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1, Report #1307320
May 23 2016
05:16 PM
Mary Astrologer astromary Hello, I have asked for a refund since Jan. from PayPal and from your emails.  enter Internet
I cannot find any contact info. on the website. While I appreciate the reading I received, it told me nothing different that I already knew, nor did it guide me as promised in your emails and in my order. I would like to have my money refunded. Pay Pal refuses to reimburse me my $55 as they say it is a authentic charge. Yes, maybe it is but I did not receive the goods and services as promised. I have worked with otheOther astrologers offer a money back guarantee.never had a problem with anyone else, thought Mary Astrology had a good reputation.Hello, I have asked for a refund since Jan. from PayPal from AstroMary. I cannot find any contact info. on thewebsite. I have sent numerous emails to Astro Mary email and get no response. While I appreciate the one reading I received, it told me nothing different that I already knew, nor did it guide me as promised in your emails and in my order. I cannot read the link provided, I only read a general (not detailed report) with the help I was told I'd receive.I would like to have my money refunded. Pay Pal refuses to reimburse me my $55 as they say it is a authentic charge. However, I did not receivethe goods and services as promised. I have worked with other astrology sites in the past and if I weren't happy with the services, they all offer a money back guarantee.I have never had a problem with anyone else in the past and I thought Mary Astrology had a good reputation. ColleenSan Diego, CA
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1398128
Sep 06 2017
07:06 AM
Mary astrologer Astromary The astrologer's promised to send a report reading about a periodical transit after i did some payment transactions.  Internet
The 'astrologer' gave a detailed description of all the services 'she' was to offer after payment of a stated fee. I did eventually pay $19 and received a mail with the reading; with time I began to notice that i had been tricked. The reading was inflated and did not entail the services as earlier promised.This person by the name 'Mary' or 'Astromary' openly advertises her services on the internet and I'm sure most people who have been online severally are at least familiar with her 'name' and the services that she promises to give. This person is a fraud and gives inflated services once payment for the claimed services is made. 'Mary' has highly tanished the name and services that true and professional astrologers can offer. Necessary legal action should be taken against this person; the sooner the better. The website of this person is still running to this moment and I'm very certain it has been running for a long time now. It's my humble request that my report is taken into much interest in order to save the world at large, their resources and innocence, from this fraudster. I trully believe something is going to be done about this. Thanks well in advance!!
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1303494
May 03 2016
08:07 PM Mary, your astrologer It's a scam and not actual reading (all the readings for day by day are copied and pasted on every single day) Internet
 I paid over $70 and got my full report for 6 months of day by day forecast and love. Most of the day's readings are copied and pasted over and over again the same exact readings repeated daily. I sent emails and no response ever. Save your money and aggravation.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #314085
Mar 02 2008
07:09 PM
Jenna Astrologer Website - Jenna the Astrologer Internet
I too, was an almost victim of Jenna. I do not recall how I got to her site originally, however, what happen was she sent me a mini reading saying that I am entering some kind of planetary phase that doesn't always happen in one's lifetime. She basically said that she felt connected to me and that she hoped that I get a reading because I most likely will not be able to successfully complete this phase without some psychic inside knowledge. I too, went to her live chat site. She instantly appeared to chat and like the others have written, once I gave my credit card info she disappeared and did not respond to my questions. I waited a few days for my report, like she said and did not receive a report from her. I emailed her and she responded saying that my card was not approved. I knew that was impossible. I began to get suspicious and did a search on her name. Hence this fraud site came up. So, I then called my credit card company and informed them. They said that there were several attempts to debit money from account however, they entered incorrect expiry dates. So, I cancelled that card and I feel lucky that I managed to escape that rip-off by the skin of my teeth. - This is a BIG wake-up call and I have learned a BIG lessonfrom this experience. I feel very LUCKY because it could have been much worse. Angela Toronto, OntarioCanada
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1258429
Oct 01 2015
10:55 AM
Victoria the Astrologer Astrologer Internet
 I signed up for a free reading from Victoria the astrologer and I paid $49. However , the report I received was copy and pasted nonsense that had nothing to do with me or my lifestyle I sent an email immediately and I received no response. I want my money back so I sent another email requesting it and I haven't received any feedback. Do not waste your hard earned money it's a complete rip off.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #286006
Nov 21 2007
03:20 PM
Jenna The Astrologer lucky i found this site Nationwide
lucky i found this site, i got more emails off her,and i clicked on the link u gave me to pay, then something pop up for live chat with jenna, took her awahile to ans, then she said hello to me using my first name, now im wondering if she had tap onto my pc!! i told her i couldnt sfford 60 dollars, she said since im on live chat with her, she will reduced the price by half. but i must pay today, i said ok. then she said she will make up a page for me...then the pc switched off!! so now im worry she taping into my PC, doesnt this happened to any1 before?? help! Nic dublinIreland
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #318421
Mar 16 2008
03:00 PM
Jenna Your Astrologer ripped Internet
I cant beleive that i got ripped off, she was good at making me feel that something good was going to happen after the year i have had already a death in the family and my husband having diagnosed with cancer i was lookingfor something good for the rest of the year and hoping that she would give me hope, but the cow ripped me off, and now i know im not the only one this is to much, i dont understand why people do this if she needs money why cant she get a job like most people, it makes my blood boil Di north westUnited Kingdom
Entity: Internet
9, Report #308069
Feb 11 2008
04:16 PM
I ordered a chart from Jenna after the initial free reading. I got my chart for $20, charged to my credit card, it just was not the chart I had ordered. I sent an email, NO REPLY. It was all the same as everyone mentioned, the IM's, the emails, the hype to draw you in. We only consult astrologers when we have relationship troubles, a burning question, when we're in term-oil or just plain bored. It's what they feed off of. Real Astrologers use experience, skill & their God given talents to help people, all most of these internet astrologers use a $15-$20 program. You can go out and purchase an Astrology/Natal Chart/Relationships CD for your PC, enter you time, date & birthplace & get the same general BS that Jenna gives you! Believe me it takes 2 minutes NOT 48-72 hours as she claims. So do yourself a favor, go to you local Book Store like; Barnes & Noble & ask for the program...Save yourself some money & time! Also, I just want to add for those who may be new to this subject, Astrology isn't a fortune teller is a tool used to help you identify you strengths & weaknesses, it helps with self discovey & improvements that you can make to help you in your everyday life, in your career & relationships. It's not going to tell you WHO your going to marry, or WHAT you're going to be when you grow up. It DOES help with HOW you could have a healthier relationship or WHAT career you may excell in. The transits and changing of the planets are just windows of opportunity and times to watch for really. Just as the moon affects the tides, the planets affect us, but they don't CONTROL us!! Remember that folks... Heidi ashburnham, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #298853
Jan 10 2008
01:17 PM
Jenna The Astrologer Wow! Internet
Boy am I glad i found this website before I got ripped off! I have had numerous emails from this so called Jenna the astrologer and like you i have received the same type of emails, very emotive and seem very personal and caring, making you think more and more that this person must be real as she has gone to such lengths to inform you of her astological feelings. Only half an hour ago I received an email advising that she would reduce the cost of the report to $45 and she gave a web link to follow which I did curiously. When going on to the website there was a live chat pop up that appeared and (Jenna) messaged me saying hi, how are you? I though this was strange surley nobody would go to such extremes to con you. So I said thank you for your concerns but unfortunately i cannot afford this price right now, she then replied this is why I have been trying to contact you, I can give it today for a one off price of $20, I logged off the site as I was at work. Curiously I thought I would just check on Google to see if i could find out anymore information on thi Jenna. I'm very glad i did! Sorry to all of you that have been awful! Leash HulUnited Kingdom
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1303157
May 02 2016
02:46 PM
Jenna the Astrologer Stole my money! Internet
My husband ordered a detailed reading from Jenna 3 years ago, and conninced ne that it was worth trying. In a separate state at the time, we ordered from different devices, cards, and names. As I have now read from many others, Jenna's company is ripping people off by responding to orders with base stock readings. When I got mine, I realized that it said the exact same thing as his, the only difference was that it kept repeating my name and I am assuming they have a software that adds it in for them, and I work online so I am aware that this is a psychological marketing technique. After months of complaining to them and back and forths with them about them not providing a genuine reading whcih is what I paid for, I was finally promised a refund for our readings. It has been 3 years and I still have no refund after continuous inquiries as to where my money is. I Unsubscribed from their email list and I still get emails trying to upsell me more readings. Every time I get one, I reply to the link they send asking for my refund and of course I hear nothing back....please save your money, they are thieves and scam artists. 
Entity: Internet
12, Report #728067
May 11 2011
11:52 AM
jenna the astrologer astrology forecast-fake FAKE JENNA ASTROLOGER mexico, Internet
i want to report the Jenna astrologer. she's a fraud and fake and email me and say something i need to do to be able to have fortunes and success. she didn't get money from me but as far as i now.a lot of people victimized by her.. i just wanna inform all people that she's not a real fortune teller. she's just guessing our future. she also told me that i will meet a guy older than me and she'll gonna email me when it will happen to me.. so i think its a syndicate... trying to ruin somebody's life! she pisses me off by telling do's and dont's!!! and she needs payment... she wants me to meet a guy maybe her partner in doing this kind of b**ch! maybe they are worst than we taught! its a syndicate maybe!!! try to help other victims ...please..they need your help..
Entity: mexico, Internet
13, Report #307752
Feb 10 2008
08:49 AM
JENNA YOUR PERSONAL ASTROLOGER astrologer, psychic, tarot reader Nationwide INTERNET
I contacted Jenna regarding a reading & so did my friend. We both got the same exact letters when she answered us. I then decided to go under my husbands email and inquire again..2 days later, I got the identical email. SO..needless to say...these are form letters she's sending out. A couple of weeks ago I got online and talked to her in IM's. She worked hard trying to get me to let her do my reading. Lowered her price from $60 to $15. I asked her to tell me something about myself so I would know that he's not a fraud. She typed..Well, you are in Clarksville, TN. I told her that's not true..and she said...well..that's what I'm the area of Tennessee so i figured she was a fraud. A couple of days ago..I found this tracking program to use on my account. Lo-AND shows that I'm in Clarksville, TN! So...that explained how she came up with that as my location. So I clicked on the link that she sent me to try to entice me to let her do a reading. (copy & paste it to your browser & go read it...see if it matches yours) (Some PSYCHIC ...she wasn't even aware that I was the same person) is the conversation I had with her this her little IM box on her site; Chat Session Started at 9:01:10 AM Please be patient while You are being connected with Jenna You are now chatting with Jenna Jenna: hi Brenda Jenna: How ar eyou You: Jenna ...I talked to you the other day about a reading for me. And I asked you to tell me something about myself so I would know that you are legit. You told me I live in Clarksville, TN. BUT..I told you i didn't. I know you weren't being channeled that location because I know that internet tracking devices show that I am in Clarksville.. You: It says that because that's where my cable company is. You: i was going to have a reading until that happened. So..I thought I'd just let you know. Those aren't always accurate Jenna: i want to help you with your troubling relationsgip Jenna: im sorry that you will not be able to get this help then You: me too You: my relationship isn't troubled though You: that's the irony of this. You are supposed to know this stuff You: aren't you? You: I got online and googled you..and saw that I'm not the only one who was mislead. Great thing is least I wasn't out any money on it. Jenna: those sites ar enot true dear You: prove me wrong then Jenna Jenna: they are people who had declined credit cards who for some reason though they were good cards, and they assumed iw ould send their reading anyway Jenna: and i did not Jenna: if you are not trustful i must be going, i spend coutnless hours doing my work to help others, i am very insultes Jenna: insulted You: tell me something that will PROVE to me you aren't a fraud then You: I wanted this reading You: I've had readings in person before..but never on a computer. Jenna: this is over 60 pages of information on your love, relationships, career, finances, etc Jenna: you will benefit greatly, but im afraid that im not here to prove my abiliites dear You: all i'm asking for is one thing right now You: where was I born? Jenna: i have many loyal trusting clients dear who know i can help You: ok..sorry I wasted your time So as you can see...she STILL couldn't tell me anything PERSONAL! LOL so...don't waste your money on this one folks. AND JUST A LITTLE ADVICE. If you paid with a credit card??? All you have to do is file a dispute with your credit card company and they will take your money back out of her account..IMMEDIATELY until the dispute is resolved. Then..unless she can prove that you got your reading...they should credit your account with the money. She also told me that although she does take Paypal..she prefers alternative payment methods. This is because..if you pay with's double protection FOR YOU! You can file a dispute with them AND your credit card company! Discover is the best at getting disputes settled! GOOD LUCK & DO NOT let that woman keep your money if you didn't get a reading! FILE A DISPUTE NOW! NEVER GIVE HER A CHECK OR CASH! Nanabb1955 Springfield, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #309785
Feb 18 2008
09:52 AM
I contacted Jenna on the live chatline after getting the 'free reading' Note the following: 'She' refused to give me a telephone number to verify the authenticity of the service. As I am from Ireland - several times when I contacted the live chat - the contact times were very anti-social USA time yet this 'Jenna' seemed to be available to chat 24/7. I realised it was a system of operators and not a particular person - I guessed the operators worked shifts to keep the site open 24/7 .But I thought maybe they were all online astrologers none the less and the system was designed to make it seemed more personal. I got emails asking me if I was going for the 'full reading' and cautioned about this 'once in a lifetime opportunity' as my fortunes were apparantly lined up in some unusual constellation and the next 72 days were critical. A few days later I received another email - telling me the next 29 days were critical (for this once in a lifetime opportunity) and encouraged to pay for the full reading to get advice regarding this opportunity. I was quite interested as the free reading seemed plausible enough - it seemed to describe aspects of my personality that would not apply to all people. So it seemed reasonably accurate and convincing ( I wonder are we all similar types - those of us who apply for such readings??). I sent in my credit card details and was hopeful of a reasonable reading if somewhat skeptical. I mistakenly put in an incorrect detail with my credit card and got a notice that my card had been refused and a request to submit the fee of $60 by another format- cheque, whatever. I was about to remedy my error and came across this 'RIP Off Support' site when googling 'Jenna' etc. Am I glad I found this..... I will not now be sending in my corrected details. I was skeptical but hoped for the better outcome... I believe now that there is NO PERSON CALLED JENNA per se. It is a company SCAM - using operators 24/7 to cover the site to get money in. Not astrologers - probably minimum wage employees who need a few bucks. That is how 'Jenna' is available to 'chat on live web' at any time day or night! Maybe the odd employee sends an astrological account??? or maybe it is the occassional employee who does NOT send a reading?? As someone said earlier - it is easy enough to get print out of readings (what tarot cards symbolise etc) and adapt the script to include the 'client' name and make the script seem personal but in fact its all just pre-set and is a load of rubbish. I suspect the people who OWN THE JENNA SITE- are psychologically cute, up to speed on marketing etc. - have a strong idea of what draws people in etc. It is of course taking disgusting and immoral advantage of people who are seeking something to help them in their lives - some will be very vulnerable. I am glad I am more trusting in general and live and work in a way that makes me feel fulfilled, happy and a decent human being. I am glad I do not earn my money by ripping others off.. hope this helps some people... Only poss way to get these guys would be via postal address - someone must pick up the cheques by post at some stage?? Oonagh Shankill Dublin 18Ireland
Entity: Internet
15, Report #344785
Jun 26 2008
07:30 PM
Jenna The Astrologer Definitely a scam Unknown Unknown
I was told that I had a rare transit coming up between 18 July 2008 and 31 August 2008. Professionally it was going to have a huge impact on me and I was going to come into significant amounts of money (who knows - maybe I should buy lottery tickets). Anyway after seeing all these messages I realize what a total scam artist this woman is... Do not believe anything she writes to you... she is just trying to play on your emotions... and she is good at it. Anonymous Harrisburg, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #401074
Dec 13 2008
04:09 PM jenna, Your Astrologer Scam regarding astrological Transit Period, cost $60.00 US Internet
This offer is definitely scam and here is the following letter from Jenna, your friendly astologer, then she asked your personal information and cc# for a very important information you can't miss it could ne regarding love life, business and more. Please be carefull after you read: Lana, this reading which I have produced for you last week is extremely important as it shows that you will soon be entering into an astrological transit which is going to have an enormous importance for you. To be more precise it seems that you are going to have the possibility to seize a very important chance for your business and reach a decisive and very favorable point in your love life during this transit which will last 59 days. This is going to be one of the strongest moments of your year and I can confirm that you will not live though such an intense astrological transit for a very long time to come. If I am contacting you again today Michail, it is because I know that if you wait for this period to occur without properly preparing yourself for it and without knowing exactly what you should do and at which moment you should act then you will unfortunately miss out on this valuable opportunity. You need all of the vital information which a full astrological reading can bring you. Michail, I know that each one of us counts on our own intuition but believe me, in my experience, this is often not enough. As far as you are concerned the Transit which you will soon live through is too important for you to risk missing out on it. As this period now seems to be very close (only a full astrological calculation will be able to determine the exact date of this period) I think it is urgent that you act now. I am entirely at your disposition to furnish you with all of the information which you need. This information will respond to all of your questions concerning the precise moment of this Transit, what you can expect exactly, what you should do to seize all of the chances which this period will bring you, in which places and times you should be in and much, much more... Here is the page which I have put online for you Michail where you can request this reading from me: I remain entirely at your disposition, Your friend, Jenna If, however you no longer wish to receive any messages from me, please let me know at : Lanaost Payson, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #795410
Nov 05 2011
02:22 PM
jenna - astrologer absolute scam - nothing real about this formula report at all Internet
I contacted Jenna out of curiosity.  I am not particularly vulnerable, just wanted to see if there was anything in any of this astrology - or Jenna's version of it. When the report arrived, it looked exciting - but very long. Why would someone spend so much time on a stranger who hadn't yet paid for anything? Just how personal was this report?  To find out, I asked my daughter to request a report too.  Funny old thing - when it arrived the  next day it was exactly the same as mine! A complete load of rubbish and I really feel for anyone who is in a vulnerable place and desperate for answers as what she is doing is preying on them.  She should feel ashamed of herself.
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #309389
Feb 16 2008
07:53 AM
Jenna Your Astrologer DO NOT fall for this! Winsted Connecticut
I stumbled upon this website and thought it would be fun to have a report sent to me. Once I received an email by Jenna with my free mini reading, she told me that I was going through a 72 day period of major change and that I would need her guidance (Sounds familiar?). A week later she sends me a free Tarot reading in order to confirm what she has been sensing about me..... oh yeah, and she apparently has a very strong feeling about me, one that she has never felt before in all of her career ( I guess she feels that way about a lot of people). So for fun, I go check out this Tarot reading; once you get onto her site, you can decide to chat with her. I decide to see what she was all about. The chat operator is very pushy about getting you to sign up for the in-depth reading. Even willing to reduce the price to $30 in my case. They told me they would make a new link so I could pay them this one time only deal. Things just seemed very fishy. I googled up Jenna astrologer scam and stumbled upon this website, amongst other. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! Frank Timmins, OntarioCanada
Entity: Winsted, Connecticut
19, Report #238638
Mar 09 2007
06:24 AM
Angela Astrologer $58 were paid for a report that I never received from her ripoff Internet I've been sucked into this site as well and unfortunately exactly the same as other people the money went out of my bank account $58 but up to date I haven't received anything from her, so I would like to lodge a complain as well. This is the site that I've got after filling in all the details the money went out of my bank very quickly but after that you just don't here anything from her if you put in a request to where is the info she promised you she keeps on sending you a new one that states: Hello there! I have just received your latest email to me. Before giving you an accurate response to your query I need you to go to the following Internet page and fill in the contact form which I have set up for you. This will help me to deal with your question much more efficiently and I can give you an immediate reply. Here is the contact form page: mail addres &b=angelac Please fill it in now so that I can answer your question as soon as possible. Your friend, Angela - Your Professional Astrologer I've responded so many times and filled in this so many times but she never sends anything back I asked her for my money back or just the report that I believe will be fake but still nothing happens. Pls I wasn't the only one I believe that got sucked into this and I hope you can stop her and other people that I making money out of this. So she is very quick to keep on sending you this crap form that you must fill in but than you don't here anything else from her so can't anyone just take her off the internet so that other people doesn't fell prey as well to her because everyone is losing money because of this lady that actually makes loads of money!!! And here is someone else that lost $58. So please stop this lady so that no one else can lose more money!!!! Regards, Marissa PRETORIASouth Africa
Entity: Internet
20, Report #256322
Jun 22 2007
10:23 PM
Joan Marie Psychic Astrologer ripoff sends my dead mother psychic predictions Wilmington Delaware
Apparently, my father answered an unsolicited piece of mail from Joan Marie, and actually sent her money. Well, Joan Marie, supposed psychic, must be either a fraud or the stupidest psychic ever. She keeps sending her personalized reports to my mother, telling her what good luck and great things will happen to her in the next month, and then the next month. Only my mother has been dead for over a year, and had never even resided at my address! I cannot stress what mental anguish this has been causing to constantly see this mail addressed to my mother, telling her how great next month is going to be, and giving her Amish Friendship Bread recipes! It literally turns my stomach every time I see something arrive with Joan Marie's return address. Diane Kearny, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
21, Report #272960
Sep 07 2007
12:48 AM
Jenna Professional Astrologer Took my money and never sent my reading - Professional ripoff artist! Internet Internet
I am embarrassed to say that I to fell for the wiles of this ripoff artist. Why on earth has this individual not been removed from the internet, there seems to be more than enough evidence of foul play. A warning from anyone contemplating purchasing a reading from Jenna - DON'T. Janet Almelo, AlabamaNetherlands
Entity: Internet
22, Report #274829
Sep 16 2007
04:30 PM
Born Psychic Astrologer Jenna FRAUD FRAUD WATCH OUT Ann Arbor MI
Watch out for this fraud, I looked her up before I went further and found that she sent me the same info as everyone else - I was saved, make sure you are too. If someone goes after this fraudulence, I can vouch for what I know, I am so glad I do research for a living and looked her up!!! Anonymous ann arbor, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #293801
Dec 22 2007
01:30 AM
Jenna - Your Astrologer Free Reading!! Something monumental is going to happen in your life!! Internet
I was looking for some guidance. I saw an offer for a free reading, the face of the woman warm and welcoming. I asked for that free reading. I was given a site to read my free reading. It was a very large document, which told me absolutely nothing personal, but promised me that for a price, I would receive the best news of my life. I did not respond straight away, and received several emails, urging me to not let this chance go by. I was told there was a strong sense of attachment to me. Like a lamb to slaughter, I freely gave away money, in exchange for the promise of a wonderful revealing of my future. Since then, there has been nothing!! And I cannot find an address to make an enquiry to. I had a sense of disquiet when proceeding through the payment process, but I stupidly went ahead. Don't do it!!!! Cyndyjo GeraldtonAustralia
Entity: Internet
24, Report #280309
Oct 22 2007
01:08 PM
Born Psychic Astrologer Jenna Fraud, payed $60 and got nothing in return Internet
About 2 weeks ago, on the 8:th of October I think, I clicked a link in Facebook to Jenna astrologer. I filled in my birthday and name and submitted the information with my e-mail adress. The day after, on the 10:th, I got an email with some information and a link to my own page that Jenna set up for me. I had a feeling it might be a fraud but didn't bother checking via google before I filled in the rest of the information and gave my creditcard number to pay $60 to get an extended report telling me step by step what will happen in the future. I know it's stupid, but I am curious! :-) Anyway, the day after I got this: Hello again! This is to let you know that I have now debited your credit card and have started work on your Full Personal Report and the other items I have promised you. You will receive all these elements by email within 3 days' time. Your Reading isn't ready for you yet, I will need the 3 days to work on your configuration and fully analyze all of the aspects of your personality. Once it is ready I will send you an email with a link where you will be able to read your Full Personal Report. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CHARGE FOR YOUR FULL READING WILL APPEAR ON YOUR CREDIT CARD STATEMENT FROM MY BANKING COMPANY - ATOLL - ASTROLOGIE. It may appear in $ or in EUROS on your statement, according to which banking establishment you are with. To end with, I again wish to congratulate you on having made this step to changing your life. With this Full Report you're going to receive you will see your life really can change. So, speak to you soon and well done! Jenna Today, on the 22:d, I still have not got any answer from her. I tried to contact her on the 15:th, got an email with a link that sent me to a page where I should specify my request. Got a dropdown where one of the alternatives was that I had not received my report yet. I filled it in and still haven't heard anything. So, today I sent an email to this adress:, saying: !Looks like you are a typical fraud, I should have known... Well, since you are not giving me back my money, that I got nothing in return for, I will do all I can to make your page worthless from this day on. These people, even if I got my self to blame for being so stupid, makes me so angry! So now I hope that she/he can be stopped and that the filing of this report will help the process!! Best regards Moby StockholmSweden
Entity: Internet
25, Report #295742
Dec 30 2007
06:59 PM
Jenna - PRO-ASTROLOGER Jenna's astrology is a fraud Langoiran Internet
Even I received the e-mail with sample reprt of my profile. As usual Jenna tried to trick me by saying there is a drastic positive change that is going to happen in my life and she also gave some random dates. She said it will happen in the next 72 days. Then she demanded $60 for a full profile reading. Since I did not respond to it, I recently received another e-mail with a new price of $45. This is a fraud. The same e-mail is sent to everyone with just the name changed. Don't fall for it! Mahesh St Louis, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Langoiran, Internet

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