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1, Report #1401500
Sep 21 2017
08:52 AM
DO NOT BUY FROM LLL REPTILE EVER! SCAMMERS AND SCUMBAGS! I bought 3 ball pythons from them. 1 died a week later and another one was so sick i had to get rid of my collection. They will lie and make up every reason in the book to not refund you. I called my credit card company and was able to get $45 back but the sanke cost me $150 plus $39.99 shipping. Not nearly close to my money back. One of the other ball pythons wouldnt eat and ended up being sick. I feed all my snakes in a large tub so i guess thats how it was able to get the rest of my collection sick. F****** scammers. Buy from someone else oe an expo NOT LLL Reptile. You will get screwed. Credit card company said that they have gotten multiple compalints and they are going to investogate this matter further. I contacted the atterny gernerals office and im working on my own investogation. This is non sense. I work hard for my money and i feel as they just took it and no one cares to help. This is why america is in the state its in now. Because these internet companies ripping the customers off.  I cant believe this has happened to me. I beeive in karma and soon there will be a class action and i will make sure of it. The atterney general has informed me that he has beeen contacted about this before. Good luck doing this to hard working customers. When it comes back around to you guys i have no doubt that you will pay the price. DO NOT BUY FROM LLL REPTILE EVER!DO NOT VISIT OR BUY FROMLLLReptile.Com
Entity: Oceanside, Internet
2, Report #580775
Mar 14 2010
08:32 AM
LLL Reptile & Reptile Supply LLL Reptile Supply LLL Reptile & Supply - Horrible Quality Reptiles & Terrible Customer Service Escondido, California
It has been a number of months since I purchased my reptile and supplies from LLL Reptile & Supply but and I wanted some distance in time before I wrote something. I find it unfortunate that this company can get away with providing low quality wild caught reptiles but tell their customers that they are captive bred. I should have known better because so many of their reptiles at the show looked like they were kept in containers too small for their size. It appeared to me like the Ball Python I purchased was okay and they said it was captive bred so I fell for the great price. Well, long story short the snake never ate and when I took it to my vet and they found a heavy load of worms. This guy Loren (I think the owner) told me that after 3 days they are not responsible. He said that his Ball Pythons are not captive bred and that no one would have told me that. The snake was not a lot of money so I wasn't going to sit on the phone and argue. It is simply not worth my aggravation. I live about one and a half hours away from them so I decided to take a trip to see their store. As I looked around the store I began to realize just how low end this reptile store portrays itself. Do yourself a favor and look for companies that actually breed the reptiles they sell. This company does not breed anything. They simply buy from whom ever sells them reptiles the cheapest. This means you get what you pay for - Cheap Reptiles. In the end, if prices are cheap there is a reason for it. I admit that I was foolish and bought by price forgetting that quality and customer service has a cost to any company and if the price is too low they can't provide the customer with either. This is obviously the case with LLL Reptile and I hope you learn from my experience.
Entity: Escondido, California
3, Report #651739
Oct 16 2010
01:26 PM
LLL Reptile & Reptile Supply LLL Reptiles, LLL reptile and supply company inc. Poor condition of exotic reptile being sold! Internet
   I had purchased a rare intergrade sailfin dragon from LLL reptiles a couple of months ago. These are amazing, rare, and endangered reptiles, so the importance of it surviving was a number one priority. I recieved the first reptile dead! The customer service was just find, except the part of the gaurantee where i'm only refunded store credit for the price of the animal not shipping of that one or any other one to be ordered after. I went ahead and ordered a second one and stressed for a healthy and larger one. He arrived with soars on this back in multiple locations and was only able to move left in circular paterns due to paralyzation of the right side and its neck being fixed to the left. After an hour, the lizard appeared to of had a seizure and died. The reptile was obviously impacted with substrate as a large object blocked his vent on exiting at the point of death. Luckily, the customer service and company felt for me and gave me a full refund for the reptile and both shipping costs, but in the form of CREDIT!    I appreciate the company working wihtin their lines to help me, but dont agree with them still selling these reptiles as there is an apperant problem with the distributor. I call BS on the captive bred label as they are most likely Farm bred in indonesia. I of course can't know for sure and will leave the truth up to LLL. The reptiles are obviously in very poor condition and should not be sold. LLL should find a new distributor and proceed with the species only at that time. At the moment i pray for those who purchase these reptiles that they have the time to rebuild the help of these beautiful reptiles. I of course did not and will be buying from Scott Cornings of SailfinDragon.com. He is great to speak with and an even better breader of this great species. All of which are captive bred here in the U.S.A. LLL STOP selling these until you find a healthy distribution of sailfin dragons.    I also want to speak about this garauntee. I would like to correct one of the people posting against LLL as their garauntee is for three days after delivery, not one. I'm posting against the company, but not in a biased and unfair manner; facts are important here. The part on refunds though should be changed. Its not fair to have someone pay for a dead animal to be shipped to them. Of course this could open the company up to unethical customers, but i would be just fine with extra investigation from the company. I think this should be revised, especially after the second dead reptile. I spent nearly 200 dollars on that occasion that i could of used to get my reptile from Scott Cornings, but instead i had alot of credit for supplies, which i didnt want or need at the moment. I appreciate cash money more than store credit. This just caused more furstration between myself and the company. This garauntee and refund needs to be relooked at and revised as it is unfair to those looking for an honest purchase. Most people dont like to buy dead reptiles and definelty not spend money on them to be shipped.    LLL worked within their lines on this issue, but those lines (garauntee, etc) need to be reviesed to better suite the customers experience. I received a negative one, which could of been prevented. I didnt find that the staff was rude or aggresive in any way. The girl on the phone actually didnt allow for me to speak that much as she was on the solution, not a defense. I did appreciate this. I believe that this problem is just with these animals at LLL as i was even told that this is the first time LLL has sold them. I just want this to be the last so the issue dosnt continue. Thank you for reading. 
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #1315462
Jul 06 2016
08:43 PM
Blackwater Reptiles Black Water Reptiles Rip-Off of Exotic Insects Pets Rocklin California 95677 Internet
Blackwater Reptiles backwaterreptiles.com/ is Totally Over Priced and a Rip-Off of Exotic Insects Pets and Blackwater Reptiles and is ONLY Online in The State of California USABuyer Beware ~ aka... Caveat Emptor ~ Let The Buyer Beware ~ May He Beware ~ To BewareTheir Live Guarantee is Worth Nothing ~ Their Nothing But Total Thieves and That's What Blackwater Reptiles backwaterreptiles.com/ Web-Site are ~ Total Over Priced Thieves ~ U Have Been WarnedTheir Shipping Cost For Overnight Live Delivery That's in The SAME STATE of California USA as Them ~ Are Over Priced and They ALSO... Charge U for Handing Ur Order Too...As We Stated We Live in The Same State of California USA as Blackwater Reptiles backwaterreptiles.com/ A Online ONLY Web-Site and They Shipped one Tarantula That Was DEAD ON ARRIVAL ~ BECAUSE They Shipped The Spiderling Tarantula in Soil and The Other Tarantula We Ordered Was to Be 3/4 to 1 in size and Was Only 1/4 inch in Size From Another Online Web-Site in The state of FloridaThe Tarantula That The Online Florida Web-Site Shipped Out Was Packages The Right Way and Was Eating The Same DaySooo... We Say Again to ALL Who Reads This ~ Buyer Beware ~ aka... Caveat Emptor ~ Let The Buyer Beware ~ May He Beware ~ To Beware ~When Buying Any-Thing From This RIP-OFF Fraud Web-Site ~ Know as Blackwater Reptiles backwaterreptiles.com ~ U Will Beee... Just Throwing Ur Money Away Let The Buyer Beware
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1316518
Jul 12 2016
03:51 PM
Backwater Reptiles Samuel Sundberg Backwater Reptiles ,backwaterreptiles.com/ is Totally Over Priced and a Rip-Off of Exotic Insects Pets and Backwater Reptiles Rocklin California. 95677 Internet
Backwater Reptiles backwaterreptiles.com/ is Totally Over Priced and a Rip-Off of Exotic Insects Pets and Backwater Reptiles and is ONLY Online in The State of California USA ~ Samuel Sundberg ~ 4970 Rocklin Rd. ~ Rocklin CA. 95677Buyer Beware ~ aka... Caveat Emptor ~ Let The Buyer Beware ~ May He Beware ~ To BewareTheir Live Guarantee is Worth Nothing ~ Their Nothing But Total Thieves and That's What Backwater Reptiles backwaterreptiles.com/ Web-Site are ~ Total Over Priced Thieves ~ U Have Been WarnedTheir Shipping Cost For Overnight Live Delivery That's in The SAME STATE of California USA as Them ~ Are Over Priced and They ALSO... Charge U for Handing Ur Order Too...As We Stated We Live in The Same State of California USA as Backwater Reptiles ~ Samuel Sundberg ~ 4970 Rocklin Rd. ~ Rocklin CA. 95677 backwaterreptiles.com/ A Online ONLY Web-Site and They Shipped one Tarantula That Was DEAD ON ARRIVAL ~ BECAUSE They Shipped The Spiderling Tarantula in Soil and The Other Tarantula We Ordered Was to Be 3/4 to 1 in size and Was Only 1/4 inch in Size From Another Online Web-Site in The state of FloridaThe Tarantula That The Online Florida Web-Site Shipped Out Was Packages The Right Way and Was Eating The Same DaySooo... We Say Again to ALL Who Reads This ~ Buyer Beware ~ aka... Caveat Emptor ~ Let The Buyer Beware ~ May He Beware ~ To Beware ~When Buying Any-Thing From This RIP-OFF Fraud Web-Site ~ Know as Backwater Reptiles ~ Samuel Sundberg ~ 4970 Rocklin Rd. ~ Rocklin CA. 95677 backwaterreptiles.com ~ U Will Beee... Just Throwing Ur Money Away Let The Buyer Beware
Entity: Internet
6, Report #887055
May 23 2012
12:33 PM
hydra fund financial lll STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!! Internet
This company made a deposit with no e signature. Once made they won't take it back even when told it was not approved. They refused to send a summary showing arrangements & signature.   They started taking different amounts from my checking account. When I looked to see what was available in payday loans..I put I got paid once a month on the 3RD. They put requests in on the 1st, causing more than $130.00 in overdrafts!   They refused to change it. I made 12 phone calls & 18 emails and the only answer I got was they turned it to a collection angency when I wrote I would no longer pay a loan I didn't ask for & they would have been in breach anyway.   I have closed my account & will pay nothing more on an illegal transaction. My attorney said I never should have paid anything on a loan I did not approve. Stay away from this company.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #1265443
Nov 04 2015
11:10 AM
Louis Celecz lll Car flipping / used car scam. Stole $1250.00 Bethlehem Pennsylvania
 This individual uses Craigslist & Facebook groups such as garage sale, used car, buy sale trade to advertise his used cars. He offers cheap cars targeting low income families and single mothers. He also advertises investment opportunities for those to make money with him flipping cars. I gave him 1250.00 and he ignored my effort to contact him, I was blocked on FB and I was only contacted by him when I started posting about him online. I was promised my money back 2 times that never happened. He has threatened me about taking down my posts and promised he would not payment because of it. He even threatened to cause problems for me in my life by coming to my job to harass me. Since I started posting about him online I have uncovered several people that are familiar with his scam. I have spoke to others that have lost money to his con. His own family is aware of his stealing and car scam,
Entity: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
8, Report #1380534
Jun 22 2017
07:29 AM
Recycling Revolution LLL Nathan Seskin Unidilla, Boca Raton Georgia
 Nathan Seskin is a scan artist. We won't pay shipping charges. You can't talk to him because his employees just pass you around on the phone. 2 or 3 women and a couple of guys. The only way he pays is after a law suit. Don't let him steal your money! Try this. Call them. Tell the person that answers that you need to talk to Nathan about an outstanding invoice that is approaching 90 days. I'm willing to bet you won't get him on to the phone.
Entity: Unifilla, Georgia
9, Report #1151738
Jun 03 2014
08:18 AM
Keys Reptiles PARADISE DISTRIBUTING COMPANY rude, incompetent, untrustworthy key largo Florida
Failed to deliver rats, were incredibly rude.  Just a completely incompetent and untrustworthy company. 
Entity: key largo, Florida
10, Report #580828
Mar 18 2010
04:51 PM
LLL Reptile & Reptile Supply LLL Reptile sold me a sick snake Oceanside, California
I purchased a Baby Brazilian Rainbow Boa on Saturday March 6th. The snake was getting ready to shed. The snake shed on Thursday March 11th. On Friday March 12th, I fed the snake a hopper. The snaked threw up the hopper. On Saturday March 13th, I bought a pinkie, thinking maybe the hopper was too big. On Sunday March 14th, my snake was dead. LLL Reptile blames me for the death. They said I should have called the on Friday, when the snake threw up. The girl I spoke with said that they would have instructed me to not feed the snake. She also accused me of using the wrong substraight. A snake should live longer than one week after purchase. They do not know what they are doing, not me. I have read about several complaints regarding this company selling sick and unhealthy animals.
Entity: Oceanside, California
11, Report #815010
Dec 28 2011
04:48 PM
LLL Reptile and Supply Company Loren Leigh Sold me a sick, parasite-filled wild-caught lizard! Internet
Have tried LLLReptile 3 times in the past, kept giving them another shot, but now it has been getting out of control.  This place needs to be shut down, I iwll be starting a petition soon.  The icing on the cake was when this place sold me a tegu, which they claimed was wild-caught.  I got him sick, kept doing what they asked of me, paid thousands at the vet, treated him for all these worms he arrived with, now he's passed.  The autopsy woman said it was no way captive anything, and had this disease in its system for months.  Wish I lived closer, we'd have bigger problems.   Hopefully it doesn't come down to me having to travel, but hey, this cannot continue...
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #188746
Apr 26 2006
03:19 PM
MG Reptiles ripoff Never sent me the product I ordered and will not refund my money Peytona West Virginia
I ordered a product from this company online on October 10, 2005. I never received the product and was told by Matt that I would receive a refund. It has been over 6 months and he does not respond to my emails anymore and has not given me a refund. Lindsay Markham, OntarioCanada
Entity: Peytona, West Virginia
13, Report #1074634
Aug 10 2013
08:40 AM
corsi morphs reptiles, Angelo Corsi GRAND THEFT OF SNAKES! THEN SLANDER, HARASSMENT & THREATS trumbell Connecticut
I had a trade agreement with angelo corsi of corsi morphs reptiles for 2 of my high end carpet pythons for 2 of his high end blood pythons. This was done through a trading reptile site. I sent my snakes which were worth around $800 and shipping was $60 but Angelo never sent his! Then he proceeded to tell me the snakes weren't what he was looking for and wanted $125 to send them back! I refused and wrote a bad review about him on the site we dealt through so he then retaliated with writing one on me that was completely false and since he's a paid member got them to kick me off the site so I couldn't even defend myself and he writes the snakes were extremely sick and he was sending them back at a shipping loss out of his pocket! Not only did he not send them back he sold one of the SICK snakes as a higher valued morph then it really is no more then 3weeks later for $650! I have proof because the person he sold it to emailed me wanting to know the genetics! Then he sold the other 3snakes! On this review that I couldn't even defend myself on there's hundreds of comments threatening and slandering me. He put all my info on there so I get harrassed non stop by these lames. Worse off when they kicked me off they deleted the bad review of him. But if you Google him its not the first time he's done it there's tons of bad reviews on multiple sites. Because he deals with people out of state he thinks he can steal from people! I'll post the link to the review and all the slandering on that site at the end. Ive also contacted fauna the website we went through and they will not respond and have asked them to take the review of me down and they won't so when you Google my name that's the first thing that pops up. I think its a scam and the paying members basically bribe fauna. I need help so if any lawyers want to contact me please so I have all the evidence from pics, emails, sites, the agreement, text messages and I even called the cops in both cities and they wouldn't help! This is grand theft plus slander, harassment, fraud, threats. Oh yeah I also made him sign when he got the package and your supposed to check the product and signing means you accept the transaction!     www.fauna classifieds.com/forums/showthread.php?+=293335
Entity: trumbell, Connecticut
14, Report #666228
Nov 28 2010
11:10 PM
rknetmedia,rknethelp,brazzers,realitykings,lll advertising,mike imber,icey mike, Pornstarspunishment.com, brazzers rippoff and fraud,owner michael imber,mike icey.icey mike,credit card fraudulent billing and doesnt refund Internet
myself and many others it seems have been mis charged by rknetmedia and its subsidearies,there are hidden monthly charges and they give you the run around.always the same we will refund you or it was a mistake on our part you will see a credit to your acct.,meanwhile i and others keep getting charged over and over again.it looks like the enzyte scam  all over again.atleast the enzyte owner went to jail for credit card fraud,if i have anything to do with it rk and its owners will have the same issues.im a retired investigator and did some digging and research.michael imber owns and controls these companies and has lawsuits against him for various things including copyright fraud.i have made complaints to the atty general,visa north america and various agencies.i suggest the same for anyone else that has been robbed.in my opinion icey mike or mike icey or whatever alias he uses is playing the charge the customer card whatever he wants and wait to see if they call,then play a phone game with the customer till they give up.theres a name for that called fraud.i hope it was worth it to him to rip a retired guy off for a few bucks a month,i will spend all my free time to see all the proper authorities find out about his scam,like i said it reminds me of the enzyte charge the customer what every you want every month because your the big guy and what could a customer do besides waste there time talking to your bs customer support.well see what icey thinks when he gets tmf from visa and mastercard.i forgot to mention i did investigative work for visa for years.
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #683354
Jan 16 2011
04:26 PM
John Koons lll, Inc. Randy Peeler A Judgement against me was entered in erroe and the company stated that thet would take steps to correct it. Marlow Heights, Maryland
On 09/24/2004 a judgement was entered against me in the District Court of Maryland by John Koons, lll. The judgement was entered in error and the company stated that they would take steps to correct and file the documentation to remove it from public records andfrom my credit report. To this date that has not been done.
Entity: Marlow Heights, Maryland
16, Report #192672
May 22 2006
09:21 AM
Charles Deets Lll Atty At Law, desease,d Atty stole 20,000.00 of my money while I was incarcerated, then died, I am A.D.H.D. and don't know where to turn to get at least some of my money back Lafayette Indiana
My name is Christopher, and at one time I lived in Evansville In. with my Fiancee. One day we were on our way to work and were hit by a drunk driver, mary was ok but he hit my side of the car and I was more seriously injured. I got an atty from Evansvill to handle this matter, but in the process of recuperating we broke up. I moved back to Lafayette (In.) I retained Charles Deets lll atty at law to take over, in the meantime I was incarcerated and while I was Incarcerated Mr. Deets got my settlement from the wreck through, he not once came to see me in Jail except to get me to sign the $ 20,000.00 check which was to go into escrow (business acc) he said. while I was still in Jail, he burned up in a house fire, later I find out that there was no escrow account. So where does that leave me?? I was told that his son Nickolas Deets was handling his est. but there was nothing I could do. some says that I should sue the state of Indiana for Licencing a known alcoholic/drug-addict. (Deets lll) I have nothing left, Can anyone out there help me??? Christopher Lafayette, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Lafayette, Indiana
17, Report #1120228
Feb 03 2014
09:26 AM
OCG LLL OCG- COLON CLEANSE I returned the colon cleanse 10/9/13 express mail for 34.55 call said cant take with blood pressure meds returned all 6 bottles refund will be give in 3-5 business days not refund of 260.00 paid 143 for the first 4 bottle then sent 2 more at 120..  SAINT GEORGE Utah
I returned the colon cleanse 10/9/13 express mail for 34.55 call said cant take with blood pressure meds returned all 6 bottles refund will be give in 3-5 business days not refund of 260.00 paid 143 for the first 4 bottle then sent 2 more at 120.. they charged me another 69.00 recently again told didnt authorize again said would refund my 69.00 in 3-5 business no refund.owing 335.00 yet.now i'm on the top of the list for refund and they keep you on hold for about 30mins with the same script. trying to see how long we hold.I',m still calling
Entity: ST GEORGE, Utah
18, Report #1225967
Apr 30 2015
10:50 AM
James L Crawford lll Sihle James Holding llc Swindler Con Man self proclaim option trader and investment concultant Southbend Michigan
Come trade with google stock with us gain 250%. So I contacted this individual out of curiosity as I was looking for some investments and was always fascinated with stocks and options. I was encouraged to open up an brokerage account with either Scottrade or another breakage account, with the minimum of 10k. This individual claimed to be a class 1 professional investor who have been investing for years and have made his clients lots of money. After opening up the brokerage account I was to grant him access to the account so that he could invest as an option trader. Very quickly it became obvious to me that this person had no idea what he was doing as he was rapidly purchasing options for most of the funds and one after the other there was a great loss, He continue to claim that he knew what he was doing and that he was the best at what he did, in a matter of weeks my account was down to 10k. I demanded that he no longer took up positions until he consulted with me, and even demanded that he stop and let me take my loss of 10k. He would not hear of it making promises that “next week this time your account would be doubled or tripled. I told him that I had suffered a loss in the family and my car had died and that I needed the funds. He continued to trade my account recklessly. Losing the entire 20k in a matter of a few months. He then stop communicating and faded off the scene. I am 20k down. He appeared very believable as most con men are. He sent me a copy of his passport, and I am assuming that this is him and not a false passport. I have every communication by email that I have had with him and records of all the trades and transactions. He has since cease communication. If I did not have strong faith in God I probably would have committed suicide. I really needed that money to help my family members and to bury my mother. Contact me if you need any additional info. I am posting this so that no one else loses their hard earn money. It took my 15 years to save this 20K and he squandered it in a matter of a few months. I have a copy of his passport and other info on him.
Entity: Southbend, Michigan
19, Report #329734
Apr 30 2008
05:12 PM
I have been ripped off by this company to. I will be reporting this company not only to the AG but to the Banking Commissioner in all states, the Office of Thrift Supervision (Govt agency that regulates and oversees the financial institutions) and to the BBB. I will not sit back and let this company continue it's practices. I want this company to be investigated and shut down, if it comes to that. These people are ruthless, rude and have messed with the wrong person this time. I will fight this type of online payday advances to the bitter end. I will not allow this company to plague me again. I have filed fraud documents and anything else I can against this company at my banks. I almost paid them last week for double the amount the say they deposited. I told them to send me to their collectors because I will not pay them anything. Wilma Jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Cmggroupllc.com, Nationwide
20, Report #1332140
Oct 07 2016
05:03 PM
Ghergich & Co. Albert Ghergich lll, AJ Ghergich Stay AWAY, Archaic knowledge base, poor judgement. Missouri Internet
AJ has an old knowledge base understanding of rankings.  He tries to convince you of rankings/traffic through the use of infographics, and promotions through fake personas, but his methods will get you penalized quickly.  He creates a strategy for you that will take a minimum of three months, and keeps you believing that the traffic will come, and prolongs your anticipations for more more services after a fake evaluation that's generated off of a purchased tool.  DO NOT use his services, you WILL most likely fall victum to Google Penalty.  I'm not the only one that he's ruined.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1042311
Apr 10 2013
06:27 PM
O'rah Powerwashing and property maintenance services Gil Burns Gilbert Burns lll, PTS, Pacific Tree Service, Butch Burns Gil Burns Gilbert Burns lll, PTS, Pacific Tree Service Con man, Beware, London, West Jefferson ALL OF Ohio West Jefferson OHIO, Ohio
I contracted for him to remove trees from my yard after a windstorm. He cut a few branches down and said he'd be back the next day. I gave him the check as I had doctor's and other appointments the next day and wouldn't be home when he returned to do the work. He took a $1226.50 check from me and never completed the services. He never returned to complete the work. He will not take my phone calls. He will not/has not returned my phone messages. Since the amount of the check was over $500, he has committed a felony. This con man keeps changing his company name and adding more outrageous lies to con people into calling him!!  He is a Con artist he will not finish the job he starts, if you use him never pay till job is COMPLETE he has stolen from me and my neighbors and a whole community.  This man changes his company name and expects to continue to defraud this and surrounding areas!!  After doing a background check on him I have found he has no drivers license, has never attended college for any tree or plant services.  Butch, Gilbert, Gil or whatever name he has come up with for this company is a con artist has warrants and is a fraud so BEWARE!!!!  He also has no insurance so if he damages your property not only will you be coned out of your money you will take the loss on your homeowners insurance as well!! BEWARE!!! Here is a list of companies and names he goes by: Gil Burns, Gil C Burns, Gilbert Burns, Butch Burns Pacific Tree Services, Pacific Turf Services, Gil's Tree Service, 408 N. Main Street, London, Ohio 43140 (business card has P.O. Box 707, London, Ohio 43140), 614-571-9122  O'rah West Jefferson, OH 43162-1436 (877) 697-1548
Entity: West Jefferson, Ohio
22, Report #422736
Feb 18 2009
01:37 PM
BRB Reptiles Brent Beilstein Robbed me of 600.00 Springfield Illinois
Tried to buy some reptiles form this person, ran into hard times and the gentleman refuses to refund the money I have paid him. Basically told me it wasent his problem and he does not refund money. I have filed with the FBI, IL state police, paypal, BBB and the attorney general in both states. I would recommend anyone who is in the reptile world to stay away from this person. Avoid at all costs or you could be the next one robbed! Boonehillbilly peytona, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Springfield, Illinois
23, Report #175572
Feb 09 2006
05:23 PM
Ray's Reptilia Reptile ripoff supply business, live reptiles FORT MYERS Florida
I purchased an Emerald tree boa in late November from Ray's Reptilia. He advertised it as captive born, tame, healthy, and eating. Although it was tame and appeared healthy, it was not eating. It would not eat for me at all. I have 4 other emerald tree boas that are tame, healthy, and eating, so I have the experience and knowledge of how to care for these animals. Subsequently, the animal died. The animal went downhill very quickly which is a sign of it being parasitic. I now believe it was a wild caught animal that had parasites and not a captive born animal. I spoke with Ray about replacing the animal. He agreed, but said he would ship it in the spring. Realizing that this would take too long and that I would lose my right to contest the charges on my credit card if he decided not to ship me an animal in the spring, I asked him to ship a replacement animal now. He said it was too cold. I then asked him to refund me my money and I would buy one from him in the spring. At that point Ray discontinued replying to my e-mails. He hasn't returned my phone calls either. Unfortunately, I am forced to take this action against Ray's Reptilia. I recently discovered that there have been numerous complains about him and his business on a site called Fauna Classifieds. here is a link. If you do a search for Ray, posts about him will come up. I am requesting that my money be refunded. I am also filing a dispute with my credit card company over this. Thank you. Dan Someplace, New JerseyU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: FORT MYERS, Florida
24, Report #1116353
Jan 17 2014
01:35 PM
Florida Herps Sick Reptiles and Dishonest People Florida
Florida Herps is an awful company.I bought a Mountain Horned Dragon from this company for my 8 year old son for Christmas.  As a biologist and long time herp owner, my son and I researched the proper care to make sure we had everything just right for our new addition.  We got the proper cage, lighting, humidity, substrate, calcium, etc.  You name it we did it!  To my dismay, the lizard arrived sick, sluggish, dark in coloration, and refusing to eat.  As he came in just a few days before Christmas, I hoped after a couple days he would feel better.  The day after Christmas I called Florida Herps.  No one answered, however I was contacted by text.  After texting back and forth, bottom line was, he would probably get better in time.Unfortunately, after two weeks of babying him, force feeding him, giving him baths, adjusting temperatures, anything I could think of...he passed away.  Now, I did not call the company.  I did not ask for a refund.  I didn't do anything, because I just wanted to move on and buy a new healthy lizard for my son in a couple weeks from a local pet store.  Florida Herps sent me an email asking me to review their product.  I submitted a review 1/16/2014 giving the product a 1 out of 5 stars.  I stated something similar to what I have said above.  They completely re-wrote my post in a very sarcastic manner, giving the review a 5 star rating, blaming me as the culprit for the dragons dimise.  Then desgniated me as the author and gave all of my personal information, name, cellnumber, and address.I contacted Forida Herps the moment I saw the ridiculous  post demanding my information be removed from their website!  Of course, no one answered their phones (big suprise).  So I emailed them.  They responded with a F*** you W****! Quite professional don't you think?I also had texted them, these are some of the responses I received: You have a great day and enjoy the dead lizard. Dumba**., and is that how you raise your son...you should b e ashamed of your self.This company is apauling.  I was worried about ordering a reptile online. But then reasoned with myself that that is where the pet stores order their animals, so just cut out the middle man.  And, afterall, they had all 5 star ratings!  Imagine that!This company claims that the reason that the lizard dies is because it was too cold to ship the lizard.  Well their website states that animals should not be shipped when the temperature is below 40 degrees.  The weather in our area was not below 40 degrees.  If there is a chance that an animal will get too cold and die at temperatures above 40 degrees, well then, that should be stated.  Surely I did not spend money on an animal for my son for Christmas so it would die a couple weeks later!  So disappointed.  Anyway,  to make matters worse, to have to deal with a company that shows such little care for their animals, for their customer, and lack any bit of professionalism...made a bad situation...just plain awful.Please don't buy anything from this company.  Spend your money with a company that has better morals and better customer service.
Entity: Florida
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May 16 2016
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Jrk property holdings BACK STABBING REPTILES Oxnard California
 For 18 months I had the undescribable misfortune of working for JRK, for 18 months I was the type of employee who went way above and beyond for my bosses. Anyone who works for these spineless penny pinching weasels has to go above and beyond, because all of their properties are grossly understaffed, they don't provide you with the tools needed to perform the work. So I repeatedly came in to work on my days off to catch up, I repeatedly went to home depot and spent hundreds of dollars out of my own pocket to get the work done. And in return they stabbed me in the back, they poached a manager from a neighboring property whole different scumbag issue there in order to get this manager she had to bring her maintenance supervisor along, so without word or warning they gave him my job. The previous supervisor who didn't even know how to change a light ballast or a window spring, was only hired by the snake bitch Miriam regional manager, because and I quote he looked like a cholo who did time in prison words out of her mouth, That excited her, as far as I know they cheated on her husband together. This company has no character, no respect, quality people move on constantly because they do not have an ounce of respect for the people who break their backs to keep their rat and roach infested properties running. The owner Jim Lippman is a load mouth wind bag who cusses and screams at his employees when he doesn't get his way, total ***** of a human being.. Can't believe I wasted so much time with such a worthless company, and they treat their tenants worse !!!
Entity: Oxnard, California

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