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1, Report #603610
May 15 2010
06:27 AM
Installment Loans Arranger - Ross Nobel installment loans, business loans, payday loans, car loans, personal loans, cash loans, short term loans, same day loans Bunbury Western Australia
Installment loans arranger has dedicated its services by arranging various loans deals for the people residing in Australia by providing loans deals for numerous financail causes to the borrower .As it is specialize in arranging cash loans, same day loans, short term loans, payday loans, business loans etc. and provides services like invoice cashing so as to facilitate the borrower in the better way .Installment Loans came into the existence when various lenders join there hands for common case i.e to provide a cheapest deals to the people of living in Australia.Which its provide by studying  various quotes which lenders submit. So the best deal is selected from the provider so that borrower get benefited.Hence can get access to immediate finance seeking option.
Entity: Bunbury, Select State/Province
2, Report #216286
Oct 18 2006
03:56 AM
United Cash Loans ripoff Internet
I was completely ripped off by United Cash Loans. I have been struggling since my ex-husband and I declared bankruptcy. Since I couldn't get a standard loan, I looked on the internet. United Cash Loans claimed that I could have $300 and then pay them back $390 on my next payday. Stupidly, I gave them all my information. They deposited the $300 in my account the next day. But on my next bank statement they only took out $90. I went online looking for a way to get ahold of them, and there was no number, no nothing. This went on for 4 months, then I noticed they took out $90 and then $50 on the same statement. Then the statement after that they took out $75 and $50. I finally went to my bank. The woman who helped me was wonderful. She filled out the form with me to get the withdrawals stopped and to recover what had been taken in the last 60 days. Today the money from the last two months was put back in my account. Amazingly, there was a message for me at work to call United Cash at 800-354-0602. I also had an email with 3 documents attached that they want me to read and sign! Unbelievable! I will never do anything like this again and I hope a class action suit is taken against this company. They take complete advantage of desperate people. Donna Newport, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #658764
Nov 05 2010
09:06 AM
ludington loans scam artists , Internet
This company will rip you off from the beginning, they will promise you a loan, then thats where they take all your money.  It starts with them needing a down payment then it seems they need another down payment, and of course then they need to cover the loan with insurance,  for an 8000 dollar loan, i sent them over 3000 dollars down.  And to top it off didn't get the loan after being promised over a week that yes i would get the loan. So then to get the 3000 dollars back that was sent i have to wait 30 business days for a check to come. This company is horrible to deal with.  And they never call you back you end up having to call them to find out what is going on with your loan. Don't get caught in the web of lies from this company. They will totally screw you over.
Entity: Internet, Internet
4, Report #186490
Apr 13 2006
01:59 PM
United Cash Loans ripoff Internet
I would like to first start off by telling you about my experience with United Cash Loans. I applied for a loan on 12/22/2005. The money was posted to my account on 12/23/2005. That made me very happy. Little did I know that a 200 hundred loan would cost me so much. Now, I have paid 170 dollars and I'm not sure if this is the last payment. I sure hope so. First payment Jan.13,2006, $60.00, Jan.27, 2006, 60.00, Feb.10,2006, 60.00, Feb. 24,2006, 60.00 dollars. Now to continue March 10,2006, 60.00 and 50.00 withdrawn on the same day. March 24,2006 50.00 and 45.00 last but not least April 7, 2006, 50.00 and 30.00. Can you believe this all these payments for a 200.00 loan. I called when I had the money and they told me, I could not pay it off. Senata Aurora, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #210766
Sep 13 2006
09:46 AM
United Cash Loans ripoff Internet
I to was ALMOST taken by united cash loans. I was invited to go on a trip and was short on cash, so I came across this company via the internet. I was only taking out a loan for $150.00. I filled the form out and was told I would receive an email to confirm, I never received it. Later that afternoon I got a text message on my cell that reminded me to confirm the details of my loan, I responded to the text by saying I NEVER received the email. I tried to call the number on my cell but it kept disconnecting. Just the other day I got another text reminding me to have my money in my account as my payment was coming due soon. They put the 150.00 in myn account WITHOUT my accepting. I tried to get in touch with a live person to return the money. I sent an email and their response to me was the loan ap didn't complete? So here's where I'm at, as soon as the send me a bill for the amount they put in my account without my permission I will pay them and not a dime more. I had to close my bank account due to them trying to collect interest. SO ANYONE READING THIS DO NOT GET A LOAN FROM THESE PEOPLE IT'S NOT WORTH THE HEADACHE IT WILL CAUSE YOU. Cindy Smithville, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #195980
Jun 12 2006
07:27 AM
United Cash Loans ripoff Nationwide
United cash loans continuously takes funds from my checking account even though the $350 loan I got from them has been paid in full.United cash loans has taken the amount of $180.00 in one day on May 25,2006 in the amount of $60.00 each withdrawl. Everytime I deposit funds into my account my money is taken by United cash loans and Citizens Bank. How can I pay my bills on time if they keep taking my money? Vivian Framingham, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #183051
Mar 24 2006
09:41 AM
United Cash Loans ripoff Internet
They said they sent money to my bank account, but Bank doesn't have any information from their company that their is money pending to be deposited or anything to be posted to my checking account. They have my routing number and account number for the bank I use. So they may be able to get money from my account, without sending me my loan. Melinda Toone, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #288057
Nov 30 2007
04:07 PM
Firstpoint Loans scam Wichita Kansas
This company contacts you with a loan offer based on an internet application (location unknown- because done via search and it links to some other application ) provides documentation, but states condition of lender being an advance payment toward the loan a 24 hour period is guaranteed if funds are wired via money gram at SPECIFICALLY a Walmart where fees are said to be lower, the funds are sent to the supposed 'lender' in Canada which is said to be a Bernadette Trevis. They recommend you not send it as a business transaction to save yourself the fee. in the end the funds are never sent to you, they have your information, id, and bank information and no loan is ever approved. The day you verify to see about funds you are then said to be in the customer service department and contact a James Green. the phone system seems legitimate, but only when you key in the extension are you ever directed to an individual. when you ask to speak w/ someone higher up, no one is available.These poeple are thieves. Joe hilliard, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Wichita, Kansas
9, Report #1059810
Jun 17 2013
03:55 PM
CastlePayDay Loans Shady Internet
I ran into money problems a while back and I've needed to take out pay day loans on several occasions so I've been to my share of paydayloan companies. I've never had a paydayloan go into collection or anything like that, I make my payments on time and I understand the different policies for companies. There are plenty of shady companies out there but this one takes the cake.I applied for a loan for $350.00 on their website with the understanding that if I didn't call-in or setup a payoff date online the loan would automatically renew, they would dedcut the service fee, and after a certain number of renewals they would start taking both the service fee and a portion of the prinicipal. Sounded pretty straightforward. The application asked when I'm paid and being on disability I am paid once a month so I marked this down of course thinking they will deduct on my payday like all the other payday loan companies I've borrowed from.The first month past and they deducted the service fee then another month past and they deducted the fee again. However, two weeks later they deducted it again and every two weeks since they are deducting the same fee of $122.50. If I made a mistake reading the payment arrangements then fine that's on me that's my fault. But if they are changing policies midway through my loan with no prior consent or even notice so I could pay off early, thats shady. I've called twice today and the first time a supervisor was not available, the second time the rep hung up. Although I have a loan with them the review documents link says I have no documents that I can review so I can't even see if the error was mine.Now I'm left with an overdrawn account and reps at this company who do anything but give me the information I need. On the application I selected monthly payments and put my pay date like every other normal loan company. The reps are telling me they have no option for monthly payments and yet I am looking at it right now on their application. I've paid a total of 612.50 in service fees in a 2 month span for a $350 loan and none of it is towards the principal. I asked if I could put in a payment today of the $350 (so the service fee and principal would be paid the same day since they just took the money out) and she said the payment would not process until tomorrow so I would have to pay $122.50 again and $350. I've been to loan companies before, they have allowed me to make a payment for the remainder if its set up on the same day but these people seem to be scammers big time. Save yourself the hassle and run from this company as fast as you can. 
Entity: Internet
10, Report #966859
Nov 09 2012
10:16 AM
I have gotten several calls from United Cash Loans saying that I have received a loan from them and have failed to pay them back.  I have NEVER received a loan from them.  They have all of my personal information - name, address, social security number and bank account number.  They say they are calling from their Investigative Office and make threatening remarks on messages left - like the wrath of God will fall upon me if I do not attend to this matter.  I returned a call from a different phone number to see who was continuing to call and not leave messages and they got irate me with and hung up.  The person I spoke to spoke very broken english and was very hateful! I would NEVER do business with this company and they need to be shut down!
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #1247555
Aug 10 2015
01:08 PM
Quicken loans disabled veteran detroit Nationwide
 Quicken loans used misleading information and a staff of scam artistis, lower then used car dealers, to squeeze money out of unknown fees not estimated.I entered a loan refi offer, giving a good faith estimate of 400.00 dollars with there estimate of loan rate and fees.I submited 30 documents signed, I had a appraisal my expense, wood destroying inspection my cost again 200.00 only to be told the rate is the same but I need to pay more for third party fees and three other unknow fees that never got explained properly. They cliamed that by paying these fees only then could they provide the rate promised plus a quarter point increase for a delay past 45 days. The 45 day term seems like enough time until you realize how many times they fumble thing up including not being able to find documents confirmed they have, scheduling delays on appraisales and pest inspection,  I said to my contact the estimate is off by a big margine that the estimate was less then I currently pay not more and they closed the loan keeping my good faith estimate, claiming they did nothing wroung.They claim a speicailest made four unaswered phone calls from November 20 to December 2 to discuss the new rate. I explained I left town for the holiday and that my client care specialist never mentioned anything about it, I had no messages, no emails the email they gave me was not the one they contined to use through out this process my bet the same for the phone calls and my client care scam artist requested new information and told me for month that everything was in process and to update bank records.I'm only finding out now that they said it was cancelled back then after two dozen phone calls it never came up. I am a 100% disabled vet from combat and was told by quicken they were number one in va loans for disabled vets they are jd power ranked #1 in satfaction and bbb number 1. I havn't been treated worst by a company to date, Ive been yelled at like a kid told I'm lying and told to get over the peanuts of my 400.00 dollars.That money maybe penuts to quicken but to me my 600.00 loss makes a big differents and if its peanuts why dont they give it back or follow the loan contract. I wonder why I ever saw there advertisment on a vet website,I since have started a refince with a local texas bank and have been treated as I desearve to be like a custormer. I hope companys that lose grounding and focus on the importants of customers meet there proper fate. As to there staff it shows your all from Detroit.
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1341204
Dec 03 2016
07:30 PM
Quicken Loans Condescenging Detroit Michigan
I got an email stating do you qualify for a VA Loan since I am a Vetran? I clicked on the start button and filed out the infromation. Got several calls which left several messages. The first one was from quicken loans so I returned the call first. They picked up stated I was looking for some information to see IF I could be helped. So they transfrod me to someone who could help me but didn't tell them that I was looking for information. So I spoke to someone which started out ok, as I started to give my information I could tell the tone in the voice was starting to get attitude. I was told that there was several things that affected me getting a loan besides just my credit score. Then the attitude got turned up a little and I was told I was wasting their time since my loan is under water. I also was told I needed to have a minimum income of $5000.00 to $6000.00 a month to even qualify for help, as well to wait for 5 years or so for the property value to go up and for me to bring down the balance to see if they could even do any thing for me. At the same time I was being told this I had to hear that I was wasting there time 4 times. Considering the email wasn't even from quicken loans it was a general email but and they where the first to call and leave me message. As well as other lenders leaving me messages, at least the other lenders I spoke to where alot more polite and willing to explain and give me my options without all the limits and things to do. When I was asked if I had spoken to another lender I did tell them I just hung up with quicken loans 30 seconds ago. I was  asked how it went and I let them know about my call with the person I had spoken to and was told to me. They said they weren't surprised with what was told to me.
Entity: Detroit, Michigan
13, Report #1316892
Jul 14 2016
11:11 AM
Spot Loans Raped me with charges
I don't even remember this loan, but they harrassed me at work today, several times. Told me I am being sued. Going to summons me. said I owed over $2000, which is complete BS. I had to close my bank account so they would stop draing my account every 2 weeks!
Entity: nationwide
14, Report #1184624
Oct 23 2014
07:42 PM
city loans seven loans Patrick micheal thomas they scammed me out of 382.00 Nationwide
I recieved a call today 10-23-2014 fromcity loans aka 7 loans..THEY called and told me i was approveed for a 1000 loan and i asked them was it a smaller loan i could do. THE guy Patrick i talked to said that the minimun amount i could get was 1000..I then said ok what do i have to do..He then told me i had to prove i had 191.00 to prove to them i could afford the monthly payment each month.. I told patrick that only had 200.00 to my name and that i couldnt give him the money that it was goin to the things i need for my children..He then told me all i had to do was get a green dot money pack and the money will still be on there they just ned to confirm that i had the i went to purchase it and it came up to 195.95 after purchasing the money pack...HE then told me to give him the number on the back of the card to confim it..HE then said it wil take 30 mins for the loan plus the money on the money pack card yo teach my bank acount..   30 mins later i called back and asked to speak with patrick.THE guy said he had to take my call because patrick could no longer help me becausr my credit score was too low. HE then gave me his name MICHEAL i told him that i wanted my money back to send it to y account.He then told me he couldnt do that it was froze because my score was too low and that i needed 191.00 more to cancel it or 360.00 to approve my loan and to raise my credit score to a 600. I advised him that the money i put on tge money pack was all i had to my name...   I then got very irritated and asked if he could put the money back to my account please and he just kept saying he couldnt it wasnt up to him but up to the credit I ended up asking my room mate for 191.00 so they could relese my funds and he gave it to me but said it was the electric bil money and i needed to give it back to him tonight.. i told him ok because micheal thomas said the 380.00 would be posted to my account in 30 mins..thats how long it would take to cancel the application. So i went and got another money pack and gave him the number to the back of the card this time.  so after i did that i waited at the store for a hour in a half before i could reach anyone at that number.SO i asked to speak with this micheal and they kept saying that he wasnt this guy mike got on the phobe and i asked him where was my money at..he kept saying that the credit people wuldnt allow him to cancel my app. he sid i needed to get a 360 dollar money pack so i can just get the loan and get my money back..i kept telling him i had no more money that i had borrowd he ladt money from my room mate.   HE then said he would make it that i wouldnt have to put the whole 360 up that i could just give them 170 dollars and their company would sign off on the loan. I became very iritated and mad at this point knowing i had to go back to the house and tell my room mate i didnt get on my account and that i didnt have his after i told the guy i had no more money he hung up on me...i still have both money pack cards and my recipts..i have 7 children that i support by myself and i cant even get my baby pampers now...both of my parents ate decesed and i have nobody else to depend on tor help..its just sad and something needs to be done about it.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1398517
Sep 07 2017
02:46 PM
Fast Auto Loans and Payday Loans Defrauded me Colton Ca
I got a Title loan from thrm around 2 years ago I got hurt at work they repossed my vechicle because I fell I got the car back after almost 2 weeks of them giving me the running around of where it was the property waas stolen along with my wallet and 1000 dollars the car was damaged engine and outside. The car was then taken agasin after I had spoke to the manager Sal and that was June 2017 they took the property again and has not helped to try to recover it at all they are a rip off I have lost so much when I picked my caar up this time it had been damaged in the front the spoiler and transmission i have contacted the manager tried to speak with corporate no calls returned I'm in the process of getting a Small claims Court Case
Entity: Colton, California
16, Report #903244
Jun 26 2012
03:55 PM
ezicredit loans , bad credit loans Vaughn, Internet
This company says they help people with bad credit, due to divorce, loss of a job! all they do is want your deposit, to secure your loan, and then you can not reach them. They get you to send a western union deposit guaranteed deposit within 3 to 4 hours....then they are gone! Do not get scammed by these people! Carl Austin and Jeliesa Sealy!
Entity: Vaughn, Internet
17, Report #903301
Jun 26 2012
05:26 PM
ezicredit loans carl austin jeliesia sealy bad credit loans , Internet
Again...the honest person with bad credit due to a divorce, and promised with a deposit....gets screwed!
Entity: Internet, Internet
18, Report #247499
May 08 2007
04:08 PM
Apex Personal Loans GAREENTEED Loans Aventura Florida
May 1,2007 Mr..Calvin Brock Contacted me in regards to a loan application i filled on line through Apex Personal Loans. He stated I got approved for my $5,000 USD loan at 9% interest rate but i needed to pay four months in advace cause i have bad credit the total cost would be $681.00 and the $45.00 insurance premium and after they got that I was GUARANTEED $5,000 Dollars and the next payments would again begin Sept 1,2007. The money was to be deposited into my bank account. So after checking with the better business Bureau who said NOTHING Bad about the company and of course coming here I saw nothing I Felt things were ok I called them and asked where I send the money to. He said it was to be sent to Their office in Oritario Canada where their Main office was. So i said Ok. They wanted it sent there Via Western Union which i felt was good cause i would get a receipt. SO i sent it and called them to let them know i sent it they then said ok the money will be in your bank account in ONE to Two hours. After checking in two hours and No money i contacted them and they said Oh by the way there is a new caribbean taxes law which went into affect May 1. I said well that has nothing to do with me cause i don't live there. They said it does cause that's where my money is coming from. At that point i said *WHAT* She said yes cause your credit is so poor we had to go outside of the country and you need to pay $699.00 plus $399.00 for application fees which your loan officer had waived and the 699.00 got dropped to 499.00 So i said send me a new contract with this in it. which they did so, i sent the 499.99 and again a red flag popped up after they said pay this and we promise the money will be there... So i asked What's the problem now? They said Mr..Brock had no right to say he waived the 399.00 cause he got denied. I said wow So now i owe 399.00? They said yes I said Forget it. They said ok if you choose to cancel then you owe us 499.00 to cancel. I said ok send me ANOTHER contract with why you need 399.00 more dollars I will review it and see what can be done. because to be honest we gave all our money to them on Friday and had to borrow from family for the $499.00 So there isn't anymore I can give. I have contacted the FBI as well as the the Internet Crime Complaint Center Apex keeps calling saying we have a debt of 399.00 and it needs to be paid. I Have all paper work from this company and all receipts. Natalie manassas, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Aventura, Florida
19, Report #1045649
Apr 23 2013
05:11 PM
Quicken Loans NEVER, NEVER call Quicken Loans , Internet
Engineered to Amaze is Quickens motto. It should be modified to Introduced to a MAZE. Their process is intended to put consumers through a grinding process that can only be described as unconscionable and deceptive. You will be asked to provide a plethora of documents that are overly invasive. You will be doing their footwork for them while they are stalled in neutral. They charge $500 for a loan rate lock. I wonder if the $500 per applicant is their primary means of income. They also violated my request to NEVER contact me again for more documents. I ask them to either approve the loan or disapprove it...once and for all. They called again this AM asking for more documents. This may be construed as harassment since they ignored my demand not be be called. Do not even begin the process with Quicken. If you are financially solvent enough to not need to refinance...maybe you will qualify with Quicken. Otherwise, simply stay away from them. It is nothing but A MAZE. The consequence? Weeks and weeks of nonsense before I withdrew my application this AM.
Entity: Internet, Internet
20, Report #1050688
May 13 2013
06:39 PM
ez cash loans loans los angeles California
I have been receiving emails from the two people listed above staying that i owed the loan amount of $300.00 and i took this loan out on 02/08/2011 and i failed to pay it back. they stated that they are filing legal afidavite against my name. i will include the email they sent me in regards to this. when i ask them to contact me noone will. they dont respond to my email either. i have no clue who these people are nor have i ever took a loan out from them. i dont know how much of my personal information that these people have because they posted my birthday and address and last four of ss# on the loan agreement. they wont state what bank that they sent the money to... i know this is all a scam but im afraid of what information these people have of mine.ATTACHED: LOAN AGREEMENT My name is Cheryl Scaggs and I am a legal adviser with EZ Payday Cash. This email is a polite legal notice about the criminal law suit going to  be filed against your name. Legal Affidavit: Our client (EZ PAYDAY CASH) is pressing charges against your name  regarding three serious criminal allegations: Count (1) Violation of federal banking regulations. Count (2) Collateral check fraud. Count (3) Theft by deception.     This is to inform you that the creditors do have all the rights and  authorities to inform your employer what you have done in the past and what will be the consequences once the case will be downloaded and  executed against your name.     You have the right to hire a criminal attorney. If you don't have  one or if you can't afford then one will be appointed for you, but please make sure you have someone to take you out of the jail when the  judge hears the case. Reply us back to this email to resolve this issue. Best regards, Cheryl Scaggs – Debt Resolution Department.this is the one email that i recieved that was on friday may 10, 2013 @ 10:34 am and the other email i received was Monday May 13, 2013 @ 9:16am..Dear Jennifer,We are notifying you regarding your loan with EZ CASH Loans. In the Event that you fail to voluntary satisfy our requirements for payment of your debts to EZ CASH Loans, we will have to turn to the court with the purpose of enforced collection of the debt, which may entail additional expenses for you, for example, the expenses in the amount of state duty, the cost of representative’s services for the compearance, the compensatory interest for the use on detention of money for each day of delay, attorney’s fees, court fees and the execution fee.Please refer to the file attached with this email for all the brief information regarding this outstanding debt. The attached file is a digitally signed consumer loan agreement between you and the company. Please read all the terms and conditions for the better understanding.If you wish to pay the Loan in Full, or make a Principal Payment in addition to your fees and interest due, please contact us back through email as soon as possible. We do value your business, so if there is an error on our part and payment has been made, please contact us immediately so that the matter can be rectified. Otherwise, if there is a problem paying this invoice, please contact us so that an alternative arrangement for payment can be made. Regards Andrew Hobart they both have loan agreements attatched but i never signed any of them. it says it was done by digital signature. i asked both of them to get in contact with me and they wont.  < this is the link provided in my email from andrew when i went to the link this is what it says on the page that made me think this was all so NEVER sends emails to visitors/users following up on payments or legal notices. If you receive any email purporting to be from EzPaydayCash.Net please be advised that this may be fraudulent. EzPaydayCash is not a lender and is only a matching service. Please read the disclaimer given below.This Website and service request form does not constitute an offer or solicitation to lend. the operator of this website and service request from is NOT A LENDER, Is not a broker, agent or representative, does not make credit or lending decisions, does not charge consumers any fees, and does not endorse any particular lender or loan program. This lender matching service provides services request form information to one or more lenders, and is not available in all states. *Typically, participating lender do not perform credit checks with the three credit reporting bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union. Credit checks, consumer report, or identity verification checks may be performed through alternative service providers. A credit checks or otherwise verifies the consumer's social security number or other information against national databases may be performed as needed by some of the participating lenders. Not all lenders can provide up to $1500, and first time customers typically do not receive loans in this amount. There is no guarantee that by completing this service request form a loan will be provided and the amount of funds extended should a lender approve a loan is at their sole discretion. Available loan amount vary from lender to lender. Please use short term advance loans responsibly. The application form is not property of this site owner and it's an advertisement.I really think something needs to be done in regards to this. these people are trying to scam many people and they are emailing and harassing people also they have personal information...
Entity: los angeles, California
21, Report #1246571
Aug 05 2015
11:59 AM
Brookwood Loans Brookwood Loans a Rip Off!!! Virginia Beach Va Nationwide
I have a loan with Brookwood loans.  My daughter helped me get the loan for 3,500 dollars.  I didn't pay attention to the interest rate at the time because I felt my daughter had all that covered.  Well my mistake!!!  Had I paid attention I would have NEVER gotten a loan from this company!!!  I have already paid over 5,000 dollars and I am only halfway done.  I am required to pay 36 payments.  That means I will pay over 10,000 dollars when I am done!  That is just insane!!!!  Lesson learned for me but a hard one!!!  Don't get a loan from Brookwood loans or any place that has such a high interest rate.  Do the math first!!!!
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #1237705
Jun 24 2015
11:56 AM
Auto Loans, LLC Title Loans Cook Islands Internet
 I got a title loan for $1200 from AutoLoan, LLC in April. My first payment of $257 was due but I had an issue with my bank account. I called in on a Monday and told them I would be mailing in the payment. The representative I talked to said she would make a note on my account and I would just continue to get calls. On Wednesday, my car was taken from my place of employment's parking lot. I immediately called the company and was informed that I had the option of paying $1516.90 before the 15th of the month, but after the 15th, it would be $1774.30 or I could just pay it off for $2902.20. The original loan was only $1200 with 20% interest. I immediately contacted a lawyer who has filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy that way I can still pay off the loan but also get my car back as it is the only means of transportation I have for me and my son. My lawyer has filed a motion against the company and they refuse to return his calls. The one representative he did speak with was very difficult. I regret ever doing business with this company. Although the payoff amount is ridiculous, I will pay it over time, I just need my car back. I need help.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1195959
Dec 17 2014
06:13 AM
loans online, Loan North America, American webloans fash, cash advance, USA cash loans, loans most are Seattle
All of theses companies are doing the money pak scam. Installment loans 206-445-0875 his name is DavidThomas want you to send the money to Shirleybush. Loans North America  630-891-2340 his name its I Anthony. American webloansfash her name is Ivy Parker. Cash Advance 206-855-6816 her name is Nicole Smith. USA Cash Loan compnay 213-785-8821 her name is Rose. American loan web her name is Linda. Cash Advance America 202-436-9791 his name is Zack Perry. They ask you about your identity. What is funny about this whole thing these  people have American names but they sound foreign. All scammers!!!
24, Report #517524
Oct 30 2009
04:48 PM
Tempo Loans, Hermano Loans Hermano Loans Beware to Consurmers, Loan Shark Operation Houston, Texas
This company has a very bad reputation as a loan shark company. This company actually is two loan companies which are owned by the same company but deceive customers into thinking that they are separate loan companies but in fact are the same. Tempo Loans have been known to overcharge customers especially unsuspecting senior citizens with false late charges, they do this by updating the date of the due date of payment and charging the customers an additional ten dollars late charge. They also have their employees call under false names, and also demanding payment from customers by stating that if the customer does not pay that charges will be filed with the District Attorney of Houston Texas. The employees make fun of customers and rudely have been known to scream and threaten, and ask one person for payment of their food stamps. The company next door has been known to use illegal repossession tactics. They are rude and unprofessional. I feel sorry for their customers who have been verbally abused. If you are a customer there you should always check that you receive correct change because the employees are told that if they have a shortage it comes from the employees pocket but if they have wrongly given the customer the wrong change and have short changed the customer, they are told to turn the money over to the company and not notify the customer.  If you are thinking of getting a loan here you may want to reconsider, again use the Buyer Beware. This company needs to be investigated by the Office of Commission of Credit Consumers. As a christian, all I can do is pray for their victims.
Entity: Houston, Texas, Texas
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Apr 18 2005
10:20 PM
United Cash Loans ripoff Neveda Nevada
I've had the same problem with this company as others have for a $300.00 loan I never authorized within 5 days they withdrawed $90.00 out of my account. Then after that they continue to withdraw $90.00 then $50.00 & $65.00 then for like 3 months they with drawn from my account a total of $900.00 from my account. Just recently I disputed the charges with my bank and on 4/18/05 seen a check I never wrote of $600.00 withdrawn from my bank account. Now I have to take the the off to possibly take some legal action if necessary. Edward MIAMI, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nevada

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