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26, Report #843449
Feb 23 2012
12:10 PM
Clear 4g Clearwire, clear Clear is a big fraud Palatine, Illinois
My wife signed us up for clear internet service about 6-9months ago and in the initial 2weeks the service seemed to work without any hiccups until about the third week. Like most consumers, we didnt pay too much attention to it because we both were barely home and quite frankly we dont use the internet that much once we get back from work. The low speed and often no service from clear became more of an issue as our internet needs grew due to my business integrating the ipad into everything we do to service clients. So I called Clear to let them know that the 3mbps they promised wasn't actually what I have been getting once i tested the connectivity/ download speed. It was during this conversation that the truth was revealed, as the customer service rep i was speaking to asked me if i was a consistent user of the service and that if I wasn't  that could explain why my service speed may have been downgraded. He went on to tell me that the service might not work properly indoors as well. I found is statement appalling considering the fact that I had no desire to set my modem up on the exterior of my house at an attempt to enjoy consistent internet speed. Prior to this, i had spent a few hours here and there trying to troubleshoot the problem, to no avail. Sometimes it works for a few hours and then it will go slower or no service within the same day. So finally 2 weeks ago I decided it was time to stop this waste of money and cancel the service and request for a refund for the last few months. I was promised a call back from management and offered a lower bill to temporarily appease me. Once again I was shocked because based on the offer it seemd as though they knew their service wasn't worth the amount they charged and if you didnt complain then they kept taking your money. I accepted the offer but my issue still wasn't reolved, so i called again a few days later and i was informed of a $40 fee per modem to cancel. This means they intend to charge me a $80 cancellation fee for both modems i have. For a service that is subpar to say the least I dont think its fair and I am willing to fight them as far as I can. I kow they are others outthere going through the same thing. Please get on board and lets stick it to Clear
Entity: Palatine, Illinois
27, Report #805973
Dec 06 2011
11:16 PM, clear internet, clear wireless, clear wimax, clear wimax internet, clear internet, clear wireless review, clear wimax review, Internet, Utah
I Live in Utah and ordered wireless internet with WIMAX.  I have to say that I am extremely disappointed with their internet service.I spent $99 dollars, plus tax, to order the modem, then an additional $50 for the first 30 days if internet service. It took 4 days to receive the modem in the mail, four days that came off my 30 days if paid service.Once I got the modem and started using the internet, i found the speeds to be un bearable at best.  My average day to day speed was 0.34 mgb a second.When I ordered they stated that because of their large bandwidth and the great coverage in my area that my speeds would be 3-6 mgb a second with bursts of up to ten, and that it would never drop below 3 mgb a second, guaranteed.  This is also stated on their website.At all times my unit had full signal and all bars lit, so I called ti find out the problem.The tech I spoke with on the phone stated that they limited the speed between all users in my area.  I asked why it was below the advertised 3 mgb a second, and he continued to explain that they had falsely advertised and could support their advertised 3 mgb a second speed.This internet is overpriced and falsely advertised!Their speeds are not as advertised and they are ripping people off, don't fall victim to and their wimax wireless internet scam!I am reporting this company to the FTC for false advertising, if you have had issues with this company as well please report the com[any to the FTC also so we can stop these scam artists from taking advantage of others.   
Entity: Internet, Utah
28, Report #1290243
Feb 26 2016
03:34 PM
City of Clear Lake Iowa Water Department TO ALL PROPERTY OWNERS OF CLEAR LAKE IOWA Clear Lake Iowa
If you buy a home in Clear Lake Iowa, be prepared for harassment from the City of Clear Lake.  Clear Lake is a city in Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, United States. The population was 7,777 at the 2010 census. The city is named for the large lake on which it is located. It is the home of a number of marinas, state parks and tourism-related businesses. Clear Lake is also a major stop on Interstate 35 with many restaurants, hotels and truck stops. Here's what happens when you buy a home in Clear Lake.  You will move in then suddenly be notified that there is a leak in the water line to your house.  Upon furhter inspection, they will find the line is not up to code, since most homes were built in the 30's and 40's.   Then you will be informed that you the homeowner are responsible for installing and paying for a new waterline.  This service can be as little as $7,000 and on up depending on how much of your yard and house has to be 'fixed.'  This is quite a scam.  Numerous individuals continue to be hit with this charge.  Thanks to the realtors, inspectors and public officials who keep this hush hush until you are all settled in your new house.   The Water Department at the City of Clear Lake seems to be financing the repair of ancient waterlines on the backs of homeowners.   Don't think you are immune if you've lived in your house forever.  Out of the blue you will receive notice and you will have to pay up.  They become quite aggressive, boarderline harassing people to fix the issue.   It's a scam.
Entity: Clear Lake, Iowa
29, Report #437373
Mar 25 2009
01:34 AM
Clear Debt Pro - Clear Debt Solutions, Worst place to work Irving Texas
I'm a former employee of Clear Debt Pro. I worked there with a women named Patti Bennett. she was a supervisor from Clear debt results that fired her and after working with patti I know why. Her husband was one of the original owners with Doug opening credit solutions. He lost that ownership due to patti emotional state. I worked side by side with Patti and Rick to start of the las colinas Office. Patti went through a divorce and started dating this guy from the internet. She would show up late for work due to long conversation on the phone with him on the phone in the parking lot. I had no training of the software used for this company, no guildlines on welcome packages or welcome calls. She was to involved with this internet guy to train. After the relationship ended so did my employment. She was so mentally ill that she told rick that the reason her work wasnt completed was due to my mental state. If you interview with Patti Bennett please dont accept this job with her. She is not ok. Chelsia mckinney, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Irving, Texas
30, Report #73995
Dec 04 2003
09:52 AM
Clear Credit ripoff California
After advertising of free services and collection only if a charge to a creditor was succesful, My account was debited $30. I figured ok, maybe they are getting somewhere. They basiclly just sent in notices to each creditor and charged me, without notificaton. Then a few months later, I notice they have debited my account 3 times and not even given me notice or successfully doing anything. I want my money back. Joseph Columbia, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Costa Mesa, California
31, Report #127033
Jan 12 2005
10:39 AM
Clear Credit ripoff! Aliso Viejo California
I was supposed to get 3 free credit reports from clear credit when I signed up for cyber-detective in april 2004 I was unable to get the reports. Clear credit charged my credit card $54.95 for this service. I sent an e-mail immediatly canceling their service,I also sent a letter canceling said service. Letter was returned with a forwarding address, so I sent the original letter plus a new letter. My credit card was reimbursed on 6/21 for the charge after I disputed the charge. On 9/14 clear credit again charged my credit card for $54.95, saying I had not sent the cancellation letter within the 5 day period. I have called and sent e-mails which went unanswered. now the phone is disconnected and the web site is closed. Naomi Southm Windsor, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Aliso Viejo, California
32, Report #83633
Mar 12 2004
09:52 AM
Clear Credit ripoff! Aliso Viejo California
I am also a victim of this company's scamming. What I do not understand, however, is how this company is still in business. I signed up for clear credit after seeing their website on a search engine. What they offered - Free 3 in 1 credit report, FREE Credit Grading, Access to FICO Scores, FREE Action Tracking, FREE Deletions, FREE Identity Theft Insurance, 24/7 access in the privacy of your home or office, NO obligation, NO set monthly fees, Pay only for the items you choose to dispute. All of which is very deceiving. After signing up the site said that I would recieve my password via email. I never got the password. I tried to contact them, but the phone number is suppose to be for members only. I emailed them a constantly with no response. I figured I did not have to worry about this company until I got my credit Card statement. $99.90 was charged to my account (from the Costa Mesa office). An account that was never active. I found phone numbers, but I only get recordings. We have emailed them again and again with no response. Do Not be deceived, if something seems to good to be true, it is. Don't be the next victim. Research First! Angela Harrison Twp, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
33, Report #93403
Jun 02 2004
05:54 PM
Clear Point ripoff Point Claire Quebec
You ripped me off March 20th bought hearing aid,you cashed check but that was the last i heard. Im only a pensioner getting along so i guess you need the money more than me enjoy but you will be known for what you are Thomas hamilton, OntarioCanada
Entity: Point Claire, Quebec
34, Report #69520
Oct 19 2003
12:41 PM
Clear ripoff Aliso Viejo California
Since April 9,2003 Clear Credit has taken 39.95 bi monthly out of my account. I have tried calling. I have tried e-mailing. And still no response. They are a fraud and will rip you off in any way, shape, or form. My credit is worse than it was befor I started. They even dispute the good credit for no apparrent reason. For each dispute they charge you 7.95, They have recieved up to $700.00 of my money and have RUN. I can no longer log on to the site. Nor e-mail. The site tells me that they are unable to find the IPS address. I have complained to the BBB,Californias Attorney General and any site that has Clear Credits name. They are a fraud and will scam there grandmother to invest in there business. I do not recommend any one to do business with Clear Credit unless you like to give to there CHARITY. IN TEXAS AND MAD Vicki KEENE, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Aliso Viejo, California
35, Report #68493
Oct 07 2003
09:50 PM
Clear Credit is a total ripoff. I actually got a call from a collection agency to pay them 329.00 sure I hung up. Someone out there must know how we can get a class action against this company that actually makes bad credit worse. Maryetta HORSHAM, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
36, Report #506074
Oct 08 2009
04:35 AM
Clear Breeze Solutions A Rip-off Smyrna, Georgia
Clear Breeze took the $990.00 from my credit card before they would contact me to let me know just what they would do for me. When I tried to contact them during that time, they would not answer their phone nor did they contact me.  They  promised that if they failed to show me how they could save me $4,000.00 with an accelerated  payment schedule that would allow me to become debt free three to five times faster, I would get my full $990.00 refunded.  That was a ripoff. It has been well over a year and nothing has been said or done. Is there something that we can do to get our money back?
Entity: Smyrna, Georgia
37, Report #422067
Feb 09 2009
02:50 PM
Bella Clear RIP OFF QUICKLY Boulder Colorado
Doing some trial applications I came across Bella Clear. They say they will send you the product then you can cancel and return at no charge after you have tried the product. I received the product after the cancel period to my surprise. They give you seven days from the order date to get the product, try the product then decide if you like it. This concerned me so I gave them a call and was told the following: I called the day I ordered the product and they told me I would not be charged the 78 dollar fee if I called and got a RA number within the first 30 days and then returned it. I order on Jan. 28, Called on on Feb 9th and was told that I was already charged and there was nothing I could do about it. I still have the unopen box that just arrived. I will be calling my credit card company and denying the charge. They make the turnaround time so short and do not tell you about it openly. I even called the same day I order to make sure that I was clear on the return policy and they lied to me straight to my face. Kemp houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Bouldere, Colorado
38, Report #460886
Jun 11 2009
06:15 PM
Clear Financial Beware of this Scam Orlando Florida
I received a call from a number (402-982-0771 a California #) Card Services on 6/8/09. The person said they represented Visa and that I should take advantage of a 6.9% interest rate. They had basic information about my cards and asked for the expiration date and account numbers for verification. They were able to tell me what the outstanding balance(s) were and it seemed legitimate. The person (Kevin x227) said their customer service # is 877-212-3634. Next, I was told that I would be called by a verfier to tell me about the program. I did receive a call in a short while from (407-412-4817 a Florida #) and spoke to a man who said his name was John Wilkerson - I was promised a near 0% interest rate at this point (not the 6.9%) and overall savings of up to $8500. He said the conversation would be recorded and I would received a written contract in the mail within 7-10 business days; he called the company ACR Equity Group. I was asked about my cards, balances, current interest rates, etc... He put me on hold for a few minutes and then an automated voice came on with a 7 digit confirmation number. As I asked what this would cost me, John rudely said 'LET ME FINISH'; I let it passed, but marked it mentally. The price of $1495 was told to me and I specifically asked when would this be charged to my card - John's words were 'Only after we have successfully secured a cheaper interest for your cards'. By the way, John told me the customer service number is 877-521-2091 M-F (9-6). Further, I was told I would now speak with a 'financial advisor', so they could begin shopping for a better rate. I spoke with a Brenna and she began calling my banks starting with the cheapest rate I have (the first rep at Chase was leary and told me I didn't need to pay someone to help me get a better rate - Brenna told the rep he was rude and promptly hung up on him). After calling the other cards, yet unsuccessfully being able to negotiate a better rate, Brenna told me she applied to Citi Bank for a card in my name and it usually takes 48 hours to get a response from the bank. She scheduled an appt to call me back on 6/11/09 at 3pm. On 6/10/09, the fraud alert dept on my BOA card called; ACR Equity aka Clear Financial had sent a charge through for the $1495, without doing anything for me; I explained to the bank what happened and they promptly canceled my card number and rejected the charge! Today, 6/11/09, Brenna called saying she was with Clear Financial (it was ACR Equity on 6/8) at 5pm stating she had me down for an appt (wrong, it was suppose to be 3pm); then she left a number for me to call back (888-528-4438). I tried this number just to see what I would get and a professional sounding voicemail came on which just say's, 'You have reached our office after hours, etc...' It never announces the company number name, exact location, internet address, etc... It seems this scam is far reaching from Googling this company and the phone numbers, yet be advised, if they charge your card - IMMEDIATELY call your bank and dispute the charge - Check your cards often or have the bank close the card and reissue another number! Also, like me, I plan to check my credit report within the next few weeks, to insure nothing out of the ordnary appears on it. Bernard TG Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
39, Report #472210
Jul 22 2009
10:35 AM
Rezv Clear A total RIP-OFF, rude, liars Nationwide
I will admit that I did order the product. Was not satisfied and called and asked for a refund. Was told I could not get a refund but they would cancel any future shipments although I had been told originally that automatic shipments would not be made. Now I have just received another shipment and charged for it and told that they never received my call to cancel the order. So now I have been charged $177.80 for a product that does not work and cannot return for a refund. Even though the last shipment I received, the envelope has not even been opened but they refuse to accept any returns and refuse to issue any refunds. Now, since I am not sure if they will truly cancel these shipments, I guess I will have to contact my credit card company and make sure they do not accept any other charges from this company. What a shame to have to deal with such dishonest companies as this. Sure wish I had known about Ripoff Report before I ordered from those clowns. How sad - I am out almost $200. Linda Meherrin, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
40, Report #426066
Feb 19 2009
11:12 AM
Clear Debt Results scam Irving Texas
I signed up with this company after setting up an account so they could take 120.00 a month out of my checking account; this was to pay for my credit cards and a little bit for them every month for about 3 years and then I would have my cards paid off. I told them I wasn't working and this would be a struggle but I would do it. I wanted to get back on track desperately. They took 120.00 of my account and after paying 900.00 I realized they did not pay no bills but kept all the money for themselves. Creditors started telling me that clear debts wouldn't talk to them thats when I thought I better see whats going on. I never dreamed that it was a scam. I thought bills were being paid and I was feeing better until I realized it was not so. I filed a complaint with bbb and then clear debt said they would fix everything as long as I contacted the BBB and told them we were working together. I did this and then never heard from clear debt resuts again. They aren't returning my phone calls or emails. I want my money back. How can I get it? Michelle moran, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Irving, Texas
41, Report #369931
Sep 04 2008
09:52 PM
Tri-Clear fraud and theft Suisun California
My story is the same as all the others here but I was charged $99.95 for a free trial period. 2 days after receiving the product my 13 year old sons skin was a100x worse than before using. I immediately call to cancel trial period and requested an RMA number as their website explains to do and then 3 weeks later I see a debit for $99.95 after a number of phone calls I was given a 50.00 courtesy refund but was told I could not get a complete refund until my products were received back at their warehouse. 5 phone calls later and 5 different stories from CSR's (ranging from...we have your return but it hasn't been processed yet to this is the first time you have ever called in). I finally filed a dispute over the balance owed with my bank. I wish I knew of this site before I got conned. All I can say is... DO NOT EVEN BOTHER...YOU WILL BE SORRY...WORST COMPANY EVER...TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!! Helena Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Suisun, California
42, Report #552731
Jan 11 2010
06:05 PM
Clear - Clearwire deception, rude, bad customer service, ripoff, Internet
I moved to a city in which I would reside for 18 months. I saw an add for clearwire promotional service for $16/month for the first 6 months and was told by the clerk I could cancel my service before the regular price was charged to my account.  He never mentioned anything about a contract so I purchased it. Later when I was having outages, I tried to cancel and was told that I was in a 2 year contract. When I asked to see my signature on a contract, they said, Well its more of an agreement. Apparently when I got home and set it up, there was a terms and conditions box I had to agree to that said somewhere in fine print that I was accepting a 2 year agreement that the clerk failed to mention to me. The customer service supervisor Akiera was VERY rude to me and very condescending. To cancel my account, it cost me $60 and that was the prorated amount. I talked to 5 different people and none of them could waive the fee even though there was deception from the start, not to mention the outages I experienced during my FINALS WEEK! (I'm a graduate student working on my doctorate) They decided that reimbursing me for the days of the outages was sufficient but I didn't care about the money, I NEEDED internet. Overall, it was a HORRIBLE experience and I will NEVER do business with clear or clearwire ever again and I will tell everyone I know not to do business with them!
Entity: , Internet
43, Report #571205
Feb 19 2010
08:36 AM
kibo clear Took money from my account without athorization Internet
I clicked on an add for a months free teeth bleaching system for the cost of shipping only (4.98). However, they then took $158.26 out of my account. This has caused a major problem & alot of extra costs to my account. I was given a phone # that was attatched to the account where the money went from my bank. When I called it was a cell phone # & the man who answered said that he had been the victim of ID theft & that he had filed a report with the police in his town.       Lola, Edmond, OK
Entity: , Internet
44, Report #542298
Dec 19 2009
12:31 PM
Clear - Clearwire Clearwire Lie about Coverage!! Encourage Employees to deceive public! Internet
As an insider source for this company, I can tell you one thing! RUN! Do not get your internet through clear. They have no coverage. They supposedly sell mobility and super fast speeds! Yeah, Right! Don't even ask me about their phone VOIP solution.  It's a joke. MOBILITY LIE: Half of the metroplex does not have coverage, when they sell you they are encouraged only to run one address either your home or office address and tell you that you have coverage, if you ask them to run both, 9 times out of 10 you are out of luck. No coverage. Clear encourages their sales reps to tell the public that they will be adding coverage soon, and to go ahead and get locked into the introductory promotion. If you are in a brick buidling, no signal. We were even told that once the fall and winter weather gets here, the leaves would fall off of the trees and that would help the signal have better penetration into the buildings. Seriously, that is a WI-MAX 4G solution? Leaves falling off of trees? SUPER FAST, SUPER LIE! If you have cable or fiber, keep it. Their speeds are super slow. My supervisor told me that we are not faster than AT&T or Verizon but not to tell the client that. If the client calls just have them call customer support, and put it off to them.     
Entity: , Internet
45, Report #762981
Aug 09 2011
03:14 PM
Bella Clear Big Crooks Westminster, Colorado
My daughter thought about trying this product but decided against it and canceled the account.  bellaclear went to so far as to call her back and confirm the cancellation. Well this unscrupulous company decided to charge us anyway, and not send the product as well. When I contacted their customer service they denied that the account had been canceled and then told me they would only refund $60.00 (they charged me in the neighborhood of $85.00) once they received the product back. So no product, no refund, and of course no full refund. I contacted my bank and they credited my account the $85 and started a dispute claim against  this company on my behalf. I intend to contact the Colorado Attorney General to see if we can't stop this horrible company from doing any further business and ripping people off.
Entity: Westminster, Colorado
46, Report #672613
Dec 17 2010
09:30 AM
CLEAR Clearwire Inc. WiMAX Broadband Service (Home Internet) Internet
Beware, this company/service is a joke! I was sick & tired of my AT&T DSL service for home. Even though I was paying for the Elite plan which was supposed to be 6 MBPS, I was getting less that 1 MBPS! Called AT&T customer service several times, everytime same story ..... they tell me that they will open a case and have someone look into it. After a while the internet speed goes up a bit to about 2 to 3 Mbps and after couple of days again slows down to a crawl!Finally decided to cut them off. I was looking around for another ISP without any contracts and found Clear .... I knew they were a new company with new technology (WIMAX 4G), so decided to take a chance. Here is the complete story: - Looked up their website to check coverage for my home address to make sure that I was covered for 4G. Talked to customer service and signed up for their Take One:Home unlimited plan with month to month(no contracts). The price was good ....$45 plus $5 modem lease fee for 6 Mbps speed. - Shipping was prompt and setup was easy. I am a software engineer .... so no problems with setup. - Made sure that the Motorola Modem was placed close to the window in the right direction of the tower to get best possible signal.... 4 out of 5 bars. - At first everything was good. The speed was consistent at 3 to 4.5 Mbps. I was actually checking the speed on independent DSL speed test websites to make sure. - Downloaded 2 to 3 movies for my 4 year old girl, wife was also was watching Net Flix on Nintendo WII ... streaming movies etc. I also have Vonage VOIP phone running on Internet. - After about 10 days .... the speed went down drastically. My wife called me from home when I was at work and said that she is not able to even watch videos on Youtube! So I get home and check the speed, sure enough, it had dropped down to 0.5 mbps! - I called Customer service Techies, they take me through the drill, switch off modem, power it back on and check the speed. Even though I knew this would not help (because I had already tried that before calling customer service), just went along with it for the fun of it. As expected, it did not help. I asked the Technical support guy, what was the problem?? He tried to give me excuses, asked me if I was downloading lot of stuff! I said, off course ....that was the whole purpose of taking their Unlimited usage plan!! That shut him up. He put me on hold to see if there was a tower outage ...ha ha. No outage .... now what? I started pushing the guy real hard, and at last he admitted that there was a Network Congestion issue! bulls eye.For all the ordinary people out there, what this means is: Clear does not have sufficient Network Infrastructure/capacity and bandwidth to support their customers! So I asked customer service, how long will it take for them to fix the issue. He was like, I don't know there is nothing to fix. What!! afterwards he reluctantly told me, couple of hours or maybe a day. So here I was supposed to sit & wait indefinitely and hope that some users would jump off so that I can surf the internet with some reasonable speed. I told them I will be cancelling their lousy service .... the customer rep actually apologized to me. I told him, it was OK, as it was not his fault .... he is just sitting in a far away country (Read outsourced to India!) and really cannot help in this situation. The bottom line is .... you may want to try Clear for mobile internet access (even though they have very limited coverage area). But never buy their service for home/office, as they are not capable of delivering the service speeds which they advertise. I live in Chicago suburbs and wanted to warn everybody out there about CLEAR WiMAX Broadband Service for Home.
Entity: , Internet
47, Report #812707
Dec 21 2011
11:25 PM
Clear Clearwire After Cancellation Completed, Stole Money from Debit Card Internet
I cancelled my service.  Two weeks later I received a call from a Clearwire agent, requesting the security code from my debit card so that she could process the termination fee.  This was the debit card they had been billing me from for some months for my service, so I found it weird they would need a security code at this point.  The termination fee was not a problem, because I was aware of it when I signed up for the service.  The problem was, I had cancelled two weeks ago, explicitly acknowledging the fee with the agent at that time, and they had called me twice since then with annoying surveys to try to regain the account.  They were finally calling me again to authorize the termination fee, when they could have run it through two weeks ago.  Perhaps they waited for the hardware I had leased from them to arrive back at their warehouse.  If this was the case, they could have simply sent me a courtesy email and billed the card without forcing me into a conversation.  It is repugnant for a company to force an ongoing relationship with a customer who has cancelled.  But this was just the beginning.A month later I received an email from Clearwire informing me of a charge.  I looked at my bank account and Clearwire had made two completely unauthorized charges days/weeks after processing the termination fee.  Most likely these were due to an internal error in their system for accounting for customers who provide some or all of their own equipment, rather than leasing from Clearwire.  In any case, it is my belief that agents of Clearwire were aware of this potential error before it happened; in multiple conversations agents assumed I was leasing equipment which I actually owned, and on these occasions I corrected them; at this point they should have ensured that I would not be billed improperly.  Furthermore, one of the unauthorized charges was not accompanied by an email to my account.  After calling in, I was told I would receive a refund the next day; the refund did not come, and only after an online chat with a representative did I discover that this would take several days.  At this point I asked the representative to provide me with written documentation acknowledging that I was making a written request, because a written complaint is required by Clearwire within 30 days or the customer forfeits the right to a refund on an errant charge.  The agent politely apologized, stating the transcript of our chat could not be emailed to me, and that I would have to file my complaint with a different department.  I have been a captive audience for their departments long enough, so I simply captured a screenshot of our chat log.  Tell all of your friends that Clearwire does not respect the bank accounts of its former customers!
Entity: , Internet
48, Report #705275
Mar 11 2011
08:34 PM
Clear Clearwire COMPLETE RIP OFF kirkland, Washington
THEY WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY!  This is one of the worst managed companies I have ever dealt with.  Not only was their internet speed terrible but their customer service is set up on a tiered basis so you will get nowhere when you call them.  You can spend hours on the phone and each time you call you will be forced to start the same tedious process over again with no record of your previous call. I canceled the service and returned the purchased equipment within their so called 'trial period'.  You are suppose to get a full refund.  This has yet to happen after two months and many calls which resulted in my being told to wait another forty eight hours with a guarantee the money would be credited back to my debit card.  It truly reminds me of some boiler room fly by night rip off scam.  I have no idea how they stay in business.  I will be taking them to court shortly!
Entity: kirkland, Washington
49, Report #915082
Jul 20 2012
02:16 PM
Clear Creek Consulting rip off, terrible employer louisville, Colorado
This company is a joke to work for. There are more criminals in one spot than in most small towns. Everything seems to be a secret of so business practices. They also arent afraid to screw you out of your money if it goes to the other side after a 30 day period, which is bull. Avoid this company as an employee at all costs. It is truly a sound better than it is place to work.
Entity: louisville, Colorado
50, Report #878134
May 03 2012
09:35 PM
Clear Wireless credit card over charges Internet
Hello I joined Clear wireless March 29th 2012, and then second month on April 30, they charged my credit card and when iI tried to ask they said that they thought I opened my account with two devices, which is not right, and start apologizing me then, and really I told them that this is a Fraud.
Entity: , Internet

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