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1, Report #1402378
Sep 26 2017
06:47 AM
matt williams not paying his bills, ripoff,fraud,liar Internet
matt ripped me off,he is the onewho seems to run the company no-reply itransferfunds which is supposed to pay me from an account set up for me but i have no access to, i won this money from something i participated in, like a drawing as a prize. & he's supposed to handle the transfer of it to me i am angry over the fact i fell for it & believe i should be compensated by some monetary award from matt himself (ouch,hit him where he is most comfortable,his precious business, work with matt williams,as if that is a great priviledge ,arrogant,eh? i have found all these guru's don't like to pay their bills. if it's too good to be true, then it proably is. there is a reason that these are called scams,they are. it is asy to scam some 55 yr. old female on disability with impaired memory due to stroke.matt has said that he is going to pay me twice & i have 3 payments pending in my paypal account from him. i amashamed to say it but i offered him a bribe to see if i could get a little money, i am destitute.  
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1153590
Jun 10 2014
11:50 AM
Matt Williams NCS law group Collection scam Nationwide
I got the following email:   Dear Debtor,Kindly verify your mailing address, as we are going to send you important documents, so we wanted to confirm the mailing address before we send any of those papers.Just to remind you, this is regarding the e-mail we sent you earlier and we did not receive any prompt response from your end to set up the payment and to avoid the charges.For any questions and concerns, do get back to us so that we can help you with a solution if indeed you want to get rid of the consequences. You can either e-mail us back or call us on the phone number given below. We work from 9 AM EST to 6 PM EST. BEST REGARDS,Matt Williams,Sr. Investigation OfficerNCS Law GroupDirect : (607) 264-2015 First of all, the mistakes in language and grammar make it clear to me that this did not come from a lawyer, and likely not from a person whose first language is English.  First red flag.  There is no web presense for this person or the company he claims to represent.  Second red flag.  The email contains none of the language required by debt collectors under federal law This is an attempt to collect a debt...  Third red flag.  More issues: The phone number is unlisted.  The email address from which it was sent looks fake:  They don't even use my name, just dear debtor, which tells me they are just fishing.   There is no conceivable way that this comes from a legitimate debt collector.  If they are even trying to collect on what was once a valid debt, they are breaking several major federal laws, especially by insinuating that failure to pay a debt is a crime (not true, unless fraud is involved or the court has ordered payment).   The only reason I'm taking the time to post this is that it is possible the debt was once valid, as I owe a lot of money to different companies.  This agency could be praying on people who owe money and will assume this is a legitimate debt collection attempt.  I promise you, if you pay these people, they will not report any debt as paid, and they will likely continue to harass you.  Your credit will not be helped, they may deny having received payment, and they may steal credit card or checking account information.  Don't do it.  I believe these are the same people who have been leaving messages saying they are from the sherrif's office and they are coming to arrest me if I don't pay.  I actually called them once, to tell them I'm a lawyer and I know better (true).  It hasn't stopped them.  You will only invite more trouble into your life by acknowledging their contacts.  If you feel you must contact them, you are better off telling them that you will never pay them, and if they think they have a valid claim, to take you to court.  Just make sure to do your communicating in writing, and in the highly unlikely event you are sued, make sure you go to court and bring the communications with you.  
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1309101
Jun 02 2016
11:41 AM
Matthew David Williams DBA Williams Lanscaping, Matt Williams Matt Williams DBA Matthew Williams HIDDENITE North Carolina
Matt Williams showed up to my house and gave me a price quote on putting up a retaining wall, stainning a deck, and putting timber steps down my hill.  I was told to give him 50% upfront and then 50% unpon completion.  After excuses after excuses, including a family member took his own life (don't believe that was true now), Matt stop taking my calls or text.  He has not returned any calls, so now I have to pay a lawyer to squeeze blood out of a turnip.  Probably will never see my money again!!  THIS GUY IS A THIEF!!  DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING THIS GUY SAYS!!!  Hopefully no one else gets burned by this sorry excuse for a human being!!  
Entity: HIDDENITE, North Carolina
4, Report #1387602
Jul 23 2017
07:14 PM
Matt Williams Williams Landscape Designs, Williams Landscape Solutions. FRAUD: Took Deposit Money and Performed No work North Wilkesboro, NC North Carolina
We hired Matt Williams based off of a Craigslist Ad on 5/25/2017 to perform patio repair work. Matt was prompt in his response and provided a quick quote. He was professional and presented as knowledgable about what he was doing. He required a $400 materials deposit to get the work started and projected to have the work completed in the next 2 weeks.  2 weeks went by and we did not hear from Matt. We attempted to call and text the number we had to no avail. I found him on facebook and did get a response. On 6/28/2017 Matt responded that he had put a check for the deposit money in the mail. Weeks went by and I did not receive a check. I tried to message him again on facebook and stopped recieving responses. After contacting close relatives, I was contacted by him threatening to go to the police for harassment.I again attempted to get him to return the deposit money. On 7/13/17 Matt again reported that he was sending a check. The next week, I contacted him again when nothing had been received. On 7/17/17 I was told that he had stopped payment on the check and sent a money order. A week has gone by and I have not received any payments. In looking into this problem further, I have found that he has other reports filed against him. I am under the impression that this is his pattern.   Links to reports of him doing this previously:    
Entity: Hays, North Carolina
5, Report #834882
Feb 06 2012
04:25 PM
Williams Windmill matt williams , matt williams/ edwin/Williams Windmill willliams windmills can not be trusted! do not buy or sell to them! Lemitar, New Mexico
Williams Windmill or  ? they buy like wind turbines from legitimate companies and do not pay for it! They buy alot from eBay as well and you guessed it do not want to pay ,they usually give a lame excuse like : the product didn't have a proffessional Finnish quality? they also lye and say they are sending the product back and as you may have guessed they don't send the product back ! they resell they product they stole from hard working Americans and get this they even add a markup .Williams wind mills are crooks don't sell to them or buy from them!!
Entity: Lemitar, New Mexico
6, Report #926936
Aug 14 2012
06:14 AM
Matt Williams Matt Williams - ACS Legal Group - Legal Group USA ACS Legal Company, Matt Williams - I received a threatening email informing me that legal action would be filed against me if I did not pay $520.00. Internet message. Internet
I was informed by Matt Williams that a legal action might be necessary against me.  I was advised that an outstanding balance of $520.00 should be paid within 2 business days of the date of this message or legal action may be necessary.  It was also indicated in the email The file indicates that you have failed or refused to pay the above claim even though it appears just, owing, and correct.  The last sentence states that I could avoid the unnecessary inconvenience and added expenses of a lawsuit by making immediate payment to them.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #1276679
Dec 28 2015
05:37 PM
Matt Williams dba Williams Landscape Designs Williams Landscapes Solutions Collected 50% of job quote, never did job, refused to refund the money paid Hiddenite, Statesville North Carolina
In June 2015, I was looking through a yardsale site on the internet and saw a post from a landscaping business.  It was a local business, claimed to be veteran owned, and the photos posted looked like work I would like to have done.  I contacted Matt Williams dba Williams Landscape Designs (Changed name to get rid of bad reviews on facebook page under this name). AKA  Williams Landscapes Solutions.  He was very prompt, in fact said he was currently on my road and would be by in a few minutes to take a look at the job.  He showed up with his friend who he said did the landscaping part of his business, that he (Matt) did the walls, walkways, grading, etc.  He seemed very nice.  I told him I was on a fixed income (SSDI) and that I needed the work done as reasonably as I could find.   At the time I had a small patio of red pavers at the base of my back stairs to try and eliminate mud from my dogs. I was looking for a walkway with gravel and turf to be put in to minimize the mud.  Matt said he would call me the next day with a quote.  Which he did for $1100  materials and labor.   I told him I was going to be out of town for the next week, and he suggested I give him a 50% deposit before I left and he would have all the work done by the time I returned.  He came to my home on 6/27 and picked up a check for $550.00. He gave me a receipt for the deposit and a copy of the quote.  I didn't push him to itemize anything as I trusted him.  When I left on 6/30, I expected the work to be done when I returned on 7/2 as Matt said it was going to take a day maybe two to get the job done.  When I returned home on 7/2 the work was not done.  I called him and he said the rain had pushed his schedule back and he would be out the next day.  He did not show.  I texted him the next day and he promised to be out later that week.  Several phone calls later and he promised to be out that week... on and on for a week.   Then he showed up. Was here for 20 minutes (my petsitter was here), He texted me and asked if the back outlet was live and I said it wasn't working.  He left because he needed power (which had he gone to the door to ask the petsitter, she was told to let him run the power cord through the window to the outlet right above where the work needed to be done.)  Matt said he had already left.  I asked my sitter, and she said she saw him on the back porch looking at the outlet, but he never came to the door or rang the (obnoxious) door bell.  She also said he was here for about 15 minutes and then sat in his truck on the phone for about 10 minutes and then left.  He had laid out about 40 feet of landscape fabric put 6 timbers (bad quality ones) on top of it, left a hammer on top of the fabric and a box of landscape nails on my fire pit.   He also removed some of my pavers at the base of my stairs and put them around the fire pit, but left without moving all the pavers around the pit (as per the quote and conversations) and instead left me with a large area that quickly turned to mud where I had NO MUD before because it was covered with timbers.  I made several phone calls to Matt to try and get an idea of when he would be back. I had an electrician friend come out the very night Matt left to fix the outside outlet. I couldn't get an answer from him whenever I asked about when he was coming out --- that's because he left to go to the Florida Keys with this girlfriend.  I messaged Matt and asked him for a refund because the way he was doing this work was unacceptable and my brother also said it was very poorly handled and he would come and do the work.  Matt said he promised to finish the job for the money I already paid. If I thought it was a good job, then I could pay him the balance, and if not then he would be fine letting the work be done for the 50% paid.  When I asked for a start date, again I received no answer.  He did not answer texts, phone calls, or messages on facebook.  I googled his name and came up with some other people he had also taken money from for deposits or for trucks he sold them (taken deposits and never turned over the truck.)  I sent him a text advising him that I felt he was committing fraud.  He was in Florida at this time and he said he didn't want my money and that I would have it today if he was in town.  Then began the texts and the phone calls to get the refund.  Weeks went by. He promised on two different occasions to bring the deposit to my house.  In the meantime I had the walkway done, and yes, I did use some landscaping fabric, and some of the timbers he left behind.  The nails he left rusted in the rain all summer and the hammer is still here.  Instead of coming by when I said I would be home to bring my deposit back, he came when he knew I wasn't home to get his materials.  I told Matt, the materials I used added up to $23 dollars -- retail... and he claimed to be getting the material wholesale. so he was welcome to deduct that from the deposit.   I have to date not received the deposit, despite numerous texts, emails, phone calls and messages. 
Entity: Internet
8, Report #286985
Nov 26 2007
10:20 PM
United Publishing Group - Eaglesoftwareservices - Matt Williams Morgage Tracers Scam Cape Coral Florida
This company sells you the hype of making $900 per week income potential for tracing those who have a HUD refund coming. For $39.95, you are to receive their software which is nothing but 12 pages of a so-called power of attorney, a tracer letter to send to HUD, a list of HUD lists for each state that you must pay additional monies for, (which they don't tell you) and an offer to buy their training manual for another $27. I requested info from HUD to find out if this was a legit biz and a month later questioned the charge on my cc. responded saying I had a successful download, 2 times. I couldn't believe that was all there was, 12 pages for $40 bucks. I started asking Matt some questions about the business, because I was genuinely interested in doing it and instead of answering me, I started receiving ridiculous emails. When I asked for a refund because they couldn't answer any real questions about the business, Matt started sending me threatening emails, threatening me with his attornies regarding libel and slander. Do not fall prey to this illegitimate scam. Tracers may be real, find out for yourself, but this product won't give you what you need and to say customer service is lacking here would be an understatement. I don't usually threaten my customers when they request something from me, have more questions or don't like the product. I offer a 100% money back refund. Obviously, this company is more worried about getting caught in their fraud than in people. They're worried about one request for a $40 refund. They give a bad name to legitimate internet entrepreneurs. I have all their emails as proof of their unprofessionalism and hostility. I've never seen anything quite like it. They have threatened retaliation just because I didn't find value in their product and they told me I lied. Lied about what I can't figure out. I could buy an entire book for less than $20. $39.95 for 12 pages of nothing is a total rip off! They accuse me for wanting something for nothing. This is their response to my legitimate business questions. This is the response to my refund request copied from my email: Please do not waste our time with false assumptions and lies. Why are you calling the manual ours? We told you initially before you purchased the software and even in the last email we did not even sell it. The manual is not required and we told you this initially and the software states in plain English the manual is not required or needed. So, NO there is nothing needed or required in the manual to do this as you lied and stated. The manual even comes with a 30 day risk free offer. You can not threaten us for a refund when you do not have a valid reason for one. You actually emailed us after you purchased the software a month ago with lies as we looked up in our email records and you was trying to get a refund for no reason. In addition, you said you did not even recognize the charge which was a lie where you was tring to get a refund. You are starting to harrass us. I want to warn you we do not take anyone lightly who falsey slanders or business and will file action against them if we see fit. We never stated we would personally train you so that is a lie you made up as well. ROI is not a required question because we told you initially this is a self-employed position. ROI would be different depending on your contact method and how good you are with communicating with people. A introductory letter is not a required form and we never stated that was part of the software, that is another lie you made up. The contract is the Specific Power Of Attorney form as mentioned 3-4 times already and this in the software as well as the Tracer Found Case form which you can even write a generic contract on. This is 2 forms you lied and stated that was not in the software and we have repeated ourselves more than once now. The software has all the information in that is required to do this as seen below, which you lied and stated it did not. You have not even picked and ordered your state listings that we told you initially that cost and are required and you purchased the software a month ago. You have not even attempted to make this work because you are just trying to a get refund for no reason at all and something for nothing. They never told me they didn't sell a manual and in fact a sales sheet is in their so-called software to order additional training manual. When I asked for a refund again and told them I didn't appreciate their unprofessional tone, this was their reply: We do not feel threatened by you asking for a refund, we feel threaten from your lies which we do have a good lawyer to handle if needed. We gladly give refunds to customers who do not have a successful download and you have that already. We have answered all of your questions even being a month later when you purchased the software in a timely fashion (same day) which is great customer service we offer. We stand by our product and we will not stand for you lieing. None of your claims are specific, they are all generalized, and most of them are lies as we even gave examples in past emails and in this one as seen below. We have every right to defend our company from you lieing, to show proof you are lieing, and file suit against you for falsely slandering our business numerous times if we seek fit to. This looks like the direction you want to go since you are determined to lie as an example is shown below. We will be contacting our lawyer concerning you if needed and will gladly use him if you falsely slander our business to anyone or the public in anyway. There's more. It gets worse and I will have no further contact with them. I suggest you don't either. Who has time for this bologne? Suzie Sacramento, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Cape Coral, Florida
9, Report #1137341
Apr 08 2014
03:59 PM
NCS Legal Group c/o Matt Williams aka ACS Alleged Collection Agency Miami Florida
I received an email in mid December 2013 from an outfit named NCS Legal Group aka ACS stating that I owed a debt and should send them over $700 to settle it or I would be subject to criminal action.First, owing a debt is not criminal--learned that fact in Business Law I & II at university. So, I knew this was suspicious and/or bogus immediately. Next, in any pending legal action in the US or its territories, US registered mail is requried for proper service. Knew this was bogus. Lastly, went to Bing search and discovered a plethora of complaints against this outfit--NCS--stating fraud.I got my latest email from NCS today and signed by Matt Williams. I contacted the following Federal government law enforcement entities: the FBI IC3 unit stating fraud; the US Secret Service and complained of wire fraud by NCS. I then contacted my state's Attorney General's office and filed a fraud complaint against NCS. The FBI and state's attorney general representative both stated that extensive criminal complaint files exist on NCS aka ACS, naming Matt Williams and others as parties.NCS IS A FRAUD, A SCAM--DO NOT SEND THEM DIME ONE. DO THEM A BIG FAVOR AND REPORT THEM TO THE FBI IC3 UNIT AND YOUR STATE'S ATTORNEY GENERAL. They want to deal in the United States legal system, grant their wish.If you are over 50, report NCS aka ACS to AARP. AARP will put these idiots on their scam alert watch list.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1286866
Jul 18 2016
11:48 PM
Matt Williams dba Williams Landscape Solutions Scam Artist - landscaper who knows exactly what to do to take your money and run Hiddenite North Carolina
Matt Williams, owner of Williams Landscape Solutions, was contracted to start an extensive landscaping contract on 9/18/2015.  The work he was scheduled to complete included the following:   1) stone fireplace 2) 300 sq ft patio 3) 12 yards of mulch 4) bed edging of all beds 5) Hedge trimming of bushes 6) Pergola 7) concrete driveway   Matt indicated the project would take about 4 days but signed the ccontract for it to be completed in 2 weeks, which would have been 10/2/2015. We paid a 50% deposit of $2250 by cashier's check to Matt Williams.  It is now 2/8/16 and the work is incomplete with no materials. The only work Matt has done is the dig out grass, which left a dirt yard.   In the beginning prior to the signing of the contract, Matt was in frequent contact, both by phone and visits to the house to assess the work and recommend different designs. After he received the check, Matt came out a total of two times for a grand total of 2 hours. He came out at the end of October and dug out the driveway, leaving a huge pile of dirt at the end of it. Every time, he was contacted to ask to complete the job, he gave various excuses: weather, family member death, etc.. Most of the time, he just failed to answer the phone or text.  Finally, we posted a negative review on his Facebook page business site, Williams Landscape Solutions, on 12/12/15, to which he responded immediately. He asked for it to be removed and we agreed if he came out to complete the work. He returned on 12/15/15 to dig out the patio, which was a rough removal of grass. The negative review was removed, with the promise he would return the following day. He never returned, leaving our yard torn up, going on 4 months now. His Facebook business page returned online and active, and we left another negative review on it on 2/6.  He had not been returning calls or texts prior to this.  With the second negative review, he responded but refuses to return the money and will not return to complete the job despite, hundreds of messages via text and phone.  As of 2/11/16, he has disconnected his phone number, which is on the back of his truck, business shirts, and on all advertising materials.   We have also discovered he has scammed several other people with similar excuses and similar tactics. This guy is a life long scammer and never had any intention of completing the work. We were told by several other landscapers that the amount of work he agreed to do doesn't even cover materials. He is also a member of forum called NC4x4, where a member paid him to purchase a truck, that he did not deliver. He operates under the name: mw312003. All the details can be found at this link:
Entity: Hiddenite, North Carolina
11, Report #1015435
Feb 16 2013
03:03 PM
Guidance Center the Matt Manka Debbie Manka Matt Manka psychologist sleeps with multiple clients and Debbie Manka(Hofer) williams, Arizona
the the story about Guidance Center (Arizona)220 W Grant Ave Williams, AZ 86046 about Matt Manka And Debbie Manka. Matt was the Psychologist who married his patient Debbie and it destroyed their family and kids etc. There is a reason psychologists arent supposed to marry or date their clients. They have ultimate mental/emotional leverage over the patient. Mr. Manka should have considered the well being of her children and family before forcing his agenda agenda onto that family(who i undrstand are millionares). Its a disgrace,the whole story. Manka was even counseling the couple for marriage problems before moving in on the wife.  1) Matt Manka was counseling Debbie Strand )in early to mid 1990s)and her husband Joe Strand in Orland Park for marriage counseling. he had previously counseled another family member thus knew debbie and husband joe were millionares.!!!hmmmmm 2) he suggested to Debbie to counsel her alone and sent hubby to another counselor in the same Orland park counseling complex. Here is where there sexual relationship began as admitted to her sons and daughter years later any denial of this is a lie to protect his license!!!! 3) Joe strand(husband) tried filing an investigation on Matt and basically ran him out of town as the department of ethical standards would eventually catch up with him. (this is why they move around so much) 4) DCFS was called on Debbie twice for violent episodes with daughter in 1998 5) attorney Scott D Sherwin filed for all psyche records and transcripts between Debbie and Matt manka to display to the court the nature of this illegal relationship(mark perks attorney) 5) matt Mankas ex girlfriends and wife came to the Strand home and pleaded with debbie not to trust Matt as he had abused a woman forcibly before in some violent episode,police were called , Debbie was warned by this woman not to marry Matt 6) Police were employed from Orland Park again as Matt had a brawl with another of Debbies male harem in front of the kids,all parties were drunk 7) Debbies own son tried to punch out Matt in objection to their marriage and other issues 8) Police we employed again to the strand house as the son was having a mental breakdown and threatening other with a knife following a drug overdose If anyone doubts any of this use the FOIA (freedom of information act) and file with Orland Park Police to get the records on the Strand household as Debbie and Matt were on watch. it will display to all that want to see it that Matt should have his license revoked once and for all!!!! BLOGS FROM PSYCHOLOGY TODAY MAGAZINE(OTHER VICTIMS)!!!!!!! Submitted by karen butler on March 20, 2010 - 4:19am. Is this Mrs Debbie Manka a goof or what? its so obvious this psychologist abused his position.someone should revoke his license     * reply MathewManka Submitted by Anonymous on May 21, 2010 - 12:12pm. Wow, Mathew Manka did the exact same thing to our family. My mother started seeing him as a patient and he entered into a sexual relationship with her. It destroyed our family as well and had lasting implications that have taken years to work thru. It's a sad situation whent a man like this is still able to practice in his profession and continue to abuse others as he did our family. Was the story about him and his psychopathic tendencies because based on the definition provided, I'd say he's a prime example. * reply Matthew Manka Submitted by Anonymous on July 2, 2010 - 9:44pm. I used to go to matt for counseling, he was never anything other than professional with me. however, I have heard stories that the real person behind the therapist is a real creep to put it niceley. I know that he married his client Debbie. this other relationship he had with his client prior to debbie, did this one go on for several years over a 10 year period while he was married, then divorced. Or is there a third victim? It's really a shame that he had not been held accountable for his behavior. Terribly sad. Guidance Center the Categories: Psychiatrists, Counseling & Mental Health [Edit] 220 W Grant Ave Williams, AZ 86046 (928) 635-4272
Entity: williams, Arizona
12, Report #204015
Aug 01 2006
03:45 PM
Matt Williams Internet Home Solutions ripoff, work at home scam, changes website every month, charges you money and sends bogus material Charlotte North Carolina
i saw an ad on a city job website for a work at home job. I am a stay at home mom and looking for extra income so I thought it was a great idea.I was answered back and told to geo to the job's site. I went to the site and the was a charge. I paid the $29.99 hoping to get training material for the work at home typist job. What I got was one page telling me to place ads on job websites and when I get answers to the ad then I should sent them to my own site(which I had to make) and charge them $29.99 to get the bogus material he gave me. The other page gave me websites to put the ad on. I did put the ads on one job site but when the people answered the ad I told them about the scam and let them see the training material sothey would know that it was true. Two days after I placed the ad he took his ad off. Today his ad is for Processing Mortgage Refunds- Computer Worker. He changed his web page completely and instead of calling it training material he is now calling it software. Just remeber if they make you pay up front to be employed it is not a job. Mary Shreveport, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
13, Report #1117532
Jan 22 2014
07:59 AM
Matt Williams-NCS Law Group e-mail sent to me telling me legal charges have been filed will be sending court papers to my address and wants me to verify. new york
 I had received this e-mail before, checked on it and I knew it was a scam. Now this is the second e-mail received. They are sending this e-mail to my work place- I am just ignoring them, what else can I do.
Entity: Select State/Province
14, Report #926978
Aug 14 2012
07:56 AM
Matt Kristen Ben Williams, Electronic assemblers inc. craigslist scam, fake check, warehouse job, solana beach, California
I inquired about a warehouse job located in orlando florida. i soon got a email from a matt kristen asking for my address and phone number. the email looked like this On Fri, Aug 3, 2012 at 8:21 PM, Matt Kristen <> wrote: Hello Joe and thanks for your response.    I am replying back to your message concerning the job posted on Craig list for a Warehouse worker in which you're interested in, I went through your email and am quite Impressed and I think you are qualify for the position. Unfortunately I am out of the state at the moment, Am on a short Business trip to Eastern Europe. There will be no interview in Person until I return from my trip. JOB DESCRIPTION: You would perform multi  task, First as a supervisor, which would also include managing the warehouse and the activities within, Also you would act as my Personal Assistant, In terms of handling business transaction on my behalf. You will be Inspecting the running of the warehouse and your responsibilities includes  testing, sampling, and sorting products or goods being manufactured and shipped in. The location would be disclose to you later. The manufactured products can include a large range of items, including materials, machinery, equipment, Depending the type of manufacturing environment,You can also be required to have some technical knowledge. In this type of profession, there are quality standards that are strictly followed, and daily or weekly production goals to be met. If a manufactured product does not meet quality specifications, You're to investigates and reports production line failures. And You're required to have a high school diploma or GED. You must be able to stand on your feet for long period of time, These physical requirements is very important for the inspector, You will be working 2 days in a week and you're to choose any 2 days of the week from Monday to Saturday that will be preferable to you and you will be working 4hrs in those 2 days and that will be from 9am-12pm and I will be offering you $300.00/week and you will be doing these for 8 weeks. Method of payment will be a cashier check or a Money order. If you're interested kindly get back to me with the following information:- FULL NAME:ADDRESS:STATE:CITY:ZIP CODE:PHONE#: I will be looking forward hearing from you and then proceed on the next step forward.Best regards Matthew Kristen it all looked legit until i responded and got the next email On Sat, Aug 4, 2012 at 4:32 AM, Matt Kristen <> wrote: Hello Joseph Thanks for the email and interest towards this position. I'm sure you understand I tend to have a very busy schedule at this point and please note that this position is not office based for now because of my frequent travels and tight schedules. If you possess great skills of time management, this job may even give you some extra while you do something else on the side. When I arrive in the States which will be in 3 weeks time by God's grace, we would make arrangement for a formal meeting so we can both sign all necessary employment contract documents. As I have said, I will want us to get a head start with things as soon as possible. I do have a pile up of works and a number of unattended chores which you can immediately assist me with, I hope we can meet up with the workload eventually. Permit me to use this coming week to test your efficiency and effectiveness towards this, also to work out your time schedule and fit it to mine. I really know  you can meet up with the intelligence demanded for the position, I'm confident you can take up the challenges based on your resume and on the long run we should have a relatively sound working relationship together. I am glad you are willing to work with me and I promise to be a good boss, also am glad on the commitment you have shown toward working with me. I have been checking my files and what I would want you to do for me this  week is to run some errands out on a fabric store which will ship materials that will be used in the warehouse . The funds to perform this task will be in form of a Cashier's Check and it will be sent over to you from one of my clients. You will have to deduct your first week salary out of the funds to guarantee you that you have the position secured and transfer the rest fund to the fabric store that will be shipping materials to the ware house. Your response to this email confirms your interest in the position, I will also provide some information about the task for this coming week. Hope I am clear with that. So please confirm your mailing address once again. Your swift response to this email will be highly advantageous. Regards.Matt Kristen i responded saying that this sounds like a scam and he assured me that it wasn't, i didnt buy it. i broke contact with the individual and didn't contact him further.  about a week later i got a check for $1950 through a fedex overnight package and received this email. Hello Joseph, Good Morning. Hope you had a great weekend. The payment which would mobilize your first assignment has been mailed and will be delivered at your door this morning VIA Fedex express mail with tracking number: 876259066740 Job For The Week:The payment you will receive will be for $1950 . So I am using this medium to test your efficiency and know how much you can be trusted with financial assignment, As you will be dealing with bigger amount of Cash and Goods in the warehouse. I hope you will be honest and faithful to the end. What To Do:You are kindly advise to deposit the payment into your BANK ACCOUNT and wait till bank clear the fund.You will the proceed to deduct your agreed $300 weekly wage. The remnant of the funds is to be Transferred Via Western Union to a fabric store in CA, where I have purchased some fabrics materials which are to be shipped into the warehouse for use. The goods are expected to be shipped in as soon as the transfer is effected, Upon the shipment of the goods, You would be given the location of the warehouse where you would immediately go and inspect and supervise the activities there. Below are the information needed for the Transfer: RECEIVER'S NAME: Donald Lambert RECEIVER'S ADDRESS: 900 University Ave                     Riverside,CA 92517   As soon as the payment is been done you are to get back to me with the below information in order for the store manager to get the funds picked up: Sender's Name:Sender's Address:Total Amount Sent:M.T.C.N #( Money Transfer Control Number ) ( 10 Digit # ): I would be awaiting your response soon. NOTE: All charges for the transfer should be taken from the funds you are transferring. Best Regard'sMatthew Kristen this is a total scam. anyone who asks you to cash a check then send part of it to someone else is trying to scam you.  
Entity: solana beach, California
15, Report #917077
Jul 25 2012
06:36 AM
ACS Legal Group Matt Williams 100% THREATENING SCAM ?, Internet
Wednesday July 25, 2012 @ 08:40 AM EDT To: C.C.:        Wells Fargo Bank (Jessica Vega, Branch Manager) Dear Matt Williams, The below pasted email (attached) from you is quite incorrect. I have never had any dealings with any such company. I do not owe any money to this company, never have and never will. Your information is incorrect and slanderous and involves defamation of my good name. I have never received any payments from this company at any time which my bank will testify to also. If this company has any personal information about me, etc., it is fraudulent and illegal, and unlawful. I suggest you contact them. Any erroneous action against me, as you state, will lead to a counter claim as per this rebuttal and I shall be looking for considerable financial damages to my name. Sincerely,
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #915234
Jul 20 2012
09:08 PM
ACS Legal Group Matt Williams ACS Legal Group Ripped me off $200 dollars. Internet
I received a threatening email at work on tues july 17,2012. In the email it was stated that i was deliquent on an account with Advance Cash Expert. I do not have an account with advance cash expert and it threatened legal action which may result in a judgement and that i will be responsible for all court costs and that it will not go to small claims court but possibly municipal court. I was given two days to pay the total amount due of $670.00. It was signed Matt Williams, Collections Manager.  Needless to say, i was scared. i emailed him back and asked what company this was under and that i didn't have a loan with advance cash expert and he emailed me back saying they have 14 technical evidence to prove that i got the money deposited in my account. he went on to write that the company has a signed contract under my email address , the IP address for the computer i used and my SSN. i emailed this person back saying i don't get paid until 7/20/12 . he wrote back and said that if i paid $370.00, a settlement offer, that the loan is paid in full.  I have financial difficulities and have several on line loans so this sounded legit to me and i was scared to go to court so i agreed to the settlement but told him that if i gave them the full 370 that i wouldn't have enough money for groceries, so he wrote back and told me to pay $200 on 7/20/12 and $170 on 7/27/12 that i would be paid in full.  The instructions were to get a MoneyPak voucher for $200 and send it ASAP with my name, address, phone number and the money pak number, which i did through email. Once i sent the information, the emails stopped, i tried calling the phone number listed on the email and all it is doing is giving me a very quick busy signal. No voice mail or anything. i emailed him again asking if the company is a legitimate company and when i googled the acs legal group name and read some of the statements written, the information is exactly the same as what was said and written.  I feel so foolish that i got scammed out of money that i really needed.  I feel very upset and am fearful to tell my husband because he will be angry because when he got the moneypak card at walgreens, the cashier told him that there are alot of people operating scams and getting money from people using the money pak cards and to be careful.  i did not heed the warning and sent the information to this Matt Williams and now I am out of $200 dollars. I will not send the $170 dollars he is asking for on 7/27/12.
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #932534
Aug 25 2012
01:52 PM
ACS Legal Group Matt Williams, Collections Manager for Advance Cash Expert, Internet
Rc'd email from ACS Legal Group stating that I owe $580 and need to pay within 2 days. I just automatically blocked the email address b/c I owe no such debt.
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #1116298
Jan 17 2014
09:51 AM
NCS Law Group Matt Williams Payday Loan Scam New York
 I received a letter in my email that I owe for a payday loan and being threaten to be taken to court. At first I was sckeptical but then I started looking the scams up and notice that this person is popular with this email and I wasnt by myself. This is a copy of the scam letter:Dear Debtor,Kindly verify your mailing address, as the legal charges are already filed and we are going to send you the court papers, so we wanted to confirm the mailing address before we send any important legal documents.Just to remind you, this is regarding the e-mail we sent you earlier to download the legal case against you and we did not receive any prompt response from your end to set up the payment and to avoid the charges.For any questions and concerns, do get back to us so that we can help you with a solution if indeed you want to get rid of the consequences. You can either e-mail us back or call us on the phone number given below. We work from 9 AM EST to 6 PM EST.Thank You,Matt Williams,Sr. Invesigation OfficerNCS Law GroupDirect : (347) 669-8240
Entity: New York
19, Report #1118534
Apr 22 2014
08:06 PM
Mr. Matt Williams, Sr. Investigation Officer, NCS Law Group Anderson Law Group Fradulent correspondence on debt that could not be indentified by me, even though correspondence was sent them to provide the creditor's name and the amount of debt that was due. No response back from Matt Williams, Sr. with the NCS Group and now been given a deadline this week to make payment on this debt so court papers will be sent to me at the requested mailing address given to them. Queens New York
I was contacted by email by Mr. Matt Williams, Senior Investigation Officer for NCS Law Group. In the email that I was told they needed my mailing address, because legal charges were already filed against me and they want to confirm my email address, so these legal documents could be sent out to me.  I was told in an earlier email, which was not the case that this legal case against me had been downloaded and sent to my current email address.That wanted a solution to this problem by contacted Matt Williams to see if they could work out me paying off this debt.  I replied to Matt Williams to provide the debtor and and the amount that was owed on this debt.  That he could be reached at (347) 669-8240 from 9 AM EST to 6 PM EST if I had any questions and concerns about this issue or if not suffer the consequences.There was a response back later that same day telling me that same day that agin he needed my mailing address as these legal charges are already filed  and that again they will be sending me the court papers and to get back to me at a different telephone number also in the New York state area. They said that I could setup a payment arrangement to avoid charges, so that I wouldn't suffer the consequences, which to me is harrassment against me.In the last email I received just four days ago, I was told that there was no response from me for the past three months, which is a flase statement from Anderson Law Group, and that the balance owed on my credit card, which I was not given, was still owed and that I had nine days for them to receive the balance owed on my credit card of $873.00.  This was the last email they would be sending me and they want be responsible fopr any further damages to my credit score, which I could careless about at this point in time in my life.I replied to the Anderson Law Group last email giving them my mailing address that Matt Williams requested in the intial email I received from him. I was given no person's name to contact for the Anderson Law Group for this last email I received.  I was going to call, them tomorrow to find out more about this ongoing concern, but  discovered the fraudulent activities by Matt Williams of NCS Law Group and now Anderson Law Group.      
Entity: Queens, New York
20, Report #1123543
Feb 14 2014
09:59 AM
NCS law firm matt williams Harassing all day internet
How do i make these people stop? They call me, my work, my dad and brother till midnight every night, using a differnt number each time. saying i am going to jail if i do not pay. I know i cannot go to jail for not paying bills but still. they say they are law enforcement, and refuse to give me anything on the debt i owe. they also do not identify themselves as debt collector. This has got to stop i block one number they call 2 seconds later on another.
Entity: Select State/Province
21, Report #1137267
Apr 08 2014
12:57 PM
NCS LAW GROUP Matt Williams, Sr. Investigation Officer SCAMMMMMMMM Internet
 Received email:  Kindly verify your mailing address, as we are going to send you important documents, so we wanted to confirm the mailing address before we send any of those papers.   Just to remind you ...........   This is a SCAM.  You can't reply to the email and can't reach anyone on the phone.  I get these on a regular basis.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1215184
Mar 12 2015
08:03 AM
NCS Law Group Matt Williams MAJOR RIPOFF and a POS to BOOT Natonwide
I received an email from Mr. Matt Williams from NCS Law Group about a supposed debt. When I called the number listed, Mr Williams answered the phone, but would not speak loud enough to be heard. I requested that he speak up twice before I proceeded to tell him that I was not paying a dime for a bogus debt and to remove me from his little scam. He proceeded to hang up on me. I called straight back and got a busy signal. I then called again, he answered but we were disconnected. I then fired off my own email and told him exactly what I thought of his methods and what he could do with them. I demanded that my info be removed from his scam or I would contact my attorney and the law enforcement agency to let them handle it from here. I don't scare easily and I know my debts.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #1221605
Apr 10 2015
07:39 AM
Anderson Law Group, Matt Williams, Legal Representative Threatening E-Mail Scam Internet
I received the following e-mail this morning:Dear Debtor,This is the last and final notification as we are going to proceed with the legal charges against you and you will be soon served with the court papers. If you really want to avoid the situation, we merely require you to contact us back to make the payment.Just in case we do not hear back from you, we will proceed further with the charges and we have the entire right to inform your employer about the situation, garnish your wages and freeze all your bank accounts. For any queries feel free to revert back.Thanks & Regards. Matt WilliamsLegal RepresentativeAnderson Law Group(213) 550-0091 Revert back to what? This is their attempt to get around Fair Debt Collection by informing you in writing.  I received a threatening phone call from them yesterday, as did members of my family.  They ask you to verify your home and work addresses so they can serve you your papers and have you arrested.  If they're filing this report with the court, they already have your info.  Ask them what they have - they won't answer...because they don't have it.  I wish there was something we could do to stop these people.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1170722
Aug 19 2014
09:13 AM
  I literally received the exact same email as the previous person. It was worded exactly the same. These individuals have been sending me threatening emails for months now about filing a case against me if I didn't send them money. When I first started receiving the emails in April 2014, I would entertain it with the same questions or concerns any person would have (who are you contacting me on behalf of? How much do I owe? etc). They said they were representing Advance Cash Services for a loan in the amount of $300 which has gone up to $847 and I could settle the debt for $500. I contacted Advance Cash America and they advised they have never heard of NCS nor the individuals representing NCS. They advised they only use one specific collector and NCS is not it and that I should keep record of this fraudulent entity. I also noticed that when I responded to NCS email, I started receiving several random emails from other entities claiming to also be collecting debt for a payday loan. But I will stick to this one company on this report since they are the only ones I still hear from after 5 months and are still claiming to be filing some sort of lawsuit againt me. Below are some of the messages I received from them. If you notice below, they use several different email addresses. That alone should raise alarm. All legit company emails are standardized. Hope this helps someone. I have already been a victim to one fake company. I refuse to be a victim again! April 21, 2014From: Subject: FINAL NOTIFICATION ON COLLECTIONS Dear Debtor,Kindly verify your mailing address, as we are going to send you important documents, so we wanted to confirm the mailing address before we send any of those papers.Just to remind you, this is regarding the e-mail we sent you earlier and we did not receive any prompt response from your end to set up the payment and to avoid the charges.For any questions and concerns, do get back to us so that we can help you with a solution if indeed you want to get rid of the consequences. You can either e-mail us back or call us on the phone number given below. We work from 9 AM EST to 6 PM EST.BEST REGARDS,Matt Williams,Sr. Investigation OfficerNCS Law GroupDirect : (607) 264-2015***************************************************************************************July 24, 2014From: newyorkslegalattorney@gmail.comSubject: Important Notification(ACS) The case will be downloaded on Monday (July 28th 2014) and you will be soon served with the court papers due to non-payment after so many reminders. If you want to avoid these legal consequences we merely require you to get back to us with the payment, you can e-mail us back for further details.Thank You,Advance Cash ServicesLEGAL GROUP OF ATTORNEYS.Direct:-(315) 632-0544.*************************************************************************************************July 25, 2014From: acslegalusa@gmail.comSubject: Lawsuit Case Downloaded.Thank you.***************************************************************************************August 8, 2014From: gary.walker@advancecashservices.comSubject: Important Notification(ACS)Kindly verify your mailing address, as the legal charges are already filed and we are going to send you the court papers, so that we can confirm the mailing address before sending any important legal documents.Just to remind you, this is regarding the e-mail we sent you earlier to download the legal case against you and we did not receive any prompt response from your end to set up the payment and to avoid the charges.For any questions and concerns, do get back to us so that we can help you with a solution if indeed you want to get rid of the consequences. You can e-mail us back. We work from 8 AM EST to 6 PM EST.Thank You,Law DepartmentAdvance Cash Services.Direct:-(315) 632-0544. *************************************************************************************************August 19, 2014From: legalacsus@gmail.comSubject: Legal Notice - Lawsuit Dear Debtor, Kindly verify your mailing address, as the legal charges are already  filed and we are going to send you the court papers, so we wanted to  confirm the mailing address before we send any important legal  documents. Just to remind you, this is regarding the e-mail we sent you earlier to download the legal case against you and we did not receive any prompt response from your end to set up the payment and to avoid the charges. You were supposed to pay $500.00 in order to close the account, we have still not received any response from you. So the company decided to write it as bad-debt and produce charges against you. If you want to avoid the situation you have to come up  with $400.00 by today so that we can dismiss the case and mark the  account as paid in full. Let us know ASAP.  Thanks & Regards Sue Williams Legal Representative David Miller  
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1109146
Dec 23 2013
06:22 AM
ncs law group Matt Williams Sr. Investigation Officer Some legal case against me they are asking for personal information Internet
This is what I received in my work email... I have no idea what this is about and why they are trying to contact me and why they would have work information and not personal informationIf you are unable to view this mail click here|If you are unable to view this mail in mobile click here|Forward|To opt-out| Dear Debtor,Kindly verify your mailing address, as the legal charges are already filed and we are going to send you the court papers, so we wanted to confirm the mailing address before we send any important legal documents.Just to remind you, this is regarding the e-mail we sent you earlier to download the legal case against you and we did not receive any prompt response from your end to set up the payment and to avoid the charges.For any questions and concerns, do get back to us so that we can help you with a solution if indeed you want to get rid of the consequences.You can e-mail us.We work from 9 AM EST to 6 PM EST.Thank YouMatt Williams,Sr. Investigation OfficerNCS Law GroupAny assistance would be greatly appreciated.Thank youMs. Tracey Washington
Entity: Internet

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