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1, Report #1386050
Jul 17 2017
07:06 AM
Bella Serata and C&M Marketing Bella Serata Trial Offer is a COMPLETE SCAM Internet
I ordered the trial offer of the new Joanna Gaines skin care line, Bella Serata, as the offer stated I would only pay for shipping for the trial offer, and in order to not be charged for the next shipment, I would need to cancel within the 14 day trial period.  I received the product on July 10th, and before my trial period was over, I was charged $89 to my debit card on July 16. If my math is correct 7/10 + 14 days is 7/24, right?  Oh no, when I called on the 17th to cancel and request a refund for the $89, I was told that the 14 day trial period begins the day you order, which, my packing slip shows that my order date was July 4th, so again, if my math is correct, 7/4 + 14 days is 7/18, right?  Oh no, then they say oh, well the order date on the packing slip is incorrect, it's actually July 3rd, which, again, if my math is correct, 7/3 + 14 days is 7/17, and I was calling at 6:30 a.m. on 7/17 to cancel and request my refund, which to me seems like a no brainer that I was still within the 14 day trial period, right? Oh no, apparently, the trial period ends on the 14th day, so really you only get a 13 day trial period, minus the day you order and the number of days it takes for the product to arrive, which is not what the advertisement states.  So in my case, even though the advertisement states I get a 14 day trial period, I really only got a 7 day trial period, and what type of results can you expect from anything within 7 days - None. So, with all of that being said, Bella Sereta refused to reimburse me the full product amount, however, they did offer a 35% reimbursement with the option to keep the product....ummmm....NO!  I am so disgusted at this situation and product that I want it out of my house, and I will never watch Fixer Upper again, even if Joanna Gaines is not associated with his product, she needs to speak out to the public to set the record straight no other person is duped out of $100 + .  I also plan to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  This scam needs to be stopped!
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1404230
Oct 04 2017
05:09 PM
M and H Bella Serata Bella Restore Ordered sample but charged for full product twice with no product received; phone disconnects immediately and no other contact information available Internet
I saw an ad and clicked on it to get a (semi) free sample of the Bella Restor Moisterizing cream which uses Sally Fields as their spokesperson.  I selected only the free sample (for $4.94), but was immediatly billed for the $4.94 and an additional $93.97.   I did receive a sample, but have not received any additional product.  The sample was in a plain brown box with no address or other contact information and the packing slip also has no information on it.  I disputed the $93.97 and my bank reversed it.  Again on 10/2/17, they (the scam company) put through another charge, but I still have not received any product.  This time I spoke to my bank and again reversed the new change of $93.97.  I then called the phone number on the charge (which is supposed to be the scam company's phone number), but it immediately disconnects, so I was not able to cancel or talk to anyone.  This means that these charges will continue until and unless I cancel my credit card.  
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1378626
Jun 12 2017
01:01 PM
Bella Serata Complete and total rip off - buyer beware natiowide
So I thought I would try the Bella Serata cream - for $4.95 handling fee and get a sample.  Once my order was processed in very faint print was a you will be charge almost $90 membership fee within 14 days of order, here is a number to call to stop membership.  I ordered this on a Sat so waited till Mon.  On Monday the CS person kept trying to sell me more things instead of listening to me.  Normally, I'm not assy to someone on the phone but after three attempts to cancel I finally got loud and told her I was calling to cancel the membership - period.  Then she said since the product was already shipped she would be charging $29.95 to my creidt card.  I told her hell no you won't.  Then she said that I would have to call again once I received the product to get information in order to ship it back as she would not give me that information.  So, now I wait till I get the product to send it back. If they decide to charge my credit card, I will dispute it with the credit card company as I refuse to pay for a rip off.  It's incedible how this company tries to rip people off.  Do not order a thing from them. Supposedly this is a company that some famous name people own.  I am in doubt of that as well.  Either way - buyer beware - this place is a rip off. 
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1376124
May 30 2017
01:14 PM
BELLA SERATA bella serata free trial per their advertisement and paid shipping and handling. Then was charged full price and am upset, this is a scam! Internet
I, along with other ripped off customers ordered a 30 day free trial and paid shipping and handling on May 5th.  My account was charged for shipping and handling fees on May 5th. I received product and honeslty did not like it. The box did not contain any instructions for refund nor did is state that I only had 15 days to return item. I tried calling the number on my statement but only got an automated voice message and was placed on hold endlessly. Then came the charges, $89 two charges on May 20th!!! I called them again with no success. I notificed my bank and put this in a dispute. The seconde charge was still pending and I was told to watch my account to disupte it when it goes through. I can't even begin to explain how upset I am that these scammer get away with this. Don't be duped, don't get ripped off. They will charge you for FULL cost of a product that is worthless. They are misleading you into thinking you only pay for shipping and handling and never tell you that in 2 weeks you will be charged 2 times!. The internet is filled with complaints on this company, hopefully someone does something to put a stop to this and we all get reimursed or compensated in some way. BEWARE!!!      
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1401528
Sep 21 2017
10:08 AM
Bella Serata Bella Serata Skin Cream care Free tiral scam only to get your credit card information and sneakly charge you recurringly! St Petersburg Internet, or FL
On 8/2/2017, a skin care promotion on my LinkedIn newsfeed caught my attention.It was a video showing how young someone looks like after applying Bella Searta, followed by a free trial order link. I want to give it a try! In the end, I only need pay $4.69 shipping fee. On 9/20/2017,I surprisingly received another package from them. I did not sign up for monthly subscription and I did not intend to after trying them a few days! (They are not as advertised at all). I went to check my credit card, and guess what? They charged me $368 (in six different charges) since August! I called them next morning. The customer service said it was my fault not reading the terms and refused to issue me the refund, and also hung up on me. I swore I did not see any terms saying that I have to return within 40 days otherwise I will get charged for the *FREE* trial. Furthermore, I did not subscribe it monthly! Can something be done to stop them fooling consumers like this?I'm so pissed right now~~~~~
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1363021
Aug 02 2017
02:40 PM
There was an advertisement about Free Trial for Bella Serata(skin care/cream) product and it mentioned Angela Jolie's name. The product was for a jar of cream for the face.  It only stated that it was 4.95 and Free Shipping. Money was taken out of my account for 11.86.  I was billed 4.94, 1.99 + 4.93,  I received a Rejuvenating Cream & guessed it was 4.93. I don't know what the 1.99 was for; advertisement stated free shipping.  And here today it is 03-21-17 I was charged 89.04 & money taken out of my account & another 84.94 will come out 03-23-17. I called the Company back and spoke with a young lady who said my refund would be 60% & I wasn't satisfied with that; I called them back after I hung up and let her know that there was no fine print about the Free Trial and I wasn't satisfied with the refund and stated I would be contacing consumer  affairs; she then got an OK to refund me 75% & I should be able to see it refunded back to my bank account within 3 to 5 business days.  (We'll see).  Still, I am not satisfied that is why I am filing this report to have for the record.  I've learned my lesson.  Thanks for your help on this matter too.  Hopefully something can be done about this company. 
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #1358571
Feb 27 2017
08:31 AM
Bella Serata misleading offer Nationwide
I received an unsolicited email from Retirement Living with an offer from Bella Serata for skin cream samples. I clicked the Bella Serata offer and ordered samples of skin cream and was billed for only shipping. The next day a fraudulent charge was on my Visa for a subscription to Ruthless Workout. I had made no other online purchases and hadn't used my Visa card for a few weeks prior. I contacted Bella Serata and asked them to investigate as I believed my number was obtained from that company. I had to insist that they investigate.  During this conversation I learned that I had 14 days to return the sample creams or be billed $29 or $30.   I asked them to cancel the order but since it had been shipped it was too late. I regret this entire transaction and urge people to avoid Bella Serata.    Nothing but trouble.  
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1362845
Mar 20 2017
10:45 AM
bella serata I ordered a free trial per their advertisement and paid for shipping and handling. I was charged full price and am upset Internet
I ordered a 30 day free trial and paid shipping and handling. March 3 my account charged for the above march4 I recieved and did not like it. The box did not have instruction for refund. Tried calling the number o my statement. automated voice and endless music I saw the charge on my account 89.03 two times!! March 18 I called again and again without  success. I notified my bank and put in a dispute. The second 89.03 was still pending and I was told I have to watch my account to see when it goes thru and then call again to dispute it. I am so very upset that I can riped offf and be charged against what they advertised for and for what I believed. I will never do this again. The internet is loaded with complaints on this company. I hope we are all compensated.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1397316
Sep 01 2017
12:46 PM
Bella Serata so far my credit card has been charged a total of $183.85 for a free sample billed and never received- ST Peterson, Fla possibly Internet
My crediit card has been charged a total of $183.85--  twice for a sample that was never received-and twice for two shipments that I never authorized, nor asked for. I have found various phone numbers-all of the 800 variety---and a return address of Fullment c/o Bella Serata Skin care  no more info--no further address. Did find an address of P O Box 23976 St Peterson,  Fla--afraid to send anything there, however.   People like this belong in jail, not just chastised on the net. I will continue to find a way to close them down.  Am cancelling that credit card to prevent any more charges from them..also trying to contact the Better Businees Bureau that serves that area.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1368506
Apr 19 2017
09:50 AM
Bella Serata Skin Care order a free sample and they began sending merchadise we did not order St Petersburg Florida
Ordered a free sample of a beauty cream product from Bella Serata Skin Care....only to find out afterward they began shipping merchandise we did not order.  There was no invoice included in the sample packet indicating any such agreement. Did call the company requesting this order be canceled , but was informed there would still be some charge applied to the cancelation. Contacted our credit union attempting to stop any furture charges
Entity: St Petersburg, Florida
11, Report #1371985
May 08 2017
10:28 AM
Bella Serata Free trial is a scam. They keep sending product and charging your card. St. Petersburg FL. Charges also show up from TX Internet
 Once they get you credit card they send you small boxes of product without giving you any way to reach them (no info on packing slip) They do not even detail the charges. Once I found an 800 number for them I could never get through. Hundreds of dollars a month.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1394539
Aug 22 2017
06:43 AM
bella serata tied to Steph Curry's wife Charged my bank acct $89.95 & $84.95 after I order SAMPLE size only for $9.95 texas and florida
In my FaceBook newsfeed I saw a business adventure that Steph Curry's wife had started for skin care.  I looked at the link along with all of the supposed testimonials.  The site offered a trial size of Bella Serata, so I ordered this for my mother via Facebook on Aug 5th 2017.  It came but she never opened it, saying she didn't want it.  Ok, no problem I thought, it's just a sample.  On Aug 21st, 2 charges were deducted from my checking acct.  $89.03 & 84.94. I immediately looked up this product and realized it had several complaints with the same scenario.  I called a number located from their website 877.594.2394 s/w Ashley agent#374 who explained to me that I had 14 days to call and cancel the acct. After a series of questions where you must respond no thank you, she cancelled the acct and offered a 35% refund (which is $32.85 & $32.83).She stated to allow 3-5 business days for the refund depending on my bank and that I would receive a refund email.   Even though the product has not been opened, you cannot return the product.  TOTAL SCAM!  I'm writing this because I rarely open links on FaceBook for this very reason and now I'm out of $108.29 for a product that my mother never wanted in the first place.  Please post my story so that others can be aware of BELLA SERATA and this unfortunate situation.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1405635
Oct 11 2017
01:04 PM
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1355802
Feb 13 2017
03:24 PM
LuxAllure and or Bella Serata The ripoffs just get even bigger with LuxAllure and Bella Serata. St. Petersburg Internet
Last week I reported about the Bella Serata’s rip-off. They continued to send me products that I had canceled. I was looking at different products on line after canceling Bella Serata. I found a product I wanted and I clicked on the product. After ordering it I realized I had ordered the wrong one. When I clicked on the product it took me to the wrong website. I know how dumb of me. Within 10 minutes I called the company LuxAllure back to cancel the order. They said they had canceled my order and I received an email saying it had been canceled. I was so thankful that I caught it quickly because I did not want another problem like Bella Serata. I opened my mail today and the company sent me the product anyway and billed me for the LuxAllure.  I just screamed NO! I started looking for the LuxAllure company number so I could get my money back. I noticed the box came from the same town in Florida as the Bella Serata (Petersburg). The shipping statement was the same and the product was in identical bottles as Bella Serata. I called LuxAllure and told them that I had canceled my order, but I was charged for the trial product and it was sent anyway. The man told me he was sorry that happened, but there was nothing he could do. I had to be firm with him because he just said he couldn’t help, but I would not see any more charges. At that point I told him about Bell Serata and how LuxAllure was packaged identical to the product. I asked him if the product was the same and he continued to say the order was canceled and if there was anything else he could help me with. I repeated my question several times until he said that they may be a different formula. I told him it was the same product. I asked him again if it was the same product.  I told him I was calling the Better Business Bureau and going online to Rip-off to report their business ethic.   He also told me that I was not charged for the product, but I was charged for the shipping fee. I said I should not have a shipping fee if I had canceled my order within 10 minutes of ordering it. He then told me that I did not ask for a refund for the shipping and handling fee. Oh, my goodness I could not believe he said that. I told him I should not have had a shipping and handling fee if I canceled the order. I told him I had the same problems with Bella Serata and how long it took me to get that situation resolved.  I asked him what his agent number was and he would not answer me. He said they do not have agent numbers. I told him again what was conveyed to me from the person that finally helped me with Bella Serata. He told me he could see who helped me last week and then I knew it was the same company and the same scam. Now I know the person who helped me last week was lying to me. He then said his name was Alex. He finally said he took off the charge for LuxAllure on my bill. He said he could get in trouble with that. I asked what his last initial was and he would not tell me. He said he did all he could do for me. I told him when I reported this I wanted his last initial so people knew that he helped me. He finally said it was C. I really do not believe either person I talked to. Both LuxAllure and Bella Serata are the same company. The products are the exact same and the scam is the same. They reel you in with a free trial. Then they charge you for a product and they bill you even after you cancel the product. I will be telling everyone I know that this company is deceitful and they will give you every excuse not to return your money. I now know that the product is a rip off too. If it were a good produce that worked wonderfully and people really wanted the product the company would not go to such lengths to get people’s money and then do everything in their power to keep it. Please do not buy either one of these products. If you made the mistake I made keep fighting until you get your money back. I have learned my lesson. I will never order anything from a company I am unfamiliar with.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1362678
Mar 19 2017
12:10 PM
Bella Serata Unauthorized Charges to Credit Card Orlando Florida
I either heard or saw and ad for the Bella serata skin product that was advertising a skin care product that would remove lines under your eyes and it showed a before and after eye picture. There was a flashing part of advertisment that said  which stated to get a  Risk Free trial of product and only pay the shipping and handling charges. I entered my information for the trial of product on Feb 26th. Feb 27th i received email below which stated exactly what my credit would be billed. I went to purchase something with my Credit card which i new had money, the cashier said it was declined. I went home to look at statement and Bella Serata had charge my card 2x for the amount of $89.03 and $84.94. I would never in a millions years pay this amount of money on any product. I call customer service and the agent was rude and i had to get very angry until she finally would only refund me half of my money back. This is the biggest ripoff ever. I will never purchase anything Free Trial again. This is very discerning and i am sure there are many other victims out there. From: no-reply@trybellaserata.com To: xfriendlyskies@yahoo.com Sent: Sunday, February 26, 2017 Hi Dawn Akin, Thank you for placing your recent order. Please find the summary of your order below. Order Number: 8BBA34AC4A Order date: 02/26 10:30am Shipping Address: 18632 Collins Street #32 Tarzana, CA 91356US  Billing Address: 18632 Collins Street #32 Tarzana, CA 91356  Items in Order: Name Quantity Price Bella Serata Skin Cream 1 --- Shipping Guarantee 1 $1.99 Bella Serata Eye Serum 1 --- Bella Serata eMag 1 --- Totals:Sub Total:$1.99 Shipping: $9.87 Grand Total: $11.86  Customer Support: Phone: 877-371-4568 Email: care@trybellaserata.com 
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1368104
Apr 17 2017
01:54 PM
Bella Serata Quick switch without notice Internet
This popular advertised skin cream lacked notification that one has 2 weeks in order to test the product or full price is charged and thereafter approximately $90 per month subscription.  If it was there it was in tiny print and I missed it because I normally check for just that hook when I order a sample.  If you call them they will argue with you that you did not call in time and therefore must pay the price of the full 30 day supply.  My 14 days started the day they charged me for the trial.  They did cancel my Subscription but I do not think they were going to refund the $90 fee.  Really a rip off.  
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1383363
Jul 05 2017
04:55 PM
Bella Serata Rip Off Florida, Texas, California Internet
I had seen an article about Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper on Yahoo.com. It was an article on why she was leaving Fixer Upper on HGTV. One of the reasons stated It was because she was going into beauty care. It said Bella Serata is the product and get your free trial for 4.95. Well I said gee why not Joanna Gaines, she and her husband I always admired. Well I orderd the skin cream and then another panel came up for eye cream, so I said what the heck for another 4.95, I ordered it. I found out later it was a lie. It was not true. Be careful with YAHOO as well as they have a lot of garbage out there. Anyway I later was charged 89 and 84 on my CC bill. I called them and they said I had 14 days to cancel after ordering and there are no refunds or returns even if not used. It was exactly 14 days from the day I ordered. Not sure if its Bella Serata or YAHOO that full of it but I tried to get to thier trial site to read the small print and now I get 404 not found. I called them and they finally cancelled but at a cost my my stupidity. One, Beware of what you read there is a lot of fake crap out there and Yahoo ihas a lot of misleading articles.    
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1395506
Aug 25 2017
10:08 AM
bella serata false advertisement unknown Internet
Vicky San Antonio Tx;They charged me fullprice for the product that advertised free trial samples. I did not approve futher charges for this product. Contacted company explain iwould send product back and was told that these charges will go to a collection agency. this is a rip-off company.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1401512
Sep 21 2017
09:44 AM
Bella Serata I got a pop-up add on my computer on July 23, 2017 for a free trial of Bella Serata eye serum and for the face cream. All I had to do was to pay the $4.95 shipping charges for each item. Orlando Florida
 I got a pop-up ad while on the internet and saw an offer for a free trial of Joanna Gaines' Bella Serata products.  I went through the entire process and ordered the free trial of the eye serum and the face cream.  I don't think I would have been able to place the order if I had not read all the information and each product required only a $4.95 shipping charge.  I received the products and was surprised that there was no paperwork about the automatic full charges and automatic shipping, so I was not expecting that.  I went on vacation for almost a month and returned home to find charges of $89.03 and $84.94 for the products on my credit card bill.  I was in shock!  I would/could never spend that kind of money on this.  I immediately called the first number on the bill, next to the first product, and was on hold for 45 minutes.  I finally left a message but no one ever called back.  A few days later I tried the other number next to the other product, and I got a representative.  Her name is Trudy and her agent number is 95.  She was nice but told me that I must have checked the box that said that I accept the terms of the order.  I wouldn't ever have done that.I asked to speak with a supervisor and, after a brief wait, she came back to say that the supervisor said that I couldn't speak to her because there was nothing they would do for me.  I couldn't believe that.But, it gets worse.  A few days after I placed the free-trial offer (not at all free), the ad came up again.  I thought I would order one set for my daughter-in-law and tried to do that.  When my name came up in the system, I got a message that said that I had already ordered the free trial.  So I backed out of the website!  Somehow, an order DID get sent to my daughter-in-law and I was charged the FULL PRICE for that order!  Trudy said she doesn't know how that happened but I could return those products.  But there would be about a $20 restocking fee!  I didn't order those products.  She said she couldn't track the order or find out WHO actually processed and sent it, yet she had all the delivery information.  Strange.  I should not have to pay for any of this!  And now I have to get the package from my daughter-in-law, who lives over an hour away, and send it back in order to get a partial refund!  This is just unbelieveable!  It is shady business and should be illegal.  Doesn't the Better Business Bureau do something about these things?  Is anyone going after the company?  Does Joanna Gaines know how this company operates?  Do we have any sort of a case?  Please do something to help all of us who were taken in by a disreputable company ad.  Thank you.  HLBella Serata I got a pop-up add on my computer on July 23, 2017 for a free trial of Bella Serata eye serum and for the face cream. All I had to do was to pay the $4.95 shipping charges for each item. I read the terms and would have certainly not done it if I had seen that I would have to cancel the membership and return the products within 14 days! I never read anything about that. I then went on vacation for almost a month and returned to find a bill with charges of $89.03 and $84.94 for the products! I couldn't believe it! Never read that anywhere. Tried to send a sample to my daughter-in-law at her address and got a message that I had already ordered the sample. So I left the website. Now she also has a package and I am being charged the full amount!! They will accept the return but keep $20 for a restocking fee! I never ordered those. Orlando Florida
Entity: Orlando, Florida
20, Report #1398696
Sep 08 2017
10:02 AM
Bella Serata I purchased the eye serum and face cream for $9. 2 weeks later my account is charged $89 and when i called them, they said without me sending the cream back i am agreeing to purchase the cream.  online only Internet
 My name is Brianna Mahoney, i live in Pensacola Fl. I recently purchased the Bella Serata eye cream and skin care for what i thought was a great deal for only $9 until my card was charged without my authorization for $89. After calling and speaking with numerous representatives, they told me i won't get my refund unless i send them back the products. They're scamming people, i bought this cream and eye care for $9. I only agreed to that amount. They tried to tell me it was only a trial and since i didn't return the products, that was me giving authorization for them to charge my card each month of $89. I am outraged right now, please don't fall for this scam. It's been weeks and i still dont have my money back, this is a company who just wants money any way they can get it.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1406591
Oct 16 2017
12:49 PM
Bella Serata Ordered free trial of eye and skin cream; paid shipping; received product and 3 days later received two separate invoices for $89 each; Phone number of each of these entries on my bank statement are not active N/A Internet
I ordered a free sample of skin and eye cream Paid $4.95 shipping on each Received sample week later. Three days after that saw 2 charges on my bank of $89 each The phone numbers associated with these charges are not working I would not have signed up if I knew it was a trial that was going to cost me $180 a month.   
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1367047
Apr 11 2017
07:17 AM
Bella Serata I called to cancel the automatic shipment and wanted to return the goods but they said they cannot do anything for me. Meaning I cannot return what they shipped me Internet
First of all, on the shipment of Bella Serata there are no address nor contact numbers.  Thank God for RipOff Report where i found the number.  I called to cancel and the agent tries to keep me as a customer.  I told her i want to return the shipment i received recently and she said that it cannot be returned. Total scam.  Over $200 products and cannot be rreturned!!!  Total scam!!!Beware of this scam of free trial!!  
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1360753
Mar 09 2017
11:52 AM
bella serata - free sample serum ad says free sample only postage - accepting free sample becomes acceptance of beauty product subscription tx and fl Internet
This ad popped up on my phone and I never go for those ads but it showed such good pictures and said it was a free sample pay only for shipping (4.99) for the serum. I opted out of the secondary offer for the free cream sample which would have cost (4.99). I received the serum and the cream by us post in a week or two. The only thing the paper in the package said was the 2 items and the 4.99 shipping each. I thought I was fine. However, on the 20 something February, my boyfriend's bank put a hold on his card due to a fishy charge. They recongnized this company's name specifically and when he called them to lift the hold they explained. This company says it's a free sample but in the fineprint they say it is a beauty product subscription that you are agreeing to when you accept the free sample, pay shipping only. They duplicitously word it but then see it as you are paying the 4.99 for them to ship you a product and if you don't ship it back to them before 30 days are up, then they charge your credit card for the product. And they keep doing so each month. And these products are 89.95 and 84.95 each - two come per month. My complaint is they lie in their ad. They do not make at all clear this subscription thing or that the free sample is yours to try for 30 days and if you like it, then well charge you and you'll keep receiving them until you cancel Other ads do that. I would never have got this if they told the truth. The worst part is, because there is nothing in the package that tells you that, it is usually past 30 days when you find out about this problem in the first place, when they go to put the second month charges for the next two products they ship you. The lag time makes it bad. The bank didn't block it as suspicious until the second month in a row this company tried to put throught 89.95 and 84.95 on Feb. 24. But the products were shipped Jan 23 so it was too late to return.   My advice - call and cancel immediately and get an rma number from them and return your products. And DONT BE A DUM DUM LIKE ME AND GO FOR POP UP ADS. BUY FROM AMAZON OR SOMEONE REPUTABLE ON LINE. YOUR BOYFRIEND WILL LIKE YOU MUCH BETTER   
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1355162
Feb 09 2017
07:46 PM
Bella Serata This company is the biggest ripoff I have encounter. They continued to bill me after I called and canceled. Then they denied that I had canceled. St. Petersburg Nationwide
I ordered a cream and eye serum from Bella Serata on a trial basis. I didn't start using the product right away. I finally called and canceled, but I was never given a return address to return the unopened products. The next month they sent me another box so I just wrote return without opening it. I have received four more boxes. They have been sending two boxes a month. I called again today and they said there was no record of me canceling my order. I told them I wanted to cancel again and send the recent shipments back. They said I couldn't do that, but they would give me a 35% discount on future shipments. I refused that offer because I wanted to cancel all orders and cut my losses. I wanted to send my February boxes back. They told me I could not return the unopened boxes because they don't refund used products. I told them they were unopened. The agent said she could not do anything, but give me the discount. I asked to speak to her supervisor. She said I could not do that. She said I would have to call back and then she put me on hold and never returned. I had to call back and retell a new agent my situation. She retold me they had canceled my orders for the products so I thought I had made more progress. She offered the 35% discount for my February order that was given to me by first agent. She could see that said I had refused the offer. I thought I was making slow progress. She told me they company does not accept returns after the trial date. I told her I had four boxes that were unopened. After a long period of arguing she gave me the same offer to give me a 35% discount for the two boxes that I received in February. I told her again they were unopened. I told her if I had ordered something from Amazon and didn’t open it they would refund me my money because it was not opened. The agent called me rude because I kept explaining my reasoning for getting a refund for an unopened box. I was not yelling or cursing. I told her I was not upset with her, but with the company’s policies. She also told me they have a time limit per costumer and she was not going to offer me any more than the 35%.    I continued to arguing with her because she would not budge on letting me return the products. Finally, she gave me an address for return items. She said I would be reimbursed $184.83. This company makes it difficult to return any item. When the box arrives, there is not a return address on it. On the invoice, there is no return address either. It is difficult to do any business with this company. I have yet to use any of the products. The first agent said to just give my unwanted products to my friends. At $184.83 I’m not about to just give the product away, yet I’m so opposed to using the product. This experience has taught me to really pay attention to the packaging and invoices. Bella Serata is only interested in making money regardless of any ethics. I urge you to never order this product. If I had read complains before ordering this produce I would have never ordered it. No one should have to fight that hard to resolve a problem. The company is deceitful. I believe one of their tactics is to not cancel an order the first time a person calls. They can continue sending their product with the intent of the customer to keep using it. They also make it next to impossible to return a product. Avoid this produce at all cost. Nothing is that great to make it impossible to cancel and get a refund. I cannot recommend the products from this company.  I even had a hard time finding the customer service number to call them. The name of the company, its address and a customer service phone number is not on the invoices. Why does a company have to hide that information unless it has something to hide?
Entity: Nationwide
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Dec 05 2017
03:32 PM
Bella' Serata Joanna Gains got a free sample if you paid shipping cost of $4.93 St. Petersburg Florida
started sending packages short time after wards & we put retun to sender on paccages also caled & canceled orders we was not aware of any orders that would be shipped if we did not cancel , i call them , They said they did'nt re fund any money , i'm out $357.81 for someting i did'nt wont of revitalizing moisturizer & rejuvenating facial serum by BELLA' SERATA
Entity: St. Petersburg, Florida

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