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1, Report #1404067
Oct 04 2017
08:43 AM
Mary Roberts GFWGLD*SCR.COM has took 39.90 out of my account twice without my consent Cocoa Florida
GFWGLDSCR.COM. has been charging my account 39.90 for i don't know how long. I am very upset. I am disabled and live on a limited income. I need help. From what i have read they have done this to hundreds of people.
Entity: Cocoa, Florida
2, Report #708543
Mar 20 2011
11:37 PM
James Roberts this James roberts its FAKE Internet, Georgia
so this person ordered a few things from Avon ,, i supposed he contact me by the Avon website. and he wants me to order the things and wait for his sponsor to pay me.. he thinks i believe him!!  this is what he sends me\ DONT EVER ORDER THINGS FOR HIM OR HER.. THIS IS A LIE!!  I'm the manager of an independent model group from Monroe, Georgia but we are coming to your City for a photo shoot and I would need you to get this items for me, I could have just ordered them directly from Avon website but my sponsor is paying for the items and he's a very busy person so I'm gonna need you to do this for me: BATH & BODY: ANEW CLINICAL Thermafirm Face Lifting Cream...........(2)  548-987 Foot Works Lavender Clay Mask ..........................................(1)  074-872 Foot Works Lavender Comfort Foot Soak.............................(1)  305-777 MAKE UP: Super shock Mascara (brown color) ....................................(2)  455-509 Precision Glimmer Powder Eyeshadow................................(2)  870-428       Let me know the total cost of all the products I requested and necessary tax and also the name and address where you want the payment sent to (P.O Box not accepted). When I have the information I'll inform the sponsor to send you the payment which would be in form of Certified or Cashier's Check which you can cash instantly at your bank or cash point. Please get back to me as soon as possible so I can continue with the purchase, I'll be in your town soon to pick up the items in person but I want you to have the funds in advance and get the product ready, so send me the quotations and details needed to send your payment. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you
Entity: Internet, Georgia
3, Report #102400
Aug 06 2004
07:38 AM
Lucille Roberts ripoff Philadelphia Pennsylvania
I became a member of Lucille Roberts the first week in June 2004. At the time of membership I advised the customer service representative (Cori) that my pay dates are the 5th and 20th of each month. I gave her a post dated check dated the 5th of June. I have direct deposit with my employer. On August 4th my membership payment was sent to the bank, and no money was available, therefore, my account was over drawn by $30.00 which I had to pay. Upon finding this out my bank told me to speak with someone from Lucille Roberts. I spoke to Ms. Wong (Manager) I explained to her what happened, she said there was nonething they could do about it because the transaction had already been done. I then advised her that I wish to cancel my membership because I can not afford to pay for there errors. I just started working and I do not have money to waste like this. I am not going to be liable to pay anything else due to the fact that my contract was not honored. Please advise what can be done too stop these rip-offs from this health facility. Thank you Jacquelin Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #12664
Jan 28 2002
12:00 AM
This is to officially let every one know that LUCILLE ROBERTS is in fact LUCILLE ROBBERS! In the fall of 2001 I signed up with LUCILLE ROBERTS, but record will show I never once attended. The reason for this is that the Forest Hills location I joined was OVER SOLD. I attempted for 1-full week after signing up to come and workout. Not only could I not get an available machine... I could barely get in the door. The aerobics class literally extended across the span of the gym with class members working out between machines in order to take class. I addressed this with the receptionist and was told I should try to come early afternoon when it's less busy. I explained that like most people I work FULL TIME and when I joined the gym I did so specifically inquiring about evening workouts and was assured I would always be accommodated. This was not the truth! Lucille Roberts may preach MORE GYM...LESS MONEY, but in fact they are flat-out robbing people by over-selling memberships. I just as many other people didn't have the $50-$100 a month to pay out for a gym membership and was thrilled to learn I could join LUCILLE ROBERTS for such a reasonable price. Stupidly I kidded myself that since it was a facility owned by a woman it had more heart and allowed ALL people to work out... not just financially privileged. Well, I was WRONG! Lucille Roberts is worse than anyone is as they prey on just those people. They offer low memberships and then SELL TO ANYONE time and time again and in the end they have everyone's money, but none of us can even get into the place to GET OUR MONIES WORTH! After all this they have the nerve to be sending me statements requesting PAST UNPAID DUES. Well, I am refusing to pay them a dime and I hope anyone in my situation will stand up and do the same. SHAME ON YOU LUCILLE ROBBERS! REBECCA Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Lucille Roberts Fitness
Entity: Forest Hills, New York
5, Report #9637
Dec 19 2001
12:00 AM
Lucille Roberts is definetly a RIP OFF
The same thing happened to me with Lucille Roberts...they sign you up for two years, even though you think you just signed up with an option out, if necessary. They should realize that on average, a member of any gym facility, only maintains a membership for 5 months to a year. They are deducting payments out of my checking account, although, I was NEVER informed that that was the policy. It is very misleading when you sign up there and it costs over $100 to get out of the contract that you never knew you were in.....I would never recommend this facilty to anyone. Also, they only have 6 pieces of exercise equipment and about 600 members at my location! You can never work out there even you wanted to. Clickhere to read other Rip-off Reports on Lucille Roberts Fitness
Entity: Whitehall, Pennsylvania
6, Report #318866
Mar 17 2008
11:47 PM
Paul Roberts scam man Mebourne Victoria
Beware of this 'model agency' i was shopping in melbourne central last year when i was approached by a lady and given a fancy looking card. i got home and told my mum about it, but then spoke to her again and she warned me that she had been ripped off once before when putting me into agencies and as a child, and the fact that i have the body but not the height. I went in for my interview anyway and waited in the foyer because he was on a 'phonecall to paris' then went in to find a messy office with pictures around with what looked like digitaly manipulated photos of him with superstars. I was told i would be contacted by a certain date if i could join because he had to make a decision of whethr to choose me or another 2 girls...almost like a job interview i couldn't really understand why he couldn't choose more thn one person at a time..i thought i hadn't got in but then was then contacted a few days afterwards, telling me to go in on that same day with some nice clothes for a photo shoot, aswell as a $1000 straight up payment, after he had told me the amount i started to hesitate a bit as i had jus started paying off my first car, and couldn't make up my mind over the phone in the short space of time he had expected me to, which turned him into an impatient asshole I spoke to my mum about it and lucky enough she had found this website that had only about 3 reports on it at the time (now has 9) and talked me out of it. i almost ignored her because i had my hopes up so high to be a model. i thought the place had class (nice business cards and building) BUT DONT BE FOOLED like the other girls. i think that all these reports should be more than enough to change your mind... thank god for this website! almost sucked in MelbourneAustralia
7, Report #948811
Sep 30 2012
04:39 PM
Matthew Roberts or Matt Roberts wehelp247, wehelpfoundation, autohelp247 Matt Roberts and his company wehelp247 scammed out of over $5000.00 dollars Jacksonville , Florida
Matthew Roberts aka Matt Roberts owner of wehelp247 aka wehelpfoundation scammed me out of over $5000.00 dollars.  This is not the first time it happened just do a search under his name or the company name.I put my money down for a home and they just keep giving me the run around. Every time I call there is a different advisor because apparently he cant keep a staff. I did speak to someone else one time and that person tried to sell me a car also? Why would I buy a car from your company when you cant even close a house. Do your research Matt Roberts is not even licensed to practice real estate in Florida but he sure acts like it He probably keeps changing the name of his company because he keeps getting sued thats all public information also Buyer beware stay away from any programs with help in the title that are run by Matt Roberts the only thing they are helping themselves to is your bank account.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
8, Report #1401786
Sep 22 2017
01:55 PM
Mary Baltimore
 I order a bottle of CBD and only had to pay shipping then I was also charged $79.99 for another that I did not order
9, Report #90624
May 07 2004
04:08 PM
Roberts Hard To Find Videos Aka Roberts Videos Aka ripoff scam crook Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada
I had an experience just like the other complaints here. I paid for a video but Mr. Robert Ligtermoet did not send it. I wrote him e-mail twice. The first time he said the video was on its way and the second time he never answered. It has been over a year and I still have received nothing. It is not a surprise that Mr. Ligtermoet sends at least some of the videos that people pay for. He must preserve some semblance of operating a business instead of just cashing checks and keeping the money. Please do a Google search to read some of the terrible experiences involving Robert's Videos. The pattern is always the same: sometimes Robert never bothers to send the video you paid for, unless you happen to call the police or file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (which seems to have quite a file on Robert). Please do not order from this disreputable person. Steve New York, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
10, Report #1254053
Sep 10 2015
10:58 AM
Roberts Furniture-Jay Roberts Owner Oops Furniture Furniture Quality Poor-Owner Fully Aware Hampton Virginia
On June 1, 2015, I contacted Jay Roberts by sending a certified letter with signature required (since all other methods of contact were not accepted by him).  The reason I contacted the owner of this furniture store is stemming from a 2014 issue that he would not address that spilled over into 2015.  This were the conditions and the letter I sent to Mr.Roberts.   Ref. Furniture-Sofa and Loveseat Dear Mr. Roberts,   In June 2011, I purchased a matching sofa and loveseat for $866.50 with a warranty costing $119.99 totaling $986.49. The warranty purchased and presented to me (the customer) verbally was also notated on the wall of your establishment. I am a very practical person and put thought into any purchase that I make and based upon the outlined occurrences that could happen viewed on your wall, I perceived this purchase to be legitimate and logical.  Beginning in December 2014, I constantly contacted your furniture company to obtain the warranty companies phone number to file a claim.  I was never given a copy of the warranty that I purchased in 2011 but in 2015 once the claim was filed, Montage Furniture Service (MFS) sent me a copy of the warranty for my review.   December 2014 until May 2015, it has been a nightmare dealing with what should have been a simple claim.  I am very bothered that the warranty that I was told I was purchasing (still viewable on your wall as of 5/2015) will not be honored.  Under normal circumstances, I would have discussed any business issues with the owner of that company but I was told that this was not an option as your employees repetitively told me that you were not interested in speaking with me.  With Roberts Furniture being a fairly large size and long standing company (family-business) servicing locals, I had come to expect much more from the quality of your furniture as well as the customer service.  I do not believe that I am asking for anything that is unreasonable.  All that I am asking in this case is to receive a replacement set (sofa & loveseat) or a furniture credit (valued at $800) to be used in your store for the purchase of another living room set.  I was referred to your company by a longtime customer of yours who is astonished and appalled at the treatment I have received.  While this is the first time for me when dealing with your company, I am definitely not happy about it and would like you to handle this complaint/issue swiftly.  A conversation to provide a solution is the professional way to handle this problem.  It would be nice and appreciated if you would oblige and reach out to me so that this conversation can occur.  I have always been open to productive dialogue with you but have been shut out.  To confirm my diligence in resolving this issue, I do have documentation of my efforts with your office as well as Montage Furniture Service (MFS) among other documentation.  I would appreciate a quick resolution to this problem, so I can begin to inform my family and friends of how you ultimately were honorable and fixed a wrong by honoring a warranty sold to me.  I do not feel that I am being unreasonable with my request. Sincerely, After receiving this letter, I received a very irrate phone call from Mr.Roberts as he was upset that I had been attempting to speak with him in regards to this issue. He noted that he was fully aware of the issue and did tell his staff not to speak with me. He also said he did not know why I was contacting him because even though he sells the warrantys at his business, he is not responsible for them not honoring the warranty that he sold on the quality of furniture that he is selling from his furniture locations. According to Mr.Roberts, his furniture is of best quality and customer service is not an issue either.  He spoke candidly that no matter what anyone says, whether furniture warranty company or customers, his furniture is the best ever and if customers have issues with his furniture it is due to their error and handling and not the company itself. He blatantly did not want to discuss the issue that the furniture warranty company addressed that the furniture quality was poor and they were not going to honor the warranty for those reasons. The representative at Montage warranty company said I should pursue a refund or should be given a new set from owners of Roberts/Oops Furniture. Mr. Roberts totally disagreed with this and said he was not willing to work with me at all. I was very disappointed as I know this company is constantly advertising about great quality furniture only to sell the cheapest quality of furniture out there.   I now have learned my lesson but wanted to make other consumers aware so they would not be taken by Roberts Furniture the way I would. Also do not be fooled because OOPs Furniture is owned by this horrible owner.  Please pay attention consumers and do not waste your hard earned money on furniture from this company as I did. I just purchased new furniture again in less than 5 years and this time I used my old furniture company with whom my furniture lasted 10+ years (Value City Furniture).  
Entity: Hampton, Virginia
11, Report #155057
Aug 26 2005
09:18 AM
Mark Roberts -, RIPOFF COMPANY San Jose Internet
The information he sells is not for those with bad credit as he represents, it is for those who have good credit and he does not honor his guarantee to issue a refund if you don't get a loan. I followed all the 'required procedures' to get a refund and still don't have it! Stay away from this company. Hides behind a Canadian address to avoid legal issues. Carla Fontana, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #23962
Jul 03 2002
05:32 PM
Christine Roberts is a ripoff LIAR & SLACKER. Lethbridge, Alberta
Entity: Lethbridge, Alberta
13, Report #14473
Feb 19 2002
12:00 AM
Lucille Roberts are rip offs and unprofessional
when i joined the gym in may 2001 i signed a contract for 2 years but was given a grace period which i could cancel it. Well in august i was heading back to college and could no longer have time to go to the gym so i tried to cancel my membership. Let me remind you that from aug to Feb. i have no gone to the gym once. In septemeber i sent out proof that i was going to college full time and they said this was all i needed to send them to cancell it. Well they some how never recieved that fax and in november i sent another adn they said it wasnt enough info so i sent it again in november and they surprisingly didnt recieve it again so i then figured that out in january when i sent another fax and they then said they never recieved that, which i have proof they did. I then once again sent a fax in febraury and was then told i could not cancell my membership because i had to move first and that i had to be 25miles from any lucille roberts gym. Jerks. Why did it take them from Sept - Feb. to tell me this. They are still collecting dues adn i still have not gone. I plan on reporting them adn in the current process of sending the office a complaint letter. i see this as sneaky and unprofessional. Talk about the fine lines...i suggest to anyone,,,,,do not join them. Kay Clickhere to read other Rip-off Reports on Lucille Roberts Fitness
Entity: ny, New York
14, Report #424064
Feb 14 2009
07:02 AM
Paul Roberts Modelling Scammer Melbourne Victorian
I have not personally met Paul Roberts but I want to tell you a story which will change your mind when you hear what happened to a friend of mine. At the time my friend was fifteen who is now seventeen. She is pretty but only five foot when the prequisite towards being a model is six foot something so automatically she fails in that aspect. One time we were talking at her house and she tells me about how she got offered a modelling contract/business card from Paul Roberts Modelling Issue. First question I asked.. no joke was Is it a scam? since I had read a Dolly magazine warnings of scams from these types of industrys. She showed me the card and said It looks authenitic. The thought ran in my mind that anyone can create anything on paper. I could get business cards made saying I am a lawyer or a doctor and it does not mean I am one. Rather then argue with her I let it slide since it was not my money nor my descision. Anyway she gets there and she gets inteviewed about how she had potential. Then asks her for $2000 for a modelling workshop and she just saw the whole Name Up In Lights image and her parents just sent a cheque right his way. First photoshoot she went to she told me ... Paul did.. A) The photography B) The Makeup Okay! hold up people spend years in university to be able to do these and in professional agencys aka Chadwick and Ford models. They have separate people to do these that have a degree. The agent NEVER does the both, one or either. If Paul really thinks his a good makeup artist then he should know greasy ponytails are not fasionable. Another point.. on my friends first photo shoot she had to bring her own clothes. If your a model? a real one the clothes should be provided since your trying to promote clothes. My friend had no name brand clothes and she does not like to spend over $20. As the days wore one my friend got more pretenious. She told everyone that they were jealous of her because she is the model and we were not. She began taking all these photos of herself and taking two hours to get ready for one day. She even told me how other so called model stormed out of Paul Roberts building saying what a scammer he was and how they wasted their money. My friend merely shrugged and stated Is not good enough. Hello Alarm Bells ringing. Another DIFFERENT friend who wanted to be a model. For her Year 10 work experience went to Paul Roberts for the week since thats the only place in the phonebook that accepted her to do work experience. After that week she NEVER wanted to be a model but instead choose to do Fashion Design instead. Also he claims to be international... But where Paul are the international websites? No American site? No Paris Site? No such place exists although you wish you could scam across the nation. To cut it down.. My friend who went to Paul Roberts spent $2000 got twelve photos, no modelling offers or even close too. Please do not fall into the same trap. If you read other reports I am sure you can see the comparisons. Warningdanger MelbourneAustralia
Entity: Melbourne, Internet
15, Report #456098
May 28 2009
09:19 AM
Mac Roberts & Associates attempt to coerce London internet
this group promises a huge sum of money if i contact courts in england Toney warrenton, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #584513
Mar 23 2010
11:47 AM
Ashley Roberts TNT.COm Macbook scam Manchester, Other
I've seen several people here note something similar, but I need to add another name/email address to fuel the fire.Obviously we need a safe way to complete this deal that will allow us to make sure we receive what we are after.I will pay for a 2 days delivery so you will receive the laptop within 3-4 days.I was looking for a safe way to complete this sale and I have found a way for us to complete the deal safely and fast, and in this way you will receive the laptop in less than 3 days.The solution is provided by the worldwide shipping company TNT.They have a service which will provide us with a safe way to handle the payment and delivery of the laptop.With this procedure you will have the chance to test the laptop before I receive my payment, and the TNT procedure will ensure my safety as well in receiving the payment. And since TNT will also take care of the delivery this will go very smooth and fast.The procedure is explained on the TNT website. I saved the exact link so please click on the link below to the TNT website where the procedure is explained. Let me know AshleyThat email was the final in a chain of mails.  The warning to everyone is that if the price is nearly $1500 lower than new retail, chances are it's not real.  Also, if they say they are going to use a service, but send you a link that's only *similar* to the real service, RUN.Another email that I was sent: This is Ashley again from Manchester, United Kingdom regarding the 15 Unibody MacBook Pro. Did you receive my earlier email?I just wanted to make sure you have all the specs for the laptop, the Apple 15.4 Unibody MacBook Pro Laptop for $550.The complete specs are below.2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 4.0 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 SDRAM Memory, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M and NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT Graphics Processors with 512MB of GDDR3 Memory, 320GB SATA 5400 RPM Hard DriveAlso included is the Lithium-Polymer Battery and also the Apple Remote and Case.Let me know if you like it.AshleyNow, I've been serious about fraud avoidance....and so I've been skeptical from the beginning, but I was holding out hope until the end.  Now I'm gonna avoid it like the plague....The other thing to note is that the fake website only takes wire transfers and money orders (and something that they call 'bank to bank wire transfers' which baffles me--how is that different from any other wire transfer?).  Caution!
Entity: Manchester, Select State/Province
17, Report #703767
Mar 07 2011
01:02 PM
Lorena Roberts Decived when buying puppie Phoenix, Arizona
Her first name is Lorena,she places her ads azcentral once she gets your deposit on a pup, you may never see the pup you picked out again. She  pull that one on us , when we went to take blanket to pup.She brought out this black puppy with long ears, Im sure it was part of the litter as she had just had her dashound fixed.So Im sure the yorkie and the dashhound both got to her.I told her I did not buy that puppy, and she tried her best to make me take it, she was a rude , lying person that no one should have to put up with when they are paying good money for pup.Im sure that was the only litter she had, we saw the parents.She finally went and bought the other 2 yorkies down, one was the one I had picked out from the first, then she told me Terri, my friend i had reccommened her to , bought that dog, I said you sold the same dog to 2 people, she said no yours is the other yorkie, now mine is a yorkie , not the black puppy.But not the right yorkie puppy.I went to pick her up today, she would not talk to me , I had to take the puppy or lose my money to her, and I know  she gave me the right yorkie, after I paid for her, she opened the door and waved to it, like get we left. My friend will be picking up her pup on the 10th and bringing her over then I will be able to tell for sure which pup is which, I took pic the second time I was there, she also runs a day care and I would not leave my kids with her. It was hard but 3 weeks before we picked them up we finally got her to let us take pick of them..the one I got does not look like either,  She would not show us the other one when we went to pick her who knows, she was really mad that we took pictuers when we came the second time to bring the pup a blanket she said she gave 2 shots, she gave us no shot record.Did not even tell us the kind of puppy food the puppy had been eating. I have never met any one that you were paying for something from them to be as rude and hateful as this person was.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
18, Report #208945
Aug 31 2006
09:36 PM
Gordon Roberts Company RIPOFF FRAUDULENT Internet
I found this ad for extra cash while working at home. Gordon Roberts Organization will send you a check and wait for it to clear in your account, meanwhile you are supposed to send so much $$ western union to help families in the US and other countries as a donation this guy Billy Thompson calls it. We are suppose to receive 7% each transaction as payment, then 10% and supposedly get 1099 at the end of the year. Needless to say I was scammed, I am sure you all saw it coming and thought how stupid could you be. He sent me a check for 4700.00 and the first transaction was 2000.00 and 114.00 for western union, and then the second transaction would be the same. Needless to say, my bank sent me the check back marked fraudulant and I am out 4,228.00. Mary Macomb, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #153355
Aug 11 2005
01:58 PM
Teddy Roberts ripoff Iager West Virginia
mr roberts sold me a 18 foot round swimming pool this year in april. when i went and looked at the pool it still hda last lears water standing in it so i knew the liner was good. i asked mr roberts about the pump and filter , he said that he had put them up for the winter 'mr Rberts said being THE Man I Am If There Is Any Thing Wrong With This Pool I'll buy it back or I'LL give you Your money back, . You can take me at my word , and i did , so i took the pool to s.c. which he knew i was , had it put up by perfesonals , they called me and told me that the pump was lock up and the sand filter was busted in about 10 places. i called mr roberts and told him , and told him that i felt that he should give back at least half of my money , to this day he has never called me back nor gave me back a dime. so if you ever think of doing business with this man think twice becouse his WORD ant worth the breath it takes to say it . By the way a sand filter and pump cost me almost 700.00 Thank you Mr Roberts Now every body can know what kind of man you are Gaynell mullens, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Iager, West Virginia
20, Report #1009532
Feb 05 2013
07:46 PM
Rod Roberts Photos refund scammer Internet
Unless you like being ripped off and lied to DO NOT shoot with Rod Roberts Photos I first contacted Rod Roberts to do a photo shoot. He gave me a very discounted rate as i was referred to him. i paid him ASAP because he said that he needed me to send my money for the shoot otherwise he would be booked. which normally photographers only require the deposit No he asked me to pay my shoot in entirety i did. I asked did he have paypal he was extremely against me paying via paypal (safe) he told me i must pay him via money pak (not safe) again i did. i gave him the money pak info he told me he would call me in an hour. no Call mind you this was November 15th this all began. I never heard from Rod days then weeks went by many Many emails were sent no response i then sent an email that i wanted a full refund finally i got some response December 7th 2012. December 15th 2012 i spoke with him on the phone and we came to an agreement that we would do the shoot. Again same thing after canceling the refund no response no answering emails everytime i tried to call EVERYTIME he says ill call you back im at church ill call you back im boarding a flight. i was only trying to confirm dates again which we never did from november 15th up until december 15th. i told him at this point i do not want to work with him. he was doing the exact same thing i told him just refund my money and how would he refund he said he would mail me a money order. then his story changed to he had to wait for a refund from southwest which i called southwest it takes 5-10 business days to get a refund. He is such a liar and bad business person. he kept telling me he wasn't making money off of my shoot and that i needed to be patient for my refund well he sure wasn't patient receiving my money. i said as fast as a sent you the money that's how fast i wanted a refund. He also kept saying he usually charged 800 for what he was giving me well i told him if he was making so much money from other shoots i don't see the problem him refunding my little money(to him). I am so disgusted by the whole situation and i am going to escalate the issue you just don't do people wrong make sure you do your research on photographers who are quick to take your money but not give dates or offer secure payment. DO not i repeat Do not shoot with Rod Roberts Photos period.
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #1132319
Mar 20 2014
08:10 PM
Barbara Roberts internet store scam Fernandina Beach Florida
 Simple scam really purchase an item onlinerefuse to return the item - file a claim - get a refund and keep the item you bought though with a refund -if you get a refund and refuse to return the item - its theft, its a scam, its organized -do not sell to this person
Entity: Fernandina Beach, Florida
22, Report #1367707
Apr 14 2017
08:37 AM
23, Report #76451
Jan 05 2004
03:52 PM Roberts More whining from Sean Roberts, owner of Irvine California
Reading the Ripoff Report, I see and Sean Roberts finally made it!! I knew you could do it, Sean! My company provided with hundreds of appraisals at a discounted fee for loans he funded throughout the summer of 03 but never bothered to pay for. If you are an customer and they charged you for an appraisal, chances are they never paid for it, but you did. I have an email promising payment but nothing ever came!! Sean, your company went under due to poor management and greed, not because you funded loans! Many good and reputable companines ie., Greenlight Financial; are still funding loans and in business. You (not your employees, vendor or customers) got what you deserved. Good riddance! Tina, owner Appraisal Solution, Seal Beach Tina Seal Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California
24, Report #769418
Aug 25 2011
09:57 PM
Donald L Roberts Don Roberts False war hero scams churches! wichita, Kansas
Donald Robertstravels USA in a pickup with a camper. He claims to be a war injured vet and scams churches out of money. He has false credit cards and Id.s He claims to be an Army warrant officer and carries photos of an head injury. He will get up in front of a church and lie about everything then steal from everyone and dissapear. If you see this guy call me  in Wichita I will travel to see him apprehended.
Entity: wichita, Kansas
25, Report #744130
Jun 22 2011
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roberts residential contracting & maintenance richard roberts replacing roof on home florence, Kentucky
I gave a check to Mr. Roberts for over $5000.00 the first week of april 2011 to replace my roof.  Mr. Roberts did not show up to do any work until 7 weeks laterthat is not the problem; the major problem was he and his crew tore off my roof and put tar paper on and left my roof like that for over 2 weeks.  He did not put shingles on until 2 rainstorms later.  I have serious water damage to my drywall and I have to file another claim with my insurance.  The first time that happened he came out to the house and put some shingles on and said it would fix the leak which of course it did not work.  One bedroom the leak got worse and ruined the carpet.  I called Mr. Roberts 5 times that day and he did not return the call until late that evening.  Furthermore, when he did call back, he threatened to come over and kick me and a hole in my house and told me I could f***ing suck his d***.  I called law enforcement to file a complaint.  I have since talked to three 3 different roofers and all said at no time do you leave tarp paper exposed on the roof for that amount of time.  Mr. Roberts created this problem and I want my money back...approximately $3800.00 was from the insurance company and $1200.00 was out of my pocket to upgrade the roof.  My insurance company will not reimburse me for the 1st draw.  Mr. Roberts has caused undue stress to me and my family.  I have the profane threatening message he left on my voicemail saved.  He claimed I threatened himwell, if saying I am taking legal action is a threat then that is a new one to me.  Point blank, this man messed up my home because he left tar paper exposed without putting shingles on for over three weeks and the shingles he finally put on covered about 30% of the house and there are areas where the top of the shingle is nailed over.  
Entity: florence, Kentucky

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