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1, Report #501750
Sep 29 2009
01:31 PM
Lowe's Home Improvement Store Lowe's hidden pricing policy Tullahoma, Tennessee
I sent the following email to Lowes.com: I bought a few gallons of Valspar paint from this store in July. Yesterday I bought 2 quarts of the same paint to finish the job. Each gallon cost $23.47 in July. Two quarts (one half gallon) cost me $24.96, or $1.49 more for a half gallon than a gallon. I didn't discover this until I had already paid for the paint and got home. Prices aren't prominently posted anywhere in the paint department, so I was unaware that the price was so out of line. There's something wrong with that pricing structure. I would expect four individual quarts to add up to a little more than a gallon, but more than twice the price??? Their response left on my answering machine: You pay more for a quart because you are paying for the convenience. What a BS answer. It doesn't cost any more for them to mix a quart than it does a gallon. A quart doesn't represent any convenience to me, I just hate to waste paint that wouldn't be used. Home Depot gets my business from here on out, including the building package that will happen in the spring to build a new house. I don't want any more pricing surprises for convenience. Let the buyer beware! They won't post their prices in the paint department. Now we know why!
Entity: Tullahoma, Tennessee
2, Report #1304647
May 09 2016
08:16 PM
Lowe's Home Improvement Lowe's are crooks Hobbs New Mexico
The early portion of 2015 I, went to Lowe's Home Improvement look at new windows for our home.  I was never shown as much as a picture of what the windows would look like.  I never asked for the cheapest windows but got exactly that.  I had to pay in advance just so they could order the windows I never saw.  I did ask to see this picture of what they would look like and I suppose the brochures had been misplaced.  I did issue Lowe's a check for over $10,000.  It about 2 months for the windows to come in.  They called to set up an installation date so I did write it on the calendar.  On the morning, the day of installation,  Lowe's contacted me to let me know one of the window sashes was broken but she would reorder just the sash.  She assured me they would be there to start the job at 1:00PM.  The installers arrived at approximately 3:00.  Three Hispanic gentlemen started to remove the old aluminum windows.  The first attempt was a blow torch to loosen the window glaze.  This did not work nor was it going as fast as they needed so they got out a sledgehammer, went indoors and literally beat the windows out of the opening. We have a total of 10 very large windows so you can imagine the amount of glass spread all over our property.  They had been to our home to measure these windows two different times so it would have been impossible for them to not get the correct sizes.  None of the windows fit correctly in the opening.  The windows were not plumb or square and another window was broken due to forcing it in the opening.  They used latex caulk inside and out.  Our home is red brick and the caulk was white....smeared all over the brick and inside.  Every window had the sheetrock broken very badly and then filled with the same white caulk.  All of the sheetrock on every window must be replaced.  On the outside, in the process of their sledgehammer, the wood trim above all windows is torn to pieces.  They broke brick at every window corner that can only be repaired since the process of ever matching the brick would be impossible. Lowe's assistant manager, manager of installations and the window salesman all came out to look at the mess we had.  Every one of them were shocked with what had happened.  Within a few days the same people and the 'Independent Contractor'  returned to our home to see if the damage could be repaired.  After the first crew, I knew I did not want them back to make matters worse. We waited several months and an insurance adjuster contacted us to make an estimate for Lowe's.  His figure to replace all of the windows and sheetrock, brick and wooden trim was approximately $13,000.  As I looked over the estimate I saw that they wanted to pay a contractor of our choosing $1.60 per hour for the new windows and labor.  It has taken quite some time for us to get another estate since our county is growing and the contractors are all busy. I emailed a estimate from our contractor to Lowe's Insurance.  She emailed me back to let me know that they would not pay the claim unless I signed and have notorized, a release of any more liability for Lowe's.  Our contractor estimate was greater than the first but he does not have x-ray vision to see any possible damage withis the frame.  I explained this ordeal within the email I sent.  It makes no difference to them.  Lowe's has the attitude that they are the Giants and we are bugs they can step on at any time I have had my fill of Lowe's and the way they handle their claims.  They must somehow be held accountable to the customer not to make sure they don't have anything out of pocket.  I do not think it is legal for them to ask me to sign this form before I can make arrangements with a contractor to have my windows installed.  They have full liability in this matter.  It was independent contractors that were hired by Lowe's, windows purchased by lowe's and now Lowe's Insurance being assholes about this.  They do need to pull their heads out and realize when a mistake is made by their company, they are 100% responsible to make the customer right.        
Entity: Hobbs, New Mexico
3, Report #1279658
Jul 22 2016
11:52 AM
Lowe's Home Improvement In Constant Need of Improvement Dayville Connecticut
Lowes – Never Stop Improving.The home improvement big box REALLY should heed the advice of their own slogan.  They have a LOT of room for “improvement.”This is an open letter to anyone at Lowes who cares enough to actually respond in a real way to try and engage with a customer who’s now been soured-for-life from EVER wanting to have anything to do with this company who seems rather annoyed that the unwashed masses might want them to expend a modicum of effort alongside the exchange of goods for money that is the rock bottom bare minimum of retail.I’ll try to keep this to the highlights, as I’ve spilt too much digital ink and wasted too much breath on this tone-deaf organization as it is.  Here’s how my story started:My Mother in Law bought an $80 Hitachi drill from the Lowes in Oneonta NY as a Xmas present for me.  She (and I, and my wife) were all very impressed by how light the sealed-packaged-drill was (can you see this was going?) but we all chalked it up to the advances in material science that make so many amazing things possible.But no.  When I finally cracked it open to charge it up, it turned out that not advanced-chemistry, but rather age-old-shoplift’ery had lightened our load.  Here’s the run down.-The drill packaging which consisted of a hard-plastic case inside of a cardboard POP sleeve was absent the expected ziptie(s) to keep the case secure, and was sporting a brand new set of over-the-top and around-the-sides plastic strapping.  This strapping looked professional enough to avoid arousing suspicion, but in retrospect, the way it was obscuring and deforming the cardboard overwrap certainly seems suspect.- Upon opening the “drill” I’ve got 1 Charger base.  2 Batteries (one of which has a OEM plastic contact-cover, the other was missing it).  1 Small set of bits as pictured on the overwrap.  1 random loose-bit slotted into one half of a paired set of storage slots.  A manual, a little loose plastic wrap, and exactly zero hand tools. - For those of you who don’t work retail as career-professionals like my wife and I, this is what we in the business call a “repack”.  Some sleazeball buys a product they want, takes it home, takes OUT the good stuff, puts in a brick (or just enough of the original low-value contents to be convincing) very carefully and professionally re-seals the package so any store clerk wouldn’t even think to open it for verification, take it back to the store and get a refund of their full purchase price.Protip- Lowes is more focused on getting rid of customers than doing their damn jobs, so any aspiring thieves out there should practice this technique there.So, we discover this, and immediately realize what’s happened, but we’re not fussed, we know this happens all the time, and are SURE we can waltz into any old Lowes and get a refund or an exchange.  Because THAT’S HOW THE BUSINESS WORKS IN 2016.  I call my Mother in Law to see if she has a receipt, but tell her not to be fussed if she doesn’t because this happens all the time and shouldn’t be a problem.She finds the original receipt and mails it to us, so we wait for it to arrive.  Once we have it in hand, on her next day off my Wife goes down to our local Lowes (Kilingly CT) and explains the situation.The following series of events are what have happened since this point- She is told that a Supervisor needs to be checked with (This is fine, and expected)The Supervisor tells her she’ll need to call Hitachi and deal with them (This is ridiculous, and she asks for a Manager)The Manager on Duty comes out and tells her that since they don’t have the item in store and she didn’t purchase it at this (the Killingly CT location), she’ll have to take it back to the original location, Oneonta NY.  A brisk 6 hour drive from us. She explained that she would not be driving 6 hours, nor sending her 78 year old Mother back to Oneonta to take care of this transparently simple problem, and says that if they’re sending her away without a better solution, she’d like the corporate number.She is sent on her merry way without a resolution.At this point, we both reach out to Lowes to try and resolve this. Parallel events-Myself-I tweet @Lowes and express my disappointmentI am IMMEDIATELY directed to write up my tale on the Rant or Rave website by @LowesSocial (Credit where due, the Lowes Social team is on the ball, if seemingly powerless to help directly)I write up my story (similar to above), closing with saying that based on my Wife’s experience in Killingly I’d rather deal with Corporate directly, and not with the local Management team (this comes back later). I am told by Lowes Social via Rant or Rave that I’ll HAVE to talk to the Killingly people, and that I will be contacted in 24 HoursMy Wife-Calls the number provided.  Is directed to call the Oneonta NY Lowes.Talks to the Oneonta Manager, who is flabbergasted at the experience she’s had, and that a problem in a CT store has been redirected back to him.  Redirects back to the corporate team.  (Credit where due, this gentleman was very helpful and professional)My wife is told that she’ll have a call from Killingly in 24 Hours.48 Hours Pass (Saw that coming, didn’t you?)We have a day off so we grab our empty drill box and receipt and drive on down to Lowes in Killingly.  On the way I tweet at Lowes again, and am asked to update my Rant or Rave (This is annoying to do on a mobile device, and a little ridiculous to ask a customer to do but whatever), and I do so, explaining the lack of contact and am promised that the issue is being escalated.We proceed to the service desk- I explain to the clerk what’s happened and what we need to do (either a refund or exchange)He is SUPER apologetic and highly responsive (so far so good, and credit-where due, this kid was MOSTLY great –see below-)He calls/pages/radios a few times before he finally gets a Manager to call him.He explains the situation.The Manager asks how much the drill costs.The Manager has him check stock at the Lowes in Lisbon CT.The Clerk tells us that he’s sorry that the Manager can’t come up because he’s walking for a Forklift, but that we’ll need to drive down to Lisbon and we can exchange it there where they have the item in-stock.We say, “Great, that works.”  But we ask for the small favor of calling ahead to Lisbon to ensure that they know the situation and this will be no problem before we leave.There is some conferring with his co-workersNo call is placed.We are left unengaged for some minutes.The Store Manager (Michael, I believe possibly Mark?) arrives at the desk and in a friendly (if, rote) tone asks us “How we’re doing.”We explain the situation.He tells us that he’s LOVE to help us, but he’s got none in stock.We reiterate that we were promised a resolution, and we never even received contact.He tells us that (Miracles!) there are 3 on the truck he’s unloading RIGHT NOW (at Noon on a Sunday), and if we come back later we can exchange the item then.I ask when he expects the merchandise will be availableHe says 2 or 3 hours (I’ve unloaded many many trucks, and frankly, even if this truck existed, I’m in-retrospect, very dubious that all the freight would have been offloaded and broken-down/packed-out to the point where three little drills would be at-hand in just 3 hours, but I digress.)I say, “Great.  This is what you’re going to do.  Go ahead and give me a refund on a giftcard, and we’ll either go buy one at Lisbon or come back in a few hours and buy the one that’s being off loaded.”His demeanor IMMEDIATELY darkens and he blusters asking us “What’s the difference?  A Refund now or an exchange in a few hours???”I tell him that the difference is our time, our trouble, our convenience, the fact that this has been handled so poorly so far.He then says (and this is a nearly verbatim quote) “Well, in your Rant, which I read, you said you didn’t want to talk to anyone from this store, which is why I never called you.” In a very hostile tone.My wife responds that, separately, she was ALSO promised contact, and none was received.He mumbles angrily (to the point where the clerk did not understand him and needed it repeated) “Just process the refund.”  And walks away briskly with his head down and no further eye contact or acknowledgement of us, let alone a thanks or an apologyThe clerk, without asking us, and despite our earlier request for a Giftcard processes the refund to my Mother in Law’s Lowes Credit Card.When we point out that it wasn’t what we wanted and that it’s not actually helping us get a drill he starts panicking.My wife tells him its fine, that she’ll have her mother mail us check.We later find out that her Mother’s Lowes card is paid off in full, so now she’ll need to get them to issue HER a checkI tweet at Lowes Social AND Update my “Rant” ticket.  Social (once gain responsive and professional), apologizes and tells me that my case will be escalated to the Market Director and that I’ll be contacted in 24 hours. Any guesses how many hours it’s been?  48+.  No calls.  No emails.  No tweets.  Nothing.Here’s the deal.  We’re retail professionals, gainfully employed, and spending all day every day doing everything possible to make OUR customers happy and loyal.  I do it from the corporate office (with 11 years of field background), she does it every day at the store level.  We can AFFORD an $80 drill any day of the week.  The money’s not an issue.  In fact we received as a wedding and housewarming gift a $200 Lowes gift card.  That Killingly store is the one closest to our home, and when spring comes I’m sure we would have given them that gift card and how many other hundreds of dollars we’ll be spending in preparation for our first spring in our new home (patio furniture, riding lawn mower, grill, all on the list).Anyone with a primary school education can see that giving us the $80 drill (for which I’m sure they can get at least 30% credit from their Salvage Vendor if not Hitachi themselves) in exchange for our future business would have been easy math.Instead, Killingly will not get ONE PENNY of our $200 gift card.  And Lowes writ-large won’t be getting that Drill purchase, nor any of our other future business.  And I’m transparently on a social-warpath with their brand now, maybe not enough to cause any real pain, but certainly not a benefit to them.But Mike in Killingly sure did keep that $80 in his P&L bottom line.  Oh wait…yeah he didn’t.Definitely room for “Improvement.”  
Entity: Dayville, Connecticut
4, Report #104894
Aug 22 2004
07:16 PM
Lowe's Home Improvement ripoff only gave back 50% on a return Chesterfield Michigan
I purchased 3 skylights from Lowe's. I told the Lowe's employee that I need 3 skylights with flashing kits. When I finally received them I discovered that they were non-flashing skylights. When I went to return them I was told I could only get back 50% since they were a special order. I told the Lowe's employee exactly what I needed, but received they wrong thing. I was not told when I purchased them about a restocking fee of 50%, infact Lowe's return policy on the back of their receipt does not mention anything about that. They did not state that anywhere. I paid $565.47 for 3 skylights and only got back $282.73. I lost almost $300.00. I feel that a 50% restocking charge is ungodly excessive. They weren't even custom made skylights. They were not damaged and 2 of the boxes had never been open. Michele Woodcreek, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Chesterfield, Michigan
5, Report #109451
Sep 21 2004
01:27 PM
Lowe's Home Improvement Ripoff - Employees Misleading Customers about Rebates Hampton Virginia
The appliance salespeople at the Lowe's in Hampton, VA are misleading customers about rebates in order to sell there products. I purchased a cooktop and wall oven from the Lowe's in Hampton. The sales associate selling the appliances told me that they had a delivery rebate for some of their appliances of about $25 if the purchase was above a certain retail amount. My total was above that amount. I also contracted for the delivery and install through Lowe's for the items I purchased. After finishing the paperwork for the sale, the salesperson reminded me to send in the rebate form I would get at the register. I was shopping around at different store to make sure I was getting a good price so the rebate the rebate was taken into account when I decided to purchase the items from Lowe's. I trusted a store employee to know the policies on rebate. When I mailed in the rebate form to Lowe's I received back a postcard stating the sales receipt you submitted does not show the purchase of a delivery service. I then contacted Lowe's Customer Service to explain that the delivery charge was included in the $265.00 I paid for the delivery and to please send me the rebate. The reply was that I must have something showing and itemized cost for the delivery. I them went back to the store to talk with a manager who nicely agree that her employees may be misstating the rebates because the rebate only applies if a Lowe's delivery truck drops off the items. My delivery in this case was free. The cash registers always print out a rebate receipt on every sale with a rebate saying you qualified for a rebate even if you did not qualify. She would have the sale associates retrained. What I think upsets me the most is that the store manger never bothered to apologize for the misunderstanding. All I can say is that if the sale people can not understand store policies for thing they are involved with on a daily bases, how can they be knowledgeable about the products they sell where the manufacture is constantly changing and upgrading. Yes, I know this is really my fault because I trusted a store employee to know store policies and I should never expect management to stand behind their employees. I should have read the rebate information myself before I made the purchase. John Hampton, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Hampton, Virginia
6, Report #73069
Nov 25 2003
11:35 AM
Lowe's Home Improvement FALSE ADVERTISING ripoff Champaign Illinois
Need a fast replacement? Call before noon weekdays for same day water heater installation. * Excludes holidays & weekends, * Low prices- guranteed, Best selection of sizes & types, * Complete ordering with one call. This is the ad placed in our phone book by Lowe's. My fiancee and I arrived approx. 10:45 a.m., 24 Nov.2003 at Lowe's to purchase a water heater and have it installed before leaving on our upcoming trip. We were told by an employee and after a call by the employee to his boss, I suppose, it would take at least 2 weeks for them to have it installed. Plus $35.00 delivery fee and about $150.00 installation fee. James Champaign, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Champaign, Illinois
7, Report #32774
Oct 16 2002
08:42 PM
Lowe's Home Improvement the dishonest business that doesn't give a d**n Ballwin Missouri
When the store recently opened about one mile from my house, I was excited because I was just starting some major renovation projects. With a Home Depot and EXPO located nearby, I thought Lowe's would provide some additional selection and competition. However, from the time the store first opened, dealing with them has been nothing but aggravation. Currently, I am in the process of remodeling two bathrooms, making trips to Lowe's almost daily to get supplies needed for this job. Purchasing items has never been a problem, checking out has always been handled in a timely manner. However, every time I attempted to return an item it has always been a 30-minute wait. I believe returning an unopened item with a receipt should be handled just as expediently as a purchase. However, this is just the start of my problems with your store. On Saturday, August 17, I order and paid for an Insignia bathroom vanity. The sign above the display said guaranteed in 14 days. Since I made the order on a weekend, on Monday, August 19, I called to verify my order had been placed. I was assured that the order had been placed and delivery of the vanity would be in 14 days or less. In fact, the sales associate explained that the vanities usually arrive in less than 14 days. About 10 days later I went to the store to see if the vanity had come in and was told no, but, it was on order and should be in a few days. On Tuesday, September 3, more than 14 days past the due date of the vanity, I went into your store again and was told that the vanity had not yet arrived but was due on September 9th. On September 9th, I inquired as to the status and was told by one of the associates that they would contact the manufacturer and call me with the status. After not receiving a return call, on September 10th, I once again inquired about the vanity and was told that shipment of it was due at any time. On September 14th, I called once again about the vanity. At that time, I spoke to one of your assistant managers, Chris Gras, and discovered that the vanity had not been ordered until September 2. Chris said he would contact the company, put a rush on delivery and contact me the following day with an update. On September 3rd, having not received a call, I had to contact Lowe's to obtain the status. Mr. Gras informed me that there was no way to rush the order and the vanity would be shipped on the 19th and, I would receive a 10% discount due to the mistake. On September 20, over 30 days since ordering the vanity, Lowe's called to tell us the vanity was in. We were out of town and unable to pick up the vanity until Monday, September 23. On September 23, I went up to the store to pick up the vanity and had to wait over one hour for them to bring it to me. During this time, I reminded Mr. Gras of the discount he had committed to and I was told that I would have to wait until the vanity showed up before he could give us a discount. It was quite clear that he was in no hurry to help me get my vanity and I ended up being in your store for 2 hours attempting to pick up the vanity. When I got home with the vanity, I found that it was the incorrect model. So, back to Lowe's I went. I waited for almost 1 hour for someone to help me resolve this issue. A sales associate called Mr. Gras, but he did not show up until 45 minutes later. Meanwhile an assistant manager, Steve (I apologize for not getting a last name, it might be Jackson) came to the customer service counter to assist. Don, an associate from plumbing, came up and was very helpful getting an order for another vanity pulled together. However, he was given no direction on what to do with the order or how to capture information on the return. Finally a new vanity was order and I was assured by Mr. Gras and Steve that they would contact the manufacture in the morning to confirm the order, inquire about any possibility of expediting and provide me a status by mid day. Mr. Gras assured me several times that he would do it first thing Tuesday morning. Tuesday morning and afternoon came and went yet I received no phone call. About 3 p.m. on Tuesday, September 24, I went back to your store and talked to Steve, only to find out that once again nobody followed through and contacted the supplier. It was only after indicating I would wait in his office that the call was made. There was no discussion of expediting, only the blanket statement that the manufacture requires one-week minimum to fill the order and 4-5 days to ship. Another 14 day wait. On October 7, I went to Lowe's and inquired about the status of my order since it should have been in by the 4th. The sales associate looked it up and gave me a scheduled date of October 16th. This being unacceptable, I spoke to the manager on duty to, Steve, and refreshed his memory of my predicament. He committed to contacting the manufacturer, determining the status and calling me right back. Eight hours later, I still have not heard back. In the meantime, my wife contacted Insignia directly using the 1-800 number on an order form she found. Debbie the Insignia representative was very friendly and helpful, looking up both our original order (it was ordered wrong by Lowe's on 9/9, not 9/2 as I had been told by Mr. Gras) and the reorder. Debbie called us back with a status within thirty minutes. At this point, I sent this letter to the store manager, and VP of Store Operations. Still haven't heard anything from them. On October 9th, I was told the product was scheduled to ship and would be shipped directly to the store by-passing Lowe's depot. Should be only another 3-4 days. Today, I contacted Lowe's again. This time I was informed that they couldn't find the order or provide a status... some kind of mixup with the supplier switching computer systems. I might get a call back tomorrow with a status. In the meantime, my family is enduring in a three bathroom house that only has 1 sink. Interestingly enough. I went to the Lowes' website to register a comment on the store's service. Upon hitting the 'submit' button, the website went offline and has been gone for about 10 hours at this point. I guess I'll savor this slight amount of justice. Brad Ballwin, Missouri Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Lowes Home Improvement
Entity: Ballwin, Missouri
8, Report #218192
Oct 29 2006
09:25 AM
Lowe's Home Improvement horrible, painfully slow experience purchasing Pella windows Bartow Florida
In March 2006, I requested for Lowe's to send out a person to measure for replacement windows in our 60 year old house. I told the installer that I was uncertain whether we would replace with aluminum or vinyl windows. Talked w/ millworks employee (who no longer works at this store) and we decided to go with vinyl double hung Thermastar Pella windows - 15 in all. We signed up for Lowe's Project Card with 6 months no interest (more on this later). Of course, they were all special order, custom sizes. Got a call at the end of April that windows are in but can't get on installer's schedule til end of May. Fine. Installer shows up in May with aluminum windows, not vinyl, which don't fit. Says the store should have sent him back out to remeasure once it was known that we wanted vinyl. Not to worry, new (correct) windows will be rush ordered. July 10, installer comes out with windows. This time they are vinyl, but they don't have the grid inside. Spoke with store which says problem is with Pella. Will reorder and provide discount of some sort once all windows are installed for my inconvenience. Middle of August, 11 of 15 windows are installed successfully. They look great and installer was very good. The remaining four windows need mull bars and the ones sent won't work. Store will reorder from Pella. September, new mull bars come in. Turns out they're not mull bars at all but trim pieces. Pella doesn't actually make mull bars that fit these particular windows. Store talks with installer and decide to order other mull bars and make an adjustment to make them work. Will be within code. Also, as September closes, I called the store to inquire about extending my no-finance charge plan since the project is not complete and 6 months is about to expire. No problem, happy to do it, sorry for the inconvenience. Get a call in October that new improved mull bars are in and that the installer will call soon. He calls as promised and a date is set for Nov 3. Yay. Unfortunately, got another call soon after that those mull bars aren't going to work after all and now they're just going to order all new windows that won't need mull bars. So November 3 is off. I just checked on the Lowe's Project Card website to verify that I'm not being charged interest, being the suspicious person that I am... and of course, there it is in black and white - 17.99% APR. So I call the customer service number listed and am told that CORPORATE customer service can fix it since apparently the store didn't do it right. So I call Corporate who wants to refer me to the store for them to process it. Says that that type of decision rests solely with the store manager. Not sure why the other guy told me that he could help. So now Corporate took my info to pass along to the store so they can call me right away. Bartow Lowe's already has my information and are well aware of what an ordeal this has become. I don't know if this type of problem varies from store to store. I also don't know how much Pella is contributing to the issue. All I know is that people build complete houses in less time that it is taking me to replace 15 windows. Diane Bartow, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Bartow, Florida
9, Report #342793
Jun 21 2008
07:30 PM
Lowe's Home Improvement Incomplete refridgerator installation Springfield Massachusetts
My wife and I recently purchased a refriderator from your Springfield, Ma location. We requested that the fridge be delivered and installed. The delivery men came and plugged in the refridgerator but told my wife that they did not have the part to connect the ice maker. They then told her that she would have to go buy the part. When I arrived at home we went out to find the part at our local Home Depot where we found several employees that were delighted to hear about the terrible service that we received from Lowe's. They picked out some parts that should work and explained to me how to install them. When I arrived back at home- to my dismay the parts did not fit appropriately. I then returned to Home Depot and tried some other parts that were similar. Unfortunately those parts would not work either as the parts that were left by the delivery men had a special connector that was in the section of hose the installation team removed with the old refridgerator. I then called the store in Springfield and Spoke with the assistant manager. I explained the problem and told him that I would like to have the unit fully installed as was requested. He told me that the installation team were not plumbers and could not install new hosing. I told him that the hoses were there and should have been easy for their professionals to handle. He then told me that he would have a specialist call me back in about an hour or have another team come back out on June 23rd to install the ice maker. Neither event happened. It has almost been a week with no contact from the store. Djdirectdrive westfield, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Springfield, Massachusetts
10, Report #1405401
Oct 10 2017
01:45 PM
Lowe's Home Improvement Disastrous kitchen remodel Tilton New Hampshire
Back in June, we purchased kitchen cabinets, Quartz counters, installation, as well as other necessary items from the Tilton New Hampshire Lowe's. We then purchased a Bosch dishwasher online (through Lowes) to also be installed as part of out kitchen remodel. Our cabinets and dishwasher were delivered in early July and sat in our living room. Installation was scheduled to start in late July. For some reason, they delayed it and it finally began in early August (a long time when your house is full of cabinets and appliances). When we began the project, they assured us that they hired local contractors. The day the project started (August 4th), they were 1 hour late and the contractor stated that he was driving two hours from Vermont (not local, as they stated when we made the purchase). From that date on, he never arrived on time. My husband I would rearrange our schedules, take days off of work (sometimes without pay), to accommodate the installers schedule. Our contractor would tell us he would be at our house at 9am, but not arrive until 11am, 2pm, 4pm, one day not arriving until 6:30pm. Then stay until 8:30 or 9:pm. I'm not sure whey we were taking time off of work when he was clearly arriving after the work day ended. Some days the contractor would send his employees, who would only stay for two hours then leave. We would go weeks with no one coming at all. On Friday, September 22, after all of our cabinets and counters were installed, he installed our dishwasher. He made the statement Bosch dishwashers are the best, I install hundreds of these a year. He left at 8:30pm (again, he arrived at 4:45pm) after completing the installation. Approximately 25 minutes later, my husband went into our basement and found it flooded, with water continuing to pour into it. We called the contractor and told him we needed him to come back immediately. He returned, told us we needed to turn off the water (which we obviously had) and told us he would be back on Tuesday to do clean up and complete our kitchen. He stated it's after 9pm and I have a two hour ride. Just don't use the dishwasher and I'll work on it next week. We did tell him that we wanted it pulled out that night to see what the damage was and all the wet insulation pulled out of our basement as well as the water cleaned up. He found that he failed to put in the gasket or tighten the connection on the back of the dishwasher. He then stated just put the dishwasher back in and when you run it, the heat from it will dry your floors. Needless to say, over the weekend, my husband spent almost two hours and talked to almost twenty people between managers at Lowes, Tilton NH and the Production Office as he was transferred from one person to another. He was finally told to hire a clean-up company and bill the contractor. For five days, we had a large blower and dehumidifier in our kitchen and had to keep all windows and doors closed. Not too pleasant when it's already hot out. On Wednesday, September 27, the contractor returned (again, late) to continue his work. When he left, there was saw dust everywhere. He was working on crown molding and light rails. All of the corners are uneven and nails are showing. When he left, he stated I'm going to make you happy before I'm done. His final day here was Saturday, September 30. He completed the crown molding while I was at work. I returned home and was disgusted. There are gaps in the molding where light shines through. There are gaps in my valance over my kitchen sink, again light shines through. You can see every nail that he placed in the crown molding and light rail. Not one corner is lined up even. One cabinet was installed upside down and the door opens backwards (towards my stove). If this was the type of workmanship I wanted, I would have saved a lot of money and had my husband install everything. I have called Lowes Tilton NH and spoke with Mike in kitchens, who was very nice. He took all the information (including the pictures I sent him) and forwarded it to Kelly in the Production Office. I explained that my husband would not be available and all phone calls should go through me. Kelly called me and stated I called your husband, but got his voicemail. I explained the entire situation to Kelly and told him that we do not want the contractor (Steve) to return to our house. His first question was did you have a confrontation with him? No, we didn't have a confrontation, but due to his unprofessionalism, lack of respect for our time and inability to do the work correctly throughout the entire project we do not want him to return. He informed me that we must either allow him to return or pay for another contractor. I told him that, in no uncertain terms, do we want Steve to return. If his employees thought they could correct the issue, they could return, but if not, Lowes could find another way to correct it. I again reiterated that we did not want Steve to return and wanted no further contact from Steve. Kelly was supposed to speak with Steve and call me back either last Wednesday or Friday (10/4 or 10/7). He didn't call on either day. Yesterday, my husband received a text from Steve, requesting his email. My husband did not respond. I have since emailed the CEO of Lowe's (Robert Niblock). I don't actually expect a response, but I thought I'd give it a try. I'm just looking for a reasonable resolution.
Entity: Tilton, New Hampshire
11, Report #103453
Aug 13 2004
06:48 AM
Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse Dream Kitchen turned Nightmare Delran New Jersey
I'm sending this email hoping that you can help me with my dream kitchen turned nightmare. On 5/17/04, I made a cash purchase for kitchen cabinets through Lowes associate, Monique (Monica) Compare and an appliance purchase (cash) through Lowes associate, Kristen (surname unknown). I was told that the cabinets take 4-6 wks to arrive and the appliance delivery would be scheduled at the same time. An installer subcontracted by Lowes came out and measured my kitchen and I sat down with Monique and picked the cabinets I wanted. While shopping at the store @ a month later, I saw Monique. She informed me that she had spoken to my husband earlier to tell him the kitchen cabinets had arrived. When I got home, my husband and I made arrangements for the cabinets and appliances in our kitchen to be dismantled in preparation for the arrival of the new cabinets and appliances. We phoned the store and spoke to Monique, we were told, the cabinets had been misplaced and were either somewhere in the store or at the warehouse in Bristol, Pa. I was told not to worry and I'd be kept informed. A few days later I spoke to Monique regarding the location of the cabinets and to get the telephone number of the cabinet manufacturer, Kraft Maid. When I phoned the cabinetmaker in an attempt to locate the cabinets, I was told they were NEVER ordered! I immediately phoned the store and spoke to store manager, Chris. I told him what had transpired. He apologized and offered $500.00 for the inconvenience of being without a kitchen (6/20/04 until cabinets and appliances could be reordered, delivered and installed). The cabinets arrived from the manufacturer on 7/19/04. We hired installers to put the cabinets in but were told the cabinets were too big and could not fit into the kitchen. Again, I phoned the store and spoke to store manager, Joe Vidota, I made him aware that his installer came out and measured and the cabinets are too big to accommodate my kitchen. Both Joe and Lowes installer, Todd, came to my home and looked at the cabinets. They insisted that the installers that I hired did not know what they were doing (they were not professional installers) and told me the cabinets DO FIT! I allowed Lowes installer to install the cabinets for a fee of $2100.00, and GUESS WHAT, the cabinets and appliances DO NOT FIT!! The Lowes installer hung some of the cabinets on 8/2/04 and 8/3/04 (two cabinets were too large to accommodate the refridgerator) and had to be re-ordered. The Refrigerator was too large to accommodate the space allowed for it and had to be re-ordered. The wall cabinets extended beyond the doorframe for the kitchen,extending into the Dining room area. The back area of one of the large cabinets, on which the counter was to be placed is unfinished, with the unfinished area exposed. The stovetop, dishwasher, sink and sinkbase are still NOT installed. On 8/10/04, the fabricator for the granite countertop I purchased (cash), was informed by Lowes that templating was ready to be done, the technicians came out to the house, looked at the kitchen cabinets and informed me that they COULD NOT template because all of the cabinets and appliances had to be in place and were not! This means my counter-top will not made until 3 weeks after the templeting is done. This is all so very draining! My husband is wheelchair bound and the loss of door space required, because the cabinets are are too large to accomodate the space, will negatively impact his ability to access the kitchen. Today is 8/11/04 and this madness has been occurring since 5/17/04. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I have been without a kitchen for the entire summer with no hope of a kitchen anytime soon. I have spent countless dollars eating out, my diabetic husband has to eat six meals a day and I have had no way of preparing any of these meals! I have spent upwards of $16,000 cash and have received nothing but inconvenience, chaos, and apathy from the Lowes Corporation. Bobbie Willingboro, New JerseyU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Lowes Home Improvement
Entity: Delran, New Jersey
12, Report #20484
May 08 2002
05:47 PM
Lowe's Home Improvement employee abuse, harassment, threats. Fairview Heights, Illinois
In October, my husband, whom is an employee of Lowe's was abused by another employee. She would also refuse to train him and would say things of a harassing nature to him. He reported this to management who sugar coated the situation and sent him on his way saying they'd take care of it. She was promoted. This is not her first instance. Now, the management has sent someone new to the store who is basically supposed to investigate him. He was the VICTIM!!! The tape showing what happened has suddenly disappeared and upper management is telling him to keep everything confidential and drop the whole situation. Well, it is store policy that if someone continuously violates another that is grounds for immediate dismissal not promotion. Even more, a week ago, when my husband was off work, they wrote him up on his job performance. A written reprimand of something that was not even a part of his job. A fairness rep called him and spoke disrespectfully to hime. And, they are questioning other employees about him - yet, it is supposed to be confidential. They tell him his promotion will be based on his job performance, but remember he has never been trained. Furthermore, he has been doing all of his co workers work (who is a manager) who says he will assist my husband but they need to get some things knocked out. This leaves him no time to do his own work. What''s he supposed to do? Tell the manager no? They are trying to find grounds to dismiss him because he knows too much about unfairness and fraudulent practices. LeKesh Belleville, Illinois
Entity: Fairview Heights, Illinois
13, Report #467645
Jul 08 2009
08:01 PM
Lowe's Home Improvement Gave me a false reading on a drug test. Marrero Louisiana
Hi, my name is Kenneth I took a drug test for Lowe's Marrero location. I was told by the store manager that they where 99% sure they where going to hire me for the paint department. When I was doing my interview they asked me to take a drug test. I took the test and never heard from anyone in over a week so I called to see what was the hold up. When I called the first time I was told that the results never came back. Three days later I called again and I was told that Lowe's could not hire me because of my drug test. Well I don't do any drugs or drink and I am not on any medication. I took a drug test four days before Lowe's and passed (it was a hair test). So, I was given a phone number by HR to call North Carolina for a person to talk to about this situation. I called and called and called and left a number of messages over a one-week period to find out what was going on with this drug test. I called a number for quest and got a person on the phone thay told me Lowe's has to give me the results. When I ask Lowe's for the results the HR person in Marrero tells me that she can't give me that info it has to come from Quest. So, I go to lowes and tell them my situation. Lowe's tells me they can't talk to me about it. I ask for the head quarters phone number and address and they say sorry we can't give out that information. I have taken another drug test in the mean time on 7/6/09 and passed. If I do not here from anyone concerning this false reading I will hand this over to an attorney and it will be out of my hands. So I would call me back today with some kind of explanation to why you are taking so long. I will fax this to you and send this in the mail to make sure someone gets this info. Nojob Gretna, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Gretna, Louisiana
14, Report #910044
Jul 11 2012
08:20 AM
Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse Fencing Panels Are Terrible Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Two months ago, our office decided to replace a 30 year old privacy fence about 100 feet long. We decided to use our local Lowe's store because the owner has always purchased building materials and tools from this location without incident. We worked out our plan for replacement of the fence including the purchase of several individual planks as well as six panels and hardware. We received these items. They were in seemingly good condition. We built the fence and it looked great. However, the problem arose three months later when we noticed the panels were beginning to warp drastically with differences in temperature and humidity. This problem did not occur with the individual planks we did independently. The fence is now horribly warped and some of the individual planks on the panels have areas that are cracked with knot holes nearly separating the plank. We were very disappointed to say the least. We called our locals Lowe's and they will not replace the fence. It's very frustrating you cannot count on quality to materials when you make a substantial investment in time and money to replace something that held up for 30 years. Not to get even three months out of these materials really says something for the product and not to get help from Lowe's to correct the problem is very disappointing to say the least.
Entity: Bartlesville, Oklahoma
15, Report #1358507
Feb 26 2017
07:37 PM
Lowe's Home Improvement Terrible Installation Services and Costumer Service Benton Harbor, MI Nationwide
I bought 5 new windows from Lowes and they installed them in my house in November 2015. Winter went by and in March 2016 I noticed one of them was leaking (a picture window!). I contacted the store and they sent the original installer back to take a look. It took him a couple of weeks and he said the installation was fine and that the problem should be a defective window.Then, Lowes contacted the manufacturer (Pella) and they scheduled for a representative to come and take a look. They re-scheduled the visit many times and it took him about 2 months to come over to my place. He said the window did not have any problem and that it should be an installation issue.Then, Lowes asked the original installer to come back and fix the installation. He came and just re-caulked around the window saying that there wasn't anything else to be done and that it should solve the problem. Well, it did not. I went to the store again and explained the problem. Then, they sent another company to evaluate my problem (All American Windows). They said it was a poor installation and that they told Lowes they would need to remove and completely re-install the window. It took some time for Lowes to pay them so it took a long time for them to show up. When they finally did, they did not re-install the window, they installed a rain cap on top of it saying it would definetelly solve the problem. Well, it DID NOT again!By this time (end of 2016) my case had already been sent to corporate and the assistant manager at the Lowes store told me there was nothing they could do for me anymore, that I should call people in corporate and walked away.I have trying to solve the problem calling corporate but no success. The person I was dealing with in 2016 does not work for Lowes anymore and my case is lost. In the last 2 months I have called them several times, talked to over 5 people that always say they will review my case and contact me in a few days but thay never did. This is really disappointing. I had another 6 windows replaced with Home Depot and I did not have any problem. I will NEVER do business with Lowes anymore.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #1379366
Jun 15 2017
03:22 PM
Lowe's Home Improvement Easy Return without Receipt Las Vegas Nevada
 At this Lowe's when you check out they ask you if you want to give them your phone number for a hassle free return if you misplace your receipt. My husband bought a dewalt drill and dewalt battery double pack. Dewalt has a manufacturer warranty and Lowes has a 90 day warranty. Our first encounter when trying to exchange the rechargeable batteries, we were told they are categorized as: outdoor power equipment. Stated on their website: outdoor power equipment (including but not limited to mowers, chain saws, generators, pressure washers, trimmers and blowers) and highway trailers. My husband gave his phone number when purchasing these items. He always does because the ink Lowe's uses to print their receipts doesn't last 2 weeks. This is written on Lowe's website about returns: If you made your purchase in store and paid with cash or check, no receipt is required if you provided a phone number at time of checkout. This store pulled up my husbands phone number and had a record of his purchase. They refused to exchange or return the dewalt batteries because he didn't have his paper receipt. The daytime manager was a heavy set woman, who was rude to my husband from the get. He is a diesel mechanic who came in to Lowes in the middle of repairing a diesel so he had grease on his clothing and arms. She was disrespectful and her attitude was clearly saying he needs to get out of her store. We have never been treated in such a manner at Home Depot. I now spread the word to everyone I can, about our treatment and the false advertisements made by them.
17, Report #1107044
Dec 14 2013
03:10 PM
Lowe's Home Improvement Lowe's roof contractor falls through roof, leaves and I Lowe's uses coersion to get refund Matamoras Pennsylvania
After getting $14,000 upfront for a roofing job Lowe's subcontractor falls through the roof and ups and leaves refusing to continue with the work. Roofing material is gone, I have a section of my roof missing, the falling roofer missed me by inches. I am left with weather/rain damage inside the home, an additional cost of a second repair, storage area, and now an attorney (when I find one that takes on the case). Lowe's wants me to sign a release in order to get my money back but if I sign this I will jeopardize State Farm from going after them for the internal damage and open myself for a lawsuit from the worker falling through the roof.I am living with a tarped up home during mid winter (snowing now). After having an adjuster and another contractor look at the damage it appears that new rafters were not needed, as the subcontracot claimed,and the material Lowe's tried to pass off was undersized. This whole thing started in October and I am left with $8000.00, then a second $6000.00 charged after the subcontractor refused to continue work twice. I have been ripped off, had the heck scared out of me due to a scare tactic the greedy subcontractor attempted to use (he succeeded) and now I can't get any money back without a legal release. There are more details, but trying to make this as easy to understand.  Added to this I was laidoff in the middle of this. Lowe's is counting on me signing this release out of desperation. I am an older women living alone and trusted Lowe's. Boy, was a taken advantage of and am about to have my credit ruined and am stressed out over trying to get enough money for an attorney or pay my heat, food, etc.MaureenMilford, PA
Entity: Matamoras, Pennsylvania
18, Report #373583
Sep 16 2008
05:52 PM
Lowe's Home Improvement Stores Lowe's does not care about it's customers Elkin North Carolina
My husband and I were headed up to our mountain cabin in NC this past Sat. and we needed to stop at a Lowe's to get some materials to do some repairs. My husband bought some boards and posts, etc. and needed to buy just one shingle to fix one missing shingle on the roof. The man working there in that department told him (my husband) that he had to buy an entire package which was close to $30.00 plus. There were 2 shingles laying there on the shelf, in just the right color he needed. He asked the worker if he would sell him those or just one of them. The guy said No, can't do it - you have to buy the whole pack. If he had been a nice guy or if Lowe's was a caring company, they would have given my husband the one shingle, since it was going to be thrown in the dumpster anyway. Just another example of the way Lowe's does things. We have a friend that used to work at a Lowe's and he said they throw everything away like that - won't even give anything at all to their employees or anything. I think it's a crying shame. We will never go back. We will go to Home Depot, however or any other hardware store. Lowe's should re-examine their policies. They should learn to put the customer first. Sue Advance, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Elkin, North Carolina
19, Report #629872
Aug 08 2010
11:52 PM
Lowe's Home Improvement Companies Ex-employee sues, calls Lowe's unsafe: From failing to pay overtime wages to fraudulent marketing... Mooresville , North Carolina
Lowe's From Knowmore.org: http://www.knowmore.org/wiki/index.php?title=Lowe'sCorporate Statistics Lowe's 1000 Lowes Boulevard Mooresville NC USA28177704-758-1000http://www.lowes.com/Type: Public NYSE: LOWLowe's does home improvement, but the company's business practices may be most in need of improvement. From failing to pay overtime wages to fraudulent marketing, Lowe's has exercised low standards of social responsibility. Nearly 75,000 employees hit the company with a lawsuit claiming unpaid overtime, and consumers have sued Lowe's over an interest-free credit promotion scam. Lowe's is also the target of a campaign to increase non-toxic lawn care options at major retail stores.Bottom line: Join the national effort to get Lowe's to carry non-toxic products and urge the company to reconsider its employee treatment. About Lowe's Based in Mooresville North Carolina, Lowe's runs more than 1,250 superstores in 49 US states. The company sells everything home improvement professionals or do-it-yourself people need- from gardening products to home fashion items, lumber to plumbing and electric supplies, tools and appliances. In FY 2006, the company reported sales of more than $43.243 billion and employed 185,000 people. Complaints, Abuses, and Scandals Toxics The National Coalition for Pesticide-Free Lawns is asking Home Depot and Lowes to carry a range of non-toxic, poison-free lawn and garden products. Home Depot and Lowe's are the largest hardware chains in America, and nearly all lawn care products available at their stores are toxic to animals as well as people. The campaign calls on consumers to pressure Home Depot and Lowe's to carry more environmentally sound options. www.beyondpesticides.org/pesticidefreelawns/ Fair Employment In September of 2005 a federal judge certified a class-action lawsuit against Lowes for failing to pay workers due overtime wages. The case could represent as many as 75,000 current and former Lowes employees who allege that the company used a number of tactics to avoid paying full overtime compensation. -- Associated Press, 09/26/2005 Source URL: none available Ex-employee sues, calls Lowe's unsafe: Suit suggests response to complaint might have prevented sexual assault By Laura Mc Vicker The Columbian, Vancouver, Wash.Publication: The Columbian (Washington)Date: Sunday, July 4 2010 http://www.allbusiness.com/legal/trial-procedure-suits-claims/14760856-1.html July 04--A former cashier of an Orchards-area Lowe's Home Improvement store is suing the company, alleging it didn't protect her when her supervisor sexually assaulted her in a bathroom stall two years ago. In the sexual harassment lawsuit filed in Clark County Superior Court, Elyse Moreton, 22, is seeking unspecified damages against defendants Lowes HIW Inc., and former supervisor Brandon B. Riggan. The case is scheduled for trial Oct. 25. Moreton was working at Lowe's, 11413 N.E. 76th St., on July 23, 2008, when, court records say, Riggan followed her into the ladies' restroom and started kissing, groping and sexually assaulting her. This came after weeks of repeated unwanted sexual advances at work, the suit claims. Riggan, 30, of Vancouver, who was terminated after the incident, pleaded guilty to attempted indecent liberties with forcible compulsion in connection with the assault. He was sentenced by Superior Court Judge Barbara Johnson on April 14, 2009, to four years' prison. The suit claims Lowe's management took no action before the assault, when Moreton had reported the sexual harassment to another head cashier. As a result of the assault, the suit alleges, she suffered damages in the nature of lost wages and benefits; past and future medical expenses; and pain, suffering and mental anguish. To me, the justice is for them to own up to it, Moreton said last week during an interview at attorney Michael Beaty's office in downtown Vancouver. How bad does it have to get until they're made aware? The Columbian generally doesn't identify victims of sexual assaults, but is identifying Moreton because she is the plaintiff in the civil case and went public with her comments. When reached by telephone, Thomas Lemly, a Seattle attorney for Lowe's, declined comment because of the ongoing civil litigation, saying only: The main issues were in the criminal case, and the principal players are not employed at Lowe's anymore. Unwanted advances According to police reports that led to Riggan's arrest and conviction, the situation started two weeks before the sexual assault when Moreton was given the task of training Riggan, who had just been hired as a head cashier. When they first met, Riggan told her he was married but was open to having a mistress. At this point and during several more advances, Moreton told him she wasn't interested. But no matter what I'd say to him, it would never register, she said Friday. After more lewd comments, Moreton reported the situation to a female head cashier on July 22, 2008. The head cashier acknowledged Riggan's comments were inappropriate but never reported the situation to superiors, the suit and Moreton claim. The next afternoon, Moreton came back from her lunch break and encountered Riggan, who was off-duty and said he was there to talk to a co-worker. Instead, he hung around Moreton and followed her around the store, according to police documents. She went to the ladies' restroom and was in a stall when she heard a man's voice say: Is anybody in there? She called out that she was inside, believing it was the janitor. That's when Riggan entered her unlocked bathroom stall, sexually assaulted and then threatened her if she reported the incident, according to court documents filed in the criminal case. Moreton alerted a manager and called her parents. Her parents encouraged her to call 911. Sheriff's deputies responded and took a statement from Moreton. Deputies arrested Riggan that night at his home without incident, according to police reports. Moreton hasn't worked at Lowe's since the 2008 incident. A worker's compensation claim filed by Beaty covered her wages and doctor visits through January 2009. Moreton said she's still receiving psychiatric treatment and hopes money obtained in the lawsuit will help cover the future costs. Diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, Moreton said, she lost 20 pounds in the weeks after the incident because of anxiety, and still has trouble sleeping and keeping food down. More than that, she hopes the lawsuit sends a message to other employers and employees. Someone once asked me, 'Why are you mad at Lowe's for something Brandon did?' she said. I'm mad at Lowe's because they didn't provide a safe environment. I like to think I can be a voice of those who may not think they're strong enough to speak up for themselves, she added. This isn't the first sexual harassment claim in Southwest Washington against the home-improvement warehouse chain. In August 2009, three former employees of a Longview Lowe's store won a $1.7 million lawsuit against the company for a claim of ongoing sexual harassment by managers and one case of alleged sexual assault, according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Laura McVicker: 360-735-4516 or laura.mcvicker@columbian.com Legal Disputes Sunset Valley and the Save Our Springs (SOS) Alliance filed a lawsuit against the city of Austin, Texas and Lowes for violating rules governing development in the Barton Springs watershed. The original agreement between the city and Lowes required the company to devote $1 million to preservation efforts and to install water-quality controls. Barton Springs watershed development regulations allow only between 15 and 20 percent solid cover of the land in question, however the city of Austin allowed Lowes to plan for 40 percent occupancy. SOS expressed concerns over the future health of the watershed as a result of such development. -- Austin Business Journal, 03/04/2005 Source URL: none available Consumers filed a class-action lawsuit against Lowes and Home Depot for misleading consumers with interest-free credit promotions. The companies were alleged to have cheated customers by applying store credit payments to interest-free balances following major promotions, leaving customers interest-accruing balances untouched. -- KOMO News, 11/25/2003 Source URL: none available Executive Compensation In 2005, Robert A. Niblock, CEO of Lowes Companies Inc, made $9.3 million in total compensation including stock option grants. From previous years, Niblock cashed out $1.74 million in stock option exercises. Additionally, Lowes CEO has another $11.1 million in unexercised stock options from previous years. -- AFL-CIO, 04/05/2006 Source URL: www.aflcio.org/corporatewatch/paywatch/ceou/database.cfm?tkr=LOW&pg=1 Products In November 2001 Lowe's and Home Depot were called upon to stop selling arsenic-treated lumber to the public because of the wood's cancer-causing capabilities. According to the Healthy Building Network, pressure treated wood products sold by the retailers and sampled in 13 states contained an average of 120 times the amount of arsenic allowed in a 6 ounce glass of water by the U.S. EPA. The wood is treated with arsenic as a pesticide and to avoid rot, however according to the National Academy of Sciences, exposure to arsenic causes lung, bladder, and skin cancer in humans, and is suspected as a cause of kidney, prostate, and nasal passage cancer. (See related Praise item.) -- Healthy Building Network Source URL: www.healthybuilding.net/rivals.html Human RightsThe Human Rights Campaign puts out a buying guide that rates corporations on policies that affect gays and lesbians. The 2010 buying guide rates over 500 companies but Lowe's was given a low rating (rated with a question mark) since it did not respond to the survey despite repeated attempts and because its policies are unclear.http://www.hrc.org/buyersguide Political Influence In the 2008 U.S. election, Lowe's gave $81,500 to Federal candidates through its political action committee - 28% to Democrats and 72% to Republicans.[1]  In 2006, it gave $7,000 - 100% to Republicans.  In 2009, it spent $866,500 for lobbying to attain legislation that the company desired.[2]
Entity: Mooresville, North Carolina
20, Report #1101409
Nov 22 2013
08:43 AM
Lowe's Home Improvement Horrible deck construction - Don't hire Lowe's for any kind of installation job West Columbia South Carolina
We ordered a deck install from Lowe's, (Store # 0499) West Columbia, SC.  Project was paid for on August 1, 2013. Lowe's contracted with Mac Renovations out of Greenwood, SC to do the install.We wanted composite deck boards and ordered MoistureShield. The example that we were shown was a solid board, no side channel since it was being installed with screws, not the clips.  This was the first problem I noted - when the materials were delivered the MoistureShield boards had the side channel. I asked the Project Specialist at the store about this and was eventually told the manufacturer had changed the product. However, the MoistureShield website still shows the solid deck boards available.We were told when we got the estimate for the deck that the joists would be placed 12 inches on center. When the deck was being installed, the joists were placed 16 inches on center. I called the Project Specialist at the store who checked with the manufacturer on this and I was told that since the deck boards were being placed perpendicular to the joists and not on an angle, that 16 inches on center was the correct spacing. I accepted this even though it wasn't what I had been promised for the construction.The next issue we encountered was that we had been told from the beginning that footers would be poured and the 4x4's mounted on the footers. The contractor sent someone out to measure and inspect the site. Even though this method of construction was approved by this employee it wasn't done even though 27-80 lb bags of cement were ordered and delivered to the house along with post anchors and other supplies necessary for this type of construction. Holes were dug, the 4x4's dropped into the holes and cement put in the holes around the 4x4s. We were told this change was due to the height of the deck from the ground. It is a low deck - about 12 to 18 inches above ground level. But this wasn't a surprise. Everyone knew the height of the deck from day-one. I have never understood why the last minute change. Additionally, two of these support posts sank and were shimmed up. These two support posts were replaced after we complained about the shims - but I'm not convinced that more supports won't sink over time and the deck will sag.  We have mostly sand land and they used so much water in the cement that I'm not sure it will hold up.Start of the install was finally scheduled for Sept 6.  (We had been told the MoistureShield boards were a special order and would take approx. 2 weeks to be delivered.) Mac Renovations didn't show up. No phone call, they just weren't here so about noon or 1pm I called the store and they checked on it. I was told the installer had a supervisor out with a hurt back so they would be here Monday, Sept 9. While I understand that stuff happens - I feel they should have called me to let me know what was going on. Work began on Monday, Sept 9. Sometime during that day or the next (Tue, Sept 10) the installer noticed that only 12 ft deck boards were delivered and we needed 16 ft deck boards. I don't know if this was a manufacturer delivery error or a store ordering error or why it wasn't discovered when the order was checked in upon delivery to the store. In any case - it delayed our deck install an additional month. The store was notified and 16 ft deck boards were ordered.Construction of the deck frame continued through Wed, Sept 10 and all work stopped to wait on the 16 ft deck boards. I believe the deck boards were delivered to the store on Sept 25. The installer couldn't come back to our house to begin work again until Oct 7. Excess materials from building the frame sat in our yard for 2 weeks before the store arranged for pick-up. Way too much lumber and cement was ordered so there was quite a pile. Since the full materials order had been delivered prior to the initial start date, the rest of the material pile sat in our yard over a month total waiting for the install to be finished. Two men returned Mon, Oct 7, no supervisor. No deck rails were bolted to the frame - they started laying deck boards and screwing them down to the frame. Many of the screws were stripped out during the installation. This became a problem when I noticed the spacing got too wide over the second half of the deck and asked that it be corrected and they couldn't remove the screws and reposition the deck boards. Several boards had to be broken and pried up and new boards used. We had paid for these boards and now they were on the trash pile. I asked for these boards to be returned to the store for a credit since they were destroyed during the install and not by anything we did, but they were carried off and thrown away the last day of construction. During the confusion of cleaning up I didn't notice this until after they had left. The store eventually gave us a refund for two additional boards, but since the broken boards were thrown away we weren't sure how many actually got destroyed. Holes were cut into the installed deck boards for the hand rail 4x4s. Of the 10 4x4s used in our hand rail - only 3 are attached to the deck frame with carriage bolts. The rest are simply screwed in with long screws. Additionally, none of the 4x4 railing posts are boxed in with 2x4's or secured in any way other than two ledgerlok screws being screwed through the framing into the posts. When I questioned this (I had asked about this when we were getting estimates and had been assured by the store Project Specialist that the handrails would be attached to the frame with carriage bolts) - I was told carriage bolts couldn't be used for some unexplained reason but I didn't have to worry - these handrails weren't going anywhere. This isn't what I contracted for and not what I expected nor what I thought I was paying for. A Field Inspector showed up about this time and when I complained to her she talked to the supervisor and I was told carriage bolts would be used to attach the rails.  One hole in the deck boards was cut right over the top of a joist so the 4x4 was notched out to fit over the joist. This wasn't necessary to the placement of the handrail - it just wasn't taken into account when the holes were being cut. This results in a 2 inch notch having been cut out of the center of the 4x4 so the 4x4 could saddle over the joist. Sloppy work. We have a bench across the front of the deck which I was told would be bolted to the frame. This wasn't done either. The bench is simply screwed down to the deck boards. It seems solid now - but it's not the construction I was assured I would get. The remaining excess materials were finally picked-up from our yard on Oct 18. A week and a half after construction was completed on Oct 9 and I had to call several times to get it picked-up then. All in all - I didn't get the premium construction I expected and that I paid for. Lowe's wasn't the cheapest bid we got - but we chose Lowes because I thought we could depend on them to give us sound construction. I definitely don't feel we got it. We finally got refunded for the excess material that was returned to the store on November 16th - nearly a full month after the last of the materials were picked-up by the store.  Receiving this refund took numerous phone calls on my part and finally involvement of the store manager to get it done. Several Lowe's employees have been out to the house to inspect the deck and all keep assuring us that even though the deck wasn't constructed according to original specifications it is sound and according to normal building practices.  Frankly, I no longer believe anything Lowe's tells me.  Had we known in the beginning that specific practices that we inquired about weren't going to be followed in the construction we never would have contracted this project through Lowe's.  The cost was higher than other estimates we received and we didn't get the construction we were assured we were going to get. Lowe's Customer Service made an offer to send Mac Renovations out to address my complaints and fix the deck install.  No one has actually listed the things that would be fixed. I asked if a different company could be used and Lowe's said no - it can only be the original installer. Why would I want this company to come back? They had the opportunity to build this deck right and didn't. They didn't like it when I asked questions about the methods they were using and either told me everything will be fine, ignored me or argued with me. Lowe's did a kitchen remodel for us about two years ago and we also had Lowe's install two outside doors for us. Both projects were well done. However, this deck install has been a horrible experience and we don't feel the deck is well constructed - nor what we were assured we were buying. For the price, over $11,000, we expected a quality job and a quality finished product. We have additional projects planned for next year, new wall-to-wall carpeting through-out the house and a privacy fence in the backyard that we had planned to contract with Lowe's. After this experience, the less than satisfactory results and additional difficulties of even getting refunded for excess materials ordered by and returned to the store, we will not consider Lowe's for these projects. In fact, the entire experience has been so unsatisfactory we won't be shopping at Lowe's.
Entity: West Columbia, South Carolina
21, Report #1157707
Jun 26 2014
12:27 PM
Lowe's Home Improvement Shaw 5-month old carpet worn out, Lowe's doesn't help at all Simpsonville South Carolina
Bought Shaw carpet from Lowe's in October of 2013, the carpet looked like it was 10 years old by February of 2014.  We are a household of 4 people, no pets, very little traffic on the carpet.  Lowe's agreed to send out the original installers to see if there was a problem.  Of course they said it looked fine to them and Lowe's suggested I get it professionally cleaned!  Insane right?  I fought with Lowe's and they finally called Shaw and asked for assistance.  Shaw sent out their carpet inspector and he took pictures.  Please keep in mind that I follow-up on all of these requests 100% of the time, Lowe's never contacts me.  I called Lowe's 2 weeks later to see what the report found from the inspector from Shaw.  They called Shaw, and Shaw claimed they never received the information from their inspector.  I had to call the inspector myself and he said someone was being untruthful to me because he does not get paid if he does not send in his reports.  He said it was sent the next day and I needed to call Shaw and complain.  Suddenly the report showed up at Shaw and Shaw said I would need to deal with Lowe's on the findings of the report.  Lowe's said it was decided that my 3-month old carpet was wearing out due to normal wear and tear.  I called Shaw and fought with them until they agreed to replace the carpet.  They said they would send a confirmation letter to Lowe's and that I could go into the store and order new carpet.  Shaw said I would have to sign a statement saying I would not order the same carpet.  I waited a few days to make sure Lowe's would have the letter from Shaw so when I called, of course Lowe's said they never received anything from Shaw.  I have been going back and forth with Lowe's and Shaw and have never gotten the same answer from either of them.  Lowe's has repeatedly lost paperwork, I have had to go in multiple times for various reasons where Lowe's didn't know what was going on, I have dealt with every employee in my Lowe's store flooring dept. and none of them have ever given me any reason to believe they have any clue as to what they are doing.  Today is June 26, 2014 and I called Lowe's to see what the status is of my carpet situation.  Keep in mind I have signed the paperwork and ordered the new carpet weeks ago.  Lowe's claims Shaw is saying they never received the paperwork Lowe's faxed to them weeks ago.  I called Shaw and they are saying they have the paperwork, but the estimate is incorrect and is including a room to be carpeted that isn't even included in the claim.  I am also working with Lowe's Installed Sales and they are 100% as bad as the store employees.  Shaw also told me today that the new carpet I ordered is more expensive and they only agreed to cover the old carpet cost.  I completely understand this, but wouldn't you think Lowe's would have mentioned this to me when I ordered it?  Also, when I went to the Lowe's store to order the new carpet, I said I wanted the carpet I have in my master bedroom, which was purchased at Lowe's and is also a Shaw brand and is lovely, and the associate at Lowe's said, Can you go find it and give me the number?. This is a real situation and typing it makes me realize what a joke of a company Lowe's is.  I will never deal with the ignorance of my Lowe's store ever again and to be honest with you, Shaw is not far behind them. I have spent countless hours fighting and babysitting Lowe's over a situation that should have been covered by Shaw's Super Duper 100% satisfaction guarantee!!!  What a lie.
Entity: Simpsonville , South Carolina
22, Report #1281296
Jan 20 2016
04:06 PM
Lowe's Home Improvement - Pembroke Pines, Florida Lowe's Rip off on windows and doors Pembroke Pines Florida
Worse experience EVER! Took over 5 months for them to complete installation on windows and front door. They lied about turnaround time and process, just to get the job. Wrong door was ordered; faulty products were installed as well. They lied about sending someone out to check faulty window, waited all day on a Saturday for them to arrive...only to find out they don't work on Saturdays and I was lied to again. Lowe's kept blaming the manufacturer, which I was in contact with, so I know it was not the manufacturer. The store manager Chuck, refused to call me back (called me once and blew me off). Told the employees to tell me he would call me AFTER the job was complete. How does a store manager NOT call back a customer? He is worthless as a manager and the employees had to continue to make excuses for him. Not only will I NEVER hire Lowe's to do anything for me, I will not even shop there anymore. I was told the whole process would take 60 days at MAX, and it took 5 months. Which also resulted in me paying increased home owner's insurance fees due to not having the impact windows installed as promised. After the job was FINALLY done, they agreed to a SMALL partial refund. My wife went there to pick up the refund and they gave it to her in almost all $5's and $10's! Knowing she was coming, they still gave her a few hundred dollars in $5's in $10's just to be bigger A-HOLEs. Nohelia and Deeto were the ONLY ones that were polite and helpful. Everyone else, especially CHUCK the worthless manager was totally incompetent. For the sake of your sanity, do not step foot in this store if you want a stress free experience.
Entity: Pembroke Pines, Florida
23, Report #79406
Feb 05 2004
08:19 PM
Lowe's Home Improvement ripoff Charged me extended warranty and never sent it to the manufacturer El Paso Texas
I purchased a new double wide refrigerator on July 2001. I was asked if I wanted to buy an additional 5 year warranty for $120.00, stupid me I said yes and purchased the extended warranty. One year later I heard the frig making a noice and called Lowes. They had no record of my purchase. On the original form from G.E. I was asked to submit my original reciept as proof of purchase and I sent it along with the registration as requested. I kept a copy. Anyway, lowes sends a repairman to my house and finds nothing wrong with the frig. I went to Lowes and told them what else I bought at the same time with the frig. a metal shed 8x10, and some ods and ends. I spent close to three thousand dollars that day. They fianlly found me on their computer but were unwilling or unable to give me a copy of the information they found. They claimed the archive was unreachable and could not print it. They also said I did not need it since they do not send companies like G.E. proff of customer purchase. I was tired and mad and just wanted to leave. I went home and the next day called G.E., they told me that Lowes is required to pay them a portion of the extended waranty sale and proff as proff that the customer is covered. Well, back to Lowes. A long drive (about 12 miles) in traffic hell. They told me the same B.S. and the more they talked the more I got upset. I left again. Somehow I just wanted to pretend it was not happening and I left it at that. A few months later G.E. sends me a sales pitch mail about their extended warranty. I called them and after being transfered three time someone finally found me on thier computer. I asked, how did you know who to contact me? I mean my address? he said they had me registration on record but no extended warranty appeared on my case. How convinient! He also told me that they do not require customers to send the original reciept. Because I sent the form, I don't either. It may be in one of the new frig's they sell but I don't go to Lowe's nor Home Depot. I go out of town for anything I need and vow never to spend my money in anyone of those stores again. Home Depot is another matter. Anyway, they (Lowe's and G.E.) have proof I bought the frig but neither claims responcibility for my $120.00 extended warranty. I am building an addition to my house and Lowe's nor Home Depot have made a penny of the $10,000.00 I have invested so far. If you think I'm rich, I'm not. I don't use paid internet, don't have cable nor Sat., service, nor Long distance on my phone, and save every penny to invest in my house at a high personal cost. No credit cards, no outstanding debt nor loans. I just have a house payment and regular light, gas and water bills. A few more years and I can live like the Jones. Daniel El Paso, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: El Paso, Texas
24, Report #102504
Aug 06 2004
07:15 PM
I purchased lawn furniture at this Lowe's store in Gainesville, Florida. I bought it with the help of a young man I had to finally run down as I had asked several people to help me only to be told, in a minute. I waited 30 minutes before snagging this young man from a main aisle. My best friend was with me and decided to purchase some also. We both were told that the furniture was in the box and and was not available for viewing as the boxes couldn't be opened. The young man wrote the numbers down for us to take up to the cashier. We paid for our purchases and waited over an hour for someone to help but the awkward boxes in my Tahoe. They never came and finally I beeped my husband to please come help us. He came and started loading the boxes in the car only to be stopped by the store manager (Rob), and asked to see the receipt. He was shown both receipts and then states that they were sold individually not by the box. The head cashier had been helping my husband load each box on a shopping cart and thought the chairs were sold by the box only as that is what she had been told. I went to the service desk and asked to speak to a manager as the other one had disappeared. I waited for 30 minutes while the lady begged each one of the managers to please come to the front. One came to the front but was busy answering phones. She asked him several times to please speak to me and he said, in front of me, that he didn't have any time, he was on the phone. I spoke up and told him I would follow him around until he did speak to me. He finally hung up and informed me that there were too many customers and too few workers in the store. That's nice, but I needed help. He finally came to the department with me and hemmed and hawwed until he finally said he had to check to see if we had been told correctly. He came back and said that the stupid college kids had told me incorrectly. I'm sure the head cashier wasn't a college student. He finally got the store manager, Rob, and this man thought he was Tom Arnold and acted about as goofy as his characters. He kept giggling and acting silly. He first told me I was lying and wasn't told that until he realized there were 2 of us. Then he called the head of the zone and this man stated, he had been sweating his butt off under a tarp outside the store and if he had been there he wouldn't have told us that. He then walked off. The store manager didn't have a problem with him talking like that to ladies as he had a marked lack of respect for the women he spoke to that worked there. He finally told us that it was too bad we had been told incorrectly by 2 people (which he finally located) but that wasn't his fault. When asked for a corporate number, he laughed and said go ahead and find it and then call, they won't do anything but send me an e-amil, like I care. I had thought Lowe's was a step above Home Depot and have made a tremendous amount of purchases from them but I won't any longer. The manager couldn't believe that I simply cancelled the purchase and requested a refund. All I wanted was the 4 chairs I had paid for. DON'T SHOP AT LOWE'S! Lisa KEYSTONE HEIGHTS, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: GAINESVILLE, Florida
25, Report #157960
Sep 22 2005
10:04 AM
LOWE'S Home Improvement Warehouse Ripoff, This store delivers sub standard quality goods and treats their employees with disrespect. Burlington Iowa
I took early retirement in 03 after 31 years of service at a construction equipment manufacture. I worked as a plant maintenance mechanic for half my tenure. After a year or so of leisure I decided to re-enter the workforce. I answered an ad seeking a part time bicycle assembler, for a nationwide vendor that provides assembly work for the local retailers. After I'd shown up for the interview I'd found out that this position was filled, but a full time product assembly position was available if I were interested. The job consisted mainly of assembling outdoor power equipment, ready to assemble furniture, gas B-B-Q grills, stationary power tools and a host of other tasks. The main drawback I could see to this job was that the store I was to provide these services for was our local Lowe's home improvement warehouse. I refused to shop there several years ago after a couple of bad experiences with Lowe's associates. Now I was going to be paid to provide vendor services to this store. I enjoy this type of work and I like working with customers and helping them with their needs. So I gave it my best shot. Right off the bat I could see that this was going to be an uphill battle. Morale in the store was low. The men's room stalls were covered with fresh, square splotches of black marker hiding the epithets directed at select Lowe's managers and associates. The lower caste associates routinely sat in silence while on their breaks; I thought it really odd to see 4-10 people at a time, sitting around ignoring one another in the break room. Smokers had a habit of being on the cranky side, since smoking is not allowed anywhere on the store property. Although people work at Lowe's, workers are not called workers or people, instead they are referred to as associates. And the even lower rung workers are called vendors. These associates are then separated into different caste levels. Vendors provide select product sales and support to various Lowe's sales departments; they seem to be at the bottom of the Lowe's food chain. Then comes the Any Available Associate, Cashiers, associates assigned to one of the many departments, Sales Associatesof the many departments, Receiving Associates, Delivery Associates, Payroll Associates Human Resource Associates, Zone Managers, Manager-on-Duty, Department Managers. Then the three top store managers have equally important sounding titles( I hadn't time to memorize their titles during my tenure at Lowe's). The managers are the weirdest lot. I don't know what kind of training they receive, but for the most part they end up as self-serving, omnipotent, pompous asses. All walked around with cell phones stuck to the side of their heads, ignoring the world around them. The #1 manager hated being called by his first name, so his associates called him by his middle name to his face, or by his nickname to his back. The #2 manager was a growley old poop that never smiled unless he was trying to impress some younger female working behind the front desk. The #3 guy kept to himself most of the time unless he needed something and then he'd never look you in the eye. I always made it a point to say hello to #3 and then side step him in an effort to look him directly in the eye, but I never had any luck at it. The store associates are big into name calling each other. At first I thought I was losing my memory, cuz a guy I knew to be named Bob' was now being called Rick'. Then Bob' would call John', Dave' or Tom' in return. They were calling each other store manager names! Then more than once I'd hear the name Hotdog' being used in a robust manner. Now who's Hotdog'? Turns out it's the nickname for a Department Manager. Why Hotdog?, I asked. Cuz everyone knows that hotdogs are made out of pig lips and bungholes. I just had to know. As the dedicated store assembler, I put together items for store displays and at customer request. More often than not, the merchandise I'd assemble came out of damaged containers or boxes that the consumer would pass up. Can you blame them? If the item was damaged, we'd order replacement parts and make repairs, sell it as is at a discount, or the RTM associate would send it back to the place it came from for credit. I think damaged goods are one of Lowe's sidelines. I remember the first time I saw an offloading of merchandise from a Lowe's trailer. Associates are called to receiving from each department. Then pallets are laid, gauntlet style on each side of the receiving door. An expandable roller conveyor is placed in between the two lines of pallets, up to the receiving door to meet the Lowe's trailer. The receiving associate stands off to the side of the trailer to cut the bands holding up the heavy layer of cardboard that holds the new merchandise inside of the trailer. Everyone stands back for fear of falling objects. After the initial landslide of boxes and other packages of stuff, associates start the unloading process by throwing boxes onto the roller conveyor. Associates from different departments pull their items and stack them onto their department's pallets and transport their pallets to their departments in the store for restocking of shelves, hopefully in undamaged condition. Damaged goods are the norm. Nothing is containerized. Larger items may be loaded in on pallets, but every square inch of trailer space has something stacked or jammed in place. I remember seeing a stack of four heavy joiner/planners sitting on top of two smashed cases of light bulbs before. B-B-Q s, patio furniture, millwork and windows are routinely crushed. In fact it looks as though Lowe's stands these trailers on end and load the merchandise in with a D-8 Cat, top it off with cardboard and webbing, close the doors and down the road she goes. Lowe's has an associate that re-ships these damaged goods, back to the manufactures for credit on a regular basis. Someone told me Lowe's saves $2,000,000 a month shipping their goods in this manner. At who's expense? One fine Saturday morning, I found three riding mowers, shoved into my work area with notes taped to them. I was informed by this OPE associate, that all were new units that had manufacturing defects and had just been returned from the shop with needed repairs. The OPE clerk also asked me to clean the dirt off of one unit, air up the rear tire and repair the seat on another unit and charge up the dead battery on the last one(remember the part about just been returned w/ needed repairs.??) The looks of the bent front guide wheel strut told me it wasn't new, but a unit that was exchanged at an earlier date, for a brand-new unit. It had a flat. Parts were bent and scratched up. The unit was used. In fact there I found signs of a botched up repair attempt. The customer claimed it was a defective product and some management type gave him a new unit to tear up. Of the other two units, the one needing cleaning up, was a return also. The customer said it vibrated funnily and got his money back after he got his mowing done. The last unit failed its initial assembly and inspection because of a dead battery. The battery was still dead after being shipped out for repairs. But it was still a new unit. As the #one store manager was passing by, I got his attention (between cell phone calls) called him over to bring these units to his attention. I showed him the problems as I'd described and informed him of the shoddy, incomplete repairs. I also told him that mowers aren't selling all that well right now and that I should drain the gas out of all the mowers sitting in front of the store and run them dry (Normally I run them dry after I prep them, but some OPE associates are too lazy to push them, so they gas them up and drive them up front. Then the gas gets stale if the mower isn't sold soon). I told him that only one of the three units was new and should be priced accordingly. I tried to reason with store manager about the way Lowe's dealt with these customer returns, and the shoddy workmanship performed on these mowers. He basically told me to clean them up and get them on the floor for sale. He told me that the repair quality' and store return policies' were Issues, not of my concern, We're going in circles here, just do your job! Well if my name is on a tag representing the company that I work for and I said this item is prepped and ready to go; I mean it. When a customer destroys a piece of outdoor power equipment, brings it back saying it's defective and in need of repairs. I am concerned for the safety interest of the next customer that purchases this product. My name may still be on that equipment. Shoddy repairs, stale gas and all. My integrity is on display with the units I've prepped. This pompous, air-head, store manager convinced me my services were needed elsewhere. After I got home from work, I wrote an e-mail to my District Manager, giving him my two weeks until termination notice. I had a couple of days off and returned to work to find out that the store manager questioned the RTM clerk about the riding mowers. He told her we'd had an argument concerning these mowers. It wasn't an argument; it was a newfound mutual understanding. The store manager is willing to skirt customer service issues, product quality and liability concerns, and I will not. Besides, what business is it to any other associate in the store what was said between the store manager and me? I didn't make it the full two weeks before I finally gathered my tools and left. Several days later, I had to use the rest room after returning from lunch. As I stood there indisposed, I'd heard the men's room door open and the familiar store manager's voice say, Oh, It's okay! Then the next thing I know, the wall in front of my face lit up in a blinding flash. I thought, What the heck is going on? I looked back toward the door and the manager was still holding the door wide open and a What are you going to do about it?, look on his face. I gathered myself and proceeded to wash my hands. The manager was going to have the rest rooms remodeled and the flash was coming from a sweaty contractor guy, holding a digital camera. Whilst the manager was holding the door open for all to see, a little boy ran into the rest room with his daddy in tow. The boy must have had to go potty very badly, with the way he was holding himself. But as soon as he saw the sweaty guy holding the flashing camera, he turned about face and ran smack into his dad. Daddy drug his son into a stall. I just stared, glaring at the store manager. I was so angry. I couldn't speak. It would have been a waste of words anyway. Morons are usually hard of hearing. I looked up the zone manager after this last incident. I asked if he had any more assembly work for me. He said, No. So I had him sign me out... for the last time. I went home and e-mailed my boss about this incident and told him I was through playing games with Lowe's management and associates. My boss suggested I inform Lowe's corporate about this incident. I did this and haven't heard any reply back after several weeks waiting. Hell, they probably gave the dumbbell manager a medal. Isn't that the way it goes? Mister Happy Face God's Country, IllinoisU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Lowes Home Improvement
Entity: Burlington, Iowa

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