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1, Report #457350
Jun 01 2009
01:19 PM
Federal Loan Modification Law Center defraud 'loan modification' Irvine California I tried to use FLM to modify my mortgage and have received no communication from them in 6 weeks. Calls and email go unanswered. Website no longer available I have filed complaint with BBB, California State Attorney General and will also file with Chamber of Commerce and FTC. The company has had over 130 complaints at BBB since Sept 08. I'm sorry that I bought into their lies. I can't stress how important it is for us, the defrauded consumers, to complain to these agencies. Do not let this slide, do your part and protect yourself and get your money back. Lindsey Hutchinson, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California
2, Report #439479
Mar 31 2009
11:21 AM
Fedmod, Federal Loan Modification, Jeff Broughton, Fedmod, Irvine California
I am an ex employee of this company and I have watched as the owner Jeff Broughton has perpetuated fraud against the people that work for him as well as many of the clients that have signed up for the program. He is completely incompetent and is driven only by greed. I have never worked with anyone that is so incompetent. I have read all the complaints and wanted to provide those that he has hurt with a direct way to contact him. Through my interaction with some people at my old office I was able to get his phone number. You can call Jeff Broughton directly on his cell at 949-278-5896. On a positive note, I have heard that some of the investors have gotten wise to his scam and have removed him from the company. I hope this is the case. Burned_by_mod raleigh, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California
3, Report #423069
Feb 11 2009
04:16 PM
Pinnacle Loan Modification LOAN MODIFICATION SCAM Los Angeles California
WARNING!!! -- This is a fraudulent and illegal fly-by-night scam operation which conducts business out of various and/or multiple locations and under changing names. Their other known aliases include, Pinnacle Financial Solutions, Pinnacle Loan Modification, LaLoanMod, LA Loan Mod, Loan Modification Attorney, Ryan Zimmerman, Thumpertherott (sic), Dennis James and Jodie McMillian. They prey upon desperate individuals who fear loosing their homes, or the merely greedy who wish to re-negotiate the terms of mortgages they originally agreed to (desperation and greed are what all parasitic con artists thrive on). Ironically, they're the same people who originally suckered clients into toxic loans in the first place and now they want to rip you off for even more by helping you modify them. Irregardless of what these people tell you, THEY ARE DEFINITELY NOT YOUR FRIENDS. They will not, nor could they legally, provide the attorney-assisted services they claim to. Any references they provide are completely bogus. This entity and it's assorted owners including, RYAN ZIMMERMAN, DENNIS JAMES and JODIE McMILLIAN, are currently under investigation by the FTC, the Department of Consumer Affairs, the California Bar Association, the district attorney and others and have multiple lawsuits pending against them. Furthermore, they don't pay their bills and are on the run from their creditors, so potential vendors, employees, brokers and agents should be especially cautious. If you need legal assistance modifying your loan, be sure to seek licensed and legitimate counsel and exercise due diligence investigating them with your local and state bar associations to confirm they're in good standing. Any money you give to scoundrels like these and numerous others who thrive upon the hardship of others is money wasted and in all likelihood will never be recovered. Assurances of money back guarantees are laughable considering the source you're dealing with. Please note, following is some of the assorted and constantly changing contact information this fraudulent entity has been known to use. Website addresses: et al Email addresses: et al Physical addresses: 269 S. Beverly Dr., suite 1301, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 270 N. Canon Dr., no. 1934, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 1801 Avenue of the Stars, suite 911, Los Angeles, CA 90067 216 Green Ct., Pittsburgh, PA 15234 et al California cities/areas they may be operating out of: Century City Culver City Los Angeles West Hollywood West Los Angeles et al Phone numbers: (800)979-1052 (424)672-8900 (412)881-1116 (323)496-3460 (310)895-6636 (310)788-8910 (310)788-8902 et al Fax numbers: (310)706-6364 (775)373-5156 et al One of Ryan Zimmerman's known aliases is Thumpertherott (sic). Jodie McMillian's other known alliases include: Jodie Hans Jodi Hans Jody Hans Jodie McMillan Jodi McMillan Jody McMillan Jodie McMilian Jodi McMillian Jody McMillian et al Jodie McMillian's previous entities include: BBP Inc. Big Bang Products The Traffic Panther The Traffic Tsunami et al Pinnacle Victim Beverly Hills, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
4, Report #451298
May 12 2009
10:07 PM
Federal LOan Modification Company scams their employees giving them bounced checks Irvine California
Bill Anz and Associates with Federal Loan Modification also scammed many hard working employees of their hard earned pay. They handed out checks to employees knowing there were no funds and did not care. Bill Anz and Federal Loan Modification should be held accountable for writing bad checks. Hopefully everyone will do their homework on this company and this owner and be careful as they will try and start a new company with the same players but a different name. So beware of Bill Anz & Associates and the other so called attorneys on his staff (which to find out they are not attorneys just added the title to their name). Be careful or you will be working for free... Sadie Costa Mesa, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California
5, Report #454224
May 21 2009
06:19 PM
Fedral Loan Modification Law Center fraud or scam Irvine California
I have been working with Fed mod since Feb 09 for a while I was able to get ahold of people there each week as it is required that you keep in touch regularly. I made sure that I got all of the paper work and documentation to them that was required within the 5 day time period that was required. I waited for a response back and was told that my case worker was Jose. I got several emails from Jose that my modification was being worked on. Then the emails stoped coming and Jose never returned my calls. finally after 2weeks of calling i got ahold of customer service and was told thatmy new case worker was Angel I have never heard from Angel but after several weeks of calling and getting voicemail then going to customer care I was told that there was a negotiater Taneisha she never did return my calls but did call my wife and told her that it looked good and should be completed soon I tried to get ahold of Taneish but only got music on hold. I sent emails to here but never got a reply I finally got ahold of customer service and got the names of the supervisors Lisa and Rachel I have yet to recieve a call or email from any of them. I started calling random extension and got a hold of someone in accounting she was nice and said she would pass this matter on to the operations manager. I guess we wait some more. In the mean time I called my mortgage company and was informed that the only thing tyhey have recieved from Fed Mod was request to get information and that was back in March. I hope someone from Fed Mod reads this and can help I can be reached at (((REDACTED FOR SECURITY PURPOSES))) If anyone from Fedral loan Modification Law Center has the guts to reply to me. Brian Spokane Valley, WashingtonU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Irvine, California
6, Report #746389
Jun 28 2011
11:11 AM
Vehicle Loan Modification Richard Davis Auto Loan Modification, Internet
I paid this company 300.00 to modify my car loan due to my unemployment status.  I have been unable to contact Richard Davis or customer service to get updates.  Santander has stated no company has contacted them or tried to modify my car loan so now my car is scheduled to be repossessed.  I made a sacrifice to pay this company due to their promises and now I have been scammed.  I am a single mother just trying to maintain what I have and was ripped off by this scammer.  Please do not use this company or you will be left holding the bag with nothing to show. Also Santander ripped me off on my car loan.  I have been paing for my 2006 altima for 5 years and still owe 18,000.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #447328
Apr 28 2009
11:32 PM
Mortgage Modification Center Desparate BEWARE Stockton California
I walked into Suntec Mortgage office located on Davis Rd., in Stockton, CA. I was told that due to my situation i would not be charged for any services. Months later I receive a bill from a company named Mortgage Modification Center located on Shoreline Dr., in Stockton indicating i owe them 2700.00. I immediately phone the number on the letter because i thought maybe this was identity theft or something. No one answered the phone for a week straight, just an answering machine. 2 weeks later i get another invoice now saying i owe 2950.00. After another attempt i get a receptionist and explain my situation- she indicated i need to speak to someone named Cameron Pannabecker. I basically just said hello and then was verbally abused for the remainder of the phone call. I have never been so distressed by a local business owner in my life. He basically told me that i was a wrongful individual and how do i live with myself. He said he would be sending me a letter indicating to pay up or else. I received another letter 2 weeks later and his written abuse was just as bad. How do these individuals continue to take advantage of people? When does it end? Mortgage brokers took advantage of homeowners which i strongly believe caused our economy to plumate now brokers like Cameron Pannabecker on our another bus to scam people. Its not right! You do not have to pay to get your loan modified. You can do it on your own with your lender- be patient and it works so get sucked in by the sharks - i too felt desparate and hopeless but dont summit and give blood to the sharks! Betty stockton, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Stockton, California
8, Report #702690
Mar 04 2011
03:05 PM Laon Shrink, Loan Modification Scam, Internet is a complete scam!  Do not allow yourself to attempt and modify any sort of loan with them.  What should be a free service, they charge for.  Who knows how many people they have scammed with their Loan modification guarantee.... When I paid for this modification in January of 2009, they referred me to David Pheil, who would be representing me.  They did absolutely nothing that I couldn't have done myself, only they told me not to talk to my mortgage company.  Not only is it 2011, but my mortgage is still the same and the $3,000 I paid to get this 'guaranteed' modification is gone forever.  Not without a fight, as I tried to dispute, but the contract signed is valid.  So if you read the fine print, the service is what you pay for and the outcome is actually not guaranteed.  Lisa Sapolu, who I set this up with is nowhere to be found.  Especially when I attempted to get a refund.  They actually answered the phone under a different name, and when asked if they were loanshrink, the person said yes.  1)Wanted money up front. 2)Said Do Not Call or Talk to our mortgage co. 3)Loanshrink said it's ok to be behind on payments. The lawyer used was: David Pheil Law Firm. 444 W. Ocean Blvd. Suite 800, long Beach Ca. 90802 562-436-8700, 888-404-4law, A complete rip-off, incompetent people (or liars, just playing dumb). All refer to someone else!  I definitely learned my lesson!
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #1067515
Jul 16 2013
02:56 PM loan modification scam Philadelphia Pennsylvania
 I was scammed by united states law center.  I thought they were assisting me in a loan modification and they now appear to be out of business and are not answering e-mails or phone calls.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
10, Report #1206124
Feb 02 2015
12:53 PM
Ocwen Mortgage Loan Modification Baltimore Nationwide
I see several people here have stated that ballooning a payment at the end of a loan modification term is illegal? I have a loan modification with Ocwen $25,000 to be paid at the end of my mortgage term. Have I been ripped off?
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #513077
Oct 22 2009
06:48 AM
Loan Modification Experts - LME - Andy King Loan Modification Experts are deceitful and selfish scam artists! henderson, Nevada
Loan Modification Experts are a small local Las Vegas company which is run by a scam artist by the name of Andy King. If you don't know who he is, he has quite a reputation and it is nothing to be proud of. First off this liar has no business operating a loan modification company. He absolutely is clueless when it comes to money... He himself has acquired enough debt that it would take him over 10 years to pay off. I don't know how on god's green earth this self proclaimed loan modification expert scam artist can be allowed to handle anyones money let alone advise on how to save it. Only if I and many others knew this earlier we would have stayed away from this thief. Originally my credit was excellent and I was doing fine until my pay was cut by nearly half. I ended up in a dilemma and needed help immediately. I had nowhere to turn until I was referred to Andy King by a coworker who has been dealing with him on and off for about a year. I spent over 8 months working with him and his company. Besides from being sent foreclosure notices and spending money on their services I personally felt nothing was being done. I could never get a hold of anyone and they would never call me back. Every time I would have to go to his office and physically confront him to get a status update. He constantly advised me to stop making mortgage payments and to stop making payments on all my other sources of credit. I trusted him and listened, after all he was the expert. Eventually I got tired of the run around and wanted to get answers on what was actually going on. I called the bank and as I thought all along he was lying to me about everything. He made several mistakes on submitting my package which severely jeopardized my modification. He wasn't able to fix it but he didn't tell me. He deliberately tried to push me under so that I would fall behind on every payment for everything after knowing he could not help. This man is a professional thief and is the greediest selfish person Ive ever met. Refusing to refund my money he told me my only option was to go to his attorney and do a bankruptcy!! I certainly did not! As for my friends and family no services have been completed and overall situations have worsened for each and every person that he has worked with. He will absolutely not refund the money and will give you a run around reason as to why he cannot return it. I was lucky enough to hear him tell me the truth and it was very disturbing. He personally told me had spent it and even if he wanted to give it back he wouldn't be able to. This man and his company single handedly stole over $7,000 from family and friends. What saddens me the most is that they do it and absolutely have no remorse about it? This man will do what it takes anything and everything for you to sign on the dotted line. He will use religion, family, and phony experience tricking you into hearing what you want. He will absolutely lie while looking you in the eyes and take your money. Andy King is a member of the LDS... only if the LDS knew how Andy King operates...
Entity: henderson, Nevada
12, Report #466866
Jul 01 2009
01:41 PM
Afg Insurance Co Loan Modification Dept. AFG Insurance and Loan Modification Frauds Woodland Hills California
AFG loan modification department called me and said they had received notice that my mortgage company had to comply with loan modifications for people who had interest only loansand owed more than the property was worth. I explained I thought I was not a candidate because I had never missed a payment and did make enough money to handle my monthly expenses, but really wanted to have a fixed rate loan and my property was worth much less than I owed. They assured me I would qualify under the new guidelines. They said I would have to pay $1650.00 before they could start the process and the money was for the Attorney to present it to the mortgage company. I know, I know it was really stupid of me. This was last December and they told me it would only take about 60 days. I submitted all the document they required including my banking information and Social Security number, all the information the mortgage company had asked for when I applied for my mortgage. I called them in February asking what was being done. They said they were working on it but they had been inundated with so many requests for loan modifications they were behind. I didn't hear anything and called again in March. They then told me they had to have updated pay stubs, and other documents I had provided them with at the beginning. Every time I called they said it was progressing well and the mortgage company had everything and they were waiting to hear from them. Finally I called my mortgage company and was told they had not received anything from AFG for a loan modificationl. I called AFG and got a recording. I kept calling and getting a recording and no one returned my call. I sent a Fed Ex overnight, return receipt requested and it was returned saying those offices were emptyl Now I am losing sleep because not only was the whole thing a scam but they have all my personal information. I am collecting everything I can and sending it to the Attorney General. These people should be caught and prosecuted!!!! Anonymous placentia, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Woodland Hills, California
13, Report #470042
Jul 15 2009
01:35 PM
Team Modify - The Loan Modification Team Ripped off 1100.00 for Home Loan Modification Scam Glen Allen Virginia
We were also ripped off from Team Modify. They promised to be able to cut our Mortgage payment in half, that they would handle all the negotiations with our bank etc., and that they could get our interest rate down to 2%. Our bank came back and stated that we are NOT eligible for a modification, which I don't understand at all. I cannot get Team Modify, aka The Loan Modification Team, to call me back etc. I contacted the BBB for help. If anyone knows of an actual LEGITIMATE company that could help us, please let me know.. Sns Pataskala, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Glen Allen, Virginia
14, Report #611343
Jun 07 2010
07:48 PM
oceanview loan modification oceanview equity, Joe Hicks Rip Off charge me $1000.00 and did nothing. loan modification Internet
The rip-off crew at Oceanview loan modification are a bunch of crooks. Joe Hicks is the person I dealt with and he is nothing but a crook. My advise to anyone who needs a loan modification or anything else is to deal with a local company that you can go to. Over the Internet, anyone can post anything.
Entity: Internet, Internet
15, Report #456213
Jul 12 2012
01:15 AM
Federal Loan Federal Loan Modification SCAM....RUN....SCAM!!!! Los Angeles, California
I am going to make this short. We almost got scammed by federal loan modification company in CA. They are a scam you need to run. DO NOT contact them or give them any information about yourself or your situation. I am lucky I guess. I contacted my bank and got my money back through them. If you paid by credit card call the credit card company and go through them. Do your own loan modification or contact a real estate attorney. Also contact the Better Business Bureau in your state and in CA. I am going to contact the Attorney General in IL and in CA. We need to pull together and get their f***ing web site shut down!!!!!! Sorry for swearing but I felt that it is warranted. ;)C. j C'Ville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California, Nationwide
16, Report #492875
Sep 10 2009
01:38 PM
Loan Mediate - loan modification program LOAN MEDIATE - A BUNCH OF RIP-OFFS! Thousand Oaks California
DO NOT USE!!!   We started the process of modifying our home loan with them back in Feb 09 and paid $2800.00. We were told that it should take 45-90 days. We expected calls/emails with status updates, but NOTHING! We tried calling them and it goes to voicemail and then no one ever returned our calls.   I finally started emailing them and was in contact with Caitlyn Pruitsma who continuously told us that the person who was working previously working on our case is no longer with the company and gave us a new contact and promised a follow-up from them. (Caitlyn- SURPRISE, SURPRISE is now [as of Sept 09] no longer with the company)  Ethan Coronado was our 1st contact, super nice and very convincing. Then it was Shellie Lockard, then Elina Kolchanova, then Peggy Lytle, then Daniel Velasquez, then Dekeita Jerricks. They would try to convince us every time that there was nothing to worry about and that they all work together as a team. They continually told us that they are looking out for our best interests and if they cant help with a modification they have no problem what-so-ever to REFUND our money.   We contacted our mortgage company to find out that LOAN MEDIATE had only contacted them once in 3 months.  (all-the-while, I was in email contact with Caitlyn questioning their work ethics from Apr-Sep09).  We finally received a phone call from Daniel Velasquez after 5 months, stating that we didnt qualify for a modification at that time. (the only phone call in 5 months)  Per their contract: If we determine, within 30days of the date of documents package submission to the Lender that you will not qualify for a loan modification we will unconditionally refund your money. well its been 7 months and after asked for a REFUND a million times since and they continue to say they are still looking into a program that will work for us. I contacted our mortgage company a couple of days ago just to find out that Loan Mediate hasnt contacted them since MAY!!!   Needless to say, maybe we waited too long, but we contacted our lawyer and he said to request a refund per him and if they dont comply he will be contacting them. I emailed Dekeita (the only one we know is still with the company) and she replied with: Well I will forward this to the accounting dept also we have 15 business days to return your moneyThank you and have a great day UM, our day wont be great until our money is REFUNDED!!!!   DO NOT USE THEM, they may be of help to a small percentage of people, but all the complaints that are now popping up on the internet about them say basically the same as what Ive mentioned above.
Entity: Thousand Oaks, California
17, Report #468136
Jul 09 2009
11:44 PM
Nations Housing Modification Center NHMC Nations Housing Modification Center NHMC home loan modification beware San Diego California
I should have been more wary, but after searching and only turning up one good report (it's gone now so not sure where it went) I agreed to pay 1000 up front for this company to modify my home mortgage I was behind on. I never filed out the paperwork, nor faxed it in to them to start the process. on 2 different occasions, I was called and asked to make another payment at a reduced total price, if I was willing to pay now. I declined. Wanting to wait to hear back from my lender and my real estate friend. Decided once I got a foreclosure notice to not use their services, and instead to go with a short sale since my home's value has decreased by 100k over the last year and I'm owing more than its worth. Left several phone messages and sent an email telling them I was not going to be using them after all and I wanted the 1000 refunded (they say they offer money back guarantee) Without my permission, they took another 2 payments of 1000 out of my account, citing that I was recorded agreeing to their cost of 3000 for services ( nevermind that I was told I was only having to pay 1000 down and that was fully refundable if I decided to not use their services) currently waiting for them to send me a check, of which their representative states he doesn't know the amount of the check, nor how long it may take to arrive. He told me he thought I MIGHT be entitled to 1/3 refund (1/3 when they did no work on my case and withdrew $2000 without my consent?) I will post an update if and when I receive a check, and will be filing a complaint with the better business bureau against NHMC, the person I spoke with Bryan Rosenberg and BPR Loans which he appears to also be a part of. Seems the media is right about having to beware of ANY load modification offers where they ask for money up front. BEWARE Chadn renton, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: San Diego, California
18, Report #400824
Dec 12 2008
05:46 PM
Federal Loan Modification How Do I Get A Refund Los Angeles California
I can't get anyone to return my calls. Are there any ways of getting as refund? My house went up for foreclosure sale last week, after they had my money in September. I need to get my money so that I can keep a roof over my families head. Connie Tecumseh, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
19, Report #461740
Jun 15 2009
11:59 AM
Federal Loan Modification SCAM-RUN-DO NOT GIVE MONEY!!!! California Nationwide
Federal Loan Modification is a scam. They took $1500 from me and gave me the run around for a month. I called Chase where I bank and they got my money back for me. People please contact your mortgage company yourself and tell them your story. I am working with my mortgage company and they are not charging me a ton of money to help me. You do not need a lawyer. Please do not give this fake company money or ANY personal information. JUST RUN FROM THEM!!! SCAMMING BASTARDS!!! carrie C'Ville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide, California
20, Report #460449
Jun 10 2009
12:30 PM
Diener & Associates Loan Modification Christopher Dienner aka Home Relief LLC Irvine California
The Dept. Of Real Estate ordered a Desist & Refrain to Home Relief, LLC aka Chris Diener & his associates Norma Araballo; Stephano J. Marrero; Terence Green; & Jason Donnell on 2/4/09. NO. H-35667 LA. The Diener Law Office aka Home Relief were still negotiating loan modifications on March 2009 after the order to cease. Chrisptoher Diener is still operating under & offering services he failed to perform with prior clients causing their right to rescind with predatory lenders that he states at this web site (created in 2008) is a part of his services. Valerie of nh North Conway, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California
21, Report #639590
Sep 10 2010
09:45 PM
BRG Corperation Utah Loan Modification Scam, BRG Corperation loan modification scam, BRG Corperation provo utah Provo, Utah
There is another Utah loan modification SCAM out there.  BRG Corporation Well dont get caught on this one they have left there mess behind and opened another company under a new name brg corporation.. They are the same people who were scamming people before for a loan modification. Start another company because they are not willing to deal with there mess they are trying to hide under another name. They will not hide so easy as they are telling us they had nothing to do with the mess and are trying to solicit our business out from under there old company who they told us to pay and now ant us to pay again. WOW do people not think about others or just there selves. Now I really get scared there processor (manager over the processing) is in the court system for three theft charges and you want them having your personal information I think I know why she is not working there anymore she is a scurity risk. What they dont know is I forced her old company to move my file and informed them what I found out about her and then now they contact me under another name and she is there so called processor. This should be illegal if there not a scam then WTF there going to have a surprise we are not going to pay you again we paid for a loan modification once. PM me if you want the names of these crooks.
Entity: Provo, Utah
22, Report #574249
Feb 24 2010
10:14 AM
NACA Loan Modification Program Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America NACA FRAUD Nationwide
NACA is a fraud.  They claim to be a non profit, but lets do the math... $50 a month for 10 years equals $6,000 paid to them to be in their program at NACA.  That is a fraud!  You can hire an accredited attorney, with accountability, for $2,500, and they have payment plans.  That would save you $3,500 dollars...Why would NACA put on nationwide conventions for thousands of homeowners?  Because it's a business.  The convention centers cost tens of thousands of dollars to rent.  BEWARE that my 80 year old mother used NACA and paid them money every month for 1 year.  They didn't do ANYTHING, and she lost her house. I was going to attend their seminar and call them out in front of thousands, but they warned me not to show up.   I hired a great attorney with a track record of 28 years of accountability.  Please don't make the same mistake my mother did.  Call Joe at the law firm office at 561-xxx-xxxx. (((REDACTED)))  He is an in-take professional that will prequalify you and not waste your time.  They will not take your case into the firm unless they can help you.  My home is okay after a reduction in my payment of $1,500 less and my missed payments of 24 months were all waived because I chose an true attorney's firm with a great track record.  PS.  I will be at the NACA meeting protesting this mess.  NACA works for the lenders and are paid by the lenders to be your advocate.  Who's going to look out for you?  Hire an attorney!!!  They work for you. Sincerely, Dr. Sully W sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide, Nationwide
23, Report #436189
Mar 21 2009
01:43 AM
LOAN MODIFICATION NETWORK Set up to modify my mortgage loan to a lower interest rate, and lower payments. Boca Raton Florida
I was contacted by phone from the Loan Modification Network about letting them negotiate with my mortgage company to reduce my monthly payments, with lower interest rates. I agreed that I it would help me financially, as I do not have very good credit. I received an email, and phone calls from a John Derosa detailing what they can do for me, the documents required, and the cost. I assembled the documents, emailed them, and the company took out 2 debits from my banking account for $400 each. I have since emailed them, with emails returned as undeliverable. I have phoned them, and could only leave a voice message, which no one has returned a call. I have gone to their web site, and a message displays that I do not have rights to access this web page. I searched google for the Loan Modification Network, and saw a site entitled fraud case on the Loan Modification Network out of Boca Raton Florida. Kenneth Amite, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
24, Report #1049427
May 08 2013
04:24 PM
Citimortgage Mortgage Modification Hell O'Fallon Missouri
What a complete tragedy this whole modification process is---wonder why individuals loose their homes--end up in an even more compromised position than when they started.  Well read my letter to Citi---I was told one thing and at the end of the process was in complete shock when I received my mortgage modification papers---how is this allowed to go on.CITI GO TO THE MORTGAGE NAUGHTY CHAIR:I'm sorry but I do not believe that is what Citimortgage did.  Because when I look back on my records when I originally called in I made Citi aware that I may have difficulty paying my mortgage. Let me reinforce when I called in I was current on my mortgage.  Citi was more than happy to which seemed shocking to me because of the stories you hear.  I am glad to see that Citi acknowledges that someone in January told me very different terms than what appeared on my final modification documents.Oh no problem --in fact I was told that there was an unemployment forbearance plan.  Where for people in my situation perhaps up to three months of my mortgage would be forgiven to help me get on my feet again.  I learned after all of this in the last two weeks some individuals might qualify for up to 6.Then in January when I was told my mortgage was was approved for a modification.   I even asked if I should make my January payment--oh don't worry about it.  We'll roll it in on the back end.   So now I'm technically four months behind on my mortgage.  I asked on the phone as well as through email what the terms were.  Oh don't worry your payment will be what it is during the trial a little more or a little less.Citi and yourself  can spin this in the slick way that has been done over the past couple of weeks but I was put in an even worse situation because of this and I truly should have been given an opportunity to decide for myself if this was the direction I wanted to take.  I have single handedly destroyed my credit with CitiMortgages' assistance-a credit rating which was well over 800 until this crazy economy started.Again--there was only one option I was consider for no matter whether the terms were finalized or not.  And I did sign those papers feeling very threatened.  And you are right that the permanent modification I received does explain what the terms will be--the problem is why isn't that provided on the front end so someone like myself who probably did qualify for some unemployment forbearance and could have and wanted to make her mortgage payments beginning in January could have made a thought out decision.  Instead I enter into this trial phase--paying my three months of the trial modification payments on time-I might add that had I not been diligent on this that wouldn't have occurred.  Know why-Citi although I had confirmation numbers didn't withdraw my funds on the 1st of the month.  I had to call in and do make sure it was done.  So now rather than being what should have been 1 month behind on my mortgage-which ballooned into 4 because I didn't qualify for unemployment forbearance whoola that magic Citi wand is waved and I'm now 7 months behind on my mortgage.   So Citi rolls in $11032 on the back end and can't even tell me where the $4908 of my modification payments are.   And per our conversations I couldn't even get a straight answer even what the $11k was for.  Again it's pretty simple to me with hindsight what a very unfair procedure this is.  And had I known then what I know now I would have never ventured down this slimy slope. It's like I also said to you I was thrown over the waterfall without even being allowed to make an informed decision on my own.I also find it interesting that when you begin this trial modification that you are actually locked out of your mortgage account and don't even receive mortgage statements.  Don't you find that interesting---thus putting you further and further in the hole.  You can't pay your mortgage even if you want to---crazy isn't it.  And I thought I was actually paying my mortgage---crazy, crazy!Don't you find it interesting that even though my unemployment was added in as my income--and I have that recorded on one of our conversations that on February 7 I receive a letter from Citi stating that I do not qualify for the HAMP program for unemployment forbearance because guess what---I refused to accept unemployment  Which of course is not true.  You yourself in your email make reference to my unemployment below.  I can't imagine Citi's computer system just spits out all these erroneous communications unless it benefits them and then when you call in -- don't worry about that it's just a formality.  And the only option Citi has is for me to go through the HAMP process again.   Why should I do that-it was your mistake.  As a parent when a child misbehaves they are punished--you don't punish a child is they did nothing wrong--you correct the error and redo.  Cit needs to go to the naughty mortgage chair and correct their behavior.I believe that was a convenient way for Citi to bounce me out of that one as well.  I will state once again, my income is no where near the $110,000 stating.  I myself found a waterfall calculator published by an economics professor and low and behold when I run the same numbers it is a much different scenario.  I even emailed you my latest bank statements and payroll stubs--I wonder if you can locate that email.  Again, I'm not directing this towards you are have a job to do and I get and understand that.  What's interesting is the last income number you provided me of $7500 completely locks me out of anything.  I also find it interesting that before I got to you Tom who I spoke to said there was an underwriting error as my they counted my unemployment as income but whoola I can't have unemployment income because I am bounced from the unemployment side of HAMP because again I refused to accept unemployment.I also bet if I asked for documents to make sure my mortgage was assigned properly --  whoola they probably don't even exist.  I can tell you they don't exist at the deeds register office someone else owns my mortgage.  I've never seen such absolutely poor business practices.  Because really the process is pretty easy.  Computer program, input data, output results.  If it wasn't for some reason beneficial to foreclose on my or other individuals they wouldn't even be so sloppy in this process.   Citi and other banks prey on homeowners-even though because of the corruption the banks did they were mandated to help out the little average homeowner.   I find it absolutely appalling that no one even went to jail for the robo signing--because after all that amounted to forgery.I sincerely hope because I purchased my home for $371,000 and put $70,000 that the FDIC's protection of banks such as Citi doesn't incentivize them to go aggressively after homeowners.  To put the homeowner in a setup position that before they know what is going on their homes are basically snatched right from under them.  I believe I've seen models where the banks actually make 10's of thousand if not in the 100's of thousand of dollars on foreclosure because the FDIC shields them.Those modification documents need to be correct because I will not participate in Citi's sloppiness and who knows get myself into something that is even worse than this very unfortunate situation. As someone who has a greenbelt in project management I would truly like to recommend that Citi starts a quality control or process improvement initiative so that errors are identified and eliminated.  I can't believe that my investor Freddie Mac would find this acceptable and I sincerely hope they audit their service providers.I would also like to see my original loan papers if you would be so kind as to forward those.  Again, thank you for getting back to me but this needs to be done correctly.  When I spoke with Freddie Mac they told me I wasn't considered for any HAMP programs---why again was that?  Regards,Concerned 
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Dec 11 2009
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Litton Loan Servicing,lp dennis darling 800-999-8501x3304 loan modification fraud Internet
I've been trying to modify my mortgage with Litton since august. They said to fill out a bunch of forms for the federal loan mod program, I told them our loan amount is too high to qualify for the federal program. they said do it anyway, so i did. i have given them evey piece of documentation available (twice - they lose stuff or say they can't read it). they put me on a trial modification for 3 months and i made all the payments ontime. the trial payment is almost $750 more a month than my regular payment (the extra is for property taxes, but they would not pay my property taxes - I had to pay them myself out of pocket). Now they say I don't qualify for the fed modification program because my loan amount is too high (which is what I told them in august). The loan officer says he does not know if they will give that $ that was supposed to be for property taxes back. He said he will contact the investor to see if an alternative modification is available (only a maybe) but he wants a big lump sum of cash to consider it. I feel I am being ripped off and I need help. We have kids and both have good incomes. He is pushing me for a short sale. We want to pay, we just got behind due to medical bills. Please help us.
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