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1, Report #1395719
Aug 26 2017
09:39 AM
Luna Skin Scam! Internet
 Luna skincare free trial is a scam. They claim there terms allow them to charge you full price for their product if you don't call them in 17 days. There is nothing on their website that requires any terms to be agreed to before ordering your free trial. This is a common bait and switch to charge the consumer full price for a product at a later date and use your credit card to so. The terms appear in a very small link at the bottom of their website where they know no consumer will find. They also fail to advise the consumer that they must read their terms and agree before entering their credit card number and proceeding to check out. The small link at the bottom of the page cannot be seen when viewing their website on a phone or an iPad ( obviously done on purpose ). Any reputable company would have their terms and a box to click and agree next to where you proceed and check out. The website should be shut down and they should be fined under consumer protection laws for false and deceptive advertising. The website clearly states the trial bottle is free and all you have to do is click to get a free sample. When you call Luna to speak to a supervisor they read from a script claiming that their terms allow them to charge you and then put you on a recurring monthly subscription to send you the product and continue to bill you $90 a bottle. They were impossible to speak to on the phone and it was more of a one-way conversation with them defending their position. They immediately canceled my subscription but I am still fighting to have my money credited back on my card, as they refused to give me any information because I disputed the charge on my card. Luna is deceiving consumers and their unconscionable acts rise to the level of consumer fraud. I will be filing a 93A action against Luna skin care and I advise all other consumers to do the same.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1409876
Nov 01 2017
11:34 AM
LUNA SKIN CARE Unscrupulous business practices
My debit card was charged 89.95 after I had, in writing, canceled and closed my acct after previously ordering afreesample that was to cost 5.95. I ordered a free sample on 10/12/17 but didn't do my homework on the company before ordering. After ordering I googled the company and they had horrible reviews about their payment policy. I quickly called and attempted to cancel the order. The customer service agent quickly began trying to talk me out of it saying Aww just one bad review you should not want to cancel because of that, call me back in 20 days. I assume he was hoping I would forget. Instead I sent an email to customer service asking them to cancel order 8ADFA23943 immediately and that I didn't want to wait to cancel and that they could charge the 5.95 and they were unauthorized to make any other charges to my account. After a few back and forth emails with the customer service team who insisted I change my mind, I finally got a response on 10/15/2017 that my account was closed and I would receive no further charges. On October 29, 2017 my debit card was charged 89.95 on a cancelled and closed account and I don't have any product. When I emailed them the morning of October 30, 2017 and asked why would my closed account be charged. I received a call from a woman saying that I can not cancel my account by email. I told her, I received an email from someone at your company, I assume your customer service representative saying that my account was closed on October 15, 2017 and no other charges would be made. I then told her that I had reported the fraud to my bank. She then told me she can no longer talk to me or refund my money unless I told my bank that the charge was not fradulent. I refused to do that because IT IS A FRADULENT CHARGE. If the company agreed not to charge my account and then proceeds to charge it, I consider that fraud. What other name is their for such behavior? 
Entity: St. Petersburg, Florida
3, Report #1389921
Aug 02 2017
11:41 AM
Luna Skincare Skincare, Skin Care, Serum, moisturizer, Luna, Internet
I have had the same issues as the other two ladies that posted before me.  I just got off the phone with customer service at Luna Skincare for the second day in a row.   My sister had told me that she ordered some new skin care, it was a serum online and had mentioned that all she had to pay was shipping which was 4.95 and they would ship you a trial of the product.  Of course, I wanted to try a new skin care product and just have to pay shipping, Awesome!  So, I went to the website and read the entire site, it explained about what the serum was proven to do etc.  So, I went ahead and placed my order. Two weeks later, I receive my skincare product, and I tried it several times.  Well 2 days ago, my husband calls me and asks if I bought skincare for $89.00, I told him no.  So I call our bank to find out about the charge.  The lady at the bank asked if I had purchased any skincare online and I told her I didn't think so.  She said, have you bought anything where you have had to pay for shipping only and they send you a trail of the product....and of course I started flipping out!  The lady at the bank gave me the number that they had for that charge, she also told me to NEVER purchase anything like that again, they are scams. Like the story of the lady before me, a lady answers the phone and asks for my zip code, then my mailing address and my email.  I gave all of that too her and explain that I have a charge on my account of 89.00 and wanted to check why.  She said that when I bought the trail that it locked me into a contract, or subscription where they were billing me every month.  I told her that I was under the impressuion that if I paid the $4.95 shipping that I could try a trial of the skincare serum.  She said that if I read the Terms and Conditions it explains it all there.  I started laughing and told her I looked the website over and never saw anything like that or I would have NEVER bought the product.  ( I just looked at the website again today and still can't find any Terms or Conditions anywhere)  I told her that I wanted my $89.00 back immediately.  She said she was sorry that she wasn't able to do that etc.  I told her I was staying on the phone until this was resolved.  I told her that this company was misleading the consumers and how horrible it was they that do this.  I asked to speak to a manager twice and both times she put me on hold but said that the supervisor was unable to come to the phone.  She finally said that she could offer me  a 35% credit.  So they offered me $31.48.   I told her that was fine if she wanted to give me that credit but that I would be calling back to speak to a manger and get the rest of it.  So we got off the phone. I called back again today and spoke to another lady who asked me all the same questions, needing my zip code, address, etc.  I told her why I was calling, explained what happened the previous day.  She told me that she was sorry but that I agreed to the 35% credit yesterday and it was given and case was closed.  I told her I wanted the rest of my money refunded and that I called back today to speak to a supervisor.  She said they didnt have anyone there...I said Oh, all of you are there working and you have no manager over seeing any of you?  She said well we do have a supervisor here but they are unable to come to the phone.  The lady then said, well we have your call recorded from yesterday agreeing to take the 35% refund.  I then said, well, if you have that recorded you will also hear me telling her she could give the refund to me if she wanted but I was still calling back to speak to a supervisor to get the rest of my money back.  We argued and I told her that this company was a joke, a scam and was not upfront with the consumers, and that I would be going to every website I could to tell everyone what an ordeal this was...and even on Amazon because I see the product is sold there too.  She put me on hold and came back and said that they could refund me $13.00....I started laughing and told her they were absoultely hilarious.  I told her we could sit on the phone all day and she said that she  didn't have time to that and I told her that was not my problem.  So after some more arguing, she put me on hold and when she came back she offered to refund me 75%.  So after that, I said fine and figured I would cut my losses.  I ended up getting all my money back except 20.00.  Trust me, I have learned my lesson!  To be honest, not sure how good the actual product is, but I am complaining about what a scam all of this was and the rude, crazy customer service.  Never heard of companies offering 35%, etc...Don't get suckered in.    
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1388601
Jul 27 2017
12:29 PM
Luna Skin Care Internet Internet
 Luna Skin Care ripped me off in the very same way as those ports I have read. I did not order the product nor do I want the product. I tried on 2 different occasions to talk to someone at the company. I was put on hold for 25 minutes one time and 20 minutes a second time. I never spoke to a company representative. I contact d my credit card company and that representative was very helpful. We were on a 3-way call with credit card rep, Luna rep, and myself. The Luna rep would not even allow us to talk. She kept spouting off lines she was obviously reading. She started by offering me a 35. % discount on only one of the supposed shipments I rceived. When I continued to dispute her, she offered a 50% discount and finally ended with a 75% discount. This is a total scam and I hope that this company is revealed for what it is. Nothing but a rip off!
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1357057
Feb 19 2017
07:04 PM
Luna Bella, Bella Serata, UnaBell ?, Skin Care ripoff Internet
My husband got a pop-up that told him he had won any one of several prizes, one of which was free skin care, with the only cost being Shipping & Handling, which was in the neighborhood of $10. He gave them the debit card number, the product eventually came (two small jars), and we thought that was the end of it. Then after about a month, charges of up to around $180 showed up in his bank account. This was on Saturday of a long weekend (President's Day). He called the phone numbers on the bank statement and was told that we had agreed to an ongoing monthly program. He said we had never understood or agreed to such an arrangement, that we are seniors living on fixed income and would never have accepted such a deal. They said, basically, Sorry, Charley. They can't remove the funds until after the holiday so we have transferred all the funds we can out of his accounts in an effort to prevent this scam from working. We have also emailed the bank. This scam offer of free trial for Luna Bella or Bella Serata skin care is NOT FREE, not what it pretends to be, just another ripoff scam. BUYER BEWARE.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1411160
Nov 09 2017
06:41 PM
Luna skin care Rip off Internet
Placed order on OCT 17th-2017.. Order # 2BC4EDA68C. for 17 day free trial  . I paid only for shipping cost of $10.90 auto/withdraw on Oct 18th. which was the shipping cost  I paid for a FREE TRIAL offer.Then unknowingly to me they with drawed $89.95 on Nov.3rd 2015   , 14 days  later. I called on Nov. 3 rd and ask why they took $89.95 out of my account for a 17 day FREE TRIAL ???  Lady said OH! do you wish to cancel your order ? I said what order ? I only orderd a FREE TRIAL. she ask me why I wanted to cancel my order. Well  for #1. I hadn't had the product long enough to decide if I liked it.#2 again I only wanted to try the FREE product. She says do you wish to cancele the order then .. I said please and please refund my money. She then told me that they would not refund the  $89.95 because it was what I agreed  on. OH no...I only agreed to TRY A FREE PRODUCT !What a RIP OFF !!!.. At that time She canceled my so called order..took my money and I have NOT recieved any other products in which I feel I'm intitled too for the $98.95.  I only recieved the two little bottles of the products that I had already  paid the shipping charge of $10.90.  Please please help me get my money back. Thank you  
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1388322
Jul 26 2017
09:45 AM
a pop up came in while looking at a article and I thought for less than 10 dollar I would try this Luna Skin care. I got the 2 item and then 2 weeks later got a charge for $ 89. 95. to my account. I called the company and was told that they would cancell my next order but the charge they could not refund. I demanded to speak to a supervisior and told that they were not avialable but hold a moment, they return and would refund 1/2 my money. Again I ask to speak to some one high them he was with out any luck. I also told them that I would report this company and would not have anything goood to say about them. The box came with nothing but the products and no information about future ording that should have told me someting right then and there. I am so angry and upset that companpies can get away with this, as well as getting taken for a ride.How many other people feel this way too.                                     4
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1422163
Jan 10 2018
11:48 AM
luna skin care jasmine dexterity double charges on account California
Luna skin care product does sound like a miracle product, that is going to make you look so much better, buyer beware. I tried thier product and product broke out my face, but thats not the problem, I understand everyone is different, but when I called to cancel order they had charged my credit card $89.95. Customer Service did not help they said that they canceled order, but in reality they did not, because Today I recieved a statment from my card company and now they are charging me an addition $174.70. I called back once again, and was told that they can't help because I had disputed the charge $89.95 with my card company. I will pay this just to get rid of them, I'm not happy about it, I just wanted people to know how you will be treated, or how I was treated, I will chalk this up as a lesson learned, but I will also keep the dispute open with my company to see what happens. This is really a company BUYER BEWARE.
Entity: California
9, Report #1385068
Jul 12 2017
05:04 PM
Luna Luxe Product Trial Fraud Richmond British Columbia internet
I ordered a trial size product of Lunaluxe skin cream from an internet ad on 06/06/17  I paid $4.95 plus $.99 for the trial.   On 06/19, my credit card was charged $89.97.  I immediately called to find out why and was told that since I did not call within the 14 day trial period so I was being charged.  It was then, I was informed that I had authorized a monthly shipment of skin creme.  I was offered multiple disounts to keep the account but I immediatley cancelled it. The people they have answering the phone are extremely rude and argurmentitive.  They stonewall you when you request a supervisor.  They tell you that they ARE the supervisor and you will not get any satisfaction from anyone else there.  They place the blame for any misunderstanding on you, the customer, for not reading the whole website and seeing that you are obligating yourself to a monthly shipment.    I assumed the charge of $89.97 was to pay for the next jar of cream that was being sent, but that was not the case.  The $89.97 charge was to pay for the tiny 1/2 ounce jar of creme I had received.  Even if the creme preformed miracles on my skin, I would not do business with this company.   I tried going through my bank to resolve the issue.  That got me nowhere.  Buyer beware!!!  This is one of those predatory sites other people get burned on.  It's a shame that I will be afraid to do business with a legitamate company on the internet because of this experience.      
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1407594
Oct 20 2017
03:35 PM
Luna Skincare Email scam, don’t fall for it! Internet
 An ad popped up on my iPad advertising free samples of Luna skincare cream and all I had to pay was a $4.50 shipping fee. I read everything on the web page and placed the order. Within a few minutes I received a phone call from a man with a heavy foreign accent. After asking him to repeat himself several times, I understood that he was confirming my order of two samples- cream and serum for the shipping fee. I hadn’t ordered the serum, but I okayed it and hung up. A few days later the package arrived with the two samples inside. I tried the products, researched them online, and decided they weren’t worth the money. I thought the issue was closed. About 3 weeks later, I noticed two charges on my credit card - one for $88 and one for $90. I filed a dispute with my credit card company. They issued a provisional credit for the two transactions and asked me for some information, which I provided. Several days later, I got two emails from Luna with the heading “your order has been canceled”. I thought the issue was resolved. I also received a third email the next day called “Chargeback defense “, which appeared to be from some third party, asking me to call to discuss the charge to my credit card. I ignored this email because I didn’t trust it, and because I thought the emails from Luna canceling the “orders”, (that I didn’t place in the first place) took care of the issue. Now I received a letter in the mail from my credit card company stating that Luna had provided justification for the charges and including a printout of the order form with a bunch of small print indicating that by ordering the samples I was signing up to receive the full size products. I’m very sure that this language was not on the form that I filled out and submitted. So, I responded to one of the Luna order cancellation emails asking them to please reverse the charges. I received a prompt reply asking me to call Luna Customer Service. I called and the woman who answered took my name, address, and phone number. She looked up the orders and said that, because I had filed a dispute with my credit card company rather than calling them to discuss, there is nothing that they can do for me The message I got loud and clear was that I was being punished for filing a dispute with my credit card company. When I told her that I had received nothing for my $89, she said that the charge was for the samples I had already received I have not yet contacted my credit card company, though after finding against me in my claim, I’m not optimistic. I also won’t be surprised to see the other charge appear as well.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1400548
Sep 16 2017
07:41 PM
Luna Skin Care Luna Skin Care aka: b******* company/ SCAM that tips people off!  St. Petersberg, FL Florida
 All written earlier. What I previously wrote explains it all.After a person agrees to just pay S&H for these 2 products. The company then charges $89.95. Of course, being a ,now, single mom of 2 girls does NOT have this money = $27.00 insufficient funds fee. I'm the only one to use my bank account. So, NO. I do NOT monitor it closely. I still had no clue any of this was done until today (9/16/17.) I only found about this because I just received another bottle in the mail. I called the company to find out what was up? It turns out I was charged another $89.95 in September. Of course, I have another $27.00 insufficient funds fee. They said, you were only charged for the one product because your account didn't have sufficient funds for the 2nd product. NO s***! I don't have that kind of money!!! So, if I did I would have been charged about $400.00 + two $27.00 insufficient funds fees. Please report this company! I know I am NOT the only person that can't afford this financially or fit this to happen to them.
Entity: California
12, Report #1374698
May 22 2017
03:47 PM
Luna Bella Skin Care SOFTER BEAUTY CREAMMY SKIN SERUM SECRET Fraudulently charged my credit card for Free Skin Care Gifts Connecticut and Arizona
I received an email one day that pretended to be a reward for my loyalty to receive a jar of free skin care for only the cost of shipping. I'm not sure now who the email prentended to be associated with (Costco or Target, a place like that which I trust and frequent and am already enrolled in their reward programs). It all happened so fast! Anyway I thought the offer for a sample of skincare for just the price of shipping seemed innocent enough (3.95). I quickly opened another winidow and looked up reveiws on Lunabella's skin care and it sounded pretty good so I bit on the offer. While I was checking out a window popped up that stated they were going to send me an additional serum for $4.95 in shipping. I grew concerned at this point because there was no way to decline the additional product without just quitting my browser and ending the whole transaction. By this point I wanted the product because it was going to be so cheap! I proceeded with the transaction at which point they tacked on one more small fee of $2.95, it showed up as RENUEYESERUM on my statement.I don't believe I received any confirmation for the order but figured I would be seeing it soon on my porch. It showed up less than a week later and I was surprised that they were full-sized products rather than smaller sample versions. It was one jar of cream and a taller pump tube of serum. The serum comes out white and pretty much a watered down version of the cream but overall the products are fine; moisturizing and gentle. I don't have any huge complaints about the quality but knowing this company's practices I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't made unethically and with dangerous cost-cutting ingredients. I saved the packing slip that came with the box because it had a phone number that I knew I might need as I was leery there was going to be repurcusions for accepting an offer that was too good to be true. After two weeks of using the products my credit card company sends me an email for two new charges...$97.41 and $98.41 from SOFTERBEAUTYCREAM and MYSKINSERUMSECRET. It was early morning before I was even out of bed and my blood pressure was boiling. I knew what those charges meant...the company had tricked me into signing up for some sort of recurring subscription to their overpriced goop! I flew to the phone. Luna Bella's rep picked up right away and confirmed my zip code and tried to start her spiel about how great the products were when I jumped down her throat immediately and told her that I in no way authorized those charges and I would be calling my credit card company to report them as fraudulent charges. She kept trying to talk over me while I got louder and demanded a supervisor. She said they could offer me a 30% discount and that there weren't any supervisors available. I lost my shit even more at this point. I told her that I wasn't going to roll over and be scammed by their shyster company. I told her the charges needed to come off right now! To which she replied she could give me a 50% discount. I was fuming. I told her I would be reporting them to my credit card company as fraud. She then said I could send back the unused portion of the products for a full refund but it could take up to 30 days for that to occur. I started to consider doing that but I told her I would still be reporting the charges as fraud because they were. At that point she said that we hadn't reached a resolution since I would still be reporting them and she hung up on me.I called my credit card company right after that angry exchange...what a soft comforting place to land! C****** O** was AMAZING!! They said that they would report the charges to the fraud dept and concurred with me that this is the type of thing this company does all the time. They did need to issue me a new card to change my acct. numbers so no more charges could be added in the future but that was a small inconvenience to block those jerks from Luna Bella. That same day there were two subscription cancellation notices from Luna Bella for the products and within 3 days the charges posted to my credit card but then two refunds were posted a couple of days after that, cancelling them out. I was so relieved and I didn't even have to go to the hassle of shipping their products back and hoping they would give me the refund. I think you have to handle that company angrily and use your credit card company as backing. There is no way I agreed to a subscription while I was ordering so they committed blatant fraud. 
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1412691
Nov 20 2017
07:40 AM
Luna Skin Care --- Wrinkle Remover Luna Skin Care They offered me a FREE SAMPLE of Wrinkle Remover LUNA SKIN CARE and LUNA FACE CREAM -- SCAM California
On October 25, 2017, I had a pop up come on my Face Book indicating that I could receive a FREE TRIAL OFFER if I only pay Shipping Charges. It was for a a Free Sample of Luna Facial Mist and Luna Facial Cream.   I said, why not, I ordered two free samples and figued I would pay the $16.00 UPS Shipping Charges. On November 16 and 17, 2017 My Debit Card was charged $89.99 and $88.95 for these FREE TRIALS without my Authorization.They Representative I contacted at Phone Numer 877-671-0074 said I agreed to these terms which I did not and had no knowlege of. She said I woul get no refund. I asked for their EMAIL Address - she said there was none.   That this was the only contact number. I asked for their address to return the product, that I was VERY unsatisfied and want to return it for a Full Refund.  The Rep. said they do not no returns!After pleading my case, she offered me 35% Refund.   I said NO, that I would contace RIP OFF and my Bank / Credit Card Representative to handle this matter. She then offered me 50% refund.   I said absolutely not.  That I will just contact my bank and credit card company and file a dispute. She then offered me 75% refund.  I said NO, that I will file a Rip Off Report and a disputye.She then offered me a full refund, but I would have to pay $9.00 for processing which I agreed to. While talking to the Rep.  I could hear another male Rep. handling another same case and pulling the same Scam of no returns. PEOPLE - BE AWARE of FREE TRIALS and TERMS in small or no print.   THEY ARE SCAMMING YOU at LUNA SKIN CARE and Ripping you off for Fees of almost $200.00.   NOTE - LUNA SKIN CARE IS LOCATED IN CALIFORNIA AND FLORIDA.
Entity: California
14, Report #1403747
Oct 02 2017
05:52 PM
Luna skin care Luna Charged my credit card unknowingly to me, Will not cancel me out!!!! St Petersburg Florida
 I was charged on my credit card unknowingly after I received a free sample which I paid shipping for. Triedcalling 5 times & each persontold me they could Not find my account but they already charged my Disability money from my account. Kept getting run around & told there was nobody else I could speak to & then just a have a nice day!
Entity: St Petersburg , Florida
15, Report #1367429
Apr 12 2017
09:16 PM
Luna Bella serum Veyron Skin Serum Total RIP OFF!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!! Unknown Internet
 I saw a listing for a trial size bottle of this so called beauty serum which is more like wax than a serum, the stuff is junk, well no where on their site does it say you are entering into a monthly delivery service of even more of this crap at $98.41 a pop, even before the so called 14 day trial period was up my card was already charged. I called their so called customer support who tried to keep me with discounting the monthly charge to around $30 to which I replied no thank you I want to cancel and send back the cream to which the representative replied I'm sorry you are not happy with the product but we do not have a return policy, I said you mean to tell me you don't have a money back guarantee, he said no and hung up on me. Save your time and money and don't buy this, I can't believe they can get away with this, totally defrauding the public.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1396282
Aug 28 2017
05:11 PM
SCAM! Luna Bella Skincare Nu Ultra Skin Skincare product scam Internet
I can't believe I fell for this ridiculous scam! Lesson learned, do some Googling on the brand name before you ever purchase anything off the internet. They call it a free trial in order to get you to think it's a free sample. There is absolutely nothing clear about the purchase, but when you check the Terms & Conditions, you agree to let them charge you almost $100 after the trial period and nothing you get in the mail or by email has any info about this supposed trial end date.  Now they won't do anything but leave me on hold for hours on end and offer me a 35% discount on another bottle. RIDICULOUS. I am so angry, I could cry. How can these people live with themselves??
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1396817
Aug 30 2017
03:10 PM
Luna skincare Enrolled is a monthly subscription, I only wanted a trial. St. Petersburg Florida
I thought I was only ordering a trial for the eye and skin cream.  I received an exact duplicate of the original product a month later. The prices are $87.35 and $89.95.  I immediately called and notified Carol from customer service that I did not order any additional products.  I was told, that I didn't cancel, I checked the box for the terms and conditions, and unfortunately the products are mine to keep. I told him I will call my credit card and he was just rude and said, you won't win that.  The customer service representative was not customer friendly, in fact I asked for a supervisor and he said he is one .He was arguing with me as if I was a child.  I literally told him that I didn't want to speak to him anymore.  He was so disrespectful, that I told him I was hanging up.  TOTAL SCAM! I called back to speak to a supervisor and spoke to Marcus who had the same attitude.  I was offered the products at a discounted price. I eventually did get my subscription and ordered cancelled and am supposed to receive a refund, after much aggrevation.  I don't know how they sleep at night.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1395955
Aug 27 2017
12:11 PM
Luna Skin Care scam internet offer for free one month trial pay shipping only Internet
Customer service number at A few months ago I ran across an offer for a free trial of two skin care products, Luna Skin Care Revitalizing Moisterizer and Rejuvenating Facial Serum by paying shipping only which amounted to less than ten dollars. I recieved the products, did not like them, and never reordered them.The next two months, 6/2017 and 7/2017, I recieved a box containing the same two products, which I had not order. Enclosed was a packing slip that did not identify the company or address other than po box in St Petersburg, FL, nor did it specify the amount I was billed or cost of products. For all returns and cancellations it said call our 24 hour customer service number at. There was no phone number. Below that it said Email: with no email address.  Inside box I found a card with directions on how to use products and a customer care number. I called this number in 6/2017 several times and no one ever anwered. I received a second box, never having used the June box and again tried to call and cancel.Today as I was paying bills online I reviewed the past few months of my account and found that I had paid $87.35 to MEC YOUR SKIN CREAMS on 5/31/2017, 6/27/2017 and 7/25/2017. In addition, I had paid $89.95 for Velvets MY BERST SKIN SER on 5/31/2017, 6/27/2017 and 7/25/2017. I called the customer care number that I had found on a previous scam report on this website and after a long enough time for me to put phone down and on speaker and in order to do other work while I waited, which I did, someone finally answered.  The woman ansered not by identifying the company but by saying hello. I gave her my name and address and the subject of my call.She looked the account up and told me I was entitled to no refund but would cancel my account so that I would receive no further shipments. I argued that I knew they had given previous buyers refunds of from 50-100% of amount as had read this online and she said she had no idea what I was talking about because they had never done this.We went back and forth and she put me on hold to connect me with her supervisor but came back and just said she could give me a 35% refund on the last shipment which I refused. I asked to speck to supervisor and was told it would be 45 minute wait which I said was fine, I would stay online. Five to 10 minutes later a man came on the phone and first argued that I would be given no refund as it was not their policy and that I could not return the products, which were unopened, as they did not take returns. After arguing a few minutes he made the 35% refund on last months charge and I refused. He then offered 75% refund (the difference between that and the 35% discount coming from his own personal employee discount) on the previous month charge.At first,  I agreed to accept but stated that I would be reporting it to the Better Business Bureau and any other agency I could. He said that by accepting the refund I was not allowed to report it to anyone. I told him that unless I recieved a 100% refund on the past two months I was reporting it.He refused but continued to argue with me and tell me that it didn't matter to whom I reported it there was no case.  He also stated that he would be contacting me in a few days to let me know that he had spoken to whomever I reported them to and that he was told, as always that there was no legal case against the company. I told him I would rather report them than receive the offered discount and said good bye.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1410581
Nov 06 2017
09:46 AM
Luna Skincare Trail lie St. Petersburg Florida
I ordered on the 20th of October a Trail Offer of their Revitalizing Moisturizer and only used for 2 days when my skin started to break out with my eczema. Also, I had an Rejuvenating Facial Cream which I never opened because of the break out.   The website indicates that the best results shows within 30 days. So, you are lead to believe that the Free trail offer is for that time frame. Thats where they get you!! The offer is for 14 days and when day 16th came I was charge $89.95 for the Free trail products sent.   When I called to cancelled, they would not refund me and did not care of my break out. There is no Free in this site.    
Entity: St. Petersburg, Florida
20, Report #1388474
Jul 26 2017
08:17 PM
Luna LUXE skin care Can't contact Company to cancel product Huntington, Ca. 92805-3419 California
 I ordered Luna Luxe skin care on line after hearing it was on shark tank. The product did nothing. I sent an email to cancel, it was returned as address unknown. I called their phones, 3 different numbers, all say they are disconnected. I had to cancel my credit card so as not to be charged going forward. Shame on them.
Entity: Huntington, Ca. 92805-3419, California
21, Report #1388680
Jul 27 2017
05:22 PM
Luna Luxe Skin Care I got the trial product, did not call to cancel my subscription in time (actually forgot). $362.82 later... Internet
I saw the ad on the web for a trial offer of Luna Luxe skin cream.  Sounded good so I bought into it.  Received product, used it, did not think about it. One month later, my  checking account is short, I noticed four charges totalling $362.82. I did receive 1 package from them but never opened it, sent it back immediately. Never received anything else from them. I called them up to ask for my money back and was told this could not happen. I told her I sent the product back and she said they could not accept it, that it would be mailed back to me. So far, have not seen anything back from them.  The operator also said she could not refund my account but would cancel the subscription.  Tried to offer the product at 50% off, I said no, just wanted my money back. Tne operator also told me that at the time  of the trial offer, there were the rules which I neglected to read. She was quite huffy with me.  I am not rich by any means and cannot afford to lose this kind of money. I will not trust any other free trials again. I feel so stupid for trusting Shark Tank.    
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1411795
Nov 14 2017
07:52 AM
Luna Skin Care roducts They refuse to cancel my account and stop billing my credit card. St. Petersburg Florida
Once the product was recieved I questiond the claims made about the products results so I started checking on the claims and the product. The company had misrepresented most everything. They state that SHARK TANK judges had ALL bought into the company because the product was so Spectiular, not true. Started reading the complaints and decided to cancel out ASAP before they continue billing our credit card. They have refused to do so because I only recieved the product yesterday and haven't truly tried it. Or if I choose to return it at a cost of $10.95, bouble what I paid they for shipping, they'll cancel the account.
Entity: St. Petersburg, Florida
23, Report #1414888
Dec 04 2017
06:45 AM
Luna Skincare Trylunaskincare Credit card charges 5 days after product received. St. Petersburg Florida
I couldn't sleep one night so I was browsing online. I see this skin care serum that Sallie Field uses supposedly and I think hmmm well its only a 4.95 trial. Lets try it. I placed an order on Nov 17, 2017. The next day I have 2 charges to my account totaling 10.90. Well its only 10.90 maybe its an extra shipping charge I just didnt see. So I brush it off. Today is Dec 4th. I received this package in the mail 5 days ago.I just got woke up by my phone going off at 3am telling me my account is in the negative. I log in to see why and I have just had $89.95 come out of my bank account. I called the company who requested my zip code and name and she could not find my order. Thankfully, I still have my packing slip because I just received my package. On the packing slip my zip code is incorrect and my phone number is incorrect as well. She said well ma'am we got the information from what you ordered online. Its directly from what you type in. REALLY!!!! Why would I give a false zipcode and a false phone number? My computer as well as my phone to an automatic fill in when I type my first name. I assured her that it was autofill and that she was mistaken. That is obviously why my package was lost in the mail.She goes on to tell me that if I had not received my package after 4 days I was supposed to call them and get an extension. You have 4 days shipping and 10 days of trial period. I asked her if she had my tracking information to prove what day the package had arrived. She said yes I do, but would not tell me what day that was. This charge was only 1 of 2, the second charge was pending which I informed her had better get cancelled. She said she could give me 50% off for the other one. I said NO it better be cancelled, she said well I can give you 75% off but that is all I can do. I asked to speak to a manager and she said she was the only one there. I said listen! My account is negative 49.00 and I do not get paid for another week and a half. My bank is going to charge me overdrawn fees and they will recharge after 3 days until I have money in my account. I cannot even go to the grocery store now. She said this one time she could cancel the pending charges but they could not accept any product back. I then received 2 emails stating that the account was closed.Please beware of this company!!!! They will falsify your information in order for you to have to pay their charges!!! Just go to your local stores to find a product this company is a rip off!!!!
Entity: St. Petersburg, Florida
24, Report #1421463
Jan 06 2018
11:29 AM
Luna Skincare Trial rip off
So there was a pop up for a serum & moisturizer- both totaled around $8 for a trial sample—can’t go wrong I thought! Ha! A few weeks later there was a charge for almost $200 on my credit card!! It was almost $100 a piece for them! When I called, the rep was soooo rude- she actually told me to read the fine print before I sign up for anything! When I told her I didn’t see THAT in the fine print, she told me that she wears thick glasses & she even saw it!! Never had a Customer Service Rep talked so rudely to me. It was like rubbing salt in the wound! Stay away!!!
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1428849
Feb 12 2018
03:57 PM
Luna skin care There is a big ad for free samples, paying only shipping and handling but 15 days later I am charged an exorbitant amount and signed up to receive more products. Internet
I responded to the ad for a sample of wrinkle erasing cream and eye cream for a total of $10.97 shipping and handling for both products.I did receive the products but have not noticed any visible difference.  Same old wrinkles are still there.15 days later my checking account is debited $89.65.  I called customer service.  I am told there is a 14 day grace period to cancel.I said I do not remember seeing that information at all.  He explained the amount is really for the cost of the eye cream plus I would be receiving more products.I said I am not interested in continuing receiving anything more from that company and that I thought the entire process was a scam.He at first offered to refund only 35% of the $89.65 after telling me I did not use the product correctly.  You need to use a face wash first he claimed.Then he offered to refund 50% but I still had to pay an additional $9.95 for the wrinkle serum.So in the end I will be charged another $9.95 and credited $44.82 in 3 to 5 business days.The $9.95 has already been charged to my checking account and this is 20 minutes after the phone conversation.Will be interested in seeing how many days before I see the refund.Buyer beware.

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