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51, Report #1070532
Jul 27 2013
08:54 AM unauthorized withdrawal of funds Texas
I have not had this service in over 3 years now & it was officially cancelled, but since then my harddrive crashed & I lost all input . allo of a sudden, one day I am scanning my statement on liny & I see a peculiar transaction posted to my account & low & behold it is this on :7/22/2013 at 8:09 am for an amount of: $139.41. I tried callingn the phone # written in the transaction, but to no avail a the time.  then after that I fell deathly sick & was being taken care of at home. well, this has never been resolved of course. And I heard that it is common practice to pull this.
Entity: Texas
52, Report #1095753
Oct 30 2013
12:17 PM Dating site Internet
So I got an email saying I could have one week free on if I signed up for a one month subscription. I specifically set the account to a nonrenewable subscription because I wanted ONLY the one month try out. The site said it wouldn't even store my credit card number. As of today I still have 3 days left of the subscription. I logged into my bank account today and saw the hit my creditcard again, but for a full month! I called them and because I have sent an in site email since they  fraudulently hit my creditcard again, they refuse to refund my money.  Be warned folks..... Match is preying on people. 
Entity: Internet
53, Report #1141856
Apr 26 2014
04:27 AM Unethical. deceptive. Greed. Internet
Like many others,  continuous billing without my approval.  Only it gets worse.  I met someone on   We both took profiles down and cancel prescription.  When canceling it asks why. Also wanted other members screen name. They put us both online.  Sent email 3 months for price of one. My advice would be not to provide the other members number.  It's none of their business.  They manipulate system.  Trying to play us against each other for a buck! !#
Entity: Internet
54, Report #1147791
May 19 2014
12:37 AM Refund Ripoff Beverly Hills Nationwide anything they don't like and they will terminate your subscription and refuse a refund.   Furthermore, they keep billing your credit card even after they terminate you or just before they terminate you.  A total scam to begin with let alone the women are either homely or hookers looking for a handout.
Entity: Nationwide
55, Report #1256879
Sep 24 2015
06:46 AM Fraudulent Charged Credit Card Nationwide 
Match fraudulenty charged my credit card. It claims I consented to the auto renewal, although I specifically only signed up for one month!
Entity: Nationwide
56, Report #1250764
Aug 25 2015
10:51 AM Unethical business practices Internet
 To all of those who have been taken advantage of by this site. We should file a class action lawsuit against this company. I'm sure that Match has covered themselves legally, but somebody needs to hold this business accountable. I was a member and by signing up you are basically waiving your rights to refute and or be refunded. I had my account set up for all notifications available. None of which are a notification that your subscription is about to renew for the full price and term that you originally sign up for. Once it renews, if you the consumer aren't aware and use any subscription services. You will not be refunded, no matter who you speak to in the company. Not only that but the higher you go, the more rude and defiant the employees become. This company is set up only to take your money. I could not be more unsatisfied with company or service. Absolute scam/rip off, whatever you would like to call it. Hope people read this reports before having to deal with this company.
Entity: Internet
57, Report #1249694
Aug 20 2015
Save your $$$, I sent out over 400 E-mails & I only got 14 replys, in 3 months! (NO, I am not an oger, or perv.) out of the 14, TEN were from 'scammers'! I reported the 'fake' profiles to match (hundreds of them! some were using the same pics.on different profiles!)There were A LOT of them in thier 'chat room' w/ same story (I'm in Nigeria/Ghana.etc.,& need $$ for my my father's buisness/funeral...etc,etc.) They (scammers) wanted to go to my yahoo IM, right away! I was lucky, I got 'kicked-off' the site for being 'foul' & 'rude' to their customers! (get that!) I'm being lied to & husseled 4 $$, & I'm being RUDE?!? Stay Away from & use the free sites (NOT crag's list)
Entity: Internet
58, Report #1254698
Sep 13 2015
08:46 PM SCAM Alert! Internet
I have used and other dating sites before but never seen so many scammers and fake profiles as I have as of late. Women beware! Look for these signs: He is in his early 40's or 50's but says he is a widower. Not to say that men that age can't be widowers but if they say they are a widower, have no family (parents are dead and they have no siblings), only post one photo and their profile is super schmaltzy (they talk about how much they need and desire someone in their life and they like to snuggle, they could be scammers. I have noticed a lot of fakers say they live in your hometown but oddly, their area code is 917, which is a NY/Manhattan area code.  If they have only one photo, that is another red flag. I just had a guy wink at me and immediately recognized his picture. It was Taylor Hicks from American Idol. Be cautious and if it seems odd, there is a reason! Trust yout gut!
Entity: Internet
59, Report #1283569
Jan 30 2016
03:51 PM SCAM Warning Internet
An extremely high percentage of profiles are hoaxes; foreign persons, scammers posing as local; catfishing, and solicitation. Next, an extremely low percentage of members are paying subscribers. Free members, cannot reply to, or read site provided emails. That's the bait toget their money. There isn't a way to ascertain free member from paid subscriber. There areother issues, including stealth reoccurring billing. If would like to dispute theabove, in court, bring your Full US site traffic analytics. (Wink for Free)
Entity: Internet
60, Report #1333942
Oct 19 2016
08:16 AM Biting rip off Internet Internet
This site is a rip off.  First don't ever sign up for it as they will charge you for it when you are not looking and even if you call them the day of the charge they will not refund the money.   I got charged $227.88 for last year and never noticed it (so that is gone) and again this year $227.88.  When I called to cancil this years charge all they would agree to was to charge me and then change my membership to a monthly membership so they could keep charging me. I notified them of the California state law requiring them to give me a refund; Section 2102 of the California Financial Code.  And they said that they did not care about US laws. OH I forgot to mention that they are based on India.   All I could do was get paypal to block any further trasations. Don't get ripped of by this crocks. Chelsea
Entity: Internet
61, Report #1335513
Oct 28 2016
02:54 PM Six Month Guarantee Internet offers 6 month guarantee providing you meet a certain set of requirements.  I have been a match member for years now and, after expiration of last 1 year membership, I chose to renew for 6 months.  The 6 month plan I enrolled in offers an additional 6 months for free if you dont meet someone and you meet the requirements specified (contact requirements, profile, etc.) I am on the VERY last day of the 6 month membership today.  I logged in and noted that suddenly, my profile had become HIDDEN and that on THIS DAY, the FINAL DAY of the 6 months, the site indicates that I am no longer elegible for the 6 mos guarantee. WOW I entered into online chat.  Asked the rep how/why my profile was hidden.  She researched and says everything is fine on her end...not seeing profile hidden, yet somehow, on my end it is showing I am no longer elegible for the free 6 months.  She asks to log into my account to verify what I am saying...she suprised..asks me to wait for a minute while she investigates.  Comes back. immediately awards the free 6 months and thanks me and logs out. Just think that folks should know.  HAD I NOT logged on the very last day of the paid 6 month term, it is very very likely that I would have been swindeled out of the free 6 months.  Good luck.
Entity: Internet
62, Report #1323000
Aug 17 2016
10:45 AM rip off scammers Internet
This company refuses to offer refunds for unauthorized transactions. They sign you up for reoccurring payments when you sign up for 30 day trial periods and withdraws your account every 6 months for membership.  they have taken payments from my account since 2015. the most recent payment was caught this morning and after calling them and explaining to them that I had not been on the site since 2013 and I never authorized them to take money from my account, they offered a 70.00 refund for today's withdrawal only. I had already closed my account earlier today so they could not take any more unauthorized charges from my account, I am now in the process of trying to get other Match withdrawals refunded to me. These folks are a total scam.
Entity: Internet
63, Report #1235013
Jun 11 2015
02:29 PM Fake! Fake! Fake! Internet
I once tried the free join just to look option to see what they were like.  I did not upload a picture of myself just did a statement.  I was not interested in advertising myself at that point just wanted to see the kind of people that were signed up with them.  I immediately started getting what they call winks but the messages they said that were waiting for me could not be viewed and I could not respond to the winks unless I joined.  This all seemed like rubbish to me as I said I had not posted a picture.  I did what ever was necessary to remove myself so they would stop emailing me with those messages of how I had winks and messages waiting for me.  I later read online a post by someone who said that the employees at are actually doing the winks to try to get people who have signed up but not joined to join and that it is all fake.  That is what I figured was gong on as again I had not posted a picture.  They have not bothered me for a long time but suddenly now I am getting emails from them again giving names of women who are trying to contact me and I have those messages waiting.  Well they really screwed up because I am a woman and again never posted a picture.  They are all fake, it is all lies.  I don't know if my email went thru but I emailed back to them on one of their come on messages and told them how they really screwed up and I was on to them and their fake messages.  Do not join this website.  Don't pay them a dime.  Don't even check it out for free.  It is a fraud and a waste of your time.  They will do anything to make a buck just read all the complaints from people who joined and cancelled within the cancellation period and Match kept billing them.  When I checked out their site what came up were lots of pictures of over weight out of shape men who looked like they were a few years away from a heart attack.  I can meet better men at the grocery store, the library.  Persue your interests make new freinds and you are bound to meet someone nice at some point.  
Entity: Internet
64, Report #1243103
Jul 20 2015
02:47 PM Fake profiles, doesn't honor offers Internet
I was suckered in a few ways.   First, I sign up for 1 month.  No responses from emails I sent (and no, I'm not an ogre)   Once i get to the end of my month, I'll get emails.  Except they are from what I have learned are fake profiles.  But once my membership ends, I cannot access messages. So like an idiot, I re-upped to see who messaged me and low and behold, it was the planted profiles from Match.  Also....YOU (the paying customer), has to notify Match to let them know that the profiles are fake.  And it's OBVIOUS they are - but Match doesn't do the job, you do.   Finally, they had offered Get 3 months for the price of 1 - so I figured I'd give it one more try.  So...I signed up for that.  Then, I check my subscription end date - 1 month only.  Their response - word for word is as follows -  Since this offer is only available for a limited time period, contact us at your earliest convenience so we can help you with the redemption   Apparently, they want me to pay for ANOTHER month to get this offer....because already paying for it didn't work once!! RIP OFF!!!  Use the free sites if anyone has dating online options. This site is a complete scam/rip off.
Entity: Internet
65, Report #1269802
Nov 23 2015
10:55 AM Stole money Internet
I initially signed up for back in 2010.  I've never been able to log in to use this site. I contacted the company numerous times but they are useless. Finally I threatened to contact the bbb unless they refunded me, but all they suggested was resetting my password. I told them I already tried that, but they never answered. I contacted BBB but after 22 BBB received nothing back from them. This company should be shut down for fraud and be forced to pay back all the money they stole.
Entity: Internet
66, Report #1395928
Aug 27 2017
11:08 AM Match guarantee Internet
 Signed up for the Guarantee. If you can't find anyone in six months they will give you an additional six months free with a paid six month subscription. You fill out your profile. I filled it out but never could make it out past 70%. I filled everything out. First month past I noticed that it said my profile was hidden. It never was I contacted customer service. No reply back. I'm busy so month two came same thing it was saying it was hidden. Contact customer and again no reply. I wait and I contact them again threatening to file a report.Magically they contact me on the third try. The excuse for the red mark on hidden profile . First response was they said I didn't meet all the requirements to receive the six month Guarentee. I escalated. Second was response was I didn't fill out all of my profile and that it was hidden automatically. Ironically I was getting views from members but it was automatically hidden. Match also claimed to look and read profiles and view pictures. This place is littered with fake pix of women that say on the pix that they are not a member and text phone number provided. They also claim by buying top spot you will get three more times the responses. Done it twice ($40). According to match I was viewed from 300 to 500 depending on the time you went. I used the 10 top spots for $20. All those views for maybe one or no views. Also if you are supposedly hidden how come I can see you looking at my profile but when I click on profile it's magically hidden. If you are hidden I shouldn't be able to see you but I can still see you viewed me. Im not a bad looking man so I know I should garner more interest in being top spot. I think it's just a number randomly generated to sucker you into thinking that many people saw you. I'm beginning to think you are better off throwing your money in the toilet instead of just giving it to match. This company is a major ripoff. Don't give them any money. They don't deserve it. They will rip you off. You won't get better service, better type of people than you will going to a free dating site. Buyer beware. Match is a rip off. Stay away.
Entity: Internet
67, Report #1353302
Feb 01 2017
10:11 AM charged me after I canceled Internet
I was charged after canceling my subscription to   called and they are refusing to refund saying I didn not cancel   I did cancel and have not used their services after being contacted by a registered sex offender (in the report he tried to rape someone)
Entity: Internet
68, Report #1384756
Jul 11 2017
02:53 PM Fake profiles, deceptive marketing, useless customer support Nationwide
I have been a member of for a couple years and in that time I have had little to know real interest from matches even after getting help from Profile Pro.  I have regularly reported suspected fake profiles which amount to almost half of the matches received.  Of the hundreds of matches made, maybe 10% will look at your profile and less than 1% will actually respond to your email or contact you. After a year I though maybe I needed help with wording my profile so I enrolled in Profile Pro for $30 and what I received was the most lame, generic and useless profile I have ever seen.  I used it anyway for a couple months and it was absolutely useless and refused to acknowledge. I enrolled once for 6 months and was supposed to received 6 months free if I wasn't successful and nothing happened. The Daily Matches in the beginning were pretty matches however lately they have been pathetic, showing me smokers when that is a big No for me etc.  I have no idea what algorithm they use!
69, Report #1407564
Oct 20 2017
12:58 PM unauthorized charges after cancelling Nationwide
I was a member for a while, probably over a year, and had no complaint about the actual service.  I cancelled in November, 2016.  In their own billing history, there were no charges for over 5 months.  I did not reinstate the service, did not log into their site, and did not authorize new charges.  Then, apparently in February, 2017, they started billing my credit card again. I do not get a physical statement with detailed charges, and did not notice the charges from Match until this latest statemnt. I called to make sure I was cancelled again, and to dispute the charges.  I thought at least they should be willing to refund the latest charge.  But no, they didn't even offer an apology.  The phone rep insisted there is no way to refund the charge, and in fact, there is no supervisor or manager available to escalate the call or complaint to.  That, everyone knows, is a blatant lie to stall and discourage people.  In fact, their business practice of billing without authorization borders on theft and criminal behavior.  I consider this company to be very unethical and even bordering on criminal.
Entity: Nationwide
70, Report #1425971
Jan 29 2018
03:37 PM Unauthorized Credit Card Charge Texas
I bought 1 month, turned off automatic renewal feature, following their instructions. They sent through a charge for an additional month, when I caught it, I immediately contacted them asking them to stop the charge. I also sent an email to their Customer Support. They have refused to reverse the charge, flat out told me they would not be responding to me anymore. Do no give these people your credit card.
Entity: Texas
71, Report #1414324
Nov 30 2017
11:42 AM Blocked access
They blocked my access to their membership areas right after I updated all of my information (no personal information), uploaded picures (and yes, they were clean and proper pics), and took 5 days to finally even respond to repeated emails to them. They refused to give me any information pertaining to WHY the blocked me. Just said that it was because of TERMS OF USE.  The only thing that I can think of is because of the fact that I was convicted of a felony for something that I did not even do. And it had nothing to do with anytihng that would be detrimental to a relationship. They act like people never make mistakes in their lives. They also act like everyone is supposed to be 150% perfect like angels all of their lives and that here in America it is not ever possible for the criminal system is not crooked. I guess that they have never heard of GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT. And that is what happens in America unless you have millions of dollars to spend. And if I had that kind of money, I would not even need their services. My money would be enough to find me any woman that I would want then. I am so sick and tired of these dating sites acting like I am the scum of the earth, but yet they will allow fakes and scammers to join all day long and screw people out of the hard earned money their members make.  In light of all of this, should be outlawed, and every dating site for that matter, that follows this way of thinking. It is communism at its worse here in America. They are a scam based system that does not care about the happiness and safety of their members.
Entity: Nationwide
72, Report #1283987
Jul 23 2016
12:11 PM cancelation process does not work - you will be rebilled Internet is a rip off as they will not process your cancelation request even though you fill out the web based cancel form.  I did this, I canceled and now they have re-billed me for 6 more months.  Their customer service people stick to the party line and will not refund even though you followed the web based form.  They will rip you off for more money.  when you demand to talk to a manager, they put you on hold, then tell you none is available and hang up on you.    DO NOT use or make sure that when you cancel,,,, you get that really canceled or they will charge you and laugh at you. 
Entity: Internet
73, Report #1118522
Jan 26 2014
03:28 AM terminated my Print all In new window General Report [Incident: 140124-004822] Inbox x Customer Care 3:30 PM (13 hours ago) to me 
I signed up @ a little less than 2 months ago. Due to an incident repot ,that I can't rebutt. Thet terminated my account and refused to refund my money. .It has a 2 month guarantee and I signed up for a year. Any help in this problem would be appreciated!               Thank you, tom C Copied the incident report, which is vaugue, @ best. here it is: Wont past!!! ,Figures                 Thanks again Tom C
Entity: Select State/Province
74, Report #146652
Jun 18 2005
08:15 AM will charge you even after resignation! Ripoff Spokane Washington
After spending a 6 months on I knew it was no longer the place for me. Unfortunately I downloaded some adware on my computer before I could resign my membership, I was charged for another 6 months. That was my fault and thought maybe giving it another 6 months would do the trick. Several dates later, still no match. I was meeting more men offline, hanging out with my friends than online. So, I turned off the autopay feature in my profile, just incase I was unable to resign again for some wierd reason. Nothing came up at the end of my membership so I resigned my membership. No more profile and autopay turned off, they won't charge my account, right??? Wrong, promptly on the first of the month I was charged...agian. $65.00 for 6 months. The best part came when I called to get a refund. I told the first gentlman I spoke with that I had turned autopay off months ago, and he replied... there is no such feature! He also told me has a strict NO REFUND policy. I asked to speak to a supervisor, no one was available of course and I pledged to hold until the end of the millinium. After about 10 minutes my phone hung up, I have no doubt it was my phone , not theirs cause it's a bit quirky. So, I call back and talked to a rep who sounded weary, no doubt he's heard tales like mine all day. At the same time I had logged on to and the screen told me I had resigned my membership and asked if I would like to reactivate. I had my ammunition and was ready to shoot. The weary rep took my info, then I related my story to him, and he promptly promised to issue the refund!! I was estatic! Now of course I just have to wait until the money actually shows up in my account. Can any insider's tell me if this just a one-time quirk or company policy? Also do reps get kick backs for refusing to issue refunds? I have to say I only had one really horrible experience on And that's outside of the dirty old men stopped winking at me (I'm talking 50 and 60 I'm 25, overhill on the internet I guess!) I would join again in a different city with more diversity, that is unless I'm unable to cancel when I want to. So at the end of the day, keep your eyes on your bank account when you cancel because there may be no safegaurds against thier charges. Oh, and keep any e-mails and letters they send you associated with your cancellation. Better yet pay by check or a card you intend to cancel soon. Neicey Spokane, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
75, Report #162483
Oct 28 2005
04:33 PM Renews subscribers that have cancelled, ripoff Plano Texas
Signed on to their sevices 6 months ago. I know their contract was for 6 months at a time, with an autorenew unless cancelled. I cancelled after 5 months and my card was charged at the end of six months for the new 6 month term. After 20 minutes on hold, I spoke to a customer service rep. I was told unless I had a confirmation number, which I could not find, they could only offer a pro-rated fee for the first month of the new term. They offered to credit my card back for $47.95 of the original $77.95 that was charged. We'll see if that actually happens. Or if I have to wait on hold to cancel my cancellation. They doubled their money at my expense. That's why I am filing this report. Be warned. Bob Tempe, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas

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