the purchase contract and he would begin the loan paperwork. After two weeks, I had not heard back from him (nor had he returned my calls). I spoke with his manager, Gabriel Lubutti, he promised me he would get this taken care of immediately. I finally heard back from Gabriel, but there were some problems with my loan. In order to do an 80/20, my first loan interest rate would be 6.5% and my second loan interst rate was over 11%. Or, we could take a 7% on the total loan and pay PMI. Our payment, regardless of which way we went, was going to be over almost $1,200 per month! I asked him about the rate lock that I had paid for and he said it was not worth anything, because Michael had incorrectly pre-approved us and that I WAS MISTAKEN IF I THOUGHT THE RATE LOCK MEANT ANYTHING! This was 3 WEEKS before closing! I called Gabriel's manager, and the president of the company. The only person that returned my calls was the president's asst (we'll look into this, I promise). Meanwhile, I contacted a local KC company [(AmeriFirst Mortgage - THEY ARE AWESOME), who locked us in (no fee required)] and they were able to help us meet our closing and the rate was lower than the original terms of Homeloancenter. However, I was still out $600 from Homeloanscamcenter. I contacted them yet again, and they told me that they could not refund my $600 if I did not close my loan with them. This was crap and I informed them that I would report them to the BBB and the FTC (which I did). I finally got my $600 back. I wish I had done my homework first on Homeloancenter, because after the miserable experience, I found out lots of other people were in the same boat. STAY AWAY FROM HOMELOANCENTER!!! Oh and I did not receive the GFE until 2 WEEKS AFTER I was pre-approved. Yvonne Liberty, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #81394
Feb 22 2004
02:10 PM
Perfection - Paradise Partners - Liberty Fulfillment Center ripoff will go into your checking account or credit card without permission Scottsdale Arizona
When you call to order your free sample of the products the products are not free they charge for shipping. Then they tell you if you do not call them in 12 days from the time you called then they will go into your checking account or credit card for a total of 85.85. You are put on a auto ship program where you are billed every month. They do not send you a invoice so a lot of people do not know they are being billed until they get their credit card statement. All you have to do is call the credit card company for a chargeback and this will get your money back. Anthony Mesa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
10, Report #263408
Jul 26 2007
01:24 PM
Liberty Trust Financial Corporation/Resource Management And Payment Center RIP OFF Ottawa Ontario
Same as the others but this check was drawn on Amboy National Bank (which is a real bank) in Old Bridge NJ Account # 0112195 021204416 051 3064 6 , by Absolute Diversify, Inc; 18 Margaret Street; Parlin, NJ 08859 in the amount of $3,850.00 dated 07/18/2007 , signed by Anne Connelly.... Qball Rochester, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Ottawa, Ontario
11, Report #349315
Jul 09 2008
02:20 PM
Liberty Financial Corporation/ Resource Management & Paymnt Center Bogus Lottery Winning New York New York
This company is so foul for sending me a letter dated July 2, 2008 and a check for $3,830 for a second category lottery winning. So it says!!! The total lump sum payment said to be $125,000 - 2% taxes and administrative cost. It states at the bottom to contact Sandra or Mike, but the number never has a answer, just an answering machine stating that no one is available. There is a phony reference and batch number and the number is actually a Canada number but oddly the letter is from Liberty Financial Corporation in New York. And the envelope was mailed from Canada as well. The letter closes with a signature from Chris Anderson and his title is Promotion Manager. But I'm not out of pocket. Thank God. Hopefully they don't scheme and scam people in a way that they believe them and actually send this company money in the hopes of getting $125,000. This is WAY OUT!!!! Cat Long Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
12, Report #1382952
Jul 03 2017
04:35 PM
Womans Liberty Center (Mary Washington) Defamation of character, unlawful termination of residency, thievery Jacksonville Florida
 I was not unlawfully evicted however it was called a termination of residency that was done toward me very spitefully. Dirty old crazy males were of staff and ownership, violating my rights very rudely. Extremely mean and unnecessary mannerisms in this crackhead city and predicament where they all only wanted prostitutes to beat on instead of a woman with sense enough to write up matters. I was lied upon as told years later that i woulf try to beat the property manager up and threatened her. I was unaware that this lie occured at all. I had only written up other staffs on their conducts in order to have gotten my lease terminated. I was told that Mary Washingtons husband had left her for a young woman buying her a fancy car is why she acted out so violatingly. To add insult to injury, although i kept my room immaculate and orderly, especially when having had moved out, it was written by her that i had done some property damage in which i didnt do but by the time i learned of this she claimed that it was too late to take to court. Mary Washington also wants me to pay for months in which i was no longer residing in residency in order to have any housing again. I havent had any housing lease since the time of this matter when i was wrongly done.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
13, Report #605812
May 21 2010
01:49 PM
Data Publishing Center Official Notification; Immediate Action Required Sunbury, Ohio
I received a letter from this company similar to the sent by Consumer Reporting Services, and the company is asking me to send $20.Don't be scammed!! If you send $20, it looks as though you are buying some type of report!! Read the back of the letter and you will understand what you are getting.
Entity: Sunbury, Ohio
14, Report #1037801
Mar 25 2013
11:44 AM
Liberty Tax Service Arapahoe Shopping Center Liberty Tax Service gouges their customers and do not provide an itemized bill Centennial, Colorado
Last year I had a CPA prepare my tax return that included w2's, some 1099's and itemized deductions.  My state/fed return was 250$ total.  This year I went to Liberty Tax service with one less W-2, but the same amount of 1099's and itemized deductions.  My tax return was NOT prepared by a CPA, but by a 'tax preparer' and my bill was 396$$.  Wow!!!  When I called to complain I was told by the office manager that Liberty Tax Service 'offers discounts'.  This is not true!  I was never offered a discount, just presented with an outrageous bill.  I asked for an itemized bill and only received a bill with a one line charge:  Tax Preparation:  396$.  I will never use this service again!!
Entity: Centennial, Colorado
15, Report #170657
Jan 06 2006
12:55 AM
American Business Search, Aka Liberty Communications Data On Demand ripoff scam, internet listing scam fraudulent billing Champlain New York
In early December my assistant answered a call from Jack. He asked for her specifically by name, then he asked if she was AUTHORIZED to receive an invoice in her name. She said he had to speak to the owner and asked what it was in reference to. Jack said a yes or no is what I need mam. She said no and then he began getting sarcastic and raising his voice and said You can't accept an invoice?! She said no again. She told him to call me back and he said Mam, you need to answer yes or no- can you recieve invoices in your name. Its a final invoice for an account she has for online listing. She replied, I have to ge authorization from the doctor. Jack responded yes or no! Jack became rude and loud and my assistant hung up. He called back, stating tha his tape stopped. He stated that he was not selling anything. She responed by saying yea, right. He said is that a yes? The point is,he was trying to do anything he could to get her to use the word yes. I assume so they can edit their tapes to prove that someone authorized the service. Three weeks later I received an invoice from American Business Search for a 1 year lising on for $379. stating that it was authorized by my assistant (they used her name). I did call them back before receiving the invoice and they wanted to fax me the invoice. They asked for my fax number- I told them if I had authorized a listing then they should have my fax number. I have my suspicions that this company may have replaced Liberty Communications Data on Demand because they already had my assistants name. Two years ago, we had a similar scam perpetrated by Liberty Communications Data on Demand in which, as nieve as we were then, my assistant gave her name. That is why I think it is the same company. Liberty Communications Data On Demand billed me $389 + $20 shipping + interest. They were also in Champlian, just a different PO Box 1497. They had me invoiced for a 2 year business directory. Liberty Com. had a recording that they played to me when I requested it and my assistant said to the man (who had a heavy Indian accent)I didn't understand a word you just said. He then repeated himself excluding the part about the fees for the service. Liberty harrased me for a year at least. they also threatened to send me to collections. I wish I could play their recording in court- its a joke! I wrote complaints to NY and NJ Attorney Generals, BBB and the Postmaster General. I think American Business search is just a new name for the same scam but can't be sure. Either way, we never authorized this service. I went to American Business Service web site and searched for my company and I wasn't even listed. These companies are just scam artists. Be careful what you say on the phone. If someone you don't know is recording you - it should be a red flag. If they get rude, chances are they are not too worried about a real business relationship or repeat business. They just want to get the money and run. Heidi Vineyard, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Champlain, New York
16, Report #1856
Mar 29 2000
12:00 AM
A.V.I. Data Processing Won't Give Me My Refundable Deposit Back!
I saw a website ( which promised people a profitable job working at home doing data entry and printing letters, etc. from their own home computers. It also promised up to $2000 income per month. Interested, I sent in an application from the website, plus a money order for $180 (required to cover the cost of the software and information package that AVI would send) to AVI. AVI's website states that the this application / information fee is refundable within 60 days. After recieving the package and software, I realized that this at home business would require a great deal more work and time on my part than implied in the site's advertisement, and I no longer wished to work for AVI. What AVI does not tell you in the website is that the fee is NOT refndable until you process 50 of their assignments. I did not begin the work at home business, nor do I want to. I would like to just send everything back, unopened, and request my money back. Apparantly I can't, according to AVI. Now I am stuck with a bunch of information and software for starting an at home business which I don't wish to persue anymore. I am also out $180 bucks. I think the website is misleading and the company should be clearer about the refundable deposit and what exactly that entails. They should explain to prospective employees that the refund is not given until you actually begin working for them. What about people like myself who just wanted to view the information and THEN decide whether or not working for AVI would be a good decision, assuming that if he/she didn't like what he/she saw the money would be refunded? In this case it is not fair for AVI to keep these people's money, especially if the information / software will not be used. I would love to return the package that was send to me for a full refund of my money. Please help.
Entity: Highland, California
17, Report #688520
Jan 29 2011
07:59 PM
City-Data Falsely postures as an objective source while censoring disagreeable data! Internet
I joined the City-Data Forum a couple of years ago just to share information of interest with others. I am heavy on sharing lessons learned with others so they do not repeat my mistakes. I made my first and only post back in September 2008. I returned in January 2011 to make additional posts to the thread on the same subject. In the initial post, I included a link to an article I wrote that offered additional insight. That post stood untouched. When I returned with additional posts and additional links, a moderator named SunnyKayak inflicted a two point "infraction" on me and suspended my posting privileges for 72 hours, claiming that I engaged in advertising in violation of the rules. When I demanded to talk to the supervisor, Yac, that moderator supported the first one. Furious, I began researching this forum and learned the ugly truth. It has degenerated into a control cult for the moderators. Worse, the supposedly "unbiased" data is anything but that since these same moderators conveniently delete whatever posts oppose their narrow though undefined agendas. I do not intend to support this site further. Sadly, its setting disallow anyone who ever registered there from deleting posts or accounts. However, a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaint may be in order here. The site claims to be "unbiased" but clearly is not. This violates FTC regulations against fraud.
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #505003
Oct 06 2009
07:12 AM
IMMIGRATION HELPLINE - LIBERTY IMMIGRATION SERVICES - LIBERTY LEGAL SERVICES - HARRIS COMPANY u.s.immigration center 1404 potter dr. colorado springs co.80909 no renewal for my green card, and moneyorder for 385.00$ gone. colorado springs , Colorado
in june of 2009 i was aware that i needed renewal for my greencard ,looked for help on the net .and found us immigration center in colorado springs co. usually not that dumb, trusted that outfit ,got my papers gave fed ex the 385.00$ and filled out papers and mailed those to uscis in phoenix arizona, got papers back stating they never got my money. well my banker is still tracing my moneyorder ,and it looks like i lost out . iam 65 years old and still working ,needed that greencard for social security. have tried to get in touch with that outfit but cant ,turned them in to the colorado springs. have 2 names  and copy of  moneyorder ect.  on BBB. IS A LIST OF THOSE CROOKED COMPANIES plus names.  just wonder how on earth they still operate.  warning  if you need immigration get in touch with uscis in phoenix  arizona those are the real people and theyre phone number  is on the net  ,  thanks for listening and i hope i have helped somebody befor its to late.
Entity: colorado springs, Colorado
19, Report #193273
May 31 2006
04:21 PM
Tradeshow Data Center - Premium Data Marketing Ripoff Business Directory Scammers Plattsburg New York
An unsolicited sales call was recieved from this company offering a free review of their American Tradeshow Directory package. Some days later a demo package was delivered with a Tradeshowbiz CD-ROM. The CD-ROM was never opened or installed for review and after about 30 days, an invoice was recieved in the amount of $679.00. Having not looked at or review the package due to other pressing business, the demo package was returned via certified mail along with a note on the invoice that we would not be purchasing the product. Within a week, the wife recieved a call from Nancy representing Tradeshow Data Center and demanding payment as a 15 day review period had expired and we were obligated to make payment. When the wife said payment would not be made, Nancy became belligerent and argumentative as well as insulkting. Seeing that the conversation was going nowheres, the call was terminated. After being informed of the wife's telephone call, I called Tradeshow Data Center several times before getting called back several days later by Nancy. The ensuing conversation between myself and Nancy was unpleasant after I informed her that no payment would be made for a product not reviewed or purchased. After some back and forth discussion (note that it became loud when I kept getting interrupted) Nancy offered to clear the invoiuce if I would send her $360.00. I informed her I would not send her any payment and informed her I considered the matter closed. She indicated she would be sending the invoice to a 3rd party collection agency. I then informed her that between the call we were having and her call with my wife, I had checked into the company she worked for and learned that prior complaints had been lodged with the BBB as well as the New York State Attorney General's Office. The N.Y. A.G.'s Office staff knew about the company and stated it was a scam and I should not respond to the invoice, but file a formal complaint with their office. I have also contacted the Plattsburgh Police Department and intend to file a report with them. This Rip-off Report is submitted to benefit anyone else that has dealings with this company or others like that are taking advantage of misrepresentatation and possible criminal actions in the manner they conduct this business. As is always the case, emptor caveat (let the buyer beware). Roger Cape Fair, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Plattsburg, New Jersey
20, Report #1932
Apr 02 2000
12:00 AM
A.V.I. Data Processing Center attn: Sue Davis ... Data Processing Ripoff!!
I answered an ad in a local papers Help wanted ad for work-at-home professionals. They gave an internet address for more info. Page was set up very nicely gave alot of info explaining things out. They stated to make sure that their training materials would be returned you needed to send in a refundable depositof $ 150.00 that would be returned to within 60 days of you working for them for 50 hours or 60 days if you opt to volantarily self-terminate the agreement. I opted to self terminate, I then sent back the training materials along with a letter stating please refund my deposit. I then received a letter from Sue davis ,program coordinator stating that once the 60 days were up them my money would be returned. I waiting no money that was July 1999, I then agian sent a certified letter again requesting my money back and nothing but the certified post card that the letter was received. You call the number and it's just a recording. I JUST WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!! Please help! Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on A.V.I. Data Processing Center
Entity: Highland, California
21, Report #3240
Sep 08 2000
12:00 AM
Data Processing Ripoff!! A.V.I. Data Processing Center .. Sue Davis
I too am a victim of possible fraud. I too sent in $175.00 to AVI Data Processing Center as others have on the Rip-off Report. I have attached a copy of my response to them. A.V.I. Data Processing Center Division of Nationwide Collection Services PMB 7231, 7231 Boulder Avenue Highland, CA 92346 PH: (909) 370-5628 email: (I found them on Alta Vista) Attn: Sue Davis & Linda Williams I am truly disappointed in receiving your software and information. I am physically challenged and unable to get around. I thought that this was going to be a somewhat easier challenge than this. You never mentioned that I would need to have access to the Internet. Access is needed. When I asked you about needing a business license, you did not answer. One is needed. If you had been more up-front about what this 'opportunity' was like, more people would not have signed up. I know that I would not have. Since I do not get a refund, unless I do 50 of these ssignments, I am turning this information over to my District Attorney for him to review and do something about. In my opinion, this is just shy of fraud. I am also contacting my local newspapers, including the LA Times, Orange County Register and our local newspaper the Pennysaver about your business and asking them not to run your ads. Nowhere in your Web Site does it say that I have to contact the government agencies to perform this work - - you state Simply put, enter the court provided names, addresses, award amounts and case number of the Petitioners and Respondents into the data base form, merge that into seven form notices and print out. Place the completed printouts of the forms in the postal service. You will receive $20.00 pay for each secured client assignment. You also never stated that I would need to list my home address, phone, fax, etc. to send to each of these people or that I needed to collect this money and then forward it onto the client. I did not sign up to be a collection agency! You never stated where this information would come from for me to enter into a 'data base'. I didn't know that I was going to have to contact government agencies, it was my understanding from what I read from your Web Site that you would provide this information to me. I didn't know that I would have to leave my home to go to government agencies and I surely wouldn't have submitted $175 of hard earned money to do this. Nor that I would need to go to my local government branch and file any petitions. This was never mentioned in your Web Site. You never mentioned in your ad that you wanted me to be a bounty hunter or a credit collection agency. Had I known this, I would never have sent you my $175.00. Anne M. Casey Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on A.V.I. Data Processing Center
Entity: Highland, California
22, Report #711132
Mar 28 2011
01:16 PM
International Data Center Intl Data Center Javier Neyra/International Data Center horrible work ethic and call center services scam. Mr. Neyra is a liar, a thief, and a thug. Internet, Internet
I am highly appalled by Javier Neyra/ International Data Center work ethic.  Mr. Neyra is a liar, a thief, and a thug.  I did business with MR Neyra/ International Data Center and am very disappointed with the experience.  Mr.  Neyra/ International Data Center lied about his companies capabilities as any good politician would do. Not only did Mr. Neyra lie about the technology inside of the call center and not withhold to data commitments, but he also ripped off his employees and failed to pay them for their hard work.Mr Neyra committed to having a world class dialer, functioning computers, chairs, and so forth. He also committed to hiring 50 highly skill set individuals.  Mr Neyra lied about the number of people he had hired, he lied about their skills set, he had pirated software, and he completely cheeped out the recruitment process by failing to withhold his committed recruitment plan documented in the statement of work.  Due to Mr. Neyras deficiencies and neglect a the few people that showed up to work and had nothing to due to his failure to meet expectation.  He didnt have proper bandwidth and waited to the last minute to program the dialer, which he had signed off as complete several months in advance.  Our contract clearly stated he would be paid for talk time, but do to his negligence and failure to comply with committed expectations, his people showed up to work on several occasion and sat on broken chairs  doing nothing, which in return affected Mr. Neyra/ International Data Center pay.  Mr Neyra/ International Data Center was looking to get paid for employee hours outside of talk time clearly stated in the contract he failed to comply with.
Entity: Internet, Internet
23, Report #355967
Jul 26 2008
01:30 PM
Adams Data Entry, Carol Adams is a scam. paid 15.95 for instructions on how to repeat what i did. - Internet
adams data entry is a scam. paid 15.95 for instructions on how to repeat the application process to scams others. Melissa liberty, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #5636
Jul 04 2001
12:00 AM
Credit Enchancement Services, consumer credit card processing center, liberty benefits group, consumer rip off fraud
I was approached with a yellow card in my mailbox saying I was pre-approved of 2 credit cards, a catalog card and a credit card. I called and gave my confirm # and name, was told what was expected to be with the package and I would receive in 4-6 wks. That was June 1st, 2001 when my money was deducted from my acct. I called today july 4th acquiring about my package and was told to call the customer serv. # tomorrow to check on it. I need a refund asap, the money I needed to use on our house note. That's how much money it cost. Someone, Please help me get my money back ASAP. Thanks. Ms. toyato93.
Entity: Collingswood, New Jersey
25, Report #360167
Aug 06 2008
10:28 PM
Liberty Financial Corporation Resource Management & Payment Center Bogus Lottery Winning New York, New York
I received a letter in the mail stating that I won $125,000. Here is what the letter said. Liberty Financial in association with Liberty Lottery Corp. is pleased to inform you of the North America Prize Pool, held on 14th of May; 2008. Due to the mix up in the numbers and names, the results were released on the 13th of June;2008. Your name attached to ticket number743-2876-634 with serial number 5432-46 drew the luck number of 5-10-32-24-14-28, which consequently won the lottery in the 2nd category. You have been approved for the lump sum payout of $125,000 USD. The winning prize of $2,500,000 USD (Two million five hundred thousand US Dollars Only), you are among (Twenty) winners in this category. Congratulations!!! Your fund is now deposited with the security company and insured in your name. Due to the mix up of some number and names, we ask that you keep your winning information confidential until your claim has been processed and your check mailed to you. This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming or unwarranted taking advantage of this program by participants. SUBJECT:FUND ENCLOSED Subject to this notification you just received, we have secured some amount for you through one of our financial sponsors against this winning. This is required amount needed to pay for all the service charges including capital gain tax locally, involving your recent winning notification, saving you the trouble of trying to raise the necessary amount required. All winners are subject to security verification and proof of ownership might be required. THE ENCLOSED CHECK IS NOT VALID UNTIL YOU HAVE CONTACTED OUR OFFICE!!! Taxes (GST)2% $2,500.00 Administrative Cost $1,100.75 Bank Draft Payment of $125,000.00 less the taxes and administrative cost will be mailed to you before the deadline the official time line leagally required for settlements. Call Sandra or Mike your assigned claim agent on (1-289-888-2650) between the hours of 10:00AM-7:30PM eastern time, Monday to Friday, 10:00AM-3:00PM on Saturday. Always quote your (Ref# and Batch#) Please note that all prizes must be claimed not later than 15th of August 2008. We shall assume this funds as unclaimed then automatically null and void all processes and claim. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Sincerely, CHRIS ANDERSON (Promotion Manager) I called the number and the guy I talked to said to deposit the check in my account and call back in 48 hrs.I called back & he said to draw it out & send it to some guy in Washington state. Now here comes the kinda cool part, I left the check in the bank for 5 days. On the 5th day the money was still in my account, so remembering the old say that a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush, I drew it out & spent it on bills I owed & got them all payed off. My thinking was that I won this lottery , why should I send in money to another company & take a chance on not having nothing. Well, I said it was kinda cool, my bank president was waiting for me when I got home & told me the check was not real & now I owed the bank the $3830.00. I showed him the letter & told him my thinking & went to my bank & got everything straightend out. Now it is as if I got a intrest free loan from my bank. A lot of people have told me that was a stupid thing to do, but instead of a bunch of small bills now that have intrest rates tagged to them, now I just have one bill... INTREST FREE, payable over the next 24 months @ $164.00/month But I wouldn't advise anyone to try this. I just got lucky with my bank. Troy Morrison, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York

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