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1, Report #712256
May 04 2012
09:44 AM
Lighthouse Christian Publishing Lighthouse Publishing Scammed Me Internet, Nationwide
Andy Overett at Lighthouse Publishing is a scam aritst.  He charged me 300 dollars to publish my book a year ago and still hasn't published it.  Andy does not respond well to questions.  And when he does respond it's weeks later.  He does not answer all the questions you ask him.  He constantly stalls on the project.The illustrations are poor.  The editting is very poor.  The formatting for the book is poor and it takes Andy way too long to get anything done.  But he took my money quick enough.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
2, Report #1280062
Jan 14 2016
01:11 PM
Lighthouse Christian Publishing Andy Overett Scammer, Breach of contract Buford Georgia
After our first email exchange of breach of contract Andy Overett refuse to refund my one time set up fee of $399. I terminated our contract on 1/9/2016. He received however, my book is still available via Createspace which is self publishing site. Contract says 30 days however, my book is not on his website. Createspace is not part of the deal and not on the contract. He emailed me and told me he is trying to get his money's worth.
Entity: Buford, Georgia
3, Report #1348581
Jan 09 2017
10:22 AM
Lighthouse Publishing/Andy Overett CreateSpace Self-Publisher in Disguise Took Me for 400 Bucks Georgia and/or Minnesota
I was desperate to publish my book.  As my book had a lot of Christian themes, I thought to pitch it to some Christian publishers/agents.  One of those was Lighthouse Christian Publishing, found online.  I sent them an email with my pitch and a manuscript in doc form. After twenty years of mostly rejections for my work, I was cheered to see that Lighthouse wanted to publish my work!  Some things bothered me about the contract, but I wanted to believe in the deal, and tried to have faith--so after saving money for six months, I finally paid Lighthouse/Andy Overett $399 via paypal to get the publishing started. Soon I found out that Andy was unwilling to let me in on process of being paid/how many books were selling, etc.  So I looked further into his publishing process to find he was just a self-publisher with's  With them, anyone can self-publish and sell books FOR FREE. When I learned this, and told Andy via email that I wanted to get out of contract to pursue free self-publishing with CreateSpace on my own, he refused to part with any of the $399 I had sent to him.  I told him via email (no phone number for him given--another red flag) that he could keep $200 for the work he had done on the book, and for illuminating me in some ways--about a great free self-publishing/selling service called He refused to give me ANY money back, taking the full $399 I saved over a six month period.  He never posted the book on his website, so only half the contract was followed--in which he promised to sell the book on
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1411003
Nov 08 2017
03:04 PM
VIctory Christian Academy Victory Christian Academy in Ramona, California, Victory Christian Academy and Lighthouse Ministries in Jay, Florida Michael Palmer Child abuse Ramona California
The owners and staff of this school abused the students on a daily basis. This includes verbal, psychological and physical abuse, as well as neglect. They kept girls in solitary confinement for minor infractions, sometimes for weeks at a time. These girls were kept locked away in the dark 24 hours a day, with preaching tapes being played at full volume the whole time. There were many other abusive practices as well. The school was unsafe, with no way out if there were a fire, and no sprinkler system. They denied us medical care. They strip searched us. There were allegations of sexual abuse. They also took children out of school to use as unpaid, forced labor. At age 14-15, I was pulled out of school for months at a time and made to do dangerous construction jobs with no training or supervision and no safety equipment. One student died while working on one of these jobs. My experiences were in 1986-1987 in Ramona, California. The school was closed by the state and then moved to a facility in Mexico. They were shut down by the Mexican government due to abuse allegations, so they opened another facility in Jay, Florida. There were many more abuse allegations, and they may have finally shut down, but the Palmers and their staff have never paid the price for abusing all those kids for so many years.
Entity: Ramona, California
5, Report #764450
Aug 12 2011
04:22 PM
Lighthouse Christian Preschool, Inc Nancy L. Masten SHOCKED! Cruel Discrimination and Child Abuse in the Daycare separated from the Church and God Jax Beach , Florida
Last time I interracted with the Owner/Director when I brought lunch for my Son and I was told  that DayCare had no objection of me coming every day and bring him food, since he is suffering multiple allergies and he is  lactose intolerant.   Director Nancy Masten also kindly advised me that she is not going to call police on me for doing that.    I requested some paper for the Court Hearing about Child Support, that my Husband doesn't want to pay. My Husband belongs to criminal-political clan of Neptune beach Florida. He is proud that all his relatives have  been fingerprinted and have significant criminal past. Btw my family is shocked that I have not checked on my future Husband's past before I married him. I found out about it after my Husband finger printed my 17 mounth old baby in Neptune beach police department before he let me go to my country to visit my family by myself. Later he said that he never gave me permission to go and I abducted his son. But only now after 11 years of knowing him I am fully informed about his criminal past. We live in the small city and everyone knows each other and look what happened to me, trying to deal with daycare center, hoping that they know what could be the Best for the Child. Day Care Owner and Director decided that I was in need of criminal record too. Nancy Masten gave me her business card and you promised to me to provide me with Audit trail, all sign-in/sign-out sheet, etc. I believed that there was no problem to receive any of those documents and I agreed to pay for the paper and the labor.   After 2 weeks I contacted Nancy again and she told me that everything is ready for me to pick up. We agreed to meet on February 23rd 2011 and I kept my appointment. I also will show to the Court that I called prior to the visit and I was told that everything is ready.    When I came to get my paper work, I met with Glenda Oakley and there was another young teacher in the office. Glenda gave me a pink slip with the price in front of the witness and after I paid her $30 I was expecting her to hand me the paperwork that I requested. Glenda started circling around the office looking for the paperwork everywhere, the young girl was still there, witnessing every her move along with me, Glenda had spent about 10 min looking around and told me that she could not find it or she pretended that she could not find it.   Anyway Glenda asked me to wait outside and  the young girl was still there, seeing me to nothing but cooperate. Police report indicate some different accusations, more then that, the young girl was the one who called 911. The tape of 911 call was subpoenaed and received by my attorney and will be used as an evidence of this case, as soon it will go to the Court.   Fortunately when I went outside, I saw a person, who I was helping to get a better rate for Hotel room stay where I worked,  That Person told me that I am being set up and police is being called on me. I could not believe it, but I left after being warned by the staff member. The same person will testify in the Court that I didn't present any danger and entire story about me being rude was made up.   Later I came back to rectify the situation and ask for the paperwork I paid for and I guess police was called again, which I found out from the the same person, who works for them.   About 2 weeks later I found out that I actually have police reports and a trespass warning. Now I am holding 2 police reports, which indicate that I disturbed their office twice, none of them says that I was picking up the paper work, I requested.   I am trying to get the answer from Nancy, since Glenda Oakley accused me of stealing pink slip of paper from her office, while I was there first time and also refused to acknowledge my payment. I would never search through their office and take anything without permission. I want to rectify the situation because it seems to be strange for anyone who knows me, that I will steal a receipt of payment instead of stealing my paperwork from them, right? :)   Why would not I go for the folder with my paperwork, that probably was used as a bait to call police on me and get me arrested.   I talked to several government officials, who is investigating this matter, since it has not been resolved within 6 month period and they going to question the eligibility to hold the business license within next few weeks.    I am still asking for my paperwork.    This is the evidence of Lighthouse Christian Schoo's inability to cooperate in the child related matters and could be considered as child abuse, since they were making efforts to get the Mother arrested in front of her child and never reported any bruises on my child to police.   Through this web site I request my folder, which should contain following items:   1. Audit trail of all payments and refunds between client and day care provider. 2. Copy of checks, cashed by daycare, since some of them were fraudulent, signed by person, who's name was not listed on the bank account/without authorization of account holder. 3. Sign in / Sign out sheets for my son between 2008-2011. 4. Proof of participating in VPK program. 5. Incident reports if any. Any bruises or child abuse reported due to domestic violence issues with the John Albert Hinman (repeated offender). 6. Any communication in writing between Joanne Waddill or John Hinman and daycare provider. 7. Any financial contributions or property donations from Joanne Waddill ( Waddill Trust Company) or John Hinman.   Please have it ready and available by Tuesday August 16th 2011, because I will bring quite a few government officials this time. It will be in your best interest not to try to get them arrested.   If you believe that I am asking too much or I am harassing you, please send me my money back and will see you in the Court.    Your client.
Entity: Jax Beach, Florida
6, Report #1278195
Jan 19 2016
09:34 PM
Lighthouse Christian Publishing ,Andy Overett, Lighthouse Publishing Breach of contract Buford Georgia
My book Ain't Nobody's Business is not on the publisher's website. He has not reponded to my questions. Andy Overett the president setup my book on createspace this is not on our contract. I learned from another author of his no royalties will be paid out if if his is sold via Createspace. Royalties and credits are only paid out through their website. Lastly, Shotty editing.
Entity: Buford, Georgia
7, Report #1083172
Jun 16 2016
01:17 PM
Local Lighthouse Corp Local Lighthouse Completely misleading, deliberately dishonest Internet
The company called and introduced themselves as google.  They explained how they would enhance our website and make it come up in searches.  Nothing was ever said about making a new website.   Once they were handed over to the person that was only supposed to be giving them the payment information, they started the entire pitch again.  the problem with that is, that person did not know what was told to the first person.  So everything was changed without us knowing it was different. They created a new website for us that was nothing really useful to any customers that we would have looking at it.  The name they gave it was nothing that our customers would use to find something in our line of business.  The website also did not show up on Google at all.  They had it coming up on Yahoo and Bing.  I do not ever use either of those search sites.  I do not know of many people that do. When we comtacted them about not being satisfied they gave us a huge run around.  We contacted our credit card company to stop the charges and contest the others.  Local Lighthouse would only resend the terms that we supposedly agreed to.  But that takes us back to them changing the stuff once the other person here got on the phone.   Finally, they sent us an email saying that they would charge back all funds to our card and cancel our account completely.  We were pleased that they finally did that.   Now, not even 2 months later they have tried to chrage our card again for all of the fees.   Do Not do business with this company.  They are completely dishonest!  They completely misrepresent themselves.  It is a complete rip off!!!!!  
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1177043
Jun 30 2016
12:42 PM
Local Lighthouse Tustin Califormia
To read other reports about this company, pleae click the link below:
Entity: Tustin, California
9, Report #1359391
Mar 02 2017
03:05 PM
Readers Service Lighthouse Florida Lighthouse Florida
Money is being taken out of my bank account fro. This Readers Service Lighthouse Florida. 49.90 to be exact! Ive never gotten any magazines or anthing from them and they keel charging me. I keep trying to contact them and i am not getting anywhere. SCAM!!!
Entity: Lighthouse, Florida
10, Report #112896
Oct 13 2004
11:03 PM
Lighthouse Bay Holdings - Lighthouse Bay Apartments ripoff personal discrimination fraud deceptive and unwilling to make conditions inhabitable Tampa Florida
Being forced to relocate within a year, I sold my home; Having been a previous homeowner and not knowing what I should look for when renting an apartment, I got sucked in, and my dealing with Lighthouse Bay Apartments management was unforgettable. Trish Brennan aka formerly Trish Blades and Kim Page decided to claim that I was in breech of my lease by falsely accusing me of having an occupant who was not on my lease. First of all, I did NOT have an occupant residing in the apartment who was not on the lease. Secondly, these claims were made only in retaliation to a work order that I submitted requesting that they do something about the flood in my apartment which resulted every time it rained. There was an abundance of mold and water pooling in the corner of my living room. After bringing this to their attention, I followed up a week later hoping that there would be resolution to the uninhabitable living conditions, yet despite my pleasant attempts... NOTHING. Although, there solution was to force me out by making a false allegation regarding a mysterious/phantom occupant, thus costing me over $1800.00 in early termination fees, etc. to escape Satan's minions from further disrupting my life. I tried to contact their management company who failed to respond to this unfortunate situation with the superior class of individuals representing their apartment complex. I thought I was getting a good deal; always remember, you get what you pay for. Fortunately, I am now living elsewhere and have for the past four months, and I really enjoy this spacious, quaint, clean, well kept apartment that is operated by competent and delightful people. I highly advise against renting from Lighthouse Bay Apartments. The people are a nightmare to deal with once they have your Jon Hancock on the lease, and the apartments are in complete disrepair. *LOOKS ARE DECEIVING* Tampa Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
11, Report #1124185
Jun 28 2016
10:57 AM
Local Lighthouse Local Lighthouse SEO optimization Local Lighthouse Local Lighthouse SEO optimization SCAM, STAY AWAY, IMPORTANT, AVOID!!! Tustin California
In January 2014, I was contacted by an individual who represented himself as being from Google. He informed me that there was a problem with my current website. He went on to tell me that it needed to be corrected, and if it was not, I would no longer be visible to search engines. Being that I am just a small local business owner, and not internet saavy, I was greatly alarmed. He began to tell me how he could make me a professional website for $200 down, and $99 per month thereafter. I was told that I would not be charged until such time that I ranked on the first page of google for my keywords. From the moment they started building the website, I have had nothing but problems! The website looked like something that a child had put together. I was constantly having to send in request to fix the mistakes that were everywhere. They called me today attempting to charge my credit card, good thing I lost it and had to have it cancelled. Listen to what I am about to say, I have had NOTHING BUT PROBLEM WITH LOCAL LIGHTHOUSE! If they had delivered on what they promised, I would have been HAPPY to pay them (who wouldn't for first page of Google, right?). Unfortunately, they are DECEIVERS, STAY AWAY! As they always say, IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, MOST LIKELY IT IS! Stay away and save yourself the hassle.
Entity: Tustin, California
12, Report #1141675
Apr 25 2014
10:06 AM
Orange Theory Lighthouse Point Poorly managed, Continued to Charge After Cancellation Lighthouse Point Florida
This business is very poorly managed at the front desk by 20-somethings.  I was on the Unlimited program for $139/month and though the trainers were great, the management and the front desk were so unbelievably rude that I cancelled my account and went back to CrossFit.  I cancelled my account at the end of my 6 month commitment two days prior to the end of the month, as advised by the front desk.  Despite the fact that I went into this business in person to sign such cancellation papers, this company charged me $139 the following month anyway.  Once again, I called the front desk, and the guy there incorrectly told me that I had to cancel 30 days prior.  Given the fact that I signed a 6 month agreement and honored that commitment, this is entirely incorrect.  He advised me to call the manager, who was unreachable by phone at the time.  Therefore, I disputed the charge with my bank. The reasons for my cancellation at OT Lighthouse Point are enough for another ripoff report entirely.  There is a $10 cancellation fee if you cancel a class less than 12 hours prior to the class.  While I understand the principles behind this policy, it is poorly carried out by the front desk staff.  I cancelled one class by phone 24 hours in advance due to a death in our immediate family, and it was not documented.  The next day during the funeral, the front desk staff called and left a rude voicemail during the funeral the next day wanting to speak with me about the cancellation policy and informing me that this is your warning.  I returned this call and clarified that I had, indeed, cancelled my class by phone.  This employee failed to correct the problem and documented a warning on my account anyway. Fast forward one month later when my daughter wakes up with an unexpected fever.  I gave OT a courtesy call to cancel my class, fully aware that it was not within the required 12 hr time frame.  The same front desk staff member kept me on the phone while she logged into my account and then gave me a weird, punitive monoloque regarding the cancellation policy and the fact that I already had a warning.  They charged me $10.  The fee is not necessarily my greatest concern as much as it my time and the fact that this type of negativity from rude staff is not worth my time or energy. OT Lighthouse Point is run by a group of people who know everything about corporate policy and very little about customer service and relationships with people.  The workouts are mediocre compared with CrossFit anyway.  Charging customers $139 after membership commitments are up and then wasting former customer's time with staff mistakes is a true ripoff.  
Entity: Lighthouse Point, Florida
13, Report #94880
Jun 14 2004
06:27 PM
Lighthouse Depot ripoff-late delivery Wells Maine
I ordered a Shore Thing V-neck tunic from this company. I wanted it by Easter Sunday and they advertised express delivery, so I paid for it and should have had it by Easter Sunday. They agreed that it was late & refunded me the difference. But I felt that they offered the opportunity to get the item in time & I really wanted it to wear Easter Sunday. I felt it was a sort of false advertising! I had to call them on it,too-they initially lied to me, saying they didn't receive my check until April 6th & had to wait for the check to clear the bank before they could mail it & I would have to call my bank to see why it didn't clear. Well, I called my bank & they received the check & cleared it by April 5th. It went straight through-no problem! That left them 5 delivery days to get it to me-plenty of time to get it by Easter Sunday! I called Lighthouse Depot back & confronted them with this. There was no apology & they would only give me the difference in the shipping rate! I feel they should have apologized & offered me more-for good business & to compensate for my loss! I was really counting on it, they promised it & I paid for it! I refuse to do business with them anymore, toss their catalogs as soon as they come in & want to warn others of what to expect from these people! I appreciated others' reports on Starcrest of California & Lifestyles, both of the same address. I was looking to maybe buy from them & stumbled upon the truth accidentally! Thank your for this website & the information that saved me more trouble & heartache! Julie Waterloo, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Wells, Maine
14, Report #1087372
Jun 23 2016
12:00 PM
Local Lighthouse Illegal Telemarketing Tustin California
Robo-call (violation #1) to a residential phone number on the federal Do Not Call list (violation #2) who claimed to be related to the Google+ search data base (violation #3) using a false Caller ID from Idaho of 208-398-4717 (violation #4) and who failed to properly identify the company during the first part of the robo-call (violation #5). Google for the 208-number and all sorts of telemarketing victim reports appear. Seems they have no ethics in providing services OR in their telemarketing. I would not be astonished to hear that they also use email spam. Punching 1 enough times to get through to a human, and they continue the lies about my having a web site that would not show up in search engines. Of course - they called about a defunct business with no web site that only exists as a domain for existing clients to communicate with us by email. Not to be marketed at by miscreants such as these desperate folks. They call my RESIDENTIAL number again, they get sued. Enough complaints to the FCC Do Not Call list administrators, and the fines can approach $11,000 PER VIOLATION. So submit them as often as they call you to the Feds.
Entity: Tustin, California
15, Report #1158909
Jun 30 2016
12:40 PM
Local Lighthouse Deceptive, Con-Artists, Liars Tustin California
Simply my recommendation would be to AVOID doing any business with Local Lighthouse. There are many level of trickery and deceit in my dealing with two people at this company relating to the actual services they provide.  A person needs to know specific questions to ask to determine what you are actually getting and for how much.  Be so, so very careful or even better do business with a better SEO company.  I'm looking. Another level of serious unprofessional behaviors have come from dealing with Yvette, the first person with whom I spoke  and  later Jeff her supervisor. Yvette was the first person I was connected to by the recorded Google telemarketig call.  She was friendly, charming and in our first conversation she expressed interest in the product my company sells in addition to helping it to get listed on the 1st page google and other search engines. I was taken in by her to the point that I sent a $249 item for her to try free for 30-days.  When that time was up, she agreed to pay for it, but my many attempts by phone and  email to complete the transaction were in vane.  To get fruther action it was neessary to begin involving Jeff, her supervisor in the process.  This led to her agreeing to return it and email the tracking info.  She did neither.   Further emails resulted in her stating that she had her mom ship it and she would email me the tracking info when she got home.  This was 4 days ago and no tracing info or product returned. AVOID doing any business with Local Lighthouse. AVOID doing any business with Local Lighthouse. AVOID doing any business with Local Lighthouse.
Entity: Tustin, California
16, Report #1130139
Jun 28 2016
10:57 AM
Local Lighthouse SEO Scam Tustin California
 Local Lighthouse is a company that specializes in preying on small businesses that are looking for help with SEO.  Their customer service people are very agressive when initally contacting your company.  In fact the customer service person even insinuated that we had contacted them first looking for help with SEO.  Local Lighthouse will extend of a money back guarantee, that they have no intention of following.   Local Lighthouse claims to help get your company listed on the first place of Bing, Google, or Yahoo within 30-90 days.  The catch is the keywords that need to be entered into the search engine are so complex and obscure that general internet searchers are not going to ever use the exact phrase and find your website. When we have reached out to their customer service, we have very little to no response.
Entity: Tustin, California
17, Report #1339532
Nov 23 2016
06:28 AM
Lighthouse Chomchuma Scam from - Hua Yite Industrial Co.,Limited Germiston Nationwide
There is a Mr. Salim who poses to be in the export department of this company - Hua Yite Industrial Co.,Limited He has all the right documentation - Certificate of Analysis, Company Registration, the works.  He'll push to get the order, but then I insisted on having a sample for quality check. Then he requested a ridiculous amount to send the sample. After negotiating, he agreed to $170.  They only accept T/T Transfers. Account no.  BENEFICIARY: Hua Yite Industrial Co., Limited BANK:The Bank of East Asia(China) Limited, Hangzhou Branch ADDRESS:  228-230 Qing Chun Road, Hangzhou 310003, China ACCOUNT: NRA131001123748400 SWIFT CODE: BEASCNSHHZU   Looks very genuine.    As soon as I had sent the confirmation of TT transfer, that was the end of his numerous emails.    The number given does not get answered and NOBODY gets to ever contact you again.    Imagine, if we had placed an order of $10 or 100k?    BEWARE of this company. 
Entity: Germiston, Nationwide
18, Report #1360223
Mar 07 2017
06:58 AM
Reader services Lighthouse Nationwide
 Got a charge of 49.90 on my card this morning never used this company or any affiliates. I need my 49.90 back
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #525825
Nov 19 2009
12:07 PM
Lighthouse Lighthouse - Deadbeats - Don't pay their bills - Professional Con-Artists Medford, Oregon
Lighthouse is a scam and suppliers should be ware!  This office is located in Medford Oregon and consists of one lady, Hope Cross, that answers the phone (probably sitting in her bedroom) and pretends that she's someone else if you don't have an order to place.  Her voice is unmistakeable and only an amateur would fall for such a deceptive tactic for avoiding creditors. The corporate office at 46501 Landing Parkway, Feemont, Ca and Mr. Scott Salton are just as scandalous.  Scott hides under his receptionist's desk when someone callse for him.  This business will be closed soon and it's only a matter of time.  Do NOT under any circumstance sell anything to them unless certified funds are received FIRST. Deadbeats!
Entity: Medford, Oregon
20, Report #1362869
Mar 20 2017
12:16 PM
Lighthouse Vanlines Run, don't walk from Lighthouse Vanlines Hackensack New Jersey
Although Lighthouse Vanlines claims to be customer service oriented, it appears not to be the case as I have had several problems with them; They misplaced / lost over 5 items including a 6' stainless table They mis-shipped / delivered several items from another customer and were NON responsive to returning to retrieve the items.  Nor did they respond to numerous phone call and email requests despite being immediately notified and having had a picture of the inventory tag  of someone else's property emailed to them. The driver said he would return by end of day to pick up those items - the items were never picked up The driver also said he would return to assemble two pieces of furniture but did not do so despite several calls to both the driver and the Lighthouse corporate office I have emails to back up my complaint to Lighthouse Vanlines - USDOT 1914057 
Entity: Hackensack, New Jersey
21, Report #126828
Jan 11 2005
07:37 AM
Intralinx ripoff Lighthouse Point Florida
Intralinx advertizes an investment plan. The victim is asked to pay $49 and promise a return of $1000 per month. The service is actually sold on a different website that the visitor is directed to. The company's website is : The customer is directed to:, where the credit card details are taken and the customer is charged. Ali alexBelgium
Entity: ,Lighthouse Point, Florida
22, Report #176722
Feb 17 2006
10:15 AM
HouseHold Publish ripoff for new authors seeking a christian based company with the lure of a $50,000.00 publishing contract Smyrna Georgia
I have diligently worked on a novel for more than four years with the hopes of having it massed produced and marketed to the world. I reviewed the self publishing sites and weighed the expensiveness of being a self published author. To my wildest dreams I happened upon information that directed me towards Household publishing that had just awarded a $50,000.00 contract to the sister of one of my co-workers after she attended a seminar in Atlanta. I of course contacted the company to get additional information concerning how I could put myself in a favorable situation. Being offered $50,000.00 to publish my book without upfront cost verses all the expense I would have to self publish seemed like a blessing straight from God. I signed up for the next seminar which was to be held in Charlotte North Carolina on the 29th of October. My mother and I drove the four hours from Atlanta to Charlotte only to find out that the seminar had been cancelled to our surprise. I did not receive a call or email from the publishing company to indicate that the seminar was no longer going to take place. My mother was furious and I was disappointed. I was looking forward to the opportunity to get my manuscrip before the publisher with the hopes of winning that $50,000.00 contract. I placed a call to the publisher whose office was of course closed due to it being the weekend. I left a message and began the long four hour drive back to Atlanta. On Thursday of the following week I receive a call from Marcus Oaks apologizing for the miscommunication. He offered to pay for my expenses and to review my manuscript anyway. My heart quicken at such an opportunity. I had heard how difficult it was to get publishers to view unsolited manuscripts and was greatful for such an event. I agreed to meet with him at his office and bring a manuscript. You would think that I would have noted that this company had problems by the way that they were so unprofessional in contacting me concerning the cancellation of the seminar. But of course, the hopes of fullfilling a life's dream propelled me forward. I met with Marcus who thusly offered me a publishing contract partly out of guilt and mostly out of reading a wonderful story line played out within the pages of my manuscript. He walked me through what he called a standard publishing contract. He made a suggestion about it being my choice to get someone to look over it but assured me that it was standard with my best interest at heart. I signed on the dotted line December 8, 2005. We verbally discussed a timeline for the production of my novel in which he promoted a Spring release date. He offered to provide me with the name of an editor if I did not have anyone that could or would be able to perform the editorial services on my manuscript. I said that I had someone that currently was review my manuscript and making edits so things looked fine. I few weeks later we had another meeting which involved Marcus asking me how the editing was going. I said that my person still had the manuscript and was working on it. He proceeded to inform that timing is critical and that I may want to elicit the services of a professional editor that he would recommend I would only have to pay a fee of $990.00 instead of their normal editoral fee of $1500.00. I agreed to pay for the editorial services although my contract stated that the publisher would be responsible for editing. The new year came and I worked for three weeks with the paid editor diligently with the belief that my book would be produced in March for an April release to the public. On January 27, 2006 I was told by Tarshia Stanley that my manuscrip had been sent over to the creative department for creation of the layout and that she would have it back in about three to four days. Three to four days went by and still not a word from my publish or editor. Two weeks go by and still nothing. I send an email to my publish inquiring about the layout as well as a cover. Marcus responds that he is talking with Carol in the creative department and will get back to me about the layout. He has someone name David to send me some cover design ideas that were horrible and nightmareish. I send Marcus another email and copy David and Tarshia with some examples of what I would like for a possible cover of my book. Tarshia and Marcus reply stating that a non-ethic cover would better suite my book to reach a wider audience. I agree with them and elicit the assistance of an outside company to do a last minute cover idea for me. I contract a graphic designer from a company entitled Convergenex that puts a cover for me within four hours. I email it over to Marcus and Tarshia that stated Hi Marcus and Tarshia, I had an independent company draw up a proposed cover for me. Please take a look at his cover idea. He is willing to perform the task should you approve this design. If my opinion counts for much, I absolutely love this cover idea. I jumped right out at me when I saw it. He was referred to me by a friend. Thank you so much. on 2/10/06. His reply to me was Hi Latisha, Thanks for the email. I will be speaking with Tarshia this afternoon. We will discuss your cover idea. I'm a little puzzled, what are you asking of HHP? Are you suggesting that your personal designer replace our staff personnel for the design of WWFU? or would you like the proposed design be transferred to our design department? Please address your intentions. Thanks, Marcus on that very same day. I did not get a response so I sent another email asking if he had received my email. His reponse was that he would not like to just go with one cover idea and that I have not given his design department enough time to generate anything. Now keep in mind that I received an email from Marcus on the week of the 3rd of February directed to David to have a 1st draft to him by the 7th and a final draft to him on the 11th of February. I started my inquiries about the cover on the 9th of February. I also inquire about selling price discussions only to find out that Marcus and Tarshia had decided on a price of the book without involving me in the discussion as per the contract that I signed. I send another email to Marcus per his request after a tell phone discuss between the contracted designer I hired, Marcus and myself that stated Marcus, please review and let me know if you need anything additional. I attempted to explain to Shawn what you needed but he said that he probably would need to talk with you, the printer or someone in graphics. I have copied him in on this email as well. So feel free to converse with him at your leisure. Marcus sends me another email which states Hi Latisha,I placed a call to your cover designer and have not received a return call. If you would like, you can follow-up with him. The sooner we can iron out the details the sooner we can get proofs. Thanks,Marcus. My contractor spoke with Marcus by phone on the 13th and Marcus put him into to contact with HHP's designer David. David informed my contractor that he had not heard anything form Marcus pertaining to the cover since the last email that he sent over to me with the cover illustrations. David also stated that Marcus had not mentioned to him anything about doing a back cover or anything further for that matter. David also commented that he had only a short dealing with Marcus as he was the one to design Marcus cover for his book which is currently the only publishment for HHP. David also said that he could not provide my contract person with much information and directed us to speak with Marcus again. I placed a call to Marcus with my contractor on the line. Marcus became irate by my line of questioning and refused to have anymore dealings with my contractor. I asked about developing the back cover only to have him tell me that he would have to send the front cover, once finished and approved, to David. I informed him that David had already stated that he did not need the front cover in order to complete the back. Marcus then stated that he would only deal directly with me and would appreciate it if I did not put anymore pressure on him. He also stated that he would need my contractor to sign a disclaimer for the cover illustration and that he would email one over to my contractor after our conversation. I inquired about the layout again and informed him that I wanted to use the cover that I sent to him and did not need to see anything further. My contractor and I were stunned to say the least. I hung up the phone only to receive another phone call from Marcus shortly there after in which he stated that he was disappointed in me and that at this point if I wanted to end the relationship that he did not see a reason why that could not happen. It this point he had not incurred any expenses and it would be a feasible decision. I informed him that I was not looking to end the contract but was not going to let him produce my work in an unfavorable light. He had originally informed me that he would have my novel printed and in his warehouse inventory by March the 6th, once it was in his inventory he would begin marketing, and release to the general public by April. I inquired about this verbal schedule that we had spoken about on so many other occassions only to have him side step the issue. Marcus then sent the following email later that night Hi Shaun, I have decided to allow you to complete the cover process which you have started on Latisha Bridges' book When A Woman's Fed Up. Please contact our printer at 1-800-621-2556 and ask for Michael. He will give you all the specs for the book cover and jacket. As I was trying to communicate with you and Latisha earlier, the process is premature in that we don't have a layout as of yet. The layout will give us the exact number of pages so that we can determine the width of the spine. Most printers can use a standard formula for this, however RJ doesn't, and I rather have the exact. The book's trim size will be 6x9 soft cover and 6x9 hardcover with a wraparound jacket for flaps. The printer will determine the exact length on the jacket and give you the length on the bleeds as well as the resolution usually 400 dpi or higher for this one. I will forward you a byline for Latisha, the barcode information, price, category and the book review for WWFU. You would need to submit a proof to me before any submission to printer of the covers. It's late and I will send you an attachment of the items on tomorrow morning along with any disclaimers we would need for you to sign. Latisha would have to provide us with proof that she has purchased any images that will be used in conjunction with the cover. Thanks, Marcus. The Shaun that he refers to is my contractor Shawn Jones with Convergenex. As you can see, this situation has become extremely taxing. I have gone back and forth about what to do. There is a claus within my contract giving me the option to terminate with a written 90 day notice verses Marcus's statement to end during a conversation. It is my hopes that I will be able to save some other unsuspecting aspiring author from going through the nightmare of signing with a monster of a publisher. I know that this experience has been an eye-opener for me business wise. Latisha Atlant, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Smyrna, Georgia
23, Report #1244038
Jul 24 2015
10:22 AM
Robert Irwin Susan IrwinSPI Publishing Website claims to sell Christian Couple Intimacy Ebooks. Lane Moon Township, PA 15108 Internet, PA
The link to the ebook does not exist as well as the download website entitled It appears this is a scam. Luckily the bank affiliate is resolving the refund issue. I believe this organization preys on the discomfort on an individual having to explain the purchased ebook's title in order to get a refund. Some may find shame in having to repeat the tittle of the book Sexual Skills For Christian Husband. Me? I could care less about shame haha! Website claims to sell Christian Couple Intimacy Ebooks.  The link to the ebook does not exist as well as the download website entitled  It appears this is a scam.  Luckily the bank affiliate is resolving the refund issue.  I believe this organization preys on the discomfort on an individual having to explain the purchased ebook's title in order to get a refund.  Some may find shame in having to repeat the tittle of the book Sexual Skills For Christian Husband.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #523061
Nov 12 2009
12:53 PM
Lighthouse Capital Group Kent Hodges Nothing but BS Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
The conference call with your borrower and Kent Hodges starts off good.  He tells you his company, Lighthouse Capital Group LLC, and how he is affiliated with Harry Pavilack, a big time real estate attorney from Myrtle Beach.  He then goes onto say how him and Harry form different corporations for different types of deals to get them funded.  He also talks about how through the years Harry has formed partnerships with private investors and that they have the capability to lend on construction projects or come in as equity investors.  No loan is too small, no loan is too big.  Within 48 hours you get a LOI from Lighthouse Group signed by some guy named Doug Sophia.  The LOI states the term and then asks for a due diligence fee which ranges from 5 thousand to 20 thousand depending on the size of the deal. This all may sound good, too good to be true.  Which it exactly is.  Kent Hodges is nothing but an alcoholic convicted of a DUI and was represented by Harry Pavilack in court.  Lighthouse Group is Kent Hodges company, nothing but a mortgage broker with NO ties to Harry Pavilack.  He has no private investors or exclusive contacts to any people with money.  He takes your due diligence money and shops the deal around to anyone he can google.  Months and months will go by where he promises a commitment should be coming any time soon.  No commitment is ever produced, no 3rd party reports were every done and he just takes the due diligence money and runs.  Stay far away from these guys, especially Kent Hodges.  Harry Pavilack you may be a smart big time attorney but you sure ruined your reputation when you hired this guy.
Entity: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
25, Report #440325
Apr 02 2009
06:34 PM
Lighthouse video - Did not receive paycheck Ft Lauderdale Florida
Company made me upload social security card and drivers license to obtain employment. Job was never reported to Social Security office. I was then told I had to get a card with but they pretty much stole 25.00 from me making it impossible for me to get the card. Lighthouse video aka will not pay me until I get my epassporte card activated. It has been 2 months since my paycheck was due. Company refused to mail me a check. Sally sue scottsdale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Ft Lauderdale, Florida

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