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1, Report #1422873
Jan 13 2018
08:01 PM
Luxury fashion now Don’t know Charged my card $99.99 without permission Michigan Center Michigan
I payed $6.99 for shipping and the I noticed a separate charge for $99.99 that states recurring
Entity: Michigan Center, Michigan
2, Report #1414272
Nov 30 2017
08:18 AM
luxury fashion now Won't return my money Detroit Michigan
I took an online survey. I was offered a handbag and only pay $6.99 for shipping. I received the handbag. A month later I was charged $99.98 for a subscription to their accessories (or whatever). I called to have the money returned and was told it was a 14 day free trial. I don't remember the fine print saying that but it might have, but no where did it say how much a regular subsciption was ($99.98 a month). If I had seen that, I wouldn't have taken the handbag. I was told only that they would cancel the subscritpion but that they couldn't return my money. I even offered to return the handbag. I was still told they couldn't return my money. Please help!
Entity: Detroit, Michigan
3, Report #1424156
Jan 20 2018
11:02 AM
Luxury fashion Support@luxuryfashion-now Charged my account 89.99 without my knowledge Internet
I took an online survey on December 13th and as a reward I was offered a list of products for which I was to pay only shipping costs. None of these products looked like they would be worth too much more than that so I chose a watch which when it arrived was just a pedestrian watch with a fake leather band. This morning I get a receipt saying they charged 89.99 to my account. When I called them I was told that a necklace had been delivered to me in December which I didn’t remember so I asked for a discription I was told it was silver and green which I never saw. I looked over the emails and one said watch and one said necklace and I was told that small print said it was a fourteen day trial. Not true, not true. I closed the account but they only gave me 30.00 dollars back basically for not protesting because when I said I was going to dispute it they said: nothing back then”
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1410104
Nov 02 2017
06:28 PM
luxury fashion They have charged my bank over 3 time for a total of $98 and now my account is overdrafted $200
I filled out a online survey paid $6.99 for shipping and now they keep charging my account for $98.99 now my account is overdrafted $200.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1402397
Sep 26 2017
08:01 AM
luxury fashion  DETROIT Internet MICHIGAN
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1403360
Sep 30 2017
08:08 PM
Luxury Fashion Luxury Fashion Jewelry Silver City New Mexico
 I received an email regarding a reward if I did a survey. After I see a watch as the reward but for only $7.99. So I agreed then another pop up message came up that for the same shipping I can add a jewelry for $5.99, I accidentally accepted this one but I thought it's ok nothing was indicated that I was signing up for a monthly subscription. I received the items and they were not as close as what they indicated online/picture. Then I see two charges on my creator card after 14 days but I received the items late as it is so I had no time to actually call to cancel. When I called the number, I was told the items I received was discounted and I had 14 days only to have this discount and that I will be charged a mo they of $89.95 and $99.98 for each item I picked. I told them I did not sign up for this as the email receipt did not even indicated this 14 days limitation. I offered to return and nothing. I'm unemployed at the time and I couldn't afford to pay for this. They keep offering me discount, but I didn't accept and asked to cancel my subscription. I called Bank of America to explain to block my card but they denied it. I called the company again pleading and Ashana offer d to send me a bag for free. These items were supposed to be $200 worth but the monthly fee is for a discounted price. I received the bag and googled the watch and they were worth around $35 only. Even the necklace looks like a fashion jewel only. I tried calling 1-866-212-2377 to ensure account is cancelled on 9/30 but number is no longer valid. I keep getting hanged up after one ring. I called the other number 1-844-886-5374 same thing. Even the number that is showing on my credit card transaction, is not working at all. Both Glamor Trends for the watch and pendant and Luxury Fashion for the bag, contact info is not going through.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1405673
Oct 11 2017
04:24 PM
Luxury Fashion Dba - style works Suspected she'll companies WH deals and INT botique. So now a second watch shows up. The first we thought came from my husband job. We don't check statement . We didn't give luxury items our credit card. It is a survey.  Silver city New Mexico
They send emails ( I have) Stating re: customer poll Amazon reward. I have found several shell companies - credit card company has recording of admitting they are all one. Now when the Amazon emails come they come from 21301 S.Tamiami Trail suite 320 #108 , Estero , Fl 33928. Appearing as an Amazon reward. They also use 2885 Sanford ave. SW # 35872,, Grandville, Michigan 49418. We printed their emails out which our security states malware . The last watch received was billed 9/29 4:14 AM. The scam works I think beginning with the 6.99 Dr. Oz recommended vitamins- Bc credit card company has representative (manager) stating that she would reverse reverse and that she sees the charge and date- it comes - no reversal and a new product a watch . $475 is theft, and the recordings are unbelievable! They consented to be recorded and continued to lie and SELL. I was offered a lifetime of suppliments and as for jewelry - I could swap it. It took much time and aggravation. I'm waiting for final reimbursement . And if I have to call again. I will personally sue for theft as I have all documents , recordings , and shell companies . This is theft! It is impossible that they are able to disguise as Amazon and steal your credit card. I repeat they were not given my CC # for watches . Yes when you call it sounds like a foreign country. And yes for a month they hang up. I am sure I can obtain phone records .. I'll return and report further. I have emails , recordings , shell companies , credit card company manager in phone listening and recording scam. I had to get $ 475 reversed charges after lengthy conversation on fraud and theft. I have never had this much money taken. They billed 2x a day and 5 times that I am aware of. Possibly a 6th that I have to look into. As they advertise and email from diferent locations as Amazon Rewards.. First comes a 6.99 trial of vitamins - they hang up on you when you call. Then comes the watches . So it appears they take the 6.99 credit card info for trial to cancel. Hang up on you . Then take credit card number and begin sending watches as Amazon reward . I have all documents and am waiting for final charge reversal of 99.98. That originally vitamin 3 rd party says we cancelled that and on that same charge date , recorded by credit card company billed at 4:14 am a few days later a watch arrives . Watch billed to credit card company yet they were never given credit card number . It appears they pulled it from their vitamin shell company trial offer.
Entity: Silver city , New Mexico
8, Report #1405418
Oct 10 2017
03:48 PM
Luxury Fashion Deceiving advertising, using Amazon as an affiliate. Silver City New Mexico
I recieved an email indicating it was associated with Amazon. I, like most people always trust Amazon. It was a short questionaire, which awarded me one choice out of several items, and it was sent to my home. In this case, it happened to be a purse. I only had to pay shipping, which in turn provided them an account number to use for their further use.Well, a month later, I received an identical purse. I thought it must be a mistake. Well, this month I have recieved yet ANOTHER purse. I looked and looked and finally found a web page and an email address. (thanks in part to this website). I checked my checking account and they HAD charged me $99.I read if you are not happy with the purse they sent, to call for an RMA number in order to return my item. I was to write that number on the return package and a credit would be made to my account. First of all, I sent an email to Customer Service demanding my account be closed. Next morning, I called for the RMA number so I can return purse.I found myself speaking to 'DAN'. Who by-the-way, had a Southern Asian accent. Upon asking for the RMA number, Dan proceeded to ask me why I want to return the purse. He then showered me with all kinds of offers to stick with the program. I explained to him I could not afford it and I want my money back and I want the RMA number to return the purse. I was told I could not return the purse, and he would close my account. I told him I had already closed account and I had an email indicating so. I told him I understood I had 14 days to return purse and recieve a refund. He then proceeded to tell me the 14 day return policy was ONLY effective in returning the very FIRST purse I received ( 3 months ago). There is no return or refund for purse ordered AFTER that first one. Needless to say, I became very angry. I reminded him I did not order a purse at all, and they had just sent it to me without my permission and also deducted funds from my account without permission...TWICE.I told him I thought he was lying and I had intentions of calling our Attorney General. I asked to speak to his Supervisor. He said Supervisor was on another call, which I did not believe. He finally agreed to return my money. He put me on hold, only to check back about 20 seconds later. Immediatley put me on hold again for about 3 minutes. I felt he was checking back to see if I had hung up. If he had hung up on me, It would nott have been pleasant to be in the same room with me.He finally came back on the line and I told him I was still waiting. He said he was going to give me a refund and he needed my mailing address so they could send me a check. I reminded him it's indicated they would credit back to my account. He said they cannot do that, but I would recieve a check in 10-14 days. I asked for a confirmation number and he did give me one. I asked how he would send me a check without receiving the purse. He said they don't want the purse back.Do I believe I will get my money back? No. Did I learn a valuable lesson? Yes. I read the entire webpage on day one and read nothing about receiving more purses. Not only that, but the lousy purse they sent was $99.00. I could get the same purse at Walmart for $10.00. I am embarrased to admit it, but I did this with a watch too. So I feel like I was screwed twice. DO NOT fall for this scam. It comes across as a very simple survey, and it's just a way to get at least $99.00 out of each person who thinks it is legitimate, and before they can react to what is really going on.  Everything you think you're getting is just a scam for more deceit to come. BEWARE    
Entity: Silver City, New Mexico
9, Report #1405620
Oct 11 2017
01:38 PM
Luxury Fashion Continued to send items I didn't order Silver City New Mexico
I ordered a casual purse several months ago. Subsequently I have recieved 3 additional comperable purses that I did not order.
Entity: Silver City, New Mexico
10, Report #1404716
Oct 06 2017
04:14 PM
Luxury Fashion Shipping Manager in NM Sending me watches! Silver City New Mexico
I was suppose to win one watch. That was all I was told. Now they keep sending me more. I dont need them .Please help. 
Entity: Silver City, New Mexico
11, Report #1407410
Oct 19 2017
08:01 PM
Luxury fashion Misleading advertising to join club Silver city New Mexico
 This company operates under the amazon name. They offer gifts for completing customer surveys for the price of 6.99 for shipping. If you do not cancel within fourteen days ypu are billed for a watch every month for 99.00 without being able to return items for refund.
Entity: Silver city, New Mexico
12, Report #1407504
Oct 20 2017
09:29 AM
Luxury Luxury Fashion. Also amazon promotions for items states free but just paying s&h Fraud Detroit Internet
 The advertisement was titled as amazon because I am a member I figured it was a way of them showing appreciation for being a loyal member. It then started me through a survey. Once finished I finally got to select my so called free merchandise and entered my requested information. I was away but the item was delivered and about a full week later I received a charge for $99.89. I called the number on my bank statement bc I was unaware of the name thebigsl8447211474 Flus in which discloses the companies number. Called the number lady answered with customer service not saying luxury fashion in which I had to ask but before that she wanted my information. I got it cancelled but the lady stated there will be no further charges on your account your membership has been cancelled and all sales are final meaning no refund. Probably some Swift Kids making a quick stack before they get caught close the business and change the name. I the price is marked down from what they will charge you once your fourteen day trial ends. I can’t recall a disclaimer about automatic renewal membership or even being enrolled into one but this was a slick move. I at least learned a lesson nothing is ever to good to be true and there are many crooks out there.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #487902
Aug 31 2009
03:35 PM
luxury stock,com partners in crime WATERBURY, Connecticut
I purchased a handbag from uscoach that was supposed to be authentic my billing came from and the payment went somewhere else .these companys are working hand in hand ripping people off. oh and my handbag was plastic and cheap material it aint an authentic coach thats all i got to say.I could of made it in 8th grade home ed.class.these are overseas companys ripping off us hardworking is sickening!
Entity: waterbury, Connecticut
14, Report #747089
Jun 29 2011
05:04 PM
fashion contactlenses com Fraud Brixam, Devon, United Kingdom
On Mon 5/16/2011 I ordered from this company. They sent me a confirmation email, as usual. I had ordered twice before, successfully. Since that time i have been sending repeated emails begging them to reply to me, to send my product, or to return my money. it is currently jun 29. They kept my money, and have never replied to a single email. I have sent them 6 contacts in total. Be warned. does anyone know how to pursue legal action in the UK? i am in the US and they seem to be ignoring me because I cannot do anything about their crime.
Entity: Brixam, Devon, Select State/Province
15, Report #1416642
Dec 13 2017
11:54 AM
Fashion Product Support Luxury Fashion, Shoe store Free Watch California
Luxury Fashions custom service ph # 866-212-2377 & 844-774-5174 merchant # MNSTNMD Highlight I found two charges of $99.98 on my bk statement  which I called my CC to inquiry about it. They told contact merchant, when I called they said I received a watch for 14 days trial, after that I will be charge. No refund just a credit to get another watch. TOTALLY FRAUD. Im suppose to won but it cost me $200 more      
Entity: California
16, Report #1411664
Nov 13 2017
12:48 PM
Entity: Detroit, Michigan
17, Report #364831
Aug 20 2008
02:45 AM
18, Report #1411839
Nov 14 2017
11:43 AM
Luxury Fashion Took an online survey that was appearingly promoted by AMAZON; was misled by the offer of a free product for completing. Red Wing Minnesota
Amazon promoted a survey that offered a product for completing at the cost of only shipping.  Once I selected and received the product, the company charged 99.99 without my permission.  When I called to inquire, they indicated there was a 14 day trial period in which I could have returned the product.  None of this was indicated in the transaction or the email confirmation I received.  I also was not pre notified that they intended to deduct funds from my account as most companies will give you the courtesy of confirming.When I phoned about this, it appears this is a company that handles multiple other vendors.  The customer service representative was very rude, and not willing to do anything but exchange my product for another, barely less expensive item.  I was not allowed to make a return, but they indicated they would cancel my very costly membership, to what I don't know.This is a scam and a definite money making rip off.  I question why Amazon would allow a company like this to operate under their brand and make it appear a safe transaction for loyal Amazon customers.  This makes me think twice about my relationship with Amazon also, which I've always felt a trusted company.  
Entity: Red Wing, Minnesota
19, Report #1415349
Dec 06 2017
10:38 AM
Luxury Fashion Scammed me out of $200 Silver City New Mexico
I received a samll survey from what looked to be like Amazon and it said I received a reward for doing this survey.  It had several items to choose from and I could pick one and only pay shipping.  I chose a purse and used my debit card to pay the shipping.  About a month later I received the purse and forgot all about it.  The next thing I know is I have a $99.98 charge from November (that I had missed) and one in December for the same amount.  Never received any other product other than that cheap little purse that was supposedly a reward.  I reached out to my bank and they gave me the number for this business.  I called them and they offered to cancel my account but I couldn't get a refund because it was after the 14 day trial period.  First off I never signed up for any account w/this company or signed up for any recurring monthly charge.  Second I got the purse well after 14 days.  We went back and forth on the phone and she ended up hanging up on me.  Now I am going through my bank to dispute these charges.  The company did email me a confirmation of my canceled account... didn't have one to cancel to begin with.  They offered me a percentage of my refund back but I have refused since I didn't purchase anything or agree to anything I want the full amount back.  Hope reporting this on this website and better business bureau will help keep these people from scamming others
Entity: Silver City, New Mexico
20, Report #1412778
Nov 21 2017
07:54 AM
Luxury Fashion they took out $99.98 out of checking account without my authorization Silver City New Mexico
I am a victim of fraud.  I had called Luxury Fashion  and they refused my refund.  I want them investigated.  I see from this websit that is happened to other people
Entity: Silver City, New Mexico
21, Report #1404992
Oct 08 2017
07:00 PM
Fashion Products Fashion P shipping. Sep 11 2017 10:44 PM luxury fashion now style works fashion product i took a online survey and got a watch for taking the survey just pay 6.99 shipping then i got the charge for 99.98 they said in the fine print the 6.99 was a 14 day trail if i ded not return it i would get a watch each month at 99.98 i read there fine print and it was not there Lou from RI 10/8/2017 Nationwide
Luxury Fashion Products or Fashion Products sent me a survey and for taking it I would get a cheap watch in return for just shipping cost of $6.99. Instead, they continued to charge my credit card $99.98 three times in less than 30 days, so I received a fraud telephone call from my bank making me aware that this is a total fraud. They ask you to check a box in which they claim are the provisions of the membership but there are no such words. It is just your typical internet scam which anyone could fall victim to. Beware, this is a total scam and that is why I reported it. This is not the only report I filed. If you should fall victim, contact the card issuer and your Bank immediatley. BEWARE
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #1190388
Nov 20 2014
07:11 PM
Luxury Sunglasses luxury Sent knock off sunglasses in a different brand than ordered and has not fixed issue in 6 months. Internet
In June of 2014, I clicked a link I believed to be Sunglass Hut to order a pair of Persol sunglasses.  The confirmation email I received was from a company called Luxury Sunglasses.   About a month later, the sunglasses arrived.  Not only were they NOT Persol, they were immitation Giorgio Armani that look nothing like what I ordered.   I emailed the company about the issue and they emailed back apologizing and swearing they would send the correct glasses. Since then, i have contacted them 12 times and received the same response.  we're sorry, we sent the glasses, they are being inspected by your local post office.  it's a government issue, not ours DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1422105
Jan 09 2018
08:37 PM
Luxury Fashion They sent me an online survey and said they would send a gift and I just pay for shipping Internet
I filled out a survey that appeared to come from Amazon and it seemed legitimate as I order from there on a regular basis. The gift was a small purse and it said I would only need to pay for shipping. One month later I received another similar purse. This continue to happen 2 more times. There were never any invoices. In the last package was a small card with a customer service phone number and I called it. I was put on hold for 35 minutes with no answer. I waited one more day and called again and the first person that I spoke with told me that I was being charged $99.98 for each purse after paying $3.99 for shipping of the first one. I said I never authorized this and she kept saying that I did OK it in their terms of use. I was very irate and she promised to cancel everything and send me an email.She also gave me a website where I could see that I had authorized this. The website did not work. I received the email of cancellation and called a number that was on there and was given another website that also didn’t work. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put through to another person that gave me yet a third website that also did not work. I tried to pull up the websites while on the phone with the last two people and ended up being hung up on. All in all I was charged for 3 purses that I was told I got for $99.98 with a worth of $200. I said I would like to return the last one that I just received as I knew it was too late to return the other two and she said that that was not possible. I asked what I should do because I do not want this purse and she said I could take it to any retail store and they couldn’t verify that it was worth $200. These purses are small with no brand-name and might be at the most worth $5 to $10. The first one that I received literally fell apart.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1410761
Nov 07 2017
10:08 AM
Luxury Fashion Fraud New Mexico
I received an email from Amazon telling me to choose one out of 3 eggs so I did so. (i looked back at the email and in fact it's not from Amazon). It said I won a watch and all I needed to do is pay shipping so I gave my credit card info. Well, I never received the watch so I forgot about everything. I looked at my credit card statement and Luxury Fashion charged me $99.95 for the watch. I called the company which was actually just a call center and I was informed that I had 14 days from the time I received the watch to cancel the membership and to return the watch. I informed the lady that I could I do any of that if I never ever received anything? She wouldn't cancel the so called payment for the watch or membership to the club. So now I am in contact with my bank to take care of the matter. REMEMBER ALWAYS READ ALL FINE PRINT BEFORE AGREEING ON ANYTHING.
Entity: New Mexico
25, Report #1052599
May 21 2013
09:32 AM
Luxury Spas Inc Now you see it, Now You DON'T Lorain Ohio
We (my girlfriend and I) ordered a $1600.00 Steam Shower enclosure from this company company on a Monday. We ordered it because they said it was In Stock, and that they offerred free shipping. Time was of the essense because we we moving into a new house in a week and needed it to complete the bathroom renovation. We told them of the situation, plunked the money down and waited. The following Monday we recieved a call from their customer service' (Wendy)rep who stated that model was NOT IN STOCK. So we chose another. My girlfriend called on Wednesday to get a tracking number, there was none, they had not shipped it. I called on Thursday and was told it would be shipped on Friday. Seeing that there had been nothing but dissapointment and runarounds from this company I canceled the order. I was then told by Wendy I would be charged $80.00 for the cancellation. What did i expect from them after two weeks of BS. I agreed to the $80.00 cancellation fee and then was told the 'accountant , who handles refunds,  was not in. Remember now, its a Thursday. Who calls in on a Thursday when they have Saturday and Sunday off. It is now Tuesday... NO REFUND. I called the customer service rep (Wendy) again at 12 noon, and was told that department doesn't open until 1pm and that they have 5-7 business days to refund the money. Getting the picture now. its a SCAM.. just like SaferWhole sale. com.  Seems now Steams showers and Sauna are the newest bread and butter for internet scammers. What makes this even wiorse is that once you significant other calls, because you might be busy or for clarification, they play you off on one another. Stating the ALREADY told them of some little snigglet (like the $80.00 cancellation charge) when they never did. BEWARE of this company
Entity: Lorain, Ohio

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