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1, Report #1061336
Jun 22 2013
07:02 PM
IN Technologies Inc. live pc expert hi-jacks other web-sites to get access to individuals inquiring about printer downloads Fayetteville North Carolina
I was searching the web to fix a problem I was having in loading my printer on my computer. I thought that I was looking at information about my Lexmark printer on a Lexmark site. What i thought was Lexmark  support but it wasnt it was a compnay called live pc experts. I wanted help installing a printer. They asked to come into my computer via remote desktop so i let them in. Right away straight away they told me my computer was in a critical state and full of viruses which they showed me. They said for the viruses to be taken off i had to pay either $599.99 usd for 5 year software coverage. They told me with that package that I would receive a free give for upgrading to a higher package. I just started using this computer in May. I found it hard to believe that I received this many virus' in less than a month of use. I paid the the money via Credit card.....well come to find out later....they are scams. I contacted them to close this account and discontinue this service. They stated that they could only refund me $270 of my $600 investment. I said WHAT? A charge for 100.00 for installation of  printer. A charge of $70.00 for technicitian support. A charge of$39.99 charge for cancelling. and a charge of $120 for  the FREE GIFT which I had not received. At this time I told them I didn't agree with paying for my free gift and hung up. I reported them to my credit card company. Two day later they comtacted me stating that my free gift had been ordered and shipped. I told them I did NOT want it!! They told me I could not cancel as it was a free gift..... What...the.....again I wanted the refund of the free givt. And in order to get I refund I have to send them an e-mail stating that I agree to their terms of the refund of $270.00 and they will retain 320.00 for services provided. (this includes me paying for the free gift.) I recieved this free gift on friday, it has been shipped from Amazon at a cost of $54.07 with Free Shipping......and I end up paying $120.00 for a free Gift I don't even want.....DO NOT....I repeat....DO NOT do business with this company!!!!! They have a N.C. Address, but I think it is three to five males working out iof a apratment in India. A total rip off!!!!!
Entity: Fayetteville, North Carolina
2, Report #57085
May 15 2003
03:22 PM
FutureVision Technologies con artists, fraudulent billing, consumer fraud, thieves, deceptive company practices Portland Oregon
In early August 2002 I received a call from Jason Fresh offering to assist with marketing my business website. They would promote it on all the search engines and put in all the correct keywords and fine tune the site to get more hits. The fees usually were in the thousands but he would make an exception. He would break it down into several smaller ones beginning with $199.oo drawn on my checking account over the phone. I told him I wasn't sure I could afford it at the time, but he kept up the pressure until I finally gave in and gave him the checking account numbers. He said I could cancell the service within a couple days and he would not withdraw the money from the account. The next day I called him back and told him to cancell the service as we were moving. I decided I was going to drop the website anyway. Later I received a letter dated 8/23/02 from the firm stating that they couldn't withdraw the amount from my account and to send check or money order in the amount of $199. I called the direct line Jason had given me to reach him to no avail. I left a message for him to remember I had cancelled the service. I did not hear from him again, so I forgot the matter. Meanwhile money has gotten very tight as Mother contracted pancreatic cancer and all my resources have gone to buy medication for her not covered by Medicare. I need every penny I can muster. Yesterday I went over my bank statement and found a withdrawl by FutureVision Technologies, Inc. dated 4/11/03 for $199.00. I was furious and I called the phone number on the face of the check. I got an answering machine. I left a scathing message for Jason Fresh to contact me, which of course he never did. Then today I find another draft on my bank for $199.00 dated 5/12/03. Now I am more than furious and seeing more than red! I called him again, left more than a scathing message and proceeded to close my bank account. In researching the Oregon Corporation files today I find the company filed dissolution 4/11/03. So.... knowing they were closing up shop they hit me and who knows who else! I have reported the operation to the Oregon Consumer Fraud Division, Florida Fraud division and now the FBI. I am willing to participate in any class action litigation that is put together. I want these guys in jail!!!!! Furious and ready to exact every ounce of revenge I can! Aleta Live Oak, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Portland, Oregon
3, Report #1402736
Sep 27 2017
03:11 PM
Live Technologies Inc. My computer failed so they charged me $499 to fix it. They have now charged my credit card another $652.00 when I have nothing wrong. United States Not sure now Nationwide
To Whom it may concernHi,  Approx 12 months ago I had a problem with my computer, through the internet they game me Live Technologies No. I called Live Techs, and had to pay up front $499.00 U/S to fix it, I did this Via credit Card.Two weeks ago a guy calls from L / tech, informing me that they had charged my credit card another $499.00 U/S for a further 12 months. Following his call I immediately called my bank and cancelled my credit card, however, even though I cancelled my card he has still managged to withdraw the $499.00. With the U/S exchange rate, and international transaction fees, this company withdrew a total of $651.39 Aust.  I used this company for ( a one time only ) transaction, and NEVER agreed to continue on with any further costs other then the first transaction. I have tried to call ALL the numbers  for Live Tech's, however, all those, plus any others I've gotten from the net are all non responsive. I can't believe that they are able to withdraw such a huge amount of money from my account, when they have not been given any right to do so.I trust you can help with this matter, and will look forward to your reply.Many Thanks in advance,  Kind Regards,  Mark Sutton.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #821342
Jan 11 2012
04:34 PM
LIVE pc experts IN TECHNOLOGIES INC. PC EXPERT SCAMERS Fayetteville,, North Carolina
FRAUD/scam  1 SITE LIST ITS USA  ADDRESS AS USA  IN TECHNOLOGIES  ( 3511 SILVERSIDE RD   WILMINGTON, DELAWARE19810  FRAUDULENT ADDRESS   THIS IS THE ADDRESS FOR  Delaware Hospice, Site by: Delaware Hospice is accredited by The Joint Commission. Read Statement. 3515 Silverside Rd.   CUSTOMER SERVICE   rep wwill not showthis they wiil mke up a priceor sell 999.99 planKing Plan - $399.99USD One Time Baron Plan - $289.99USD One Time Knight Plan - $159.99USD One Time Additional 1 computer/ 2 Year - $240.00USD One Time 3 computer for 2 yrs - $709.99USD One Time $359.99USD One Time Additional 3 years/computers - 2 computer for 2 years unlimited software support - $499.99USD One Time $999.99 USD One Time 3 Computer /year for 3Computer - 699.99   CONSUMER RIP OFF PLAN NOT EVEN LISTED ON SITE IN Technologies INC 357, Waterdown Drive   Apt 5 Fayetteville, North Carolina 28314  United States Registered through: Go Daddy Domain Name: LIVEPCEXPERT.COMGoogled Live PC Care   rip off and found the following   Live PC Care is a fake antispyware application that performs bogus online scans and reports threats and infections to the user.  This rogue security program purposely misleads you by informing you through continuous security alerts that your PC is infected and threats have been detected.  This is simply an attempt to frighten you, so that you will purchase the product to remove these parasites.  It is a complete scam. This program display constant security warnings, and invites you to perform a free scan to detect infected files.  Supposedly, Live PC Care will detect spyware and other parasites with this scan, then remove them.  You are not advised until the scan completes that you have to buy the full product in order to remove the threats.  It really doesn't matter. This application cannot do any of the things it claims. (((link redacted)))CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Fayetteville,, North Carolina
5, Report #25948
Aug 02 2002
06:16 AM
Future Vision Technologies Inc ripoff Portland Oregon
My husband and I have tried and tried to get ahold of this so called company after sending them $199.99 to promote our business. We tried and tried to contact them then their web site went down and the phone was not answered at all. We stoped payment on the check we gave them, thankfully! Since then they have continually attempted to withdraw between $199.00 and $224.00 monthly from our bank account! All attemps to contact this company have failed, when you call the number all you get is voice box is full. When you go to their website and submit the email form you never get an answer. We have had SEVERAL overdraft charges because of this company and we cannot stop them without knowing the exact amount of money they are trying to withdraw. Be careful if you choose to deal with this company, we have had nothing but problems. Russ Carlton, Minnesota
Entity: Portland, Oregon
6, Report #7695
Nov 12 2001
12:00 AM
Ingramm Technologies Inc. Ripoff London England
We are a small computer company on the South Coast of Oregon. We recently recieved an order for 40 processors from this company in England. We were a little skeptical at first why they were buying such a large amount of computer components from a company like ours, plus the fact the people we were dealing with didn't have British accents. We called the FBI to check on this company as we were concerned that we might be dealing with terrorists. They gave us credit card numbers which ran O.K. We then shipped the processors. A few day's later they ordered an additional 60 processors they gave us 13 different credit card numbers only one of which was good. I called the bank to report this as it didn't feel right, I took paper work to the bank also. The bank contacted Credit Card Security and Visa Security. We were informed that we were the victims of a Nigerian scam that has been perpetuated for two or more years. We were told to call the Secret Service, Portland Oregon office. They didn't have any agents available to help us. They told us to file a report with our local Police Dept. which also told us they couldn't help us. It appears we've lost over $8,000. Even though the banks, the FBI, the secret service knew about this scam the public or businesses haven't been alerted. We are still dealing with this fraudulent company and could possible catch them but we can't find a law inforcement agency that will help.
Entity: London, Nationwide
7, Report #552550
Jan 11 2010
02:22 PM
Hoffenheim Technologies Inc Craigslist SCAM, Internet
I'm currently unemployed and have been looking for work since the end of November so when I saw this Administrative job on craigslist I shot them over my resume. A few days later I received an email saying:Hello Applicant,              This is an online/work from home job, the Hiring Manager of the company has reviewed your resume and we believe you have the required qualifications for the job. Do you have a yahoo messenger on your computer? If not download one. To proceed with this Data entry Clerk job position ,you must undergo an online interview  that will be conducted via yahoo messenger.I want you to setup a yahoo messenger (IM)and Instant Message the Hiring Manager Mr Williams Peterson on his yahoo ID ( ) asap for the interview so you can get interviewed for the position.This is a full-time job with benefits and the hours are great, get started with the online interview process and get back to me as soon as possible.      Mr Williams Peterson.I've never had an at home job so I just figured that this online interview was standard but when I tried to google the company and nothing came up I started to get suspicious.I then found another person that had the same instant messenger interview with the exact wording describing their company and why they didn't have a website then I KNEW it was too good to be true and I was in the process of being SCAMMED. Here is what the interview consisted of.----- Our chat on Mon, 1/11/10 12:13 PM -----Audrey (10:49 AM):  Hi, My name is Audrey I applied for your data entry position and received an email saying that I should IM you.Audrey (11:25 AM):  I was wondering when would be a good time to interview with you?Williams (11:44 AM):  HelloAudrey (11:44 AM):  HI.Williams (11:44 AM):  HelloWilliams (11:45 AM):  Hold on 2 minutes.Audrey (11:45 AM):  okWilliams (11:49 AM):   I will start by introducing myself and company to youAudrey (11:50 AM):  Ok sound good.Williams (11:50 AM):  I am Mr. Williams Peterson. The personnel manager to the firm HOFFENHEIM TECHNOLOGIES INC.Williams (11:51 AM):  HOFFENHEIM TECHNOLOGIES INC is a United States baby firm which is just getting to a year old, seeking assistance with the work from home initiative to assist with clerical and administrative duties online pending the establishment of our New Outlets in Ontario and Calgary, Canada, New York and San Francisco, United Kingdom.Williams (11:51 AM):  Am i communicating ? Audrey (11:52 AM):  Yes.Williams (11:52 AM):  We are into Computer Peripherals Supplies. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of independent dialysis providers around the world by leveraging today's most innovative technologies to deliver a full spectrum of high- quality services to the business community.Williams (11:52 AM):  HOFFENHEIM TECHNOLOGIES INC specializes in all kinds of Computer peripherals Supplies such as ATX case, Networking Routers, HDDX Compacts, satellite HDD Communicator, Computer Peripherals, CD- R Hard Drives, Memory Sticks and many moreWilliams (11:52 AM):  The company's website for the Work from Home Unit under the Personnel Department is under a URL change and it involves a very high re- organizational process that requires bringing all our online staffs to log- online on the same Network with their staff ID.Williams (11:53 AM):  Did you get that ?Audrey (11:53 AM):  Yes I did.Williams (11:53 AM):  I am going to proceed with the interview session now..Williams (11:53 AM):  Why do you want this job and are you currently employed?Audrey (11:57 AM):  No, I'm not employed at this moment. I think that I would be great at this job I'm currently attending school so this would be a great opportunity for me. I'm very dedicated to my work and find myself being very organized and my time management skills are great.Williams (11:57 AM):  Have you ever worked Online with a Computer?Audrey (11:58 AM):  I would have to say no. Not anything like this, but I would be willing to learn. I'm a very fast learner.Williams (11:58 AM):  What do you Understand by E- Business / Networking?Audrey (12:01 PM):  Everything is online. I understand networking is very important most business need it to grow.Williams (12:01 PM):  Tell Us why you feel you are the right person for this Job?Audrey (12:02 PM):  Well I take pride in being well organized. I'm always finding new and more efficient ways to maximize my time and I take pride in excelling in my work.Williams (12:02 PM):  Are you taking this as a primary Job? If you want to make this your secondary job ( How many Hours does your primary Job Takes? )Audrey (12:03 PM):  I would make this my primary job and would be able to work 40 hrs a week or more if need be.Williams (12:03 PM):  Do you have Professional Reference? ( Give us 2 Contacts )Audrey (12:04 PM):  Stephanie Clark #512- 585- 8357Audrey (12:04 PM):  and Lonnie Faily # 916- 600- 4392Williams (12:04 PM):  How Many Hours are you wiling to Devote to the Home Business Unit? ....Audrey (12:05 PM):  40 hrsWilliams (12:05 PM):  Do you have an Internet Connection at Home/Printer/Fax /Scanner?Audrey (12:05 PM):  Yes.Williams (12:05 PM):  What do you Understand by Privacy & Code of Conduct?Audrey (12:06 PM):  WellI worked for the State of Texas and it's confidential records of its residence. I understand that the privacy and code of conduct must always be followed.Williams (12:07 PM):  Do you have knowledge on how to use the Spread Sheet, Excel and General Microsoft Office tools?Audrey (12:07 PM):  Yes.Williams (12:07 PM):  The pay is $17.45/hr, M- F, Max 10hr,Min 5hr { 8hrs a day}...8am- 6pmAudrey (12:08 PM):  ok. Williams (12:08 PM):  Are you willing to give your best shot at working Online?Audrey (12:08 PM):  Yes. I would love to.Williams (12:08 PM):  Explain Petty Cash Transactions?Audrey (12:09 PM):  For small transactions like office supplies. Williams (12:10 PM):  OkayWilliams (12:10 PM):  You will be needing some data entry softwares for this job,Pro Peach tree,QuickBook and BS 1 proffesional accounting software...The company will provide you with funds for there purchase via money order..Williams (12:10 PM):  Did you get that ?Audrey (12:10 PM):  YesAudrey (12:11 PM):  I'm familiar with QuickBooksWilliams (12:11 PM):  OkayWilliams (12:11 PM):  I will email a detailed location where all software's can be purchased.thats if you can't locate them,The money order will come to your house address via Ups courier service or FedEx courier service....Williams (12:11 PM):  You will have to email your contact information to me at the end of this interview..Williams (12:11 PM):  Did you get that ?Audrey (12:12 PM):  yesWilliams (12:12 PM):  Once this payment is delivered to you, you are to pocess them, make the necessary deductions for the softwares and also $200.00 deduction for yourself as a signing bonus...Williams (12:12 PM):  You are to get them cashed at your bank and make necessary deductions,There will be a balance after the deduction for the softwares and deductions for your signing bonus. The balance is to be sent to the campanies Shipping Agent....The shipping Agents information will be emailed to you along with details of the expected payment...Audrey (12:13 PM):  I understand.Williams Peterson (12:14 PM):  You are to make that transfer to him via Money Gram or Western Union. This is to effect shipping logistics for the equipments that will be shipped to you...Williams Peterson (12:14 PM):  Once you get the data entry softwares you start your training...Williams Peterson (12:14 PM):  you're also expected to come online daily 8am your time for updates concerning the Money Order you are expecting..Williams Peterson (12:14 PM):  Am i communicating ?Audrey (12:15 PM):  Yes.Williams Peterson (12:15 PM):  You will be sent an email regarding how you want your payroll and working schedule.Williams Peterson (12:15 PM):   I want you to send me an email now with your contact details so that your information can be documented.In the following order :Williams Peterson (12:15 PM):  Make the subject Your Name information .Williams Peterson (12:15 PM):  NAME :ADDRESS :CITY :STATE :ZIPCODE :CELL PHONE :HOME PHONE :AGE :EMAIL :Williams Peterson (12:15 PM):  infos3@hoffen and jdepartment2010@ yahoo.comWilliams Peterson (12:15 PM):  let me know once you haveWilliams Peterson (12:20 PM):  are you there ?Audrey (12:20 PM):  Yes I just sent it.Williams Peterson (12:20 PM):  OkayWilliams Peterson (12:21 PM):  i will be expecting you online tomorrow morning by 8am for more update.Audrey (12:22 PM):  Ok. Thank you again.Williams Peterson (12:22 PM):  Do have a wonderful day aheadAudrey (12:22 PM):  You do the same. Thank You.I hope this posting gets spread like wildfire. It just makes me SICK that there are such cruel people out there that take advantage of others in the disguise of EMPLOYERS. Please be aware of scammers a please DO YOUR RESEARCH.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #1199102
Jan 03 2015
08:26 AM
Uber Technologies Inc over charged Nationwide
Uber charged my son $490.23 for a ride that usually costs $54 on New Years morning. That is nine times the normal rate which they call a surge fee!!! He did not know the fare until he arrived home. The driver was apologetic but he said he could not do anything about it. My son had used this car service previously as a cheap alternative to a taxi so they had my credit card on file. I have disputed the amount but so far no reduction has been offered.
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #611194
Jun 07 2010
12:14 PM
ALK Technologies Inc ALK ALK Technologies STOLE $30.00 From me. Internet
I ordered 1 CoPilot Live 8, North America Maps software from ALK Technologies through their website. I paid in full and received a receipt. The company was supposed to send me a link in order to download the product. The product was never received. It was not lost in spam folder. It was never sent! I e-mailed the company numerous times requesting the product that I ordered but I have never received a response. I started researching company and found that they have numerous complaints from consumers. Do not do business with this company.They are criminals who steal money from their customers. Avoid!!!
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #1058627
Jun 12 2013
01:12 PM
Boston technologies inc. Boston technologies BEWARE of these shady operaters Boston Massachusetts
Beware of the Boston technology inc.!!!!I've had a helluva time trying to get my money from their account and even before that their service was ridden with errors while executing orders had major lags!!I think there is some serious manipulating going on here. I wonder why would a co. that has nothing to hide set up their operation off-shore?Recently there have been talks that even their employees are leaving them and that there is an investigation going on...i am not in a position to take legal actions but i can at lest warn others not to deal with these shady characters    
Entity: Boston, Massachusetts
11, Report #1060675
Jun 20 2013
11:47 AM
Boston Technologies Inc. scam Boston Technologies rip-off Boston Massachusetts
We must prevent them to stop the illegal practices within the unregulated foreign exchange industry, or any other trading industry.1) BT holds clients funds on deposit with both regulated and non-regulated entities.2) BT's technology defaults to the benefit of the broker (FCM/FDM). In the absence of a broker, BT is able to deploy their technology to their own benefit. A major conflict of interest.3) BT claims to not act as anything but a technology solution but receive income from the spread, in many cases without the clients knowledge. This is either garnered in the form of an IB fee paid by the counterparty or by BT simply marking up the trades through price manipulation.4) BT has recently chosen to move their business offshore (Boston Trading as opposed to Technologies), or at least the trading arm of it (to Belize). They believe this will give them greater flexibility in acting as a broker without repercussions from the local regulations despite the fact that they still take client deposits in the name of the US based company.
Entity: Boston, Massachusetts
12, Report #1060342
Jun 19 2013
10:18 AM
Boston Technologies Inc. scam Boston Technologies rip-off Boston Massachusetts
Boston Tech - FRAUD - SCAM - AVOID!!I wasn't impressed with Boston Technologies platform and didn't like them when I tried the demo account.  If for some reason you choose them, I would be very careful with trading with them. When you profit... they just steal your money. Bridge fails all the time, and they don't have insurance and money to pay you back.The reality that the trading industry is plagued with less-than-honest online marketers that are only after your money, once they have taken your money, they do a disappearing act on you and you never hear from them again.
Entity: Boston, Massachusetts
13, Report #1058188
Jun 11 2013
08:53 AM
Boston Technologies Inc. scam Boston Technologies rip-off Boston Massachusetts
                                                 BOSTON TECHNOLOGIES = SCAMMERS Be aware about Boston Technologies Inc., that is a US based company, providing a liquidity bridge to counter parties. Boston Technologies is acting as Marketplace, Broker-Dealer and/or Brokerage Company without any kind of licensing and violation of CFTC and NFA; taking your money from your account, making desk dealing, and play as a Broker without license.Do not trust in the unsecure and untrust liquidity bridge from Boston Technologies; and do not trust neither in the liquidity providers that are used by Boston Technologies.I  personally experienced Boston Technologies... They are SCAM!!
Entity: Boston, Massachusetts
14, Report #1057841
Jun 10 2013
07:30 AM
Boston technologies Inc. Boston technologies scam, fraudsters and criminals Boston Massachusetts
A lot of Forex dealers have two ways of making money.Spreads and hedging against losing positions, As a result they make money when the trader loses.What is not fair is when broker deliberately uses software such as Virtual Dealer Plugin by Boston Technologies in conjunction with MetaQuotes, which intentionally slows down execution of trades in Meta Trader 4 platform to turn profitable trades to be less profitable or make them a loss!Slippage at POE can allow the broker to make more money and the trader less if there was no real slippage there.This reduces the actual ability for exiting a trade, and therefore makes a trade less profitable! It also hides the real exit point and allow for profit to be taken by the broker instead of me.This is particularly bad because brokers target users who are likely to be new to the market and have little experience with trading and maybe do not know the dirty tricks that these brokers get up to.Virtual Dealer Plugin and any other similar programme should be made illegal as it is deliberately aimed at taking money from traders who could easily be making profit.I've noticed an increase in slippage occurs when my trades are profitable in the first months of trading. This happens even during highly liquid times in the market!! And they benefit when i go bust by hedging, someone needs to step in.A few slippages a day for thousands of traders each day adds up to a real lot of money, think about it...
Entity: Boston, Massachusetts
15, Report #1055889
Jun 03 2013
08:32 AM
Boston Technologies Inc. scam Boston Technologies rip-off Boston Massachusetts
FOREX SCAMMERS - DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOUPrevent Boston Technologies taking money from more unfortunate victims. BT manipulates all trades by delaying the trade a few seconds, with margin calls and slippage , some trades are not even put through the system.Existing BT clients are leaving the sinking ship of Boston technologies.I was idly perusing the Boston Technologies website the other day when I happened across their very own MetaTrader robot, which seems to have developed an unfortunate habit of losing money rather than making it hand over fist. THEY PROVIDE FALSE INFORMATION FOR YOUR SECURITY AND LET YOU GET CAUGHT IN ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES!!!
Entity: Boston, Massachusetts
16, Report #1056915
Jun 06 2013
12:00 PM
Boston Technologies Inc. scam Boston Technologies rip-off Boston Massachusetts
SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!- Boston technologies Inc500 placement is done with 'cooked figures' , there was no due diligence done by Inc 500 at all !!!- BT cannot get investor funding due to investor due diligence which turns up George's involvement in BTR and Kevin Millien's RAPE charges whilst at college.- George borrowed $100,000 from BT funds to finance his wedding.- George and Kevin use BT as their own personal bank account.- Existing BT clients are leaving the sinking ship of Boston technologies.- BT manipulates all trades by delaying the trade a few seconds, with margin calls and slippage , some trades are not even put through the system.- All BT SYOB settings are manipulated within the program. 
Entity: Boston, Massachusetts
17, Report #1058799
Jun 13 2013
07:24 AM
Boston Technologies Inc. scam Boston Technologies rip-off Boston Massachusetts
DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOUBOSTON TECHNOLOGIES = SCAMMERS-Prevent Boston Technologies taking money from more unfortunate victims, -If you give them money you will not get it back, -Their service is full of errors,lag time in trade execution, - Trades not completed , withdrawls do not happen, - SYOB profits are not paid, - Trades are manipulated, - They set you up off-shore with a foreign entity and foreign bank account to avoid US regulations, - Employees are leaving BT due to knowledge of wrongdoings.
Entity: Boston, Massachusetts
18, Report #1060025
Jun 18 2013
11:04 AM
Boston Technologies Inc. scam Boston Technologies rip-off Boston Massachusetts
I tested the Boston technology bridge on demo , and was dissapointed with the results.It gave me no confidence to use it on live accounts. Some brokers have bad blood and they like to rip off their customers illegaly. Boston Technologies is a US Company lead by Mr. George Popescu and Kevin Millien. This company is acting as Broker-Dealer/Marketplace without license and any kind of funds reserve. When you are profit... they just steal your money. Bridge fails all the time, and they don't have insurance and money to pay you back.While it is true that acting as a technology provider to the FX (OTC) space does not require NFA membership or CFTC registration, it is hardly the basis on which Boston Technologies (BT) operates.At face value, BT offers technology solutions to the retail FX market. However while this may hold true for many of their institutional clients, it is not so for much of their smaller clients. I don't think people realise what these crooked brokers are doing to their accounts.Just robbing them.
Entity: Boston, Massachusetts
19, Report #2303
May 22 2000
12:00 AM
HERE IS WHAT I SENT UMAX: I own a UMAX Astra 1220S flat bed scanner, and the tiny plastic hinges snapped off of the top when I simply opened the top to scan a document. From looking at these tiny pieces of plastic I assume this is a common problem. Can you help me? HERE'S WHAT THEY SAID:Thanks for your email, If your scanner is in need of repair, you will need to contact us by phone at the below number. As per the warranty card which is included with the scanners, our scanners purchased new come with a one year warranty on parts due to manufacturer defect. (LIKE THEY WOULD ADMIT HAVING A DEFECTIVELY DESIGNED HINGE) No RMA can be issued by e-mail. All RMA's must first go through troubleshooting by our technicians. You will have to call UMAX technical support at the below number for further troubleshooting and possible RMA. The cost of out of warranty repair depends on the nature of the repair, costs of the parts, etc. However, all out of warranty repairs begin with an $85 non-refundable diagnostic fee ($127.50 for scanner and transparency adapter) to determine what is the problem with the unit. Once a determination has been made, a technician will contact you regarding the price for parts, labor, etc. (NOTE: NOTICE THE DIAGNOSTIC FEE IS NOT COUNTED TOWARDS THE REPAIR!!!) In addition to the diagnostic fee, parts and labor, you will also be responsible for shipping costs to our Fremont, CA facility and back to you. If you would like to set up an out of warranty repair, please contact us by phone at the below number. WOW GET THE $85 NON-REFUNDABLE DIAGNOSTIC FEE. MY POINT IS THAT THE LID HINGE IS JUNK, THE LID IS HUGE AND HEAVY AND HANGS ON TWO TINY PIECES OF PLASTIC THAT IS 1/16 OF AN INCH THICK AND SNAPS CLEAN OFF OF THE LID UNDER VERY VERY MINIMAL USAGE. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL IF YOU HAVE A UMAX SCANNER! IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE, DON'T BUY ONE!
Entity: Fremont, California
20, Report #420792
Feb 05 2009
06:34 PM
Love Technologies - Face To Face Technologies This company is running a complete fraud..Do not Trust!! Golden Colorado
A young man showed up at my cousins doorstep while i was visiting him in Los Angeles, and claimed he was selling magazines to help pay for college, and that he was competing against others for prizes. I finally decided to subscribe to the xbox magazine for my little brother, since they didn't really have any magazines that interested me. It has been 2 months since i paid for the subscription and i have received nothing. I have made numerous attempts to contact them, but i was only successful one time, and they really didn't care about helping me figure out what is happening with my subscription. I spoke with a lady there and all she asked for was my first name and receipt number, and then she said we will look into it and take care of it as soon as possible. She spent about a total of about 20 seconds on the phone with me. I would strongly advise not to purchase from these guys, and if you do, report them, not only on this website, but to the Better Business Bureau as well, so we can put these guys out of business and bring them to justice Eddie Monmouth, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Golden, Colorado
21, Report #681183
Jan 10 2011
11:19 PM
Dynasty Technologies, Inc. SYN, Inc. magazine subscription never showed up Idledale, Colorado
Back in October a rather seedy-looking young lady came to the door selling magazine subscriptions to winn some sort of contest. Under normal circumstances I would politely ask the person to leave however I happened to be in the market for a couple of particular magazines that this service had. I wrote a check for $96 and got a receipt however the magazines haven't showed up yet as of January 7 th. I ordered them on October 15. I'm pretty sure Dynasty Technologies, Inc. is a rip-off and I don't expect the magazines to ever show up. As it turns out these is no phone number or web address on the receipt. I feel pretty badly that I will now never, ever give another young person an opportunity to sell me something like this again - once bitten. Also, the young person was possibly "used" by the company.
Entity: Idledale, Colorado
22, Report #1240213
Jul 07 2015
10:00 AM
Compu Technologies Inc. FRAUDULENT, SCAM Internet
I ordered a computer motherboard from Compu Technologies Inc., back in 2010.  After I had so much difficulty in getting in touch with the company, they provided no phone number on their website, only an email link, I began to fear that I was being scammed.  The item was not delivered as promised & I continued to get the run around from the company so I contacted my charge card company & filed a 'chargeback' to protect myself.  After doing this, the item finally arrived at my doorstep.  I did not accept or sign for the package and instructed the delivery person to return it to the original sender. Compu Technologies Inc., received their item back and still charged me $230.00.  When I didn't pay, they reported me to the credit bureau where the collection is still showing up 5 years later. I just want this collection removed from my credit report.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1059148
Jun 14 2013
10:08 AM
Boston Technologies, Inc. Boston Technologies - SCAM - FRAUD Boston Technologies LLC, --ILLEGAL MARKETMAKER-- Internet Boston na
Boston Technologies is acting as Broker-Dealer/Marketplace without license and reserve funds… If the bridge failed, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY!! Be careful with the Ponzi scheme led it by Mr. George Popescu and Mr. Kevin Millien. While it is true that acting as a technology provider to the FX (OTC) space does not require NFA membership or CFTC registration, it is hardly the basis on which Boston Technologies (BT) operates. At face value, BT offers technology solutions to the retail FX market. However while this may hold true for many of their institutional clients, it is not so for much of their smaller clients. Consider the following:1) BT holds clients funds on deposit with both regulated and non-regulated entities.2) BT's technology defaults to the benefit of the broker (FCM/FDM). In the absence of a broker, BT is able to deploy their technology to their own benefit. A major conflict of interest.3) BT claims to not act as anything but a technology solution but receive income from the spread, in many cases without the clients knowledge. This is either garnered in the form of an IB fee paid by the counterparty or by BT simply marking up the trades through price manipulation.4) BT has recently chosen to move their business offshore (Boston Trading as opposed to Technologies), or at least the trading arm of it (to Belize). They believe this will give them greater flexibility in acting as a broker without repercussions from the local regulations despite the fact that they still take client deposits in the name of the US based company. BT are scammers they are trying to cover their illegal businesses also, they are pros in steelin other peoples ideas, make sure that you'll never ever offer them any kind of idea or business cooperation
Entity: Boston, Select State/Province
24, Report #1058132
Jun 11 2013
06:40 AM
Boston Technologies, Inc. Boston Technologies - SCAM - FRAUD Boston Technologies LLC, --ILLEGAL MARKETMAKER-- Internet Boston
BT/Tradex Victim Tradex has been defrauded of $129 million – all the money has gone missing. Lee had travelled all the way from California to discover what had happened to his life's savings. A technology consultant with clients across the country, he was, until a few weeks ago, comfortably retired. Every month, on and off for several years now, he'd been receiving his statements. He’d invested thousands into Tradex, a Forex (foreign currency exchange) investment scheme, which gambled on minute fluctuations in the money markets. He’d made apparently-fantastic profits, averaging 2.5 percent per month. Hadn't he? On paper, yes … Poor guy was scammed by these fruds be careful Tradex aka Boston Technologies 
Entity: Boston, Select State/Province
25, Report #638707
Sep 08 2010
10:29 AM
AVG Technologies AVG Technologies, INC USA Product BROKE my computer Chelmford, Massachusetts
I tried to download AVG free It downloaded along with something called Cyber defense( This item did NOT have my permission to download as it popped up after i had pressed for the AVG free and the download button was misrepresented as the AVG Free).After it downloaded I thought the whole thing was part of the AVG so I wanted to get rid of it but my ENTIRE desktop was gone completely BLANK except for AVG's stupid program telling me I have to buy some $20 dollar upgrade to fix my computer. When I called AVG  they claimed it must have DETECTED something and that sometimes the DETECTION triggers the virus. Mind you I had NOT even run the scan at the time It immediately happened after the download I do not even have a start menu to remove this. All they then proceeded to do was try and SELL me the program, the fixes etc.This is a very shoddy business practice to literally force people to buy their products under the guise of FREE. It will now cost me about $100 dollars to have a professional reload the operating system and fix the mess that AVG's FREE program did to my computer, because they make it IMPOSSIBLE to remove their FREE program so that you are FORCED to buy their crap
Entity: Chelmford, Massachusetts

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