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1, Report #7058
Oct 10 2001
12:00 AM
Consolidated Media Services Magazine Rip-offs
on May 25, 2001 I received a telephone call at my place of employment from as the other lady put it a rapidly speaking individual. I was told by this person that I was a runner up in a contest to win a free trip. He gave me a big speach on his company and the word free came out of this persons mouth about every fifth word. I to felt like I would have a free trial. Within one hour my credit card was charged in the amount of $58.23. I was told by the person that I spoke with that I would receive a packet in the mail that would include the list of thousand of magazine they offer and I could change the magazines any time i wanted. I was also told I would receive a free watch...I am sure it was worth about $5.00. Well I never received these I receive Magazines I do not read and I am sure they can not sell in the stores, because people wouldn't pay money to read them. After not receiveing the information I was told I would...I canceled my credit card so they could not charge me again. On the 25th of June 2001 I receive a call at my Place of employment from a young lady wanted new credit card information. I informed the young lady that I wanted the account canceled and I would not send any money. I told her I did not receive the informatiom I was to get. She told me she did not know what I was talking about....that the company did not send out packets such as I was told. In the past months I have recieved calls everyday at work and home. Even after telling them not to call my work they will call 2 to 3 times a day. I spoke with one man on Saterday October 6, 2001. Also told him I wanted the account canceled...explained to him everything. He said they do have packets. When I told him I never received mine and I was not paying for the service....I was told that what the young lady told me had nothing to do with my account and I would have to pay. I was past my 10 day period to cancele What I find so funny is the fact that I have complained to at least 3 people about not getting the papers to change my magazines I receive....not one of them have sent them to me. Only bills...any good respectable company would of sent them out right away trying to keep your buisness!!!!!!!!! Now I receive in the mail a letter stating that I can either pay $640.64 to keep the magazines that I DO NOT READ coming or to cancele the account I could pay $384.38! That Is a lot of money for 4 months of magazine that I DO NOT and WILL NOT read!!!!!!
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
2, Report #18910
Apr 16 2002
04:34 AM
Consolidated Media Services ripoff Atlanta Georgia
These guy ripped me off with their magazine subscription I haven't recieved. George Landover, Maryland
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
3, Report #557158
Jan 20 2010
05:55 AM
Expedite Media, expedite media, Internet
My story is pretty much the same they stole $400 from me recently from an account 2 years ago which I had to pretty much break their legs to close the account. I have contacted an attorney and filed several reports with too many agencies to name. If there is any other people who have been defrauded by them and would like to organize a class action suit or if any gov agency need me to testify please contact me through this site.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #745379
Jun 25 2011
01:56 PM
Morillo Media Dozer Media Warehouse Hiring Internet, Nationwide
Another scammer on craigslist posting warehouse jobs and requesting a credit report. Do not under any circumstance complete and submit any information to the link  All the information you supply goes directly to the scammer, not to a legit credit report company. After doing research on this link, I've found this domain was created by the scammer through hostgator on April 11, 2011 using the company name Dozer Media.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
5, Report #45731
Feb 17 2003
01:51 PM
MEDIA OUTSOURCING rip-off Atlanta Georgia
Entity: ATLANTA, Georgia
6, Report #341562
Jun 18 2008
10:56 AM
EBoost Media scam? Internet
I have to agree with the Klowe86- We here at Northwest Roof Management had/have the same experience- We did talk to them about this last week (6/08) and they told us that we are on the top- when we looked together with the rep it wasn't our company it was another Roofing company. We have disputed this with our CC. and we have talked with EBoost- I don't mind paying for service IF I GOT IT!! If you signed a contract with us and we took your money and never showed up at your site- would you sit still and be satisfied? Well neither am I with Eboost! What happened to customer service? Dated 5/12/08 @ 9:35am Thank you for this opportunity to be of service. Eboost Media will place your company on the top pages of Yahoo and Google along with about 50 other affiliated serch engines. This agreement is exclusive to three complnies in your are and offers a non-congtractual guarantee. It's the fastest and least expensive way to get your business exposed. It's also a securedc position, you'll never fall from being on top3. It only takes us 10-14 business days to get you listed. If you do decide to cancel we require a notice after the first 30 days. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if I can be of additional assistance. Sincerely, Phil Sanchez Csauter Auburn, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1339948
Nov 26 2016
05:54 PM
linknow media Scam Montreal Internet
High pressure sales. cancelled the next business day. before any services were done. shared no access to make any changes to my go daddy account. they did nothing at all and will not refund my money, Scam.scam scam. scam.!!! Do not use!
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1322578
Aug 15 2016
11:28 AM
Rokk Media Avoid at all costs Exeter Exeter
Rokk Media built a website for my company a few years ago and it was a disaster. They were a nightmare from start to finish. It took them months more than promised, it went over budget and it was a terrible product which was not fit for purpose. Very charming but totally useless and do not deliver what they promise. They are liars and dishonest.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1405810
Oct 12 2017
09:44 AM
Orcs Media Charged! Internet
I was looking for puzzle books on line and came across a website that said it was free but I had to register. It asked for a credit card for future purchases but that I would not be charged for anything today. At the end of the registration I was informed that it was a 5 day trial. When I hit the terms a blank box opened. I called to cancel right away and discovered I had been charged for a donation to UNICEF. I was told everything would be cancelled and I would get a refund. I never clicked on anything saying I agreed to pay for anything.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #157883
Sep 21 2005
02:22 PM
Honeybee Media IBT, Nadine Media ripoff fraudulent Montreal Canada
Honeybee Media (with all of its million different names) is a huge rip-off. They called me with my information and asked me if I was happy with their services. I told them I didn't subscribe to a company with that name. They read me off a list of magazines that I had currently been getting from a different company. They offered me a gift package (a watch) that the other company offered me as well (and OF COURSE never received)and so I thought I was renewing but I called my other magazine company and they infact told me that it wasn't them how called me. So I have been stuck with trying to get rid of this horrible company, that doesn't even send me any magazines. This isnt even the worst. They got my credit card number and have been taking out money (lot of it) without my permission. I have just now been able to fix this problem. Brandon Newport News, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #73157
Nov 26 2003
12:43 AM
Consolidated Media Services, Media Outsourcing SCAMMERS!! ripoff Atlanta Georgia
I've cancelled my account with them, or so I thought. I asked for written confirmation of the account cancellation and have yet to receive it. They also told me that they would notify me (within 7 business days) before withdrawing money from my bank account. THEY NEVER NOTIFIED ME (that violates the Electronic Funds Transfer Act). Has anyone else had success with terminating their account? If so, please let me know! SN Captain Cook, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
12, Report #375055
Sep 22 2008
01:24 PM
Dinette - DenetteE-Boost Media - EBoost Media rip off Muretta California
When I told Dinette that E-Boost Media had no contract and that I had already disputed the charges with my credit card company, she appeared to care less and was confident that they would get their money. Did I mention E Boost Media is bunch of scum sucking Rip-off artists? E-Boost Media is the worst kind of rip-off artists. They make false promises and give no written contract or guarantee their work in writing. DO NOT HIRE THEM YOU WILL GET HOSED! (That is their business) THEY WILL NOT GET YOU TO THE TOP OF THE SEARCH ENGINES USING ORGANIC SEARCH OPTIMIZATION LIKE I WAS PROMISED, THEY DO NOT USE THAT METHOD OF SUBMISSION. They signed me up on July 9, 2008 and said that they would have me up and running within 7-10 days with a custom video for the Real Estate industry. However, they did not start work on properly collecting my search words until July 30th. I had left E-Boost Media several voice messages in late August that I was not happy with their service and that I wanted to stop paying them. Well, no calls were returned, and when I finally got a hold of Dinette (if that is her real name) on September 9, I told her I was unhappy and I asked to see where my listing was on the Internet. It turns out that they had placed a E-Boost Media video clip attached to my listing, not a 'real estate' video clip as I was promised. To make matters worse, to see the clip I had to do a Yahoo search and click on Maps to show up at all. WHAT A RIP-OFF! September 9, 2008; I was promised an additional 10 days without billing to make up for the first 21 days that they did nothing, after which I was hurried off the phone. On September 12, I called to end the service and was offered 16 days of no billing, and a reduction of monthly fees to $79.00 down from $159.00. Did I take it? Hell NO! E Boost Media is a bunch of LYING Rip-Off Artists! Today on September 22, I received a bill by email from for $159.00. When I called e-Boost to complain I was told that bill was for charges on September 9,. When I asked about the 10 days of compensation that I was promised on September 9, I was told by Dinette that she had no record of that conversation. Imagine that! When I told Dinette that E-Boost Media had no contract and that I had already disputed the charges with my credit card company, she appeared to care less and was confident that they would get their money. Did I mention E Boost Media is bunch of scum sucking Rip-off artists? Pissed off Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Muretta, California
13, Report #550673
Jan 06 2010
11:01 PM
Web Wise Media Web Wise Media, Inna Shapiro CEO Web Wise Media Very Bad Experience Internet
I am the owner of a new marketing company.  My goal was to search for vendors that could help me provide marketing services to my clients that we could not provide in house.  As we searched for a company to help us with this we came across Web Wise Media (Owner Inna Shapiro).  All looked good from the start as we worked with Dan Martin one of their Email Marketing Executives.  We were presented a package that we would in turn offer to our clients.  The package offered was very attractive A guaranteed amount of opened emails.  This seemed a very good offer to our company and we felt it would be a huge value to our clients as this would take away the frustration of having to send out millions of emails and be charged for sent emails.  Instead we were told we would pay for only opened emails.  We were provided a tracking software to view real time reports and we noticed that the order of opened emails was fulfilled and several hundred visitors went to our clients shopping cart as a result.  Our client however did not receive one single order.  Being in marketing myself I understand that there are no guarantees on marketing campaigns.  It has been my experience that when a campaign goes bad there are still some signs of life this however was flat line completely. I was fortunate enough to be able to speak to the woman behind the curtain CEO Inna Shapiro who was very defensive from the first.  I asked her for proof that the emails were sent out and she deferred to the tracking software we were given and a snap shot of 5 email address's from the supposed email file that was used.  Not very convincing proof.  I asked for a refund and was told no way.  Inna mentioned that she was very upset that their name was being defamed on ripoff report and I told her that I could care less about their precious reputation as we were dragged through the mud with them by our client. I am not stating that we were ripped off by Web Wise Media as I have no definitive proof I am simply telling you what our experience was with this company and the CEO Inna Shapiro. This is not intended as retaliatory on our part we simply want to warn any other young companies starting out to be careful who they get involved with it could cost them their name which is worth everything in this business!!
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #124546
Dec 27 2004
02:14 PM
Media Outsourcing, Consolidated Media Services ripoff Atlanta Georgia
Well I am in the same boat as everybody else. I was in college when CMS called me telling me that I won a sweepstakes. I couldn't remember at the time which sweepstakes that I won since I use to always enter myself in contest at the mall. (Which I have changed my habit since this event.) Well I was contacted by an agent telling me that I won a prize and that I would received a free watch , which I never received. And that for a low price I could order up to 5 magazines for 5 years. I told them that I was a college student and I couldn't afford any magazine, well the guy told me that I could make payments, which I thought ok I will give this a try. Well a few months later I received calls telling me that I owe money for the magazines that I bought. I told them that right now I could not afford it and to cancelled my subscription, which they told me that I could not cancel because I made an oral agreement for more that $500.00. Well I could not pay them at the time until my classes started up in the fall which by then they put me in collection. Well long story short I paid them off last year and now since then I have moved to another location and since I have paid for the magazines I wanted them to foward the magazines to my new address, which I called CMS to tell them my new address. I called them to give them my new address. Well they haven't sent any magazines and some of my magazines that I had order from them have been cancelled. Which I thought that I had an agreement for 5 years. I have tried calling them but they seem to not pick up there phone. So I have turned here because I just found out that other people was pressure and tricked just like me. Danielle No. Hollywood, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
15, Report #969840
Nov 15 2012
04:05 PM
Phoenix Media S&R Media Schofield Media Business media publishing Scam rip off junk chicago, Illinois
Chicago based Phoenix Media Corp is back from their old identity aka Schofield Media aka Business Media Publications. These people are up to their same old tricks calling companies bilking them for advertising in magazines that are 100% fake. This company uses false subscriber numbers and trumped up statistics to rely on duping small & medium business owners. As usual, they go after business's usually mom&pop business's because these small business's do not have pr departments or advertising agencies.  This is the same company doing the same thing using a new name so they can sell more ads. If you do just a small amount of digging on this company you will and should refuse to do any business with them. here are some of the names they use: Schofield Media Business Media Publications Mayfair Business Media SMG Media BMP Media Redcoat Publishing Construction Today Magazine American Executive Retail Merchandiser Energy Today Energy & Infrastructure Magazine Education Executive Magazine B&C Canada Magazine Building & Construction Canada
Entity: chicago, Illinois
16, Report #1307652
May 25 2016
11:47 AM
DigiPro Media Gulf Coast Media DigiPro Media Scam Marketing Company Pensacola Florida Pensacola Florida
I paid DigiPro Media in full.   I went months of no communication and lack there of.  After receiving many excuses I had DigiPro Media cease any further work in the website on February 1, 2016. There has been No delivery of services or product, it was estimated to take 4-6 weeks complete the first phase, at time of contract and payment was submitted. So back to February, 5 months later no website. I had to hire a separate web developer to build my website that only took a fraction of the time. DigiPro Media collected my money, put me on the back burner. I truly feel DigiPro Media Ripped Off my partner and my self. Our Lawyer and myself have mailed multiple letters and left voicemails with no response. They even removed our partially built website from they're local servers. Here we are 9mo later and not one response from DigiPro Media, all i wanted was a full refund i don't like having to resort to 3rd party review sites, as a customer my experience with DigiPro Media was terrible and when they ran out of excuses they put the blame on the customer.
Entity: Pensacola, Florida
17, Report #36567
Nov 29 2002
11:20 AM
consolidated media services ripoff consumer fraud atlanta Georgia
I gave CMS a cancelation notice as of 11/18/02 in the mail to stop payment and get back payments that already been send. I haven't received a thing telling me if my payments have stopped; or no phone calls telling me that they stopped any payments. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME... jason Lancaster, Kentucky
Entity: atlanta, Georgia
18, Report #36580
Nov 29 2002
03:08 PM
Consolidated Media Services ripoff Atlanta Georgia
This company Consolidated Media Services (CMS) is a major ripoff. My husband & I were called about two months ago and told we would get 5 magazines at $66.50 over a period of three years (at least that is what we understood). We also understood that this was a trial and could be cancelled at any time. We have just received our credit card bill and are really pissed off. CMS Mags charged us on one months bill twice (one amount for $66.50 and the amount for $640.00). We are not happy and feel we have royally been lied to. We called CMS Mags today and told them we wanted to cancel. They told us in no uncertain terms that we could not. I said we were under the understanding that we could cancel at any time. They said no you agreed to this and are stuck. We argued and argued and finally hung up and called our credit card company. The credit company told us to dispute these charges and that is what we are going to do. Meanwhile after we hung up with the credit card company, a person from CMS mags called us back and told us they would remove the charges of $66.50 and $640.00 from this months bill, but that they were going to mark the bill as unpaid and report us to a collection agency. I said what is the deal with this, we have not received any product and don't owe a dime. They said they had a deal with the magazine company and the account was already paid in full. We argued and argued on this also and finally ended up hanging up on them. I also mentioned all the bad publicity I had read on this site before I called and they did not seem to care. I also mentioned I know this is a scam because the website is no longer valid. They did not have an answer for me on that. I have called Publisher Choice and asked them if they are the ones that take care of the magazine subscriptions for CMS Mags and they said yes they are. The gentleman I talked to said he would cancel all magazine orders and I would not receive any more. After that I called CMS Mags and told them this and mentioned that now we don't owe them a red cent for sure. They gave us the same story about reporting us to a collection agency since they have already paid the subscriptions in full. I told them they will not win. Help please, and any suggestions? We will probably cancel our credit card that was used, so no further charges can be put on our card but I don't know what to do as far as the collection agency. Cindy Sartell, Minnesota
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
19, Report #30127
Sep 16 2002
10:24 AM
Consolidated Media Services deceptive company Smyrna Georgia
I received a call from Consolidated Media Services at my work place in July 2002. They offered a magazine subscription and because I was at work, I hurried through the phone call. They called back 3 times to verify the order. They told me that I would have to sign something from them in order for it to be effective. Since I didn't get all of the info I needed on the phone, I decided I would just look it over, and then decide. When I got their packet, they wanted to charge me $760! I called them to cancel the order and was told I could not. I spoke with Brian, who was extremely hateful. He threatened me with a collection agency. I told him he could bill me all he wanted, I would not pay! On September 12 I received a call from them, and they offered to lower the total to $360. They also assured me I could change magazines whenever I liked, and would send me a list. I received a letter from them today, but no list. Please be very cautious if this company contacts you. They are deceptive!!!! Julie Clinton, Arkansas
Entity: Smyrna, Georgia
20, Report #38035
Dec 12 2002
11:37 AM
Consolidated Media Services ripoff Atlanta Georgia
Hello all. About a week ago, I received a call from them stating I had won their sweepstakes or something. They told me they were from VISA! I, for some odd reason being so stupid, verified my CC number, and offered me subscriptions to magazines. I said yes (again, being so stupid). I called back, saying I was only a college student, and they reduced the offer to about $30 for 8 months. I told them to cancel it. The person said it would take 5 - 7 days for my first payment to be refunded. (I still have not been charged yet, fortunately). But then two days later, I got a call from them comfirming my cancellation, saying that my first payment has gone through, and has already been prepaid! I said fine, since just one payment is cheaper than their full service scam. It's now a week later. I have a Visa DEBIT (not credit) card, and still no bills yet. I don't know when they will charge my first payment. Should I call my bank and say I lost my credit card now, to avoid possible charges? Any tips would be helpful. Please Post them to this Report as an update or rebuttal James Canton, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
21, Report #48022
Mar 05 2003
07:58 AM
Consolidated Media Services ripoff Atlanta Georgia
I was contacted one evening by a woman with a sales pitch for magazine subscriptions. I was promised a free gift and told that my name would be submitted into a drwaing. I delined the offer. I was again contacted at least twice per day for about one week at work and on my cell phone until they finally negotiated a better price and I foolishly agreed. Four months later I have recived only two copies of a magazine that I did not even choose as one of my subscriptions, and one of them had no contents, it only had a cover. I have yet to recieve any free gift or hear the results of this drawing, but I have been billed very faithfully for the past four months. I have been contacted by CMS up to 11 times in the same day by different representatives trying to sell me more subscriptions. During these very frequent phone calls I have tried several times to cancel my original order but a recorded conversation of the sales woman and myself was thrown at me reminding me that I was under a contract and if I did not pay than my credit would be affeted. Recently I tried to contact the company myself and I was treated horrible by their representative. I asked to speak with a supervisor and i was told that he was the supervisor on duty for that time. He was very rude to me, treating me like this was somehow my problem that I had recieved nothing for all of this money, and then he reminded me to Have a Good Day and hung up the telephone without even asking if I had any further questions, comments, or concerns. I recomend that if you are ever contacted by this company you decline and stick to it. Do not be swayed by their seemingly discounted offers. In reality their offer would be a great deal, but you will never recieve anything for your money. So be smart and do not give your money away, because you will never get it back. Ally Montgomery, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #47763
Mar 03 2003
04:09 PM
Consolidated Media Services rip-off Atlanta Georgia
This company somehow got a hold of me at work and would not take no for an answer. When I said I would think about it, it seems as if they went ahead and signed me up for the service, even though I didn't want it. Now they have other companies calling me to try to get me to enlist in their services. It is rather annoying, especially considering they call me at my work place. After being tricked into this service, there is no way to cancel is until a year. It's ridiculous. I don't have the money to waste on magazines I have no interest in, nor do I read. It's a waste and I would love them to get charged and want a refund. On top of their constant harassing, they send me my notices to pay them past the due date which then leads them to send another notice to explain they will send me to a collection agency if my bills are not paid. I have only paid two bills but I can't afford it and I want action now! Carrie North Hollywood, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
23, Report #11483
Jan 14 2002
12:00 AM
Consolidated Media Services CMS Billing ripoff Tacticts
I recieved a call telling me that i could buy magazines a discount. I was told there would be a one time charge of $66.55 for my subscriptions, in which i thought was a steal. They failed to inform me that the charge was for every magazine. I now have a bill of over $600.00. They make the impression that they will send you what ever magazines you would like for this one time charge. So beware the charge is for every magazine and not just one! Brett Pleaseant, PA
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
24, Report #26781
Aug 12 2002
10:21 PM
Consolidated Media Services ripoff Atlanta Georgia
I have been called at work. Ihave been called at home. I have been called at least five times a day. I did cancel my order, the money was credited back to my account, then without knowing they are taking 50.00 every three weeks out of my bank account. I have not recieved nothing from this company, not one magizene. Ihave not even got this watch that I was suppose to get. My bank account has suffered aprox. 150.00. What am I suppose to do? Holli Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
25, Report #16835
Mar 15 2002
12:00 AM
Consolidated Media Services (CMS) ripoff Atlanta Georgia
My husband and I were contacted by a man from CMS who stated that we would receive some magazines of our choice for a one time fee of $34.99 (or pretty close to that amount). The man also said that we would receive a free watch. The magazines started to arrive and we noticed the charge on our credit card. Then the charges occurred 2 more times. I called the company and said that we were told that we would only be charged the one time fee - and they said that is not what they told us. They said that they told us that we would be charged approx. $34.99 a month for a year! That totals over $400.00 for MAGAZINES which we would have NEVER purchased if they would have told us that!! I told CMS that we would not have agreed to this and they said that they have the conversation of the agreement on tape. I asked to speak to a supervisor but none was available. The kid from CMS who I was talking to explained to me that there was NO WAY to cancel the magazines - except to file for bankruptcy or die. I told the kid that we did not anticipate doing EITHER ONE and that we would be cancelling our credit cards asap - which we did (hassle hassle). We asked to hear the tape of the conversation and they said that they would arrange a time to do that with us - but it never happened. Now CMS continues to send us notices through the mail and the balance is growing. They are threatening to send us to a collection agency and the telephone number on their notices conveniently happens to Not be In Service (which my husband and I find quite amusing - when trying to find the humor in this difficult situation). We have contacted ALL of the magazine companies and some will cancel - some say that we need to cancel through CMS. CMS sends us magazines that we would NEVER read in a million years and that we never ordered. We will NOT pay them a dime and the second they send us to a collection agency (if they can) and if it should go on our credit report - we will obtain legal counsil against them. We never signed anything in writing and therefore should not be liable for sending them a penney. We have written CMS directly to let them know they can quit sending us these magazines and to inform them that their telephone number is not in service (just in case they don't know). We are anticipating receiving our letter back - undeliverable or box closed. Denni Anchorage, Alaska
Entity: Atlanta, Idaho

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