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1, Report #1402793
Sep 27 2017
05:20 PM
lior gold paris Tophatter took me for hundreds of dollars Internet
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1292951
Mar 10 2016
08:48 PM
Lior Gold Paris 24K /Lior Gold Paris Diamond Collection/Luxury Cosmetics/L'cor Gold Lying about products all MFSP on various internet sites including TopHatter Auction Site Doesn't give address on their site at all Nationwide
I purchased a product on an auction site. Their name was very similiar to that of a great brand we all know & with the high MFSP of $499.00. So I went for it hoping I would score a great deal. I paid $20.00 for face cream;Lior Gold Paris Anti Aging Cream (stating: that this rich emollient was desigined to help reorginize the skins ion functions through a high  concentration of 24k gold. Combined with extracts loaded with powerful antioxidents that help cell with protection and repair) I purchased the product on TopHatter Auction site however not their fault; it was sold by Luxury Cosmetics. I later saw this product sold on Amazon for $11.00.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1362812
Aug 05 2017
10:29 AM
Lior Gold Works well but not Luxury Internet
Lior gold is sold on Tophatter, Amazon, and Ebay.  It claims to be a luxury product from Paris.  Honestly - I think it works GREAT.  Don't try to buy a $1200 product for $30 off of an auction site.  You are just being greedy and down right stupid.  I like the product and will continue to purchase it.  I am 56 years old and my skin never felt better.  Not really a rip off.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1332489
Oct 10 2016
05:04 PM
Lior Paris luxury Claims it's a luxury product and gave a false value worth of $299 when it's worth is actually far less then that. More like $30 or less. Tophatter website Internet
 Lior Paris is false advertising it's products. Claiming they are luxury skin care and list the value at $299. When. Researching it I found its not at all luxury and it worth is $30 or less. I bought the product because it claimed I was saving over 90% buying it for $16. I wouldn't have bought the product if it wasn't for the false advertising on their part.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1214141
Mar 08 2015
06:03 AM
L' cor Gold Paris, Lior gold Paris, luxury cosmetics Advertised under luxury/designer products, lied about retail worth, using another companies name Internet
Purchsed product L'cor Gold Paris, Regenerating Night Cream. I thought the product was from the REAL Parisian skin care boutique L'Core Paris since packaging and the ingredients look almost identical. I purchased the product under a luxury/designer product auction.  The seller Luxury cosmetics claimed that the product retails for $399.00. In actuality the product is not sold at any store and only on Amazon and eBay and for less than $30-$40.00. I contacted the seller to see what retail stores carried this designer/ luxury product so I can look up the price and was told that the website was down and I cannot look up the product. I have taken a picture of this email and the deceitful description of product. I would never have purchased this product had I known it really was not designer or luxury and that it had been mislabeled. I also don't think it's fair that people are purchasing this product on Amazon, eBay, and tophatter and with out knowing that it really is not luxury or designer product and that it's not sold at the store. 
Entity: Internet
6, Report #394939
Nov 26 2008
04:32 AM
Bianca Paris / Gold Star Lottery Gold Standard Lottery Rip-off!!!! Verdun Quebec Canada
I receiced a letter in the mail stating I had won $56,350.00 usd and a check for $2,550.00. I had to call to register my claim. The letter stated that because of international laws that were passed in 2007, no out of pocket money can be charged. So the $2,550.00 check would be used to pay for processing fees. All I had to do was deposit it into my bank and when it clears send the check back and they would send me a certified check for the remaing amount $53,800.00. Figuring something doesn't sound right I never gave out any information about personal or bank information, but I did deposit the check, sure enough it came back as a counterfeit check! So I called Bianca Paris back and she regretfully apologized for the trouble and said that I needed to get the check from the bank and call her so I can fax it to her and she would issue my a certified check and have it delivered certified mail. Now very suspicious and I feel very dumb right now because I can't figure out the scam, I call her back 3 - 4 and she keeps hanging up on me but I keep calling because now I'm mad. Finally she answers the phone and tells me to stop calling her because this is a scam and that she is having a bad day and doesn't need this crap. I told her I was going to turn her in and her coment was to who? Your mother I would like to know how we can stop these people from doing this. I was not out anything but maybe someone out there is. My bank told me the company the checks were drawn are were probably stolen. That companies name is Multifamily Internet Ventures, LLC / LeasingDesk Insurance Services out of California. Geraldine Forest Lake, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Verdun, Quebec
7, Report #392826
Nov 19 2008
11:12 AM
Gold Standard Lottery, Bianca Paris Letter containing a check for $2550 accompanied by a Letter saying more to follow Montreal Quebec Canada
I received a check in the amount of $2550.00 and a letter stating that I had to call Bianca Paris for instructions on how to claim the remainder of the $53800.00 lottery winnings. I contact her on Nov 12 and she informed me that I can deposit the check and contact her when the check clears and I would be instructed as to where to send the processing fee and tax attorney fees. Once this was done, I would get a certified check delivered via special carrier which would require my signature upon receipt. I of course went to the bank (not the ATM) and presented the check to the teller, she checked it over and informed me that the check was valid and the funds would be available after midnight. I decided to wait before I contacted Ms Paris, good think I did, this morning, the check was returned as a fraudulent check. I immediately called Ms Paris and she seemed shocked that this had happened and asked that I hold. I was of course disconnected - after several attempts to call her back the phone went unanswered. Cheryl Goose Creek, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Montreal, Quebec
8, Report #391960
Nov 17 2008
11:11 AM
Gold Standard Lottery Bianca Paris/ Denis Sapien Scam the company sent me a letter stating that I had won a lottery in the amout of 53,800 New York New York
I was sent a letter stating that I had won a cash prize of 53,800USD so I was soooI excited I didn't think anything about it but it was a very good thing, I thought it was a blessing from GOD and I thought all of my prayers were answered. I am so down and out now because due to this because I have gott am looked at as if I am a fraud check depositing person I call Bianca Paris and let her tell me the next step before I just flat out bashed her and she said a man named Denis Sapien was involved address located in NY, NY. After she told me that I then confronted her about what had happend to me and what I was facing. She argued that I was not telling the truth. Once I told her I was going to report her to the police and FBI she hung up and refused to answer my calls anymore. The phone number she gave me was (450) 675-7123 Come to find out its a cell phone number. When you cross over any kind of lottery over the internet its a SCAM run don't look back Chasity Fort Worth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
9, Report #691821
Feb 07 2011
07:46 AM
David Mark MorganWes Gold or Jean Yves Gautier or Udechar Farms Gold Dust Gold Bar Scammer, Money Launderer, Con Artist, 419er and Thief Internet
David Mark represents himself as the seller mandate for MorganWesGold, owned by Jean Yves Gautier. He will claim Mr. Gautier can't talk, because he is in Europe dealing with a Belgian refinery.  Eventually, he connects you to Mr. Gautier, who is a black man of a different name living in African not the white Parisian in the passport he sends. He will offer you no explanation for this lie. David Mark uses this alias because it is a well-known Nigerian politician's name, and he believes if he is Googled that name will come up first, not any complaints against him. This is a common 419 ploy.  He is very convincing to buyers, and I thank God none of them met him in Togo for 3000 kg of gold he supposedly had for sale, because he surely would have ambushed them. Please note, if you are buying gold dust, such quantities do not exist in stored dust, especially in Togo.  He also works with Udechar Farms, a company which gets a cut of his money for serving as the shipper.  Another of his cohorts is a man named Johnson Williams, with an email address of David's most successful crime is to get people to Western Union him money, usually to cover the taxes (in many African countries gold is DUTY FREE) and freight. One buyer sent him $5000 to cover the expenses of shipping 10 kg of gold dust to Europe.  No gold ever arrived, and the airway bill turned out to be fake, according to the airline. David insisted it was real, and even had his cohorts create a website (for a company called Global Express) where one could enter the tracking number.  However, even the flight they listed the gold on was fake. On another occassion, he told a buyer if they sent a copy of a check, he would be able to get financing and ship the gold. Well, it ends out he tried over and over to cash the check for $10 million (unsuccessfully -- the buyers were smarter than that) and never sent the gold.  He also has requested various instruments. David Mark works with a broad network of cohorts who are allegedly financiers in Europe, or shippers in Africa (who won't give their actual Business licenses to you).  Just remember, huge shipments of gold are impossible, and he has no ability to get financing from anyone.  DO NOT SEND HIM ANY MONEY!!! He will even tell you it is a different David Mark, etc.  Again, he is very convincing. Below are the accounts that he requested any instruments (MT760s, etc.) be issued to by potential buyers.   Bank name:        CARIPRATO BANK Address::            Via Fratelli LUMIERE N° 19 (52100 AREZZO ITALY) Phone No:           00390575383436 Gen. Manager:    Mauro GeppettiAccaunt Name:   MARIO MAZZESCHIIBAN:                 IT81 0060 2014 1041 0457 0274 820Swift:                  PRATIT3P    BANK NAME : CREDIT SUISSE BANKThrough: Credit Suisse ZurichSwift # CRESCHZZ80A Beneficiary Bank: Credit Suisse DubaiSwift # CRESAEADA/C of beneficiary Bank: 0835-205964-84-2 Final beneficiary: Lualua Rawan Lil Estithmar Wa Altatweer Account number: 100677-978-01 euro  Mr. Mark's phone numbers are as follows. +44 703 591 5614 (roaming cell phone)+2287577469.  I believe he is still using them, so perhaps he can be tracked in this manner. He likely has other cell phones, all prepaid, as well. BEWARE!!! HE IS A VERY DANGEROUS MAN!!
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #369456
Sep 03 2008
03:19 PM
ID Watchdog(aka) was deducted from my checking account for $1.95. I did not authorize and was unaware as to what this was. later in the month, $12.95 was deducted from my checking account which I did not authorize either. After contacts with company and further investigation I discovered that numerous aka's were used at different intervals. These transactions caused my account to be overdrawn and causing numerous financial problems with my bank.All of this originated from an online credit application with instant approval of $7500. Fine print revealed it was exclusively for on line purchases. This info was not available at beginning of application. I immediately cancelled card---number on web. Next thing I know is monies are being deducted from my account without my authority. i contacted Tennessee BBB and they looked up the company. It showed 7 complaints this year. They referred me to you. I am lucky; I am closing my accounts but some people lose a lot more than $15; I just caught it early. Please put a stop to these people.Thank you!!!! Pamela xxxxxxxxxxx Paris, TennesseeU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: LAS VEGAS, Nevada
11, Report #907455
Jul 06 2012
06:58 AM
Honda of Paris Disappointed Paris, Texas
Female account manager intentionally raised quote $500 above agreed price, added an additional $2,000 to agreement plan, and stated the windows had to have $399 etching. When I stated I did not want the etching, I was told I did not have a choice. When I asked why the $2,000 was added, I was told they have to make some money. I was told an 8.5%, at $350 per month for 70 months was the only option ($11,000 over MSRP!). I was also told I had to have the extended warranty and all the above was non-negotiable. I had already done the research and knew all the above was negotiable and exceeded national prices by $4,000 - $6,000. I observed additional like practices with another buyer, who unknowingly agreed to a quote that far exceeded reasonable. You will pay for the convenience if you buy here.
Entity: Paris, Texas
12, Report #951509
Oct 11 2012
08:51 AM
With the surplus of gold buyers out there i thought i would save some time by calling in advance to see what these people would offer for a specific amount of a certain karat of gold.  The phone number i called was the corporate office and i asked what they were paying for X amount of grams of 14k gold scrap.  I was told that since the price of gold changes daily, I would have to visit a store for my gold to be tested and weighed and priced at the CURRENT MARKET VALUE.  Its the last three words of that sentence that caught my attention.  So i drove to the store.  These people claim to pay the maximum amount for your gold, hence the name GoldMax.  Well what a lie!!! I realize i could have turned the offer down and taken my gold back, but in my defense I am dyslexic and it takes me longer than the average person dealing with numbers. Thank god i only took a small portion of my scrap to them.  They took my drivers license information down and got my fingerprint. Which i didnt mind this at all.  I was told that this was to keep thieves from bringing in stolen gold.     But it is a useless act when they dont even hold the gold for 24 hrs after receiving it  (as i found this out later.)  The sales clerk happened to mention that i was the only customer all day long.  And as i left, the store was closing.  On the day i sold my gold, 14k was going for 33.15 dollars a gram. When i mentioned this to them, they said that jewelry is measured in pennyweights.  And that was the reason why our figures were not even close.  I figured i had made the mistake being dyslexic and all.   So when i got home  I used a jewelry scrap converter based on the current market value for grams and pennyweights for 14k.    I was paid 15.55 per gram.  I was appalled when i realized that they didnt even pay for half the value. As i said earlier the clerk mentioned that i was the only customer all day and since they closed right after i left, I thought i would return when they opened the next morn and give them their check back in return for my scrap.  There should be no confusion as to what gold was mine as i was the only customer and besides that, surely they keep everyone's gold separate or whats the use of a fingerprint and license information?    I was the first customer the next day and when i asked for my gold back and tried giving them the check they had given me (because they do not pay in cash) I was told my gold was all ready gone to Atlanta for processing. (less than 24 hrs) Which means that the fingerprint and license info does nothing to prevent the selling of stolen gold!!!  Again, i realize i could have turned their offer down.  So i will take some of the blame for that.  But know this.  Gold Max should be called Gold Less.   You will get Less than half the value of your gold and these people could careLess if the gold they buy is stolen.  The fingerprint and drivers license info that is obtained is B.S. when the gold is untraceable in less than 24 hrs after it is purchased. ONE MORE THING Even the gold buyers that operate through the mail give you an option to get your gold back.   The following was taken off a such a website......If you do not wish to accept our check and would like your items back, you must call us at (888) xxx-xxxx to provide notice of your non-acceptance to a customer service representative within ten (10) days of the date on the check.   WHICH MEANS THESE PEOPLE HOLD THE GOLD FOR AT LEAST 10 DAYS!!!  where as GOLD MAX, NOT EVEN 24 HOURS.  SO BUYER BEWARE.  you may want to seriously think about mailing your gold to one of these operations before dealing with the ripoffs at GoldMax.......scuse me, GoldLess.
Entity: Internet, Texas
13, Report #994060
Jan 09 2013
01:07 PM
Patient Care Transport-Raz Barr-Leo and Lior Klain Ross Barr Unprofessional company-Scam-Lots of tricks and very rude to drivers Glendale, California
I hate to add to the list of taken drivers but that is the case. I interviewed with Leo who assured me that the company had more work than drivers so I would be very busy. The interview was actually not an interview at all. All he wanted was my paper work and a check to get started. My gut feeling was not good but I went ahead with it and I am to blame for that. I should have listened to what my gut was telling me. After the interview it took several days and numerous calls and a visit to the office in Glendale to get some work from them. I went to the office as they said I could but was treated poorly from the start. They really didnt want to speak with me and give me any direction or information on when I would start working. To my surprise I got a call on the way home stating I would start the next week. Once home I had a ticket for some work. I was instructed to complete the ticket and send it to them once the job was complete. I did the transport and sent in the paper work (ticket) and was told they would review and send it back to me complete for payment once they got paid. I have not seen the completed ticket from them to this day. After this I got concerned and started digging more on the company and found the 1st of many Rip Off reports. I immediately emailed the company about the report and stated I was concerned and could they address this with me. I got an email from Mr. Barr and all he said was if you are unhappy you can stop driving. I called and said I was not looking to quite but wanted to hear from him on this report. He got upset said they were very busy and that they are a professional company doing many transports and looking for only the best. Since then I have not heard from the company and have not been given any more work. I am confident that I will never see any money from them and at this point I hope every driver protects themselves from these scammers. I for one will not work for a company that is as unprofessional to their drivers as I have been treated by Ross Barr, Leo and most everyone else I have talked with at this company. They advertise on craigslist all the time and it is because they need to replace the drivers that catch on to their tricks.
Entity: Glendale, California
14, Report #154323
Aug 19 2005
08:18 PM
Luv Homes ripoff Paris Tennessee
We went to Luv Homes in Paris Tn, and talked to Charles Green. Picked out our double wide and was told it would arive the end of September. My mother and father in-law put there land up for the home. We were told that if something happen that they would get the first chance to get there land back. In the mean time of us buying the home, our soon to be new neighbors told us there was a restriced convedence. They told us that we would have to be moved out and that they would make sure we did. We called up to Luv Homes and asked them to help us in whatever way they could. We were told by Charles Green that he couldn't help us it was our problem. No one from Vanderbuilt Mortgage would help us and no one from LUV homes would either. That just shows how much they care about the customers. We ended up going to court over it and lost. We had to file bankruptcy and give the home back. We have been trying to get the land back for our parents and they told us it would cost us 9,000 dollars. They said it might could go higher than that. I don't think that it is right for the way we have been treated. You get told one thing and it turns around to be something else. Everyone that works at these places are very unfair. The people at this company should have to give us back our land. If anyone can help us with this problem please contact us. There is no way I can put all of it into detail on this web page. Dana Paris, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Paris, Tennessee
15, Report #1197340
Dec 23 2014
04:15 PM
La Diva Paris France Assault and Robbery Paris
Went to Moulin Rouge Paris, but it was sold out, Club La Diva, is across the street next to the subway, looked legitimate.  I was walking by and the man outside asked if I was looking for a show.  Cabarret, yes I said.  He said $20 entry which sounded cheap so I hesitated.  He said $10 and he would provide a drink, what did I have to lose, can always leave.  But as it turns out no you can't.  He escourted me in, it was very dark.  He put me in a corner.  As my eyes adjusted I could see know one was there.  A girl brought a drink over and started to perfom a dance.  I told her I wasn't interested.  I was here for a cabarret show, which was evidently not here.  She excused herself and went to talk to her boss.  I got up and headed for the door.  Not happy I said I'm leaving.  As I'm walking out the door a man grabbed me around the neck from behind and dragged me back inside and threw me against a bar and told me I owed them a hundred euro for the drink.  I said no way.  I've been here less then 3 minutes and didn't drink a drink.  He made it clear he wanted my credit cards and or cash. I asked him are you not allowing me to leave.  There was a man standing outside as well.  He said not without paying.  In the end I retained my credit cards, which I would have canceled within 10 minutes of my escape.  But they did take my cash 95 Euros and 10 US.  In retrospect the conversational questions they ask while outside, and going in, determines the kind of target they have.  Non-French speaking, not in Paris for long, first time in Paris and has some cash, they look in your wallet when you pull out the entry fee.  I went to my hotel and asked for the police.  The hotel sent me to the local station who told me I had to go to the station in the neighborhood where the crime occured.  The police officers had limited English.  I could have spent the rest of my time in Paris working on this and after losing the equivalent of $135 American I wasn't going to be robbed of the rest of my time as well.  That's what these criminals count on.  Hard to believe the government allows them to stay in business with a store front right next door to the Moulin Rouge that has brochures on every hotel counter in the city.  
16, Report #1179733
Sep 28 2014
05:44 AM
Paris Fashion Institute Not worth the Time or Money Paris Nationwide
Anyone who is looking into this program should most definitely look elsewhere. The $7000.00 fee includes your dormitory yes, and basically that is IT! Most museum visits were toured on days individuals under 25 got in for free, and/or were free of charge. Aside from absolutely no concrete class schedule ever, (almost always posted a day OR two prior) it was difficult to plan the rest of your week if there was something else you wanted to do. The site is extremely misleading, promising Fashion Promotion, while we had two, two hour lectures on this topic, and Fashion History was one class only! The course mainly comprised of Design Studio, where the majority of students did not want to be designers! This class also requires us to bring a lot of materials which weren't even used or materials we should have brought but were not notified in advance. This class also allows little to no education, rather the instructor takes control over every aspect of our ideas into their own.The breakdown of the cost, does not make sense whatsoever, and would definitely not reflect all of that in school fees. Overall, the program was a major let down with little opportunity to network as often the lecturers had to leave almost immediately after the lecture. All instuctors, aside from a couple, actually took the time to actually educate us and insure everyone was learning something, unlike the others. The complete lack of organization and miscommunication was shocking and most definitely not worth the money everyone worked so hard attain towards the course itself. There are many other options that are around the same price and duration in Europe which I would advise individuals in the future to look into over PFI.  
Entity: Paris, Nationwide
17, Report #1252398
Sep 01 2015
10:45 PM
Paris Fashion Institute Paris Fashion Institute Review Rip Off Scheme Paris, France
     Dear Paris Fashion Institute Applicant, Please think again. As a former Paris Fashion Institute student I am guiding you to study fashion locally from whereever you live, or at a larger school in Paris. Although seems like an interesting program it is not worth your time and money. I am not bashing the school, however creating awareness for those who worked 3 jobs like I did just to come up with the money for the outrageous tuition of a 1 month seminar course. Prior to studying at the Paris Fashion Institute I graduated from a Fashion Merchandising program which was 2 years long. I can say without a doubt I learned more and had a much more pleasurable experience in my own country learning about fashion than the fashion capital of the world. Do I regret Paris? No. Do I regret PFI? Yes. Paris is somewhere everyone needs to go. I wish I had just taken on an internship and worked for free rather than paying thousands of dollars to sit in a classroom and learn about things I've read on the internet. Although PFI had some interesting guest speakers the curriculum was not clear and I ended up studying design, which the site clearly states business is incorporated as well. It is not. The program is also extremely unorganized. I literally did not know where I was living until the day I showed up and the instructors are RUDE. The main coordinator was constantly making comments on students weight and other racist remarks. Again, this is a cool experience if you have an unlimited budget and nothing to do with your life but if you are like me and have to work for your tuition and expect valuable experience and education out of every penny I'd think again! I hope this helps. Former PFI student.  And no, I don't state it on my resume!
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1419164
Dec 26 2017
07:04 AM
Hotel Metropol Paris Worst hotel ever that I am writing on here. Do not stay here! Paris Île-de-France / Paris
This was the worst hotel experience ever and I literally have been to thousands. I stayed on Christmas and was humiliated when the man at reception rudely and obnoxiously started yelling and barking orders that we could not go up because he was not staying here. I explained he was just a friend visiting for Christmas and not staying the night but he kept being rude and very unpleasant and my friend just wanted to leave which I could not blame him. I was giving rules as a guest which seemed as though I was staying at a jail instead of a hotel. Eventually I come to find out he could come up as my reservation was for two people anyways. I was really embarrassed, angry, and upset. To add to it the hotel was horrible in other ways also. First off calling this a three star hotel is just absurd. Other then the bad staff I could feel the springs on the bed. The walls and ceiling is very thin and it is very loud and noisy even late at night. The shower was terrible. The room is not very nice at all. The sink was clogged and the water would over flowing in it. Also it was weird how you have to leave the key when you go outside. This I have also never heard of before. They had their chance to offer compensation when I checked out and none was offered. Worse experience and on Christmas of all days. Avoid this place and pay a little more for a different place if you have to. You will regret it. 
Entity: Paris, Île-de-France / Paris
19, Report #423128
Feb 12 2009
08:54 AM
Hercules Moving Systems Better Business Bureau-BBB-this company has an F rating with the LA BBB opened under SF BBB for B+ Hayward, Los Angeles California
This company has an F rating with the Los Angeles BBB They have removed the physical Los Angeles address from their website and switched to the Hayward California warehouse. This is so that they may and have opened a San Francisco BBB with the B+ rating. Have a look at the name of the owner on both. They are the same. The sales/consultants,moving crews responsible for the F rating are still in and are operating out of the Los Angeles facility with the address removed. This will lead you to believe that you will have a B+ service when in actuality the people responsible for the F rating are going to arrive to move you and increase your so called Binding estimate 1.5 to twice the amount. Beware of a wolf in sheeps clothing!!! Dave pivas Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Hayward, California
20, Report #288306
Dec 01 2007
08:03 PM
New Paris Consevancy District charging so far 12 years after the promissed 10 New Paris Indiana
i am here to state that the new paris consevancy district, has been charging for 12 years now... almost 13,- a tax that is included with my homeowners tax that adds up to be upwards of 350.00. this does not include my 36.00 a month service fee. this tax was for the instalation of sewer drains for the community of new paris, indiana. this tax was to be set in place for the peiod of ten years, now it is almost thirteen years and we are still being charged. i was told that there was nothing i could do about it as long as our town still had a bond against the district. we will always have this bond as long as we continue to grow. we are a very small community and developers are moving in. i do not want to pay this tax any longer. what gives? Darin NEW PARIS, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: New Paris, Indiana
21, Report #985400
Dec 21 2012
09:42 AM
Paris Apartment Scams - Craigslist Amelie Pottier; I had email interactions with these 3 people when trying to find an apartment in Paris. Paris, Internet
I am attempting to find an apartment or room to rent in Paris via Craigslist.  The email interaction with the people listed did not make sense.  All of them lived out of the country, I suggested options to have friends of mine in their locations meet them and they were deterred.  They wanted the money sent via Western Union or direct bank deposit, non-negotiable.  Every time I asked a question, it wasn't answered appropriately.  I want to get their names on the internet so a simple search of their emails or names will alarm the person in question.  Thank you.
Entity: Paris, Internet
22, Report #1088234
Sep 30 2013
05:49 AM
Paris Beauvais Airport Security Harrassment of airport travelers and stealing Paris Beauvais Paris Beauvais
Airport security at Paris Beauvais airport in France, not only harrassing airport travelers, but they make their bags, belongings disappear while they go through the security control, then they harrass them and in the meanwhile they steal laptops, belongings from their bags. This happens regularly at this airport, even though reported to the airport direction, no measurement was taken, and it got only worse. Travelers avoid Paris Beauvais airport! The security workers will steal your belonging and harrass you. Do NOT go to Paris Beauvais airport!!!
Entity: Paris, Select State/Province
23, Report #1388854
Jul 28 2017
12:08 PM
Bill Paris Rockford water softener Loves Park Illinois
 We had him come look at our water softener yesterday. He shows up looks at everything and in the midst of trying to fix everything he sprays our whole basement with water, which he doesn't even attempt to clean up after himself. So fast forward to today he is supposed to arrive at a certain time which is one. So I go in the living room to try and look for him. It gets to be 1:45 still nothing so I go back downstairs to finish a movie. He shows up within a few minutes after I go downstairs but as it's 45 after our scheduled time I don't hear him knocking for awhile. I hear him after a couple minutes so I run upstairs just to find him STANDING IN OUR LIVING ROOM! No one let him in he just walked inside of our house like he owns the place. So I told him to leave using very colorful words and told him I should report him to the police. DO NOT HIRE HIM. HE IS VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #1416142
Dec 10 2017
08:27 PM
Oncor electric delivery Holding rental property hostage Paris Texas
They have a switch lock on property belonging to me because of a previous tenant failure to pay their bill. They will not allow electric power to be turned on resulting in me not being able to rent the property. I have faxed a notarized affadavit with a copy of the property tax receipt showing me as the owner and a copy of the court records showing that the tenant that owes them money has be evicted. To hold my property hostage and cost me money because some one else owes you is illegal. Oncor electric delivery is engaging in illegal activity and will be filed on Dec the 11th 2017 in Lamar county tx for lost rent and they can explain to the courts why they chose to hold property illegally hostage.
Entity: Paris, Texas
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Aug 05 2013
09:34 AM
 I ordered 2 dresses from AX PARIS USA about 2 weeks ago. I ordered a size US 6 (i'm really a 2, but their sizing charts looked way off, so I went with what my size was on the chart) The dresses came pretty quickly within about 4-5 days. I opened them up and, to my surprise were TEENY TINY!!!! I don't even think a size 00 could fit in them. I couldn't even get the dresses over my arms or head. HORRIBLE!!!! I sent them back, the 2 dresses totaled $58.00 when I bought them. I HAD TO PAY $17.99 for shipping back to California. WHAT A RIP OFF!!!!!! Never buy from these people. The sizing is soooo off that it's laughable, and the return policy SUCKS.
Entity: Fremont, California

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