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1, Report #1299270
Apr 12 2016
06:29 AM
make my day production, Luigi photography Internet
 There are productions and photographers who are using boot leg video equipment to sale stolen footage to police. 7:00am 4/12/2016 one of these cameras went off in my bedroom. I have chosen to pay these violations because I did not want to take the time out to tie myself up in court but I could go broke.. With violation that I cannot be responsible for. I am being lied on and need help.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1318678
Jul 25 2016
06:01 AM
Emily Thompson Blue Husky Production Boudior, Boudoir & Babes, Families Are Forever, GET Photography, GET Photography Retouch Artistry, GET Photography Boudoir, Happy Skies Photography, Red Bus, Gary Thompson, Kate H Reben Ruined My Wedding Day, Took My Cash and Ran, Lied About Using PayPal, Lied about Being in the Hospital North Carolina Nationwide
I recently was scammed by Emily Thompson and her husband, Gary Thompson. I paid them upfront to do my wedding photography AND videography. We were cool until 3 days before my wedding. Suddenly I could see her (Emily Thompson as Gary does not have a Facebook I'm aware of) reading my messages but she wasn't responding. I began to panic the night before my wedding when she still had not responded to me asking if she was even coming to my wedding. However I could see on her Boudoir page that she was hosting an editing class THAT NIGHT before my wedding but still would not respond to me. I commented on one of her posts and she took it down. The day of my wedding she told me she was in the hospital and would not be coming to my wedding, not be sending back up, and would not refund my money electronically. Her only method of refunding was a check. By this time I had done research and posted about her on Facebook and found out she does this all the time then writes hot checks that bounce. I told her no, to pay me electronically the same way she had charged me so then she blocked me on Facebook. I'm submitting a link to my blog that shows evidence of everything I'm saying. I'm not slandering her name when I tell the truth about what happened to me. I do hope this protects others from harm and helps someone to not be heartbroken like I was. How was I supposed to find a good reputable photographer 6 hours before my wedding? I'm not trying to cause drama, only warn the person reading this. I sincerely hope you are not one of her victims.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #879655
May 08 2012
10:33 AM
Chuck Fedalizo Photography Ruined my Wedding!! I have a NO wedding video!! How do I get that BACK? San Diego, California
I hire Chuck to shoot my engagement & wedding. We discussed in person & through email that we would like video coverage at the wedding. Having said that Chuck didnt add the video portion to the contract. But expressed in an email that there would be a person to shoot the video portion. When Chuck sent us the finished product he sent over copies of the pictures & a digital copy. He also sent what he called the wedding video.  It was a pictures montage followed but just the drunken slur of Me during my thank you for everyone coming. There was no footage of the ceremony, mother-son dance, father-daughter dance, best man-maid of honor speeches. Nothing!! He then later stated that the video was recorded without sound & the storage in which it was contained was compromised!! He didnt offer any kind of compensation for ruining what should have been the happiest day of my life. The person that shoot the video expressed that he was not comfortable shooting video but said Chuck was insistant he shoot it!
Entity: San Diego, California
4, Report #1102600
Jun 12 2014
10:17 PM
Creative Images Photography Portrait Day Refused to Accept Fault and Made Pedophiliac Comments Towards My Son! Galena Maryland
Creative Images are (were) the picture company my sons' Preschool used.  They took excellent pictures of both my children. However, I ordered holiday (Hanukkah) cards.  The school had no idea when they would be in, so I called the company myself.  I spoke to a woman (Margie) who had no clue.  She said she would call me back in 15 minutes regarding my request for a refund for the holiday cards.  90 minutes later, she had no responded, so I called again and left a message.This time, 2 hours later, the VP (which I later found out is one of the co-owners) called me.  His name is Todd.  He proceeded to tell me that the delivery by the holidays guarantee they state is ONLY for December (Christian holidays).  Yes, Hanukkah is early this year, but why would you put a guarantee on your order form that you do not have the intent to follow?We had a back and forth conversation, in which he informed me that he would not grant a refund, nor would they ever consider it.  He further went on to tell me that it sounded like I had buyer's remorse.  I have spent hundreds of dollars with their company in over 2 1/2 years.  I think I know what I want, and what to expect from them by now.  Todd then informed me that a Hanukkah deadline is unrealistic and that I should face the facts that no one really cares about a your holiday.  I was getting pissed, but kept my cool.  Finally, the man went over the edge, and I am still weighing my options on filing criminal charges.  He stated, which I recorded for later proof, I'm sitting here looking at your pictures. You have an attractive son.  I said, Excuse me and he changed his response to you have a handsome son.  I told him, no, I heard what he said first.  He then giggled and said, well, it's a good thing we don't record these conversations (unbeknownst to him, I was recording it!).  He later asked me if he sounded creepy and to not take his comments to mean he was a pedophile.  In psychology and education, they teach you trigger words.  Calling a 4 year old attractive is a BIG indicator word for pedophiles.  I had not even come up with the term...Todd did!After I hung up with him, I was physically ill.  I could not drive, so I pulled over to the side of the road and called my children's school immediately.  I told them I needed to speak to the owner immediately and recounted the story to her.  She stated that she needed to discuss this with her business partner.  After some time, one of the two owners called me back to inform me that they would no longer be using CI as their school photographer.  However, I urge ANYONE reading this to NEVER USE THEM!  The man, Todd, is quite obviously sick in the head and cannot be allowed to be near children (I feel bad for his wife and 4 children).
Entity: Trenton, New Jersey
5, Report #1101721
Nov 23 2013
01:26 PM
Steve Rouch Photography Photographer loses memories I will never get back then disregards my feelings or any way to make it right :( St Paul Minnesota
Steve Rouch Photography completely deceived my husband and I. We paid a great deal of money (Steve is much more expensive than most photographers that we had met with while planning our wedding but we thought we would get what we paid for - were we wrong). The biggest reason we picked Steve was because a video was included. On our wedding day, the wind knocked over his camera and damaged our video. The worst part about it was that they avoided the subject via email for over a month and, after several inquiries from me, finally told me that it was damaged. Then they even tried to come back and blame it on one of our guests for supposedly knocking it over after they had already acknowledged that the wind knocked it over! I understand that wind is natural and misakes happen but he is a professional photographer and they completely disregarded our feelings in this situation because they had their money and were done with us. They never considered how it would affect us losing those memories from our day and refused to try to make it right. I will never forget the way that we were treated by these people and am sad I will have to look back on this as something I truly regret from what was supposed to be the happiest day of our lives. Please do yourself a favor and research work ethic and contracts when booking your photographer.
Entity: St Paul, Minnesota
6, Report #1274007
Dec 13 2015
10:38 PM
Windy Fleetwood Amateur with a Anger Problem New Orleans Louisiana
I had to work with Windy Fleetwood on the film The Opera Game. From the very beginning she was a nightmare to work with. She is one of those people that lacks almost any real experience in producing films but is trying the fake it till you make it route and lying to everyone saying that she is some big time producer. Right before we started shooting she fired the DP and Gaffer because they wanted to do things the right way. Then throughout the shoot, she held the possibility of firing everyone over our heads. If you tried to do things the right way and not her way, she would blow up. And she never let you forget how busy she was. She was constantly talking about everyone behind their backs and telling everyone how she could do everyone else's job better than them. There was no planning what so ever and the script sucked. When it came time to be paid, there was nothing but excuses and a lot of people got stiffed. I was told that before the shoot even started, there were equipment rental places that would not rent to the production because of her. I should have taken that hint. Stay away from Windy Fleetwood.
Entity: New Orleans, Louisiana
7, Report #1025244
Mar 07 2013
05:19 PM
Xena Photography Andrew Cancels Brentwood, Tennessee
DO NOT USE Xena Photography! I purchased a Groupon for our engagement pictures and booked our appointment. Andrew called 2 1/2 HOURS before our appointment time to cancel. Not taking into consideration that arrangements had to be made on our end, vacation time wasted! Oh... and his reason for canceling last minute on us was to go take photos for someone else's wedding! I guess because they didn't get the Groupon, their photos were more important! What happened to honoring your commitments and being professional?!At least Groupon made the situation right by refunding our money.!
Entity: Brentwood, Tennessee
8, Report #1372199
May 09 2017
10:21 AM
Oluwaseye/mgkay production inc Oluwaseye Olusa hired intern to cover my wedding and they did a very very bad job. Oluwaseye Olusa lied about working with a crew but instead hired this people i do not think he ever work with. Brooklyn New York
I hired Oluwaseye Olusa/mgkay production inc for my wedding.  i paid him $7500 for his service because i want two cameras and two video coverage of the event.  I hired Oluwaseye Olusa becuase he claim he works with a crew and will work with a total of five people for this wedding.  The contract states we will have every aspect of our wedding coverage ten weeks after the wedding, as of today May 9th 2017 we are yet to get our video coverage.  Oluwaseye Olusa gave us the clip to our wedding on December 25 2016.  We was so excited to show our family the video coverage but that was not the case becuase one of the CD he gave us did not show while the other CD started with no form of introduction or any highlight.  We kept watching the reception clip he provided then we realize that Oluwaseye Olusa and his crew did not provide coverage during the cocktail hour and did not record our parents dancing as it is in a Nigerian culture.  Oluwaseye Olusa and his crew did not cover our guest for the most part and all they did was just focus the camera only on us the couple.  Oluwaseye Olusa is a man full of excuses and if you do business with him he will delay your work and give you all the reasons why.  Currently i am seeking legal advice and planning on taking him to claims court to get some of my money back.  Oluwaseye Olusa/mgkay production is a person and company to stay away from when you want to capture important moment in your life and please dont let his soft voice fool you. YOU AINT GETTING YOUR WORK.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #107032
Sep 05 2004
08:59 AM
A What's Happenin Production is a rip-off! Altamont New York
In December of 2003 I hired a friend of a friend's photographer to shoot my wedding day. The photographer Robert Mannix who owns and operates MX2 Productions and 2Deep also is employeed by A What's Happenin Productions. I went to his place of employment on two seperate occasions to speak with him and pay in full for the service of wedding photography. Mr. Mannix did give us a price of 600.00 as a friendly gesture and assured us he would take the same quality photographs as he had shown on his old website and that of which he delivered to our mutual friends. We did not ask for the discounted price nor did we expect such a discount. We were to receive all of the negatives and our pictures and a video (which we asked him to just set up the video camera on a tripod and do a still video. He showed up with a videographer, a female photographer and allowed them to do all the formal shots. After the wedding he promised (again without our requesting) to put the pictures on the MX2 Production website where we could view them in one week. After we viewed the 170 pictures we realized they were of extremely poor quality and the female photographer was in alot of them. There were no formal shots and there were duplicates of the majority of the pictures. After being lied to (Mr. Mannix told us originally that the good pics would go up after a couple of days and then later told us he didn't put them on because there was no room) he finally told us that those were it and it was because the female photographer Brenna Bardwell had actually destroyed the film, so there were no more. It was because she was incompetent and negligent. He stated he would take digital pics and try to fix them but any photographer that has seen them since has stated they cannot add people into the pictures and really how do you remove the photographers rearend anyway from the formal pictures? We took Rob Mannix to court. Upon our arrival the judge questioned the fact that he crossed off A what's Happenin Productions letterhead and wrote his company's name on it because he didn't have a contract in his name yet for his company. The judge ordered us to change the lawsuit to sue A What's Happenin Production instead. Prior to this we had already filed a BBB report against that company and the owner of A What's Happenin Production responded that he he nor his company had anything to do with us and our contract and that Mr. Mannix did this deal using his company, and therefore could not be held responsible. However the day we went to court the owner of A What's Happenin Production testified under oath that I had came into his business and sat down with him to draw up a contract for Mr. Mannix's service and that I went threw their books and reviewd their work. I went their on two occassions, the first visit I spoke to a clerk (not the man in court) and I said I was there to drop off a deposit for the service of Rob Mannix under his company name (the clerk took my credit card and charged 50$ and then wrote a receipt stating 2deep and crossed out A what's Happenin Production )and I left... never speaking to Mannix because he was not there. The second time My husband went in and dropped of a second payment and was there all of 3 minutes because I was waiting in the car with our two kids... he paid the balance in full. We have yet to hear from Brenna Bardwell to hear her story nor have we heard from the judge about a decision on this case (which according to their small claims booklet states a decision will be rendered in 30 days and it has been since July 12 since court.) It seemed odd to us that the owner of the company would deny having anything to do with us in a letter to the BBB and then show up to court to defend a photographer that went against everything this man supposedly had avoided for the so many years he had been in business. There were also statements that the pictures were of photojournalistic quality and thats why the quality was not what we expected (Rob Mannix's Company advertises this if you want it) and a What's Happenin production does not advertise this type of photography. They both testified that their mistakes were digitally enhanced not pictures they messed up and tried to fix. They have a so-called digitally enhanced pic of me and my wedding party (which includes minors) hanging in their business on the wall for advertisement for their company (again they denied having anything to do with this photographer's work to the BBB). If you look at the picture that they had no permission to use in the first place you will see the blurrred images and the bodies that were cut out because the photographer's obvious inability to set people up for a large group shot, which as any professional would know that you would have to pose differently to fit them in. Our wedding album was a 3dollar special... it had a picture of a yellowed wedding cake on the front (our cake was white with purple flowers) and the first three pics when opened up were of the same sister of mine in the same pose with the same expression, there were nothing but 20 or so pages of nothing but blurred, red-eyed, half missing people and or bodyparts, photographers rearend in the formal shots, some of the bridal party was either in the dark in the pics or they were cut out completely. Not one pic of my husband and myself together, nor of him and his parents, there were pictures that I and the rest of the bridal party posed for and the guests posed for and they were missing from the album. Basically Rob Mannix can't take a decent picture to save his life and blames his mistakes on others. If Miss Bardwell cares that her name has been put on these poor pictures then I would have expected her to come forward and tell what really went on. He doesn't care that he ruined a once in a lifetime event for a couple and he has since sent e-mails stating he normally wouldn't get out of bed for a 600.00 job, a price that he set. He claims that because we only paid 600.00 for the pics that we got what we deserved, although he states he gave us a 3,000 package. He also has poked fun at the pants I wore into court in a response to an email one of my guests to the wedding sent after viewing the pics online.(which I would think he doesn't have the right to do since A What's Happenin Production claimed they are the ones I did business with) So really which word should we go buy that of the A What's Happenin Production owner who denied to the BBB having anything to do with this whole case or that of the A What's Happenin owner who showed up proudly in court to testify on behalf of a crappy amateaur photographer who thinks that because I only paid 600.$, that I didn't deserve better quality. I would have been happy I paid that amount if I could say at least I have one good picture of my husband and I with our bridal party and we can actually see everyone in the pic clearly... A What's Happenin Production supported a man s who makes comments like tell (the customers we would have referred )to keep their 600.00..they should use that for more important things like rent. In my opinion its people like you who are the downfall of our society and due to the fact that you will never amount to anything in your life you need to do all you can to get hand outs from real men What Mr. Mannix failed to realize was this was not my husband he was speaking to, as he so thought by his last statements Let your wife know I liked her pants in court... in fact it was my brother who happens to be a very successful individual in the US Navy, in Mannix could read and comprehend he would have known that by where the email originated from. So now we see what Mr. Mannix is truly like and how he truly feels about potential customers who can only pay 600.$ I suppose the company that so happily defended his dishonesty and lack of care for someones memories should too put up a sign stating we only will treat you right and care for your purchase if you pay above the outrageous prices we already charge for shoddy work that we provide and claim to be great ****Remember Mannix set the price ..we didn't ask for it and we didn't expect it so if he doesn't normally get out of bed for 600.00 then why did he jump so quick at our money! By the way for someone who claims I am the downfall of society he sure looked stupid accepting work for such an amount if he claims he was worth so much more...I am sure we will see just how others feel about A What's Happenin Production and there star photographer does when I paste the pictures on my new Ford Escape and do a little advertising for them, I think i will say something like ... A What's Happenin Production took My wedding Pictures and Rob Mannix and Brenna Bardwell were their photographers who came to the wedding to take them! Or maybe the ones where they are actually seen in my pictures I will advertise their names that way! See You On Western Ave!!! Rebecca Clifton Park, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Altamont, New York
10, Report #568423
Feb 12 2010
06:55 AM
Luigi Zinzi REA Emporio Armani Fraud Sorrento, Nationwide
This report is about fraud with Armani clothes, which seems to be spread all over the world, with few different modifications.Yesterday (11-2-2010) evening, 40 year old Italian man on parking place near shopping center in Kosice/Slovakia, with a story that he lost all his money in casino previous day and needs money for a gas to get home.He was in black Fiat Punto with Italian plates. Speaking english, italian, probably spanish. He also showed me his passport and some bank cards, called his wife and son.In a good will, that I am helping , I borrowed him 390EUR (to earn this money I should work more than month). He also gave me some clothes (fake Armani?), as a present. Now I see, that this is worldwide spread fraud.From his passport I have this info:Name: Luigi ZinziPassport number: F573376Born: February 6th 1967And two italian telephone numbers, which he gave to me:0039334319289200393312210072He also showed me some paper, stamped by police in Naples.Be aware! You can find reports about these Armani guys from whole Europe and USA! This is not minor trickery, it seems to be organized crime!
Entity: Sorrento, Nationwide
11, Report #1322062
Aug 11 2016
07:46 PM
Luigi Bruni Luigi Bruni SCAMMED me for $1785 dollars Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec Current city Internet
I joined Luigi Bruni in Skinny Body Care 2 months ago and he promised I would earn $3500 in 3 - 4 weeks and I have not earned one single dime in skinny body care. Luigi Bruni told me to send him $1800 through western union and he would make sure I earned money and I have not earned not even a penny!! I have tried to contact Luigi Bruni after is sent him the money but he ignores me. I GOT SCAMMED BY LUIGI BRUNI
Entity: Internet
12, Report #819867
Jan 08 2012
10:21 PM
M and G Production Took $2000 for photography services and gave me no product Mississauga, Ontario Canada
I'm writing this review to let everyone know the unethical and immoral things M and G production does after you use their services. They seem they perfect company, well organized and understands what you exactly want. After you pay in full for the photography service they show up late on the day of your event and supposedly do their professional job. However when it comes time to get your photo album, the video you paid $2000 for, they first delay from 2 weeks to 6 weeks and make up excuses like I was in the hospital. Then after 4 months they are avoiding your call, never in their office and you paid all the money for nothing. The one time they answered my call, they told me the product will be done in 5 business days and they will call me to pick it up but still 2 months later I am trying to get hold off them. I want you not to fall into same trap because I tried them they look professional at the beginning but you will find the hard way that they are JERKS.
Entity: Mississauga, Ontario
13, Report #985481
Dec 21 2012
12:00 PM
Sayan Production Sayan Photography beware of Massih (the owner) he will rip you off and not give your money back Thornhill, Ontario
So I wanted to get my posters printed from this place near my neighbourhood and I come across this young Persian man by the name of Massih who told me that if I wanted to get posters printed, I had to pay 33% of $500 ($166) and pick up my posters a month later. A month later, when I showed up to get my posters, some of them were smudged and the others had their logos and letters missing. So I demanded that they reprint it but this other lying goon who was also Persian and red-haired who went by the name of Amin, told me they could not reprint it and that it wasn't their fault because I provided them with the designs.?? Does this make any sense? If I provided Massih with the designs a month ago, then why didn't he tell me anything about the design flaws when we clearly went over it for almost 4 hours together? He (Massih) even looked at it before and said it was okay before he printed them. Anyways I also found that Massih and his family were in on scamming a lot people out of their money by charging them different prices. For example if I wanted 100 posters done of the same size, it would cost me around $500 but for another person (which would be the same size poster), they would get it $200 less simply because they were Persian like Massih. And if they were of Irish descent like me, Massih would over-price them and rip them off (just like he did to me as I am of Irish heritage.). Don't go and get your prints or photos done by this man, because all he will ever do is rip you off and not give you a proper brochure to display the prices properly (like how other companies do) and will over-charge you. And to add insult-to-injury, he will keep that 33% and not give it back to you nor will he take the time to redo the mistaken prints. I attached a photo of this culprit by the name of Massih (he is the one the right-side of the photo who has a unibrow and is not wearing any glasses) so that you guys can watch out for him and be cautious of doing business with him in the near future.
Entity: Thornhill, Ontario
14, Report #604166
Sep 04 2012
04:11 PM
Rob Sims Photography Jessica Savage, MAV TV, Bikini Allstars Modeling, photography scam Internet
Rob Sims and Jessica Savage. WATCH OUTI was contacted by Rob Sims Photography via one of my modeling websites. He directed me to his assistant, Jessica Savage, indicating they were interested in me for a shoot.I initially got a bad feeling when I spoke to Jessica Savage the first time on the phone. She kept calling me beautiful and hot and it immediately sent up a red flag for me. I have worked in the modeling industry for the past 10 years and I have never been called pet names like this by anyone who is truly a professional.Next, Jessica Savage indicated that in order for me to be one of the 100 girls they scouted in their nation wide venture, I would have to register. Registration to shoot with a photographer? I have shot with probably 20 or more photographers and I've never been asked to register.Come to find out, this registration is really a $500 fee I need to pay via paypal, in order to secure my spot. Jessica Savage even suggested to me that if I couldn't afford it I should put it on multiple credit cards or hit up my grandfather. WTF?So let me get this straight. They scouted me for their MAV TV show but I have to pay for it? Riiiiiiight.Over the phone I asked Jessica Savage to please send me the link to their site and some more information about Rob Sims Photography. She never did.She did however, IMMEDIATELY email me the link to paypal so I could register.Obviously I wasn't going to pay a stranger over paypal for a shoot I knew nothing about. Additionally, after looking over the TV spots they had gotten for other models that now appear on YouTube, (that they assured me LOTS of people would see-- that look like the beginning of a porn movie) I wrote Jessica Savage an email thanking them for the opportunity but declining. She wrote me this email back:XXXXX,Thank u so much for taking the time to research some of the test shoots and submissions from girls to bikini-all-stars. I agree with you about the videos and the models that u found there. I am constantly redirecting people to our real partnership channels with google. That's what I hate about the internet you know? Wish you could have just waited for me to send the correct links. I'm busier than u can possibly imagine so I won't apologize.With your real job in marketing I'm sure you've heard of google... is one of our stations where actual fitness cover model clips are. And even with youtube it is taken out of context. I know you haven't seen MAV TV but u will drive yourself crazy now with more educated research since u have egg on your face.Also look for 'Teen Fitness' magazine this summer with 4 time gold metal winner olympic athlete and winner of dancing with the stars--Shawn Johnson on the cover....flip to the credits and you will see my name right there next to Rob Sims as assistant photographer. She was such an absolute sweetheart to work with!You can even see the pictures of she and I and many many other cover models Rob and I work with on our websites and facebook etc.I'm sure you will enjoy kicking yourself at the loss of this opportunity and your lack of research. I'm used to the attitude I get from cheap jaded models that will never ever have a chance without a real connection like the one we offer but for what I get paid in my extremely lucrative business I like to laugh about it! City to city we go all over the world trying to discover girls that have what it takes and in between gigs we shoot famous models and olympic athletes you could only dream of meeting darling.So, I wish you luck! Fix your eyebrows and really tone up. You are already deleted and make sure to delete us as well! When u can afford to have full HD programming instead of basic TV you will see me all over it as the spokesperson for the station, with the top models we produce and the actual videos that you didn't take the time to research! Make sure you point me out to everyone you know as the bitch you had the unbelievable opportunity of talking to on the phone with once that tried to scam you lol Thanks again! __________________________________________________ ________STAY AWAY FROM THESE SCAM ARTISTS!
Entity: Internet, Internet
15, Report #1069096
Jul 22 2013
12:42 PM
16, Report #1245231
Jul 29 2015
08:58 PM
Our365newborn Photography They suppossively took pictures of my granddaughter the day after she was born and put it on a jump drive but there are not pictures on the jumpdrive Banner Gateway Hospital in Mesa Arizona Internet
I am furious.  My granddaughter was born on April 17,2011.  The day after she was born, Our365newborn Photography was in the hospital and took pictures of her the day after her birth.  They took some georgeous pictures.  I was thrilled.  They put them on a jumpdrive and I paid approx. 360 dollars.  A couple of weeks after we were home and had the baby on a routine, I wanted to view the pictures.  I sat down at my computer put in the disk and couldn't find the pictures.  I tried calling the hospital several times to get a hold of them to tell me how I was suppose to open up the pictures to see it.  There was no answer.  I did not have a phone number or address to call them.  I tried looking on line for their phone number and had no luck.  I tried many times to open the pictures.  No luck.  I have had several friends who were computer savy try to open it and they told me no pictures were on there.  I finally went to a professional three months ago to see if she could find my pictures on my jumpdrive.  She told me, What i was dreading to hear.  NO PICTURES!!!!  I am so heart broken.  I want them to find my pictures of my granddaughter and put them on a disk and give me my money back.  How can they live with themselves doing this to families.  I am just sick to my stomach.  I am soooo hurt.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #539399
Aug 29 2011
07:28 AM
Pascal Photography - Los Angeles Wedding Photography Rude Owner that threatened my family! I have the typed message as proof! Santa Monica, California
I contacted Pascals Photography about when my photos will be ready and he left me a message threatening my office, family, friends, and everyone that worked for me. I have the message on a MP3 format for anyone that would like to listen to it. He was a complete jerk and piece of work to deal with. I don't understand why people are just so rude and mean in the economy!
Entity: Santa Monica, California
18, Report #897270
Jun 18 2012
07:39 PM
LifeTouch Photography BE AWARE, especially of PREPAY Wichita, Kansas
Very disappointed in our experience with LifeTouch. The school my son has attended for years has used LifeT these last few years for fall and spring photos. The quality of the shots have been pretty hit-n-miss.  Sometimes they are outstanding and others just so-so.     Once again the school engaged LifeT to do the 8th Grade Graduation photos the night of the event. Since we had out-of-town guest and the students needed to be there at 5:30 for pictures I attempted to find out whether it would be worth the added stress to get him there in time.  I called both the school and LifeT to find out what they meant by Graduation Photos.  Neither place could explain to me what to expect.  Another mom clearly stated she had not been happy with LifeT Pictures and would not use them.   We choose otherwise and are now very disappointed! I had hoped the kids would not be 'cow-herded' through since it was not an all-school event.  But not so.   Although the picture quality is fine the shot was awful...a 3/4 body shot from below along the center of the photo.  The eye is drawn to the dark suit that my son was wearing AND the back ground.  One has to consciously look for his face.  On a wallet size picture his face is smaller than the one on my driver's license.   I called LifeT with my complaint which was discounted with, no one else has ever complained about that.  They were willing to reimburse me IF and for only the pics I returned.  In order to have something to commemorate the event I asked if they could digitally zoom in closer to the face and cut out all the lower portion of the picture.  No, they could not which I find hard to believe in this digital age or in photography in general.     Now my choices are:  1) Keep the photos, eat the cost, always be reminded of LifeT's inferior service;  2) Return all photos (including group pic), be reimbursed for original amount, eat cost of postage and time to return, not have the evening's memento, nor group picture that came with the picture mate option;  3) Same as option 2 with the exception of requesting the group only picture at an additional cost.   How has LifeT gone out of their way to make this situation right?  It is a business.  Apparently they cannot write this expense off as they could with the previous reviewer.  Will I use them again?  Probably not intentionally and certainly with caution for any school or event that uses them.   It is too bad that the pictures that we had to PREPAY for do not look anywhere near close to what they advertise on their site.
Entity: Wichita, Kansas
19, Report #404773
Dec 24 2008
09:38 PM
Weir Photography awful photographer will ruin your big day DFW Texas
Weir Photography took pictures at my wedding and all my pictures were crappy, she called and mentioned some of the guys pictures were blurry cause they wouldnt sit/stand still and I opened them online and they were all blurry! Our first kiss, dance our sand ceremony... anything else you can think of that should have been remembered forever..were not captured! To call yourself a photographer is a long stretch. I did not order any photos and she blamed us for this. I would not ever recommend her for pictures. Pictures were also out of focus, she blamed her camera for this, ahd and excuse for it. Make a long story short we have no wedding pictures worth using from our wedding except the ones a friend of ours took using her digital camera from the back row of the chapel!!! Unsatisfied Justin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: DFW, Texas
20, Report #402625
Dec 18 2008
11:17 PM
Ian Rojas Photography Don't let Ian Rojas ruin your special day. Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Florida
Our first meeting with Ian was a good indication of how our professional relationship was going to turn out. My husband (then fianc) and I had set a time and date with Ian to meet and discuss expectations. When we were stood up, Ian's response was that we had not called to confirm the appointment. I was quite taken aback being that he was the one getting paid for services, and we had never discussed a confirmation call while making meeting arrangements. When we finally did meet with Ian (several weeks later due to his schedule) and arranged contractual agreements with him, he didn't honor what was agreed to. Ian showed up to our evening wedding an hour late dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. During our reception I was completely shocked that he asked us for payment of services rendered when it specified in the contract that he was not to get paid for the photos until the photos were delivered. To avoid a scene during our reception, we gave him the check and continued on with our wedding festivities. To my disbelief, Ian had the temerity to come back and ask for thirty extra dollars for valet service. At this point, I was blown away by his lack of class and lack of professionalism. Furthermore, he posted our wedding photos on the internet without our permission, and without us having seen a single one which was also a violation of the contract. In order to have these very personal, intimate photos taken down, we had to threaten litigation. He was several months late delivering the photos (also a violation of contract) and when we finally got them, they were unacceptable. In some of the photos we are washed out, and in others we are orange. There is only a single wedding photo from that day that my husband and I have on display due to the poor job done by Ian Rojas. Don't let Ian ruin your priceless memories by doing a poor job. In retrospect, we would have been much better off hiring a chimpanzee with a digital camera. Upset bride Miami Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
21, Report #141130
May 01 2005
03:35 PM
Fashion Italia Milano Luigi Sattino ripoff jacket guy in England Milano Europe
Well he's obviously travelling well. He had the same story about wanting to get rid of these designer clothes and throwing in other jackets if we bought the women's R.G.A. leather jacket. He spoke in broken English and said he needed to get to the airport in a hurry to return to Italy and did'nt want to pay customs so... He also said that he needed 180 to buy his wife a camera. We paid 130. He offered Prada, Boss and R.G.A items. It happenend today so I'm still feeling really angry. We felt sorry for the guy who seemed legitimate enough. Gabrielle ClonbrookUnited Kingdom
22, Report #915696
Jul 22 2012
10:52 AM
Luigi Francesco A Emporto Cllezone Fake Armani Jackets milano, Other
Same scam as previously reported - it appears he is in the Los Angeles area now - pulled over on a busy street asked for directors to LAX - said he was in town from Italy showing the new Armani line at the Beverly Hills store and is lost on his way to the airport - says he wants to give me a coat - then 3 coats - then asks for money - says the coats are for sale between $800.00 to $1,200.00 leather jackets saying he does not want take them back through customs going back home and needs money to buy souvenirs to take back home - we end up exchanging 5 jackets for $450.00.
Entity: milano, Select State/Province
23, Report #1062273
Jun 26 2013
11:45 AM
RANKLOGIX: WEB-DESIGN AND SEO SCAM STARS -DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE!watch out for these scammers contact details and links:Websites: , , Chris Barnes(863)877-1686 ;Owner: Mark Kreischer;contact: +1 973 626 4474Location: located New York, USA, London and Australia.THESE SCAM STARS SWINDLED ME OFF $2000 Are you thinking of seeking online web-designing and seo services? If you are, you probably are cautious of the insecure nature of the online services.  There are scammers everywhere. Ranklogix is one of those sites you should avoid in your endeavours. They claim to offer services and brilliant customer service delivery. However, there are nothing short of fraudulent assertions. I recent sought their seo services and compensated a required upfront payment of $2000 just to receive something can only be regarded as utter crap since it was full of empty links and devoid of  any keyword. As I was disappointed I made attempts to contact Mark of who also goes by the name Chris Barnes. He guaranteed me that a better complete report will be sent but these were just empty promises as I was informed that the results can be seen only after 8months. I was totally frustrated and this is why I caution everyone not to pay any lump sum before getting what you are seeking. Don’t be fooled by their reassuring assertions, Ranklogix are scam stars.  
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1062934
Jun 28 2013
03:55 PM
Bergemane Photography Studio AKA Bergemane Berge Wilfride Hibbert Anthony These 2 individuals are thieves by profession ! East Orange New Jersey
 Be guided out there !Both Bergeman and Hibbert will steal your money and ran away. After taking your money you will never hea from them anymore.My name is Carline. I am a victim. Please call me asap ! 
Entity: East Orange, New Jersey
25, Report #1398375
Sep 07 2017
06:28 AM
Malik Sharp of Malik Sharp Photography and Film Don't be Mislead by Contract Wording Cordova Tennessee
CONTRACT REGRETS- In February, I entered into a contract with Mr. Malik Sharp of Malik Sharp Photography and Film for videography services for my September, 2016 wedding. The contract stated I would receive the following 5 items/ services:  Full 8 hr wedding day coverage (Video only), 2 videographers Short film highlights video (4-7 minutes)  Online viewing  Flash drive with all edited footage. The cost for the package was $1450.00 plus tax. Shortly after my wedding, snippets were posted on Mr. Sharp’s facebook page; perhaps his advertising.  In late November, I received the short highlight video via email.  During our texting, Mr. Sharp stated I would be able to see my ceremony in its entirety upon receipt of the flash drive.  When asked if this would be documentary style, Mr. Sharp stated yes. Pleased with the highlight video, I anxiously awaited the flash drive. Finally, in December, I received the flash drive. It was the SAME as the short film video (4 minutes 32 seconds) that I received previously.  Mr. Sharp and I had numerous text communications and phone conversations after this as I thought he mistakenly sent the wrong thing. I am expecting a flash drive documenting the special day every girl dreams of and relish.  His position was this is the contract I signed, stated I needed to read a contract before signing one and if I wanted more, I had to pay additional monies.  Amid trying to resolve this situation so I could have a documentary style flash drive of my wedding as I was told, to my dismay, what happens next is unimaginable. Mr. Sharp CONTINOUSLY raised his price for me to get UNEDITED RAW FOOTAGE.  Initially he quoted a price of $125.00, then $450.00, then $850.00 plus tax , the price continued to vary.  He refused to consent to writing a second contract, ensuring I would get the footage I wanted and footage from his native camera. He refused to allow a person of my choice review the footage before I paid the exorbitant extra cost. Thus, the day I spent 14 months planning, spent thousands of dollars on, the special day in my life, my wedding---all I have to look back on other than my pictures is a  4 min. -32 sec.  flashdrive . $ 1450.00 plus taxes for 4 min- 32 seconds! To you, I am sharing my experience so that you can make an informed decision before you enter into a contract with this business.  Also, get everything said IN WRITING WITH SIGNATURES.  I want to spare you the disappointment I carry.
Entity: Tennessee

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