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26, Report #1146267
Jun 29 2016
06:09 PM
Local Lighthouse Google Optimization Scam - Say they work for Google!!!! Tustin CA
Received a call today that started out with a recording saying that they are calling from Google and have been trying to reach me about claiming my google information.  Kept listening to the recording because we've been working with Google to resolve some issues regarding our business address.  A woman came on the phone and said that they would be giving us 10 keywords and guaranteeing 1st page placement on Google, Yahoo and Bing for only $99/month.  I asked where she was calling from because I was under the impression that it was Google and she said that, yes, we work for Google and provide SEO for mom & pop businesses like yours to guarantee that your company will show up on the 1st page within 30-90 days of starting your membership with us...we also work on keeping you on the 1st page for the entirety of your membership with us.  I asked her how they could do that when Google AdWords is much more expensive on a monthly basis and she explained that because we are experts in what we is all that we do and we are able to get you there.  She didn't answer my question, just says that they guarantee it.  She sent me an e-mail with a contract attached that had the breakdown in fees and also said she would send another e-mail with her contact information (I never received that e-mail).  This is a complete scam!!!  Beware!!!
Entity: Tustin, Select State/Province
27, Report #1166087
Jun 16 2016
01:19 PM
local lighthouse lie, diseptive, ruud tustin California Nationwide
This company promised me first page placement on Google yelp yahoo and bing in three months or less or its free. I never got anywhere near first page and they refused to give me anything for free instead the manager argued with me for over an hour using every excuse Under the Sun including blaming me for my placement. They initially told me they were voted number one seo company three years in a row. They're just trying to get a setup fee and a monthly income off of believers like me. I've called up to complain about my placement and I've even been hung up on. This company should be put out of business before they wind up taking innocent people's money trying to make it in the bizness world
Entity: Nationwide
28, Report #977983
Dec 04 2012
03:08 PM
Entity: Centennial, Colorado
29, Report #1036612
Mar 21 2013
06:57 AM
Lighthouse Recovery Associates Illegal debt collection tactics Centennial, Colorado
I've been receiving AUTOMATED phone messages from these guys for the last month or so.  I called them back requesting that they mail me the information in regards to the reason they are calling for.  The lady on the phone told me that if I don't get my debt paid right away, they will call my RELATIVES and my EMPLOYER.  I replied that she is not allowed to do that.  She hung up the phone right away.  Note that I have not had any credit cards for the past 7 years so any statute of limitations have passed.
Entity: Centennial, Colorado
30, Report #1062029
Jun 25 2013
02:25 PM
Lighthouse Recovery and Associates Bottom Feeders Denver Colorado
These bottom feeders have been calling for a year to collect a debt owed by a Michael Martinez.  Never heard of the guy, but that doesn't stop these low lifes.  They call around 20 times a day.  Why they call my phone number I haven't a clue.  The caller ID shows all sorts of bogus numbers that they use.  No way to stop them or slow them down.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
31, Report #1133381
Jun 28 2016
10:37 PM
Local Lighthouse Appearance, promises are deceiving. Beware. No guarantees and very diff to cancel. Tustin California
Local Lighthouse initial sales call promoted Google and promised to get us on the first page listing by creating a website using key words.  Sales rep stated that Local Lighthouse would be very involved in promoting our company. He promised that at any time he could be reached and would personally be involved. He also promised that a facebook page would be maintained. I have called Brandon many times since and have left messages, but calls are never returned. Start up costs are $200 per month for six months.  Once signed up, regardless of satisfaction, there are no cancellations until the six months are up.   During the six months, we were never on the first page of Google.  If we used their exact key words and only those words, we might find our page on Bing or Yahoo, but that is only if their wording is used.  A general search will not bring up our company. Regardless, we signed up with the intent of getting on Google, not others. As for facebook, they opened a fb page, but never maintained or promoted it.  The six months have passed, and I've tried to cancel.  They will not take cancellations through email or voicemail.  You must cancel over the phone.  Phone wait times average 45 minutes.  When I finally did contact Allison, she convinced me to try one more month and promised to add us into a Deluxe Audit Program to make a full review and increase visibility.  I foolishly agreed. The month has passed and there have been no changes.  Now the due date has passed, and she does not return phone calls.  Even though I've sent countless emails and voicemails stating that I want to cancel, the account is still active.   To all those believing the promise of getting on the first page of Google, beware.  Don't trust.  Don't believe. It's perhaps the worst investment we have ever made.
Entity: Tustin , California
32, Report #1233385
Jun 04 2015
06:24 AM
Lighthouse Management liars, cheats, thieves and total parasites Goodyear Arizona
Lighthouse Management is a company that manages HOA activities. They are the tail that wags the dog. They charge a homeowner $5.00 to send you an email. They constantly patrol the neighborhood looking for things to be wrong. A $250.00 fine for a weed or two, another $250.00 fine for grass in your landscape rocks. All the while 50% of the common areas look like crap.Enforcement of the CC& R's is a hit and miss, I call it selective enforcement based on who you are or who you know. Street parking is a violation but they never tag anyone for it.this management company partners with the sleaziest law firms in Arizona, Brown Olcott, PLLC and Shaw & Lines, LLC. Do yourself a favor and Google these law firms you'll be shocked.If they don't like what you have to say or they don't want to answer you they will make up a bogus cease and desist letter or refuse your emails and demand you to put everything in writing via snail mail. Phone calls and emails go unanswered. Frankly, I've never been treated with such contempt in my life.They have zero business acumen and seem thrive on litigation. What the HOA and management company have forgotten is homeowners put large amounts of money down on their dream homes and make substantial monthly mortgage payments all to be disenfranchised buy a few inept individuals. Additionally the homeowners pay lighthouse management's wages, but based on year at their attitude you wouldn't think so. I find the attitudes of the employees of lighthouse management appalling. The owners name is Leanne Rye. The Vice President is Christopher McGuire. Community Manager is Ms. Cassy Gouer and the Accounting Manager (who won't accept emails) is Ms. Jennie Arana. Ms. Arana sent me a letter refusing to accept any further emails from me, I found the latter both humorous and alarming considering I never sent her an email in my life. This is just one small example of the manipulation that goes on. Based on my perception of the constant surveillance the selective enforcement of the CC&R's, the outrageous fines for petty infractions, the lies,conniving and backstabbing how can one feel comfortable in the dream home I worked so hard to acquire. Shame on the HOA and Lighthouse Management for allowing this to happen in our community..  
Entity: Goodyear, Arizona
33, Report #1166663
Aug 01 2014
09:56 AM
Rosny Belizaire wells fargo lighthouse point ROSNY BELIZAIRE Stole over $700.00 from my account lighthouse point Florida
ROSNY BELIZAIRE Stole of $700.00. refused to give me the money and then he took the cash for himself. He is a liar and a crook. do not let this happen to you. stay clear of this bank and furthermore ROSNY BELIZAIRE. This man should be behind bars.
Entity: lighthouse point, Florida
34, Report #1370334
Apr 29 2017
10:27 AM
Entity: Perry, Georgia
35, Report #1376494
Jun 01 2017
07:56 AM
Lighthouse moving INC Legion express inc SCAMMERS!! Chicago Illinois
 I completely agree with other person who reported this company. I was quoted one price by Walter and then when same movers showed up they doubled the price!! I ended up getting it to $500 over the original quote then it took almost 2 weeks to get My things. They guys driving the truck claimed it broke down and they got in an accident on the bs. Very unprofessional, just put boxes anywhere not in correct rooms and did not set anything up as promised. I have attempted to call Walter several times but of course no answer or return call.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
36, Report #1384455
Jul 10 2017
02:21 PM
Lighthouse Moving Chicago Legion's Express This company lied! Horrible moving company and worst moving experience! Chicago Nationwide
We had to move cross country from Chicago to Denver.  I researched moving companies and stumbled upon a website that found multiple diferent moving companies and brokers.  They reached out to me through phone calls and emails.  One of the companies that called me was Lighthouse Moving-  Walter.  He called me numerous times and explained to me that Lighthouse moving was not a moving broker and that they had their own trucks and that they are the best in the industry.   He gave me a brief over the phone estimate and also agreed to send in one of his co workers to give me an in home estimate which I agreed.  The in home estimate was good and accurate.  Walter called me to follow up- even on a Saturday.  He was a very good sales person.  We needed all our stuff to arrive on the 21st of June in Denver.  I specifically asked Walter how much time he needed to make our date and when they would be able to come and pick up all our stuff from our house in Chicago.  He told me that if they pick it up on the 14th of June we would get it by the 21st.   I recieved a formal quote through email from Walter.  On the quote in bold letters on the fron of the quote it said WE ARE NOT A MOVING BROKER.  I agreed to the price and gave them my credit card with a $500 depost and was told that I have to pay cash or a certified check or cashiers check for half when they pick up our stuff and the remainder when they arrive.  This was a little sketchy and should have been a big warning but when I questioned it Walter told me that their credit card company charges them a larger fee that he would have to pass on to me.   I went ahead with this.  On the 14th 2 men showed up and went through all our stuff and started loading it on the truck.  The price that they quoted me was the same price that they had me sign a contract for.  The main guy/forman had me sign an official contract with each boxed nubered and all our information and a date of the 21st on it for earliest arrival.  I questioned what this meant and he said that we shouldn't worry and that we are giving them plenty of time - almost 1 full week and that they would get our stuff by the 21st or the next day.  He even made it sound like he might be the one driving out the truck and that we were in good hands.  I didn't look specifically through the contract - my mistake but the foreman flew through it and made me initial and sign a bunch of spots.  So far so good I thought.   June 20th- I tried calling Lighthouse Moving to see when they would be arriving with our stuff the next day.   No response from anyone in the office.  I called multiple extensions and even emailed-  no response.  I went through my cell history and found the numbers of the guys that came to move our stuff- I believe his name was Tony.  I explained the situation and he said that our stuff was just loaded on a truck that morning.  WHAT?  He said that he didn't know anything more but would get the foreman to call me and get more details.  I didn't get a call from anyone that day.  The next day we were waiting and had the whole day open expecting our stuff to come. No answer.  Again I called probably over 10 times and left numbers VM and emails no response.  I called Tony again and he told me to call the forman Gregory. Gregory told me that our stuff was on a truck and it was on the way out but he couldn't give me an exact date or time and that the offices were moving and they didn't have any phones or computers set up and he couldn't get a hold of Walter.  Still no idea of when our stuff was going to arrive.  I did not get a call from Walter untill 3 days later after not hearing from anyone about where our stuff was or or any idea of when it would arrive.  He told me same story about their offices moving and that he would get back to me and that the drivers truck broke down and he would let me know.  I didn't hear back from him and still have not heard back from him since.  What kind of person does this?  He should not be working for this company or any other company.  To not even have the decency to call someone back for over 3 weeks now?   Since we drove from Chicago to Denver and go there on the 20th thinking all our stuff was going to be there on the 21st we did not pack too much in our cars.  That was a mistake... We were stuck with our bare minimum without any idea of where our stuff was and had to rent a hotel room for 3 nights and sleep in sleeping bags on the floor for over 10 days!  Our new person to contact was not Walt anymore but Gregory the foreman that was at our house and gave us a in home estimate.  I called Gregory numerous times throughout the week of June 22-28 and still could not get an answer of where our stuff was or when we could expect it.  He said that our contract we signed gave them up to 14 business days to deliver our stuff from the first avialble date the 21st.  They lied right to our faces when they said they would deliver on that day.  Walt lied and Gregory lied.   The worst lie and part of all this is that we got a call from the driver on Wednesday saying they were going to arrive on Thursday June 29th.  The driver didn't have any specifics or reason for being late and said he would be there to unload and that we needed to pay them the rest of the balance.  Expecting them to show up on Thursday.  I got a call on Thursday morning from the driver now saying he got backed up and that they were going to be there Friday the 30th in the moring.   This was just so frustrating now my wife had to take off work as I couldn't and our stuff was a week and half later then what they told us they would get it to us.   It gets even worst!  When the truck arrived to unload our stuff it was in a huge semi truck with a bunch of other loads.  I asked the drivers to see the DOT information and what company they were with.  They did not provide it and said the work with lighthouse moving.  I looked up their DOT information off their truck.  It was a completely different moving trucking and brokerage company!  Lighthouse outscourced our freight to another company!  I asked them about the broken truck which they had no idea.  It was a huge scam.  They wanted all the cash upfront before even moving anything.  I told them we would give half and the remainder of the half after we see and get all our stuff.  The wouldn't do anything or move anything  unless we gave them cash in hands. We had no other choice. I called the office to try to speak to Walt- of course no anser.  I called Gregory the forman and he was upste with me because I questioned the delivery guys truck and also didn't want to pay them the full amount up front.  When I asked why they lied about not brokering out our freight he had no answer and said all moving companies do this   DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!  They lied to our faces.  Walt never called or responded to a single email or voicemail I left.  They broker out the freight and who knows how long it takes.  The quote vs the contract they have you sign is a the biggest bait and switch.  They pretty much hung us out to dry for almost 2 weeks without our stuff and then claimed we had no right to be mad or upset and that it was standard.  No ethics, no customer service or anything.   I see horrible reviews now and wish I saw them before as well. DO NOT USE THEM.       
Entity: Nationwide
37, Report #395334
Nov 26 2008
12:46 PM
Bikram Yoga Lighthouse Point Dr. Lan Phan is an imposter and a rip-off Lighthouse Point Florida
I had been a loyal student to Bikram Yoga Lighthouse Point for 2 years. I informed the owner Dr. Lan Phan that I was going out of town. When I returned she told me that my sessions had expired that I had spent over $300 on. She said that I would have to buy more classes in order to re activate my existing classes! I don't think thats very Yogi like. Now I understand that Miss Phan has been hiring non-certified instructors to teach yoga classes which is not only dangerous but is in violation of her agreement with Bikram Yoga. No wonder her studio is no longer on the Bikram Yoga website. So I am glad to say I am happy to be taking real Bikram Yoga at an affiliated studio with only Bikram certified instructors. If you are looking for a great yoga class go to and find an affiliated studio in your area. Jay Boca Raton, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
38, Report #994091
Jan 09 2013
01:49 PM
Readers Svcs Scam Lighthouse Point , Florida
Let's start with we ARE on the National Do Not Call list. Have been for a long time.   This company cold called my BF back in Oct 2012. Gave him a spiel about winning a $200 gift card but he had to order magazines for 3 payments of 39.99.  Then he finds out that the payments were 20 payments at 49.90 ($998). He has tried to cancel and they refused.  Now they are threatening to ruin his credit, sue for the $998 and garnish any wages.    I found out about them today and looked them up online only to find a lot of complaints against them for the same thing.  I have filed a complaint with the State Atty General's office, Federal Do Not Call Registry with the FTC and the BBB today, as well as our bank (all today).  I called them up and told them to stop calling my numbers. This is my factual testimony.
Entity: Lighthouse Point, Florida
39, Report #698354
Jul 15 2011
10:26 AM
Lighthouse Recovery Associates Unauthorized request for credit report claiming to be offering new line of credit. Centennial, Colorado
Today I recieved an email from Trans Union about an alert that was posted to my credit report. So I logged in and in the alert section there was a request for a copy of my credit report. I discovered that it was made by a company named Lighthouse R. As I kept reading there is a disclosure statement as to who, why and what a Hard Inquiry is. The following is what it states. Hard InquiryReported on 2/22/2011 by TransUnion Company: LIGHTHOUSE R Date: Company Phone: 3038001661 Company Address: 6880 S YOSEMITE CT SUITE 100 CENTENNIAL , CO 80112 Alert Reported by TransUnionWhat is a Hard Inquiry?A Hard Inquiry occurs when a company requests a copy of your Credit Report with your consent to open a new account in your name. Hard Inquiries usually have a negative impact on your credit rating and remain on your Credit Report for two years. A Soft Inquiry, which does not impact your credit rating, occurs when you look at your own Credit Report or when a company tries to pre-approve you as part of a marketing effort. What do I do now?If you believe that the information listed above is in anyway inaccurate, please contact the Dispute Center immediately. Here is the problem....I did NOT give my consent to have anyone pull a copy of my credit report. I am not looking to open a new line of credit anywhere. Of course TransUnion probably didn't bother to check this company before they released my credit information. Or better yet Lighthouse R is actually Lighthouse Recovery Associates and they have probably committed fraud by claiming to be doing an inquiry for purposes of opening a new line of credit. I have learned that this company is a fraud and now they have my credit information thanks to TransUnion. Any suggestions as how to handle this??
Entity: Centennial, Colorado
40, Report #537974
Dec 11 2009
05:15 PM
Lighthouse Financial Group of Illinois, Inc. Unethical People, Ripp-Off Interest Rate 244% Joliet, Illinois
I obtained an auto title loan for $1,145.00 7-20-09.  I lost my job 8-1-09.  I made (2) monthly payments (August and September) of $253.70. When I couldn't make my payment in September the loan went into default  and I am required to pay an additional 60% per month. (Yes I signed the contract.  I was desparate so I didn't read the terms of the loan continually.) Now I want to pay them by selling the vehicle, but according to the terms of the loan THE AMOUNT I OWE INCREASES BY $100.00 PER DAY. AND TODAY I OWE THEM $2,200.00 A 100% ROI FOR THESE CROOKS! This company is unethical because they will not work with me because they continue to raise their fees.
Entity: Joliet, Illinois
41, Report #435470
Mar 18 2009
04:26 PM
Lighthouse Media Productions stole id and there is no 2257 regulation rules posted on their site Sacramento California
I was contacted via cell phone by a illegitimate attorney via voice messaging stating that if I slander lighthouse media that I will be sued and that I will lose the case and will have to pay $100,000 in fees and would lose my home, my car, my job. I contacted them stating that they have no attorney and to stop sending me threatening messages. They still to this day do not have the 2257 Regulations Law stated on their site whatsoever. This so called lawyer did not leave a name, nor a phone number. Danyelle H MINOT, North DakotaU.S.A.
Entity: Sacramento, California
42, Report #624167
Jul 17 2010
11:01 AM
The people who run this operation; Al The HobbIt Roach, and Dave Roach are thieves and no good scumbags. The main scumbag Al Roach, he took over the boiler room operation after his brother Joe died and from what most of the sales emplyees are saying to us is that he hasnt a clue of how to run a sales operation and what is illegal activities are now taking place under his nose. He is running an illegal boiler room operation filled with about 60 people calling people at home and slamming them with a bogus and high priced and  long distance service.  He also has a business to business operation  under  the same roof called Preferred long Distance, they call AT&T business customers/owners and then pitch them that the AT&T plan theyre on is too expensive and telling them lies  and then slamming them. The funny thing about this operation is they are also so called agents to sell the AT&T Winback Program. We have already sent a couple people in to check them out. They are completely illegal all the way through from how they pay their sales reps to how they pitch the various long distance programs. From the information we have gathered from the employees that are still there hopefully this operation will not be around much longer the FCC has already been notified and is now talking to some of their sales employees that have been there for  awhile. GOOGLE THEM AND YOU FIND MANY MANY COMLAINTS FILED ON HOW THEY RIP OFF PEOPLE AND COMPANIES. THE ACTUAL LONG DISTANCE CARRIRES LIKE PREFERRED LONG DISTANCE IS AWARE OF WHAT THEY ARE DOING. IF YOU GET A CALL FROM ANY OF THESE LONG DISTANCE SLAMMERS HANG UP  IF YOU ARE ONE OF THE RESIDENTS OR BUSINESSES THAT HAS BEEN LISLED AND LIED TO THEN YOU ARE URGED TO CONTACT  THE FCC AND FILE A COMPLAINT.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
43, Report #195199
Jun 07 2006
08:45 AM
Friday of mimorial day weekend I saw a ad on tv for a mimorial day sale at rec wharehouse. 4 days friday through monday.. I could not catch the phone or address so I went on the web and copies there full color ad, and address and phone showing a picture and name of the bayport spa / hot tub for $699. The ad looked too good to be true. 8 years ago I was in the business and I could not buy this tub foe that low price. I drove about 3 miles to the nice new store. Must have been 15,000 sq ft. with 10 or 15 tubs/spas on display some for $5000. I walked around and finally asked a young fellow/salesman, showing him the ad, where the hot tub was. He took me to the back of the display of tubs and said this is the one. I asked if they delivered and he said $75. He said he would be right back. I waited 4 or 5 minuets and went up to the front counter and he was sitting on a chair resting. I asked him if he could help me and he came back to the tub. He comfirmed the size and told me the cover for the tub was $299. and delivery $75. And it came with a start up kit of chemicals. I said I would take it , and followed him up to the counter. The salesman started talking to an older man and the conversation was heated. When that saw me looking they went in the office and closed the door. 2 minuets later the older man came out and looked at me and said so you want to buy a hot tub let me show you some. I said I wanted the $699 one. He started with, you know the tub is 699 and the cover is $299 and the delivery is $150 and the start up kit is $50. I said I wanted the tub for $699 and would pick it up with out the cover or kit or delivery charge. The second salesman older guy said I will be right back and came back with the heavy hitter store assistant manager name craig. Craig looked at me and said so you want to buy a hot tub. I said yes the $600 one with out any of the extras and i will pick it up. He said ok but first, look at this heater unit. It is not efficiant. It will cost you $69. a month for electric. Now if you buy this other tub for $1100 it will only cost you $20 a month for electric and comes with a starter kit and cover. I said it would not fit. Give me this one. Craig the assistant manager than went over to the tub, opened the door and said, oooooggggg, this tub is missing the filter cover, it is incomplete so I can sell it to you. I said go in the back to the parts dept and get a new filter cover and filter and screw it on. We dont have one. He calles out to the other employees and yelled out does any one know whare this filter cover is and they all shook their heads. I said take one off the other tub of the same model but upgraded and pointed to a tub 20 ft away. No that one will not fit. So where do we go from here. Sell me the tub as is. I can't do that. So what. Craig said write the order up give the salesman the money and I will order a new one for you. How long will that take? Oh about 6 to 10 weeks. I said i knew you were not going to part with this tub. This is bait and switch. You guys are false advertising and walked out of the store. Please investigate. Thank you. Joseph p bilarczyk brick, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: LIGHTHOS POINT, Florida
44, Report #1067464
Jul 16 2013
12:18 PM
Lighthouse Youth Center I recommend that you find another alternative. In theory and presentation; it was a wonderful solution for my son Grayson. Chicago Illinois
I recommend that you find another alternative. In theory and presentation; it was a wonderful solution for my son Grayson. However, Grayson is shy and was reluctant to to participate in the dance program. So after I had paid all of the tuition and he had only attended for 8 days; I was told that he was not allowed to attend the camp any longer, there were no refunds and thank you very much! Unbelievable! This is supposed to be a Christian organization. I was not the only parent notified either, so the organization is funding itself with non reimbursable funds from parents of normal/NOT PERFECT children. On the other hand a wonderful Pastor Clark at St Marks Lutheran Church on 88th St and Langley was happy to work with me, love my child and allow him to be in a safe, loving environment at a very good rate. Be blessed all! Thank you Pastor Clark!!!
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
45, Report #1095839
Jun 27 2016
01:27 PM
Local Lighthouse Tustin internet marketing and seo scam. lying and subverssive marketing techniques Tustin california
Local Light house scam These bunch of clowns keep calling my business line over and over again. My secretary fileded about 4 calls from them today and their robo dialer. They do this about 3 times a week. I normally would never post on a forum like this but at this point they have left me no option.I figured that if I listened to the sales man and told him I was un interested he would leave me alone. So I listened to Jeremy who sounded more like a used car salesman than anything. He tried to use his jargon but when asked direct questions about time line and results would always cower. I listened to his pitch for 20 mins and told him I was unintrested and please remove me from the list. He then proceeded to get very agressive. I saw your website is already garbage I don't want to do business with people like you who ask questions...I really hope that this guy is just a salesman and not some sort of management. After telling me why I was an idiot for not doing business with him he hung up on doesnt end there however. No more than 20 minutes later my phone rang again and JESSICA A GOOGLE PLACES EXPERT HAD IMPORTANT NEWS FOR ME it's like come on guys get your act together. The same robo call 20 minutes after I hung up....jump in a lake....  
Entity: Select State/Province
46, Report #1145281
May 10 2014
03:32 PM
Footprints daycare Footprints lighthouse point, school, Bonnie Rubin pupils ALWAYS dialated. Drug addicts running daycare. Scammers. Bonnie Rubin bagelstein lighthouse point Florida
I stopped bringing my son there. The owner Bonnie Rubin and her daughter Dana Breslow are very bad drug addicts.  The daughter Dana Raccoon eyes Breslow is always sick, pupils dialated from cocaine use and has sores on her body.....nasty!  teeth rotten out  yuck!!   The mom is rarely there.  she is there to collect fees and more fees lol.  She is always high on coke.....just look at her eyes......pupils as small as pins.  the police are always there.  even the workers there are high/junkies.  the workers take the bus to work and dont even have degrees.  some come from halfway houses.  I hope they close this place down before some kid gets hurt!
Entity: lighthouse point, Florida
47, Report #1335269
Oct 27 2016
06:44 AM
readers service lighthouse po fl fraud scam rip off florida Nationwide
On oct 11th 2016 i got my bank statement in and this charge of 49.90 was taken out of my accountfor a READER SERVICE LIGHTHOUSE PO FL and i have never used it for that and dont even know what it isi am a single mother of 3 and i work every hard for what me and my kids have.. but it made me overdrawn also of 27.00 so i really think u need to REFUND that back before i tell my bank and police that u are a scam... u got till oct 28th 2016 to get it back then im going to the athoirties.. 76.90 is owed to my account ASAP THANK U
Entity: Nationwide
48, Report #1352851
Jan 30 2017
12:59 PM
S H Brandt & Associates Steve Brandt Architect, Engineer Lighthouse Point Florida
We commissioned Steve to plan out a remodel on our house.  When initially meeting with Steve everything went well.  His prices seemed a little high however we already had our initial plan down so we decided to move forward. Steve does not answer emails on time, if at all.  His plans are not 100% done to code(and then he blames the contractor for not catching the issue before hand).  Furthermore, he does not stick to deadlines and will put other projects in front of yours.   There are plenty of architects and engineers in SE FL.  I suggest doing your research when picking and staying away from SH Brandt.  
Entity: Lighthouse Point, Florida
49, Report #129188
Jan 27 2005
08:37 PM
The Greener Cleaner ripoff Dishonest Deceptive Thieves Inconsiderate Lighthouse Point Florida
I took my leather jacket to this company and they told me it would take approximately 2 weeks for it to be returned. They assured me that they would call me as soon as it was ready. After patiently waiting, 29 days later I went in to check on the progress, and it was done. As I was cashing out, I noticed that this jacket was damaged. I asked the clerk to speak to her manager to see if there is any possible way it could be fixed or if i would be compensated for the ruined jacket. The owner, Charlie White, told me it would take 3 days for him to even return my phone call after looking at the jacket. I agreed although i was very frustrated. Three days later, Charlie did not call. On the fourth day, I called him and he said that he was sending it out to a professional leather cleaner to see if the jacket could be repaired and he would contact me the following week. The following week came around and I still did not receive a phone call. I contacted Charlie to see what was going on and he told me, hun, you dont know what you're talking about... I told him he would be hearing from my lawyers. I have not contacted my lawyers because obviously, it would not be worth anything in the end. But, sitting here over a month later and i still have not heard anything. Megan Pompano Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Lighthouse Point, Florida
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Apr 15 2002
08:39 AM
Gibson Trust ripoff! will not pay their affilates Pompano Beach Lighthouse Point Florida
I am a website owner and take applications for debt consolidation. I was an affilate of Gibsontrust last year and provided them with leads for individuals needing consolidation. They did not pay me as agreed and still owe me a good sum. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau as you all should. It is people like Gibsontrust that take away from other companies who do offer a good and reliable debt consolidation program. I have recovered from Gibson's ripoff and have signed with a new company who has been very reliable. If you are with Gibson now, I would advise you to move your account before its too late. Tim Joplin, Missouri
Entity: Lighthouse Point, Florida

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