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1, Report #1401786
Sep 22 2017
01:55 PM
Mary Baltimore
 I order a bottle of CBD and only had to pay shipping then I was also charged $79.99 for another that I did not order
2, Report #570119
Feb 16 2010
07:13 AM
Mary Kay Mary Kay fraud scam racisist Internet
This place is quite possibly the worst place I have ever worked in my life. I should have suspected as much, seeing how they said you needed a Bachelor of Science to work there, but they never even checked my transcripts. I was hired with four other people, three of us started on Monday (June 22nd 2009) and Two the following Monday (June 29th). When we first started we were told that the first three months we would be 1099 contracted and after that period we would become W2 employees. I was told we were going to be paid $25k base plus commission. I was emailed a schedule of Monday through Friday 8:00am-5:00pm with a one hour lunch from 1:00pm-2:00pm. The job was working as a secondary pharmaceutical provider. Basically I cold called the in-patient pharmacies' of hospitals nationwide and ask them do they need hard to find items. The answer is usually No because they get 10-15 calls per day offering the same products only cheaper and we interrupt them. Plus the meds are marked up to 400% from what the pharmacy buyer usually pays from their primary wholesaler. The environment was toxic; there is one self proclaimed Lesbian woman. I have never heard the N word thrown around so loosely at the workplace before; in fact not at all. On my last day there the new guy got sent home at his last job for making statements like that and do you know who our president is?(referring to Barack Obama). This lady (and I use the word loosely) has made comments such as That's Why the Blacks Sit in the Back and using the word Jiggaboo to describe a fellow Co-worker of mine. On my last day there that same Co-worker (an African American young lady) said she Wants to Sue Because She is Tired of the Colored Jokes. This same young lady had a cold one day; another Co-worker said in jest Julia is coughing over here infecting all of us Rachel/Lisa blurted out (loudly so the whole office could hear) What Is She Turning Everyone Black? I didn't find that remotely funny. When we got the cubicles installed (July 31, 2009) she said the Blacks are Going to Sit on One Side and the Rest of Us on This Side In 2009 and the year of the first African American president I could hardly believe my ears. It is like working in the 1950's (from what I've read). I should have said something before but it is made abundantly clear that she is the top salesperson and gets to come in late and leave early. She makes the majority of the money for the company and they go way back, so everyone who has ever crossed her since I have been there has been fired. Secondly I was a 1099 and she has been with the company since it started, so I assume she is a W2 employee. I was given the impression that 1099s had no workplace rights. She blasts music all day so loud you would think you were at a concert. I put up with the job mostly because the economy is terrible (10.6% unemployment in Florida). The turnover is so high there, in just the first month I've seen three people fired. We were required to make either 150 calls per day or two hours and thirty minutes of phone time. The start of me getting fed up was when they fired the guy I started with. After we left the premises I asked him what happened. He said that he got fired (three days before payday), but he was even more mad that they weren't going to pay him for his past two weeks of working there or for the two days of the following pay period. So he was fired with no last paycheck. The owner told him We don't have to pay you because you are a 1099. My former Co-worker told him He will hear from his lawyer. The next day we received an email from the owner stating there is no salary for the first three months The money that we have been receiving was just an Advance on our Future Commissions and not payments for the 40 hours we have been putting in every week. (We were not made aware of this before we were hired). In fact according to the email, we didn't have a set time to be there and no obligation to come Maybe he thinks we all coincidentally show up at 8:00am and leave at 5:00pm and all just decide out of the blue to take one hour lunch breaks from 1:00pm-2:00pm. The next day he called me in his office and asked did I understand the email. I told him this wasn't made aware to me prior to me starting and that I was emailed a schedule to be here form 8-5. He said he fired my former Co-worker because he came in at 8:30am and called the west coast too early. Well if there is no set time to be there he shouldn't care what time he came in. This employee was indeed making sales. The owner stated if you are not there then you can't make sales. But if we weren't required to be there how can they make work requirements of making 150 calls per day? Basically the company wants to have employees, but doesn't want to put it on their taxes or pay the fees associated with having employees. It went without saying if you didn't come in you would be fired or won't be hired. In the email sent by the owner it was stated if you don't do what is required of our employees, we will not hire you. I was fired because they have new people coming over from a sinking rival company called Med Search. I was fired one week before payday (I mean they waited until Friday at 4:55pm) and I am not being paid for the 80 hours that I have worked. I was there early from 7:50am-5:05pm literally every day. This job will cause you to get an ulcer. It's almost impossible to concentrate on your work with the racial tension there. I told the manager on the day that I was fired what was being said on the floor. I asked the purchasing manager who was in the office at the time, if he heard the racist comments that are being made and he shook his head yes. SHAME ON YOU FOR TAKING ADVANTAGE OF A BAD ECONOMY!   Selfmademan305 Miami, Florida U.S.A.
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #474012
Jul 28 2009
01:06 AM
Mary O'Sullivan, Mary Sky, Mary Skywalker Spiritual Journeys/Trips to Peru Cork Ireland Internet
I accompanied Mary on a spiritual journey to Peru. There was a group of us going. She originally said the cost for the two weeks, which included stay in a hostel with breakfast, and 1 meal/day, plus 3 plant medicine ceremonies, trip to machu picchu and other sacred sites (we visited 2 other sacred sites) would be 2000 euros. She modified that before leaving, saying the cost would be 1800 euros. When we got to Peru, it was evident that the true cost of the trip was much less. Mary's total outlay for the whole trip per person was about 600 euros (we only did 2 ceremonies instead of 3, and there was no offer of money back for the ceremony or meals that didnt happen). One person in the group was lucky enough to pay only that. When I approached Mary with complaints about different aspects of the trip, I was told that I was the only person complaining, in an attempt to shame me into not complaining. This did not work for me. I lost my wallet, and only after appealing to her for money back for ceremonies and 5 meals not eaten or paid for by her, I got 100 euros back, and she told 'me she would not return anymore money to me. When I complained about the cost, again I was told that she would not discuss it with me. Spirit guide Clarecastle, Co. ClareIreland
Entity: Cork, Internet
4, Report #386143
Oct 29 2008
05:07 PM
Mary Parker mary parker sister in christ Internet
I received an email from mary parker saying her husband died and left her 17.5 million pounds. She said she is ill and close to death and would like me to have the money to see that it is donated to widows and charities world wide. what is terrible is she uses God and calls herself sister in christ. Slogo5150 New Plymouth, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1126650
Feb 26 2014
09:54 AM
Mary Tavarez Mary Dahle Gold Digger Chisago Minnesota
 Mary Tavarez/Mary Dahle is clearly a gold digger, She is in her 40s and has smothered Mr. Richard Dean Berget in his 70s with her fake love for him. This woman has been convicted of drug charges ,theft ,fake drug prescriptions ,identity theft and welfare fraud. Now she is digging at our fathers assests pretending to love him, he belives her and she is draining him dry. This is a very evil woman only interested in money for nothing. I fear for his safety being involded with this woman and what she is capable of doing. His fiance' of 18 years died in a car crash around the same time this mary entered his life. 
Entity: Minnesota
6, Report #420595
Feb 05 2009
12:16 PM
Mary Shelley RECEPTIONIST WANTED Janesville Wisconsin
There were 2 ads for receptionist/front desk employment. I emailed to the link attached to the ad. She emailed back right right away stating the job duties. The secong paragraph said I would be using a company credit card to purchase office supplies, but because of some bad experiences, they needed a credit check before sending an application. They had the website link for right in the email and wanted it emailed back to them. I had just ran a credit check last month and asked if that would work out ok. NO RESPONSE. I thought it was a little suspicious, so looked up the name on Google and my suspicions were right. TOTAL SCAM!!!! DO NOT RESPOND TO ANYTHING FROM MARY SHELLEY EVER!!!! Dana Janesville, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Janesville, Wisconsin
7, Report #151552
Jul 28 2005
04:34 AM
Mary Feehery aka Mary Boden aka Mary Fairclough aka Mary Daley Crazy Liar That Causes Harm To Individuals and Families RIPOFF Richlands North Carolina
****Mary is a Crazy individual who is not behind bars. She uses people to gain her own personal satisfaction. She has put several people including her own children in harms way. Mary has lied on several organizations and people of being child molesters or demons. One which I believe has caused a murder. She has also admitted to several people that she was present at the murder and helped to clean the victim up. She still walks the streets, laughing that she got away with murder as the other party involved sits in a mental hospital. All of her children have been removed from her home due to serious neglect. What would it take to get someone locked up for bragging about helping with murder and getting away with it? If you know this individual, Please write a rebuttal. I want a lot of people to know what she REALLY does. INA Virginia Beach, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Richlands, North Carolina
8, Report #1173795
Sep 02 2014
06:29 AM
Mary Jones Mary Alice Jones Mary Jones of Kissimmee, Florida is a THEIF!!! kissimmee Florida
Mary Jones of Kissimmee, Florida is a THEIF! This bottom-dweller needs to be hancuffed and thrown in jail for all the money she owes people. Scam artist extraordinaire Mary Jones has victimized hundreds of people in Sugar Mountain, North Carolina and Kissimmee, Florida. Beware of this seemingly nice lady because she will scam anyone and everyone. She steals money from innocent people to support her drug dependence. Stay away from this person at all costs! Don't associate with her in any way, shape, or form if you don't want to be left high and dry. Doing business with Miss Mary Jones is just a bad idea.
Entity: kissimmee, Florida
9, Report #444331
Apr 17 2009
12:38 AM
WELL,WELL, WELL I am not one bit surprised to find MARY ALOE from PROUD MARY ENTERTAINMENT on RIP OFF REPORT! I guess all of her sh*t stirring is finally catching up with her. She has back stabbed, bad mouthed and vcheated just about everyone she has ever come in contact with and that is why she has a huge pit full of EX BUSINESS PARTNERS that loathe her ....... Mary Aloe is the only person in Hollywood who needs three law firms to represent her ....Does that give you any clue as to how she rolls? VERY SOON SHE IS GOING TO NEED MORE LAWYERS THAN JUST THREE LAW FIRMS IF SHE CONTINUES GOING DOWN THIS SLIPPERY SLOPE SHE IS ON....... She is the most dispicable person I have ever known and I am obviously not alone. Shi is gaining quite a reputation in the industry..... WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND AND SHE IS GOING DOWN...... BF los angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
10, Report #363442
Aug 15 2008
06:50 PM
Mary A. Junior - Mary A Junior Trust misled, unfair business practice, fraud, forgery Hawthorne California
D.Cat L.A.CA Events leading up to incident DATE EVENT Beginning of June Ms junior called ms. Mays informing her that the apt. inquired for at ($975) was no longer available. And that she did however have a different apt. if she wanted to see it to visit 1043 w. 91st and see ms. Wright in apt. #1 and if she liked it to give her a call and let her know. Btwn june1st and 11th Called back and said she liked the apt. and a thurs. date was approved, and then she called back and said she couldn't make that date so the 12th was agreed to. June 12th Met with Mary junior at ## s normandie in a vacant 3bdrm apt. to sign section8 voucher for a request to inspect. This was the only thing, which was signed by ms. Mays. As the meeting began the first thing ms. Junior asked was how much is the voucher for? After telling her 1041 I informed ms. Junior of my position concerning ms. Mays and why I was to be involved in all final decisions concerning ms. Mays. I was manipulated from any participation when she told us that if I was not going to be signing the lease then the contract is between the tenant, sec8 and landlord. Approx June 19th Miss junior called ms. Mays and asked her if she would turn on the lights and gas before the inspection date, Barbara refused on the basis of just paying rent at 10908 for the month of July. July 3rd Received a message from miss junior July 7th Barbara received a message from Mary junior that the inspection was approved and that the balance of the total deposit of 2000 was due (1500)So we informed ms. Junior that we were canceling on the basis of the discussion on June 12th in which she was informed that 1000 was the total amount we had for a deposit. a verbal contract was breached. July 8th Visited sec8 to inform them of the conversation had with ms. Junior and the alternative that was left for ms. Mays. We need to turn in a letter of cancellation so I went home and typed one up for her. July 9th Returned to turn in letter to sec8 and received new voucher July 14th Called ms. Junior to ask about refund of security deposit and was met with a very unyielding attitude. She told miss Mays that she gave deposit to the owner and he refuses to give a refund and he wants the remainder of the deposit ($1500) for taking apt. ad off the market. July 21st Filed small claims w/superior court/found names, property owners, addresses and other property owned in order to serve July 22nd Summons for sheriffs court svcs to Mxxxxx AgXX and Axxx trust Went to nix to get a copy of money gram money order, three days later found out that mary signed for ms. Mays. July 28th Went to tax assessor to find mary junior, property owned and confirm address to serve. Found 7 all other than the intended rental address.And contacted sheriffs svcs to serve. Aug 1st. Got a visit from Rxx sxxx (909-772-xxxx) on behalf of the axx'sFound out mom is nicknamed mike Aug 25th First court date Agxx Trust Sept. 5th Second court date mary junior and Agxx Trust POINTS OF INTEREST Voucher was for 1041, it makes no sense that ms Mays would be inquiring about a 1300 a mo. Apt. A deposit of $500 was accepted and was believed to be negotiated amount. We did tell her that $1000 was the most ms. Mays had for a deposit. Signed proposal request for tenancy approval was only for an inspection for habitability by sec8. a letter of cancellation was typed and given to sec8 and available for ms. junior I don't know how she feels she is intitled to a security deposit of a non tenant. los angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Hawthorne, California
11, Report #666148
Nov 28 2010
05:52 PM
Mary Aloe, Proud Mary Entertainment Abusive, Deceitful, Insane - Run for you life! Los Angeles, California
I wish I had checked here before I first started working with Mary Aloe.  I worked with her on a movie project.  My experience with her has been nothing short of a nightmare. My sense is Mary has no ethical or moral filters at all.   She will say anything at all - no matter how distorted or cruel - to get what she wants.  She makes big promises to get people to do her bidding, and then nothing ever materializes.  When the promises stop working, she resorts to ugly threats, screaming and the crudest kind of manipulation. She doesn't listen and routinely shouts people down.  After having tried several methods of dealing with her insanity, I concluded that it is impossible to get through to her.  Many times I witnessed her lie to people about their collaborators, creating a climate of suspicion and distrust.  You know somebody is dealing badly when they insist that no one on a project talk to anyone else on the project.  This is Mary's standard operating procedure.  She has so many lies going around that she can't let any of the people she works with talk alone lest they compare notes.  I just wonder how Mary manages to keep going.  Eventually all the lies and insanity have to catch up with you.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
12, Report #239415
Mar 17 2007
09:43 AM
Proud Mary Entertainment - Insight Film Studios - Mary Aloe ripoff A totally unscrupulous deceitful and cunning film producer in Los Angeles California
Mary Aloe is one of those people you wish you had never met in your life. She's totally an immoral and devious person who takes advantage of people she comes in contact with and ends up burning bridges with them. When we first met, I wanted to work with her on several of my film project which already had partial funding. I met with her and bought into her claims of honesty and integrity. But unfortunately, I made the mistake of giving her the names of the people I do business with, and the next thing I know she contacts them without my knowledge or permission. She made lots of promises to them and said malicious things about me with the intent to steal away my contacts. This has since damaged my relationship with some of the people in my network. I've lost several good business opportunities because of what she did and it's taken a lots of time and effort to try and restore my credibility. I have since come across several other people who have had similar experiences with her, and some even signed a contract which she ended up disregarding. No one that I know will EVER work or have anything to do with her again, or even get involved with anyone else who works with her. Mary's company is called Proud Mary Entertainment and works with Insight Film Studios in Vancouver, Canada. Chris Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
13, Report #1205224
Jan 29 2015
08:02 AM
Mary Holden Mary Margaret Holden, Mary M Holden, @MaryMCHolden, Michael McGuire, Mike McGuire Mary Holden Evictions/Backrent up to $15,000 Gainesville Florida Gainesville, FL Nationwide
Mary Holden Evictions/Backrent up to $15,000 Gainesville Florida Mary Holden, aka Mary Margaret Holden, MaryMcHolden, (((Redacted)))1975 DOB) Events Manager at Sweetwater Branch Bed & Breakfast in Gainesville FL and her live in boyfriend Michael McGuire (((Redacted)))1980 DOB) do not pay their rent and refuse to accept any concessions we offered to keep the peace.We ran a local background check, which yielded nothing from MARY M. and MARY MARGARET HOLDEN at the time of the check. Since then when we ran additional checks, upon search HOLDEN and scrolling through hundreds of names, we found her prior eviction in the name of her brother, JAMES HOLDEN. Too late for us.Mary Holden has a previous eviction on file at the Alachua County Clerk of She threatens law suits regarding the home she lives in (dirty floors, pests, no hot water, complaints about the crews while new HVAC system installed, invasion of workers, removal of furniture that was in place, expectations of remodeling the house, accusations of “nonsensical” and rudeness from our firm. etc. etc.), ALL LIES. We wonder what she thinks will occur when her lease (IF SHE IS NOT EVICTED IMMEDIATLEY BY THE COURT) comes up for renewal. We will not renew, nor will we ever lease again to her or her boyfriend.Upon reflection, records recently pulled from Alachua County Courthouse ( we located previous evictions on file under (2011-2013) her name HOLDEN, MARY, along with other public record files.Don't be nice to this gal who will pull the wool over your eyes. You will loose money and end up in court with thousands lost in attorney fee’s and time spent trying to resolve issues and complaints by these tenants. Do your background check on this one. It’s worth it.
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #1362730
Aug 05 2017
10:56 AM
Mary Lund PhD Dr. Mary Lund Mary Lund Custody Evaluator Mary Lund took a Fathers kids away Los Angeles California
 I am a father of two boys C***, 11 and J*** 9. I was married for 12 years. My exwife EW is an alcoholic. Her mother was an alcoholic. Her brother died from alcohol poisoning. The last couple years of my marriage was awful. My EW was drinking too much and fighting with me in front of the boys. I decided to move out. We agreed to share the boys 50-50. Then problems started to come up. They didn't want to go over there. Told me mom was driving badly and got in an accident. Mom was saying funny things. Mom would not cooperate with changeovers. Mom couldn't get them to school on time. No lunches. I begged her to get help but she wouldn't. Finally it got ugly and my attorney told me to get a custody evaluation. Big mistake. We chose Dr. Lund. I didn't realize she was for the Moms. She came in, intervewed everybody. She didn't like me from the get-go. She was rude and hostile to me. On the second interview I got in an argument with her when I told her the family laws didn't make any sense and she said they are there to protect the women. Dr. Lund charged us $22,000 for the eval and coming to court. We don't have this kind of money. Her report came out and I almost lost my mind- she gave full custody of the boys to Mom. How could this be???? I'm a great Dad. I'm a contractor and have a flexible schedule. I was always there for the boys. I can't stand to live and not spend my time with C*** and J***. Why would Dr. Lund do this put the boys full time in the home of an alcoholic mother? This woman is not fair and is not honest. I have an uphill battle to fight this now and get my boys back. God will judge this woman I promise you. Stay away if you are a Dad. Dr. Lund is a nightmare.
Entity: Santa Monica, California
15, Report #462209
Jun 17 2009
07:49 AM
Mary Trott ENGLISH BULLDOG RIPOFF Standish Maine
Contacted her about the puppies. She claims them to be free. Then tells you that you will need to pay airfare for them. Pushes HARD for the money and then if and when you send it (by Western Union) she contacts you and says that the airport is demanding a larger crate, new shots, etc. When you contact her and let her know that you aren't sending more money, then they still keep on. They threaten that the puppies will go to the pound if you don't send the extra money. Devi Columbia, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Standish, Maine
16, Report #432061
Mar 08 2009
04:28 PM
MRS. Mary Jones Scamed. Gembrook Australia
This Is What MRS. Mary Jones Has Sent Me and the e-mail address of which it came. Ecowas Donations 2009101 Yakubu Gowon Cresent&n bsp; Abuja, Nigeria.Tel: +234-805-457-8728 This is to inform you that you have won a prize money of Eight Hundred and fiftythousand United States Dollars, ($850,000.00) for this year 2009 Lottery promotion which is organized by ECOWAS DONATIONS 2009.ECOWAS DONATIONS 2009, collects all the email addresses of the people that are active online, among the millions that subscribed to the Internet.we only select five people every Year as our winners through electronic balloting System without the winner applying,we congratulate you for being one of the people selected. These are your identification numbers: Batch number.....................ECW 09102XN Reff number.......................ECW35447XN Winning number...................ECW09788 These numbers fall within your Location file, you are requested to contact the events manager/Claims Department, send your winning identification numbers to him,to enable him verify your claims.You must call +234-805-457-8728 for confirmation and to speak with the claims agent(Dr.Tude Adewale) (CONTACT FINANCE DEPARTMENT)Name:Dr. Tude AdewaleTel: THIS FORM SHOULD BE FILLED BY THE LOTTERY WINNER OF THE STATED FUND FOR VERIFICATION BEFORE PROCESSING THE LOTTERY WINNING: FULL NAME:...........RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS:.....OCCUPATION:.............SEX..........DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH:.......COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE:.......TEL NO:.........FAX:..........EMAIL:.............WINNING NUMBER:.......BATCH NUMBER:......REFF NUMBER:..... Thank you and Accept my hearty congratulations once again!Yours faithfully,Mrs.Mary Jones. AND IT'S ALL BULL! Moo$e GembrookAustralia
17, Report #576103
Mar 01 2010
11:55 AM
Mary Mouline (AKA Marina) Freelance Translators Beware Internet
Free Lancers please be advised that in addition to whatever black list you have to add Marina Mulina AKA Mary Mouline.  She contacted me New Year's day to do a long complex translation job for her that she needed in 48 hours.  I completed the assignment and was then told 2 days later that she herself did not get paid.  I told her I still need to get paid for the many hours I spent translating 30 pages of IT Jargon and instructions on a software solution for a Telecom Company.  I have since seen her advertise looking for freelancers under similar names and different email addresses.  I believe her translation agency does not exist.  If you accept a job from her make sure the money is sitting in an escrow account you have some control over.
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #823290
Jan 15 2012
10:58 PM
Mary Taylor Chicago Bulls Tickets ripoff, Internet
answered Craigs list ad for Chicago Bulls tickets.  Women said she had (4) great seats and agreed on $400.00.  I met her downtown Chicago at a nail salon where she was getting a manicure. I gave her the money and she gave me 4 copied tickets with a receipt. The tickets were fraudulant and stamped Void by the security agent at the Stadium. Lesson..never accept duplicated paper documents even with a receipt.  Her cell phone # is 312-533-9989.  She said her name was Mary Taylor, but who knows.  She ruined my evening and I lost $400.00.  I wonder how many others she has swindled and cheated.
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #781681
Sep 26 2011
09:02 PM
Mary Virkhaus Hazell FALSE ADVERTISING/SCAM CHELSEA , Michigan
Purchased equipment (knitting machine, ribber and all manuals and accessories) from Mary Virkhaus on 8/25/11. She had advertised these items for sale on a Yahoo Group. Her advert read as follows: Posted by: HazelII [EMAIL REDACTED]   virkhaus Wed Aug 24, 2011 7:06 am (PDT) FOR SALE:Studio F-370 knitting machine-like new, barely used and hard to find This machine comes complete with ribber, punch cards, lacecarriage and usual accessories. The machine is like new and comes from a pet-free home. I am selling because I am moving and must reduce inventory.My name is Mary Virkhaus and the machine is in our home in Kalamazoo, MI.I am asking $650.00 plus shipping from zip code 49091.If you have questions, you may reach me at 734-433-1744.Thank you for reading. On 8/25/11 I spoke with her on the telephone then per her instructions sent her payment of $750 ($650 + 100) by priority mail, my check #1021 with the agreement that I would pay any additional shipping costs. On 9/8/11 I received an invoice showing the shipping costs to be $165.86. I remitted check #1024 for $65.86 on that day. On 9/10/11 the equipment arrived. It was slightly damaged and I discovered missing items. I contacted Mary Virkaus via email to advise her.On 9/13/11 I emailed Mary Virkhaus again. I received a voice mail message from her to send a list and she would send the missing items. I emailed her a detailed list of the items that were missing later that day. She replied via email that she would send the missing items as soon as she was able to locate them.Since then I have received several vague promises and phishing emails from her account. On 9/21/11 I received an email saying she hoped to have something by mid-next week  On 9/25/11 I requested a shipping status. Her response was rude (I am being impatient) and non-committal. As this is the 1 month mark, I also contacted the owner of the Yahoo Group for advice. The owner (who is also a seller) advised there is no reason it should take an additional week to ship items that were advertised as a part of a sale. Also the list owner confirmedthat all machines are supposed to come complete with all the manuals and accessories. Per instructions from the owner, I sent Mark Virkhaus an email asking her to confirm she would be sending all of the missing items on 9/26/11 or to provide an accounting of them. On 9/26/11 the owner of the Yahoo Group has called Mary Virkaus several times. There is no answer to the phone. Mary Virkhauss emailed response did not promise a shipment nor detail what would be shipped. I forwarded the email to the list owner who had banned her from the group.Around 18:00 I also called Mary Virkhaus and only got her voice mail. I again asked for the missing items and let her know I will be pursuing legal remedies if we can not resolve this immediately.  To date, I still have not received the missing items and do not trust that Mary Virkhaus will send them. The ribber and lace carriage can not be used without some of the items I did not receive. This equipment is out of production so parts are scarce and relatively expensive. I am unable to locate one of the punch card sets that was to come with the machine for saleanywhere. This is a substantial, material loss I have no way to quantify monetarily. All of the other items will cost well over $100 with shipping to replace. I have been scouring the internet trying to find all the missing parts so I can use the equipment.Note: She first advertised this same scam in January only for $1,000. So she had 8 months to actually put all the items together if she actually had them. I also found another complaint about her when she sold on Artfire.Beware of this lady, she is bad news.
Entity: CHELSEA, Michigan
20, Report #699525
Feb 24 2011
03:22 PM
mary fredrick internet dating to get money lago, Internet
Mary fredrick is posing as 29 year old on internet dating sites to lur guys in to send her money in nigeria, has a big long sob story and is very good at lying...
Entity: lago, Internet
21, Report #936400
Sep 03 2012
05:33 PM
Mary Kay Never Received Product Sergeant Bluff, Iowa
I went to a Mary Kay party with a couple of my friends. First session was free, and was invited to come to the second session. I purchased 3 items worth $50 my first session. I was unable to make my second session due to work. I suggested I be notified of my order when it came in. As well, I offered to drive to come pick my product up. I am very upset and disappointed in Mary Kay clients. I have never had issues like this. I want my product and or my money back now! I am a student and work 3 jobs. I hate it that Mary Kay doesn't hear me out. I will never purchase beauty product from them again. Ever.
Entity: Sergeant Bluff, Iowa
22, Report #945608
Sep 24 2012
04:14 AM
Mary Prantil loses lawsuit 9 Criminal charges, Internet
Mary Prantil was sued and enforced charges in Nevada. Mary Prantil is also awaiting charges in New York where she is hiding. Mary Prantil has slandered people and business online and to try and hide her postings she takes to twitter and rip off report.....which is good, she is leaving a paper trail of evidence for prosecution that is longer than the Nile river. That is why Mary Prantil pretends to be a christian and tells people to pray for her.....because of her charges in New York city. According to NY Courts she also made up fake stories about NYPD. Mary Prantil apparently tried to sue the city. Adide from her 9 charges in NY...she just got sued in Nevada for cyber related crimes...harassment etc. She continyes her daily harassment on twitter..then professes her christian faith and wants people to believe her. Here she is on CNN: she is in the courts enter Mary Prantil: Mary Prantil's SOON upcoming January 11 TH 2011 Criminal Court Trial -she is facing not one but SEVERAL CRIMINAL CHARGES including a FELONY STALKING CHARGE ( 3rd degree stalking ) Log in as a public user, then type in the defendant's name, Mary Prantil to pull up and verify her criminal charges- this is a government public records website, which is the Manhattan New York District Attorney web site, court cases look up information: **  Defendant Search ResultsYOU SEARCHED ONDefendantMary Prantil CountyAll CountiesModify SearchNew Sea Search Results 1 through 3 of 3Note: To view case details, click the case # link (opens in new window).Case #DefendantSummons #Appearance DateCourtJudgePart 010NY022485 Prantil, Mary 0/14/2010New York Criminal Court009NY002655 Prantil, Mary T 0/14/2010New York Criminal Court009NY046033 Prantil, Mary T 0/14/2010New York Criminal CourtCase Details - ChargesCASE INFORMATIONCourtNew York Criminal Court Case #2010NY022485 DefendantPrantil, MaryThis one is for FELONY E STALKING, MORE COUNTS ON AGGRAVATED HARASSMENT:ChargeDetailDisposition/Sentence L 240.30 02 Misdemeanor, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment chargeDescriptionAgg Har-2nd:telephoneL 120.50 03 Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment chargeDescriptionStalking - 3rdL 240.30 01  **TOP CHARGE** Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment chargeDescriptionAgg Harass-2:communicate/alarmBack to top  Case Details - ChargesCASE INFORMATIONCourtNew York Criminal Court Case #2009NY002655 DefendantPrantil, Mary TTHIS ONE IS FOR RESISTING ARREST, AND YET ANOTHER AGGRAVED HARASSMENT CHARGE:ChargeDetailDisposition/Sentence L 205.30 00  **TOP CHARGE** Misdemeanor, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment chargeDescriptionResisting ArrestL 240.30 01 Misdemeanor, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment chargeDescriptionAgg Harass-2:communicate/alarmBack to top Case Details - ChargesCASE INFORMATIONCourtNew York Criminal Court Case #2009NY046033 DefendantPrantil, Mary TMORE, AND MORE AGGRAVATED HARASSMENT, THESE ARE ARRAIGNMENT CHARGES- ALL OF THEM.ChargeDetailDisposition/Sentence L 240.30 02 Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment chargeDescriptionAgg Har-2nd:telephoneL 215.50 03 Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment chargeDescriptionCrim Contempt-2nd:disobey CrtL 240.30 1A  **TOP CHARGE** Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment chargeDescriptionAggravated Harassment-2nd Deg*Be sure to visit this website often for more and current updates on the CRIMINAL that keeps saying she has a clean criminal record.....has never been arrested..........MARY PRANTIL.  ** **Prantil is all over the Internet trying to cover this information up, blaming innocent others with her OWN CRIMES, telling lies, making up tons of false stories, etc. concerning this.**
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #178179
Feb 26 2006
10:12 AM
Mary Hennen biggest BLABBERMOUTH in corporate America! Schaumburg Illinois
Mary Hennen is the BIGGEST BLABBERMOUTH in all of Corporate America! Although she is a high-ranking sales manager at giant credit corporation Experian, she gossips and spreads rumors like a 13 year old cheerleader. It doesn't matter what the subject matter is - corporate secrets, personal problems, office gossip - the juicer the better! She loves to spread gossip about her own employees to her other employees, no matter how personal the information. And her most favorite activity is to gossip about her bosses and her bosses bosses. It's almost as if she can't help herself, and even though she's been written up about her problem many times, it doesn't stop her. She's got the BIGGEST MOUTH in Illinois, California and Minnesota combined! Hey Mary - SHUT THE **** UP! Experian Employee Schaumburg, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Schaumburg, Illinois
24, Report #246035
Apr 28 2007
08:18 PM
Mary Jane Elliot Predator RIPOFF Novi Michigan
This so called attorney has ganished my wages at the tune of over $800 a month on a what was originally a $2000 dollar debt. This leech has been taking my tax returns for over 3 years and I guess she felt she could get more money by going after my wages. How the debt has increased every year is a mystery to me. I am looking for advice as to how to get this blood sucker off my back. A year ago we tried to settle with her and the person (that's being kind)on the other end refused. He stated in broken english to my wife we will get you. This was said in the office of a credit counselor that was trying to assist us. Since then we have been sending minimal payments to at least let them know our intentions were to try and remove the debt. To my surprise, with out notice my paycheck was over $400 dollars short. Amazingly I received a letter from her office thanking me for my previous payment and asking me to call to settle the balance. This is after they garnished my wages! I don't remember any court notices or summons being served to me. How can they just take your money without any notice? This has caused tremendous hardships on my family. I have a 12 year old daughter and 15 month old twin boys. Please advise!!! Bert lansing, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Novi, Michigan
25, Report #1157263
Jun 24 2014
10:22 PM
Mary DaRosa, Koskie Minsky Human Resources Manager Toronto Ontario Canada
I was really un-impressed by Mary DaRosa's professional behavior. She cancels meetings with barely any notice and could not be bothered to return a phone call within a reasonable time. I dont know if she is distracted or careless but needs to take a serious look at the way the is handling herself. She could also benefit from learning her place and not talking out of turn when speaking with the lawyers who are her superiors.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario

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