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1, Report #1186824
Nov 04 2014
05:56 PM
Loan Max loan shark rates told by Erin charlottesville Virginia
crazy 30 days new Rude employee n even calked the police on me. Told me a $300  loan is 12 months at $80 a month. What this is called loan sharking. I would say never ever use this company no good employees at  good ones gone. Not to mention I was told Loan Shark rates!
Entity: charlottesville, Virginia
2, Report #1327073
Sep 08 2016
02:09 PM
Loan Max Possibe fraude Investigation Canton Ohio
I Went to Loan Max (Canton, Oh) location for a title loan in the fall of 2014, for a loan of $500.00  for a 2002 Chey Impala, value at $2500. I continue to pay on the title loan through 2014 and 20015. I was undale to continue the payments during 2015 and 2016, however, I desicided to forefitt the car inchange for the remaining balance. At the time of this August 9th 2016 transaction,  the car was vaule at $975.00 and requested that Loan max provided me with an closing Balance with should have been (0), and that no further legal action will be presuit for the remaining balance for the intial loan of $500. I was inform at the time of the forefiture that I would be reciceving a update regarding the title loan within two weeks via U.S. mail to my current address. Its been over a month and still have not recieve this conformation regarding the forefiture transaction or an undate regarding the closure of the title loan that in my name. To make matter worste, I have trying to reach the canton office reagring this matter, and Phone calls are going to vocie mail, which is full, and no way of contacting anyone regarding this issue.
Entity: Canton, Ohio
3, Report #656139
Oct 28 2010
09:49 AM
Loan Max Tittle Loans Rip Off with LOAN MAX Tittle Company Manhattan , Kansas
I had A Loan for my 1998 jeep cherokee that I paid $3500 cash for and went to loan max to get a loan for emergency and they gave me $800 Loan on my vehical, I also took out the same day a loan on my 2000 chevy 4 door cavalier I paid cash $2500 for a few weeks before the loan for a emergency, I paid the $800 back on my car that I owed they said my payments were $205 a month for like 6-8 months.. they didnt tell me they charge 300 percent interest and when you make the payment you arent paying nothing on the car loan its self so they kept charging me every month and my balance was never dropping they charged me $1200 in interest and $800 0n the loan. after I paid the $800 for the loan i owed them they came and took my car at night, I called the police no notice they took the car I reported it stollen a few min after they took the car, and they didnt even give me my purse, with ALL  my identity the police said to contact a attorney and sue them but there was nothing I could do criminally, so anyone who wants to take someones purse you can get away with it if its a repo company they dont have to give you nothing out of your vehical.. no paper work was served to me. LOL.. I have been looking for a attorney to take the case and sue Loan Max they made $4000 on my jeep sale at the auction. and 6m later we still havent receive a check for the balance of what they made off the jeep when I only owed $1800 in fees and stuff, and they say they have to send you a check for the balance that is done after your loan. they LIE and RIP people off. Im suing them...
Entity: Manhattan, Kansas
4, Report #1291394
Mar 03 2016
07:29 AM
loan max appleton wi loan max must be owned by satan appleton Wisconsin
I just want to warn people about loan max. This place must be run by the devil himself. When I got laid off of work things became pretty rough at my house. We barely had money for gas let alone rent and other necessities. One of my four children is autistic and requires traveling to many appointments so there goes the gas. Well to get to my point, in desperate hard times I had to take out a loan on my truck through loan max in appleton. Boy was that a mistake. I needed rent money so I took out a 400 dollar loan on my truck. Well that was 10 months ago and I've paid them over 1200 just in interest. That has left my family and I struggling to now try and keep our only vehicle as well as other rent and utilities in good standing. They really take advantage of people and don't care anything about your situation. On top of that the office people are the rudest they can be. This company is a joke and I beg anyone that hits hard times to stay away from loan max. It's not worth it. It's like dealing with the devil and in the long run you are going to be screwed. Unless they take your car first.....
Entity: appleton, Wisconsin
5, Report #628035
Jul 31 2010
01:11 PM
Loan Max Anderson Financial Excessive phone calling up to 7 times a day Manassas, Virginia
People pls listen.  What ever you do.  Before you consider taking out a title loan on your car because you need money for something.  Pls listen.  one of the biggest scam artists in this country is Loan max  T hey charge 300 or more interest on those t itle loans.  And yes this is legal through some lousey loop hole.  Pls go elsewhere like a bank or anyplace besides loan max.  Go anywhere.  If they deny you then make a complaint form for discrimination or anything to get their attention.  Also loan max will call you continually up to 7 or more times a day, if you are late with your payment.  They get away with this, because of going through a back door.  They don't check credit, and its titled as a short-term loan.  This is how these scammers get away with this.  Again what ever you do, don't go to loan max.  They are scam artists and legally getting away with it.
Entity: Manassas,, Virginia
6, Report #761296
Aug 05 2011
08:40 AM
their intrest rates are high i hurried and paid them off when i did they lost my car title. now i have to pay for another one there business is horrible
Entity: richmond, Virginia
7, Report #901561
Jun 22 2012
06:15 PM
Loan Max Big Fraud, Bad Business Practices Suffolk, Virginia
Loan Max is a scam,interest rates are extremely high and I am just sick of them. The company needs to be shut down.
Entity: Suffolk, Virginia
8, Report #1049341
May 08 2013
11:19 AM
loan max liers and they dont explain things thourghly portsmouth ohio
 Well on april 3rd of 2013 we went to pay off our loan. we payed it off and the lady in the building told my boyfriend that instead of them keeping our title to the car there at loan max office they sent it to the courthouse here in town and they said it would be two bissneuss days before it would be released. so on april 6th 2013 I called to see if maybe the title was released yet and it wasnt so i called again on april 7th 2013 and she told me it still wasnt released yet. so i called the loan max office here in town and asked her how longer would it be till it was released ( now mind you it was a payed off a week early ) so the lady ended up telling me it was going to be 7 to 14 bissneuss days and i told her that one of your employess told brent it was going to be 2 bissneuss days not 7 to 14 and said okay whatever and i hung up the phone so today i called the title place again and asked if was released cause i thought that there might be a glimmer of hope that it is released and low and behold no its still not being released. So i called them an asked the lady there to ask her a question that my boyfriend wanted to know something. here is what i asked them. since your company still has the title in a lean cud we bring the car up and just pull another loan (cause were trying to get money up to move) she told me well we cant do that and i asked why cant you? she said cause the title isnt here its in south carolina. i was super ferious when i heard her say that so i said okay then why is it there and not here in ohio she said its cause our lender is based out of south carolina . i told her how in the heck can you get away with taking peoples titles all the way out there when everything you need is right here in i was very upset and im not only going to try to bring this to everyones attention im also going to spread the word of how there doing people wrong.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1072945
Aug 04 2013
12:57 PM
loan max suffolk,va be aware suffolk Virginia
I have been a good customer for years paying them every month just recently my job cut back on the hours a little so i asked for a 2 week extension the representative told me she would not be able to do that and went as far as telling me to borrow it from somebody okay the month has not ended yet so why is this a problem.l warn people do not get a title loan from this company and dont get one from suffolk,va because they got new people from when i started going there its one lady that gets on my nerves saying stupid things like she risking her job by helping you dont go to them at all.
Entity: suffolk, Virginia
10, Report #1088130
Sep 29 2013
10:27 AM
Loan Max Amelia, OH Lies, Lies, Lies Amelia Ohio
I went to the Amelia, Ohio location to get a loan for someone. I spoke to Jonathan-manager who told me that I could get a $3000 loan for my car, I told him that I only needed $1000., he went onto tell me that I have 30 days to pay the loan with NO interest. I told him that would be no problem since I signed the loan for someone else and that person would be paying the loan, little did I know that this person didnt make one payment toward it. I called and spoke to Jonathan and told him that I would have to make arrangements to pay this off and that I couldnt pay it in a one lump payment, Jonathan told me that it would be NO problem, I told him I could pay $400 a month, I did ask him about the interest on the loan if it wasnt paid in 30 days, he said that he will override any interest that was added to the account.    After my conversation with Jonathan I took a job at a different company and my pay dates changed, I called him to tell him and was told that Jonathan was fired Tuesday, I ask for the NEW manager and was told that she was off. I spoke to Tony and I told him that I made an arrangement with Jonathan and I needed to make the $400 payment on the following Saturday and he said that was NO problem. On Friday the 13th my car was towed because of none-payment, I told the tow driver () that I had an arrangement and he said to call the lcoation where I got my loan and of course the place was closed, the driver told me to pay what I was behind tomorrow (Saturday) and I could get my car., he lied, I had to wait until Monday to get my car. I went to pay the loan OFF Monday the 16th and get my clean title and found out that the title would come in about 7-14 days, I waited 20 days no title I called Loan Max-amelia and was told that Jonathan put my loan in as having an Ohio title instead of Ky and I would have to wait a little longer to receive it. Everything had been nothing but lies, lies, lies from all involved. I am still waiting for my title. If I dont receive it by the 16th of October which will be 30 days since the loan has been PAID IN FULL I will be contacting the BBB and an attorney.   Little FYI to anyone who needs money or is going to help someone out DO NOT GO TO LOAN MAX they are loan sharks.
Entity: Amelia, Ohio
11, Report #1331142
Oct 01 2016
07:05 PM
Loan Max Title Loans Didn't explain Tucson Arizona
I needed to get a loan to pay my rent and I had seen a commercial for loan max and it stated that they just need a DL and title to get a laon, so I went in and borrowed $1,800 and was told that my payments would be $270 a month and that I can have that paid off in no time and get my title back.  On the 3rd payment I asked how much I owed on the loan and I was told that I still owe the full $1,800 because I'm only paying the principle and I asked why that wasn't explained to me at the time of the initial loan and the person on the phone couldn't give me an answer, she just said I don't know, they are supposed to tell you before youu sign.  6 months later and I'm still paying the principle, as soon as I get my taxes I'm going to pay them off, get my title back and tell everyone I know to never go to them.  If I had kniwn that i was going to have to keep paying all this money and none of it would go towards my loan, I would have never signed!
Entity: Tucson, Arizona
12, Report #1277517
Jul 22 2016
07:01 AM
Loan max title loans Fredrickburg Virginia
 I got a $1,500 loan through loan max title loans from plank road in fredrickburg Virginia and they said if I made a payment within 14 days after taking my loan they would give me a credit of $100 towards my balance so 6 days after taking my loan I made a $500 payment and they refused to give me my $100 credit as they promised so now I have made 3 payments of $500 in 40 days and still owe $772 left on remaining balance. If you take $1,500 loan out and every 3 weeks you make a $500 payment how do you still owe $772. I think loan max title loans should be forced to go out of business and made to reimburse everyone their titles and money back for overly charging people and ripping them off.
Entity: Fredrickburg , Virginia
13, Report #1296330
Jul 18 2016
04:15 PM
Loan Max and other companies through them Nationwide
 I originally took out a $750 loan out with Loan Max. I lost my job and have been trying to find ways to make my payments. This was my second loan with them however, they came and Repoed my car I called the number of the tow company and he refused to give me information on my car. Due to the fact that it was the weekend Loan Max closed at 2pm on Saturday. I had to wait until the week day to contact someone. After contacting Loan Max I was told my car was unable to be located and they did not have a physical address of where my car is located. The lady then gave me a 844 phone number to call which I did and the man told me I had to contact knew of his guys to get my belongings. To my acknowledgement my belongings where taking out of my car already. And I have to pay $35 to get my stuff back. Also I am being charged $400 repo fee and $100 storage fee on which I never knew anything about. I called Loan Max the lady the. Told me there was nothing she could do and in order for me to get my car back I would have to pay Loan Max $1500 to get my car back. I explained this is impossible to come up with $1500 by April 12 since I am unemployed and have no source of income. She told me there is nothing j could do and I said I am filing a complaint she said that's fine and proceeded to end the call I am beyond upset. Being a single mother of two all of these hidden fees are completely ridiculous and I still have no known location of where my car is located.
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #1356989
Feb 19 2017
10:44 AM
First due not use this service unless you are prepared to lose your car or pay hundreds of dollars in hidden interest (CSO fees). These places pray upon the people who can least afford to pay and do what they can to insure you have to keep refianacing your loan, paying crazy fees for small loans while never touching the principal.  My story, I needed 700.00 to pay some bills and thought this would be a good option so I called Loan Max and asked what the interest rate was and it was about 24% per year , a little high but thought thats okay I will be able to make that over the 2 month loan term. What they dont tell you over the phone is that there is a 350.00 cso fee for Loan Max to do the paper work, which takes a grand total of about 5 minutes. Well, once there I reluctantly agreed to this because I was stuck and needed the cash . They structure the loan so that they are pretty sure you wont be able to pay it off and will have to refinance it over and over. Unless you have a cash windfall coming, if you need 700 this month your probably going to need it next month and the month after.  Payments were scheduled at first month about 250.00 --2nd month about 810.00 nice huh, for a 700.00 loan. Dont care what kind of creative name they call it(cso fee) thats 600% interest per year. But wait , heres where they they can really rake you over the coals. On page one of your security agreement it tells you if you are more than 10 days late with your payment they will charge you a max of a 15.00 late fee. So while you think there is a grace period more or less, if you read through the other 19 pages of loan documents you will find a little sentence that says , you are in default if you fail to keep any promise you made under this agreement , at which point the lender declares the whole balance due . So now you go in to make your 250.00 payment a few days late and find out you have to now take out a new loan for 850.00 with another 375.00 cso fee so now you owe 1225.00 for the new loan plus the 250.00 you just paid them for a total 1425.00 after approximatlely 34 days after borrowing 700.00. If there is no grace period why is this late fee even stated in the contract? This is mis leading and deceptive at best. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS PLACE.
Entity: cincinnati, Ohio
15, Report #1213168
Mar 28 2015
01:53 PM
title max auto loan Senca sc , title max straight harassment, got tha police working for them also senca South Carolina
We apply for a loan on my car in December 2014 , ok they wrote check out for 1500 and tha very next month they started calling , so by feb 2015 they really blow up my wife phone,  now they talking about taking her to court and locking her up , even got tha police coming by tha house , its 2nd  time police came to tha crib and tha loan 2 1/2 month old this is crazy for real 
Entity: senca, South Carolina
16, Report #1234475
Jun 10 2015
08:48 AM
Loan Max I took a $500 dollar loan from them and ultimately ended up paying. them over a $1200 back. South Euclid Ohio
I took a $500 dollar loan from them and ultimately ended up paying. them over a $1200 back, before I could get my title back to turn over to the insurance company after my car had been involved in an accident. I had been paying on the loan but it never was decreasing I gave up and ended up giving them $700 dollars cash, besides the payments I had made previously.
Entity: South Euclid , Ohio
17, Report #667708
Dec 02 2010
09:24 PM
Loan Max Title Loans/ Anderson Financial Services This company needs to be stopped! Harrisonburg, Virginia
My husband & I took out a loan on our only vehicle we have a few months ago. We were paying it every month just like we were supposed too, until October. My Husband has a back injury from a car accident that he was in 8 years ago and its getting worse. He has 2 ruptured disc and they are pinching on his sciatica nerve which is the main nerve in your body, and his Doctor put him off work and on Family Medical leave Act (FMLA) until he has surgery on his back, even then we don't know if my husband will be able to return to work. We have 3 children ages 9, 7 & 4 and I do not work but have been looking everywhere for something that I can be home in the evenings as my Husband can't handle all three children with his back injury. My Husband and I both spoke to Loan max on numerous occasions telling them what was going on and keeping them up to date on everything. I was waiting on my money to come so I could start paying them on time again. Well December 1st our vehicle was repossed, and they told me in order to get it back they would need $546.00 which I knew was what we were behind and I was struggling to come up with that. Then I got a call from Lisa which is an area manager telling me that we needed $946.00 in 15 days or our vehicle is going to the auction. $546.00 past due plus $400.00 Reposession fee. I explained that I wasn't able to do the $946.00 but I could do the $546.00 which is what we were behind but they wouldn't take that. She told me that my vehicle would be sold at the auction since I couldn't come up with the money. Its just so unfair that they do this after we've stayed in contact with them and explained everything to them about our situation and being this close to Christmas. We already can't get our children gifts for Christmas now they have no way to get to the doctors nor school functions. We borrowed a total of 1100.00 now their wanting us to pay $2360.00 back?? I don't understand that at all but you can't get any answers from these people at all! Their rude and they just hang up on you. If anyone has any ideas we can do to getting our vehicle back and stopping these people please email me. My email is (((ROR redacted))) Thank you very much! Also the manager Tracy gave me the number to the company who repossed my vehicle and said that they might work with me on the repo fee, so I called them three times that morning right after they left and they were taking my vehicle about an hour away. I called them right after they left and left two messages for someone to call me back then the third time I finally got the guy who actually repossed our vehicle, he said that he would've been glad to work with me on lowering the fee but he had already turned the paper work in.. Its awful funny that 5 minutes after we hung up, my neighbor saw the same guy with my Vehicle and someone elses on the back 2 minutes from my house. Their company is located 1 hour from my home also, so I don't see how the paper work got turned in when my neighbor saw him & my vehicle on the back 2 minutes from my house after the gentleman & I hung up. Something just doesn't add up. If anyone has any ideas please contact us and let us know. Thank you!  CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Harrisonburg, Virginia
18, Report #1150334
May 28 2014
02:43 PM
loan max repoed my only vehicle i own i was in hospital for 2 1/2 mths they was told and said pay when u can hays Kansas
 my name is Jessica ploutz I got a loan for 1500 in Feb I got put in hospital for back sugrey and I called them every week to let them kn and they told me it be fine they would work with me so when I finaly got out of hospital I come home and my jeep was gone so I call loan Max and they told me that I owe them 4000 to get it back now I lost my only car to get around no way of paying it all and after they told me they would work with me now its costing me more I think its very nest up cud they said they would work with me all I want is my jeep back and make my payments like theysaid they would work with me
Entity: hays, Kansas
19, Report #1070271
Jul 26 2013
08:13 AM
loan max suffolk,va Gets bad attitude because i ask for 2 week extension i have been a good customer for years suffolk Virginia
I have had as many as 4 loans with these people.Just recently my job cut back on the hours so i ask for a 2 week extension and the representative gets snappy okay i am looking at the situation even if my loan is due on the 1st and i wait and pay 2 weeks later the payment still will be made within the same month.I am trying to figure out what is up that i dont get it.
Entity: suffolk, Virginia
20, Report #1420769
Jan 03 2018
11:07 AM
Max Lend payday loan company Changed my checking account number to obtain my Social Security Check Internet
On December 13, 2017 a call was made to the Social Security Office and My checking account number was routed to a different checking account number. This change was done over the phone, and Social Security said they produced all of the security answers when ask, so they changed my checking account number to the account number they provided. I’m doing so, this morning, January 3, 2018 My Social Security Check was not in my account, but in another account. I had to go to Social Security this morning and provided my if, ss card, and verified my checking account information. This company is the ONLY company that had my information, and the date of Ach payment that was to be deducted On January 3, was not deducted, But my Whole Social Security Check was gone. Social Security put a fraud alert on my account so that this won’t happen again. In the mean time, I have since found out this company is not reputable and I fear now what charges they will lay on me to pay back the $425.00 I received from them. Please help this Stupid Senior Citizen.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1186925
Nov 05 2014
09:01 AM
Title Max Title loan paid off title loan company loses both titles to my vehicle greenville South Carolina
I went to titlemax in Greenville SC for a title loan. Having 2 titles for my car I gave them both at their request and was told that they would give my titles back to me at the end of the loan.  Now that I ahve paid off the loan, titlemax is claiming they sent my titles certified mail and have no reciept or proof this. Now my titles are lost. Calling titlemax to find out what happened I have gotten no help no answer no call back. They simple told me its not their problem. I have called them multiple times about needing some sort of proof they sent my titles and no has been provided. I have gotten no help from these people on the loaction of my titles.
Entity: greenville , South Carolina
22, Report #1416563
Dec 12 2017
05:01 PM
Cash Max Loan Services Mark Brown Sr. Loan Officer Cursed me out for not taking the bogus loan and started yelling disgusting sexual request. Vallejo California
I was told I was approved for 2k+ but I needed to send a $100 voucher or give access to my bank account. Once I refused, he started yelling all kinds of profanity. I had to block the number to prevent him from calling me back again and again.
Entity: Vallejo, California
23, Report #1183831
Oct 20 2014
06:28 AM
loan max gota loan of 700 was late payment now loan is 16 hundred just to get my ride back plus another 700 left on loan u are paying back 3 times the money and they still have my ride bluefield va Virginia
got loan of 700 in dec of13  here it oct of 14  all payment made but one  now they have my ride and want 700 plus 1600 to get back plus 700 loan    paying 2700 on a700 loan is a rip off  cant get to work to pay loan back now    hope they have a good day
Entity: bluefield, Virginia
24, Report #1033271
Oct 16 2008
04:27 PM
Loan Max Title Loans / Anderson Financial Network This title loan company gave me a loan towards my very small state SSI Check, and demanding 300% interest on that loan. Fredericksburg Virginia
I read on the www that it is actually illegal to expect funds from an individual who collects state or government funded money monthly, and this is what this particular title loan company has done. Also, I was making regular payments monthly towards the interest only until my car broke down, and I had to put money into it, unsuccessful completing repairs, due to the engine is gone, and the front end is ruined, which bought me 2 payments behind, so I called to make arrangements, and one of the local office staff persons told me that he would wave those two payments and allow me to pay 2 more and my debt would be settled. But later that evening, I got a call from the main office staff person, which is located in another state, unfimiliar to me, and she said that no notes were made in my file on that particular conversation with the local office employee, so I called the local office and they stated that the staff person who told me of the settlement was not in the office, but they wanted me to confirm my address, and I denied, because I feel as though they are doing something underhanded as well as against the law, since I read that Loan Max companies are being sued and closed down in many states. Please someone help me with this situation. I am a disabled person on a monthly fixed income, and this matter is stressing me out to the point of sickness of all sorts. Lynnette Locust, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #625818
Jul 21 2010
07:43 PM
TITLE MAX Thieves with a title. Appear to be charming and turn into to a shark over the course of the loan. Very misleading Columbia South Carolina
I am a breast cancer survivor that was laid off due to the cut backs of jobs. Long story short, I acquired a loan with title max and was unable to get the loan at first because their is a salvage title on the vehicle, which I was not aware of until I applied for this loan. Well it took 2 days for them to approve the loan of 3200 which was a payoff from another title company. Carolina Title. I paid them off. Since then  I became laid off and ill again. The salesmen said they would not repo my car, if I stayed in touch, but If I am ill and unable to talk, what was I suppose to do. I was 48 days past due. With my situation I do feel like they were pretty okay at first. Then as I became unable to pay and on time it got worse and the $9.00 per day grew and grew. They called my 82 year old Mother repeatedly and I asked them not to because of her bad heart. They were relentless. They told me they would not call her anymore. That was a lie. I came home last and they took my car. Now I am unable to get to my doctors appoint. they refused the 4 months payment, I was late 2 months. Now $3200 has turned into $3800 after 7 months of payment @ $334 per month. These people pray on poor unsuspecting people and charge them more than they payed the car dealer for the purchase of the vehicle. They need to be stopped immediately. Please, do not pawn your title, please, do not do it. It is worse than being beaten and you can't fight back. Please I beg you seek other avenues, don't pawn your title, it leaves you feelings helpless and abused. It may seem okay at first but it only gets worse. They steal from you with your eyes wide open. Title Max and the employees will have to make an account for this type of action in the end. Theft by deception on paper.
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina

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