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26, Report #142847
May 16 2005
06:48 AM
Last Chance Loans ripoff Sarasota Florida
I applied for a loan with Last Chance Loans. I was emailed stating that a lender had approved me for a $4500.00 loan. My lender was Global Financial Services, Inc. I need to send them a money order for $200.00 when I went to pick up the documents from Fedex. This money was to be paid in case I defaulted on the loan. This was a very legitimate looking agreement. It had to be notorized as well. I was then to mail the completed documents to Global Financial Services PO Box -----in San Jose, Costa Rica. My loan was to be deposited into my checking account 24 hours after they received the documents. The documents were mailed on 4/30/05 and still no loan. I have emailed Last Chance Loans through their web address multiple, multiple times. I have also emailed my account manager Jamie K numerous times. I left numerous voice mail messages on Last Chance Loans' 1-888-717-5278 number. I have not received any response from anyone. This loan was to help me with my financial situation. I needed this loan immediately and desperately. Now I am out of $200.00 and still with financial need. Please help me to get my money back! Johnny Forest City, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Sarasota, Florida
27, Report #157632
Sep 19 2005
04:01 PM
Silvercrest Loans Ripoff for $5000 loan Phillidelphia Pennsylvania
Hello, my name is Nicole I am from Alabama and I received a call on me cell phone one day from a man named Dennis Rose from Silvercrest Loans telling me I had been approved for a $5000 loan and that the funds would be deposited into my account within 24 hours of receiving a collateral payment of 770.00. At first I told him no, there was no way I could come up with that kind of money for a loan, then I talked with my husband about it and we thought well whats 770.00 when we're going to get 5000.00, so reluctanly we went to Western Union and sent this money to a girl named Jennifer Webb in Alberta Canada. Which to me was odd, and gave me a sick feeling after I had sent the money. Needless to say it has been a month now and after many phone calls, messages, fake traking numbers, etc... we still have no loan and are out of 837.00 it cost 67.00 to send the money western union, we were told we would get that back too, but nothing. As a mother of two, one who is only two weeks old, I hope that everyone who reads these letters about this company will NOT send them any money. It's a scam and I am going to do everything in my power to see this company is stoped. To those who are victims also, I am very sorry they got to you too. Lets get the word out and stop companies from doing this to people. Nicole Alexander City, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Phillidelphia, Pennsylvania
28, Report #155661
Aug 31 2005
05:51 PM
Ace America Loans ripoff Las Vegas Nevada
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
29, Report #146322
Jun 15 2005
03:47 PM
Green Tree Loans ripoff Bradenton Florida
i am writing to better describe our situation. two weeks ago a male named david norris called and said that we had been approved for a 10000.00 dollar loan. david norris then emailed me a couple of documents for my husband to sign in front of a notary and we had to fax that document (which i still have) and a voided check and a paycheck stub and said that we will be recieving a fedex and that we needed to pay the fed ex people 400.00 dollars to cover the finders fee. we never heard from anyone again. and the phone number that i have has been disconnected. that is the story. Michelle Gillette, WyomingU.S.A.
Entity: Bradenton, Florida
30, Report #159564
Oct 05 2005
09:32 AM
Ace America Loans ripoff Las Vegas Nevada
I should have checked it out first but all i want is my 260.00 back ! Gina Wallingford, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
31, Report #83967
Mar 15 2004
04:23 PM
Bad Credit Loans ripoff Nationwide
Ripped off - stated 100% money back guarentee. Noted loan companies who had already denied me previously. Won't return money. DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICES. Kimberly Keams Canyon, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
32, Report #218049
Oct 27 2006
09:23 PM
United Cash Loans payday loan ripoff Miami Florida
United cash loans gave me an advance of 300.00. since then they have debited my account of 625.00. these people are rip off artists. they will not talk, they are rude, and there phone works only some of the time. you cant email them or contact them any other way. because of this, i have to close my checking account, and file a report with the BBB. RIP OFFs are what these people are. bet there address isnt correct either. STAY CLEAR FROM THESE JERKS!!!!!!!! Jason Burleson, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
33, Report #216837
Oct 20 2006
12:36 PM
United Cash Loans ripoff Internet
I borrowed $150.00 and theyve taken over 600 and i cant contact them. I want my money back. Please help me im in desperate need. Brian staten island, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
34, Report #215354
Oct 12 2006
06:19 AM
I was in need of fast cash and fell pray to their easy loan advertising. I took a loan for $300 and agreed to pay back $90 over the $300. I've now paid over $600 and don't know if their going take more. Mario fitchburg, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: FITCHBURG, Massachusetts
35, Report #215411
Oct 12 2006
11:17 AM
Apple Payday Loans ripoff Wilmington Delaware
I stupidly used this company for help paying car repair bills. I agreed to pay the entire $200 back in one lump sum to be withdrawn as a one time draft. Since the payback, I've noticed bi-weekly drafts from my checking account with varying amounts each time (not a set amount). I called my bank's 800# to only get the runaround. I tried e-mailing this outfit with no luck and tried calling but the number listed is disconnected. I've repeatedly contacted my bank about the fraudelent charges and now have been told to come in the bank and file a report. These charges have cost me money unnecessarily by causing over draft fees on several occasions. I'm demanding all these charges and overdraft fees be credited back to my account. I've also been told it may be a good idea to close this account. Wanda Columbia, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
36, Report #405162
Dec 26 2008
10:02 PM
United Cash Loans Dishonest and Complete Scam Internet
Of course Christmas resulted in a bit of financial hardship for me, I wanted a cash advance to get me through until next payday, I filled out an application online and before the approval I found all of the postings on this website and decided to cancel my loan. I attempted to contact the company during their business hours but only received a recorded message telling me that their office was closed. I emailed twice asking them to cancel my loan request as it was still in the pending status. I emailed them the third time telling them to cancel my loan request and to cease and desist with putting funds or taking funds from my account as I have not received any funds as of yet. I contacted my bank and will close my account and open a new one so that I will not receive any funds from this company and they will no longer have my account information. I do worry that they have my social security number. I hope that I have caught this soon enough!! If I don't receive the loan, then this should just fall to the wayside. If anyone has any guidance for me to reassure me I am taking the right steps here, please please let me know. Dianna Long Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
37, Report #462755
Jun 18 2009
05:41 PM
ACH LOANS Pay day loan interest fraud Internet
I received a $200 loan from ACH Loans back in August of 2008. I actually had forgotten about the actual loan, but was quickly reminded when my account kept being in the negative. After further research I found that they had been taking out $48 every week since then. It is now the middle of June and this loan has cost me $1800 in interest in nearly $2000 in overdraft fees. I can't get on to the website to fix this and the person I spoke with says I still owe the $200. This is insane. How can I get my money back? What are my options? I have filed with the BBB and I am probably going to have to close my account altogether. Racey Oxford, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
38, Report #395263
Nov 26 2008
09:58 AM
Road Loans Harassing Phone calls. Florida Nationwide
They keep calling me odd hours. They have been harassing with my calls asking me to confirm my information. I have consistently asked them to stop calling me but they never listen. Can anyone stop them? It has been about 2 years of consistent calling and i am fed up with them. Someone needs to stop them. If there anyone who has brought case against them, should inform me so as I can be included in this. Let us stop them by bringing a class action law suit against them. Sam Lake Hiawatha, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
39, Report #397753
Dec 04 2008
08:42 AM
Aurora Home Loans Credit Fraud Scottsbluff Nebraska
I filed BK last March. I kept My home that was serviced by Aurora. I have had the home for 2 years, never missed a payment, never been late. Aurora never sent me any coorespondance during the BK, they were sent the paperwork by the courts. Now that the BK has been discharged they are reporting on my credit that the loan is closed and discharged through BK. Yet they are still cashing my two checks every month. I went through a bad time and am trying to get back on my feet, they are not helping me rebuild my credit and are in fact damaging it. I have spoken / faxed them the documants 6 times within the last two months. Is there any help out there? Wpa4him Nevada, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsbluff, Nebraska
40, Report #425631
Feb 18 2009
12:18 PM
Quicken Loans Liars!!! What a Scam! Livonia Michigan
My parents wanted to purchase my home but didn't qualify. They told my father that in order for them to qualify that they should be added to the mortgage with me and my husband ( my husband was not previously on either). And in 6 months they with do a modification and remove me and my husband and it would be only them on the mortgage. I questioned this and they said that it would be no problem...When it came time to close we were told that they couldn't put my parents on the mortgage and to add them to the deed and everything would work out. Well 9 months after we closed my father called me angry because he spoke to Quicken and they couldn't do what they said they would do. Apparently they don't do modifications.. So now every couple of months they are calling me to refinance. Are names are still on the home and we got a higher interest rate for nothing!!! Florida home raleigh, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Livonia, Michigan
41, Report #372045
Sep 11 2008
02:41 PM
United Loans $300.00 quick & easy Cash Loan Internet
I has done some online surveys to see If I could get a loan, fair loan, with fair regulations, and i nterest rate for $1000.00, not knowing, I was okay'd for a $300.00 cash loan, that was transefered into my banking account, and I am now having to pay back $900.00 for this loan, this is absolutly ridiculous, when you call the help line, or customer services line, there is absolutly no services, when I was trying to dispute this loan, I was told I couldnt speak with a manager, I had to be put on a call back list, to which I never received a call back, this happened to me a total of three times. Good thing is, I put a dispute in with my bank, who fought agains it, and United Loans stopped withdrawing funds, and zero'd out my apparent balance with them. United Loans, is a company that works with absolutly no Integrity what so ever, and I would not recommend there services to anyone! Anon Salem, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
42, Report #546462
Dec 28 2009
07:27 PM
Kosters Cash Loans annoying phone calls Internet
I have never taken out a payday loan, nor would I, but I understand that some people really need this service. My friend is one of those people. She took out a loan and I guess is not able to pay it back, and Kosters is now calling me on a weekly basis!!!!! Seriously? Wow. They make you feel like a criminal. I wonder if they are going to try going after me... put a lien on my property and such. Probably not feasible, but still annoying and a little bit scary. Is this legal? They are calling me at work. Warning... do not take out payday loans.
Entity: , Internet
43, Report #907544
Jul 06 2012
08:36 AM
Quicken Loans lie, bait and switch, or just incompetent Detroit, Michigan
To be fair, a few things were nice about QL.  They were pretty fast, and the people I spoke with were nice.  But, their home refi process otherwise feels like having a tooth extracted via your eye socket.  I did close with them, but would strongly suggest that you seek assistance from other companies prior to using them.  At the very least, you should get second opinions prior to making the $500 payment that they require.  Do not let them rush you into such a large financial decision prior to hearing from multiple providers.  You can probably do better, though it may take a little longer. 1. They are either incompetent or dishonest.  In my case, no estimate that they provided was even close.  My monthly payments increased multiple times totaling 12% in increases during the process, and cash required at closing increased 1400%.  That's no typo, one thousand and for hundred percent.  You only learn of these tricks after paying their $500 fee, which makes it less cost effective to shop around at the stage you begin realizing things are not going well.  This is a typical bait and switch, and very unethical. 2. They appear to twist what you report to them during initial phone conversations into what they feel would work best, ignoring the truth.  Read the details they are providing in thier initial application very closely.  They may lie (or are exceptionally error prone) about employment, income, or data specific to your current home or loan.  Several items that I tried to get corrected multiple times were still inaccurate for me as of my closing date.  3. Advertised rates must only apply to God, or other people who would not need a loan in the first place.  I have really good credit, great income and a great credit history.  In short, don't think for a second that you will get the best offer available in the market from QL.  I only stuck with them due to the increased costs of switching at the late stage I came to realize these things.  Had I started with a different provider, I am confident the process would have cost less.  I have spoken with several other providers in the last few days who all support this theory. While parts of their process are nice, you just don't get the best quality service or offers from QL.  The issues I had stem from incompetene or dishonesty.  Either way, they cost you more than you should pay, and cause severe headaches along the way. Their process makes you feel abused and dirty, and I plan to keep spreading the message above until there is some evidence that they have changed.  Life is hard enough these days without having companies like QL in the mix to lie, cheat and con their way into higher profits on the backs of those people just trying to get by.  We deserve better.
Entity: Detroit, Michigan
44, Report #922547
Aug 04 2012
03:58 PM
Quicken Loans Loan Deposit Rip-off , Internet
I applied for a mortgage refinance loan with Quicken Loans.  During the one of the initial telephone conversations, the Quicken Loan Rep said they would need a $400 good faith deposit that would be refunded when the loan closed.  I kick myself now for not having asked what would happen if the loan didn't close, but the whole tone of the rep's comment was that it was just a formality to show that I was serious. It wasn't until their appraiser decided our townhome wasn't worth what we owed (another laughable process), thereby making the loan impossible, that we found out that our $400 good faith deposit was now going to be used to pay the appraiser. When I objected, Quicken Client Care reminded me that the rep told the deposit could be used to pay for the appraisal and that they could prove it because they recorded the conversation.  I said I would apologize if I was wrong, but that I was sure the rep had said no such thing.  Of course when the recorded conversation proved them wrong, then they decided to point me to a document I had signed that did say they could use the deposit against the appraisal if the loan didn't go through.  I said that I hadn't read that part carefully because their rep had already told me it was just a good faith deposit so I belived there wouldn't be anything in the documents that would substantially change what I was told by their rep. Shame on me, I guess.
Entity: Internet, Internet
45, Report #953848
Oct 11 2012
02:57 PM
Quicken Loans Their name should be CROOKEN LOANS Internet
Whatever you do...don't do business with Crooken Loans I am 60 years old and have had experience getting home mortgages and refinancing my house and can tell you this is the WORST experience in my life.The first few times you talk to them (before they get your $400 deposit) they are courteous and call you several times a day to get your business. Once you give them the $400 you can kiss them and your money goodbye. They will do anything not to approve you and keep your deposit. It's a $400 scam! just think...if they do this to just 5 people a day it's $2,000 times 30's $60,000 a month for doing NOTHING!In my case, the appraisal came in way over what was needed so they couldn't use that excuse. They fabricated this belief that my home, where I have lived since I bought it in 1996, was not may primary residence!!! What a joke! They asked for a TELEPHONE LAND LINE BILL. When I informed them that I, like thousands of people who live in this country, don't have land lines at home anymore and instead use their cell phones, they turned me down under the pretense that I wasn't able to provide them with the required documentation for them to approve my loan. I told them I had electricity bills, water bills, etc., which to me are absolutely necessary items to have in a house, but no...they didn't want those...they wanted a land line bill. How ridiculous is that?!In the meantime, I was contacted by several different inept individuals who work there asking me to send all kinds of private documents like pay stubs, tax returns, property deed, just to name a few, and I was so naive that I complied with their every request. Finally, I was contacted by someone in their Solutions Department who offered NO solutions, only problems. I would try to offer solutions like sending them my FPL bill or water bill, but she was stuck on saying that underwriting wanted a land line bill. I even offered to install a land line at home even though I would not use it, but no, it had to be before the fact!I know it sounds unbelieavable but unfortunately it's the truth. The final outcome was of course they kept ALL of my money and sent me an email saying thanks but no thanks.Someone should stop them from continuing to riip people off and get away with it!!!
Entity: , Internet
46, Report #205232
Aug 09 2006
09:12 AM
United Cash Loans ripoff Miami Oklahoma
Again I woke up to find my account was tapped into, This company is out of Miami Ok. Is this the same company that is out of Carson City, albuquerque N M.? Three days ago I changed my debit card #, and they still found a way in,the bank tells me to come in and fill out a form, an told her I can't get out of my driveway cause I don't have the fuel,I couldn't even go to work cause I did't have the funds.She said she would have the funds back into my account by tonite. I called UCL and talked to a rep, I told her I was going to change my checking account and she said that I would be hearing from a collection company, I think the collection company is a fake too. Ready to hear from you pros. Theodore Oregon, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Oklahoma
47, Report #204493
Aug 04 2006
07:36 AM
United Cash Loans ripoff Carson City Nevada
Make sure that Everyone look twice at this company. They are a RIPP OFF to any consumer. They will continue to with draw money from your account until you the consumer see all the money on a monthly basis that the are taking out. Then once you contact them they will tell you that you still owe them more than what they have taken out. I borrow 300.00 and they took 360.00 out and when I call them to ask about the remaining amount they said that I still owed 390.00. yes thats right they want 750.00 for a 300.00 loan. The companies employees are disrecptful and think that the bussiness they are running is doing no wrong. So please before you make this huge mistake think twice. Anthony Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Carson City, Nevada
48, Report #193397
May 26 2006
08:23 AM
United Cash Loans ripoff Miami Oklahoma
Yeah Yeah Yeah they gave me an address today but some PO box.. Talk about a company not to trust I contacted the Police a week ago they are looking into it in the meantime they told me to close my bank account etc ..... The bank has filed penalty and purgery forms on the company as well.. I tell ya it teaches me not to get any more loans Philip Stockbridge, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Oklahoma
49, Report #209035
Sep 01 2006
11:54 AM
United Cash Loans ripoff Internet
I took out a loan with United Cash Loans after I was out of work for a week and need money to pay my car insurance. They prey on the financially needy. Initially, they take out $90 ($30 for every $100) on the pay days that you list. This money does not even touch the principal balance of the loan. They do this until every 5th payment, in which they take out an extra $50 from your account to put toward the principal balance. I noticed on bank ststements that there additional deductions from my bank statements. No rhyme or reason to these deductions. Just randon deductions whenever they felt like it. According to them, my loan is still outstanding even thought I ave paid them (they have stolen) close to $1000 on a $300 loan! I still have to pay the $390 to clear up the loan. They are horrible people and I don't understand how these companies are legal Amanda Woodbridge, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
50, Report #208124
Aug 27 2006
07:08 AM
United Cash Loans ripoff and threatening Internet nationwide
I saw someone else write about United Cash Loans. I have a loan out with them which I defaulted on, and would like to pay them back but am not sure I can afford what they want, each week/bi-weekly. This is so bogus, them threatening me and being rude! I don't want my paycheck garnished. I need to make the rent, insurance, etc. And I need money for medical expenses. They are heartless and could care less, and seeing as this other person wrote they aren't licensed to give loans, can they legally garnish my wages in PA? I fell in the trap of getting loans and can only afford to pay so much not the whole thing. I'm sick of being threatened/harrassed. What to do? Janet Moon Township, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

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