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1, Report #1399532
Sep 12 2017
11:37 AM
I was on my system some days ago, a survey came and after attending to the survey an advert popped up, LOOK FLAWLESS TODAY Cream came up. I wanted it for my wife at $4.96 which was specified as shipping, This was not even concluded as the system at a point was malfunctioning but I was sure I had already put in my details and payment of $4.96 done via my debit card.I do not have the cream I paid shipping for and as at the time of this report an extra of $89.92 had been taken from my account. They have taken $4.96 without delivery and had also taken $89.92 extra, I do not want the cream I even paid for anymore but I want a refund of my $4.96 and $89.92 already taken from my account.I cannot even locate their company name again. All I know now is LOOK FLAWLESS TODAY as indicated in my account statement.Please help me. The LOOK FLAWLESS TODAY is certainly a scam! I want my money back as I have 4 little children to fend for (Twin Boy babies included). Please help me.OLA, BROOKLYN PARK, MN (((REDACTED)))
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1401903
Sep 23 2017
11:47 AM
Look Flawless Today Fraudulently charged credit card Internet
I responded to an ad on the internet selling a small hair-trimming tool for facial hair which was advertised at a price of $19.99.  The next day a charge appeared on my bank statement for $94.87 from a company called lookflawlesstoday.com. A search of the internet gave me this website but no physical address and no phone number was displayed on my statement in the entry taking the money out of my account. Usually there is a 1-800 phone number listed along with the deduction on your statement but this company did not provide any contact information to report any problem with your order.I haven't received the product yet as it has only been 2 days since I ordered it, but I would like the charge to my debit card reduced from $94.87 as this was not what I agreed to.  If I do not receive the order, I would like a full refund.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1399771
Sep 13 2017
01:53 PM
Look flawless today impressive marco charged my debit card $ 89.99and I haven't recieved the free 30 day trial for $4.95 yet. and it on my account it stated recurring debit, never authorized this Internet
Company, Look flawless today, advertised on internet for a cosmedic product. there was a free 30 day trial for only the price of shipping $4.95. There was no mention of paying $89.99 after the trial, however, I never recieved the trial product and my debit was never charged $4.95 for shipping, only the full price of $89.99 and no product was recieved. I am very angry about this cause on my bank statement it states that this is a recurring amount to be deducted from my account.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1121609
Feb 06 2014
07:46 PM
flawless barbershop unknown barbershop Corpus Christi Texas
I was in need of a hair cut just a simple cut they call a fade 0 on sides and trimed top with clipper lined up in front and shave if possiable ....well i was getting married that weekend and thought id try out a new shop on my way of runing around town. Place looked dead but still walked in no one greeted me at first and the music was playing so i didnt care but as a first time customer its not inviting. so i get in the chair of rick i believe it was and he says im a professinal i work for wahl clipppers trust me you will be looking nice after we are finished so i felt more relxed but still was unsure. he proceeeds to do my cut and is very rough with my head and even nicks my er with the trimmer, guy didnt even tell me but i felt it, i hope he cleans his blades by looks of it the health bnoard should be called on them. so im just waiting to get out of this place he goes to show me my cut and the back is not blended and was way too high up like he didnt know how to fade. i was so mad there was no fixxing this hackjob! my past cuts at greatclips have been better!! Please dont let this place mess your image up. now my photos look horriable and my wife will never let this one go! Thanks
Entity: Corpus Christi, Texas
5, Report #1228018
May 09 2015
04:38 PM
Forever Flawless cheating tourists Miami Beach Nationwide
These people are dishonest and cheaters, I spent 400. they have sold me packages already opened and the shop in  Lincoln road it's run by a troglodyte peasant liar dishonest. I had called the police who immediately understood what kind of persons they are. In the meantime all tourists and other shopkeepers who saw the police argue with the ignorant, now  they know what kind of persons you are. I'll write a thousand reviews to punish your unacceptable behavior.  
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #1266202
Nov 07 2015
10:30 AM
Neudermis/Flawless Skin Care Santa Anna Internet
Ad from FB to try sample sizes of 2 products and only pay shipping charge of 4.95 for one (Neudermis) and 3.95 for the other (Flawless).  I then go online to see charge of 178.63 for the total of the 2 products which was totally unexpected.  I did try both creams for 3 days but had such irritation had to discontinue.  Seeing the charge of 178.63, I became suspicious as to whether the products ordered were on a trial basis.  I then called both companies to let them know I wanted all future products if I signed up inadvertently online while ordering the trial to be immediately cancelled.  I requested that my credit card account for the 2 amounts be credited so I only would be paying shipping charges of 4.95 and 3.95.  They told me I missed the 14 day cancellation period which started the day I ordred products online.  I argued that I was within the 14 day period since my credit card account was charged on 10/28/15 and I was calling them on 11/4/15 and I should only be responsible for paying shipping charges as so advertised.  The tone of both reps I talked with was you can keep talking but we are not going to budge;  lots of attitude and totally unwilling to listen to what I had to say.  So, I went in another direction and filed a dispute against both companies stating the facts and hope the outcome is favorable to me in that I am only responsible for shipping charges.  If you see online ad from Neudermis, Buyer Beware it's a ripoff.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1268577
Nov 17 2015
02:17 PM
Flawless Aging Serum misleading and false advertising. California
Somewhere around the last of September I ordered 2 products from Flawless antiaging online.  One was an anti aging serum and the other a lip plumper.   It was my understanding that I had to pay the shipping costs on each item in order to try it for 15 days and then I could cancel any future orders.  I did call within the 15 days on August 14, 2015 and canceled any further orders as I did not see any results.  They assured me there would be no further shipments or charges to my credit card.  I recevied my new billing on the credit card and it showed a full charge of $89.95 to my account dated 10-12-15.  When I called to company and asked them to remove the charges, they refused and said that was for the order in September which was supposed to be a free trial.  I told them their information was deceiving and asked to speak to a supervisor to which they advised there was not one there.  Don't ever use this company!!!  Another lesson learned!!     
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1353575
Feb 02 2017
11:53 AM
Flawless Spring Cream Rip Off Internet
 Ordered two trial Flawless Spring Cream products...paid $4.95 for one and $4.99 for other. Received the creams , thinking that was it. Then I found where they had charged my account for $84.95 and $89.92 for these creams. When I called, they hung up on me 5 times after I questioned the additional charges.i finally got through and I was told that the instructions said I had 14 days to cancel...which never appeared anywhere as I ordered the trial products. The people I spoke to were extremely rude and yelled that I should have read the fine print. Also, the creams do not do what they advertise. The whole thing is a rip off!!!
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1313541
Jun 25 2016
08:59 PM
The Flawless Fox Boutique BEWARE OF THE FLAWLESS FOX BOUTIQUE Internet
DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE. I am a serial online shopper. I have successfully ordered from several online retailers for years and years. This is the first time; not only did I NOT recieive my product - i received extreme attitude from the people running this shitty website (with gramatical errors on the webpage might I add). I should have known better, but i followed them for quite a while on Instagram and figured one order would be okay. Well I was VERY wrong!!! My order still hasnt even shipped and after numerous attempts to get a hold of someone; i finally received a nasty response 3 days later (after I had to politely threaten them) from someone vaguely indicating it would ship within 7-10 business days. - whichw as nothing but a lie and a ploy. If you're looking for good customer service - you can count that OUT, and if you're looking to get your order within a month's time frame - you might as well stick with Ebay shopping from Chinese vendors. I am now having to pursue a claim via PayPal to get my money back since I never received my product. i will report them wherever I can so that the inocent online shoppers like myself do not get bamboozled. 
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1320866
Aug 05 2016
10:39 AM
Flawless Garcinia-Flawless Mango Ripoff Santa Ana California
I saw an ad on Facebook for Flawless Garcinia linked to Dr. Oz. I clicked on it and was redirected to a website with phenominal claims about weight loss. The initial price was $4.95 a piece for Flawless Garcinia and Flawless Mango. Since it was so cheap I thought I would give it a try. When I checked my bank statement I found that I had spent $160+ for a product that was advertized for $10. I have been unable to find a phone number to cancel my order. I am still trying to stop this order. Very disappointed with the company and myself for falling for this scam!!!!
Entity: Santa Ana, California
11, Report #1373892
May 17 2017
11:23 PM
camille flawless e. flawless Camille Flawless3377 Las Vegas Blvd S Ste 2115Las Vegas NV 89109-8928 Camille Flawless ruined my wedding. stoled $10,000 Las Vegas Nevada
started in 2015, never received proper detailed documents for wedding, she over the course of a year took $10 deposit for the wedding, we agreed on $20K FOR 20 people than she claimed she never agreed to that as well as she never agreed to my guest staying at the Venetian hotel If I wanted that it was 16 people and $5k more ($25K). Since she had my money I reluctantly agreed to $22K. but insisted a DETAILED contract/paper work. Never could get it! I need description such as instead of her stating she would provide the food I needed it to state, sit down dinner or not what type of food, booze description and other details. That request was made 1/2017.  On April 14th I cancelled the event.  I had given her plenty of time to provide proper detailed paper work. Her paper work has always been unprofessional and chopping/messy.  I need my deposit back in full as she as promished.  I can provide all documents  
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
12, Report #622047
Jul 10 2010
04:22 PM
FLAWLESS FINISH REFINISHING The warranty isn't worth the cheap paper it's written on Plano, Texas
This guy refinished my tub.  He tore off the popcorn ceiling above the tub and dropped it into my just painted tub.  The popcorn set into the tub finish.  Even though he advertises a five year warranty, he stood me up for the follow up job and now won't return my calls.  Beware!  He will rip you off, take your money (he deals in only cash), and runs.  I'd pay more to not have to deal with someone with such little character again!  He is very sloppy and doesn't back his work!!!!
Entity: Plano, Texas
13, Report #831681
Jan 31 2012
09:05 AM
Midwest Flawless Ent. Patricia Wolves In Sheep Clothing St. Charles, Missouri
Greetings, To all, A lady by the name of Patricia called me in 2009 about coming to St. Louis to preform in a talent show like event. First she mention that I have to register for this event, the fee then was about 250.00, I paid my fee and sign the form. I travel from pinebluff, arkansas to missour it took me 2 days to get there due to a late bus that took 3 hours to get to the bus station. When I made it there I notice a change in her voice and in her eyes, even the bad artist they had was acting funny, but little that she know one of her artist had told me about what she was doing. So when he told me, I kind of wave it off but I just felt strange. (Now here is the catchy part) Patricia had told me that we all suppose to be preforming but something went wrong. A guy told me that someone broke in the room and stole the pa system, Yes, this is what they said. Ok after that they started to talk to everybody about contract and becomig apart of there label, out of everyone therethey call me last and patricia told me that they will send me the contract and that everything is ok. Due to long trip they stil did me bad. Very disappointed about the trip it took this women 2 weeks to contact me and when she did she told me that they had made a choice, and that choice was not me because I'm not top concerns now, yes se told me that. This women uses the lord to get a lot of peoples in her lie but she is due for conviction. Her and Hosea owe me radio airplay, studio time, videos, pics and more. I tried to call her numerous of time but she never answer nor respond by email nor mail, this women will get it bad soon because she shouldn't never played with my destiny nor me. Stay away from them because they are no good, I don't care who she sem to help, I don care. Midwest Flawless Entertainment owe me and I wil get mines. I have proof. So get ready.
Entity: St. Charles, Missouri
14, Report #931109
Aug 22 2012
03:56 PM
flawless finish resurfacing Collin Cozzo Tup repair failed after two months plano, Texas
Don't expect this company to respond if the bathtub they refinish fails after a few weeks. First they'll ignore your calls and texts, then if you manage to force them into a conversation, they'll make up whatever story is necessary so they don't have to fix the problem. How do I know? Because I was one of the many who received a lousy job and faced this problem when trying to get the company to do the right thing. Flawless Finish's guarantee means zero, along with their BBB rating (at least 7 complaints in last 12 months). Hope you don't make the mistake I did and hire this company.
Entity: plano, Texas
15, Report #934027
Aug 28 2012
08:12 PM
flawless finish resurfacing Tub repair failed after two months plano, Texas
I can attest to the lousy work and worthless guarantee offered by Flawless Finish. The job he did on my tubs failed within two months. You can be assured that if you bring up the guarantee, as I did, he will make up whatever story he has to to try to get more money out of you to repair the shoddy work. His BBB rating is a joke; I complained and got nowhere and plenty of other people have done the same and received the same response. And if you complain, get ready for a torrent of ugly, profane abuse. 
Entity: plano, Texas
16, Report #1201839
Jan 15 2015
09:21 AM
FLAWLESS PRODUCTS (Amazon) Lucas Stole my Work Poland Nationwide
Flawless Products, Lucas, hired me to write 11 reports for him that he would use with the products he sells on amazon.com.I completed all of the reports and he refuses to pay me for the work that I completed. I have messaged him several times but have had  no luck. He is still offering the reports for his products on Amazon.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #1051936
May 18 2013
11:03 AM
Flawless Raspberry Ketone Scammers San Diego California
This company uses Dr Oz's name to scam people.  I ordered a 'free' sample of their 'flawless raspberry ketone' for $4.95.  This is a 30 day supply.  In the 'terms and conditions' is a sentence that says: beginning on the day that you place an order foe a product from the website, your fourteen (14) day trial period begins when you pay $4.95 for shipping and handling.  The trial period is calculated in calenday days, not business days and your 14 day trial ends on day 14.  After 14 days tou are automatically billed to the credit card on file $87.63 and will continue until you call and cancel.  Most people including me do not read the 'terms and conditions'. This is their way of making money on unsuspecting people!  Avoid doing business with this company
Entity: San Diego, California
18, Report #1127988
Mar 03 2014
04:37 PM
Flawless Raspberry Ketone Ripped Off San Diego California
 I decided to try the Raspberry Ketone with the understanding, per the ad, that it was a free trial and I would only be charged $4.95 and IF I decided to continue to receive this product I would contact them. After 14 days my account was charged $87.63! I was not aware that this charge would be deducted from my account! This company is a rip off and everyone should be very aware of their underhandedness! I suppose they would not make any money if they were responsible enough to tell you upfront that their would be additional charges, afterall if consumers saw the additional charges listed with the amount of the free trial, we would not palce the order. I hope everyone does thier research and sees what they are doing before ordering thier Not free trial bottle of this stuff. I was not as lucky and some and used my bank debit card so I could not get the charges removed and was only reimbursed for half. Never again willl I try any Free Trial product.
Entity: San Diego, California
19, Report #1313434
Jun 25 2016
09:09 AM
Camille Flawless Flat out refused to pay! Las Vegas Nevada
I am a model, and on Sun, Dec. 6th 2015 I did a showroom event style job for Camille Flawless in honor of Andrea Bocelli at the Clevand Clinic here in Las Vegas. The agreed total rate was $325. A couple weeks went by and none of us models had heard anything from her in regards to when payment will be ready, despite us all attempting to contact her on our own. Eventually, with the consent  from all the other models, I went forward and sent out a mass text including Camille to address this issue of payment. I was very polite, yet bold and forthwright. She finally responded to that text in the most spiteful manner towards me, simply because I confronted her about this. And of course, she wasn't smart enough to reply separately, so her character and true colors were certainly revealed to the rest of the models, which by the way had all gotten paid that same week. I on the otherhand have tried collecting my money from her hundreds of times now, but she has refused to talk to me and has ignored all my calls and texts. Well it has been over 6 months now, and I'm ready to take legal action and file a small claims against her. I could really use all the help and guidance I can get with this, as I'm not sure where to start. I am committed though to getting the truth out about this cheap, greedy and incompetent scam artist who has litterally built her buisness on manipulation and deceit. This is a warning to anyone who may be considering working for her...DON'T! She will put you through hoops, and it's not worth it! 
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
20, Report #1205026
Jan 28 2015
11:40 AM
Forever Flawless sales pitch laced with lies/misrepresentations Century City, Las Vegas Nationwide
An attractive young lady motioned me to talk with her at the door to a cosmetic store in Century City Mall where she works. She identified the red spots on my face as rosacea and asked me to come into the store to try a product which will make those red spots disappear.  To make the long (BS) sales pitch short, she said she was a licensed esthetician, and the product has a money back guaranty but I will be so happy with the product Ill comback and gladly pay double it is so good. Fast forward I bought the product only to find the product problematic (made the redness worse when used as she directed) and decided to return it. Doing a bit of online research (a little too late) I found many others complain of this company. I visited the CC location several times to return the products until I found my salesperson in. Again she said no problem for a refund and handed me a form to send to the company. I filled it out andd with the receipt e-mailed it for a refun.  They refused a refund based on company policy. I filed with the BBB and Forever Flawless refused to answer the dispute.I returned to the store took photos to show 1. No Return Policy is Posted By the register.2. No license for the business or the esthetician ws posted.I learned, these are two violations. So I'm forwarding a complaint to the state Attorney General and FTC.  
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #1350666
Jan 18 2017
12:49 PM
Skintrium.com/Fair and Flawless HATEFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE New York Internet
The customer service reps at this company are extremely hateful and mean. They make hateful and sarcastic comments and will actually speak to you as if you were an idiot. I asked for an email address and was called a liar, incompetent and spoken too very harshly by Miriam on the phone. She is not the only one. Every time I have had to call this company, they have spewed nothing but hatefulness that is unwarranted. It doesn't matter how kind you are to them. they in turn, speak to you like you're dirt for no reason. I asked about a shipping charge, which appeared to be a double charge and was told that I was the first consumer with that type of question and that I pretty much was wasting her time. Had one rep hang up on me when I asked her to repeat an email address because she said it so fast. Had one rep tell me that she could make my order 'disappear'. These people can only be this way because management and the owner(s) allows it and must definitely be hateful themselves. They absolutely never respond to emails that you send, but insist that that is the only way to get assistance for anything outside of phone orders. They treat you as if they have the absolute most miserable lives and as if they make three dollars an hour. Very, very poor customer service. Avoid at all costs. I was threatened with retaliation by one of the customer reps.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1370663
May 01 2017
02:17 PM
Forever Flawless-Paragon A SCAM and FRAUD Las Vegas Nevada
Absolutely disappointed..this is by far the worst investment I have ever made. I made the purchase at a Vegas trade show and the sales rep was so rude and aggressive. I decided to get the Paragon after she basically shoved it down my throat. She said you would get results after a month and I see no difference! Overpriced and NOT worth it at all. If I can descrive them in one word, it would be: scam. 
Entity: Las Vegas , Nevada
23, Report #1374927
May 23 2017
01:41 PM
Flawless Healthy Life Splendid Shine Skin Care No Stopping After Free Trial- No Answers Internet
I ordered the free trial.  I received and called to cancel and return the product with no future billing, according to website directions. They do not answer their phones.  I called multiple times, left detailed messages to cancel and return.  No returned call.  No emailed instructions for return and cancellation as requested. They just billed me, and I am disputing the bill with my bank.  I even had changed by credit card, but the bill came through anyway.   I still have the product, and will return it when they give me a return authorization.   My advice, the product is average at best.  DO NOT DO business with this company!
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1384149
Jul 09 2017
09:33 AM
Flawless Skin Cream Repeated fraudulant charges to my account every month Internet
Same thing as other reports - bought a trial size for around $5, but then every month they are charging me $160 for no product.  There is no website that I can find.  Please make them stop!
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1426864
Feb 02 2018
01:03 PM
Simply Flawless Advanced Beauty They have sneaky business practices, Moultrie Georgia
This company scammed me said i had a 14 day trial.  They billed me a huge amount of money 5 days after I actually received the product that isn't a trial the woman told me that they count 14 days from order date not the day you receive you product.  Shady in every way.  I am very angry and the product is not good.  I am sending it back.  I had to ask three time to cancel no more product she tried to offer me 1/2 price what? I don't want the product.  
Entity: Moultrie, Georgia

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