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1, Report #1403675
Oct 02 2017
12:36 PM
Lumidaire Lumidaire SCAM Nationwide Internet
Lumidaire marketed a FREE trial for their product with only paying a small shipping/handling charge which I authorized.   My account was then charged two full subsequent unauthorized payments of $93.72 followed by $94.66.  I received a duplicate shipment of the FREE trial which alerted me that something was wrong.  Upon searching my online banking account I discovered the two payments from my account.     I called with no satisfaction whatsoever.  The girl was obviously reading from a scripted response.  She refused to reimburse my account (although she offered her employee discount of 25%.   She also offerered to waive my cancellation fee!!!  I asked to speak to her supervisor and was told there was no supervisor available.  I told her I NEVER signed up for a monthly shipment and only ordered and authorized the FREE  TRIAL sample.     When I told her I was going to contact my bank to reverse the charges, she stated my bank would take 60-90 days to investigate and would discover that I did receive the product (I received the initial FREE trial and only one shipment although I was charged for two! --- I am returning the second unauthorized shipment.)  She went on to say that her website stated that the FREE trial was a FREE period of time to try the product and was not intended for the product itself to be free.  RIDUCULOUS!!!   She followed up stating my bank would  not reverse the charges since by ordering the FREE trial period product, I had actually ordered the monthly shipment.   She obviously had been through this type of complaint many many times as it was completely rehearsed and scripted.     This is a complete SCAM and it is my sincere hope this company is sued for fraudulent marketing.     
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1396529
Aug 29 2017
02:59 PM
Lumidaire Lumidaire Anti-Aging Cream Lumidaire Costa Mesa California
My husband has been repoff by a group of peaple who are selling Lumidaire anti-aging cream. It is not a comany. They do not have a name. The cream is manufactured by a unknown manyfacturer. On the received box is written: manufactured exclusicely for LUMIDAIRE.  He orderd a traila sample, for $4.95, just for shipping, how it is adv on many different websitesyou. However, he was gharged a full price 8$9.95.  WARNING. A tick is that if you return the tral sample in 14 days, your will not be charged the full price. On the other hand what is a point to order the cream to pay shippong and then to return the cream not tring it? This is exactly what the have in their Terms of service, which presumable not many custumers bother to read, which is not easy to find on the adv. websites.  Therefor I advice you to go the theri official website and at the very bottom, under TERMS, read very carefully the given conditions. Be aware that you not anly will pay the full price but also they will put ypu on the outo-shipp order. My sincire advice is do not bother to order this cream. You will not have time to evaluta its properties with the amount of 15 ml (0.5 oz). Notice also that a size of a cream jar on their websites is not much bigger than the rceived one.  Once again I advice you be familiar with Trerms and conditions of Lumidaire, prior to pressing the submitt button. It will be to late and then you will be ripff.  
Entity: Costa Mesa, California
3, Report #1416240
Dec 11 2017
11:35 AM
Lumidaire Lumidaire Charged 89.71 for an authorized purchase Internet
I got this offer thru a CVS Ad, since it was coming from a CVS Ad I thought it was legitimate so I read the Lumidaire Ad. and I tried to order the product for 4.95 + 1.95 shipping insurance. However, The order never went thru.I clicked the confirmation bottom several times with no luck that after while I canceled the order by closing the page (There wasn’t an option to cancel). A day later my bank called asking if I authorized these charges and I explained what happened pretty much that the order didn’t go thru.I forgot about this until this morning at 4 am when I got an email alert from my bank informing me that my credit card was used online and charged 89.71 made by refreshgesf8778105463. I immediately called my bank, denied the charges and my bank closed the account.I was curious to call the number that shows on the charge 8778105463 so I did call, after 15 minutes I got to talk a rep operator 7030 who after explaining what had happened, she said that I did accept that I was going to get charged. I asked her to show it to me, to show me the confirmation of the order but no, she kept telling that I accepted.I told Operator 7030 that I canceled my card, she told me that they will get the money from the bank. I told operator 7030 that the business practice that they have is a ripoff and that I will report it online so others don’t make the same mistake, she canceled the order that I never got thru.I’ve learned a lesson that nothing comes free. So be aware when these offers come to you. Google first, if this comes from a good source try otherwise avoid a headache and let's stop pouring money into this ripoff people. Report any scams.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1399331
Sep 11 2017
04:38 PM
lumidaire scam rip off Internet
this company offered to try their lumidaire anti agiing cream.  required a payment of 4.95 plu 1.99 plu 3.95.  charged my cc immediately and then I waited but never received this item.  only realized and remembered after this company then charged my cc another 89.71 and 89.77.  then when I called them they told me I received it which was a lie.  you could not get a direct answer from them.  they were like robots and used the same answers everytime I called.  They insisted I received this cream which I did not and refuse to reimburse  me cc.  this company is a scam and a rip off.  they should be investigated.  they would not give me any information like their address or if they were in the US.  when i asked to speak to a supervisor they said none were available.  they just kept leaving you on hold and then hung up.  Buyers beware this is a SCAM!
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1390007
Aug 02 2017
03:40 PM
Lumidaire Joanna Gaines What a Scam! Internet
Proceed with Caution! Read the Terms and Conditions before you buy!  If you do not call within 14 days of placing your order to cancle your membership (that you are not even aware that you signed up for), you are charged $89/per bottle!  Yep, those small bottles that I refer to as sample size are $89 each! At no point when ordering on-line is there any mention that this is a membership in any of the screens.  Upon receiving my credit card statement, I immediately cancelled my membership and then spoke to customer service to complain about their practice and no mention of the membership.  I was advised by their support person that when you click on the I agree to the T&C, you are accepting the membership.  BUT, the membership and 14 day cancellation clause are buried in the T&C which most people don't read.  I got snookered for the $200 for face and eye cream that doesn't appear to be any different that OTC products.  Learn from my mistake!
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1405777
Oct 12 2017
07:19 AM
Lumidaire Marketing Scam California California
Watch out! If you can find the T&C read carefully! Luidaire uses deceptive practices when offering free sample. They claim hidden terms and conditions require you to return unused product in 14 days or automatically bill you for full ammounts. In my case they hit my credit card for two swipes at $89.77, No where during the order process was there indication of a membership enrollment for recurring charges. During a lengthyargument with customer support they threatened to destroy my credit rating and other veiled threats affecting my finances. My recommendation stay with OTC avoid on line free offers!  
Entity: California
7, Report #1407676
Oct 21 2017
10:26 AM
Lumidaire Qdd or premiumface Took my money Internet
 I was on they had items that was free just pay shipping and handling. It was anti-aging kit. Nice right? No after paying the shipping and handling I recieve the products. Wake up this morning to not one but 2 89.00 charges to my bank account! One from a company named qdd and another from premiumface. Wth is this so after some research of my own I found that it all came back to the so called FREE product I got. When I called them I was told I signed up for a membership! Ummm no. No where did I see anything about a membership and where they was gonna charge me 89.77 for each product every month.! Lady then starts to argue with me about it! So I went back to amazon where I purchased the items went like I was going to buy products again and nope no where did it say anything about a membership! They refuse to give me my money back!! Said all they can do is cancel the membership!
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1401452
Sep 21 2017
06:05 AM
Lumidaire Verdadeyesserum FaceCream Luminous Do Not Buy These Products! Internet
This is reported as being one of the most successful products on Shark Tank but it is a classic bait and switch. The site offers a free trial of the face cream and eye cream for shipping charges only. A customer is not able to see easily anywhere upon ordering that if the product offer is accepted (a sample each of eye cream and face cream for shipping charges only) then the customer will be charged $89.77 and $89.71 if the customer does not call and cancel.  The product arrives with absolutely zero paperwork in the box and no instructions on how to return the product if necessary. When the charges hit your credit card and you call customer service to dispute the charges, they argue vehemently that they were clear and direct with the instructions (they were absolutely the opposite) and offer a 35% discount or a 50% discount to placate you and get you off the phone. The cream is a scam and so is the company. Tell everyone you know they are con artists. Stay away.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1401009
Sep 19 2017
11:48 AM
lumidaire advertised free offer, but got charged $89. for each bottle. Internet
we ordered a free trial of face and eye cream from lumidaire, just pay shipping. we did. about a month later we got charged $89.00 for each bottle. then wanted to continue to charge us. this was totaly false advertising, and an abolute rip-off. beware! 
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1403775
Oct 02 2017
08:36 PM
Lumidaire Fraudulent Charges on my credit card after ordering the sample Internet
 A month ago I ordered a sample from Lumidaire. Then yesterday my credit card company inquired about a charge. Turns out there were 2 charges of over $90 each made to my card that I did not make. I had to freeze my card and get a new one.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1404796
Oct 07 2017
10:58 AM
My wife signed up online for the Lumidaire Free Triall and paid the shipping fees stated.  She received the two trial items in the mail.  There was no documentation in the package other than a packing list with no monetary items shown.  She was told, not by Lumidaire,  that by accepting this package and not contacting lumidaire withiin 14 days she would be enrolled in a monthly subscription program for both iterms for about $90 for each item.  So, i called Lumdaire on her behalf, within the 14 days, to cancel out any subscriptions she would be subject to.  I was told the subscrptions would be cancelled, but we had to pay $90 for each of the trial products receioved.  When I pointed out that they were a free trial subject to only shipping fees which we paid I was told there was no free trial.  When I read to them the internet add that started with the words Free Trial I was told that was not a free trial and I had to pay the $90 for the products.  That is, the trial was free, but not the products.  However, I could canecel out of both subscriptions and reduce the $90 costs to abour $40 each, by simply saying the word Yes.  I figured $80 was better than $180 being charged tio our credit card so I said yes.  I intend to when the charges show up to dispute them with the credit card provider.  So now the definition of Free Trial means the trial is free, but not the Product being tried.  I do not think so.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1397383
Sep 01 2017
05:06 PM
Lumidaire SKIN CARE SCAM. FAKE FREE TRIAL. Internet **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
Lumidaire free trial is actually a well designed scam to get your hard earned money.  The ad says it's a free trial, that you pay only shipping and handling, but if you don't cancel in 14 days they will charge your credit card the full price of the product.  You will be charged 89 dollars for each of the two trial sized creams.  BEWARE!!!!! Read the Terms and Conditions before you buy!  If you do not call within 14 days of placing your order to cancle your membership (that you are not even aware that you joined), you are charged $89/per bottle!   At no point when ordering on-line is there any mention that this is a membership in any of the screens. As soon as I saw my credit card statement, I immediately called and cancelled.  When I requested a refund, since I had only agreed to the payment of shipping and handling (about 5 dollars)   I was told by customer support that when you click on the I agree to the T&C, you are accepting the membership.  Attention !!!  The membership and 14 day cancellation clause are buried in the T&C which most people don't read.  I got ripped off for $ 180 for being trusting.  I've learnt my lesson.  Never again.  This gives internet based companies a bad name and real honest companies take a hit for the scamming ones.    
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1400490
Sep 16 2017
07:26 PM
lumidaire Not willing in any way to help with a refund not listed North Carolina
I ordered from this company two free items with shipping fees required.  I received the products, but did not realized that I was to call them 14 days later to inform them I wasn't interested in continuing with their company.  Today, they charged my account $179.48.  I tried to reason with them to give me a refund.  I am a cancer patient (three times); a heart and lung patient, and with blood clots in my brain.  I would NEVER have ordered the free products if I knew they were going to charge $179.48 for them.  Where was the fine print?  Never saw or received any communication from them that they were going to debit my Paypal account.  I am certain others have had the same diffuculty with this company.  
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1393206
Aug 16 2017
01:01 PM
Lumidaire Joanna Gaines Face cream products Hidden charges and membership fees Costa Mesa California
I ordered a free trial of Lumidaire cream.  Hidden in the terms in conditions was language aluding to a membership fee and individuals who order the free trial would need to contact the distributor within 14 days to cancel the product - otherwise you would be charged $89.77 (cream) and $89.71 (eye cream).  I did not realize this information was in the terms and conditions (that you must check before placing your order) so I was also sent another month of cream and eye cream for $94.66 and $93.72.  When I contacted their sales department they quickly rushed through the scenario and amounts and when I asked her to repeat, she was rude and let me know I was asking too many questions.  At the end of it all, I received a 75% refund on the second month of products (I declined the 35% and 50% she first offered me - so hang in there and stay strong to get the best refund you can).  Even if I liked the product, I would not ever recommend due to their sly marketing/sales scheme.  Stay away.    
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1410772
Nov 07 2017
10:42 AM
Lumidaire Free trial scam Costa Mesa California
I recently took a survey and received an opportunity to order an anti-aging skin care product from Lumidaire , zero cost for the product and $4.95 shipping. I knew I would be charged $4.95 shipping on this product, entered my credit card info and pressed the 'submit order' button, the next screen offered another 'free' product where you would just pay $3.95 shipping. I did not select this product and hit the 'submit order' button again. The next screen was my 'order confirmation' screen in which I was now being charged shipping for an eye serum cream that I had never ordered. I immediately called the customer service phone number listed on the order as I wanted to cancel the whole thing, but was informed the shipping was 'non-refundable' and they couldn't cancel the shipment. She also informed me that the 'non-refundable' shipping was in their disclosures - conveniently you do not receive their disclosures until after the order is finalized. I hung up, disgusted, and called back several minutes later to try to speak to someone higher up in the company - not surprisingly the customer service rep's supervisor was not available, and their supervisor was unavailable. I am now being charged $6.94 (several dollars more than the advertised shipping cost of $4.95) and $3.95 for a total of $10.89 with no recourse. I never agreed to the order of the eye serum. I have reported the company to the California attorney general and will be filing a separate complaint with the Oregon attorney general.  I would encourage people to stay as far away from this fraudulent company as you can - they should not be in business...period.
Entity: Costa Mesa, California
16, Report #1406444
Oct 15 2017
07:24 PM
Lumidaire False claim of a free trial leads to almost 200.00 in charges to credit card Internet
 Online merchant offers a free trial of an anti-aging skin care product for only the cost of shipping, which they charge to a credit card . Ten days later you will see almost $200 in additional charges to your card. The packing slip has no disclosures and there are no obvious disclosures on the web pages. I found the merchant phone number doing my own research and they refused to refund the $200, saying they disclosed the terms. I refused to leave the phone until I had an email from them cancelling any auto shipments, which they sent. They tried to trick me into saying the word yes to various offers. I refused since I was being recorded and told them I would be reporting them to all the fraud tracking agencies available. This scam markets skin care under multiple names; they all use the same before and after photos, bogus scientific looking web pages and fake endorsements from numerous celebrities ( Joanna Gaines, Ellen, Dr Oz, Oprah, and today (!) Marie Osmond). This is a HUGE bait and switch scam!!!
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1404205
Oct 04 2017
02:47 PM
Lumidaire Autoshipped a face cream without authorization through a bait & switch sample shipment. Internet
 This Company is scamming consumers under deceptive practices!! They charged me $188.38 after the $4 sample. I call and advised NO REFUNDS & NO RETURNS!There was NO disclosure stating there would be AUTO SHIPMENTS after the sample was mailed. They used Joanna Gaines to trick me into thinking this was her skin care. They also use Ivanka Trump and other celebrities to mislead you to order. They refused to give a company address/location and have NO SUPERVISOR to talk to. I’m disputing it with my bank and alerting everyone ONLINE not to be deceived.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1413877
Nov 28 2017
12:39 PM
Lumidaire Verdade Terrible product and immoral business practices Costa Mesa California
 I ordered a free trial sample the face cream and eye serum, paying for shipping and handling only. Before submitting the order, I checked that there would be no auto reorder as this is a common scam, I found none. I received the product within a few days, it was awful, especially the face cream, cornstarch paste would be just as good. The eye cream was completely unimpressive, but at least could be used on other body parts. When I received another package in the mail, I thought this was an error an would call the next business day to request mailing label to return the product and request my card be charged back. I was told I had signed up for auto reorder, but a courtesy they would waive the cancellation fee. IF INDEED, Joanna Gaines is connected th this product, then shame on her for lendibf her name to a very shoddy product and immoral business practices. If she is not affiliated with this company she should be suing them.
Entity: Santa Ana, California
19, Report #1422008
Jan 09 2018
08:11 AM
Lumidaire Skin Cream sending products I do not want Costa Mesa California
I signed up for a free sample only    now i receive these products evey month that I do not want   I am being charged for them and they say they can't be returned 
Entity: Costa Mesa, California
20, Report #1405916
Oct 12 2017
04:41 PM
Lumidaire Lumidaire Au Eye SerumLumidaire Premium Face Care False claims regarding all natural ingredients, very expensive product, and price was not clear when ordering the free trial Fountain Valley CA California
I have several issues to complain about: false advertising, exorbitant price, missing product, a dishonest and predatory sales model, and an impenetrable and non-supportive 'support call center'. I ordered a free trial of two products, eye cream and face moisturizer, and shipping costs were to be $3.95 and $4.95. Since I travel for work, it took me three months to realize what was going on, and by then Lumidaire already had $660 of my money. My bad for not jumping right on this, but I could not have imagined the total cost. FALSE ADVERTISING. The product was not 'all natural' as advertised. Far from it. Dozens of ingredients make up each of the two products, with only a few (water, cetearyl alcohol, and a blackcurrant derivative) are pronounceable. In other words, this is a scam. I refused to use it on my skin. EXORBITANT PRICE. My bank statement showed charges totaling $660.14, including the original $10.89 for two products to try, and then seven more hits ranging in price between 89.71 and 94.66. I certainly did not know I would be spending $180+ per month on these supposedly 'natural' products! MISSING PRODUCT. Not all of the product which I paid for arrived at my house. The price of the missing product was $187.67. DISHONEST AND PREDATORY SALES MODEL. I did not see, when signing up for the 'free' trial, how much the product would cost, and I was not aware that I had signed up for a monthly subscription of product. There were no emails or receipts to explain this. I had to search in my bank statements for the charges. Caveat emptor. I was willing to take responsibility for the opened packages. However, I wanted a refund for the product that never arrived at my house in August ($187.67), and I wanted to return for a refund the unopened packages (one of each item, $188.38) as well as the item which was in transit to me ($93.72).  I feel I deserve a refund of $467.77. It took three calls, including a 45-minute battle of wills with the agent on the third call, to get a supervisor on the phone. Hat’s off to the agent who stuck it out on the phone for so long, continuously repeating the same nonsense policies while we supposedly waited for a supervisor to become available, with me responding each time with a demand to speak to a supervisor. I assume part of their legal defense would be 'she hung up before we could help her.' Here is how it all ended. My subscription was cancelled, and the cancellation fees were waived (oh how generous). This happened on the first call. I received a refund of $282.10 for the three most recent charges - the product in transit plus the items which arrived in September. This was apparently a big concession, as the company's 'policy' is for no refunds after a 15-day period. I was given a tracking number for the product that was supposed to arrive in August but didn't, and Lumidaire will not help me track that down or give me a refund for that. Since the USPS tracker says it was delivered, I'm not holding my breath for any remedy on that one. No company which sells a truly good and respectable product would make an unhappy customer wait on the phone for 45 minutes to get help. That's the point, this product is a scam, and the phone support people are very well rehearsed to refuse refunds. This company is a scam. To anyone reading this, here is my advice. Don't buy the product. If you do, and you want a refund, do it immediately. When the agent says the supervisors are in a meeting, or on outgoing calls, or helping another customer, don't give up. You will eventually get them to help you, if only a little bit, especially if you threaten a lawsuit.  
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1411717
Nov 13 2017
05:26 PM
Lumidaire Lumidaire advertises that they have the utmost best product for reducing wrinkles - that is far from the truth, Santa Ana California
I received their product that was not advertised as a 14 day trial. Low and behold I have now recieved two shipments of their product to the tune of $200 and they will not refund my money even if I send the product back. There was nothing in the agreement where it said that I needed to cancel within 14 days. If there had been, I would not have agreed to this. As a person who has worked in retail in the past, the way I was treated, without anyone willing to refund my money for sending the unwanted product back, is unheard of. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM EVER  - they do NOT care about their customers and it is a total rip off. I am now stuck with $200 of unwanted items that mean nothing and are worthless. This is a disgrace - I am familiar with good skin care and know that other companies would have honored your returning the product. THere is something very bad about a company that does not honor what a customer wants or doesn't want. That is false advertising to the tee. Thanks for having this sight. I hope there are others that can be spared the humiliation of being forced into buying something they never ever wanted!    
Entity: Santa Ana, California
22, Report #1394405
Aug 21 2017
03:05 PM
Lumidaire Lumidaire Skin Cream Lumidaire Eye Serum Product left scarring & unwilling to refund after spending approx $400.00 that I was unaware of. I ask for a trial only. They were unwilling to help in any way. I explained I quit using the product & they offered to send free samples Costa Mesa, CA 92627 Internet
 I had ordered this product because I had rec'd a message stating I had been chosen to try the product by paying only shipping and handling . Against my husbands adcise I chose to trust these people I was speaking too. I the representative if I liked the product could I call back and then subscribe to a monthly trial she assured me that would be fine . Never once was I told I would need to call back and cancel the subscription. In the mean time of receiving and using the product I had to have surgery and also a heart cath. The last thing on my mind was this company charging my credit card in an amount close to $400.00. Because I was told remember this was in no way a commitment . I quit using the product when my skin began worsening causing break outs and now I have permanent scarring from using this product. I was shocked when I received a second box in the mail. So I called the company explain the above, spoke with sales rep, then ask to speak with supervisor, which is as Natalie employee ID 0158. She advised there was nothing they would be willing to do other than ship me out 2 free products . I explained I had not used the free trial I rec'd the first time due to the scarring . Would they please be willing to at least give me credit for at least one of the 2 months of charges that I had been charged . She said no and then went back through the spill of shipping out free products . I ask to speak to her supervisor and she said that would be the office manager and your not gonna speak to her because that's what I'm here for & there's nothing else I can do to help you ..
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1400066
Sep 14 2017
01:35 PM
lumidaire anti-aging face cream Supposed to be free to try but not! Internet
I was told that I could try the face cream free of charge to see if it worked for me.  I was sent the cream which does nothing and was charged $79 for my order.   Since I did not call before the 14 days I was charged another $94.35 for more which I did not receive.  They have cancelled my order BUT I will not get any money back. All this is is a huge rip-off and I have learned a very valuable lesson.  Read before you order!!!
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1400079
Sep 14 2017
03:34 PM
Lumidaire Anti-Aging Face Cream QuGenix Face Cream Free Trial Scam Costa Mesa/Fountain Valley California
    My Story is just like the others here. I responded to an online offer for a free trial of Lumidaire Face Cream which it turns out isn’t free. What happens is 14 days after you order they charge you about $90 for that free trial and then begin charging $90/mo until you cancel. I was charged double those amount because I, without realizing it, also order their Eye Serum product. I didn’t notice the charges for 3 months and so they got me for around $800. Their customer service people told me the terms of the offer were on the page and that I agreed to them so I went back to look. After much searching I discovered a small faintly colored link at the bottom of the page which read “Terms”. Clicking that will bring up the terms that you have implicitly agreed to. After reading it becomes clear why they take such lengths to hide them, the terms are so frightening that not only would you not place an order but you would probably start sleeping with the lights on. Never once do they ask to confirm that you have read and agreed to the terms in fact they don’t even hint the terms exist.      The shipping form requires a credit card number which they assure you is only to cover the $1.99 shipping cost but actually, as per the terms, they immediately charge to your card an additional $4.95 which I assume is closer to the actual cost to ship. After completing the form and hitting the button that says “Complete Checkout” you are taken to a rather deceptive page that thanks you for the order but also has large red text that states “Wait! You order is not complete” and lower down is a large green button that says “Complete Checkout”. In fact you’ve already completed and if you hit the button you’re actually placing an order for the Eye Serum without realizing it. As before the only terms are found by following the same camouflaged link.    Some of their other deceitful practices include:       If you call to cancel your membership and it’s within a few days of your next scheduled shipment they will tell you that it has already been shipped and they cannot stop it. When your product arrives check the tracking information at to find out when it was shipped. In my case it went out 2 days after I called to cancel. When you call to complain they will claim that all the terms were plainly listed and that you agreed to them but if you keep arguing they will start making offers of partial refunds starting at 50% up to 85% but only on the most recent shipment. If you use a debit card and have insufficient funds to cover the $94 charge they will make repeated attempt at progressively smaller amounts until they get an amount that you can cover, they will say that they generously gave you a discount. If they can’t get the $90 they want then they’re willing to settle for every last cent in your account.      I plan on taking legal action against them and will try to get my contact information to all you other suckers like me. There is a Facebook group called QuGenix Scam set up to find anyone wishing to participate.
Entity: Costa Mesa, California
25, Report #1379460
Jun 16 2017
07:29 AM
Lumidaire They quoted one price on their ad on Facebook, and then they charged me an additional 89.77 and 89.71 for the 2 same bottles that I had already paid for. Minnesota
I am extremely angry about the under-handed way that this company ripped me and other innocent people off They need to be stopped and I need my money back also, please.
Entity: Minnesota

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