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1, Report #724149
Apr 30 2011
08:48 PM
DCL Medical Laboratories assigns for collection a bill they never sent us Indianapolis, Indiana
DCL Medical Laboratories assigned a bill to a collection agency that they never sent us. (They know our mailing address -- we did receive another bill from them and paid it.) This is a shoddy way to do business. I suspect that they lost track of their billing and just handed off all the accounts pending to the collection agency.Beware of doing business with this incompetent company!!!Our credit rating is very high because we pay our bills. We resent corporate deadbeats such as DCL Medical Laboratories.We will be filing this complaint also with our M.D. and requesting that they stop using DCL's services.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
2, Report #668542
Dec 06 2010
11:02 AM
Mountainstar Clinical Laboratories RIPOFF from Mountainstar Clinical Laboratories Spokane, Washington
Mountainstar Clinical Laboratories is a total ripoff.  I had a routine office visit with my doctor and all the sudden I got a huge bill from some blood tests.  I called the doctor and told him and he even said it seemed really high and should only be about half of what they were charging me.  I called them and they would not budge on the bill hardly at all.  That is pretty sad when even your doctor says his own lab is charging way too much.  Anyway, if you are a doctor thinking about using Mountainstar Clinical Labs you should not do it unless you want a bunch of pissed off patients because of high bills and a inefficient billing system.
Entity: Spokane, Washington
3, Report #789669
Oct 17 2011
09:08 AM
Xenobiotic Laboratories XBL, Xenobiotic Labs Xenobiotic Laboratories and a ripoff Plainsboro, New Jersey
I work at Xenobiotic Laboratories and would recommend anyone to to use them. The quality of work is low and the prices high. Too many short cuts are being made in the last two years oor so. Also, the work done in the China labs is of a very poor quality.
Entity: Plainsboro, New Jersey
4, Report #454277
May 21 2009
10:23 PM
My experience with SWM Laboratories was similar to many others. I was initially charged for the "free trial supply" for $88.87. That was not my understanding of a free supply and I did not read anything that would indicate I would be charged. I called their CS and like others, talked with a representative. who had very poor English skills. However I was able to cancel my "subscription" for the "ACAI Berry free trial", on May 11, 2009. They refused to refund the charges for the "free sample". Like others, I was not allowed to talk with a supervisor.Then on May 14, I received another bottle of the ACAI Berry product in the mail, and found charges for another $88.87 on my Visa account. Because the return address did not identify the company, I had to open the envelope. Once I understood that SWM had sent me another bottle, I took it to the USPS office and mailed it back to them, AT MY COST. I have learned that if I had not opened the package, I could have simply refused it, and not been required to pay return postage.I called SWM CS again today, to discuss the 2nd bottle sent, returned, and the second charges to my Visa card, which have not been removed from my VISA. The woman informed me that although I had canceled my "account" with them on 5/11, they had sent out the 2nd bottle that day. They have received the returned bottle, but had not refunded the charges of $88.87 to my Visa until 5/19. There is no evidence of that as of today, 5/21. She tells me that it will take 5-9 days to appear on my account. I asked for a confirmation # to verify that, and she told me that only the "Refund Dept" could access that information. I asked to be transferred to the "Refund Dept", and she told me that they do not take "outside calls". They also do not have an 800 phone number.This company is outrageous. Filing a report on RIPOFF website is fine and confirms that one's experience is not unique, but there must be authorities, which can shut this company down for it's fraudulent practices. I' assume that the Florida Attorney General's Office has the authority to act on this company. Unless we all file official complaints with this agency, nothing will change with this company.This is the website, which provides a complaint form to send to the Florida Attorney General. It is critical that we each do this.(((Redacted)))I also contacted the Attorney General to ask if there had been other reports on this company. are adequate reports on the regarding SWM Laboratories and their fraudulent business practices. It is nice to see these reports online, to confirm that my own experience was not unique. However, if a legal agency, is not receiving these reports and acting upon shutting down this business, people will continue to be victimized. That's why each of us must file reports with the Florida Attorney Generals Office.This is not an individual problem, but a class action issue affecting God knows how many people. There must be legal action by a governmental agency to shut this company down, and prevent them from continuing to commit fraudulent business.One last issue. I note that there were only 8 reports regarding SWM Laboratories on today, May 21. At least one of the reports regarding SWM, which I read on this website yesterday, is missing today. Why are all of the reports regarding SWM NOT retained for public viewing, on the website???Cheryl Eden Prairie, Minnesota U.S.A.     CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Hollywood,, Florida
5, Report #428501
Feb 25 2009
06:00 PM
FMC Laboratories I want to cancel but the phone # they give is a run around Hollywood California
I order their free trail for Advanced Acai weight loss system and also I order a detox free trail called Life Cleanse, which are from the same company I think. The packages I got in the mail said FCM Laboratories. My complaint is that I went to cancel the Advanced Acai and the number given, 800-943-3083 told me to call another number. That other number happened to be an Adult chat line. Weird The Life Cleanse product I was able to cancel, my hope is that by canceling one the other one will be canceled. I guess I will see. I thought it was alarming that both numbers for Advanced Acai did no good at all for the customer. Seems phishy. Erin Portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood, California
6, Report #543173
Dec 21 2009
02:26 PM
FWM Laboratories - Life Cleanse Scam, fraud, rip-off, stealers, liars, thieves Hollywood, Florida
FWM Laboratories charged my account for a pill that firstly I never received when I ordered it, and secondly it was supposed to be a free trial and I was to cancel it before my account would be charged. I ordered a pill from them in July, was charged twice for the shipping of the free trial, and never received it, upon contacting them I was told that my order didn't exist and that they had no record of my card number on file. I complained about the two charges on my statement and was given a fax number to send my statement to, so that I could be refunded.I thought that was the end of that, although I never did get a refund of either amount. In mid October I received the product and days later to my surprise was billed for the whole amount, $78.53. I called the company and was first told they had no record of my card and then after giving them a hard time, was told that I ordered it on Sept. 30th. This being incorrect and all, I once again explained that I ordered it in July and never received it, I didn't want it anymore and just wanted my money back. In order to get refunded I had to ship the product back, at my expense, and then wait 7-10 business days. The product was signed for on Nov. 7th and I waited and waited and no refund, I called again and again and was told each time that I had to wait another 7-10 days... So finally I disputed the charge through my credit card company and am awaiting a response.
Entity: Hollywood, Florida
7, Report #793330
Oct 29 2011
05:16 PM
Xenobiotic Laboratories Inc XBL Xenobiotic Labs Don't work here Plainsboro, New Jersey
As a former employee at Plainsboro I was underpaid, discriminated against (non-Chinese), and eventually fired for cursing. The termination coinsided days after I revealed to HR, after being promised confidentiality, that I was on anti-depressant medication. Boss to me next day: Why do you need to take drugs to be happy. DO NOT WORK HERE!
Entity: Plainsboro, New Jersey
8, Report #1294693
Mar 19 2016
07:38 PM
23andme False medical reports Internet
As previous posters have described, the medical reports are inaccurate. I had my DNA tested through this company and they stated that I was NOT a Tay Sachs carrier. I have been tested by 3 separate labs and they have all said that I AM a carrier.  What is worrisome is that Tay Sachs is an easy test to administer, any basic lab can run the test and get results. The company states that it does not test for the French-Canadian variant of this gene and hence I must be French-Canadian, which is also inaccurate.  They just flat out refuse to take any responsibility for shoddy sequencing work.  This is especially troubling because young women may not get tested thinking they do not carry the gene , when in fact they do. As far as the genealogy reports, I found them to be ambiguous at best. According to them , I am 95% European, which as a Caucasian, I expect. It is not broken down by region. I did not receive any information, I didn’t already know.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1415770
Dec 08 2017
10:00 AM
Medical Services Hroup Complete phone scam Orlando Florida
They will call from different numbers up to 10 times a day, starting at 9:01am and continuing until 8:59pm. They claim I enrolled in their service which I never did. They have been asked to stop calling but they will not stop. They ask if I am in constant pain, or they ask about diabetes. I wish a class action suit could be filed against them to put them out of business.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
10, Report #1308491
May 30 2016
06:44 AM
REMEX Revenue Management Excellence Health Diagnostic Laboratories Medical Collection Scam Wixom Michigan
I received a letter stating that Your account with Health Diagnostic Laboratories had been given to REMEX for collection.  There were no typos, grammatical mistakes or other obvious errors in the letter - it looked like it could be legitimate.  It caused me some concern. It seems obvioius now, that some information of mine had somehow leaked, and been used to make this claim look plausible.  I had even had some diagnostic services in the last couple of years!  The only clue I had, was that the amount they claimed I owed was more than double what I thought I'd remembered being charged at the lab.   My first thought was that someone in the lab might have used my file for work done on another person.  Just to be safe I googled the letter's details, and thank goodness another Fraud report had already been filed including the same PO Box address.   Definitely a scam!  
Entity: Wixom, Michigan
11, Report #103449
Aug 13 2004
06:09 AM
Vision Laboratories Epiclear ripoff unauthorized billing called to cancel but I was still charged Eliot Maine
ATTENTION: This company will steal your money! They stole mine right from my bank account. I heard this thing on the radio for Epiclear and decided to call. The salesman on the phone tried to sell me numerous so called free trial period programs all the way down to video professor computer learning videos in order to receive a free digital camera. I agreed to the 12.95 shipping and handling and that I had 21 days to cancel before I get an auto shipment and billed $165 dollars or some insane amount. After I got off the phone with this young man I decided to do a little research on the company. To my surprise there are several reports filed with the BBB and there is even a letter from the FDA warning this company that their product is MISBRANDED Immediately I called to cancel only to speak to another guy who was trying to talk me out of canceling. I gave no specific reason other than I don't want to try anything new at the time. After about 5 minutes of telling this guy all I want to do is cancel I am given a 3 digit confirmation number. After reading the experience of others I knew this would happen. I have been billed for the S/H and now I am about to file a report with the Better Business Bureau and the Office of The Controller of Currency. First I am going to attempt to resolve this with the Epiclear Customer Service, but I have a pretty good idea how that is going to end up. My advice to everyone is STAY AWAY!!! I will keep you all posted how it goes. Glenn Oak Forest, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Eliot, Maine
12, Report #109005
Sep 18 2004
12:21 PM
Dartford Kent Laboratories And Smart Health ripoff dishonest fradulent billing can't get out of automatic bill internet
This seamed like a good company but they have no 800 number and no address so there is no way to get a hold of anyone. I finnally got a hold of some one after leaving several messeges and told them i wanted to cancel my account. After several minutes trying to tell the person i dont want there services anymore he agreed to cancel the account. I asked for a conformation number but he hung up. Two weeks later I get a charge on my card. So I tried to call again but I have'nt gotten a hold of anyone. Stay away from this company. scam Mike costa mesa, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #474740
Jul 29 2009
07:01 PM
FWM Laboratories (Acai Berry Detox) Had to change credit card # to stop wrongful charges Hollywood Florida
I like many others ordered a free trial of this company's Acai Berry Detox for the cost of shipping and handling of $3.95 on 6/1/09 (which was charged to my credit card that day) not knowing that I would be charged $87.13 (plus $1.74 for a foreign transaction fee) on 6/15/09. Luckily for me, my credit card's fraud protection department notified me when another charge was sent for authorization on 6/29/09. I had an address and phone number on the sample bottle so I called and spent approx. an hr on hold until I could speak to a real person to obtain a RMA# to return the sample. I did receive a refund of 83.18 on 7/10/09. It's not the total amount but I'm just glad to be through with this company. I changed my credit card number just in case it had been given to other similar companies. I was so glad to see a report on this company tonight on the CBS evening news. Hopefully it will keep other unsuspecting people from having to go through what so many of us has had to go through. Thanks also to RipOff Report for informing consumers of these companies. I didn't know about these reports before this but I will not order again until I check it out. When I got on the this website the end of June, there were at least 60-70 reports on this company already. I think the news report tonight said there have been over 3,000 complaints on this company from different sources. We can only hope FWM will be shut down soon. Linda from Upstate NY Queensbury, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood, Florida
14, Report #414034
Jan 20 2009
10:51 AM
FCM Laboratories sent products that did not work for me. Had to remove my name from account. Difficulty,because wrong number is placed on their web site. Hollywood Florida
On or about Jan 2, 2009, I ordered Acai Berry Detox, trial size . I was automatically signed in to have $$ taken out of my bank account. I did not want this, but I wanted to try this wonderful weight reducer product. The product Never worked for me. So, I called the number on my bank statement next to their name, 866-870-0692. When I called, I received a message, this mail box is full and can not take any more calls. So, I came across your website and now here I am. I had a lot of difficulty because of not having the right phone #, but one of your readers had the same problem and then gave a # that I used and was able to cancel my account. Thank you for all you do in letting us know where and who the scammers are. Please keep me on your mailing list. Pat Jamestown, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood, Florida
15, Report #325130
Apr 10 2008
02:10 PM
Advanced Clinical Laboratories Rudy Torres is a LIAR and a THIEF!!! He resues to pay his employees!!! Phoenix Arizona
Rudy Torres has ignored my repeated phone calls to receive my last paycheck. He has told me on numerous occasions that he sent it in the mail. Before that, he told me he would meet me in person to hand it to me. NEVER HAPPENED!!! He owes almost a grand in UNPAID WAGES! How s it possible in this country that such a slimeball can get away with this?? I have reported him to the State Labor Dept., CLIA, OSHA(for a filthy, hazardous work enviroment, as well), and now RIP OFF REPORT. Never have your blood work done at this lab. You WILL be sorry! Their machines haven't been calibrated in years so all their tests are so off, someone with HIV probably could test NEGATIVE on their machines!!! Rudy tells his employees to reuse specimen bags that were covered with biohazardous waste and to pipette serum samples off with a straw from a McDonald's cup!!! Numerous employees have been let go because they have been hurt or fallen ill, due to the filthy conditions of this laboratory! NEVER GO TO THIS LAB!!!! He only hires Mexicans because he says they won't ask for alot of pay and they will do anything for extra cash!!! Really Pissed!!! Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
16, Report #96394
Jun 25 2004
09:31 AM
Epiclear, Vision Labs ripoff, Eliot Maine
I was excited by the clearer skin that was promised to me. As soon as the product came I utilized it. Within a week time my face broke out with a hidious rash. I call to report to the company to inform them that this product wasn't for me and to take me off their list and the operator refused. He told me that I had to use this product for twenty days before he could do any thing about it. He also suggested that I spray epiclear on my face a couple of extra times which I feel is absurd because my whole face is breaking out like wildflower. I have still yet gotten comfirmation that my name is off the list and will not be charged. If you haven't tried the product, please don't because it's not worth $150.00. Please save yourself some hardache and leave it where it at. Wynette Augusta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Eliot, Maine
17, Report #13989
Feb 13 2002
12:00 AM
Zymax Ripoff - Another Victim!!
I ordered this product in 'good faith', HA!! The laugh is on me I guess - I order one month, then decided ok I will try one more -- after seeing NO RESULTS AT ALL, I sent back the unused portion and reqeusted the 2nd month refunded. NO REPLY! BUT THEY DID SEND MONTH 3 AND HIT MY CREDIT CARD AGAIN. I faxed them 3 times and called -- I did get a real person that said yes refund on its way. IT IS NOW 3 MONTHS LATER AND NO REFUND BUT ANOTHER CHARGE!!!!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK AND MY C.CARD INFORMATION REMOVED FROM THIS COMPANY. SINCERELY, CATHERINE Marquette Michigan Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Zymax
Entity: BC
18, Report #497131
Sep 18 2009
05:40 PM
LabCorp Very slow, inefficient, unprofessional Roswell , Georgia
I visited LabCorp for a standard pre-employment drug screening.  When I arrived, there was no one at the counter and a large gentleman was already waiting, in a somewhat agitated manner, at the counter.  We could both hear an argument down the hall.  Leaving the front counter unattended for that long is a serious breach of security as anyone can view or tamper with the stacks of patient forms and so on. After 10 minutes or so, a woman finally came up to the counter and took our driver's licenses and basic personal info.  She then said, I should switch y'alls licenses and have some real fun and then she smiled.  So I told the other guy that he would be in _serious trouble_ if that happened.   This was because I had eaten a bag of poppy seeds and some FD&C blue dye earlier. We then had to wait another 20 minutes at least before the guy ahead of me finally was called to the counter.  And then another 20 minutes after that I was called.  From prior experiences with drug screenings this is a ridiculous amount of time to wait. On top of that, the handicapped access was horrible at the front door.  A gentleman in a wheelchair tried to ram his way into the push-only unfriendly lobby door.  This caused quite a stir in the lobby and upset many women as they scrambled to hold the door for him, while I had to finish one of my forms. On top of that, patients were forced to hand off their urine samples (which were warm) in front of other patients -- this should absolutely be a private affair.  And since mine was blue colored, I found myself to be more of a center of attention than necessary. All in all LabCorp was a very unprofessional and slow testing company.  And the fact that their handicapped access was very poor made it an even worse experience.
Entity: Roswell, Georgia
19, Report #770195
Aug 28 2011
01:27 PM
St. James-Gray Medical Research Laboratories Cymilium wont send item paid for and wont respond to emails or phone calls ft lauderdale, Florida
They wont respond to the many emails and phone calls Ive made in the last week. I orderd the cymilium form them on july 23rd 2011 and still havnt recieved it although they were able to take the money out of my bank no problem.Im here because I need help getting through to this slacker company.                     Thanks Brian  (((ROR redacted)))                CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: fort lauderdale, Florida
20, Report #1064204
Jul 03 2013
01:35 PM
Labcorp Overcharged burlington North Carolina
I was grossly overcharged for a lab test.  The amount was supposed to best price, but I was charged 4x the amount of other labs, excluding Quest Diagnostics.  It's no secret that Labcorp has been ripping-off people with no insurance as well as the medicaid and medicare  programs.  Their customer service deptarment only cares about asking one question:  Will you be submitting a payment today?  Useless and inhuman.   Check out how much compensation Labcorp gives their CEO/year.  The compnay is awash in money from ripping off sick and infirmed people.  
Entity: burlington, North Carolina
21, Report #982860
Dec 16 2012
12:00 PM
labcorp fraudulent billing practices Internet
I recently had routine lab work done and was informed by my insurance company that one ofthe tests, Lipid panel was not covered by my plan. I soon received a bill from labcorp for $93.00 for the lipid panel test. I thought that was high so I checked the internet to see what other labs were charging and by accident got on to the labcorp online store. I found that Labcorp only chrges $55.00 for the same test if an individual sends the blood sample in to their lab. I contacted labcorp to find out why I was being charged $38.00 more for the test they advertise for only $55.00 online.Their written response was ...the prices on our website are lower due to the fact that they are discounted. These prices are for patients who donot have any insurance to file and want to pay at the time of service. We hope this helps to clarify.....In other words since I have some form of insurance even though this test is not covered they can charge me $38.00 more for the same test. First they admt they jack up prices if you have insurance andsecond they will jack up the price of an individual test on anyone who gets turned down for coverage by their insurance company. Beware of this lab..
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #1182608
Oct 13 2014
09:20 AM
Quest Diagnostics Billing secondary insurance Nationwide
Quest does the blood work for my doctor's office. The phlebotomists are always great. However, they really need to reassess their billing process. First, my doctor's office gives them mine and my husband's primary and secondary insurance. Every year we get a bill after only the primary insurance has been processed. And every year we have to call them and give them our secondary insurance. They told me that we had to call every year to give them the secondary insurance information for billing. They had no reason why. This is ridiculous and I have never had any health provider operate like this. Lastly, calling their customer service phone number puts you into a loop of press 1 for this or press 2 for that. No option to speak to a human being (pressing 0 didn't work). I finally navigated thru their menus and figured it out. This is highly irritating knowing that I have to do this every year, when they are already given our secondary insurance information. I feel like they are trying to dupe people into thinking their primary and secondary insurances were billed so people will pay an incorrect bill.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #1016165
Feb 18 2013
11:11 AM ripped me off Internet
They took my money and never sent back any report of any kind.
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #1057238
Jun 07 2013
11:52 AM
LabCorp Grossly overcharged for lab services Internet
 I recently had a full metabolic panel done through LabCorp.  My insurance will not pay for it as my benefit for this service is used up.  The bill is for $2167.00.  They agreed to discount this to $1300.00.  The contracted rate from my insurance plan for the same services is $345.98.  They are charging me four times the amount they agreed to take from my insurance carrier.  I have been told there is nothing they can do.  When I asked how they justified charging a client four times what they charge an insurance company I was told it was company policy.  Soon I will be going in to collections.  This is utterly ridiculous.  They are taking complete advantage of their clients.  Their actions should be illegal. 
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1282766
Jan 27 2016
07:32 PM
Crescendo Fraudulent Charges Internet
Crescendo is the lab that does Vectra tests for rheumatoid arthritis. The actually tests are very expensive but they offer financial help where you pay $25 or $0 for the test. Well they charged me full price and drained a HRA down to $0. And still haven't refunded it back. It has been 4 months. When I talked to the representative on the phone she couldn't understand why I was charged to begin with. Another rep stated that this has happened before. Most notably for HRA's and HSA's. Be aware. I didn't know they had done this till I happened to get a Dr bill that should have been paid by the HRA. Then noticed the charged another $300 that didn't go through because the HRA was drained to $0.
Entity: Internet

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