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1, Report #1339896
Nov 26 2016
10:13 AM
Listen Clear Listen Clear Hearing Aids  Internet
I was contacted by Listen Clear, and asked if I wanted a free trial, I never received the product, called them several times and told them I never got their product, I even told them I didn't want it any more after several attemps, then about 3 months later my bank account was charged $69.99. I contacted their customer service, to reverse the charge from my bank account. The customer service represenative stated they would reverse it, and remove any information so the there will be no more recurring charges, which they did not due, coz this month I am being billeed again for $69.99. I may have to close my bank account just to stop them from charging me for something I never got and don't want every month, They are frauds, you get nothing and still have to hassle with them every month to have them reverse the charges. 
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1258373
Oct 01 2015
07:05 AM
Listen Clear Hearing Aides Nationwide
Hearing cost $99.99 amonth for 16 months. There is no service centers to help with adjustments with hearing aides. Always get noise when using aides.Called and got no real help to explain why aides do not work well. Batteries only last 5 to 7 days and go dead. When up or useing them longer them 8 hours have battery trouble .Adjustments they try to tell you makes them work never helped.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1373576
May 16 2017
04:42 PM
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #1333513
Oct 17 2016
06:57 AM
Listen Clear Hearing Aids Theft Savannah Georgia
 Listen Clear is using deceptive practices to get the elderly to buy their hearing aids. Then Listen Clear steals commissions from employees. They ripoff the elderly and then ripoff young employees. Do not buy their product. It's cheap and does not last long. You will regret buying their product.
Entity: Savannah, Georgia
5, Report #1384547
Jul 10 2017
06:49 PM
Listen Clear Hearing Aids Extortion is a better name for the free trial, you will be extorted Nationwide
DO NOT try this product, they will tell you its a free trial.  Truth is they will string you along trying to get the defective product working and tell you not to worry the return of the product.  We will extend the trial no worries just get back to us when you can and we will get this to work for you.  Then they will set a time to resolve the matter, never show up to the call and then say oh look its past the return date you owe us 1700 USD. DO NOT be fooled these hearing aids are NO GOOD, they are poor performance and horrible fitting. Just say NO, buy local and save yopurself.Shawn Dolan(((REDACTED)))
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #1303832
May 05 2016
12:45 PM
Listen Clear They stole money from me- they charged my credit card before the trial period was over and told me I could not return the merchandise and even if I did they will not return my money. Nationwide
The conatct them and they sent hearing aides, they did not work as told- so I called they had me send them back and were going to extend my trail period- however before that time was up- they charged my credit card and will not reurn the funds- told me I could not return the hearing aides they will not return the money either way. They stole $ 1800.00.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #1397709
Sep 03 2017
08:18 PM
Listen Clear Purchase and return product and they say i never sent it back and having been charging me since 11/2016 Nationwide **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
My 68 year old Father purchased some hearing devices in the amount of $2000 in October 2016. He immediatey returned as they did not do as he was told.  My father is eldery and not well and he failed to get a return receipt when he mailed but he sent them back.  he reported it many times and they continue 12 months later to take $69.99 a month out of his account.  Please stop this company from taking advantage of eldery people.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #367191
Aug 26 2008
03:30 PM
TVsDepot AKA FotoConnectionTVsDepot (aka) FotoConnection TvsDepot/ FotoConnection Bait and Switch, Should Have Listen But I Didn't, Steer Clear Brooklyn New York
Tried to buy a Sanyo Camcorder, their price was $25.00 cheaper than the next rated competitor. That is a bit of a difference but not a huge gap by any means. After (3) three days of back and forth, I canceled the order during the third bait and switch attempt. In the first call they wanted me to purchase batteries. The unit was supposed to come with rechargeable batteries, why would I want to buy more? Why did this accessory deserve a special phone call? The second attempt was for a warranty. The caller made it seem as if a warranty would not be included unless I paid extra even though the manufacturer warranties the product for a year. During this call the guy said, I need you to confirm you don't want a warranty or a battery and I replied I want the battery and warranty that come with the product as listed on your website. Finally after two unsuccessful attempts to bleed more money out of me, they called again to let me know the model I purchased was an overseas model' and not available for 4 to 6 weeks but I could order the US model' for an additional $50. Even if that price kept them competitive (which it didn't) I would have canceled the item on principle. Why wasn't it labeled such on the site, why wouldn't they say something in the first (2) two calls, why can you not find two different products (US and overseas) on their site? This is the only time I've ever filed this kind of negative criticism, but these guys are a real piece of work. Steer very clear. Foolmeonce Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
9, Report #1221152
Apr 08 2015
09:07 AM
Dreamstime They abruptly began auto renewal and charging my debit card without making it clear that the policy had changed. When I called to report it, the customer rep was defensive, argumental, rude and wouldn't listen to what I was trying to explain to her. Then she hung up on me. Internet
I've been a long time customer of Dreamstime stock photos for years and recently they made a change in their policy about online ordering. I purchased a package on April 5, 2015 as I've done many times before and there was no visible or clearly posted text to let me know that they had began using an auto renew whenever your account balance was at 0. I called to explain my situation and the customer rep whom I spoke to immediately began telling me it's been like that for a long time. When I tried explaing to her that no that isn't true she began arguing with me and wouldn't let me finish my sentence. Eventually after about 15 minutes of arguing I told her I had been with the company since 2010 and had made serveral purchases before and I had never had auto renew on it. I even said maybe this is something new? Have they recently started doing this? After I finished, it was as if I hadn't said a thing, she went on to start back arguing to make her point telling me it's been like that for two years. I then told her evidently you haven't heard a word I said because she then told me it's been like this for two years.  Eventually I grew tired of talking to her and just told her to help me get it off. After we finished with it, I began to ask more questions but she abruptly hung up before I could have my questions answered.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #931834
Aug 23 2012
10:08 PM
Clear clear 4g clear wire Unbelievable scam Internet
I would like to start off with I am sorry to anyone who owns clear Internet. I am a customer who ordered clear in August of last year and was promised a no contract upon signing up. I signed up and immediately had problems. I was agreed to the 50 a month high speed plan and boy did I never see that high speed. Within the first week I wanted to return it but they troubleshot it and lowered the price for me to 44 dollars and nothing was fixed. I was busy so didn't pay attention to it and a few more months go by and the speed is horrible I'm talking 80k a second maximum and I'm supposed to get almost 1mb. So I call to cancel my service and get a real Internet they say that I will have to pay 200 for early cancellation. I never signed a contract nor ever agreed to one and emphatically upon purchase asked them repeatedly if this was a month to month plan. They said yes cancel at anytime I'd you don't want a service for a month you dont pay. Well they talked me out of canceling by giving me two free months of device. It's April now and the speed still sucks so I complain again they lowered it to 35 dollars for me. I went another month and had enough of this and decided enough was enough I'm canceling it. They try to offer me a other free month or 25 dollars a month service. Just keep low balling and low balling I said no I want it cancelled and they finally agreed. They told me to send back the modem with a mailed or emaied label I forget which one and that's the end of it. Well what do you know a few weeks went by and nothing no label but I found a charge in my account putting me over the limit and hitting me with a host of fees. I told them to cancel auto pay and everything in July and now in August they overdraw my account send me no label. It's horrible the worst part besides the blatant lies and shady service is they say they have all these records but I called them over 40x and they tried to tell me they had no records of my complaints anywhere of slow service. Its a. Isn't are please I am telling you just buy a real Internet service provider it is worth the few extra bucks.
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #1192884
Dec 03 2014
04:44 PM
Listen Clear, ListenClear, Listen Clear Hearing Aids, Listen Clear review scam ripoff fraud cheat swindle Savannah Georgia Nationwide
I have tried almost all the brands of hearing aids, but was looking to replace and get a new pair.  This time, instead of paying thousands, I thought I would try something more affordable.  I purchased a device from them, as it was their least expensive model and the promised amazing clarity.  The device sounded like garbage!!  Terrible sounding device to which I was told that it cannot be adjusted EVER.  Come to find out that it is not even a hearing aid!!!!  I returned it and ordered their actual hearing aid. After asking a lot of questions the person who took my order isn't even a trained hearing aid dispenser, let alone an audiologist.... These people have no idea what they're doing or what they're talking about.  I cancelled my order as I don't want to trust the health of my ears to a glorified receptionist.  Getting a refund is like pulling teeth.  Customer service turned from nice and friendly when ordering to rude and unhelpful when cancelling an order and attempting to get a refund.  Will probably just have to do a chargeback.  Save your money and buy somewhere else online or buy locally.  These guys are terrible!
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1405353
Oct 10 2017
11:06 AM
Listen Clear They scammed my disabled father Savannah Georgia
 My father suffered a tramatic brain injury 26 years ago. He had his head split open which resulted in him being permanently disabled. He has half a brain, one eye, one ear that functions and other physical disabilities. He suffers from memory loss and doesnt recall some of his day to day activities. In this case, he was watching television and saw the listen clear add. He then pursued to call and purchase a hearing aid. He was never told the product was 1919.79$ and thought it was one payment of 239$. He had the producy shipped to his canadian home and then forgot all about it. I was going through his bills and receipts and came across a letter that showed a past due amount of just over 1600$. I called the company directly and explained my fathers situation in hopes of them having some leniency for him and his disability as they make a living making products for people lile himself. I told them the product was untouched as he had forgotten all about it. I was passed to a very rude sales rep and she then told me it is too bad and if I wanted to take them to court than that's ok. I couldn't believe my father has become a victim of their product and I am desperately looking for a way to return this product as my father does not need nor can afford to use it.
Entity: Savannah, Georgia
13, Report #789668
Oct 17 2011
09:07 AM
Clear Wireless Clear Wireless Palatine, Illinois
On Friday, March 18, 2011 I signed up for business 4G wireless service with Clear Wireless.  I was told that I could pay an additional fee and obtain a static IP address with this service.  Once they had signed me up, I called to have the static IP activated and I was told that static IP was not available for my area.  Interesting, considering that I was told otherwise prior to signing up.  So I told the tech that I would be cancelling my service once I found a suitable replacement.  I asked them to note the account so that I didn't have problems when I went to cancel.  Today I tried to cancel, and they tried to charge a cancellation fee.  I told them I would not be paying any cancellation fee because they did not honor their terms of the deal.  The foreign support person keep repeating the same thing over and over again, you have a 2 year contract.  And I told him over and over, a contract is null and void if the terms are not met by the provider.  I was promised a static IP, now I can't get one.  The contract is no longer in effect.  After 5 different phone calls, I gave up.  They cancelled my service and asked where to send the bill for the cancellation fee.  I told them that they could send it wherever they liked, but I wouldn't be paying for it.  We'll see how badly they want to push the issue.  I have no problem filing multiple complaints with the FCC and the BBB.  Oh yes, I will make sure everyone knows about this.
Entity: Palatine, Illinois
14, Report #964504
Nov 04 2012
09:32 AM
BECAREFUL, CLEAR is a horrible internet provider. Their customer service and account managers will trick you, lie and get you to pay for the gateway and even if the service does not work they still make you keep the gateway and pay for it. There are much better internet service providers!!!
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #1177892
Sep 19 2014
10:42 AM
Clear TV Clear TV biggest scam going.. Wallingford CT
Ordered the system and decided within an hour of ordering that this is built in to my TV. I called back to cancel and was told I needed to wait 7 hours for processing in order to cancel. 7 hours later would have been after they closed. So I insisted on speaking with a supervisor. After a long debate with the Customer Service rep I was finally transferred to a supervisor. She said she would look for the order and cancel it and call me back to confirm. She never called back and when I called back at the number she gave me I got the same run around from another Customer Service rep. I am still trying to get my money back. This is a complete manipulation of consumers to be stonewalled into not being able to cancel. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. Their business practices are suspicious to say the least. The product is Tristar products Inc., 500 Returns Road, Wallingford, CT 06495.   BE CAREFUL BEFORE YOU ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.  
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #1218846
Mar 28 2015
01:53 PM
Clear TV CLEAR TV Deceptive Business Practices Internet
  Be careful about buying digital tv antennas from Their tv ad implies that 'due to a change in FCC regulations' we can get more channels on digital antennas since according to tv ad 'broadcasters can now bypass cable tv companies, satellite tv, etc and broadcast to digital antennas, FREE'. I bought this baloney, hook, line and sinker since Obama did change the Internet law, I thought this had something to do with it. When I called to ask them why I am not getting any more channels than I had before they blamed the lack of channel access on my broadcast area. The customer service agent there actually went so far to claim that : 'viewers in certain areas are getting 150 channels with our antenna'. I asked him to name one city where they get 150 channels and he could not name one. He said: 'I forget what zip code it is'. Then he sent me to some digital antenna website that he alledged would tell me how many channels I should be getting in my area on digital antennas and the website tried to download 2 spyware trojans. I would complain to the attorney general's office but we all know how poorly that goes. At least you know if you ever tried.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #61151
Jun 19 2003
08:50 AM
Clear Credit ripoff thieves Internet
I was billed $39.95 for each item instead of the promised $7.95! I have never seen my credit report since they supposedly took the negative entries off. By the way I never contacted them and disputed anything. I have tried contacting them and get no response. I cancelled their service. Rhonda Naples, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #823460
Jan 16 2012
12:24 PM
Clear deceptive contract Internet, Internet
I signed up for Clear internet on Oct. 7, 2011 when I moved.  I was very careful to make sure I was signing up for a month to month plan because I did not want to get caught in a contract.  I opted to lease the wireless modem rather than buy it.  I found the service was just too slow for watching youtube or netflix much less uploading or downloading large video files, which I need to do for work sometimes, so I decided to cancel on Jan. 16 2012 after I got a cable modem.  Clear told me that I was in a two year contract and that I would have to pay a $106 cancelation fee.  I said that was incorrect because I had a month to month contract.  They said that they had the real contract and that it was in fact a two year contract because I was leasing the modem.  On their website, my account information was listed as temporarily unavailable so I could not read the contract myself.  The bottom line is that I was very thorough when I signed up to make sure there was no 2 year contract and to early termination fee, yet somehow I got suckered into one and had to pay the fee.  I don't have screenshots of the the website on the day I purchased and they changed the website and the offeres since then so I can't go back and prove exactly what they had on that day, but it obviously was deceptive since I was very hawkish when I signed up and I could not avoid this trap.  Also, their service is too slow for much of anything so don't bother getting them. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
19, Report #765259
Aug 15 2011
06:21 AM
Clear $70 Rebate that never comes. Internet
We signed on with Clear Internet around Nov 2010 and were told that we would receive a $70 rebate.  They made it very complicated and time consuming to submit the rebate.  You had to download a form and copies of your bill and then mail it in.  I did so, but never received the rebate.
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #767263
Aug 19 2011
01:42 PM
Clear Creek Tax harassment Internet
Clear Creek Tax offers assistance for those that have IRS tax problems.  They phoned my home and harassed my children almost to tears for my neighbors phone number.  My children hung up and they proceeded to phone back right away/  When i spoke to the man, he made it sound like he was from the IRS and wanted my neighbor's cell phone number.  When i questioned him about what adgency he was calling from he refused to give me the company's name.  I explained that they had the wrong number and that I would not be giving out cell phone numbers.  I also asked that they do not phone my home again and that if they did i would consider it harassment.  The man stated that he would be calling back until he got the information he wanted.  I called the number back that showed up on caller ID and could not speak to a supervisor.  I was transfered to a voice mail where i got the name of the company.  When i did speak to an supervisor he refused to give the name of the company and kept asking for my personal information.  I asked that my number be removed and he wouldnt assure me that it would be unless i gave him my personal info.  Their harassment and how they refused to give out their company information makes me believe that these are just a bunch of cowardly scamers.
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #100700
Jul 26 2004
10:30 PM
Clear ripoff Viejo California
I just sent my credit report in via email. I just signed up for this program and when I went back to look it up on the msn server I saw the rip off web site. I am calling my credit card company and stoping the payment. I hope it works. They have all of my info social securty number and can steal my Idenity. I am very scared about that. Can you Help Me? Sincerly. Pamela 96740, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Viejo, California
22, Report #451405
Aug 23 2009
09:37 AM
Synapse Ventures A free Magazine Program offered when you order through the phone TV special such as the Haan steam cleaner like I did. Salt Lake City Utah
I ordered a Haan steam cleaner through a special TV offer. I placed an order with the phone number given on TV. I was told I would recieve 3 months free magazines. I didn't want the magazines and told her so. She said they were free for the 3 months just to try and I could cancel if I didn't want to continue. The next day I checked on line to find the cleaner was cheaper with no shipping charge. I got ripped off again. So I called Haan customer service and cancelled my order. The order had not been processed yet and I was told the magazines would be cancelled too. Two weeks later I get my valuable magazine subscription opportunity in the mail. It is a scam, don't fall for it. When I called the 800 number you can't get a real person. They talk in circles so you don't know what you agreed to. I have changed my credit card, hopefully they will not be able to get any money from me. How they got my credit card number in the first place is beyond me. All I can say is Beware! Polockahontus Hayward, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
23, Report #764570
Aug 12 2011
09:43 PM
Clear clear internet Clear internet cloudy at best & they STOLE $90 - watch your credit card statements!! ATLANTA, Georgia
Complaint Filed with the BBB:I signed up for Clear internet service on 7/8/11 under the advertised free trial offer.  After beginning service I realized it would not work for me because of the horrible connection and internet speed, but I called up twice within the two weeks in an attempt tocorrect the poor service, and even tried a different modem.  However, after the third week the service was actually worse and neither modem or any other time spent with customer service would correct the problem, so I called Clear (888-888-3113) again to get the details of the refund they advertised.  I was advised that they would email the return postage and confirmed with them that they simply needed to  receive the equipment in 3-5 days and my refund would be processed immediately. Thisoccurred on 7-31.  My service was turned off by them on 8-1, so I called to have it turned back on as I awaited my new internet service to be installed.  Once again I confirmed that the free trial period would end on 8-8, one month from beginning service.  I sent the equipment back and confirmed receipt on their end on 8-5.  On 8-10 I called to confirm they wereprocessing my refund as I had not heard anything from them, nor had a refund on my credit card.  On this day the very rude customer service manager informed me that Clear did not offer a truly 'free' trial period, but instead it would be a prorated use charge; the only trial was for the modem which was $20. Not getting anywhere with the customer service rep I agreed to pay the $45 service charge for the 'free' trial, but asked for evidence of where I had agreed to the pay a prorated charge for service.  She informed me she would email me thatinformation, which she never did (not in spam/junk folder either) and that the refund for the modem would show up within 5 days.  Today, 8-12, I checked my credit card for the refund, which it was there, but now there was a $45 charge right after it;apparently for the second month of internet service of which I could not use because I had already returned the modem a week prior.  I was not happy about being lied to about their 'free' trial, but after having spent over 3 hours with them regarding service and customer service issues I was willing to cut my losses. However, for them to charge me for another monthof service that I could not possibly even use (they had the modem required to get the internet access in their warehouse), I am outright livid.  The kind of business practice cannot be allowed; not in a country of laws that were established to serve and protectits citizens.  Clear is blatantly committing a felony - they are stealing peoples money.  I did, prior to writing this, attempt to clarify and resolve the situation, but the customer service representative simply told me all he could do was escalate the issue because he did not have the tools to refund the money.  This is nothing more than a company policy that is intended to deter clients from wasting even more time arguing with Clear in order to return their property (money).  The Clear company has obviously mislead potential customers with their promotion of a free trial as well as having a refund policy that is so time consuming and aggravating that most unsatisfied customers are caught between wasting their time or losing their money; both of which are 'money' when it comes down to it.  Businesses like Clear should not be allowed to operate unregulated like this, so I hope that the BBB will keep a watchful eye on them and their illegal and unethical business practices.
Entity: ATLANTA, Georgia
24, Report #764003
Aug 11 2011
07:45 PM
Clear Wire Clear wireless, Clear Poor Customer Service, long wait times, rude employees Arlington, Texas
After being told I was moving to a well covered area, I was excited to set up service with Clear. The man I spoke to said that my new area was surrounded in towers and my coverage would be great. I get everything set up and wait for the modem to find a signal. After trying several spots in my home to pick up a signal, I barely seem to pick up a bar except for when I hung the modem in a window as well as duct taped it to keep it from falling. I had to deal with this less-than-dial-up-speed connection for 3 months, I was glad to be able to finally set up with another company. While trying to cancel my service, I was put on hold for over three hours. During that time, I tried their online customer service where I was treated like crap and basically told to f*** off. This company is a joke. After I was able to finally get a hold of some one over the phone, they kept putting me back on hold and kept trying to get me to reconsider. The worst part is I had initially canceled two months prior to this day. So in the end, I'm out over $100 (which I was rudely informed is non-refundable) and I'm kinda pissed for having to waste my time with these jerks. I wouldn't ever go back to Clear, even if they paid me to.
Entity: Arlington, Texas
25, Report #936424
Sep 03 2012
06:56 PM
Clear lake dodge, jeep Deceptive advertising, beware Clear lake shore, Texas
About a month ago, I came across a modern warfare 2012 jeep rubicon on clear lake jeeps website. The price was about $58,000. I sent a copy to a friend who is also a jeep enthusiast and called him to try and figure out what aftermarket parts would increase the price so dramatically. I moved on due to the price not being realistic for the parts (unless you want to pay a dealer to do it for you). Saturday, September 2, I was searching their website again to trade my Jeep. I trade every 2-3 years. I came across the exact same modern warfare jeep, but this time it's listed at $44730 with Internet special. I thought this made sense and was slightly less then I was expecting. I thought they needed to move it and priced it more reasonably. I arrived there on Monday and talked to a sales associate. He said they just sold it. He brought his manager over and they said they could build one the same way. I asked, at the same price of $44,000, and the manager said it was $58,000. I told him no, your website shows it $44,000 and I showed him. He stated that was msrp before the additions. I informed him I will not do business with a company that uses false advertisement to lure people in. He commented what, you calling me a liar, I won't do business with people that call me a liar. So the website a month ago showed the correct price, then they recently lowered it. The manager didn't say a mistake was made, and apologize a business with ethics and customer service would do, so it leaves me with the feeling of deceptive advertising. They lost 3 potential customers. I was there to trade my wife's car also, and my jeep enthusiast friend was with us also.
Entity: Clear lake shore, Texas

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