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1, Report #1340274
Nov 28 2016
04:47 PM
linkshe Internet ::: A bait-and-switch company....shows one picture of the product/item.....the received item is very different from the original item....they post a fake picture like it's their item but material and appearance totally different.... ****THEY ARE FRAUDS!!! #LINKSHE
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1342620
Dec 11 2016
09:06 PM
Linkshe Internet
 I ordered from this company which advertised on FB. At first I was a little unsure but I read a few comments where people stated that they had ordered from this site and they were legit. There weren't any complaints and said that the clothes were true to size. Well it took about 3 weeks for my order to come and everything I ordered was poor quality, short in length, and nothing as advertised. I immediately went to their site to contact customer service, and of course there's no number to call just an email address. You can send an email or submit a ticket. Well I have done both and have not received any response. So I'm pretty pissed because I spent almost $80.00USD on clothes that I can't even wear.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1369475
Apr 25 2017
06:17 AM
LinkShe DO NOT use LinkShe! China Internet
I ordered two dresses online via LinkShe.  They took weeks to arrive and were of sub-standard quality and sizing.  I returned them within a week to the UK returns address specified on the packaging.  Weeks later I have yet to receive a refund.  They are continually arguing with me via their website link.  Tried ringing them but couldn't get through.  They have unlawful ruling about returning goods, i.e. you have to email them first before they agree to refund, and then will only refund a percentage of costs.  They are not abiding by UK law.  DO NOT order through them.  They should be closed down for illegal trading.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1348952
Jan 10 2017
02:55 PM
Linkshe Company took my money and did not deliver my order Internet, linkshe
 Ordered clothing and it was not received contacted them through email several times because that's the only way to contact them. they responded and said my order was shipped .but still have not received ordered 6 weeks ago
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1388148
Jul 25 2017
02:52 PM
LINKSHE LINKSHE counting on you not writing down your order number Internet
I purchased a bathingsuit through LINKSHE and need to return it.. problem is.. unless you write down the order number.. it doesnt appear on ANY correspondence. So therefore, Im missing that VITAL NUMBER to return my item. SCAM. and I cant find anyway to contact them without the number. I have an Invoice number and a transaction number, but Alas, No ORDER NUMBER. Disgusted. Wont purchase through an out of country company again. In this case, China.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1352080
Jan 26 2017
07:26 AM
Linkshe Linkshe is a RipOff. I want my refund internet USA Internet
I ordered a High wait sleeveless Maxi dress on Jan 18 with the expeited shipping for 12.99, hoping that I would receive the item within 2-5 business days. So, I decided to check the processing status, which is still in payment received / processing stage but the funds were pulled out of my credit card. Now, its going on two weeks and I still havent received my item. When I went on the website I wanted to contact someone to see whats going on with my item, come to find out that there isn't a contact number; so you have to contact them by email. The first email it took 2 days for a response and they stated that were so sorry your item is hot sale products, which is short of stock, we are trying to prepare it , once we have it , we will send your items as soon as possible, hope you can understand. have a nice day. Now, Im pissed and No, I don't understand!Then, I sent another email informing them that I'm getting the run around becasue if the item was short of stock, it should have been posted on the website. There response was Due to the coming holiday from 27th Jan. to 2nd Feb., no shipping will be offered during this time and emails and tickets will not be replied either. Do you still want the order ? Now, I'm pissed again becasue your saying due to a holiday no shipping is being sent out and you will not be responding to any replies and Yes, please cancel my order, I want a refund but I still haven't received a response becasue there holding out until the 27th. So, Im saying to myself What kind of company closes for 2weeks. Don't waste your time on Linkshe It's a Scam!   
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1379174
Jun 14 2017
06:56 PM
LINKSHE COM The items I ordered were damaged during shipment. Items ordered not as described. I have tried to contact the company via email and they respond, give us an order no and the order number I was given on my order confirmation doesn't work I their system. So I asked for an address I can send the damaged items back. No reply since February 2017! I used PayPal account and I've been denied on seveal different case numbers even after I sent pictures of the damaged items. Internet
 I ordered from an online business called Linkshe. I recieved the items damaged and no return address to return the items. I used my PayPal credit account due to the buyers protection on my clothing items. Little did I know that Pay Pal was just as awful in honoring their stated requirements when communication is not honored by the seller. I've followed all instructions by both Linkshe and PayPal yet there is no resolution to this day after 4mos of going back in forth with PayPal. I want my money back every penny of my 134.98 credit back to my PayPal in which I pay it off like it's an American Express account never having a balance monthly. Companies such as Linkshe should be shut down because they continue to take hard working Americans money as if it's the thing to do. Please help us all.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1337623
Nov 11 2016
08:05 AM
LinkShe Terrible Quality Shanghai Internet
Dress looked completely different and really low quality on arrival.  When I contacted them they asked me for name and order#, sent that, then they asked me for picture, sent that.  Even though website says 30 day easy return they did not offer a return label or a return, period.  THeir response was ok.  They take 2-3 days to even respond. 
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1349100
Jan 11 2017
09:03 AM
Linkshe Defective item Internet
 I ordered a jumpsuit Navy Blue High Waist Half Sleeve Belted Jumpsuit in a size large. According to the size chart per US sizing the item was a size 12-14 which would give me more than enough room. I actually wear a size 10 soI bought it bigger just in case it ran small. When the item finally arrived I could not zip the item nor could I pull the item up my arms would not go past my wrist? Also I ordered the item on 12/17/16 I did not recieve it until 1/6/17. That is way longer than 6-10days as advertised on the site!
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1367026
Apr 11 2017
06:06 AM
Linkshe Misleading and fake Internet
 Order something's from their website and paid for express delivery that didn't arrive express . The second thing is the items I received is nothing like what was advertised. One of the item was extremely different . I contacted them and ask for a refund I was told that it's too expensive to refund and they will give me 20% discounts . But what am I to do with these item? The 3 item is fake
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1371908
May 08 2017
06:27 AM
LinkShe China based company Internet
I ordered a dress from LinkShe which was continually popping up on my facebook.  It arrived quickly - supposed to be UK 16 - was, if luck a size 6.  It was made of the most awful cheap material, badly made, and looked nothing like the picture.  I spent days trying to find a contact to return - eventually via a ticket system - got a response where I was offered a 5% goodwill credit (the dress cost me £28) as it was too difficult to return to China.  I did return it to China (cost £8 in the post) and have heard nothing since!  I've raised another ticket, though am not holding out any hope. The sizes, quality and description of goods is nothing like - so don't buy from them!
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1359567
Mar 03 2017
11:45 AM
Linkshe is the biggest SCAM there is. You order, give credit card information and you will NEVER recieve your items, can not email nor call the company because the information is false. You can not track your order because the tracking number doesn't exest. I want ALL my money and the sue this company for FRAUD
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1364781
Apr 29 2017
07:59 PM
Linkshe China
 I ordered 99 dollars worth of clothes. Items cane today n they are not as described. Clothes are missized. THEY were not U.S. sizes as stated on their facebook ad. Clothing was stayed cotton n they are not they are nylon. Thise clothing is cheap material they look nothing like the pics they had posted. I contacted PayPal today n they put a hold on my payment. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. THIS company is a RIP off it needs to be shut down. I'm waiting on paypal. LINKSHE DOES NOT ANSWER MESSAGES. I WILL UPDATE ONCE I HEAR FROM PayPal again.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1365673
Apr 12 2017
04:27 PM
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1372366
May 10 2017
08:14 AM
LinkShe Internet
 This fake site rips off people for money and product is shabby. Never received my swimsuit and for those who have I see nothing but complaints. I asked for a refund but it's ignored with a statement weeks later to please wait a few more days. Over and over again. The tracking says it's never left the facility in China. Need to shut the Facebook site down!
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1379370
Jun 15 2017
03:02 PM
LinkShe Total Scam China Internet
Based on internet photos and material and size descriptions order swimsuits and a top from Linkshe.  Payed $125 through PayPal and weeks later finally received merchanize which is not at all as described.   Cheap material, ill fitting, terrible. Recourse on promised ability to return does not exist.  Total ripoff.    
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1379288
Jun 15 2017
10:17 AM
Linkshe Poor merchandise China Internet
The merchandise I received from this store was sub-par to say the least.  Poorly made and it had a rip in a seam.  I emailed them to complain; they requested I take pictures and they would send a full refund without me having to return the item.  Subsequently, they changed their response to they would give me 40% refund without returning or I could pay shipping and they would give full refund upon receipt of item.  I went back and forth with them several times to no avail.  I would not recommend this site for clothing;  boils down to you get what you pay for..Lesson learned!!!
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1376078
May 30 2017
10:27 AM
LinkShe Bait and switch china Internet
My report concerns the China apparel market. There are several companies that advertise on the internet/facebook for fashionable women's apparel. The scam: you do not get what you see. The clothing pictured are well made, and have the appearence of quality material used. what you receive is poorly made copies. I personally have ordered from two seperate compies and both companies from China have done a bait and switch. I ordered $200 from LinkShe, $300 from RoseWe. I received 4 jumpsuits that look like they are made of bed sheets, 3 xxxl dresses than are only long enough to be shirts. 1 shirt unraveling with long loose threads. 1 dress no hem sewn and cut unevenly, 1 pantsuit the top is just the cut-out unsewn! Very unhappy with both orders. Reported to Pay Pal to get money refunded, received an offer of $80 refund. Pay Pal let time run out on complaint while they investigated. I was told to talk directly with LinkShe to get my money back. I know this will be a waste of time from reading reports from others with the same issues. Their sites show positive comments when checking their site for comments. My question is why is America letting China rip off it's consumers? I will never deal with any overseas companies again. I probably won't internet order any apparel again. America seriously need to stop this fraud on American consumers.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1373658
May 17 2017
06:08 AM
Linkshe Fraudulent website Shanghai china Internet
 This is a ripoff scam!! In October I ordered a big order from linkshe. I couldn't track the package because China doesn't use tracking numbers. Finally received the package and everything was too small, bad material, a shirt had a hole in it, and the clothing was cheap. I emailed them and said no I want a refund, I demanded their mailing address and they told me to try to resell online, or give as a gift. Really?? That's not how we do things here in America. Thankfully I bought thru my PayPal account so PayPal was the mediator and obtained the shipping address to linkshe and I had to sent the package back by December 3 so as soon as I sent the package off (cost me 50.00) I supplied PayPal with the shipping address. After a few several weeks I called PayPal to see what's the holdup and they said they closed my dispute because I never gave the tracking number. Livid I sent the screen shot of the tracking number to show my proof. They reopened the case, closed, reopened, closed, reopened, closed. They said linkshe claims they never received the package. Now we are in March, I received that god forsaken package. The customs label from China indicated the the package was never claimed. I take a picture to send to PayPal that shows the package was in China and returned to me cause linkshe never claimed. PayPal again said after 50 emails between us that they side with the seller and again they closed the case. Here we are in April I called PayPal to fight with them some more to show them linkshe never claimed this package with this garbage clothing. I had realized the entire time I'm fighting with PayPal the staff for PayPal Are based in India or the Philippines. So I had had it and said I want to speak to your supervisor from the United States right now! They tried to discourage me from doing so and I was persistent and said I'm done taking to y'all, supervisor USA now!! Thankfully I get Rick from Ohio stated my whole case to him and BOOM rick authorized my 180.00 refund. I asked rick what I should do with the clothing and said whatever you like! I gave them away to good will. So ladies that was my ordeal, from October-April that was the saga. Mind you a lot of the employees based in foreign countries are thankful for their American jobs so in their country it's about the company, not the customer whereas in America it's about the customer service. Thank you all and please don't buy clothing from this sketchy company. I wanted to give them a teehee email that I won but decided I don't need to go there cause I got my money back at least.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1368123
Apr 29 2017
04:52 PM
Linkshe Link all I want is my money China
I orders 3dresses then my Frind said they scam and the clothes are not the same. I canceled my order the never returned my money and try to send me two dress no return label. trying to contact them no responds. all I want is my mony. thy can have this crap they say 10 days its been longer than that they dont fit and it poor clothing
21, Report #1347514
Jan 04 2017
07:19 AM
Linkshe I order a product and never recieved the product Internet
I order a product back on Dec.12,2016 to this day I have not recieved the product. You can talk to anyone you have to e-mail them and add the tracking number provided when they send a shipment notification and no reponse.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1364962
Mar 30 2017
01:45 PM
LINKSHE Rip off fraud fake con artists China Internet
 This is a fraudulent account selling fake goods via the internet from china. They advertise via Facebook which is where I found them. The photos of items online do not belong to them, they have stolen photos and are producing cheap, nasty, fake copies. Taking people's money and then refusing a refund when you are not happy!! Even though their website claims 'free easy returns'!! What rubbish.. they told me sending it back would take too long and be expensive for me so I should accept a 35% refund. What an insult. They also have a fake DHL tracking website. As the delivery camefrom Royal Mail!! What can I do? I just want my money back
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1375655
May 30 2017
09:17 PM
LINKSHE Purchased over $200.00/merchandise will not refund Internet
 First, the clothing is not good quality and does not look like what is advertised on the website. Typical bait and switch. I received the goods and they are very cheap material, not good to wear....and not worth the money spent. It states on their website that you may return within 30 days for a full refund, but it is a horrible and cumbersome process to return. I have contacted their Support Center for over a month of back and forth communication, still without a refund. Even within the 30 days, they will not refund the money in full. They stated that I can return the goods (I have to pay for shipping), and they would refund only 60% of the order. If I keep the goods, then they will refund 30% of the order. Since the cost to return the goods is costly to China....and I got tired of arguing, I decided to keep the clothes. Now I'm expecting my 30% return, but they are stating that in order to receive my refund, I have to close the dispute and ticket, which makes no sense. I have closed the first ticket through their website, as well as the ticket via Paypal. Still, they claim it's not closed and they are not refunding my money. I think that this company should be investigated for bait and switch and fraud. They are very unprofessional and unwilling to provide any type of customer service. The only contact is via email - no phone service or chat service offered.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1376766
Jun 02 2017
11:00 AM
LINKSHE LINKSHE.COM Merchandise never delivered. Payment made via PayPal Internet
Merchandise never delivered! It's been 22 days! Saw their add on Facebook. Paid via Paypal. Never received a purchase or shipping confirmation emails from Linkshe. The customer service number listed on their website does not work. Their web customer service email link does not work either. Save your $. It's a scam!
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1408660
Oct 26 2017
06:18 AM
LinkShe No delivery of product. Difficulty getting help. Internet
 I ordered the swim suit six weeks ago and still no arrival. Contacted them by email (only way) and they kept saying that I needed to track it. The delivery company says it’s “on its way” with no exact information or details on arrival date. They make it impossible to contact them and when they reply, they keep making me track it and it’s always “waiting at the Shanghai port.” After reading other customer review sites (that I wish I had checked in the first place), I realize I’m the victim of a scam off of Facebook. Very upset and will contact VISA to report this. Please do not order from this fraudulent company in China!
Entity: Internet

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