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1, Report #1259388
Oct 05 2015
09:32 PM
living spaces living spaces
Do not buy furniture from here.When you buy new furniture, they send you used items. They trick you and fool you, thinking that you will never find out that you got used and worn out furniture. They clean them really good so it is hard to catch. Hoping that they will never get caught. Well I caught them. So watch carefully I bought 2 new boyd sofa and they send me 2 used sofas. The inspection guys came and took it back and apologized for the inconvenience because it is obviously used and worn out furniture.(They were good about the situation).They charge you full price for used furniture. Ridiculous!!! I went back to the store and complained.They said they will compensate $80 with free delivery but later a guy named Lyuben change it to $40. He was talking to me like he was doing me a favor, take it or leave it like that way talking very manipulatively!!! very rude and ugly attitude. They don't think about you or care about you or even feel sorry for what they do to the people. They have no heart, no moral, or any shame for what they do to the customers. Stay away from these guys and from this store. Filthy liars. There was a sales person named Jenna. She said to buy one sofa furniture VIP furniture insurance so I could trick the company to cover the other sofa for free, since they are same identical ones. My husband said don't they scan the barcode to check the item before they send them out from the warehouse to customer to check which is which and where it was purchased to know the history of the merchandise since we are buying vip furniture insurance? and she said that's right and she quickly changed by saying yes you do need to buy vip furniture insurance for each of the sofa even though, they are same identical ones and said that they scan each merchandise to keep the record of the history of the item and for the vip furniture insurance record reference. So this means, when the warehouse sends these 2 identical sofa to us according to what Jenna said they should of known that these were 2 used sofa indeed because she said they scan them for the record since we are buying vip furniture insurance. She said clearly, they scan the furniture to see the history of the furniture. So they did know that this was indeed used items and still choose to send them out to the customer who paid for brand new item price. So be careful and watch out
2, Report #1161966
Jul 14 2014
04:19 PM
living spaces furniture Living spaces furniture living spaces furniture La Mirada California
i bougt a recliner in living spaces furniture, they sell me the vip care, my recliner is peeling all over, i tried to talk to vip care for days,:i went to the store, they gave me a phone number, they never came to the phone, i called costumer service, they told me that only leather furniture is cover, they new my recliner was not leather, why they sell me the insurance, this is fraud i will trie to get my money back, i will never purchased another piece of furniture in that store
Entity: La Mirada, California
3, Report #1191983
Nov 29 2014
11:07 AM
Living Spaces Living Spaces Furniture Irvine California
My husband and I purchased a reclining couch and matching chair form Living Spaces In Irvine California in 2012. We noticed that the fabric on the couch was cracking and ripping at the seams and headrest. We complained to the store manager in the Huntington Beach store who sent out a specialist to evaluate the couch and take pictures. The  Person who came out stated that the material was disunctional and submitted the pictures to the claims dept. He also stated they should give us a refund since we paid 1500$ and it was only 2 years old. The claims Dept. called me a few days later stating that our manufactures warranty was only good for only 1 year and because we had not purchased the extended warranty they could do nothing. When I told them I wanted to speak to a manager a woman claiming to be a manager called me back and pretty much stated the same thing. When i asked her if Living Spaces was going to do anything to help us remedy this situation to keep our business she said no. That they had to adhere to the strict manufacture warranty on the fabric. Shame on you Living Spaces! I should not have to pay extra money to ensure my less than 2 year old couch doesnt  shred at the seams! And the fact they are unwilling to help fix the problem to keep a customer says everything about the integrity of this company! I will urge everyone I know to stay away from this horrible company and their subpar furniture!!
Entity: Irvine, California
4, Report #743576
Jun 21 2011
07:59 PM
Living Spaces Furniture Hates Their Customers. Internet
This growing company has turned into a horribly run business that doesn't care about their customers. Your salespeople misled me by saying that a couch I bought for was here (we were in the Rancho store) for me to pick up - just as all of the other furniture I had previously bought was. After I pay, they tell me I need to drive to Rialto to pick it up. Oops. STRIKE ONE. I had to borrow a neighbor's truck and I wasn't going to take it to such a horrible area in Rialto and pick it up. If I wanted to shop in Rialto, I wouldn't have gone to Living Spaces in Rancho Cucamonga. So they tell me they'll have it sent to the Rancho store on Monday (last week). I go to pick it up, and I sit around for an hour while some clueless kid walks back and forth, empty handed... not communicating to me what he's doing or why it's taking so long. He disappears and nobody comes back to talk to me. I'm missing dinner with my family for this? I just leave the place, angry. STRIKE TWO. My wife calls the next day to make sure the furniture is at the Rancho store and they tell her it is there and ready to be picked up. I borrow the neighbor's truck for the 3rd time and go down and sit for over 90 minutes while another clueless kid wanders aimlessly, looking for my furniture. I miss another dinner with my family, and I let my team down and miss my softball game. They tell me it wasn't shipped from the Rialto DC again. STRIKE THREE! They apologize for the confusion during a transition to a new distribution center and say they'll deliver to my house for free (Whoopeeee! After wasting all of this time and screwing up repeatedly, delivery better be free!), and it's supposed to arrive on Wednesday between 4:00 and 8:00 pm. My wife cancels her appointment that night (she's a hair stylist) and she stays home so she can receive the furniture. NO SHOW! NO CALL! Nothing. Strike FOUR! They blame the transition to the new distribution center again and say they will deliver it the next day in another 4-hour window. Are you kidding me? I should re-schedule my life for you guys again? YOU FAILED TO DO YOUR JOB 4 TIMES!!! You offer me a $100 coupon off my NEXT purchase at Living Spaces and refuse to allow me to apply that $100 to the current purchase. NICE TRY! You screw me over 4 times and think you can spin this abortion of a transaction into a positive where you earn my return business? You have to be kidding me. I should have been smart enough to not return after I spent $20,000 on furniture when the store first opened and they lost parts of my bed and had to return to my house 4 times with wrong parts, before finally just mailing me the parts and making me put it together myself (after I paid full price for delivery). What a joke.  I talked to the owner (Grover) and his mother for a long time when I made my first purchase there, and they had a good business plan and have executed it well for the most part.  Grover, my Facebook friends Twitter followers will now know exactly how little value you hold for your customers. Your empire may be growing now, but your greed, ethics and careless policies will eventually end your company. Take note from strong, ethical companies like Nordstrom, Costco, and Lennar Homes and show some concern about the lifetime value of a customer. I'm sure you learned all about that in Grad School. The thousands of people with whom I will share my story will also pass it on to their friends, and the truth will travel. I am in real estate and have a plethora of friends in this industry who will share these stories with their homebuyers who will look to buy new furniture for their homes elsewhere. Shoppers will hear my story here on the Ripoff report, and the BBB will be getting a letter from me. Your disregard for my time, your failure to deliver my furniture after ruining 4 nights for me will cost you a hell of a lot more than a little $100 discount that would have rectified the problems that you caused me. Your pathetic policy of not standing behind your horrible customer service will be shared with many would-be customers. You'll still make your money, but I guarantee you, this mistake will affect your bottom line - and I'll be constantly voicing my opinion of your company so that none of my friends or their friends make the same mistake as I did by shopping at Living Spaces Furniture. Now that I look into Living Spaces, I hear word from law enforcement that people you have working for you have allegedly been arrested for possible Identity theft of your customers. If these allegations are true and that word starts to go public, you'll really feel the impact. Fraud? Nice. You better get your act together, Grover. Your disclaimer on the back of the receipt makes sure you get paid if a buyer isn't home to receive their furniture, but it sure doesn't account for your failure to deliver as promised. You need to change your motto from Buy today, enjoy tonight to Buy today, drive to the hood to pick it up, or we'll screw you over and waste your time for 3 nights. Nice work.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #1079891
Aug 28 2013
02:35 PM
Living Spaces Sofa from Living Spaces La Mirada California
We purchased the McCartney custom sofa from Living Spaces in Irvine, CA. We paid the extra VIP  care extended warranty with it. I called because I am unhappy with the quality of the sofa. They told me they would send out a technician for $99 to look at the sofa and evaluate the problems. I was told by Living Spaces that they would try and fix what I was not happy with under the manufacturers warranty and if they couldn't fix it, they would replace it.  The technician spent almost 2 hours at my house taking pictures and discussing what I was unhappy with. He sewed on one loose button, that he found and cut away a few pieces of stray cotton. He really focused on turning over the cushions and fluffing them up for his report photographs. I was very suspicious of this because he spent more time make the sofa look better. At one point I questioned why he was doing this and he told me, it's to show in my report that one side it better than the other so they can fix it.  Two days after the technician came to my house, I received a phone call from Living Spaces Warranty Department. They told me that the technician had reported he had sewed on a button and cut away stray cotton and that the sofa was fine. I told them that was not the problem with the sofa and that I would like to have the problems fixed or replace the sofa. They told me they could not help me because this is the manufacturers standard for this piece. That is their excuse for poor quality furniture. I am truly disgusted with the quality of furniture and the lack of customer service, even if you have the extra warranty, they will not do anything to fix or replace a badly made sofa.
Entity: Irvine, , California
6, Report #812708
Dec 21 2011
11:29 PM
Living Spaces Worst delivery service ever Irvine , California
Living Spaces should be avoded at all costs.  We bought furniture there and on three separate occasions, the delvery service was horrible--we were even given a lot of attitude by the delivery men.  Once they were almost two hours late, so the delivery was after 10:00 p.m., another time they did not show up and the third time we had to cancel because they were so late after the four hour delivery window.  Their website is misleading also as it indicates that delivery will be during certain times after the purchase, but we were not given the times advertised.  The store is a disgrace.
Entity: Irvine, California
7, Report #1192626
Dec 02 2014
05:57 PM
I purchased a leather recliner for my father from Living Spaces located in Menefee, CA. I told them I wanted their top of the line chair. I purchased the 5 year warranty. After 10 days of use, the leather was stretching out of shape because the foam used in the chair had already flattened and was not taking up the space of the leather. The company came to fix the cair by adding, supposidly, another piece of high density foam. Unfortunately, they only placed this foam on top of the springs, so the foam migratea to the footrest. My brother has to fix chair daily. I have requested a refund, but was told they only have a 10 day return policy. I bought the chair on June 5 and informed the company on June 24 about the defective chair. I have been fighting this through my credit card company and will probably have to get a lawyer.   Living Spaces keeps using the excuse I purchased the chair for medical purposes and that is not what it was built for. The medical purposes was my father needed his legs elevated. That's why we bought the power recliner. Unfortunately, Living Spaces  does not have the same values as they were taught and were practiced in years past. Keep your customer happy. LIving Spacea seems to be working on getting that one sale and not worrying about a lifetime customer. My brother, Steve Haeger, posted pictures of the defective chair on Facebook, Sunday, November 30, 2014. If you want to see a really messed up chair that Living Spaces will not refund the money because their vendor will not give them their money back, please look at it and like it. I have filed a dispute with my credit card company. The first two times I lost because Living Spaces is saying I am using the chair for medical purposes and the chair is not a medical chair. They are incorrect I'm their statement. As I said, my father's medical need is the doctor wants his kegs elevated. Isn't that what a recliner is made for????  I have filed the third dispute, my credit card company called me today and apologized stating that if Living Spaces does not agree to give my money back there is really nothing they can do. They saw the pictures and sympathize with me, but their hands are tied on what they can do. Does this mean that a company can get away with anything. Buyer beware!!  Check out your companies before you deal with them. Make sure they have a good reputation. I live in Alabama, so was not familiar with this store. In Alabama we don't have to worry about companies taking advantage of their customers. They still have values and work on the concept if we want your business now as well as your return bysiness and word of mouth bysinessOh, u forgot to mention. The tech that was seng to the house to look at the chair, stated in his report, Do not send another chair out, the chair will not hold.  The tech told my brother a new chair would do the same thing. It was a poor quality chair. All I can say is Shame on you LIving Spaces!!!  How many people have you done this to?  I am out $970. This was not an inexpensive chair. 
8, Report #760543
Aug 03 2011
07:17 PM
living spaces furniture, LLC defective merchandise/deceptive warranty rancho cucamonga, California
DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS: combating deceptive advertising of fraudulent limited liability warranty/manufactuer defects/ return policy. monitoring and developing effective enforcement strategies for new advertising techniques and media, such as word-of-mouth marketing; stopping deceptive Internet marketing practices
Entity: rancho cucamonga, California
9, Report #962806
Oct 31 2012
03:04 PM
Living Spaces furniture Un-ethical sales tactics and return policy Irvine, California
My wife and I went Living Spacesfurniture store in Irvine, CA and found a soft and loveseat set. The material is Polyurethane which we knew is a synthetic fake leather like material; however, there were no sign or tags on any piece we purchased. The furniture was delivered 2 days after the purchase and when they arrived we noticed a tag on each piece. It was a warning tag stating this material is highly flammableand could burn very rapidly producing highly toxic gas and black smoke. We decided it was not safe to have such material in our house so we went back to the store demanding a refund. We asked the manager why this warning tag is notdisplayed on these furniture and he replied we are not obligated to do so. We told him if we would have seen the warning tag, we would have not purchased them and demanded a full refund. He agreed to refund the price of the soft, loveseat and the warranty but not $89 we paid for delivery. He also charged us another $89 for pick up fee in addition to a 5% restocking fee. We basically paid over $300 for the products we did not receive. Hiding the warning tags is completely un-ethical and their return policy is definitely in favor of the store. They made $300 for nothing. We will NOT go back to Living Space and we will NOT recommend this store to anyone.
Entity: Irvine, California
10, Report #1400817
Sep 18 2017
12:57 PM
Living Spaces Furniture Refusal of service to our defective furniture Gilbert Arizona
 We purchased a sectional at Living Spaces, we were talked into the extended warranty called care plan. this is suppose to cover everything and almost anything . After just a month of using the Furniture my husband and I noticed the cushions upon which we are seated are not springing back. I had to go out of town and when I returned I noticed the cushion, which had not been sat in was still indented. This had started causing back pain for both of us so we thought we'd better call, perhaps they could replace the cushions and that might work. When we called we were transferred to someone else. Then they told us no one could talk to us until the following Monday. Monday we called back. The store told us to call care plan number. we called the number on the warranty and they told us to call the store. At that point we did not budg. We told them we were told to call them. So someone else got on the phone and said We do not service your area. Oh my gosh why were we sold the warranty if they don't service us. The person said they would have to contact a 3rd party repairman and have him call us... Another week goes by Someone did come out about 10 days later. looked at the problem, took pictures and said they would probably replace the cushions and have to restuff the back cushions. mind you, we are not the least bit overweight and only the 2 of us has used this Furniture for maybe 2 months. Since then, we have not received a call from anyone. we have had to call them.. Then we called today and now they are saying they don't have a claim. We just want our money back at this point so we can get something to sit on
Entity: Gilbert, Arizona
11, Report #1176650
Sep 14 2014
06:19 AM
Living Spaces did not include legs or hardware to the bed I bought. I returned to the store where they told me that I wasn't in their system.  I assured them that I was because I have the bed to prove it but they insisted that I wasn't.  They wouldn't give me the legs and hardware for my bed.  I then called their Corporate office who told me they would be able to help me but I never received my legs or hardware.  When I called back to find out when they had mailed it out, I was told that nothing was mailed.  The bed is not assembled correctly so it's not being supported properly and it's starting to get messed up.  I'm so upset and disappointed by the way they treated me.  They passed me around from person to person to person at the stores and then at corporate and then finally they lied to me and they really left me feeling like I had been suckered.  They ripped me off big time and that's not right.
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1425245
Jan 25 2018
01:02 PM
Living Spaces, Living Spaces Phoenix AZ Will not fix a brand new kids bed that is missing hardware. Arizona
Bought a Bayfront kid's bed with storage drawers at the bottom of the bed, after installation I noticed that the drawer box does not have any means to be secured to the bed, so I called living hell(spaces), No Reply!!! Tried again and was told to send pictures showing the problem, and I did. No one replied to my sent pictures, took 3 calls for them to actually schedule a technician to come to my house to see the bed in question. After careful inspection the Tech saw the problem and agreed that it was not right and submitted an emailed report with his findings promising that someone from living hell will contact me. NO one did!! I waited a couple of weeks and called to inquire. They said they were sorry for not getting back to me but they review the report and call me. They did NOT!! I waited again and called. After a painful conversation with a customer rep and a manager I found out that they all have a scripted answer for customers with complaints: send it back BUT there is a restocking fee that will apply. I tried to explain that I only had the item for 6 weeks most which was delays from there part, and on top of that I had paid for an extra protection plan($ 97.50) and they still wouldn't budge!!! The manager explanation was the bed is not defective, that's the way it is supposed to be, and the tech that we sent to your house is a third party contractor so we don't agree with his report or what he said. Now if you want to send it back we will charge you a restocking fee or keep it, it's up to you !!! I just sent an email to their corporate office with no hope of a reply but I'll update this review if I do hear from them.
Entity: Arizona
13, Report #953292
Oct 10 2012
10:10 AM
Living Spaces Furniture Corporate Office/Warranty Department will not honor warranty La Mirada, California
My husband & i purchased a custom reclining couch & matching reclining loveseat from the Living Spaces Rancho Cucamonga location this past February; it was delivered in March.  We paid $995.00 for each piece plus tax & delivery fee.  In September, only 6 months later, we noticed that the fabric was beginning to separate/fray at the seams on the footrest of the loveseat.  We immediately notified the warranty department and was asked to email them pictures of the damage and that our warranty covered fabric damage for one-year.  After many emails, phone calls & frustration and a one month lapse, we were informed by Claudia from Living Spaces warranty department that Living Spaces would not honor our warranty because it appeared that either my husband or myself had rubbed the area.  When i asked Claudia to explain what she meant she proceeded to tell me how her children rubbed holes in her furniture and that it is a common thing to do.  i told her that we only have one child and he is an active duty soldier in the U.S. Army and is currently stationed overseas, so he is not home to rub the loveseat.  i also informed Claudia that both my husband & myself are full-time teachers and are the only people who live in our home and use the furniture.  we do not rub the furniture.  Claudia would not budge on her decision to not honor our warranty, so i informed her that we would be forced to take legal action, which i resentfully have done. the bottom line is that couches & loveseats should be able to withstand normal and daily family use and should not begin to fall apart after just 6 months of light use.  Most significantly, Living Spaces should honor their warranties and not fight their customers after they have their patrons money. Shame on you Living Spaces for your very poor customer service!
Entity: La Mirada, California
14, Report #928367
Aug 16 2012
06:00 PM
Living spaces furniture Purchased a mattress which is uncomfortable and causing back pain. Internet
I purchased a mattress which turned out to be Uneven and uncomfortable after some time causing us to suffer From back pain.When contacted them,they said that the inspector who came to inspect the mattress said that there was no defect,but when he came to our house,he said that it was defective.They said that I have 90 days to exchange or return the mattress but I have to pay $199.00 as a restocking fee and also $99.00 to pick up the. Mattress.i refuse to pay this amount because the mattress has a 20 year warranty.
Entity: Internet, Internet
15, Report #715280
Apr 07 2011
09:03 PM
Entity: Monrovia, California
16, Report #1101965
Nov 25 2013
07:44 AM
Living Spaces failed to pay refund Rancho Cucamonga California
 I retruned a sofa and love seat within the 7 day period and selected a different model. Paid $ 333.65 less for the new model. Living Spaces has refused to return the refund due. Waited 10 days as per their policy, then called, and was told it was Hung Up in finance, and to wait anothre 10 days, called again 10 days later and was told they were sorry, payment would be sent,  and to wait another 10 days. It  has now been 7 weeks with no sign of the check. This company lies, steals, and cheats their customers at every turn, committing Retail Fraud. I urge you to shop elsewhere.
Entity: Rancho Cucamonga, California
17, Report #1197749
Dec 26 2014
04:26 PM
Living Spaces Poor quality, extremely poor customer service, Panorama City Nationwide
Can you spell Rip Off store ? Living Spaces will try and sell you a Premium warranty which doesn't mean squat. I purchased sectional 9.15.2014, a motor failed within 14 days, and I'm still waiting for service. I was told they can't even schedule me for repair until 12.15.2014. The warranty people have been to my home twice already and still can't get my sectional fixed. They've scheduled a third appointment for 12.31.2014 but I don't hold out any hope for resolution because they're trying to repair the electronics wherein the problem is the sectional motor assembly is installed in the wrong needs to be 3/8 closer to the switch. And this is Living Spaces PREMIUM warranty service. Living Spaces is a joke. I've cut up my store charge card and I will never ever shop their again. Join me and boycott them until they go out of business. DO NOT SHOP HERE !  I purchased section and within 14 days a motor failed, and even though I purchased PREMIUM WARRANTY it doesn't mean squat. Purchased Day 1, failure Day 14, serviceman came Day 24, part ordered and delivered Day 60, but I can't get Living Spaces to either schedule a service date nor bring me a replacement piece over this lemon of the furniture. Service company (Living Spaces doesn't service it's own product) can't give me a repair date until after Dec. 15th. What a waste of a company. Don't let them rip you off too.      
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #1097823
Nov 07 2013
11:06 PM
Living Spaces Lied about delivery date and fabric being out of stock Van Nuys California
My first and only exoeriece with Living Spaces.. They are out right liars! I  purchased a sofa on 10.21.2013 with a delievery date of 11/4/2013. I called and called and was reassured by customer service reps that my said sofa would be in any minute Come to find out, My order was back ordered as of 10/24.. Do you think a phone call might have been in ordre??? Hey they Mrs. Singer, Sorry the fabric you picked is unavalible until December.. But instead I got nothing! Guess what they offered me after I had tp cancel my ortder and place a new one.. Free delivery!! Ha! I had to get a sofa I didn't want just for the sake to have somewhere to sit! .. They are crap! I woud  much rather spend money on a reputible company!!!!! Don't buy from Living Spaces or you will be sitting on you floor!!!! I despise this place and all of their so called reps.My plan of the moment is to get this out to as many people as I can.. Facebook is a great tool.. Living Spaces, You need to own up tp your mistakes and make it right!!
Entity: Van Nuys, California
19, Report #1319449
Jul 28 2016
01:30 PM
Entity: Racho Cucamonga, California
20, Report #1345264
Dec 23 2016
12:02 PM
Living Spaces Bad Bed set, no exchange. Do not buy from them Van Nuys CA Nationwide
 Bought a bed set. Less than 10 mounts, the Mattress went bad. Plus the supporting box makes a bad noisy everything we move. Even cannot go to bathroom at night since will make my wife awake every time. Call Living Spaces . They ask me to pay $99 to send someone to inspect the box. The box worth $99 itself. The inspection charge is non refundable even after exchange. I talk to Maneger and they have to attention to help us. This is stupid. The return or exchange policy is unbelievable. I am going to take this to small claim court even coast me More. I would never buy from them and ask everyone to do this same. Worst experience I ever had . Such a shame. Will post on all sites soon. This is not this first times
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #1128821
Mar 06 2014
05:37 PM
Living Spaces Living Spaces delivers damaged furniture and says there is nothing they can do about it. Terrible Customer Service! La Mirada California
I bought a dining room set, delivered January 13, 2014. I briefly examined each piece noticing a small tuff of fabric on the front part of one of the chairs. I considered it a natural flaw at the time. February 10, 2014 I finally bought the ScotchGuard to protect the fabric when I noticed that by pushing the small tuff of fabric to the side, the threads in the fabric were broken. I immediately telephoned the warranty department and politely explained the problem. I was given instructions on how to handle it.The same day as the call, I emailed photos of the flawed seat cover accompanied by their form sent to me with all required information. There customer service policy is to respond in 24 to 48 hours.Hearing nothing from the company, I called again on February 20, 2014 to inquire. I was told that they only received one closeup photo and nothing else. I asked why they had not informed me.That day, February 20, I went to the drugstore and made prints of the chair cushion sending them, and the form and a letter explaining the situation by US postal service.By March 1, 2014, I still had not heard from anyone so I called the warranty department again. I was informed that they had not received any photos, the letter or form. I asked what I needed to do to take care of the problem. I was told that for a $89 charge someone would come and pick up the chair or I could bring the memory card in tot he store and someone would upload the photos.On March 2, 2014, I went to the corporate store in La MIrada and spoke to the operations manager. He uploaded the photos whiile I waited and took a copy of the letter I had brought in.By March 6, 2014 I called again since their customer service response is supposed to be within 24 to 48 hours. I was told that the photos were on file and the issue would be sent to the warranty department. I was told that it could take about a week because they were busy and behind schedule.That afternoon on March 6, 2014 I received a telephone call from a person in the warranty department asking if I would accept a discount on the damaged furniture. I refused stating that I had bought new furniture and not willing to accept a damaged chair. I was told that for a fee, a pick up could be arranged to repair the chair. I asked if I could bring the chair in myself since I did not feel that I should pay any more for something I had all ready purchased. He said that I could. The fabric wouldbe delivered in 2 to 6 weeks then I should bring the chair and the fabric in to have it reupholstered at no charge to me.About three minutes later on the same day, the same person called back and said that his manager said there was nothing they could do because the damage was not reported at delivery.The chair had never been sat on. I live alone. No one has ever used or touched that chair except those who delivered it. Refusal to replace or reupholster it is just plain wrong and a very poor way to do business.
Entity: Select State/Province
22, Report #847708
Mar 02 2012
01:29 PM
Living Spaces Furniture, LLC NO Supervisor Present, EVER...Same Day Delivery means Next Day Delivery...NO Refund Internet, Internet
I ordered a sofa from Living Spaces and PAID IN FULL, on 2/15/12 with a guaranteed same day delivery date of 2/15/12 between 8pm - 10pm. The item did not arrive until 2/16/12 at 2:00am which was the next day not same day not to mention at 2:00am in the morning which is absurd and unheard of for a furniture delivery from a large professional established company. The delivery drivers kept asking us if we were sure we wanted it, of course we want it, we paid for it and have no sofa at the moment as we got rid of the old since we were promised same day delivery and PAID in full for same day delivery. A customer service rep called us at 8pm and told us the order would be delivered by 10pm, then the drivers called us at 12am and told us they didn't want to come because it was too far and it was late at night. They asked us if we still wanted the sofa that night, we said yes and they arrived at 2:00am!!! I called customer service on 2/16/12 at 10am and they told me a refund would be issued for half of the delivery amount, which is $80. The rep told me that it would be issued the following Wednesday. The day came around, I called to check the status they told me the next Wednesday again. I have been lied to by the customer service reps for the past few weeks being told a supervisor would call me back regarding this issue and no one has called. They told me there was no note on the account stating the refund has been processed. I was also told by one rep that there was no supervisor present in the whole department that they come in at 1pm. I called back 10 minutes later to speak with someone else and they told me the supervisor was on another line. So clearly someone is lying. I was told there was only one supervisor and that they would call me I can't talk to them by calling in. I have not received a refund and it has now been well past the date in which I was told it would be received. No one has called me back, no one has helped. Everyone at the call center sounds like a robot, no one seems to care. They claim they have no supervisor and they also claim that the call center is the corporate office. I find all of this hard to believe. I don't think they will EVER refund me for this discrepancy and I don't think they will ever take the blame.
Entity: Internet, Internet
23, Report #841172
Feb 17 2012
08:44 PM
Living Spaces llc Living Spaces llc is a RIPOFF warranty means nothing for their mattresses and box springs La Mirada, California
Living Spaces is a ripoff. I bought a mattress and box springs from them in La Mirada,Ca. With-in 6months it was sagging and failing.I spent  900.00 on the Living spaces ripoff credit card. Our 20 yr old mattress was better than this -over-seas 3rd world made junk! This really got me pissed!! They charge 50.00 to have a 3rd party inspector come out and inspect their failing junk!! Whats up with that??? We started this process in 9-12-2011 and its now 2-16-2012.We now have decided we want a refund after reading all the horror stories about their bedroom sets!!They are all now failing!!.   The inspector Randy Schmidt, from Precise Mattress Inspection.Said in the report :I set it up wrong??? I went to 5 Mattress stores and they were set up like the way I set up mine??? After interveiwing former  Precise Mattress employees they said we were told to find anything wrong with the mattress to void the warranty. So he did!! He said there were stains on the mattress and that voids the warranty. Question:What does  so called stains have to do with the boxsprings and mattress failing??? and we had a mattress cover (plastic) so how was there a stain on it ?? I left him alone to do is so-called inspection. Then he said the frame was bent???? what?? thats the frame Living spaces sold me with the set.?? (WTF) I have since wrote the BBB and they said they have done all they can,which is nothing??? so we have now filed with the Federal trade commision and the City of La mirada for letting a business operate in their city that knowing rips off the public. They told me they are now under investigation. I'll belive it when i see it. The next step is small claims court.The public is tired of being ripped off and being taken advantage of.The blue collar people work hard for our money. Selling faulty poor made bedrooms sets made in 3rd world countrys that fail in my book is theft and explotation!!I want my money back and will pursue this matter until it happens.i will be the pebble in the shoe of big business rippoffs!! Please people if this has happened to you do not let this go by.We all work very hard for our money that is consantly being eroded daily.Stand up for your rights and get your money back or file a complaint and follow it up with the law. Dont let the big business get away with it!!.
Entity: La Mirada, California
24, Report #793427
Oct 29 2011
05:47 PM
Living Spaces Furniture, LLC WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE AND DELIVERY EVER! La Mirada, California
Worst customer service experience I have ever had from any company!! They advertise same Day Delivery,,.Ya Right. I went late night on Thursday, so knew, of course, it would be a Friday Delivery..I received a 6-10p window, and They were a NO CALL, NO SHOW!!! NOT EVEN A CALL!!! What professional organization does not even call or email? Then I called at 1145pm and got a Irene or Renee, cant remember, This girl puts me on hold for 5 minutes 2 come back and tell me they are on the corner of my street. 1215 , that corner must be far cuz they still were not here..then I proceeded 2 call and call and call...and now NO HUMANS would answer...only voicemails and recordings.. I left 4 messages.... advising them it was now calls, not one call from the driver, the delivery team...NO ONE , not to mention if they had of shown up, im in an apt complex with neighbors and I have a would they be able to deliver and properly put together anything at that ungodly hour...anyway...I get a call next morning at 9am...even though my messages said to them, My furniture better be here by 9am...And Adam tells me he is a supervisor...nice guy....but useless as a supervisor....He proceeds 2 tell me they only have a window tonight from ..guess..6pm-10pm.....I go off, that is totally unacceptable..U MISSED OUR APPOINTMENT FOR LAST NIGHT..YOU BREECHED you delivery contract to me...I should be the first delivery of ur day..the 1ST!!! He said unfortunately there is no way 2 do that? WHAT? these people are completely Clueless...I am a missed committment on their overdue delivery..He states he cannot even assure me I will be the first delivery of that 6-10pm..IS HE KIDDING RIGHT NOW? I would be on the phone to Dispatch so fast, like we missed this customers delivery...we need 2 give them priority.... I spent over $1200 dollars for 2 pieces of furniture in this store...and Sadly, I was going to go back incremenentally to put together My Bedroom set and My daughters in sections..becuase of the cost of some items...So I was planning on spending quite a bit of money in this store..and going to have to go through at least 2 more deliveries..Now, Im going to have to research who else sells the furniture im seeking because I see they put no value on Customers or what customers spend in their establishment to even provide at minimum adequate and FAIR customer service. I mean things happen, sure. Its how you handle the events that happen that make u a quality establishment.. And the way these robots handle issues that occur, is beyond unreasonable to the customer who has 2 put their life on hold for their mess up.. And its just like they are all living in a computerized , animated, twilight zone... Where are the 2 brothers who use to advertise a family like store..they must have got way to big to care about the customer now.. Any chance I get, Im going to share my experiences with friends..cuz I find this to be outrageous..FALSE ADVERTISEMENT ON LIVING SPACES PART..BUY TODAY, DELIVERED TONIGHT!! TRY 2 days later, and no phone calls !!! Living spaces..u should buy my 2 bedroom sets for me for the valuable time you have wasted out of my life! Time is valuable and u cant get lost time back!!! You have totally missed the Boat on this one!! U may want 2 look into hiring a different delivery company who u can count on 2 make things right for the customer.. Adam was nice enough 2 say he would like to refund my delivery fee.Thanks Adam , but again. Is that Really Enough? Making me sit around lke an idiot til 1am, w/BRONCHITIS mind you.Time is Valuable and 2day My whole day is wasted waiting for these people who miscommitted yesterday..So LIVING SPACES..FAMILY ORIENTED..CUSTOMER SERVICE YOUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.What are u going to do to make this right? Probably Nothing , from what I see so far.. Beware..Go to easylife of something....Ashley Furniture, Bassett, Linders.
Entity: La Mirada, California
25, Report #1290244
Feb 26 2016
03:35 PM
Living Spaces and Service USA INC. Store managers Rip you Off Ripping, Tearing, Cheap Fabric Panorama City  California
Rocker recliner purchased started ripping and tearing after the 2nd week we had it.  Purchased extended service contract and contacted them about our issue.  Was referred back to store and then told that our particular chair fabric was not covered and we should contact the service company.  Contacted them again and they said we were outside the 10 day claim submission period.  None of these issues (the fabric or the 10 day claim period), were ever disclosed on any documentation we received.  We are now left with a 6 month old chair that has ripped and cracked arms, destroyed beyond repair and no one will take responsibility.
Entity: Nationwide

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